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TI'ESDAY. AI GI ST 2. 1927
Public Libraiy Our Greatest Need
Hooks aie i'ie ifreate.-t -«g«?ncy of
trdightennicnl that we have, and yet !
people u*e II •• ri-adinft: tl.em. I'vurv
mind i.~ I very Hover. It i- built
i p on its own -peculiar cells.
Some lini.'.- t e wealthy try to plit>
thase k'lev.v .l.'ri fer tin ir sons, but
they fail; so evs t\ ciiil I has to no
through tli.' ,-ans.' old "slew sternly
1 recess of liiink'ng, which builds cell
after cell in tin brain until it hi -
conies a great sum chouse of knowl 1
liooks teach us how to think. They
do not build, but arw only the charts (
by which w ( . ir t . enable! to build out
i,\vn storehouse of knowleily;e.
The library is the best place to
find the luiek you lie;-il. There the.
1 mivs may be fuu:.d which., supply i
Six I nfortur.ate ( hildren ~
T:.e N'.t.. h .('entity rhildren
v. 1,11. r mother ami fe'.her both died
\. it hill the pes year- the children, 3
loymmd It fills, ranging in age from
:i to 12 years are eviremely unfor
tunate. They wen recently taken to
J w '
the b uird of county, commissioners
nn.! turned over to thorn as pauper
ni plain.-..
Vet they liave three uncles who are
not /m!y "food livers"-but "possess
Hillside ral lie pivperty; and their
p. rand father, y ii".ui of Cf>, is worth
r tinora Driving Cars Again
.. People still bp- rdy defy the auto-1
mobile l:j\v>. » they don't j
know; some' tones' they don't think;
end often they don't care.
. Frequently-emergencies arise, and
f. driver may iiot have time to nive|
"tl.e Jiurid signals, apply brakes, and
I. low horns us t,u>' taw n-ifuires. And,
too, the constant opera'it.n of au-1
tomobile 'brings the driver to the eon !
h¥*is the master of his I
')>>ac'hiiie ap.l it- able to operate i'i
v>ith'sUfely hi I-.;.- niachiii", himself,4
un.l 'jb'ihe; *Frequently this is true.-
Keeteg SpeHs, free ledigeslioß,
ftt u OkU«M Maiia
Miserable Fix, B«t Hb
Found ißelief.
f —*• ' \
• .>* • «■■■——
Bwink, Okla.—ln describing how
hs suffered from indigestion, Mr
B. T. Strain, of this place, says:
1 have bean a uaar of Black-
Draught for four or five years. I
. have bean taking it for stomach
: trouble. I suffered after eating ifith
bloating and a tight feeling*, -v-*-
1 had spells when I could not eat
' mnoh of anything. I had severe
aaadaches. I would be nauseated
and hurt • lot I was in a pretty
bad fix.
"I btwan taking Black-Draught It
aeemea to help mo wonderfully. I
• hadn't found anything that benefited
ma aa Black-Draught did. I certain
ly can recommend it
"There ware times whan I just did
without anything to aat until I was
too weak to go. I was juat miser
able, and whao I ate, my ay stem
assmed clogged. »
1 had very aevere headsrhaa. So
1 didn't know juat what to do. I
knew I couldn't work if I didn't aat
Saemad like what I spit up waa bit
tar aa cooid be. I took Black-
Draught pretty regularly and got
W!mm I oould aat and I don't have
to taka Uso regularly now." NC-tri
tin need ,cf i very stunt' of the mind's'
row.ll arid development.
Our folks are neglecting this iin-;
pertant duty and are not providing
a single book for the public-library
•■I rvioe. We are too poor to place I
ytuitl books in the hands of qur chil
dren, yet have plenty of money for
i iruseinents.
Willianiston's amusenvnt bills for
| on. month will build up a respectable
library. We would be just us well off
to stop a while and by so doing wj
v.ouid have something of real value.
