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    I Sixth Annual Roanoke Fair—September 27, 28, 29, ahd 30—Bigger and Better Than Ever—Be Here
L — *—-s & »" « »
Wack the Label on Your
P«fer; 'lt Carries the Date
'Your Subscription Expire
Slayer of Gordon Yelverton
To Pay Supreme
rdon Commissioner Has Reviewed
Case and Declines to Interfere;
Convicted Twice
George Frank Uazemore, the Mar
tin County Negro, who shot and kill
ed Gordon Yelvcrton, local boy, on the
Farmville-Wilson road last November
now awaits his execution next Fri
day Jn the electric chair at the State's
Uazemore has been twice convicted
it the murder by the Greene County
Superior court. He was granted a new
trial on appeal from the first convic
tion, it being granted purely on a
technical error. No appeal was taken
in the last trial. The Pardon Com
mission has carefull>*examnined the
case and turned it over to the Gov
ernor for his review.
The time for execution was extend
ed to give full opportunity for the re
view, but so far there has beqn no
intimation that the time for execution*
will be extended.
Every sep and phase of the murder
fitted the first degree murder law, pre
meditation, execution and concealing
all being brought out in the hearings
The hour for the execution has not
l>een announced.
Department of Agriculture
Expert to Speak at
Meeting Here
A meeting of the peanut growers of
Martin county is scheduled for next
Thursday at 8 >OO p, m. in the court
house here. Mr. B. Derrick, of the
Department of Agriculture, Washing
ton, D. C., will be present and aul
d»ess the meeting. Mr. Derrick has
traveled extensively over the United
States during the past few months
and it is almost certain that his talk
will be most interesting, entertaining
and instructive.
On Friday and Saturday of this
veek similar meetings will be held
in Washington and Kdgecombe coun
"These meetings," officials "of the
peanut growers association state,
"are being held under the auspices
of Peanut Growers Association but
mo open to the public generally, both
men and women and farmers who are
not members of the Association are
urged to make a special effort ,to at
tend. At each of the meetings data of
\ital importance as qoncerns the pea
nut industry, the prospect for the 1927
market und the situation in general,
will be given."
Warehousemen Urge
Holding of Tobacco
At a meeting of the Esatern Caro
lina Tobacco warehousemen in Wil
son last Saturday, resolutions were
pasesd urging farmers to hold their
tabanrn ftff tyit _ markets for better
A large number of the most promi
nent warehousemen in the east at
tended the meeting, and looked into
the situation nqjv being faced by both
the farmer and warehouseman. i; •
They suggest that the late opening
coupled with the light purchases by
the big (companies is responsible for
the pretipnt low prices prevailing in
this entire tobacco belt.
►theatre! j
in ,
Comedy, "Wife Sky"
Fight Returns Over «
Radio Thursday
Always a Good Show
: —--t -4r - - y* V
Heavy Sales on Local
Market This Week
Tobacco sales on the local
market continue to be large, and
though the farmer* are urged
to go slow in selling their to
bacco, the breaks are still
heavy. Monday found 197,152
pounds on the local floors which
brought $35,097.05.
With cooler weather today, the
market seemed to have more pep
than yesterday.
Judge Daniels Tell Grand
Jury That Is Remedy
For Greater Ones
Says Oath of Grand Juror Means
Much in Upholding Peace and
Happiness of People
| In his charge before the grand
; jury of tho September term of Martin
' County Superior court convened here
| yesterday morning, Judge Frank A.
Daniels, of Goldsboro, urged the body
}of 18 men to deal with the minor
I crimes with the firm determination to
; effect a cure for the greater ones.
Judge Daniels briefly touched the
me jo r crimes, the enforcement of
which all people stand as one unit.
And since thd people favor the en
forcement of the law against all these
crimes there is no trouble to obtain
indictments on such chaTges. When
it comes to the enforcement of the
lesser crimes, so common in this day,
it is quite another matter. Mr.-Dan
iels describeil liquor, gambling and
immoral Rabits fs some of the under
lying sins that are despoiling the so
ciety of today, that the youflg man
who follows these three vices stands
in a dangerous "Msition. The practice
I or either one ui them tends to Ica»
to some of the greater crimes, tto
jurist declared. In fact, he sail I, then
[ are very few original crimes, that
most of them are the outfjiowth anil
offspring of either liquor * manufae
j tuing, selling, drinking, gambling or
immoral practice.
