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TUESDAY, JULY liti, 1927
Old man Dave Truelove, the rich poor tenant who live* on his land
Harnett county farmer, has now may haw done.
found that his' safe was unsafe. He So far us the world is concerned,
l.i.d carefully guarded his $14,000 inj tin $14,000 is worth just as much in
cash money by keeping it himself so- j the hands of thieves as it was in the
cu rely in an iron safe in his--home [-safe, locked up for sawe keeping. In
until last Friday when unknown rob- he was paying taxes on it the
Ler» broke into hi; house ut noon day,! money was absolutely worthless, and
Uok his safe and drove away with it. it is likely that he was doing no such
They cut open the safe, took the sl4,- j thing.
IKM' cash money and went on, leaving But after all, the oKI man may not
the worthless unsafe safe behind. Hp so much to blame. It may be that
, |v not a bad impression of hanks and
. It is just anotlfer cUse bearing wit-j a „ during lh e
nuss that we should not lay up riches men Joyet
where moth ami rust corrupt and l , mll . t . slalul tllal the present
thieves break in and steal. It is a line witnegSL>(| ( , u , financial
th«.»g l- say e, but a very bad thing ; u)| llor tlo
to hoard. : t | uv scum to remember that the na
if the state of Mr. Truelove's mind, turns of the earth created more war
could be measured and weighed since j debts from I'Jl4 to JO2O than were
lu> began the accumulation of that ivajle in all the time previous.
SI4,(RiO, we douot if he has had as -Some investments prove had—but
much of the world's joys as some of , this farmer's line saving qualities al
iil sneigltbors who have been pushed so proved bad. A-iul the man who locks
tight to make ends meet. It is also j-ul hides his riches from the use of
exceedingly doubtful if he has helped J nan is no better than the fellow who
Lis neighbors a hit more than some scatters tu the four winds.
Eight Reasons Why Youth (io Wrong
Kight reasons have been uilvanced trouble oil lack ol' religious training
Jl>> JuU"' Me In tyre why youth gu »n childhood. If we do enough of
wrong. The eight embrace: that, then we Will eliminate the mu
l.ack orTPtigious training' in child- j«ir Potion of all the other troubles,
hood. Absence of parental authority Vet all need the most serious con
and discipline. Failure to instill mod- ".'deration tc make us a worthy, te
-erty and chastity in female children. sj.cctuble people.
The age-old problem of whisky. The • When parents lose sight of their ob
pieduction by dissipated parents of boys lose their honor, and
paranoiac children. L nau per vised. a- (,rirls lower their moral standards, we
ii'usemen'.s, including especially joy- may look for jails to be filled >Vith
riding, cheap movies and indecent oul young men, houses of correction
modern dancing. 1 .a k of proper w Jth our young women and our grave
recreational facilities in most neigh- with grief-stricken fathers and
borhoods. Unwillingness of young mothers. «•
people today to work hard, and in- - —~
dulgence of this laziness by foolish •
puotu. . j | qrjql d
Where is the family that can plead
... 1 is a Prescription for
not guilty, or that can prove an alibi . MALARIA  mi.LS ANI) FEVER,
If were to give the whole line a DKNGI'E OR BILIOUS' FEVER
full review, w, .u.peet there would be " »'"■ ""
First of all v.-hat percent, of the
home, in town make any pretense at Tennessean Was Worried Con
religion in the home? How many chil- 7 "ntil, On Advke oi
"dren in town have ever heard father An Acquaintance, He Began
ov mother read a single verse from T « U " BUck-PraUffat ,
the scriptures or -seen them humblO Sewanee, Tenn.—"For several
t,„n,,elve. W the Cre.te, o, heaven
and earth? We venture the sugges- spells of indigestion. Everything I
. , , , , ate disagreed with me, and I was in
tion that more children haje heard a wa y
their „.re„„ more tl„n they ,
have heard them in prayer. We are man in a store where we traded told
me to try Black-Draught. He said
quite satisfied there is jnore hate ex- hs knew of it relieving indigestion,
, , , , . ~ so I decided to give it a trial.
