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Sixth Annual Roanoke Fair—September 27, 28, 29, aftd 30—Bigger and " Better Than Ever—Be Here
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Judge Frank A. Daniels, of
Goldsboro, Will
To Begin Trial of Civil Case* Wednes
day; Fifty-Eight Cases on
Civil Calendar
The September term of Martin Su
perior court begins next week, con
tinuing for two weeks. The term will
be presided over by Judge Frank A.
Daniels and has only twelve criminal
cases on its docket.
Nine of the twelve criminal case?
go into the superior court on appeal,
coming from the recorder's court. The.
cases coming before the session fol
Roy Manning and Annie Bullock,
fornication! W. M. James, vioating
the liquor laws; Justus Everett (col.),
Sam and Mansey Roberson,
violating the liquor laws; Wesley Bak
er, assault with deadly weapon; C: H.
Clark, violating the liquor laws; Joe
Mayo, assault with deadly weapon;
Simon Sheppard, house-breaking;
Link Koberson, operating automobile
while intoxicated. The three original
cases to be tried include those of
Slate versus James and Levi Purvis,
charged with larceny; State versus
John Pitt, charged with murder and
State against Jesse William, charged
with larceny.
first case on the civil calendar
scheduled for trial Wednesday morn
ing is that pf W. J. Taylor versus
V;. L. Rice et al. There are ten other
cases of- a dvil nature scheduled for
hearing on that day. .... ,y»
The calendar gives eight cases
Thursday, September 22, eight Fri
day, September 28, seven Monday,
September 26, nine Tuesday, Septem
ber 27, five Wednesday, September
2& and ten for Thursday, September
29, making 58 cases fyr the civil
calendar. Many of these cases will
doubtless require only perfunctory at
tention. »'■
"The Old Rugged Cross"
Will Be Sermon Theme
The second, in a short series of
evening sermons, will be delivered at
the Memorial Baptist Church Sunday
night at 7:80 o'clock. Th subject of
this sermon will be, "The Old Rugged
At this service only music bearing
upon the Cross will be used. And at
the close of the sermon, Mrs. Harper
Holliday will sing, as a solo, "Bearing
His Cross for Me".
The general public is invited. And
the members of other churches not
having services at this time, will
be welcomed if they join with us.
AH evening services are now at
7:30 o'clock.
Mrs. Holliday to Sing
Because there will be no service at
her own church at this hour, Mra.
Harper Holliday has kindly contented
tc sing at the evening service at the
Baptist church Sunday.
Those who have heard Mrs.'Holliday
have been charmed with her singing.
And the people who attend this
•hurch will look forward with great
interest to her second appearance.
Spur Track to River
Almost Completed
The spur track of the Coast Line
leading to the river is most complet
ed, and the first train went over the
tracks this week. Work will be com
pleted within the next few days and
material to be used In the construc
tion of the factory will be shipped to
thi spot via the A. C. L.
Also Comedy
' The Ghost of Folly'
And Episode No. 6
RETURN "i «*•
Always a (lood Show
First a£Series of Community
Meetings Will
On First Sunday
Dr. E. C. Brooks, President of State College, Will Be
Speaker; Other Prominent Men to Speak Latei;
The first of the series of com
munity meetings to be held here
during the months of October and
flovember will In held the first
Sunday evening in October at 7.4S
in the graded'-school auditorium.
Dr. E. C. Brooks, president of . the
State College, is the first speaker
on the program, and he will have
as his subject, "What My Profes
sion Is Doing for the Advance
ment of Christian Citizenship in
North Carolina. This theme will
be followed by the other speak
Large Order for
Tobacco Received
A special order amounting to
one-half million dollars was re
ceived here this week by the
Skinner & King Tobacco Co.,
according to information coming
to thia office.
That this order will, be of
much help in holding up prices
on the local market was ex
pressed as certain by several to
bacco men here late yesterday
Convictions Returned in
Nine of the Ten
The weekly term of Judge Bailey's
court her* Tuesday was noted for
convictions, for out of ten cases there
were nine conviction* with fines
enough to pay the court's expense and
officers salaries for almost two
months. Liquor, fighting, pistols and
a litUe ateiling were the crimes up
for settlement.
Geo. Lee Jones, assault with deadly
weapon, case continued until Oct. 4,
with Jones under a S2OO bond.
Riley Andrews, violating automobile
law, found not guilty. v ,
Walter Stokes and Eli Bell, affray.
Both plead guilty and each was fined
$25 and charged with one half the
Ammon Kogers, operating; auto While
intoxicated. He plead guilty and was
fined SSO and coat. His license to drive
a car wan revoked for nine month*.
