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11 I>|> W AUGUST B, 1927
If All the World Used the Same language
What a saving i' would be if all of the world's finances is recorded in
the nations us; 1 one language. It is English. America, which is held up
f,aid that on -of the greutest economic as the world's financial center, em
jiofses in the business world "is . the ploys the Kntfliuh language.
fact that we have so many languages. \ „ . .. , , ,
It may be impossible to effect a
Our bu jinoss, social, and religious re- t n > • .
consolidation of all languages into on« i
lations with each other today all have i
universal tongue so that any human
to be run on the serap-heup basis. U . ... , .
on earth might understand an;, |
costs an Englishman thousands of
other, person. Hut what a line thing!
dinars to learn how to read a French . , . . ,
it would he if we only had one lan j
hi:' o ' lading, and a G rman bank can ..... ~ , , ~ I
e,uage. No uoubl we would be better
r.oi cash an American check because j . . . ~ „
mends with our neighbors if we all
!t is written in auolher language. • | , , . ,
could use one tongue and understand
It is about us hard to do bu,sines.-j ... , .
J each other better.
with our neighboring aatioiw, all u>
iiir different languages, as it woul t' If we would take up a little time
be to make a. good time-keepiug j tii a lunguage-nierging conference
w hby taking a whe 1 out of a and spend a little of our imn&mein
Hamilton wiftch and put it on a W a j money in a translation of all lan '
terbury pinion to be run by a Swiss j guag^into one universal language—j
mainspring. . language in which the same letters j
English is tin- .most universal lair wou.U form the same words, and th 1
guage of the world, anil most of the j' same words would designate the nam; 1
world's businesst transactions ar . « hject and express th same thought—j
made in ' perhaps four-fifth." ' it would be better for the world.
• More To Do and Do More" a Good Slogan
A suggested State program for , girls in or just out of school,
education, by the University News i It is possible that the third need,
Letter carries no new matter what- i "Education for life occupation," Is
ever, but embraces the very things : holding its own, ami it may be that
tiiut we have tried to teach or forty j this phase of ottr 'educational pro
years. v , gram is making fair progress.
They suggest a readjustment ofj '» the fourth case, "Education for
elementary and secondary 'education! Insure'^has outstripped every other
to include (a) education for health; U> pe of school work. And herein lies
(b) education for citizenship; (c) ed-1 the gren'ent weakness in the system,
ucotion for life" occupation; and (d> Too many school boys and girls are
-nhicution foi lui.,uu. »•»«»* «"«' luliet » f XA » W to,ltty ' u,ut
This same program has been in this creates a great demand for fcrge
vogue for many years. The fact is j expenditures. They, having neglected
we have not followed the program, ! health, citizenship, and occupation,
So far as the first section, a* to! are unable-to support a state of Vets
health, we are possibly making fair; ure, which djives them to gamble,
progress. The second, "education fori bootleg, lie, steal, and engage in inv
citizenship," is not holding its own. moral vices.
According to our prison records, our It seems that the taxpayers are V>s
c'tizenship among the middle-aged is 1 in™ imposed .upon by a school sys
fresh from school. Most of the crim- ucation for leisure."
inal nets are committed by boys and Nobody has worked himself to
That one thing is- This Bank is a safe ulace to deposit money. Investigate us, and you will be willing to trust us with your
- r "- ' .
money. We appreciate all business intrusted to us and will extend any accommodation consistent with sound banking:.
- •' •. * . ' v' " v
Sell yourtobacco inWilliamstonand deposit your Money in aSafe Bank
1 . ■ 11
'* • . * - • ■ - ,
• . • ' •' . ; . • " ' • .
* •
Farmers and Merchants Bank
„ Result «f Analysis of 10 Fertilizers
The State agricultural bulletin on
the analysis of fertilizers for th."
spring- season, just issued, gives the
analysis of ten samples of guano
drawn by inspectors at Williatnston.
'i he analyses include fertilizers manu
factured by five manufacturers, the
International Agricultural Corpora
lion, Chaa. W. Priddy & Co., Uaugh
& .Sons, New liern Oil & Fertilizer!
Co., and the Pamlico Chemical Co.