The oath of a grand juror means
I much in upholding the peace and hap
i piness of the people and the duty of
' a grand juror well performed means
that most law-breakers are brought
\ into court for trail, the Judge said.'
In the charge, it was pointed out
' that if the juror faila in this duty,
] will make and sell liquor which
j will not only ruin others but will
| eventually destroy all. will lend
} the gambler downward step by ste.r
! until he robs and steals; it will brinfc'
the immornlist down in disease and
Those who thus break the laws (ft
our country do not build the schools
they down; they do not
support the church, but frequently
curse it. In short, the". Judge, said,
"He who stands against the '.aw to
disobey it, stands against the govern
ment and all the rfvilized societies."
Baby Dies of Meningitis
In Rocky Mt. Hospital
Haxseli, Sept. 2(J. —Leighton Gorham
I'dmondsort, the thirteen monthx old
t-on of Mr. and Mrs. f. C. Edmondson,
ff-.1l from a four foot porch Wednes- !
day and suffered a fractured skull.
Friday, September 9, following its
fell -on Wednesday, the child was re
moved to the Park View hospital in
Rocky Mount where it could be under
the care of baby' specialists ami phy-'
hicians there.
Early Sunday morning basal menin
gitis set in and on Monday evening
otilth resulted. Funeral services were
conducted at the home of the parents
Tuesday afternoon by Rev. E. P. West
of the Hamilton BaptUt church. In
terment was made in the cemetery in
That the little one had endeareUt
self in the hearts of. the people of the
community was expressed by many
Leautiful floral offerings. ;
Chamber Commerce To
Aid in Caring for Visitors
The local chamber of commerce will
nu>intain a bureau of information this
yeter during fair week in order to
facilitate the handling of visitors, ac
cording to officials of the fair associ
ation, and the chamber of commerce.
Dr. P: B. Cone will have the bursar
ii* charge.
To handle the large number of
.visitors here that Week rooms outside
the local hotels will be necessary, and
it highly appreciated by those
in charge ofc tkw work if the people
of the town rooms would
I notify Dr. Cone.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, September 20, 1927
Nat Reiss Shows Will Ar
rive Here Some "X' ime
Sunday Evening
With the most extensive program
ever prepared, the Sixth Annual Rou
r.okc 4 Fair, opening here next Tues
day, bids well to surpass to a very
t.reut extent all past ones. Mr. John;
L. Rodgerson, manager of the fair,
slated this morning thaf^attention is
l>eing turned to the placing of exhibits
in the large halls, that more than 700
birds have already been entered from
two counties alone, and that similur
wcrk was underway in every depart
ment of the fair.
The Nat Reiss shows are scheduled
tc leave Richmond at 9 o'clock Sun
day morning and arrive here some
time that evening. Ordinarily, eight
hours are required to make the run.
The shows travel in a train of 25
double-length railroad cars, a"hd are
the largest to ever come to this sec
tion. It will cost around SI,OOO to
br'ng the shows here, that amount be
ing for transportation alone. The
I ruin carrying the shows to Richmond
enters over the R. F. anil I*. lines, hut
no station was mentioned where the
train was made up in the routing sent
to the A. C. L. agent here.
Majority of Cases Are for
Minor Violations; One
Murder Case
The majority of criminal cases on
the docket of the present term of the
Murtin County Superior court are of
a minor nature. There is, however, one
ease involving murder, but the others
have to do with stealing, fighting and
liquor in one way or another.
The murder case on ths docket in
volves John Pitt,i» 50 5 year-old negro,
who is b?ing tried for killing Jack
Purrington, another negro, a few
ni nths ago. The case is being heard
today and according to the. evidence
Ft far advanced Purrington went to
Pitts home on Sunday, July 3 and
etjrsed Pitt unmercifully over a dog
which Pitt had bought from Tim Wil
licms. Both Williams and Pitt asked
Purrington to quiet down. Yet, he
continued his cursing anil it WHS said
he made threats at Pitt who Or lered
him to leave the yard. As Purring
ton advanced toward the house, Pitt
went for hit- gun. This had no cffe t
on Purrington who advancd still
farther and met his death when Pitt
fired a load of into his head.
The case will be finished during tho
day ami it is predicted that either
a "not guilty" or n manslaughter ver
dict will be rendered.
