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Sixth Annual Roanoke Fair—September 27, 28, 29, and 30—Bigger and Better Than Ever—Be Here
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$75,000 IN CASH
; Commissioners Postpone
Action on Proposal
For 10 Days
Telegram Received at Last Minute
From Overman ft Gregory, at
Salisbury, Requests Delay
A final*offer for the town's light
r and power system was made last night
by officials of the Virginia Electric
 and Power company to the Board of |
Town Commissioners at their regular
meeting in the office. The 1
power company's proposal embracing {
a $75,000 cash offer, free street lights
and water pumping for 30 years with
out cost, met with a ten days' delay
when another proposition found its
. vay before the commissioners here at
the last minute.
As far as the Virginia and
Power company's offer is concerned,
Mr. J. T. Chase, general manager,
stated that it was at its best, that' es
pecial attention had been given to the
purchase of the system here, and that 1
tho price with the other consideratidfis
could not be bettered. 'Mr. Chase
further stated that unjer the present!
conditions, his company's offer was
an exceptionally good one, that it
would I>* out of reason to make a]
more fayorable offer in the fate of thrf {
cost that would have to be confront
ed in connecting with the town. As
a rough estimate, Mr. Chase stated
that it would cost around $300,000 to'
carry out the program as outlined for
building to this point.
With a telegram in hand, the com
missioners asked that a delay of 10
days' duration be allowed before mak
ing a definite answer to the power
company. The telegram bore out very
few facts other than a request that
the matter be deferred a few days,
and that a proportion topping any
made by other be sub
mitted. The telegram was signed
"Overman and Gregory" and was
sent from Salisbury. No company was
mentioned, and the meeting was at'
a loss as to who the Messrs. Overman
and Gregory represented. It was the
opinion of several members of the
Hoard that they were speaking for
the Southern Power company. Dis- j
cussion led to the fact that that com- ■
pany had lines no nearer here than '
Durham. At that point of the discus
sion, it was intimated that it mußt be
the plans of the Southern Power com
pany to buy out the Carolina Light
ar.d Power company, resulting in a
possible connecting point as near as'
Rocky Mount.
If is anything to grow out l
ofihe proposition mentioned by the
Messrs. Overman and Gregory, it will
necessarily have to come about with
in the next ten days. A motion was
n.ade and seconded at the meeting
that a definite answer be filed with
the Virginia Electric and Power com
pany not later than the 15th of this
month. Before leaving the meeting,
Mr. Chase stated that his company
would establish a branch office here
and a store, revamp the town light
ing fixtures, bring an unlimited a
* mount of power here and live up to
what his company has "tttid it wsuld
In an open discussion carried on
among 20 or more of the town's
citizens shortly after Mr. Chase left
for his home in Roanoke Rapids, the
"Gallbping Thunder"
Lloyd Hamilton
"Teacher, Teacher"
Always a Good Show
To Be Held on Sunday
Nights During October
And November
Other Speakers Invited Include Mrs.
Kate Burr Johnson, Josephus
Daniel*, and Dr. A. T. Allen
V |
A series of popular community
meetings to be held on Sunday nights
during the months of October uiul
t Ntvember are promised for William
ston and this community.
The civic organizations and the;
j churches are sponsoring such a move
ment and the program will undoubt
edly prove not only interesting but
i instructive to all who are fortunate
enough to attend.
The following well known leader*
in North Carolina affairs have been
ii.vited to speak here and at this
writing definite acceptance from all
has not been received but th«*>-e is
every reason to belive all will be
I Governor Angus W. McLean, Dr. K.
F. Rankin, Mrs. Kate Barr Johnson,
L'r. Brooks, * President State Cdliege,
Hon. Josephus Dy/ijels, Dr. Soper, '
Dean of Duke I niversity School of.
Religion, and Dr. Allen, State Supt.
! of Public Instruction* ,
Each speaker will speak from the
same general subject, "What my
work, business or profession is doing
for the advancement of Christian
citizenship in the State of North
Final Arrangements Made
For Opening of Local
Schools Monday
Final arrangements were made last
evening at n meeting of tho local
school board for the opening of the
*• Williamston schools - next Monday.