New York librarians say that it is
more unwise to oblige children to for-,
age for tla'ir intellectual food than it
i„s to for.'e live stock to depend upon j
i forage for subsistence.
about $30,000. Vet he permits his!
j,lundeliildren, the orphans of his,
.laughter, to go to the county home, j
These children are of course tin- |
I fortunate in losing father and mother
J hut jure nioic unfortunate~ttFJKTVi 1 * the
i "lib od of a grandfather or uncles in
j their veins who would do us cold
blooded a thing*us to turn thei.r .own
|i ut on the world to live or die.
It is rather strange that a man can
accumulate $30,1)00 and -yet be so in
human. 4''
No law has to be applied to all the'
Ttiks. Some are decent, sensible, and
, ufe without it. Yet one thing is hard
to understand- why will parents per
i .it ehi.klren under the age limit to
drive? No excuse of ignorance can
::pply in this case, because everybody
lii.nws it is unlawful, fqr children un
der 10 to drive a car at any time in
any place. *•'
It looked at one time as if the oftt-
Texaco Golden Motor Oil
;-" r . " "
' v l_U— _ ' ■ .
r . If you have driven your car constantly for
one month, we believe it is time to change
- the oil in the near future and fill the crank 
r ■ • .i,\ |
T case with
•.. . v ■
Texaco-- The Golden
Motor Oil
Geo. and Gus Harrison Know Oil
How the World War Helped the Church
If the world war did no other good, j
it did much to help the church.
The church has never been so well j
understood as it is today. Religious j
people everywhere are beginning to
find themselves and their mission..
'1 hey are beginning to find that many
of the things that they cherished so
long in their religious activities were
i o.hing more nor less than selfish
The war set church people to think
ing far above creed. It placed their
Minds on a higher level of thinking,
't causi d many to love the same peo
ple they once hated.
■Something lias caused a wider
growth of fellowship than ever ex
istcd before.*
The day is past that ifien thought
tla y had done their full duty when
they told of Jesus. Now they know
they must do more than say; they
Disarmament Conference a Failure
Thedisarmament conference seems least one nut ion, England by name, i>
to be one of the most disorderly \ unwilling to make Rood her agree
rows the world has ever awn, unless ment. Nothing in a way of a fair ad
it has seen a bunch of hungry hound ; justment teems possible, and it now
puppies in a kennel with but one looks as if ihct whole thing will go
bene'. - » I up in eonfu ion and nothing will be
It is evident that some of thfeiiji- accomplished,
tions did n./t hones ly comply with 1 It is noine t : nies hard to understand
(heir agreement on the naval ratio just how small big nations ean l»e
basis of 5-5-3. Now that the matter What a saving it would be if they
is up for further consideration, at 1 wcTuld only act square.
\>\K Decrease in Live Stock Since 1900
Nor h Carolina ha I cattle,
214,1M>0 p, 1,228,01)0 hogs, 100,000
horses, an;l 175,000 mules in 1900.
Since that time there has been a
movement to boost the live-stock busi
ness in our State. Farmers have
lit "ii urged to raise a few more hogs,
cattle, and sheep; yet in the 10 years,
have lost heavily in the number of
live stock on hand, of every kind ex
cept mules.
The lons has -been INB.OOO cattle j
or 27 per cent; KM,OOO sheep, or 0." j
pel cent; 379,000 hogs, 31 per cent;
02,000. horses, Si pr cent. The gain :
ii the nuiiiber of mules was 101,000, J
or GO per cent.
Why Women Are Wearing Larger Shoes
The Pacific Shoe Deal rs' Associa- j
tisn ways that women's feet arc get- i
_* I
tinjf larjctvr and that they arc wear
ing bigger shoes every year. They
: contribute the cause to outdoor sports
:'ti.l much walking. Of course, every?
! hody knows they are wrong about the
!ci rs were going to put a stop to:
| t.r.irors driving cars, but it now look- 1 j
as if they are letting up, as the kids
are driving again.
Woodleaf; good roads: 40 acr-s
. bottom; modem 1(1 room house, paint
j id; barns', outhouses, good fishing.