The cases disposed of up to ths-time
when the Pitt murder car.e was start
ed ars: ' o-
Joe Mayo, pleading guilty to an as
mult charge was'fined SSO and cost
and sentenced to a month's stay in
Link Itoberson, charged with driv
ing an automobile while drunk, plead
guilty to the charge and was fined
S6O, all costs and had his license to
drive a car revoked for four months.
? Sam and Mansy Roberson, charged
with manufacturing liquor, were
folind not guilty. ''
OTargigrwith larceny, James and
I/evi Purvis were found not guilty by
the court.
Wesley linker, charged with an as
rault with a deadly weapon, plead
p.uilty. He wan atntenced to a stay of
hix months in jail, but thin wax sus-
I ended upon payment of coat and his
entering into bond for good behavior
lor two y?ars.
The case of Hoy Manning and Annie
Bullock, adultery, was nol pressed
with leave.
Justus Everett plead guilty to a
larceny charge-and wan sentenced to
NIX months in jail. The sentence was
suspended, however, upon payment of
the cost and paying C. M. Hyman
>28)00. He if to report to the court
iii March and September for two
years and show good behavior.
Community Meeting At
Farm Life Friday Night
Theru will be a community meet
ing at Farm Life *chool Friday night
{it 8:00 -o'clock. All the people of the
community are requested to attend.
Junior Order Will
' i , Meet on Thursday
Officers of the local Junior Order
call the attention of the Order's mem
bers to the meeting next Thursday
night at 8 o'clock. In speaking of the
attendance upon the meetings of the
Order, Mr. B. 8. Courtney stated that
i decided increase was expected now
that the vacation times are over and
the warm weather most gone.
Memorandum of Agreement
Submitted for Signatures
Of Officials
Special Eleotion To> Be Called Within
60 Days After Signing of Mem
orandum of Agreement
WtiHe there has teen no jphlcr is
sued for afhelection allowing the cit
izens of thel town to pass upon the
proposal made by the Virginia Klec
tric ami Power company to the Town
of Williamston relative to the pur
chase and sale of the local power and
system, a memorandum of
agreement has been prepared as one
of the initial steps in the matter.
The memorandum of is
made subject to the apprawl of the
voters of the town in a manner pro
vided by law as to the sale. A new
registration of the qualified voters of
the town will be called and an elec
tion Will U ordered within days,
according the agreement, after it
has been »d by the proper author
ities. . v:
'1 he rue idum of agreement fol
lows: \ >
(1) The hoard of Commiaaioners of
Williamston will grant to the Virginia
Electric and Power Company a
thirty year frano)rise to do a general
retail anil wholesale light and power
business in WlHiamston, N. C., in the
form set out in the franchise hereto
(The ordinance referred to 'will be
passed shortly by the commi. sioners;
it does not appear here.—Ed.)
(2) The Hoard of Commissioners of
Williumton will tranafer to the Vir
ginia Electric ami Power Corojany all
rights, easements and agreements
which U may have or hold for right
oi way purposes over private proper
ty, or along the state or cvunty high
ways or roads, used in connection'
with the supply, distribution and Bale
of electrical energy in and around
Williamston, excepting only such
lights, ea-ements and agreements as
arc necessary for rlafrt of j|»|. pur
poses in delivering power to The Town
of Everetts, North Carolina.
vn The Virginia Electric and
Power Company agrees to purchase
iicm Williamston. and Williamston
agrees to see to tne Virginia Electric
and Power Company, the complete
distribution system now owned by
V.illiamaton for the supply of elec
trical energy in Williamston and
Vicinity, including all customers'
records and other office records, and
including the entire electric light and
power business us a going concern
now conducted by Wilham.ston, in the
said Town and vicinity, for the sum of
Seventy-five Thousand Dollars ($75,-
000.00) in cash (excluding,
the power house, generating equip
ment and power house site,) upon the
term# and conditions as follows:
(a) The pavment of said Seventy
five Thousand Dollars ($75,000.00)
purchase price to Williamston, will
b( made at the time the Virginia
Klectric and Power Company is ready
to start the delivery of electrical en
ergy to the citizens of Williamston
from its transmission linea, which
.shall be not later than one year from
the date the sale to the Virginia
Klectric und Power Company is rati
fied by the qualified voters of Wil
liamston. The Virginia Electric and
Power Company shall notify William
ston of its readiness to start the sup
ply of electric service to the citizens
of Williamston, ann shall give at
least thirty days notice before be
ginning such service, said service to
te supplied from tna..-transmission
lines of the Virginia Electric and
Power Company, and not later than
the Virginia Electric and Power!
