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' W. C. Manning t -J.— Editor
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No Subscription Will He Received for I/ Than Six Months
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Entered at the post office at Williamston, N. C., as
matter under the act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
Addrcas all communication.-, to The Enterprise and not to indi
• vidua! member* of the company. -
Tuesday, September 6, 192',
I , >
.—, — ——— ;
School Days A re Here Again
• V ' . 1 * \
More than 25,000,000 hoys anjj;|all the children. It is the duty of]
girl* in the Uuited-Siates r are.jsi-. every citizen who sees a neighbor's
ting their books and pencils and child kept away from school to take I
thejj dresses all ready to go to school steps al once to get them in school, j
again. Some began this week, some . .„ . . .. ,
Any man will loose a neighbors
next And some next month. * • . .
_ Y-. , , -t pig when he finds it hung in a gate
The school is our greatest asset. , .
S . , u fence: and yet sometimes we
and it is of ho value unless it is at- ... . . . *""«
, see children chained down oy ignor
tended. Since the schools are run . _ . , . —,-.., ~
*■> _ J 7 ance,- without a chance in the world,
for every Child, every child should . . . . ... . , . ,
' and we stand by without helping
use the school b\ l attending every " .
• them.
day. * »
There was a day when we were i North -C'arolnia is now in position
guardians of our own children and to see that every child has a chante,
no one else It is not so now. All and every citizen is obligated to help
the people—the state is guardian o[ in -tjte task. ;
Come and See • • .
The Dearborn Independent, Mr. jof liberty in the battle of Moores
Ford's pa|)/r, has an article in a re- m ''» Bridge April 12, 1776. ..
cent issue entitled, "North Caro* / . North Carolina troops are credited
lina, a Great State. Growing Great- with helping to drive Lord Dnnmore
er." The article goes on to say that from Virginia 1775 177(i,. In all the
the slogan for ISorth Carolina should , iiupoijant engagements during the
be, "Come and See." LRtvolutioiiar.v period, the Inde|>end-
They quote our State motto, "Esse icnt gives Nurth ( arolina much credit.
Quam Ytderi,'' whirh,- freely tran»»4— In-the Civil War we are credited t
lated, means,. "To be. rather than to I with being second to the Ijist State
seem tv bf'.". It further gives North Ito secede, but the hardest lighter
CarojMtte the title of "The Land of j when we did enter the conflict, fur-
Opoortu\ity." {-wishing "12 T, OOO soldiers, which was
Mr. Ford's ] |km was consider-1 "lore than one-fifth of all the Con
ate in th«u it did not measHfe our I federate Univ. After losing 40,305
State solely, by its its sounds, 4td wir young men, Uu? others returned
fivers, leveP.plains, of mountains; J l " darkened and im
nor did it stity with its praise of our I |*>verWied homes, where they set to
commercial standing, the size of our' 'he ' °f building a State, which
factories Or theUitight of our smoke- J '■ as ' i '' as been accomplished without
stacks. It praises ouP |>eople for | fhp blare of trumpets; and now, af-
Thelr-honor; bravAry, and citi/.enshtpr| l,r *' century, have the most pro
crediting us with the first expression j gressive State in the 1- nion, and.only
of American lilierty in Durant's Re- j have to say, "( onu* and see.
liellion, as. early as\ more %au We also get credit, through our j
,-HX) years lie(o?e- l» Liberty Bell* Thirtieth Division, for smashing the
sounded its note, as Well as our de- Uindenberg line; and through our i
fiance of the BritishiStamp Act in Eighty first Division for bravery in'
1706. and.our New Bern convention the Argonnc.
in 1774, authorizing (lit; Continental We are credited with sending at j
Congress. \\ e. also-jjet credit for the ' least 900,000 families to almost every I
first Deration of Independence, on State in the Union, |»rUcularly to
May 20. .it Mecklenburg; as the West. I liesc North Carolinians
well as the defense of the principTes' were the pioneers and builders of
• !;• \
Staple and Fancy
\ ' i
d " ' ' j ; . N I ' . . " ' j '
i— —i——z.: - j • l * i
I " » .. . _
We have one of the largest stocks of fancy and stapfe gro
ceries to be found in Williamston or this community.
Our prices are as good as the best—-our delivery service can't
be excelled, and your patronage is solicited.
We offer a discount to all customers that pay promptly. For
cash, we guarantee you the lowest possible prices on groceries,
and your orders will be delivered.