Miss Nelle S. Moore, of York, S. ,C.
was* appointed to take the second sec
tion of the six grade, and Mrß. J. H.
Newell, of Rose Hill, was made sub
! stitute for Mrs. W. H. Harrell who
j wilj not be able to enter uporr-her
uuties in the school during the fifst
Mr. Louis Peel was given the eon.
tract to ceil several of the rooms in
the building. This will not interfere
with th^» opening next Monday, how
' tver. Mr. Dick Dunn was given the
contract to enlarge the heating unit.
i The columns in the front of the build
ing are being painted, and other im
provements being made ready for tJie
opening o» the 12th. '**■*
Robert Bryant and. Joseph
jioyette Pay $7.30 For
Hunting Out of Season
Robert Bryant and Joseph Boyette,
of Hamilton, werf the first two Mar
tin county citizens to face the court
charged with violating the new game
laws. They were charged with both
hunting out of season and hunting
without license. Tils being the first
case brought in the cou.rty and each
defendant proving good character,
they were let off by paying $7.30 cost
i each.
There has been a third case re
| ported, but the details have not been
! given out at this time.
Mr. Chaa. J. Moore, deputy gamo
and fish commissioner in this district,
was here this morning, and he stated
that it waa the aim of the department
to enforce the law to the fullest.
question of what the plant is now do
ing was brought up. Mr. W. T. Mea
dr ws. stated that in the past two years
th» plant had earned $20,000. While
no official report has been made avail
ttl le by the auditors of the town':
books, it was stated by a town ofll
j cial that the audit would show where
the plant is not making money. The
two statements, while they vary great
ly. can be partly reconciled in the
manner depreciation and sinking
funds are handled. The official repoi£
of the audit is expected this week, and
• more concrete understanding is ex
pected at that time relating to the
profit and losses v #-
s. \ . i
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, September 6, 1927
Outclass Anything Shown
At Fair in Cumberland
Last Weekr
J. J. Roberson ft Sons Herds Win
Practically All Prize Money
' Offered There
In a letter to. his father yesterday,
Mr. David Roberson stated that their
several herds of hogs outclassed any
thing, on exhibit in the swine show at
Cumberland fair, Cumberland, I
■Maryland Ist week. With two ex
ceptions the swine of the Messrs. J.
J. Roberson and Son won the cham
pionship in every class, and it was
stated in the letter that a close sec
ond was run in those two cases.
The Martin county' breeders placed
their herds in competition with some
j coming from as far away ar, Dela
ware rind many parts of Maryland.
It woiihl have been a clean sweep for
the men from this county had it not
been for certain rulings of the Cum
berland Fair Association. It was rulWI
that ony one breeder could receive
first and second prizes,, the third
premiums going to other swine ex- i
hibitors.. But in every case except ,
two, the Messrs. Roberson und 'Son
took first and second prize,
Premiums aNvarded the oreeders
from this county amounted to around >
$275., equalling practically all the a- !
wards offered.
Mr. Roberson, with his two special
far;- carrying the hogs, left Mary
land last Friday for Norfolkytfhere
the herds are now on exhibit at the
Norfolk fair. From Norfolk the hogs
witt t be shipped to lUdford, Vu. leav
ing Radford the tytter part of next
week, Mr. Roberson will carry his
hog? to Roanoke, Va. From that pace
the two cars of hogs and their owner
will return home for the Roanoke
fair here the latter part of this
At Cumberland, Mr. Roberson
stated the breeders there from Dela- j
wore were anxious to learn his sche-|
dule so they could arrange 4 dit
fertn routing. And they must have
gone another way than that of . Mr.
Roberson ,for he stated they were not
i.t the Norfolk fair.
Right of Way Through
Hassell Property Offered
Town for $2,300
Matter Has Been Coming Before the
Commissioners Off and On for
Over Five Years
For a cash consideration of around
$2,300, the town can buy a portioti
of the Hassell property fronting Main
end Church streets and open a public
thoroughfare, or it can let the offer
go by and the porperty's owner, Mr.