The drop in the price of fertilizer.-
sr. the spring led farmers generally t -
my that the quality was cut, as well
as the price. The figures by the j
chemists, however, do not seem tc.
justify the statement. Of the I>
samples, only 1 showed a deficiency j
in phosphoric acid, while the othei j
cine were above the amount claimed, j
! nil together showing a net gain of j
\ 1.14 per cent.
I In nitrogen, however, the showing'
| was not quite so good. Of the 10
•amples, every one showed a eonaict
j erable gain in the amount of j
' nitrogen, in the 10 samples a tola.
rain of 2.6!) per cent of mineral 11! i
i . ]
! Irogen was found. But the or .anu
; nitrogen fell below the nianufaetur
I l is' guarantee In toeryvmmple; fc.i
ll.e whole 10 the Whs per
ceSIT «r a net lossfin the mawufac:
I cent.
The water soluble poiash found
| was exactly as guaranteed in 1 sam
ple; 4 samples lost 18-100 of 1 poi
tent; and 5 gained 1.81 per cent,
making a net gain of 1768 per cent.
According to the chemical findings,
a ton of a mixture of the 10 vari
I ties would have gained about 50 eente
' in acid phosphate value, a loss of £2
in nitrogen; and a gain of practically
$1.60 in the potash value, giving al
j most exactly the guaranteed value i>,-
J HH manufacturing plants.
i t——_
j death. It is the lounging skunk who
I is breaking down the. health, the e:t
--; izenship, and tin- morals of'the coun
i try.
We can hardly go to any communi
ty without finding a buticli of these
t "lords -and ladies of leisure," who in
 I muny instances are the canker ano
t rust that ore destroying the body of
. society.
' Too much leisure is a curse to any
r husband, wife, son, or daughter. More
r to do and do more would be a fine ed
. I ucational slogan for about one gener
■' I'rider by viriuo of a judgment
: . of the superior court in the special
proceedings entitled, "Carrie Biggs,
1 oi al \s. Harry Bitrgs, et als," the un
i, del-signed commissioner will, on the
81st day cf August, 1927, at 12 o'-
clock noon, at tlje courthouse door of
'• Martin County sell t*v the highest
~ bidder, for cash, the following de
si ri bed t property:
Hounded by Sycamore .Street and
- a street leading from .Sycamore
Street to the railroad, Luke Slade
house and lot of Annie House and
I —known as thi- TheUwt- HigKs place.
This the 29th day of July, 1927. '
0 | a 2 4tw Commissioner.
m **""
The trend toward mineral nitrogen,
such at nitrate cf soda and sulphate
cf ammoniim, because of its cheap
| ncss, seemsd to cause the guano far
torie. to put Joo much in, while they
i ell considerably short when it came
tc make up the organic nitrogen,
i.uch as cottonseed meal, fish scrap,
and blood, iOf course, the manufact
! urers weraioo scant with these high- '•
rr-priced materials to save their poc- |
kf tbooks. Although the amount wai,
■not large enough to make very much
difference,."the farmers have always
' needed the protection of some branch
of the State government against
cheap and poor goods.
large gray mare mule, about 7
j years nM* Hjtfse straying "around,
! please nottf> me. J. (J. Staton.
I _
1 Having this day qualified as execu
' ..r of the estate of Esabelle Roger-;
; Roll, late of Martin County, all per- j
! sons holding claims against the said I
estate are hereby notified to present,
; ~anie to me for payment on or before,
tii" 28th day of June, 1928, or this:
i 'notice will he plead in bar of their
; recovery.
All persons indebted to said
! are requested to come forward and
make immediate settlement of the
This the 28th day of June, 1927.
jyl 6tw Executor.
• Of Esabelle Ilogerson Estate.
Under 'fend by virtue of the author
ity contained in that certain deed of
trust executed to the undersigned
trustee on the 25th day of February,
1-928, by A. S. I.cgett and wife, and
of record in the public registry of
Martin County, in book Q-2, akpage
811, said deed of trust having been
piven to (secure a note of even date
. nid tenor therewith, unll the stipula
id a Prescription for
It Kills the Germs
j -
We Are Distributors of
UMlk T/IfelfC
I maohnts
All Standaul Makes
i vsv 'J eh: Ir . . . ~;i .