pressed than love for the neighbor. my cage u
We have no doubt but good-sharp to the very root of my .trouble. It
straightened me out, and ever since
tiading is talked more around many that time, over thirty years ago.\l
have used Black-Draught
family circles than truth and honesty, * T When I have a spell of indlges
v.hich in a great many cases seems JL doses!
to Ik forgotten. Ixl * cour>e ' •» d . l J™
usually have me well in less than
We fear there is not enough good go time. Now I never suffer—l take
sound advice given children today; *1 ai*, it fin* to breakrap'.a
. . bad cold,' In winter I. al*
r.ot enough parents who tak« time i£p . box h«ndy,solwL£*l
V UII their * irU that thp y
fwill have to reap what they sow, or and that wards off the .bold.'*
..... . . . , .» Sold everywhere; 26c. NC7I»I
that the wages of sin is death.
Judge Mclntyre is certainly right
ui placing The blame for the primary
mmSSSK*... r
Unsafe Safes
!/ '-.y * .. ~0 " - : „■ riiiiiiini^
«S * „• • W $
: ':rlK - -
%^t r :? pP
V 1" _—ll—r
ALL fruits contain a high per- .
centuge of the precioU.* vita
mines, as weil as l'ru.t ucids,
sugar, mineral suits and proti in in '
varyiiiK quantities. '1 littjjsjjocess i
of canniiiK i 3 now brought' to au-jh j
a point of perfection that th se \
valuable elements are captured and j
practically no loss sustained. ila-|
waiian pineapple is particularly
rich in food values, and also pos
sesses medicinal qual. lies-,—among
the latter a high percentage of
bromelin- un aid to protein diges
tion. Tliis all increases its food
value, and since the Ameri'ati
housewife has become better ac
quainted with its adaptability to
any part of the menu, it has grown
steadily in favor.
Either the crushed or the sliced
pineapple is ri ady to serve just as
it comes from the caa. Though it i
combines admirably with other
foods in various more or less com-1
plicated recipes, the most con-!
venient way to use either kind is
in unadorned simplicity, either by
itself or with congenial accom
pafttmentai To have this fresh
fruit r*'ady to serve without any
preliminary hullinp, coring, peel- ,
ing, or cleaning, means a great
deal to any housewife, not only in i
nn emergency but in the regular i
course of household affairs. A few
suggestions follow for service
pineapple either hy itself or in
m'iek combinations.
-"niched pineapple mny be
culled pineapple ssiiee, fnr> ?t is -
debVhtfill enten as »nnl"»ai'ce J
niifbt he. with hot or i
enke. n* «s »p nnnetiwr at hron"k- ' '
Night Loafers
During the past few months night- j
piowling around here lias reached an j
I-I'believable point. The mournful yell!
of some infernal hound dot?, the sharp h
report of a pistol and some worthless
scoundrel parading the streets all (fur-1
ins the night have made it so that j
only the sound sleeper gets a of
rest. /
It is a problem for the town officials
to get at the bottom of all this night
prowling. Some cases are peimissable,
of course, but Jio man has any right
to be sneaking around your door or
my door all during the night, sneak
ing around with no good purpose in
Every person promenading the
streets after a certain hour at' night
with no particular business calling
Inm out, should be placed in jail un
til the next morning when lie might
report his wanderings to the courts.