1 « • 1 TJ , v '/- _ ■ ii- --X- 3- - j
C. 0. Moore & Co.
j Washington Street
"• Do You ' '
That most libraries offer the least oped and directed by providing the
exj>ensive and most generally used ! kind of books that will establish a
j form of recreation? j desire for the best in literature?
That one good book lira free li- That a "balanced ration" in read
brary can give pleasure and profit to | ing is just as necessary as it is in
; scores of readers? J stock feeding?
That you are robbing children of That it is more unwise to oblige
a part of their heritage if you fail to children to forage for their intel
j provide them with suitable book£? le,ctual food than it is to force live-
Thai it is as important ,to teach stock to depend upon forage for sub
| children what to read as it is to teach sistence? * '
them hint to read? " What the State can do to assist
How necessary it is that a child's in establishing and maintaining free
taste for reading should be devel- libraries?— Sew York Libraries.
Twenty-First Series of Building & Loan
——————— -
' J
County Building & progress being made by the associa-
Loan Association began the sale of tion, which has nothing but rock
its twenty-first series of stock on Sat- ribbed security for every cent held
urday, September 3rd. The sales, by. the association,
up to fast night, are much larger Building and loan stock is regard- i
than any of the former series. Ed, the world over, as one of the'
Dr. Cone, the president of the as- safest and surest investments that
highly pleased with the can be made, and pays bigger profits
large subscriptions as well as the fine than almost any other class of aecuri-
1 those States, thus tying us by blood
I to the whole West.
We are credited wilh the Jargest
mill in the world, as well as
tty* largest towel mill, the largest
alumnium plant, the largest denim
mill,-"the largest damask mill, the
' largest underwear factory. We have
16,000 factories with 158,000 em
ployees. * •
We lead all the States in the miui-1
factute of cotton, except Massachu
setts, | and are rapidly passing her.
We manufacture more tobacco than
any olher State, have 184 minerals,
and gnuw more different trees than j
any otKer^tate.
We lire only mentioning a few of
the go'i(l things which the Independ- i
ent saysvaboul us; but after looking
over the long list, we feel like ex
tending the same invitation, "Come
and see" us,
Thimmu Wm Worried Com
•iderably Until, oa Advice of
An Acquaintance, He Began
To Um BUck-Drmik.
Sewanee, Tenn.—"For several
years," says Mr. J. L. Russell, of this
place, "I Buffered continuously with
■pells of indigestion. Everything IY
ate disagreed with me, and I was in
a bad way. »
"Nothing did me any good'until
I found Black-Draught. One day a
man in a store where we traded told .
me to try Black-Draught He aaid 
he knew of it relieving indigestion, i
ao I decided to give it a trial
"In my cae* it-seemed to go right 
to the very root of tay trouble. It \
straightened ma out, and ever ainoa ,
that time, over thirty years ago,-1 
have used Black-Draught 5
"Whan I have a apell of indlga*- ' 
tion coming on, I begin on Black- 
Draught. I take several small doaee. j
in a regular course, and I find it will
usually have me well in less' than
no time. Now I never suffer—l take
Black Draught
"I also found it fine to breakrnp a
bad cold, la the winter
ways keep a box handy, sol
aneeie, or feel chilly down my'apine,
I take a few doses of Black-Draught,
and that wards off the cold/*
Sold everywhere; 25c. • NCI Hi
B'lf i nil iIIiMMMU
ties. •
several Fords with linlit delivery |
bodies. Harris, Motor Co., Knberson-|
ville. a 23 tf
We Are !)i(itributor« of
All Stmnd«r4^M«ke»
Write for Prices and Terms
One of our saleHinen will gladly
demonstrate one in your home.
All the Latest Records
and Sheet Music
Russ Bros.
Williamsf&n, N. C.
Washington, I"f. C. Plymouth, N. C j
I". F. Harrison j £ L. B Harrison •
- .i ■
* Department Store
Dear Friends s
d '
i Come in and see our new fall goods. Never be
fore havetwe had a more complete stook. Our three buy
ers have spent some titoe in New York studying styles,
colors, fashions, etc.