. J. G. Staton, will build two stores
on and near where the street would
1 run.
In an Open discussion at the town
' commissioners' meeting last night,
"CHUT'oP'TIIe citizens spoke for [he
street, some against, and some who
favored the street, but not at the
price stated. No definite action was
taken in Ihe matter, and a motion was
made to table the offer temporarily.
For more than five years, requests
in various forms have been made
every now and then asking the com
missioners to open a street through
the Hassell property, connecting Main
and Church streets. The proposed
street has caused no great concern,
and the matter comes and goes at
random. The street, should it be built,
would connect the two streets enter
ing Main at the new post office build
ing and running straight through into
Hassell's street aUthe intersection of
The proposed street from Main to
TTatton street in New Town, begin
ning at Harrison Brothers' store and
running across Leggett's lane and on
into Hatton near the home of Mr.
Bob Leggett, shares about the same
fate as the one proposed through the
Hassell property.
Many 'citizens hopeful
fot the two streets that will provide
? Letter outlet for .the people in the
two sections of the town affected.
Special Communication
Of Skewarkee Lodge
There will be a special communi
cation of Skewarkee Lodge on Fri
day evening, September 9th at 8 o'-
clock for work in the first degree.
- '•
3,331 White Pupils Were
Enrolled in County
Last Year -
Three Measure of Efficiency Included
in Test; Higher in Rural-School
Efficiency , ,y_ -
In.a lute edition 0/ "School Facts"
the schools of Martiu comity rank
eighth in three meaatfres of efficiency.
The three measures include, tr Per
cent, of total in high
school; Per cent, enrollment in
average daily attendant', and- 8. In
dex of scholarshio of teachers. The
measures apply to the term 1926-26.
Mr. K. A. Pope, superintendent of
schools in this county states that the
standards of efficiency have been set
up as possible of a*Ninment in the
high schools of a coiuty by the office
of the State superintendent. Namely,
the maximum percentage of high
school pupils enrolled in relation to
the total enrollment Sf pupils in a
the percentage whicr. th«. aver
age daily' attendance* bears- to that '
enrollment, and the ability of teach-1
| erf. to do work based on the amount
(1 preparation reflected in training
1 and experience.
In Martin county schools 11.4. per
«nt. of the entire enrollment of pupilu
was in the high school department or
of the 3,8$ 1 white cltldren enrolled
1925-26 term 380 wefe,. high school
pupils. In the above respect Martin
county is 48rd among the counties
while Pr'tolieo is first, having 25.7 per
cent, of .he entire white enrollment
in the high school department.
In our schools 85.8 .per cent, of the
380 high school pupils enrolled at
tended-daily or 326 pupils were in
average daily attendance. In this re
spect Martin county high schools rank
22nd among the counties while Bruns
wick county ranks flwL
An index of scholarship of teach
ers is 800 when all the school
teachers of a county have
tion the equivalent of four years of
college truining and reasonable ex
perience. The index of scholarship of
Martin county high school teachers is
788,-2 or a small fraction leas than
the perfect index, the rank of the
county in this respect being eighth.
The only counties perfect in this
respect being Wilson, Tyrrell, Chow
an, Swain and Scotland.
When all the counties are consider
ed and each of the three standards
are combined there are only six coun
ties ih-fhe State which rank higher
as to rural high school efficiency
while there are fifty-seven counties
which pay more for their teachers.
The highest cost for Instruction in
rural high schools is found in Edge
combe county at 66 cents and 9 mills
per pupil per day while the cost of
instruction- in Martin county High
schools is 39 cents and five mills per
pupil per day. Pitt county rural
high school pupils cost 4J cents and
9 mills per day \for instruction. Ac
cording to the übove standards, Pitt
county ranks 37th in rural high
schools and Edgecombe 67th in this
■ Commissioners Use Method
'( of Selling Tobacco in
Disposing of Dance 9
Following closely after the styla
used in the sale of leaf tobacco, the
town commissioners sold to the high
ctt bidders hete last night a permit
1 to stage the" fair dance this year.