It is impossible for one policeman
to look after all^these wandering
brothers at night, Mid there are more
than a few citizens who would like to
sec one or two more men added to the
night police force. It would pay in
more than one way, and assure great
er safety to the law-abiding citizen.
the Risk
The risk is greater than the saving
and not worth while when the home,
eyesight, or maybe life itself, is en
dangered by "home cleaning" of ap
parel or fabrics to save a few cents.
us do your dry cleaning—first
because ours are the most modern
methods—therefore best; second, be
cause we can do it so much better be
cause we are equipped to do such
vojdK' and third, because we can ®ive
prqmpt service at very lowest
prices—and really much more cheaply
tnan you can do it at home. Phone
us (58) and give us a trial. -W.
i fast. It takes Its place as a salad
too, ami is excellent for mixing
with other lur a l'ruit coitt
pote, or as a sauce for lee cream,
or lor use a. a tilling in canta
I Sliced pineapple has many emer
| gency uses. An eusy salad is made
! by placing slices on lettuce leaves,
sprinkling with walnuts, adding a
square of cream cheese and serv
ing with n.ayonnaise dressing.
I'ineapple slices with ham, lamb
chops, roast,veal, chicken, or tur
key make an excellent combina
tion, the succulent tartness of the
pineapple acting as a digestive for
the meats. Fir a dessert, place
slice of cake cut with a round cut
ter, on slices of pineapple, and top
the cake with whipped cream or
I use crushed pineapple as filling for
I a cake. Ice cream or custard
I heaped on sliced pineapple makes
a welcome variation in quick dea
One of the quickest substantial
luncheon dishes thnt en be made
is an omelet. A pineapple omelefc
is a delightful no-elty. Make thip
omelet in the usual way, and whe|k
it is ready to be folded, lay slices
 f pineapple or well-drained
ciisbed pineapple on half of it.
F«ld nvpr, and s"rve immediately.
Pbould e"\">np like the recipe for
the omelet h»re it is: Add one
rm»r*er te(to""np to f"»r f'trgS
o*>H bent ur*'t I!*ht. A** three
-+• Klpspnr.ns h"t v»ter. Wnlt one
t-Mf.jir.non but'er in h frvinp-pan
>."d turn in the mixture. Cook
old shoes? Make them look like
new and change the color if you wish.
Come in\to set u>, we have all colors,
li. S. Courtney jy26 2t
We Are Distributor* of
All Standard Makes
Write for Prices and Terms
One of our salesmen will gladly
demonstrate one in your home.
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Russ Bros.
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I "Takings To**
1 hink About I
There comes a time in the life of
every man when he doubts whether
the game is worth playing. He asks
himself whether he can longer carry
the load. We are all tried more or
less and it seems that those who try
to walk in the footsteps of Jesus are
tried the most. But the load is never
mere than we can bear. God is very
near when the night is dark Every
man is tested and if he is strong,
every tear and every pain lead to the
pathway of everlasting happiness.
There hath no temptation taken
you but such as is common to man:
but God is faithful, Who will not
suffer you to be tempted above that
ye are able; but will with the temp
tation also make a way to escape,
that ye may be able to bear it. 1 Cor.
x: 13.
I La mm Guarantee
Every 75c tube with pile pipe and every ate
box of PAZO OINTMENT U eold by ell
Drucfiata with the understandiqf that
money will be refunded if It fail* to core
any case of Itching, Blind. Bleeding or
Protruding Pile®. Why not try It.
MODERN smoker* !miit upon value received, and they
piece Camel first among cigarettes. j ■
Regardless of price, Camel is the popular smoke, because 1 _
it has the most to offer. Iu choicest tobaccos and careful
blending have made Camels supreme in an age that
All the money in the world could not make a better
cigarette than Ciunel. It has proved itself to the experi- 1
enced taste, to the careful smokers of the modern age. %1
Let this cigarette show you how mild and mellow • good
smoke can really be.
9 1927 ■ ■*_!• InMMi Totxcc*
Conptoy, Wintoa-S«l«B, N. C. "
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Wednesday, July 20, 1927
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4 —Saves Time and Labor. v
s—Combs the Peanuts from the Vines.
6—No Inside Belts, Chains or Webbing.
7—Cleans the Peanuts from All Kinds of
B—Cleans8 —Cleans the Vines & Makes Better Hay.
9^—Light Power—Positive Drive.
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