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Motor Official
Says Accidents
Are Decreasing
Glves Credit to New-
Laws Which Became
Effective July Ist
In expressing the belief that acci
dents on North Carolina highways
have decreased since the new uniform
motor vehicle code went into effect
July 1, C. W. Roberts, vice president
of the Carolina Motor Club, today an
nounced that the organization will
make permanent a $25 reward for in
formation leading to the conviction of
motorists who injure persons and fail
to stop.
Two months ago the club offered
SSO for ;he arrest and conviction of
"hit and run" drivers, and four re
wards, totaling S2OO, have been paid.
Ir. the four convictions only one de
fendant was forced to serve a jail
sentence. *
"We have been convinced," said Mr.
Roberts, "that this reward has caused
many drivers to stop at the point of
accident, as required by law, and we
hope and believe it will eliminate'
many accidents. In furtherance of
this belief the Carolina Motor Club
Will continue to pay a reward of $25
to any one who ascertains identity of
n 'hit-and-run* driver and secures a
conviction. We interpret a 'hit-and
run' driver as one who injures a per
son with a motor vehicle and refuses
to stop. .
"Since tlie new law \fcUit into elTec'
a record of all highway accidents is
required and while this will show a
greater number of accident r.'poft
•4), in my opinion, the actual number
has been greatly decreased. Former
ly all accidents were not recorded,
and I do not believe there are near as
many now as in the past.
"There has been a most noticeable
improvement in headlights on cars on
the highways, and likewise a more
videspread use of rear lights. I be
lieve there is an improvement of 50
per cent already, and this percentage
will constantly mount. I find that
wagons, however, as a general rule,
are not yet complying with the law
requiring use of reflectors or lights at
light, and since the law went into ef
fect there have been several serious
accidents due to failure of horse
druwn vehicles to display lights or
Neuro Caught Trying 1
To Break Into House
.Floyd Bonner, colored, was placed
under a S2OO bond in a justice of the
peace court 'it Everetts last Satur
day when ha was carried before Jus
tice Hen Kiiidick charged with trying
to break into the home of Mr. Roy
Clark, of near Everett«.\
Mr. Clark »aw the colored man at
a window of his home Friday night
and ran out on the porch and w.>u!4 ]
have shot the man, but his flouhTe T7,u |
rel gun was not loaded and the negro
escaped. Saturday afternoon the ne
gro was caught and carried before
Mr. Kiddick a'. Everetts.
It is thought he had been prowling
around Mr. Clark's home for some
time. He will answer to the charges
in the recorder's court here next Tues
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By taking a careful look over the
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Two - Reel Comedy
For Friday Show
Always a Good Show
Budget for Schools
Approved by Board
r — N
30-Day Reprieve Is
Granted Bazemore
George Frank Bazeinorc, con
demned to die in the electric
chair tomorrow, was granted a
HO Jay reprieve today by Par
don Commissioner Edwin li.
Hridgers, according to informa
tion received by long-distance
telephone from the oltice of the
warden of the penitentiary.
Bazemore has been convicted
twice of the murder of Gordon
Yelvcrlon, young white hoy of
this place, last fall.
The reprieve was nranted by
the pardon commissioner upon
his own motion on the grounds
that the governor was out of
the State and had not had an
opportunity to review Ihe case.
V, ——/
Sunday Schools
To Meet Here
Williamston Township
Division Meeting-
Here Sunday
The Williamston Township division
of the Martin County Sunday school
'iiFsodation will meet at the William
stcn Memorial Baptist Church Sun
day afternoon, August 7th, at 3 p. in
The devotional, song, and prayet
tervice will lie led Ly C. 1,. Daniel.
Afterwari. the following program
will be rendered:
3:ls—"Physical equipment of the
Sunday Sel aol," by it. A. I'^pe.
3:3o—Soiijr, by congregation. '
:;:36—"Meteal Equipment." To be
3:so—Sore, by male quartet.
3:ss—"Si .'ritual Equipment," by W.