James Hines, assault. Defendant
plead guilty of assault on female and
van fined SSO and coat. Ajail sentence
of 30 days was also imposed and a
sentence to the county jail for nine
months to be assigned to the Edge
combe county roads which was sus
pended for the term of two years on
the good behavior of the defendant.
John Purvis, carrying concealed
weapon, adjudged guilty, case con
tinued until October 4 for judgment.
James Staton Godard, violating
game law, case continued to session of
October 4.
Nep Powell, assault J with deadly
weapon, plead guilty, sentenced to
the Edgecombe county roads for a
term of nine months, sentence to be
gin November 16.
Charlie Johnson, operating auto
while intoxicated, plead guilty and
fined SSO and cost.
Charlie Mason, violating liquor.,
laws, plead guilty, and fined SSO and
Gordon Jones, carrying concealed
weapon, plead RuHty, sentence re
Gordon Jones, larceny, plead guilty,
sentence reserved.
Big Last-Minute Rush
. For Hunting Licenses
Clerk of the Superior court here
was held in his office last Wednesday
until 10:30 p" in., issuing licenses Ui
hunters. The rush was so great that
Mr. Peel was forced to stay until that
hour to fitt all the orders. Hardly had
the clerk commenced on his night's
rest before he was called back to his
office to issue mora licenses. This was
at 2:80 Thur»day_,Bloming.
Program of Services
At Episcopal Church
Rov. C. O. Pax do, Rector
8:00 Holy Communion. *
10:00. .Church School.
11:00 Morning Proyer and Sermon.
8:30 Holy; Trinity Mission. '
7:30 Evening Prayer »nd Sermon.
Williamston, Martin County.* North
ers appearing- on the program at
later dates.
This series of meetings, spon
sored by the Kiwanis Club and
the several religious organizations
in the town, will bring to the peo
ple of this section some of the
State's most prominent men and
women. Hon. Josephus Daniels,
editor of. the News & Observer,
will be here for ffn evening, and
he will tell how the work in his
profession affects the advancement
of Christian citizenship in vthe
State. - ___
Mosquitoes Are Able Ally
of Squirrels: Several
Get Limit
Ma.iy hjnuis in this section took
advantage ol the first day of the open
squirrel season and went to tfjl theii
hunting bags jNislerday morning. In
the Gardner's creek section the limit
'\,a, reached by dozens of hunters, and
it is estimated that more' than 150
squirrels were brought -from the
woods there.
Along th( htjiks of the lloanoke,
the mosquitoes' put up a strojpg da
fense in behalf of the squirrel* and
the' hunUvt were forced from the
woods with little or no,game.
It is the central opinion of several
game warden# that the majority of
hunters oi t yeytferday had purchased
licenses. 'No arrests have been re
potted lit this time.
Plymouth Firemen Hosts
To Eastern Carolina
~ • '.
The fire-departments compo situ-the
East Carolina Firemen's as HOI uthm
held their regular meeting ai. Ply
mouth last Tuesday night. Nearly
every town in the district was well
r»prt—nt»d. , ———
Won. Z. V.' Norman wetconVed the
visitors to the town on behalf of
Plymouth. P. S. Harper, of Kin Hon,
responded to the welcome Uncle Press
who always full of lire himself, re
sponded in a very effective , maner.
Hon. Van U. Martin made a strong
speech, emphasizing the good work
which is being done by the organized
firemen. Messrs. W.. L. Whitley and
Jerry Siiwyer, attorneys of Plymouth,
tdso Blade speeches.
The association passed a resolution,
changing the meetings from bi-month
iy to quarterly..
All officers were re-elected to due
ceed s for another year.
After the business session, all pres
ent were invited to the basement- of
the courthouse where a splendid din
ner was served by the ladies of the
(The next meeting of the association
will be held in Beaufort.
Rev. T. J. Crisp Dies
At Home in Conetoe
Rev. Y. J. Crisp, of Conetoe, died
suddenly, on Tuesday night. Mr. Crisp
who was 64 yearn year old, was well
known in thin county where he had
preached for 20 yearn or more-
He had done mission, work lor the
Roanoke Baptist association in a
number of places where they had
weak churches.
He was highly esteemed by all
people whether of the church or out
of the church.
Fifty-Dollar Bakery
Tax Remains Same
With a request to lower and another
to increase, the town commissioners
at a meeting Wednesday night did
not change the tax of SSO charged
distributors of bakery products in the
town limits- ft is now the law that
all distributors of rolls, bread and
other bakery products here pay a tax
of S6O or else discontinue distributing.