Company is rutified by the qualified j
voters of Williamston, as above speci- j
fied, unless providentially or other- 1
wise unavoidably prevented, but in no i
event shall the said payment of,
Seventy-five Thousand Dollars ($75,-1
000.00) be deferred later than one
vear from the'date the sal* to the
Virginia Eles.ric and Power Company
is ratified by the qualified voters of
WfTliamston. One year from the date
the sale to the Virginia Kle«jtric and
Power Company is ratified by the
qualified voters of Wifliumstein, as
above outlined, the Virginia Electric
and Power Company will take over
the entire retajl, efectric light and
power business In Williamston and
vicinity, excepting only certain service
herein spacined. and - exceptng all
outstanding book accounts as may be
due Williamston at the time the Vir
ginia Electric and Power Cbmpany
commence operations in Williamston.
bill of sale from Williams
ton to the Virginia Electric and Pow
er Company shall convey the property
free, from all liensand encumbrances,
and shall include the entire and com
'plete distribution system used for the
supply and delivery of electric ser
vice in and around Williamcton, in
cluding all polea, wires, transform
er meters, fixtures, transmission
line hardware, distribution appliances,
poles, supplies and all diptrib'jtion
irnterial in stock.
(4) The retail and wholesale light
and power rate schedules to be made
effective in tWilliamaton by the Vir-
Snia Electric and Power Company
111 depend upon the total number of
customers served within the corporate
limits of Williamston as follows:
Assuming that four hundred (400)
customers will be served by tie Vir
ginia Electric and Power Companv
within the corporate limits of Wil
liamston, (400 Wing the number of
customers the Virginia Electric ami
Power Company accepts as the
number now served or that will be
A. C. L. Announces New
Schedule Effective Next
Monday, 26th
Another Change in the schedule j>f
trains plying between Tarboro and
Plymouth has been made ahd will go
into effect next Monday the 2tith.
With one exception the now sche
dule affects all the trains rutiniitK
through here. Instead of th t i morning
tn«in arriving here at 8::itl, it will ar
rive at 7:52. The afternoon train,
reaching here now at 4:50 will ar-
XiVe at 4:17., This change will make
■ii possible for otie to-reach Tarboro
Tn time to board the bus and make
connections with other train; and
busses in Koeky Mount. The evening
train will reach here at f>:47 ins'.oad
of 6:80.
According to Julian llarrTll, the
'"one-sixteen" truin will continue "to
lun at 1:18.
No reason for the change,. in. the
schedules has been made by thv A. C
L company. Station Agent V. Ii
Godwin was notified of the change ;i
neon today.
All trains running through I'arnielo
v.'ill be adjusted to the new seJicdiiU-s.
Invites Orders for Pyratol
From Farmers Who
Need Explosive
—; — \
In his r. port l.c the county »vuiu
missioio rs for the month of August,
f. li. lirandon, county agent, invito,
orders from all farmers in the county
who will want deliveries of pyrowd
the lutteJ- part of the year. The repo|t
as submitted tii the comqtisKloncia
.follows: %>.
"Seventeen days Spent ill
4 days .spent in otilce work, • 0 day
spent on annual leave, (it* ofllc.' con
ferences, 4t> telephone calls, K.ti let
ters written, 40 farm visits, (H)2-mih.
traveled on official duties in the coun .
tiv4 article.; written for -ldlaLpapar.
24.1 hogs treated during tho week.",
Mr. Ilrqndon states that the fiisl
eiders for pyrotol will be received
next Thursday. Orders will he limited
to lOOW pounds and will start at 60
pounds. The Farmers and Merchants
bank here has Bffered its services in
•taking tho outers, and ut any time
farmers are not able to get in toucl
with the county agent, they can leave
their orders with the bank. ' ' .
Pyrotol has been used extensively
in this county during the past two
years. Last year alone, there were
several cars of the material unloaded
here and distributed to all parts of
the county.The"shipments are made
in car lots only, bringing tile ex
plosive here in the cheapest way pos
sible. The dynamite is made frpm ma
torittl prepan d fT war purposes, and
is reworked and sold to farmers--at
Woman's Club To Hold
First Dance Tonight
The Woman's club will hold its first
dunce afJtho season tonight in the hall
of the club at 9:30. The public is
cordially invited. Mrs. W. I!. Watts
will be ut the piano.