C. Manning.
4:lo—"The Greatest Need in Out
Sunday School," or "Cne Good Fea
ture of Our Sui ay School," three
minute talk: by E. I*. Cunningham, of
flit Methodist church; J. t). Manning,
«.f the Christian Church; J. C. Ander
aeii, of the Baptist Church; and N.
C. Green, of the Episcopal Church
4:2o—Business session.
4 '3o—Song.
4:35 Adjournment.
All the Sunday schools of tlx' coun
ty are urged to attend.
iS. S. Courtney is chairman of Wil
liamston Township Sunday School
A: ociation.
Joseph A. Abeyounis
Drowned Yesterday
Ju.eph.-A. Ah you id*., of Wnshifljj
uas drowned i.i the I'uinnoo
Kiv'i'r last night. Elbert il. Weston
had taken Abeyounis and anotlwr
Syrian man and two Syrian women
ami a .small child out for a ride on
a bout which lie was demonstrating
to them. When the party returned
to Fowls wharf all except Weston
, went to the side of the boat to get
; rut. This caused the boat to capsize
dropping them in 8 feet of water. Mr.
Weston showed «reat presence of
mind and workul quickly, getting the
two men end two women out. liy
this time, the child, which was v/rnp
p d in a larj.'e overcoat was floating
efl several feet away, and he rescued
• the child. Upon his return to tfia
wharf Abeyouni. was missing, but
Mr. Weston though! at the time that
lie had gone on to his home, ft was
soon found i'iat Mf. Abeyounis was
i'o* at his home and he could not be
found. The rn.icuer.i then returned
to the river an I found him about an
i hour .if'er lie ha I been drowned. All
i efforts to resuscitate him failed.
It is thoug'it that he, in came way,
through excitement, missed his step
and fell buck into fhe wuter.
Abeyouni.-, was rath r a prominent
I merchant in Washington and also had
i ir.ercantih interest, in Greenville. He
i.i one time conducted a store here,
selling out to R. Sumra.
Seize Couple Stills
Saturday Evening
SheViff Koebtick and Deputy Grimes
found a couple of stills on Beaver
Dam Swamp, in Cross Roads, Satur
«lay- evening. They had proper in
formation as to their location and had
very little trouble in locating them,
one a nice copper still, the other was
a steam outfit. Both stills were cold.
Only three barrels of beer were
found at each still and about one gal
lon of what appeared to be the last
running of liquor was found.
* The stills were some distance from
uhy house, and the officers have no
cluO as to their ownership.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, August 2,1927
Most Important Action
of Commissioners
Here Monday
The board of county commissioners
met Monday and enjoyed a fairly easy
day, only a few people appearing to
tell of their troubles. All the mem
bers of the board were present.
After reviewing the budget present
ed by the county board of education,
it was approved us recently published
ir. the general budget for the county.
W. A. Little was granted relief
from payment of poll tax in William
s en Township, as he had listed and
paid it in Hear Grass Township.
Alfred Hodges was allowed pel
Reports were received from the
register of deeds, sheriff, and clerk
of the superior court.
All fees, commissions, and charges
received by the clerk of court amount
ed to $3U2.52.
I'he sheriff's office received only
$138.02 of this sum. $64.72 came
from the sale of old copper from de
stroyed stills, leartng only $78,110
Coming from the services by the
The register of deeds had only
taken in for the entire month of July
the sum of slt>B.2G, S2O of this being
marriage license taxes.
Following is the jury list drawn
Ly the board for the September term
of" court:
For First Week
C. H. Ange, It. O. Martin, 11. H.
Harbor, Jamcsville.
C. T. Koberson, J. I). Lilley, John
K. Griflln, M. W. Bissell, N. R. Dan
iel, W. G. Hurdif.on, Griffins.
Walter ltailey, A. W. llailey, W. A.
Bailey, H. Gomer Harrison, W. A.
Perry, K. L. Perry, John H, Kober
i.-on, lfear Grass.
iV. K. Harrison, C. H. Cowan, Geo.
