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I IMDAV JULY 29, 1!>27
| ' _
Raleigh Did the Wise Thing*
r 1i: ij" liiii jiist a- wax ; now owned by the State.
. hould, in votii:T -XV matter how many fauli* a fail
ill" State I ai '. n,itv have, tiir. .'ii l»v tie'
' - - • *
■, ■ .i !, him! i.f ;?:iH),O(io "'oil they do -' * developing bettei
i.i lay oul grounds farming, bette . ock anil poultry
the fai.', [vising, btttoi education ami? better I
v.a,.i" in' «.t. acre.- ofland l.mne building?
Needlenmn Allah* Again in Limelight
—\ i- -fi ; ■ ('('iifi i- 4i,. .Muiti.i 1 v. 11 h clean lian If .tin. 1 cast: against,
i'!jtit'i iii.itorv that iI: m had liot been ijuasht i|, and th"
•i r i  ;ii a • (In famous woman whom he iiail a.-sailcd -had j
• i u:iia'-.uu rat. Tho.-e hen permitted in elate her version
C ■ .... i '.' ttake:; with grief, ]of the Xj'ial 1 entan t might now I
■£• • ~;ainl curio.-ily that, they veil-I be psyifi)HHMi!|leil penalty hit: |
;,.ke !>..>" ii. tie attack'un- felly* Ncedlcman kindlul the tires
. i.u. : • v.i i: a an;, c itizen of tiii: that burnt him ; : . is in no way «»•
gii>.! Stu-te tin m-take they ivjadu . til led to the same sympathy that he
.* . {in (u nif y 1/k men. v ould have linen had he prone in with
.Tim east, seemed to have captured  lean hands.
. . the woclii, and tie tra'redv I Xow, Ncedleman comes into the
...... 1 1
ci'urfs asking damaeo. lie.will pos- |
. can to denominate I . 'lily j'l't some 1 hing. 11lit one I \sson
r;»,. *1 iii tee on Needle ! 11* has-learned: Men will not "permit
i ? -.nil " liir tm fact i> ijuite j lecherous cur, to haunt th" .sacred
tl ili'-v-did not com I precincts of their in me: without as
. , . ' * '1
hideous i'rime. Yet the.y ale m rtint* their wrath, although, it is i
' '' "t- j -
>1 «\\.;vli .d "for honor, truth, and I regrettable that liijt a sallantfi fell |
iiip by the average of into tie gfave error of taking th? j
(immunity of people. Their ' law into their own hands in this case. !
th and virtue was the tiling Xow that t'ie siigma lias been j
lo attempt to right a. lieried.iji the p. . for two years and
la wrong way. It is a fur- a half u i; very reprrettable that the: I
i",.,,* t e tmf man-will not stand whole matter is to be rehashed inj
:■ ii. and honor of their Federal court in a dainture suit. This 1
/> , • " ;.
ii a' . aljeil. . vvFH : train pu the whole matter in I
.Xerdlenu'ii wa-' not behrivipg in ac- the le'iidlines of the newspapers
I:.tiii with, the law of tile land Urougaout the land, and will give a
vhi ;, he provoked the rause that good county and a good people a|
li, downfall. He : black tyc in 'lie estimation of the;
1,,' ki'd m-ueh of Kdn>' into the game country.
Where Our Money (joes
The qii.'stion . 0 ofti 11 asked, 'Where | An exanmia itu* of the papers held
the muni y go" is.tine of the I in the utlice of recfistor of deeds of
*rv  „..lest I'Ui'siion. tu answer I .Mi.rtin Countv this week .showed that
i emg a ked today. there were IT automobile, mortgages,:
m-nver for autoninbil(»s. Xo and 7 crop mortgages, the latter giv-. |
eon »» our hand- l»ttt it i
r •i* tfu v, u» cur credits.
Kentucky Woman Had "Terrible
Time" Doing Her Home Work.
Strength Returned After
She Took Cardui.
Shelbyville, Ky.—"Several years
ago," says Mrs. Alven Jesse, of this
place, "'my health was very bad. 1
was very much run-down. I was in
Ruch a weak, nervous condition that
I was not able to do my housework.
"I to keep up, because I
had to, but many a time I spent
hours in bed, trying to forte enough
strength to go through the daily
"This condition went on for some
time, until I heard about Cardui.
which some one told me was good
for such ailments. 1 gave it an im
mediate trial, and, I" m thankful to
Bey, my improvement was rapid. I
soon was able to do my housework
•>. with ease and comfort. 1 felt fine
and I looked so much better.