' lA>W price, easy terms. I). C. Linn,
! undis, N. C.
nust do, because it is, after all, what
\VL ure that count* and not what we
say we are.
The old day of church hatred is
rapidly passing away, and any man
i who would raise a' quarrel with a
brother who happened not to under-
Hlond a tiling quite so well as he
would be quite properly classed as a
st lf-righteou- Pharisee.
The strong walls whfch various
(hurt-lies hai! built around themselves
for centuries haviciiumbled and arc
i.i w regarded 03 useless forms.
Church pen pie are beginning to u -
,M i stand the principles of Christianity
-t r>Uer than i-ver before.
If the war did it, it was worth the
Christianity is the only tiling that
will sustain men and nations, and
they must know more of its princi-
I pie:;.
• The only reasonable thing found I
iinioug thf:* lixuri's applies to nurses
: nil nuilc i. Tin' automobile lias clone |
away with tii diivinK horse, and the
farmers have l-arned lliat they need)
n«cre mule.' to property cultivate i
their lands; '
Hut the Vnystery is, wliy have the :
people this Ktat. l allowed such a fall
ing off in lipk>. tattle, anil sheep* It i
must be that tin y di.-liko the trouble
ol milking and caring for stock. They j
' seem to prefer toiling in tobacco and
! cotton fields and buy inn butter from j
' the West. All in the face of the
teaching: of history that ail stock
raising countries K«''. rich.
! walking, a.- wonicn are all riding
1 tnese days.
I ' '
Tlie real icasoi f(ir wearing larger
fhoes is tl at at one time the neat
little foot was a great attraction.
Now, no man sees the foot. He
s areß higher.
North Carolina, Martin County.
In superior court.
VV S. Rhodes and I). G. Matthews
Tradiiv; as Slade, Ithodes & C 0.,,
\s. J. N. Ptixh.
liy virtue of an execution directed
to the undersigned from the superior
,-(,urt o'f Martin County, in the above
• ntitled action, I will, on the Ist day
; of August, 1927, at 12 o'clock noon,
at the courthouse door of Martin
CAmty, sell to the highest bidder for
cash, to satisfy said execution all the
right, title, and interest which the
said J. H. Hugh,, the defendant, has
in the following described real estate,
to wit:
That tract of land known as the
Cox farm, situated on the left-hand
side of the public road leading from
Hamilton to Williamston, opposite the
Purvis farm, adjoinnig the land of
J. H. Sherrod and others and the Ro
anoke River, containing three hun
died acres, more or less, which tract
in sold and is -hereby conveyed sub
ject to the dower of Mrs. Margaret
Doyle, widow of John P. Boyle, de
ceased, which has already been as- 1
signed out of said land under definite
metes and bounds.
This the Ist day of July, 1927.
jyf 4tw Sheriff of Martin County.
Having this day qualified as ad
ministratrix of the estate of W. D
Staton, late of the town of James
ville in the County of Martin, all
persons holding claims against said
estate will take notice that unless
they present same for payment to tho
undersigned on or before July the
Bth, 1928, this notics will be plead in
bar of their recovery. All persons in
debted to said estate will please
come forward and pay same prompt
This the Bth dpy of July, 1927.
jy-8-4't Administratrix.
is a Prescription for
It Kills the Germs
This hard-to-suit a IV
chooses £amel
MODERN people we hard to satisfy. But Camel has pleased . ■
•hem and they have made it the most famous cigarette of j-J iM |
Present-day smokers are "tasty," and they recogniie in
Camel the choicest tobaccos grown, blended for smoothness
sind mellowness. Camel leadership in this modern world la ~ BJBjtCT
an overwhelming tribute to the taste and fragrance of thia
Camel will prove itself to you. What a cool, aatisfying I
■moke! When, you try Camels, you will see why they arc .■
first and favorite with prtsent-day smokers. "Hsve g Ctmell"
01927, U.I R.ynold. Tob»cc / / \ r "^rVxirt^'^W
Company, Wuuton-Sal«u, N. C. I I i^jaCAMIiTT
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