Moore, P. 11. llrown, Williamston.
11. 0. Daniel, G. fI. Forbes, C. H.
Kiddick, C. li. Roebuck, Crass Roads.
H. C. Norman, G. C. Taylor, Ira
IX Koberson, J. T. Tuylor, W. A. Van
.l. rford, T. T. Adams, Arthur John
•i.ii, W. A. Koss, and li. 11. Ross,
J. F. Crisp, J. C. Koss, K. T. Smith,
Goose Nent, ■
For Second Week
Levis Ange, Jnmesville v
Kohert Jones, Williams.
H. F. Koberson, Geo. C. Griffin,
Geo. E. Koberson, 11. F. Lilley, Grif
Javan Kogerson, Hear Grass.
G. H. Harrison, J. J. Gregory, J.
I). Harrison, A. Anderson, Raymond
Cherry, S. S. Hrown, Williamston.
J. A. Coffiehl, S. H. Gurgunus, 1).
li. Chandler, J. L. Edtnondson, Koh
J. K. Harrison, Poplur I'oint/—-
Negro Is Badly Cut
In Fight Saturday
tleorge Washington, colored mail
v orking on the farm of Mr. Jim
Rowen, was bedly cut about the body
ami arm last Saturday afternoon af
ti r he had raked the fire from a to
bacco ba.n furnace two or three
times. Junt who cut (ieorge no one
will tell, and George, being slightly
irtoxicated, do?R not know himself.
An argument started when he told
several other negroes that he did not
want to put fire in the furnace of tho
barn un'il Monday morning. The
other parties started a fire in the
furnace, and Washington pulled it
out. Another, fire was started and
Washington pulled that one out. He
hud not pulled many more out before
several colored boys around the barn
rushed him and sliced him with a
He was brought here, where Dr. J.
•S. Rhodes sewed up the several cuts.
Sheriff Roebuck went to the scene,
but could do nothing but assist Mr.
Rowen in bringing the gashed man to
tin. doetar.
geveral Accidents in
Community Recently
Several accidents occured in the
Community dating the past few days.
Thelma burroughs, the 10-year-old
duughter of Mr. W. A. Burroughs,
fell from a tobacco truck and suffertd
a slight fracture of the skull. At this
time she i 3 improving nicely.
Jack Biggs, colored attempted to
crive his ca • by a truck and met a
flying Chrysl *r car before he could
take his sid? jf the road again, with
thf result thfct his car was rmashed
end he, his v/ife and another cojored
woman wore severely cut and bruised.
AH becauao Jack failed to do what
he thought ha could tlo r -,pass by and
take his side of the road before meet
ing the oncoming car.
\ _
Messrs. Barmettler and—liig-'s, of
llie Carolina Motor Club, were here
yesterday. 1
Unusual Casein
County Court
Here Tuesday
Man, 71, Charged With
Whipping Wife, 17;
Suspend Judgment
Recorder's court today presented a
scene of interest, as well as hopeful
ness. The fe.w. people present indicat
ed the advent of a better day. There
were only 25 people present, and but
one woman among them, This num
ber included tlv court, the officer:-,,
attorneys; in fuct, it embraced the
whole show.
Ihe first case called
Joseph J l '. Davenport, forged with
whipping his wife. He ie 71 years
old, while his wife is but 17.
The only witness in the case was
Mrs. Davenport, who stated that her
lusband did whip, her slightly, u
mounting to nothing more than a gen
tle "brushing," and that he" did not
hurt her in the least. Mie said the
only weapon used was a small birch
\ hip. The best part of her testimony
came when she frankly said that her
11u.baud did right, that, he ctight t >
have whipped her, us ah' called him
a liar and deserved a 'whipping.
The court caught the fine spirit of
family reunion and susp aided judg
ment upon the husband u, mi the con
dition of his payii'ig the cost utd be
having well in the future.
