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Friday, September 2, 1927
•Williamston Invites You
The opening of the tobacco mar-, is up to us to set ourselves in order
ket is always a big day in Eastern for that day and to see that none
Carolina, and Williamston owes it to go away dissatisfied with either price
itself, as well as to the thousands of or quality. All of Martin County, as
visitors who will crowd its streets, we ll as Williamston, has one com*-
stores, hotels, warehouses, garages, mn n interest in building up all of
and offices, to make their stay pleas- our institutions, and all have an op
ant. —— | port unity to welcome neighbors from
The first impressions are nearly al- others counties. We must get ac
ways lasting: and for that reason it iquainted with our friends.
Is Kitty Hawk Highway Really Necessary?
That Kitty Hawk highway is i**r- out a half million dollars to build a
haps a necessity in some ways. r „ a l so that a few tourists may be
There are. of course, a few home- j ab , e (lrjve t0 the memu rial.
grown citizens who are entitled to!
consideration, but the economy of 1 > s already too much im
the pro|wsition is doubtful, because [ proved territory in our State sorely
there are so few of them to use the! jn need of roads that would be used
road. .j n (hf due course of busiivss by
We hope it is not a resort move-' thousandg wh() aauaJ , v need it every
ment, attempting to induce the peo-1 jn „ le yeaf f()r State to en .
pie of the State to pay out a large (hf> developmen( of tourist
sum to boost the pro|>erty values of
a few individuals.
It is quite fitting t> build a monu- We feel sure that the State High
ment to the Wright brothers, pio-1 way Commission will make proper
neers in the air, but it is a pretty , distinction betweep business and
expensive thing for th£ State to pay pleasure.
~ When you are in need of merchandise see us.
We carry a complete line for all the family and
the farm. We are just in receipt of a big stock
of Peters all leather shoes; also a car of Ameri
can field fencing—We carry wood and metal
shingles and roofing of all kinds-We buy Cot
ton, Peanuts and all other produce.
» ' .V .-V—— - „
"A •
Take Care of Your Tobacco
Martin County farmers can make
a hundred thousand dollars by tak
ing good care of their tobacco, or
they may lose much more than a
hundred thousand dollars by getting
their tobacco too damp and letting
it lie in a pile and mould and dam
age. The successful tobacco men do
not let it get too high in order. They
pack each day's grading down neatly
and turn it and watch it closely un-
Cooperation Needed Nearer Home
Working together, or cooperation,
is the great need of the day* While
we have made considerable prog
ress along these lines, there is yet
plenty of work to do.
Civilization has taught us the
science of cooperation in many ways.
It has taught us the advantage of
coming together and building
schools, which by small contributions
enables us to enjoy the advantages
of the whole program of education.
And then, too, this applies to both
the high and low alike, which makes
it even more than cooperation; it
carries tile principles of love and
We build our roads and streets
[on the same plan and then all use
I them together. Of course, it would
not be possible for many of us to
build a mile of paved road. Yet
every North Carolinian owns, in his
own right as a citizen, thousands of
miles of such roads.
We find the same thing applies to
our churches. Not only are the
church doors of our county standing
wide o|>en hut they are calling to
all people to come in.
We have even more cooperation
than we think, and in some fields we
can even go further; especially so
in working together and helping each
other in our individual problems. In
the building of our schools, churches,
roads, etc., the farmer, mechanic,
lumberman, banker, merchant, labor
er, and every other man who follows
a legitimate business or trade helps.
But when it comes to helping each
other, we are often forgetful
The farmer should be backed by
the banker, the merchants, the la
borer; in fact, by everybody, be
cause he feeds them. The banker
til they carry it to market; and
when they do this, they do not get
any damage marks.
This year, the late opening and
big crop will mean a rushed market
and result in gluts and blocked sales.
Farmers will get more money by
selling regularly, so the warehouses
will have an opportunity to take the
proper care of the tobacco.
should also be supported by every
interest in his community. The mer
chant is also entitled to the trade of
the banker, the farmer, the lawyer,
or the doctor, as well as all other
citizens in his territory. Even the
newspaper, which has no other busi
ness than to serve all. needs the sup
port of all.
No business can live alone. Each
needs the help of others. Yet we
are not helping as we should. We
are selfish; we are knocking each
other instead of trying to help our
neighbor-merchant, who is helping us
to build schools and roads and
churches, as well as keeping goods
on his shelves for our convenience.
Ye.; we hear a fellow knocking
his home merchanis some times, and
occasionally we sec folks load up a
car with their neighbors and run a
way off shopping. It is quite fash
ionable to some other town
where one doesn't owe for the suit
he is wearing and buy another; nat
urally. he has to j>ay cash in the
other town, while the home merchant
has to wait for his money.
Yoti can easily see that if we would
trade at home, the home merchant
would prosper more and be able to
I pay more taxes; and we poor folks
would not have to pay so much.
Nobody has ever been able to give
a reasonable explanation why some
people want to go away from home
to trade when they can buy mer
chandise at home just as good and
as cheap, fully guaranteed, and which
you can exchange before breakfast
if it does not happen to suit.
Of course, there are a few mer
chants who will not keep up with
the times, who are not entitled to
much trade, because buyers
will no longer wear 10-cents socks;
and a lady does not like to trade in
a store where the goods are wrinkled
up and raveled out and where every
thing is duty and musty.
Lots of shoppers like a friendly
smile and some recognition when
they go in the stores to buy some
thing. We hope no one leaves the
home town on account of inatten
tion or ill-kept stores. Yet if there
is anything calculated to drive away
trade, it is a kind of grouch about
the big towns getting all the little
town's business. The thing to do
is for everybody to pull hard to
make his community strong in
farmers, merchants, bankers, law
yers, doctors, teachers, preachers, and
prepare men and women capable of
performing any work needed in the
building of a real community. Then
we will be able to get any service we
may need at first cost.
Just as long as the folks in a town
ONE Million Dollars to Loan
in Martin County
We have financial connections whereby we can make quick
Joans on farm and town property at minimum cost for long or
U short terms.
Every World War veteran in Martin County is entitled to a
loan up to $3,000 from the State of North Carolina. Information
given free of charge.
Real Estate of Every Description Bought
and Sold by Us
We buy and sell town, school, county, and industrial bonds.
We make quick loans to counties and towns on plain note.
If you are interested in securing a loan on town or country
property; if you desire to buy or sell any real estate, then pay
us a visit.
Eastern Bond & Mortgage Co.
JULIUS S. PEEL, President
Williamston North Carolina
a neighborhood, or a county fight
each other by failing to support each
other, they may expect poverty to
reign. What Martin County needs
is for the 25,000 citizens in her bor
ders to stand together for the good
of their neighbors and themselves.
I wish to announce to my customers and friends
that I have moved from the Wallac Building to
the U. S. Hassell Store Building.
I carry a general liiie of merchandise and will
be glad to serve you with good goods at attract
ive prices.
Call on us and see our bargains.
Jamesville, N. C. f
Friday, September 2, 1927
Look to your own good stores for
goods; your own farms for food;
your own lawyers for law; your own
warehouses to sell your tolpacco; and
when you have done these things,
you will find that your own folks are
your best friends, after all.

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