' With three parties in the ring, the
bidding was vgry strong and at times
1 auctioneer E. P. Cunningham had to
' go back and get the latest offer. From
' 10 per cept of gross receipts, offered
bj tfcg fair association, the bid went
a:- high as 26 per cent of the gross
' receipts. Frank Carstarphen and F.
E. Wynne were the successful bidder*
&nd they get to stage the dance.
1 Other parties bidding were Messrs.
' I,\ man Britt, Bruce 'Wynne and J. E.
1 Giiffin.
' According to the offer nriade by ons
' tof the v parties, the profits embraced
ii. the percentage offered could or
3 would go either to the chamber of
commerce, Kiwanis club or to the to
bacco board of trade.
5 * >
. Junior Order To
Meet Thursday
> . Members of the Junior Order are
urged to attend a meeting of the Or
■ der next Thursday at 7:80 p. m. The
- vocation seaggu is most over, and the
- officers are expecting a goodly num
ber present at the meeting.
325,000 Pounds Tobacco On
• Local Market At Opening
Raleigh Manning Almost
Catches First Game-
Law Violator
Hat Is Now On Exhibition at H. G.
Griffin's Store, But Owner
Won't Claim It
North Carolina's new game laws
, were recognized last week when a
almost walked intg the hands |
, of J. Raleigh Manning, game warden I
I for' Jamosville township. The game
warden had heard several guns Are
near Jamesville and went to investi
gate the shots. As he drew near the 1
spot where he had heard the reports
from the' gun«, dm' heard some one
I whistle. Manning answered and the j
I hunter drew nearer "and nearer until
he had gotten close enough to carry 0111
,!a conversation. He called to
den, wanting to know how maiu; had J
hp killed.' This put the officer, a,t h
loss as to know what to say. He de- j
. cided to keep ()uiet and let the hunter
I ccme on. And the hunter did come on
I hut when he saw his mistake he turn- |
: ed and fled with great haste, holding
; tight to his game afffl gun. Hut as he
leaped'and jumped the bushes he lost,
his hat. Time was too dear for him
W> trouble with hats, so the game war
, den picked up and now has it on ex
hibition at H. G. Griffin's store in
: Jamesville. While the hat is return- :
tjlile, no one has-advanced to identify
, and claim it.
Game wardsns for the various i
townships in the county had not been !
named complete at this time/but it
' is understood Mr. Hines ha;; mention- '
ed the names of those who are lijydy
[ to be made wardens in'the next few
Apply For Loan From State
To Build Three Negro
. . ' / .**l*7l J
, * ' i
Number Minor Matters Disposed of
1 By Board; Special Term of Civil
Court in October
1 v
' The Boird of County Commissioners
1 met in regular session yesterday, I
' all members of the Board being pre*- I
ent exept J. G. Barnhill, chairman. |
T. B. Slade, jr. was chosen chairman
prctem. *
A loan of S6OO granted road trustee
1 in Poplar Point township until taxet
• tre collected.
Lumber for 16 foot bridge at Beech
brunch in Cross Roads township was
( allowed.
k i Uporr motion, Simon E. Robeson
1] was appointed Road Trustee fot
1 Cross Roads township to AH the va
-1 ;;ncv caused by the resignation of A;
1 IRoebuck. ■ 1 |
Lonnie Rhodeswwars r employed janitor
for the 6ourt house and jail at a sal
ary of S6O per month, one half t
h paid by the ahi-riff
3 A loan of $14,000 from the State
B nchbol fund was uppjied' for to b
used in the building of three Negro
1 schools in Goose Nest, Williamstoi
H and Bear Grass townships.