The commissioners also ordered
that troughs for watering team be
built and placed near the warehouses.
The present fountain, located in front
rf the warehouses, has provftd-of
tie value since the automobile Hum
crowded the horse to the back of the
Market Fortunate in Hav
ing Large Number of
Strong Buyers
Williamston Led AH Other Markets
This , Week »n Basis of
Official Averages
Williamston leads *ll the larger
Carolina markets in prices, this week
according to official fljfiires.
Although prices are much lower
than they were last season, the Wil
lin nistoii market is the* leader as
shown by actual figures. The market is
fortunate in having a large number
t f strongbuyers outage of th e bitf
companies whei from a glance at the
sales cards are taking utound 76 per
cent. of the breaks. "If" is the big
mark and represents Skianer, who has
for years been regard*! as North
Carolina's best tobacco, buyer.
t V .
Market reports taken from the books
.of several Eastern Carolina markets
this week show heavy sales in pounds
yet there seems to be no blocks re
Taking the published report of the
Greenville Tobacco Board of Trade for
Monday, September 12, we find that
market's average for .that day to be
$18.41 per hundred. The WiHiamston
market for thfc same day was $19.33
v/hich was exactly five percent, high
er than Greenville's. On Tuesday, Sep
tember 13, Wilson averaged $17.40
end Rocky Mount averaged the same
-day $17.1!). WJUiamaton averaged
lor that day $18.78. This puts Wil
liamston 8 percent, ahead of Wilson
Tuesday and nine and a quarter pPrf
cent ahead of Kocky Mount for the
same da*r"t
Prices/for Wednesday were as fol
lows, Greenville, $18.19; Rocky Mount
s]6.B£ ami Williamston, $18.91.
Ford Ranks Among
Rural Carrt&ts Broken
Till- Ford ranks were broken here week when Mr. John A. Ward of
the local post office department drove
out iii a new Star sedan.'
t'Vr years nothing other than a For/1
-U u,ing car ®ven dared to stroll near
the post office door where the rural
carriers park their cars.
The horse left wheh Capt. T. W.
Thomas -was retired- from the rural
sc rvice, and it might he unless Henry
sticks up for his rights that Mr.
Ward's purchase 'will mark the pass
ir« of the famous car.
Work Moving Rapidly
On Fertilizer Plant
Work on the plant of the Standard
Fertilizer company here at the river
is now moving alohg rapidly. .The
foundation for the building Is almost
completed and the heavy timbers are
being placed.
The pile driver has about complet
ed the driving of the piles for the
wharf and.with the completion of the
.spur track only a few days off, work
is expected to go forward more rapid
ly in a short time.' . ■
Poultry Show at Fair
"Bigger and Better"
Mr. C. W. Jacks, superintendent of
the, poultry department of the Roa
noke fair town this week.
Our reporter asked about what his
branch was going to°«Jo this year, he
said, "bigger and better in every
way, with more entrieg already than
ft; any of the past yean for a cor
responding period." Mr. Jacks says
that Eastern Carolina is awakening
, i i its opportunity in Rood poultry and
j that two counties alone nave entered
over 700 chickens.
Head Nurse Washington
■ y Hospital Died Wednesday
' Miss Uennie Lois Connelly died at
| the Washington hospital last Wednes
' day. \ ■.
| The death of Miss Connelly brings
sorrow to many Martin county people.
LSW had held the position of Htead
nurse at the Washington hospital for
about fifteen years and had nursed
hundreds of patients from this sec
The deceased was a native of Roa
noke Rapids and the body waa carried
for burial yesterday.
W. H. .and daughters, Misses
Zelma and Melba and Alon'ftuss, of
Washington, were visitors here Wed
nesday. ■ •
G. W. Hardison has returned from
New York where he has been for the
past six weeka with his company, the
Miller-Gardner Hat company.
All For Violation of Sani
tary Laws; 17. Cases
Number Cases Dismissed When
Property" Owners Show They
Have Compied With Law
Out of forty cases scheduled for
the Mayor's court yesterday, ten were
cleared from the docket, 17 were con
tinued and 13 were left open with the
defendants subject to fines for their
non-appearance before the Mayor.
The forty cases, originating when
property owners failed to comply with
the State sanitary laws, are gradually
•being cleared from the docket, and
while Mayor Coburn stated that it
was not his wish to be.unreasonable in
enforcing the law he was going to see
that it was complied with. The 17
cases were continued when the defend
ants showed that they haif placed
their orders with the plumber for the
installation of water. Ten of the cases
were dismissed when the property
owners showed they had installed
water. The amount of the fines to be
placed on those wha failed to appear
has not been mentioned, but the May
or stated that one would be imposed
cn each of the defendants vyho failed
to appear before the court yesterday.