"This spring I was not as well a 9
I had been. I was ill in the winter
with colds, which left me weak. So
I sent at once to the store for Cardui
and began taking it. In just a little
While I was feeling much better, my
strength returned and I was able to
get my work done easier and with
less effort."
At all drug stoics. NC-176
Texaco Golden Motor Oil
X~ .. .... . t-v
,* • "
I i >ou have driven your car constantly for
one month, we bt lieve it is time to change
iiic oil in Die near future and fill the crank
case with . . M
| i * ,
Texaco- The Golden
Motor Oil
• • ■ •.
i - Geo. and Gus Harrison Know Oil • •
* •**
cr., of course, to procure living ex- ing fabulously rich, because the very
penses and farm supplies. j same condition  ::is.s evriywhere.
There were two land mortgages and Men are apet. ing all they have for
three miscellaneous papers, making j automobiles and mortgaging all their
£9 in all; consirferaly more than half! property and promising all they ex'-,
tliem being for automobiles, pect to have for their goods. And
No wonder that General Motors, 1 there ifi no rei"f in slgrit, and little
Ford, arid the whole gang are grow- hope of any in a long time to come.
liberty—A Sadly Overworked Word
Liberty seems to be the most over-: where and permits its votaries to ex- i
worked word of the lawbreakers and ercise what they call personal privi
thc bigot. I lege that former generations would
We have a publication in the na- J not have permitted under any circum
tion's capital that calls itself "Liber- stances,
ly," and denominates itself as a mag-1 The demand for liberty has come j
• ' *
azine of religious freedom. Yet it i near overshadowing the church's in* j
teems to never hi' so happy as when . fluence, and the liberty demanded j
i' i.> jabbing at raligion. It seems to I tends in nearly every case to under- 1
" ' '
Iwilling for religion and its inllu- mine the religinnyji-our fathers. If
reign in heaven, hut when it the broad freedom demanded—that is,
(jomes to earth ami tries to make com- let every mar do as he pleases—is
r, unities better, then it begins to granted, the church will be more help
l.ak It is unwilling for the state to less than ever to exalt the name of
nake a law that coincides with the God, because the liberty demanded
principles of religion without calling undermines rather than exalts God.
it religious bigotry. It is a far-fetched idea—yet ap
• Their appeal is for the favor of parently strong in the minds of some
the..i who are unwilling to yield a | people—that a churchman should re
-i";rie privilege for the advancement tire and not exercise his government
,:f the community in which they live, al rights, but hould leave the law
It is strange to see many people making, judging, and execution of the
IMi.ise the Pilgrims of old and yet | lows to liberty-loving bootleggers,
I cure the pilgrims of today. It is ig-, gamblers, Sunday desecrators and
r.nrance to say that religion has ever ; their'allies, who do not want to con
|i:.l greater tolerance than it has to- form to the principles of truth and
day. It stand* ready to forgive every- | justice taught by the Master.
Heavier Punishment Needed
The Durham husband who found his I -But the Harnett .County recorder
wife entertaining when he returned i did -not give long enough terms to
home unexpectedly and who proceed- the Dunn white woman who was mi
ll to,beat up tlv gentleman who was j tortainjng a negro in her bed room
being entertained by wearing out a I while her invalid husband lay sick
bed slat oVer him and then beat up in another room last Saturday night.
• I
his wife with the fragments of the j The negro got only three years on
slat should be pensioned J>y Durham the Harnett Loads and the woman j
Ceunty. two years in the Dunn jail. Too
The risk is greater than the saviny
and not worth while when the home,
eyesight, or maybe life itself, is en
dangered by "home cleaning" of ap
parel or fabrics to save a few cents.
___ Let us do your dry cleaning—first
because ours are the most modem
methods—therefore best; second, be
cause we can do it so much better be
cause we are equipped to do such
work; and third, because we can give
—- yoij prompt service at very lowest"
prices—and really much more cheaply
tnan you can do it at home. Phone
us (SK) and give us a trial.
w. - -rpr -r-
! I "
Since self-respect has lost its pow-'
er over so many people, who seeih
lo care so little for the laws of de
cency and the kwe of the land, heav
ier punishment is-the only corrective
| force left. The courts will have to
j function with preater force.