B j The jury for a s"pcial civil te»>n
9 j of court to bo held October 24, 1927
5 ' vas drawn as follows;
1 j D. D. Cobum, J. M. Hassell, James--
1 ville township; C. W. Gurkin, W. A.
t Hodges, Miles R. Lilley, E. G. Taylor,
B Griftlns; R. G. Rogerson, Henry Bail
'■ Iy,H. D. Ayers, rj. E- Roberson, jr.,
• I Bear Grass; H. D. Harrison, Charlie
! A. James, Williamston; M. D. Ayers,
- Cross Roads; J. T. Powell, U N. Vlck,
• G. H. Cox, B. F. Coburn, Roberson
ville; Harry Waldo, Hamikpn.
I Second Week
I W. M. Davis, L. B. Ange, James
r viUe; Perlie E. Manning, Williams;
f Henry Roberson, Griffins; W. H. Gur
• ganus, J. Mi Rogerson, J. L. Holliday,
Bear Grass; R. B. Brown, Williams
on; W. L. Beach, Cross Roads; C-
D. Carraway, D. R. Everett, W. H.
Mfzelle, G. P. Bnllock, Larry Bunting,
' C. D. Andrews, J. R. Daniel, J. A.
Powell,-Robersonville; R. H. Weaver,
s Hamilton. —-
e Miss Hettie M. Gano who has been
? \ir,iting her brother, Mr. Stephfn
- Gano And family has returned to New
Reports From Other
Bright-Belt Markets
Greenville reports two million
pornds of tobaceo on its eight
warehouse floors today with a
complete Mock.
The price from estimators
given this office oyer long dis
tance telephone at noon today
was a 20-cent average. • --
I Washington reports from 400-
00(1 to .">OO,OOO pounds on its
Hoots today with everything
The estimated average price
| paid on the llmirs there was
; s«id to be 20 cents.
| k......—.........—....
Importance of Attendance
Is Stressed by County
———— r
Representative J. *A. Everett Also
Makes Talk Commending
Fine Record
■' '.; ,V> f- 4
H Speaking before 100 or more par
ents and to 276 children at Oak City's
school op.-iiing yesterday morning,
Representative J. A. Everett highly
commended the town and its citizenry
i lor the ftne record made in the school
there. Mr. Everett stressed the need
| for the type of teachers found in the
j Oak, City schoyjU in the direction ol
j today's youth. It is through the ef
■ forts of such teachers that the mind
ft I the youh today will he directed
>uiritually as Wetl as mentally. And
whhout this type of teachers, the
country can expect no promising fu
ture) the speaker asserted. Mr. Everett
asked for the cooperation of parent,
child and teacher in helping to con
tinue the splendid record niade by the
school during the jiast'several years.
Supt. R. A. I'ope,' In a short talk,
stressed the importance attached trt
attendance in the schools. There arc
three ways a school's attendance may
be increased and a creditable daily
J average maintained according to the
head of the county's schools. It is the
duty of the teacher to make a survey
| by visiting in her district and de
t fining a true status of attendance
in the grade taught by her. Making
the subjects attractive was considered
LS anrther important incentive to tht
building and holding of a good at
tendance record. The growth of at
tendance within itself has it*- effect
end must be considered where the at
tendance is to be the best.
Miss Hattie Everett is offering ;i
,Vi'iz.e.for best -atteudauve W, WK
ol the routes served by a truck. Th
details have not been announced al
this time.
During the morning's exercises
representatives of classes from 192S
, to 1026 led in yells and performed
i tunttf that added greatly to the pro
gram. Miss Lila Compton, the school's
. new music teacher, added greatly tc
the success of the exercises with sev
■ cial selections at the piano.
Interest in the opening was at itt
highest possible point, and Oak City
starts the 1927-'2B session determin
. Ed to make the year the brightest in
', the school's annals.
j Commissioners Order
i Street Built in Roselawn
| An order was made last night by the
ti v/n commissioners for the building
. ef a street in the Roselawn develop
, | mints near the cemetery. Tfee pro
■ posed street will connect the old Ham
,- ilton road with the highway running
j to Hamilton.