Write for Prices and Terms
Ohe of our salesmen will gladly
demonstrate one in your hom>.
II All the Latest Records
and Sheet Music
1 •
i| Russ Bros.
Williamston, N. C.
Washington, N. C. Plymouth, N. C.
And Still They Kick
When the State equalization board 1
announced its distribution of the t
three and a quarter million school :
lurids, a good number of counties 
kicked, but when the board held a
stcond meeting and passed out a few
more morsels, nearly all the counties 1
quieted off, and Jjtdooked as if we
were going to hi ve" peace for a while. 1
But not so. One of our neighboring I
j counties, Halifax, is still kicking.
We do not know anything about j
i whether Halifax has a good reason |
for a kick, but we do know the main
reason for most kicks comps not be ,
cause they get less than their share,
turns" therein contained not having
been complied with and at the re
quest of the parties interested, the j
unUersigned trustee will, on the 9th j
I day of August, 1927, in front of the
. courthouse door in the town of Wil
liamston, N. C., offer for sale at pub
lic auction to the highest bidder for
| cash, the following described prop
| crty:
lieginning at Hen Glisson's corner
j en Main Street in the town of Wil-'
liamstdn, N. C., thence along Ben
1 Glisson's line 336 feet to the rail
roau, thence along the railroad 50
feet, thence a straight line parallel
to the said Ben Glisson's line to a I
i point on Main Street 50 feet from
the beginning point, thenoe along
Main Street 50 feet to the beginning.
J. C. Meekins, Jr. M. W. Meekins
v Attorneys at Law
State and Fedrt-al Courts
THE people of this modern, busy age are ilwiyi anxious to
recognize quality, and they have placed Camel first among _
Modern smokers have an experienced taste that quickly
learns to know good tobaccos. Camel is their favorite,
because they recognize in it the choicest tobaccos grown,
blended to bring out their exquisite taste and fragrance.
Camel has won its way to the top in the hardeat-to-please
age ever known because it has the qualities of goodness that
I make smoking a pleasure. You will revel in the enjoyment I
of these cigarettes. No better smoke r* n be made.
IL-w1 L -w
V © 1917 • R *rw»W» Tob«cco
CoaMMoy, Win»ion S«1«b, N. C
- -
hut because they want more thai.'
their share. It was just like passing
s basket of apples to a bunch of,
children. Some grab the biggest and
reddest, and some get mad because
'they can not get the best in the baa-J
We are glad that Martin County i
has made no copiplaiht, because sho i
had no right to. We have not dealt
more than fair witi our neighbors, j
Of course, Bertie and Halifax may
bt justified in kicking against the
distribution, while Beaufort fareu
mighty well. Yet it all may have'
been j3st.
The same being a lot 50 f«'t by 336
feet, and being a part of the land
j deeded to G. P. HaJJ and wife, Mary
; K. Htvll, i>Y the Home Realty & In
vestment Corporation by deed dated
I the public registry of Martin County
in book T-2, al page 'JB, and beinjr
the same land deeded to Sarah O.
Cherry by G. P. Hall ami wife, of
TONIC restores Energy and Vi
tality by Purifying and Enriching
the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect,
see how it brings color to the
cheeks and how it improves the
appetite, you will then appreciate
its true tonic value. 60c.
Liver Pills
A package of Qrove'a Uvn PjH«i» en
dued with every bottle of GROVE S
who wish to take a Laxative in connection
with the Tonic.
record in M-2, *t page 826, i® Mar
tin Cofrity public registry, and be
j ine same land W. R. CheiTy and wife
Sarah O. Cherry, deeded to & D.
Leggett, being of record in pablic
registry of Martin County.
This the Bth day of July, 1927.
| jyl2 4tw Trustee.
l""* - , . ""
Kitchen equipment
and utensils are ex
pensive household
necessities to buy.
You usually only
want to buy these -
things once in a life
Suppose they should
burn tonight?
This agency of the Hartf«*d
Fire Insurance Co. will ta
sure your household goods
and persona! belongings.
J E. P
Insurance Agency
l'hone 87

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