The couple had a child, from ap
pearance about a year ol I. Although
the transposition of the ngures from
71 to 17 makes a difference of 54, the
companionship of the pair seems to
l>e almost perfect.
Need Cars to Bring
Scouts Back Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. C. U. Chuk and Hilly
ami Mr. ami Mrs. Chas. 11. Fleming
and little son spent Sunday at Nags
Head, wh 'iv they vidtedthe Willium
.•don Roy Scouts.
Mr. Clark says the boy-, are having
a groat time. they are Ashing, hik
ing, swimming ,und studying history
a.ouud Munteo and Koannke Island
mid taking in the life-S#*Wig station
work along tlv banks. They are not
t::king the full Scout program but
are following the Scout discipline.
Mr. Clark says he will need a few
cars to assist l.iin in bringing the
toys from Elizabeth City next Sun
day, and any who would like to as
sist them to. this extent are request
ed to let him know during the week.
Hit-And-Kun Driver
Hits Car of Local Man
A hit-and-run driver of a truck lifli
in.o the cur oi Furnie Howard at Mill
blanch on the Hamilton lioad Satur
day night and damaged his car bad
ly. Fortunately, Mr. Howard escaped
Mr. Howard says the truck was
carelessly and recklessly driven und
took his side of the load. The other
man did not stop to assist him or to
l.ive his identification. Mr. Howard
was unable to get tho license num
ber of the truck. ».
Mr. Ed Daniel, of Interlachen, Fla.,
is here spending two' months with his
..tins, Messrs. Charles and fSariil
Daniel.. Mr. .Daniel recently had a
i, roke of paralysis, but is very much
in proved in health at this time.
Report County Agent
For Month of July
Following is the report of County
Agent T. R. Brandon, as submitted
to thf; board of commissioners at
their meeting here Momluy:
20 tlays spent in field work; 0 days
spent in office work; 77 office confer
ences, 07 telephone t ails; 00' letters
written; 57 farms visited during the
month; 024 miles traveled on official
t.uties; 1 article written for local pa
pers; JiO 1 beat! of hogs treated during
the month.
The greater part of the a ent's
time was spent in treating.hogs dur
ing this month.
The tobacco fertilizer and variety
tits can be seen on the farms' of
Jehn K. Criflin and Walter Curganus,
rear Williamston. These demonstra
tions have the rows tagged, and any
farmer can tell the kind of fertilizer
under them. t
The nitrate of soda demonstration
with corn is on the farm of Mr. R.
I-. Perry, antl there, is a board to ex
plain the work ■there.
The sulphute of ammonia demon
stration is on the highway to Wash
ington on the right of road, on the
first farm belonging to Mr. Staton.
Will be glad for any farm®rs to visit
any of the above demonstrations. It
might be that you can not tell very
much difference in some of them, but
the results will be measured very ae
cuiately and results will be published
Soy Bean Growers From
All Parts of Country to
Tour County Next Week
National Association to
Meet in Washington;
May Stop Here
Hon. Fred P. Luthuin has made u
; liit with the annual meeting; of the
I .African Soy lU-an Association, to
j be held in Washington next wfek, by
arranging to show the visitors from
the north, sou'.li, and,west what won
derful resources cistern North Caro
lina is blessed with.
In arranging the program for the
eighth annual meeting of the Arneti
1 can Soy llean Association, pracficallv
all of the time has been set aside for
! automobile tours through interesting
parts of eastern North Carolina. The
guests will arrive at Washington,
where they will lie rejeistered and as
\ signed to rooms. -A short evening
session will bo held on the first day.
Beginning on the second day,
Wednesday, arrangements have been
completed for leaving Washington by
1 auto early in the morning for a trip
through historic Beaufort and Hyde
( ('unties, lyde County is the original
heme of the soy bean" in'tlie I'nited!
States. On this Jour visitors will
have a view of one oft he most fer
tile farming sections in southeastern
I nited States. The people of Swan I
jUuartcr have arranged a uomniunity j
ji«nie luncheon for all the members
and guests This will be fol
lowed immediately by an address
from Hon. John 11. Small, former
I Congressman from North Carolina.