The following table, uasec mainly
! on census data, as reported in Sou- j
! them 15lue Book of Progress, 1927 !
I edition, shows how North Carolina
ranks in several particulars amonf? J
t he 16 States classed as Southern. The
Renew Your Health
By Purification
Any physici'n "!1 tell you that ;
"Perfect Purii inn of the Sy»-
tem is Nntu v A Foundation of
Perfect Heaiu'-" Why not rid
yourself of chronic ailments that
are undermining your vitality?
Purify your entire system by tak—j
ing a thorough course of Calotabs,
—on.'e or twice a week for several
weeks—and gpe how Nature re
wurds you with health.
Calotabs are the greatest of all
system purifiers. Get. a family
package with full directions. On
ly ?5 cts. at drugstores. (Adv). j
•' L==' x r l '' " ' ■»■''
Roomy • •
So Comfortable • • IJ
So E aS y to Drive • •
wherever you
—>s —> — —i — it it ?4y&M.
ji + Come to our salesroom and see tor yourself
how completely the Most Beautiful Chev
| &' . «!)- \ jr - rolet meets every touring need. Note the rWg
. ~ ample room in each model for a capacity
load of passengers. Test the deep, restful seats
'; 1 —pitched at the proper angle to encourage v 'tw
... .* ' j relaxation. Note the large, easy-regulating
> plate glass windows and the patented Fisher
W windshield. Then take the wheel of
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Harris Motor Go. Peel Motor Co.
Robersonville, N. C. Williamston, N. C.
Special for 10 Days
v Beginning:
Wednesday, July 20, 1927
All Ladies' & Children's Dresses.
and light colored footwear Now is your opportunity to
1-3 Off get some real bargains. Come
All Men's Straw Hats ow to
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33 1-3 Off 1-2 Price
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get it-at this bargain. whlle the y last (white excepted)
Harrison Bros. & Co.
- : Williamston's Large st Department Store #
i . *
! list includes Missouri ana West Vir
„ Item Rank
Area, 12,426 sq. mi. 7th
Population, 2,858,000 4th
Farms 283,492 2nd
Active spindles, 5,943,208 Ist
Active iooms, 84,279
Cotton consumed, 1,411,710 bal«S , **>lst
Oevcloped water power, 538,289 "
horsepower Ist
Highway expenditures, 1926,
£47,216,147 Ist
Motor ars, 1926, 385,047 sth
'Jank lesources, $505,891,000 10th
Public >cf)%>l expnediture.s, $30,-
98(.,(K» 4th
Feder:U tax payments, $192,-
404.0(H) •„ Ist
Assessed value of all property,
1920, $2,746,916,000 4th
Estimated true vaue of all prop
erty, 1922, $4,543,110,000 sth
Value cf:
Farn property, $1,050,000,000 4th
Crops, $327,860,000 2nd
All agricultural products,
ucts, $412,000,000 4th
•Corn crop, $46,000,000 sth
Tebncco crop, $103,802,000 Ist
Cotton crop, 7th
Peanuts, $7,895,000 Ist
Sweet potatoes, $7,560,000 2nd
Irish potatoes, $11,840,000 2nd
Soybeans, $2,296,000 Ist
Cattle, $18,243,000 9th
Hogs, $10,867,000 6th
Mules, $29,981,000 3rd
Factory products, $1,060,000,-
000, Missouri and Texas
ahead 3rd
Furniture, $51,208,000 lit
Lumber, $38,080,932 Bth
Textiles, $316,068,931 l»t
Manufactured tobacco, approx
imately $400,000,000 Ist
Mineral products, $9,504,000 _ 14th
Having qualified as administrator
of the estate of Robert Dancey, de
ceased, late of Martin County, N. C.,
i this is to notify all persons having
claims against the estate of said de
ceased to exhibit them to the under
signed or her attorney, Hugh G. Hor
ton, Williamston, N. C., on or before
the Bth day of July, 1928, or this no
j tice will be pleaded in bar of any re
' covery. . All persons indebted to the
estate will please make immediate
! payment. ,
This the 7th day of July, 1927.
Administratrix of estate of Robert
Hugh G. Horton, attorney.
| Dancey. 1.. jy 8 4tw
sticks for sale at my mill in James
ville, N. C. Place your order before
i rush comes. Luther Hardison. jyls 4

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