—Aoeoriing-to- ulficois of the clutfthi
iance will be held under the sjinn
lules and regulations established (lut
ing the past year.
served-at the.time the Virginia KU
trie and Power ''Company begins ser
vice to the citizens of Williamston),
the Virginia Electric and Power Com
pany will make effective its standai !
rates at Wiiliamstort, at the time elec
tiical service is made available fron
•tf. transmission lines to the citizen
cf Williamston, copies of said rate,
being attached and niude a part here
of' . r
(liate schedules are available for'
local inspection at either the Mayor's
oi this office.—Ed.)
(5) The rates specified in this
memorandum of agreement are the
existing standard rates which the Vir
ginia Electric and Power Company a
j.rees to make applicable to all elec
tric customers at Williamston, but
i hcuid any or all of its existing rates
be revised, altered or eliminated with
the approval of the State Corporation
Commission of North Carolina, or
otherwise according to law, then
ouch new or revised rates as may be
made from time to time applicable to
such service will apply (or service
renederd to electric tit Wil
liamston. •
(6) The Virginia Electric and Power
"Company will assume anil. Williams
ton will transfer to the Virginia Elec
tric and Power Company all existing
contracts for the sale and delivery of
electrical energy to any Towna which
now hav« contractu for the sale and
delivery of electrical energy to any
Towns which now have contracts for
theit' elfetric lights and power require
ments from williamston, with the ex
ception of the Town of Everutts,' N.
(7) Williamston shall have the right
to re-sell electrical energy to the
(Continued on page four)
Sells Ram Tobacco
Here For $569.28
Allen (iritlin wild a barn of
tobacco on the local market Jasi
week for sr>69„2B, There weie
SOO stick* in Ihe ham and when
the tobacco «U« graded out it
weighed 18211 pounds, making a
net average of $.11.17 per hun
Similar average* have been
reported mAt every day, Nome
of them going as high as $37.
per hundred.
— ...
AH Cripples in Beaufort
And Martin Counties
Urged to Attend
Thirty-five Clippies Reported at First
Clinic Held August 26; None
From Martin County
I'ho next meeting of the orthopaedic
clinic will lie held in Washington on
Monday, September 2(>th with all. the
cripples in Heaufort and adjoining
ci unties urged to attend. This"i*"flTe
. (eond mooting of the clinic and it is
ihe hojh- 'of those in charge that the
unfortunate ones in this—county will
>;o to the clinic for treatment.
tically every-county .included in the
(TiiVic was repr^M'titeil' lasf Time 'wiCTi
the exception of Martin.
Cheer has been brought do the
In arts of many cripples in those coun
ties liy the possibility of improvement
through tli> treatment offered by the
children and disabled men
(S'ral'wwptou with clubbed feet, deform
hacks, crippjed hands, arms and
Uus who ara unable to pay for treat
n{ art- having their deformities
cf»i ree.ted free of charge through this
cftijc. At the first session of th[s
iliTfc on August 26th, thirty-five
oriiples reported for examination and
'His clrnic, which is sponsored anil
s.uppprted hy the' Kotary
Washington and Heaufort j county,
Friujaf l)r. J, S. Gaul, one of the
|e. dillg orthopaedic surgeons of the
State, to Washington on Monday fol
lowing! the fourth Katuplay of each
month the examinjjlioii and treat
mmt ~rrf the "TRdTgerir cripples of
Peaufort and adjaeen't counties.
Every disabled resident of Martin
county is; invited to attend the clijiic
r -- *
Is First Meeting Since Last
Spring; Big Attendance
Is Expected
A large attendance upon the first
Tiieeting of the Woman's club after
ti c summer sensen here next Thurs.-
ilny afternoon ut 4:00 o'clock is urged
by the Mrs. Wheeler Mur
tin. Mr.'!;. 11. principal of the
local schools,, ytitj>make a short talk
I for 1 tlie meeting and all the par
ent. in the community who possibly
can nre urged to hear him.
At a .meeting of the executive com
mittee* of the club a few days ago
piuns for the year's work were
and these will be laid befoNs.the club
for discussion. "Th* meeting is not
limited to the membership, and the
club's Officials are livery for
i'U the ladies in the eommnuity to at
A'at Rciss Shows Praised ,
By Streator, 111., Man
The Nut Weiss ShO.w owners, Mr. | Mr#. Hurry U. Melville, were
highly praised in u letter from Mr. J.
i,. Coltrain, of Htreatoi, 111. to the
nnjtnagir of the Roanoke Fair as.-ioei-
Kt'ion received here yesterday. Mr.