I * The return trip from Swan (Quarter
| will begin promptly at 2:.'to, timed so
; as to arrive in Hay View at 5 o'clock,
■where those who desire may secure
J a i excellent sea-food dinner and en
joy a salt-water swim in Pamlico
"iver. The tour for the day will-end
at Washington, where -tjie evening uro
grain will begin promptly at s o'clock
Ihe moving shown during
• this program are said to he very in
t resting and will lie thorough)- ex
plained by Prof. Dorset, who secured
the picture during, a trip of investi
gation yf the soy beau industry in
China and Manchuria.
Thursday morning, the tour will be
gin promptly at 8 o'clock and will car
ry the party through Martin County,
where is produced some of the fineftt
bright-leaf tobacco to be found in
North Carolina. The trip also goes
through Bertie County, the largest
peanut--producing county in the Unit
ed States. 1 toth in these counties and
li.oughout the remaining part of the
tour will be seen splendid examples
of diversified farming and fine fields
el* soy beans.
The trip has been arranged to pass
over two great bridges recently con
structed for the State Highway Com
mission over the Roanoke and ('how
an Rivers. A short stop will be per
mittcd in historic Kd> nt'o'iiT-ar'ounii
which much of North Carolinas' earl)
Colonial history centers.
The jiarty will arrive at Klizabeth
City in time for the lunchion served
ly citizens of the section. After a
brief program there will be a demon
stiation of the soy bean harvesters
developed in this section, followed bj
a tour of selected soy bean lit Ids in
the territory immediately surrounding
tie city.
The evening program will conclude
| the activities of the eighth conven
| tion. Clients will find that tlw*y are
I ' lily a short distance from Norfolk,
where there are trunk-line railroads
to the ru >t and west, and where ex
it Merit ocean beaches' are near by.
The party will pass through Wil-
I.'aniHlon about 0 o'clock on Thurs
day, the 11th, ami will probably stop
: over here for a short session, which
will be announced later.
801 l Weevil Damage
Expected to be (ireat
Rate reports on the bull weevil in
| the South indicate that he is more ac
tive in moat places than in 1920. The
! weevil is scattered over practically
j tr.t entire belt, from the Kio (irandu
| oi. rtie south to near the Virginia
; Ijne on the north.
i In a large area in Texas the infes
tation on July 20 averaged 10 per
ci lit, while in another large section,
it only ran about 4 per cent.
In Louißiuna in some of the good
tottop sections, infestation Is report
ed as high as 20 per cent.
In Mississippi the pest in some.sec
tions seems to be about four times
worse than last year.
In Alabama examinations of the
percentage of punctured squares aver
aged from 17 to 20 per cent, which
vas almost the same in South Caro
l na examinations.
For our immediate section, the COB
dition so far is not particularly alarm
li'K, Imt with wet weather during Ai*
gust weevil damage promises to be
greater than for the past few years.
Tobacco Higher on
Ceoigia Markets
Information received here to
ilay friim several (ieoryin tobac
co markets indicated that the
breiks oa he opening there
yesterday 'averaged from 1H
cents on the lowest markets, to
"0* cents, on tile lushest.
These prices seem fair lor a
(•coi'Kia opening, us they usu
ally start considerably lower
than ihese figures.
The crop in that Slate has
made considerable improvement
in quality during the last part
of (he season, and the State is
expected In produce about 50,-
000,000 pounds this year, as a
ganst 10,01)0,00 last year.
Bear Killed in
Hunt Sunday
Hud Killed Number of
I'itfs During Past
Few Months
Sunday morning Mr, Wilt Roberson,
who farms on the land of Mr. It. Mo
Manning, went into his corn Held to
ti ok around, ami while there he hoard
his pigs squealing about 2IMI yards
away in hi.s pasture. He went to see
what the trouble was about, and when
lie had gotten about 50 yards away
In' saw something tossing a little pig
i'|> in the air and eateh m? it, siinilai
to a cat playing with a mouse or a
hall. Closer examination revealed
that two small bear cubs were doing
the tossing. Another pig squealed
out near-by, and when "lie turned in
that direction, Mr. Krrfierson saw an
old b.'ar had the pig. Just a.s he
looked tin old sow charged the bear,
which loosed the pig and engaged in
| a fight with the hog.