, Machinery will be put to work o»
. the task within the next 'lay or. .so
A request fura afreet TlgTit on thi
railroad where the old tfamesville roat
and tji street leading off Sfycamort
. meet, will be inyestigated, and a re
; port made to the board.
Men's Bible Class Will
Hold Prayer Meeting
, Wednesday evening, the mid-weel
. at the Baptist church will b
V i'l charge of Burras Critcher, and thi
men composing the Bible class of thi
i The men will conduct the service ii
i their own manner, and the people o
r the church are requested to hea
them. ' - i ; "
Advertisers Will Find Our Col
umns a Latchkey to Over 1,600
Homes of Martin County
Prices Range From 40 Cents
Down: About. What *
Was Expected
j General Opinion Is That Prices Are
j Much Stronger Since Noon; Few
Complaints Being Made - j
Reports coining from the
bacco sales on the local floors
i just before our going to pfess
indicate a trend upward in the
prices paid. Several farmers were
[ -heard to sahat they believed
, it was selling at leiint s."i better
' that it did when the market first
opened this morning.
-Mill iuniston fouml 325,000 pounds
» of - tobacco un*" its three warehouse'
floors this morning and sales began
at 8:30 witß, a full corps of buyers.
the first row or two things
r.eemed to .*nove with caution, but
v soon thereafter everybody seemed
t'>. find themselves and sales moved
0 I ;flong glibly.
| The sales ranged from 40 cents
, down, the average up to noon being
\ -0.70 pjr hundred.
. *V,
r- ; A few farmers avesaged 30 cents, '
's- 1 and many 25-cenl averages were seen,
if, I The price generally was about what
y 1 b.jth warehousemen and farmers had
y j expected. Some said the grades did
j| | not average as well as they did last
d year, while others said the break was
le ' a little better.
it| 'The price was IK per cent, lower
f-1 than the 1926 opening average for tlnj
nl | I'Atern Carolina markets, last year,
■d utile it was about 25 per cent) under
hi the Williaiftstoii opening for last year,
le There are very few complaints be
i- ing made and nobody is' turning tags,
tt .
rt Principal of Local School
Asks Registration of
First-Year Pupils
e ,
" To enable the teacher of «the first
grade in tile local school —. get the
roll straightened out anil to prevent
i.s much trouble ! as, possible for both
' ttacjier and parent," it, is urged by
, ( l school officials that all parents regis.-.
)( , Lei .their children entering the first
4 grade at once. The * registration '-
} should include all children who are
I li ow six years, of age and those reacli
t ii>K that age not later than January I.
Should the teacher have to secure
a the desired information througfi the
: iiuJl child, a delay of several weeks
will result and mucYi time lost. Mr.
Davis says it will be of great help to.—
the teacher and the school officials
s if they can learn at one' how many r
»2 children are expected to enter Ve
, ( | first grade, "it will be necessary for
„ us to know how many, children there
> s are tutentcr so that an age limit might
, 0 be determined to prevent crowded
conditions," Mr. Davis stated.
It would be greatly to the advan
tage of all concerned to have these
y facts in the principal's office by Fri
djy morning so that a giwral. an
|(l r.ouncement might be made
day. J ,
*- " m
Holiness Cunrp Meeting
n ' At Washington This Year
j The North Carolina State camp
ir meeting wil be held thil year in
| Washington, beginning September 10
( ' ar.d running through the 25th, ac
! cording to an announcement received
" I here.
Kf r
The meeting will be helc. at the
Churph of God camp ground. Rev. (
E. L. Simmons, of Cleveland, Tenn:,
' will be in charge.
id ~ ~~ ;
re HassellSchool To
e - Open Next Monday
The Hassell school opens the 1927-
'2B session next Monday, the 12th.
Patrons of the school are urfed to at
g tend the opening with their children,
and take an active interest in the
sk work this year. School officials are
be very anxious that all the children in
he the district attend the first day, and
he help to maintain a high daily average
* of nttendane.
In The teachers for the school this year
of are Mrs. D. R. Edmondson, Mrs.
»r Elmer Edmondson and Miss Mildred
- '■

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