Coltrain, learning through the col
umns of this paper th#t.the Nat Keiss
KIIOWH are to play here next week,
writes that the friends of Mr. and Mrs
Melville irt Streator in wishing
them a success in our town, Mr. Col
tiain also mentions carried
or. by th' owners of the Nat Keis
shows, bringing about cleaner and bet
ter amusctYients, that iheir shows
have met with very higlj approval in
in all parts of the country.
Kiwanis Club To
Meet tomorrow
'' i .
Air Kiwaniiins ajrc reminded that
th« regular meeting: of the club will
be held tomorrow at 12.80 and that
they are requested to be present. >
.% '
Advertisers Will Find Our Col
umns a Latchkey to Over 1,600
Honrts of Martin County
Seventy-Seven Teachers of
Martin County Schools
Present at Meeting
Prof. J. L. Jones, of Named
President; Miss Mildred Darden
of Williamston, Secretary
The first meeting of the teacher's of
the county was held in the school
building here last Saturday afternoon
with 77 teachers attending. Officers
for he year, Mr. J. L Jones, of dames
ville, president, Miss Mildred Darden,
>i' Williamston, secretary, were elect
ed * ,
Supt. H. A. Pope, in his talk before
rf eeting;"*» welcomed the teachers 10
the county and stressed several mat
ters of importance in connection with
tl.e successful operation of the
schools. The parents-teachers associa
tion in the school, according to Mr.
Pope, could, he made of great value
in the development of the school and
le asked for reports from those
schools where such organizations ex
ist. Membership in the North Caro
lina Educational association was
stressed, the speaker showing where
in the organization was a unit in so
!7ir as n teacher's -work is concerned.
Several schools in the. county have
MM) per cent, membership n the as-
Kiciation, and an inefjtose is'expected
when the six-months schools open for
the 1927>28 se>*ion.
11l explaining the school register,
tl.e Superintendent ask.d that every
teacher read and follow the rules
governing it. The proper car? of
.ahool property was' mentined as a
duty, and- attention was called to that
j:urt of the school law where every
j.erson under 21 years of age was call
ed to completes the -fourth grade.
During the meeting the several prin
 ipals present offuryd ideas and sug
gested .types of' organization in rela
tion to high' school schedules. In this
connection.- it was urged
ty Superintendent Uiat an organize
lion be formed, bringing about a more
uniform schedule throughout the
county. Mr, Pope offered an outline,
which, according to his statements,
would go far in. preventing"conflicts
Mid the schools.
,Turning its attention to athletic!),
the meeting agreed that the sevelal
schools should place county games
ahead of all others and (hut u tourna
ment should be arranged to cure for
•such games.
Hefore the several groups as&embl
ul ia their divisional meetings, old
members of the various school facul
ties in the county- expressed a most
favorable opinion of the spirit of the
Uuchers, stating the schools were be
ing brought together in a more
.friemlly way. «
Assignments were made and the
following were made group leaders:
High school, K. A. I'ope; grammar
frradu, A, Kber Manning, of Farm
I ife; grammar grade, U, J. 1,. Jones,
(;l' Jamesville; primary A, Miss I.eona
Moore and primary H, Miss Essie
JoFiliui, of Jamesville.
Two Boy Have Narrow
Escape in Auto Wreck
Hubert Cook and Joe Koberson, jr.
narrowly escaped serious injury yes-
morning when their Ford
toupe turned over near here on the
Washington road. The two' boys had
just made a trip to Washington and
were - ulinost home when u tire blew
i-ut, causing the car to do a complete
twfsf before young Koberson, the
driver, knew what had happened.
The Cook youngster jvent through
the accident with no noticeable bruises
v.-bile Koberson suffered a email head
wound. The Ford coupe, belonging to
Miss Mary Cook here, was badly dam
Large Crowds Attend
Gold Point Church
Itf-v. A. E. Purvis, preach
ed at the Gold l'oint Christian church
Sunday. The 1 church wu filled almost
tc its capacity. There were Ave ad
ditions to the church during the week
ind a splendid spirit of friendship
and fellowship prevails as the fruit
of the meeting.
Local Fire Company To
Meet Thursday Night
AH members of the Williamston
Fire company are requested to meet
r *t headquarters Thursday night at
7:3Q o'clock. There will be no regular
meeting on Monday, September 28th
end Chief H. D. Harrison wants a
large number present Thursday.

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