Wheeler Martin Appointed
Assistant UnitecMStates
District Attorney
Wheeler Martin has been appointed
assistant United States District At
torney for the Eastern District of
North Carolina, succeeding Mr. Park
er, of Smithfteld who recently resign
Mr. Martin received his commission
Wednesday and qualified and entered
the sen-ice that day.
The duties of the office place Mr.
Murtin's legal address at Raleigh
where he will have to appear one day
in e»fh week. He will also have to
attend the Federal courts at Kliza
beth City, Washington, New Hern,
Wilson, Raleigh, Fayetteville and
Wilmington twice each year.
He will not be permitted to appear
in criminal cases in any courts in
the State, but he will be permitted
to do private practice In all (jivil ac
tions either State'or Federal except
in bankrupt cases.
Mr. Martin will continue to liye in
Williamston where he will keep his
office for practice locally.
Mr. Martin, %ho stands high in the
councils' of the Republican party in
tfie State, received Dip full endorse
ment of his party.
Gold Point School Began
Monday; Enrollment, 98
The 1927-'2B session of the Gold
Point school was opened last Monday
with 98 children enrolling in the var
ious grades. Twenty-eight of the 08
pupils enter the school for the first
time. *• .
Mrs. Paul Johnson, of Gold Point,
is the school's principal and she i
ably assisted by Misses Ernestine
Johnsop, of Gold Point, and Lillian
Holliday, of Robersonviile.
11-Year-Old Boy Is
Killed by Log Wagon
Linwood Cullipher, a 11 year old
boy who lived near Pinetown, was
killed last week while playing with a
pair of log wagon wheels.
Young Cullipher with a neighbor boy
was playing with the wheels and
pushed them backwards until the tap
ran off of one" end of the axle and
the wheel fell. """The weight of the
cart caused internal wounds, resulting
in the lad's death.
Kiwanis Entertaining
Ldcal Faculty Tonight
Tonight at 7:30, the Kiwaniß club
will have as its guests the local school
faculty, local school board and the
county board of education.
While the meeting will be In a form
of a welcome to the members of "the
faculty, it is understood that general
topics relating to the school* will be
Big Increase in Local
Post Office Receipts
The post office, which is gen
erally called the business pulse
of a town, indicates a hearty con
dition in the Wiiliamston region,
according to information given
by Postmaster Price. The Busi
ness for the first week in Sep
tember was 72 per cent above
the same week in September of
last year. Mr. Price says this
applies to outgoing business on
ly; and is based on postal in
come of cash and not in pounds
nor pieces handled.
Less Than Forty Citizens
_ Call; Fifteen Teachers in
Receiving Line
At a reception last evening for the
members of tlie local school faculty
with members of the teachers
association us host, less than forty
ritixenp temembesed to call around
ant! Mil u friendly welcome to the
youio: nun and women who are to be
a part of our town during the next
j.o\eral ironthi.
,'I here were fifteen teachers in the
receiving |>ne, a number larger than
that of any previous year, and re
tarded to be the strongest faculty in
the cchool for a hum Her of years. The
hull wtfs bonutifully decorated for the
und during the evening, the
iadies jf Ihe association served icfc
cream and cake.
\;l (hose attending expressed great
pleasure in the joys of the evening
whin they entered into a most cordial
and with their ser
vants -iind fritjnds who have the
enorrnoy.Si.task of fitting our children
for the walks of life, .v
Large Crowds Attending
Parmele Church Services
Large' crowds are attending the
annual revival at the Methodist
church in l'armele this week. Kev. J.
11. Warren, pustor, is being assisted
by Kev. Mr k -Ghappell, of Tyner, N.
C. -in the services this and Kev.
\V. D. Donaldson ami Dr. M. O.
Fletcher, of Washington, will also
tuke a part in the services.
Sunday, there will be a basket din
m r on the grounds at th£ church.
Rev. J. L. Jones to Preach
At Baptist Church Sunday
' Because* the pastor of the local
Baptist church has been unexpectedly
i ailed out of town for Sunday morn
ing, it became necessary to secure a
pi acher for the moaning service.
According, Kev. J. L. Jones wili
preach at the morning hour. Mr.
Jones is principal of the Jamcsville
H. lmol, is planning to enter the Sem
inary soon, where he to spec
ialize in 'Gospel music. -
The people are invited to hear him.