.lust at this mom iii Mr. Koberson
decided he needed hi.s gun ami ran
loi hi.s home, hut had in'it gotten far
before the ht>g got loose from'the
Lear and followed Rober.soif;
i line up as follows: Mr, ftot>cr*on
tilst, the hog si eotrrty- and the bear
third. It is understood that the iac
(I'.ded just as it star ed, itob. rsiin
tirst with a hear (not bare) behind,
which, it is s.iid, always makes -a
tooil race.
I tut Air. Koberson would not five light, lie called a few iieiith
IIOTS, got their dogs and went back
The old bear was quickly run up a
.I re ami' killed.
Mr, Koberson had lost several pigs
during the past month, and he thinks
-+H —samp bears got them. — —
limn;' Demonstration
Agent's July Report
Following is a report of tli ( . work
i,one dining the month of July by the
county home demonstration agent,
Miss Anna Ti iitham, as submit ted
!,y her to thi l hoard of county com
in 1.-.sioiiers at tljeir ineetiihg here
Monday: , . .
Number meeting laid, 22; attend
a nee 2li;i, Other meetings attended
•2! attendance, 175. Home si it;, 25.
"*is- telephone call s; 85 ollice calls; !M
letters written; HO bulletins sent out;
I article published; 4 1-2 ollice days;
20 1-2 field days; I holiday; 1,127
miles traveled (;n official duties; 52
method demonstrations in food pres
ervation; It) method demonstrations
in food preparation; I lecture on nu
ll ilion.
During the month the girls' clubs
of the county sent nine lepresentu
lives to the State short course, which
v/a«; held in Kaleigh July 11-lfi. Thai
veek was a profitable one for tin
girls attending that course, for ever
minule of the time was spent in some
worth-while work, which taught valu
idle lessons in home making.
This is the first year that Martin
County has been leprosntod' in the
girl's short course, and much frcdit i.
due the girls who made the trip.
J)ej)uty Grimes Finds
Moonshine in Store
Deputy Crimes stopped in the stori
of John Sheprjard just this side of
Hamilton ust Saturday n'gh', wher
he found a small amount of liquor and
several empty jugs. Sheppard was
placed under u bond for his appear-
Kece in the recorder's court here to
Sheppard was brought into court
some time aje after officers had
found liquor In bin home. He was
found not guilty on thut charge by
the court.
Advertisers Will Find. Our  i.l
| umna a Latchkey to Over 1 twill
I Home* of Martin County.
Corn - Growing
Is Being Made
Trying to lnci ease Yield
Per Acre and Keduce
Cost Per Bushel
According to Government ligurtiß,
Martin County, in increased
If i coi'ii acreage 1,515 over Hie* acke-
Ujre to corn in llil!}. -The average
> i Id wat 22 bushels in l!>l;>, and tt4.
bushels in l'.i'Jti.
"\ield lida tlirict r_laiii/i)to pro
deotiun cost; low yield per acre usu
ally means high per bu hel lot. of
production," stated County Agent T.
11. Brandon today.
"Our avi'rag • si i.l of corn can be
unified materi all > through a greater
Use of cover clops, seed selection, ->
better cultural method-, and a more,
liberal application in /. r suited
!o the noevls of the com plant on uur
"Through the assistance of Mr. 11.
1.. Perry, ol \\ illuujision, V C, oiitj
it' our prof,rss»ive. farmer;, we an*
conducting ti live acre corn tiesuori
stration this y. ar.' Mr. Hi ai.don ..said.