- -z~" —" ' f
Our line of ladies' and children's ready-to
wear, millinery, pieoe goods, silks, shoes, hosiery,
gloves, sweaters; underwear, etc., is up to the minute
in every way. The are prettier this fall than
ever before. The prices are as attractive as the
„ styles. Our line of Jersey, silk, 3atin, and chiffon
velvet dresses can not be surpassed. Come K get your
size and color before they are picked over. We havß ~"~
sport hats and dressy hats to match every dress and
coat; and oxfords, pumps, and one-strap shoes to make
* " your suit oomplete. We specialize in pieoe goods—a
full line of silks, crepes, and washable material.
- Our line of men's and boys' olothing is as
complete as our ladies'. We have eyery style and color
in suits, overcoats, shoes, socks, ties, sweaters, ,
hats, caps, etc. Our assortments can not be beat. Cone j
in and get yours'early. \ 1
' V. . >
We are hoping tbe favored with a visit from f
you at an early date. The roads to Williamston are good ft ■ ■
and it will be only a"short drive for you*
- w
. Yours vwry truly, s
\ • *■ * 9
i , •• ► . 't ■
/ '
b. ' f
'• t —— v - . , •- -I*l'
i ■ BN*- 4. - •' •• 3S m.
Crossing Needs F xing
The Washington Stree railroad
crossing seems to need some improve
ment. While the driveWay is lev
eled up and in god shape for those
who drive, for the walking public it
is a case of walking in the middle
of the road or taking the sidewalk,
where you have to jump the rails and
a switch frog. The thing which seems
to be most needed is to extend the
plank far enough to include the side
walk. /
- 4r
Having this day qualified admin
istration ofThe cstaTc of k. "CSS&arrell.-
late of Martin County, all personK/hold _,
iiiK claims against the said estate are
hereby notified to present same to me
for payment on or before the 22nd
day ,of August, 1928, or this notice
will be plead in bar of . their recovery.
All persons indebted to said estate I
are requested to Tome forward and I
i make iniHHMliatc settlement of the .
I time. ' —„ |
This 22nd day
I a 23 6tw Administrator. |
j ONE Million Dollars to Loan
in Martin County j
We have financial connections whereby we can make quick
loans on farm and town property at minimum cost for long or
short terms.
Every World War veteran in Martin County is entitled to a
loan up to $3,000 from the State Of North Carolina. Information
given free of charge.
*-v ' •
Real Estate of Every Description Bought
and Sold by Us
We buy and sell town, school, county, and industrial bonds.
We make quick loans to counties and towns on plain note. *
If you are interested in securing a loan on town or country
property; if you desire to buy or sell any real estate, then pay
us a visit.
v * . >
Eastern Bond & Mortgage Co.
* JULIUS S. PEEL, President
Williamston ■ North Carolina
This is to notify all person# that
the undersigned, John T. t>aniel, has
this day sold to Wheeler V. Daniel all
of his partnership interest in the firm
or business in the town of Oak City, '
North Carolina, doing business under I
the firm name of Oak City Gin Com* :
pany, that the said James T. Daniel .
is no longer in any way interested in
the business or affairs of the said co
partnership and is lib longer in aqy
way responsible for any debts or ob
ligations incurred by the said copart
■uß 4tw JOHN T. DANIEL.
qualified as executor'of the
''will of Anthony Simmons, lata of
Itcbersonville, Martin County, all per
sons holding claims against said es
tate are hereby notified to file them,
duly verified, to the undersigned on
or befora the sth day of January,
1928, or tilis notice will be plead in
I bar of their recover}'. All persons in-
I deb'id to raid estate are requested to
m. ke prompt payment of th« same.
January B, 1927.
a 2 6tw Executor.
Tuesday, September 6,1927
Voder and by virtue of a judgment
in - the action entitled, 4 'D. G. Mat
| thews vs. W. J. Adams," the under
signal commissioner will on the 17th
day of September, 1927, at 12 o'clock
noon, at the courthouse door of Mar
tin County, offer at public sale to the
highest bidder,' for cash, the follow
ing tract of land located in
Jamesville Tcprnship, and known ai
the Carey land, and now owned by
W.' J. Adams, and being the sam
land set out and described in a taj
certificate of sale dated June 7, 1926,
and the same land listed by the said
M. J. Adams for the year 1925.
This the 17th day of August, 1927
al9 4tw Commissioner.
t ; ■
Funeral Director
Licensed Bmbalmer
Day and Night Service
Excellent Service at
Moat Reasonable Price
J Day Phone IS9 Night Phone 94 ,
-ii i «

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