The pastor will be in the pulpit
Sunday night at 7:30 o'clock.
Accepts Position With
Eastern Cotton Oil Co.
Mr. K. G. Harrison wilt leave Mon
duy for Norfolk where he will be in
the home office of the Eastern Cotton
Oil Company.
The company in one o£ the largest
fertilizer and oil concerns of" this
part of the eourftry. Mr. Harrisn will,
during the fall, purchase cotton seel
fort he oil. In Januray he will go to
the fertilizer department. His com
pany is one of the largest producers
of acids and phosphate in the United
States, the only other one of its size
being Standard Wholesale Phos
phate .and, Acid Works which is es
tablishing a plant here,
First County Teachers'
M*el Here Tomorrow
Williamson welcomes the teachers
of the county tor their first county
meeting of the 1927-'2l term here to
morrow afternoon in the graded
school auditorium at 2 o'clock. In
speaking of the meeting. Superintend
ent R. A. Pope stated that it would
be one of the moat important ones of
the entire session.
While all the school* in the county
have' not opened at this time, all
teachers are exptected to attend the
meeting, it li understood.
Advertisers Will Find Our Col
umns a Latchkey to Over 1,600
Homes of Martin County
H^ecide 1 Not To Wait
Days for Another
Proposition Also Includes Free Cur
rent for Street Lights and
Pumping System
A motion to submit the proposal
made the Town of Wiliiamston for the
purchase of its light and power sys
tem by the Virginia Electric and
Power company to the people for
confirmation was made and carried
at a special meeting of the Board of
Town Commissioners here last Wed
nesday night. The motion was made
and carried after an hour's discussion,,
of the light and power situation here.
The proposal made by the Virginia
Electrc ami Power company carries a
consideration of $75,000, free water
pumping for 30 years and free street
lights for a like period.
At a meeting of tne commissioners
here the first Monday night this
month it was agreed between the com
missioners and Mr. J. T. Chase, repre
sentative of the Virginia company,
that a definite answer be made to his
company by the 15th. The delay was
asked so that prospective offer might
be made by Edwin C. Gregory and as
sociates. Mr. Gregory was notified of
the arrangement, and it was stated
by him that he would be here to sub
mit proposition at once. Last Wed
nesday Mr. Gregory with several as
sociates visited here and talked with
several of the commissioners individu
ally. The visitors did not remain here
for the scheduled session of the Board
that night, but left immediately after
talking with the several, members of
the Hoard.
Coming into the meeting Wednesday
right, four members of the board, the
fifth member being absent, stated
what they had been told relative to
the Gregory proposition. No definite
proposition by Mr. Gregory was made,
but he asked for 15 or 30 days in
which to investigate the matter. The
proposition as mentioned by Mr.
Gregory and his associates was very
flexible. Under one. -condition, they
would offer so much for the fran
chise; under another condition they
would consider the out-right purchase
and operation of the present plant as
it now stands; still under another
they would retail or wholesale at cer
tain rates, no' definite rates being
mentioned, however. The propositions
within themselves and as far as they
went, were considered as favorable
by the board members. But, during
the conversation with the several vis
itors, not one of the commissioners
could learn just who Mr. Gregory and
rhis associates were representing.
When Mr. Gregory's party/Was asked
just how a connection would be made
and where the power would come
from, the visitors, in one instance,
stated lines would either come
through Wilson, Kocky Mount and on
to Williamston or by another route;
in another Interview, it was stated
that the lines would either come from
the South or West. On® commissioner
after asking the visitors who they
represented, was told that it.wa's none
of his business, the answer not being
in those however, but while it
vas to that effect, the words were
I very carefully chosen and diplomati
cally used. i K
With nothing definite about the
Gregory proposition and to avoid
■what, appeared to be another un
necessary delay, Mr. E. P. Cunning,
ham made the motion to put the mat
ter before the people. The motion was
seconded by Mr. L. P. Lindsley and
passed by a three to one vote.
Mr. J. T. . Chase, manager of the
Virginia Klecflte and Power company,
has been notified of the board's action,
but at this time no definite arrange
ments have been made for the calling
of a special election.
Woman's Club To
, Meet Thursday
All th« ladies of the town and com
munity are invited and urged to at
tend the meeting of the Woman's
club in the Masonic building next
Thuraday afternoon at four o'clock.
At thia, the first meeting since early
spring, seven! important matters
will be pacedbefore the dob. The
executive committee met a few days
ago and U has prepared a splendid
schedule of work for the approval of
the club'a members.

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