"The of this demon-tia ion is
to increase the yield per acre, and if
possible leduee the cost per bu H.-l,"
"We are Using in this oemon .ia
I on ..00 pound, iiitrale of sotl.i ,and
tiiili pounds of N-.'i per acre.
"The corn plant needs lan:,, cjuan
titles of nitrogen to produce large
yiMdji. It the soil is deficient in 11 i- *
Irogeii, it should lie tipplied in t
i.uickly availabl  form, such as ni
trate of Very li tie, if any, of
lie nitrogen should lis applied at
Planting time. The best to ap
ply the soda is when the cviii is knet*
to thigh high," Mr. limn lon ..tate-l,
''Farmers who ar • interesti tl in in -
cieasing their coin yields should'"\Trtl
Mr. Felly's farm and uc t us din. .li
st ration."
82 "S" ears Old; Preaches
!") Pennons, in l!) Days
l'.lder Newsonie 11. Harrison iu;uf>
jus a visit last week, while .en route
rt- 11"' Skewarkt-e Union tit '.Sniitli
-1 wicks ('reek.'.
Although 82 years oil, he i.s full
ol villi and vigor, and apparently eii
jiys .lift* better tliun many of ilie**
young Mien of the day.
■ He describe,, 1 a ley Itt p.ea■ liing
tV.'itr In/ made, covi*r*iig .1 period of
111 day*. Leaving Plymouth' Ssiun- ' .
li.y, July l»tli, h • \ i ii. d both £ lit- I p
PCounty" Association a! (i.l
limns, -a.',d the I.own Couu'v 1 ini*
A .-eciutinii "ill Hi I. na,-'preaching :it
liilh as emldi#' ; vhi re h.> -..'1 ,'ie
eiowd at eacfi place w.i> estiina 1 ed as
bigh as 10,0(1(1 p opie -fTe also preac'i.
I'd at I ''li lit!li 1 111 ut I'' u t 7(M> .people.
at Memorial to about 500; at Tur
li ver Hil l Sails, where about Kill-.
I.i aril him at plac". He 11 .*\t
rpi oached at Stort y." Creek to a I ny.e
.fathering, e at about 500; til
. he li,*i.l 1.1 ri, where he was
net by only 'a I •,* u t .':(i .punple-
At VVh'. lers ("hurch, J'ro.pect II 11,
Itush Arbor, anil, liurin ; he preach* d
to congregation -«-.;ti«j il. d from ,'i(!ii
lo hill); makiuif in all la sermons In
almost 25,000 p ople, whic i is ttiiu ii
l ! for there days. •
Preaches Special
Sermon to Kiwanis
Key. C. 11. iiitkey preached a spec
ii.l .sermon .0 members of the Ki
wanis Club at the lia/itist Church -
Sunday morning.
The sermon dealt largely with Chris
tiitn cftiisi'iishi;!, which in a way i.>
tin basic piiuciple.upon which Kwani-;
is built; men jointly applying tl(0
principles of Christianity to tho
world about them. The service wa.)
well attend si.
Mr. Hick •/ alway preaches to tie
.point and a piain but forceful nuin
On Sunday night Ih* preached »l M
the- Phrtitiau CWre+i, taking for his
text the words of I'aul when ho was
cpparontly belted between two live. ;
the one ju ; v pissing awuy, where h.i
saw/the buttles of life us the} toe re
finished one by one; and he rejoiced
in the manly way that he had fought
he nfrad w.iv* that had shipwrecked
him, and rejoiced in the fact that Uw
poison of serpent's teeth had no pow
er over his pure life. He saw the
jey of pr* viting lils bare hack to !>•»
bf a ten an. l striped; for tin; power hfl
had shown in preaching Jesus to art
ignorant and cruel world. He admit
ted that he had fought a good fight
and JuuLkept the fuith.
Then, turning his eyes toward the
Canaan of life he said, "There is lai.l
up for me a crown of righteousness,
und not for me alone, but for all
those who love His appearing."
The Herr.un carried Paul through
the hardships of life, but went fur
ther and allowed the crown, spotless,
pure, and stomal.

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