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Tuesday. September 13, 1927
L % '
♦ The Press and the Liquor Question
Pity the North Carolina newspa- In make them believe there is grave
per that can already smell the torn j danger before them; when, as a mat
and wheatthe western farmer| (t ; r () f f a( . t> j t as as a
burning as fuel stops, ma(|p . g on
buying it to make into liquor. j a |)lark stum|)
Brother. we assure you, it will do j •«. >
just as much good burned as it will : 1 w " u ' ( l niore becoming to
made into liquor, and far less harm, a newspaper that believes in~llquor
It' is just a little strange to seeLto come out on the square and say
how a little nasty propaganda can j so:-rather than to print every garbled
trickle down, across a big continent, | statement, regardless of whether
into the ears of unsuspecting people, there is any truth in it or not.
Telling the Truth About Tobacco Markets
The Washington Progress comes in theiFahxiety to boost the home
out with'a fine editorial on ■ "Jlar- k folks, grasp the exaggerations and
ket Exaggerations', 11 ' and states that print I hem as facts,
some nwrkrts cfaimed to average 24 The progress failed to name any
cents when they averaged only J.tLrppflii ular newspapers,- and in order
cents, and that some,claimed mui'h t.» let that editor know just how to
larger breaks than they' really had" liaSfflis calculations, we invite his
The J'rogrfss is right in condemn attention to. the figures on the Wil
ing the publication ol misleading liamston market." 1
statements about matter*, be-'" Ihe i.nierprise was given an early
cause they hurt a market rather than estimate of the number of |w>unds
help it. W hat the [leopfe want" is on the Williamston market last Tues
truth, and newsj»apers - should be day,'which «a>. based on warehouse
careful in gathering news and print men's estimates, pounds,
only the farts. Too many papers, When the re|*>rt of the day's sales
BUY juat* NOW
v ' '
• , V
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« . . -V —■ -» — 1 ■ l *s V*Jb r 'J, fs.. • TSi-.-i-Jei '* v - ■' -V —r. Ji' , ...
r - r 7 . . —£ \ • . i - -> t . * ' - = . . ... - ■ ■ • ... .
Has Proven And Will Continue To Prove
■ , . • «w ' . • % • * v *\ u ; ;
Its Superiority In The Low - Price Field
■ ■ . - i. —i *
See The Models on Display Williamston, N. C.
i m . t '
The Low Price of Tobaccos-Why?
The wheel of fortune has turned
around again in its seven-year cycle.
This time it is grinding all the hopes
out of the tobacco farmers.
In 1020 the tobacco ,tr"ust laid
j their heavy hands on the tobacco
I farmers and their women and chil
jdren; and a great cry went up.
The farmers then attempted the
only sensible marketing plan they
| have ever tried to organize. Nothing
I had so stirred the tobacco trust since
the government's anti-trust suit, in
which the old American Tobacco Cp.
was dissolved and a half dozen twins
rose up in its place..
The cooperative marketing move
| nient was the victim of one of the
(most unholy fights ever waged a
| gainst an ignorant [>eople. The rich
j-tiujbilcco companies knew the fighting
game-, and the unsuspecting and trust
[ing farmers were no match for them,
t . The first charge made by the com
-1 panies was to divide thifc farmers by,
I propaganda, in order to keep as
jitiahy out as possible, and then to
' dissatisfy as many member-farmers
|as possible in order to make them
j disloyal.
Their next step was to raise the
price of outside tobacco in order to
satisfy farmers generally. -The last,
and most contemptible, thing they
did was to embrace association sales
! leaders and buy association tobacco
} under its value. With this stroke
j they had won a complete victory.
I was completed, it was found that
there were 391,548 pounds of tobac
co ofFthe floors here owning day, or
66,548 pounds more than we had
given in our conservative estimate.
.The first two hours sales on the
opening of the market indicated an
average of $20.70; but in the rush
of the day the final average fell to
$19.80, or nearly one cent less than
The Enterprises' £irst report.
 We would like to see the plain,
unjilggled figures of every market in
the "State go on the bulletin lx>ard
every day.
If The Progress has planted a seed
will cause .-ill tobacco men. all
new- pnp.Ts, and all tobacco farmers
to telKthe truth about markef aver
kges it will take first premium at
the next big fair.
The farmers wfre whipped by a ma
chine, hidden so far behind the
lines that it was never even seen.
Now, the farmers are facing the
lowest prices in many years, with no
organization to help them; nothing
to depend upon to save them from
bankruptcy except the mercy of a
■few big tobacco barons.
Yet farmers art asking why is to
bacco so much, lower. There is but
one answer to the question. The
farmer doesn't know how to sell it.
It will take at least one more gen
eration for the farmers to learn how
to protect their rights in the deal of
turning his goods over to the manu
facturer. As it is now, he has noth
ing tn the world to do with -the price
of his own products. All he can do
is ,to*prepare it just as he is directed.
While the farmers need not hope
for help in any organized movement
for tobacco prices, they should rally
to the cotton growers' association
and the peanut growers' association,
both of which are still alive 1 anTT
giving satisfactory service.
The Public Library
I would like to emphasize the im
[wrtance of providing books for peo
ple living in the open country ami
villages under rural conditions. For
many reasons these people have more
time for reading than city people;
and will read the best books, of the
best type, with more appreciation
and profit. They read less for time
killing or mere entertainment and
more for information and inspira
tion. . . I have been a country
boy myself and have lived in the
backwoods, three miles from the
crossroads store and the blacksmith
shjpf I know the long rainy Sun
Funeral Director
i and
Licensed Embalmer
Day and Night Service
• Excellent Service at
Most Reasonable Price
Day Phone 159 Night Phone 94
days, the long succession of rainy
days during the wet spells of the
crop-growing season, the long snowy
days of winter, and the long winter
evenings with nowhere to go less than
a dozen miles away, and the shut-in
feeling. Under such circumstances,
a book becomes a close companion,
closer than to the city, where one
must hold the attention against a,
thousand tempting distractions. —P.
P. Claxton, superintendent of schools
oj Tulsa, Okla.
Harrison Bros. & Co.
All The New Styles and Colors in •
Dresses, Coats, Hats
Hats to match each dress. Before you make your selection
be sure to see our large assortment, and Kow very low in price
we are offering them.
! Having this day qualified as admin
istration of the estate of R. C. Yarrell.
late"oT Martin County, all persons hold
ing claims against the said estate are
hereby notified to present same to me
for payment on or before the 22nd
day of August, 1928, or this notice
will be plead in bar of their recovery.
All persons indebted to said estate
! are requested to come forward and
make immediate settlement of the
' same.
This 22nd day of August, 1927.
a 23 6tw Administrator.
Tuesday, September 13, 1927
Having;qualified as executor at the
will of Sam P. Williams, late of Mar
tin County, all persons holding claims
against said Estate are hcwby noti
fied tJ present same for payment to
the undersigned on or before the 27th
day of June, 1928, or this notice, will
be plead in bar of their recovery. All
persons indebted to said will
please come forward and make
prompf payment of same ■;
This- 27tli day of June, 1927.
Executor of Sam P. Williamas
tute. ' -r->- a 2 8t

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