PAGE FOUR TEXACO GOLDEN MOTOR OIL IF YOU HAVE DRIVEN YOUR CAR CONSTANTLY FOR ONE MONTH, WE BELIEVE IT IS TIME TO CHANGE r THE OIL IN THE NEAR FUTURE AND FILL THE CRANK CASE WITH TEXACQ-THE GOLDEN MOTOR OIL HARRISON OIL COMPANY FULL TEXT OF PROPOSAL FOR POWER PLANT (Continued on |uk->- urn Town of Everett*. North Carolina, ,as herein after provided, and the V ir ginia- Electric and Power Companj agrees to sell to Willianistofi, anu Williamston agrees to purchase from tlie V irginia. Electric and Power Com pany all electrical energy' required by Williamston (or re-sale purpose.*, to Hie Town of Everett*, N. C. (8) 'l'he Virgini}'. Electric and Power Company agrees to sell W illiamston, tad VN'iiliani.'.ton agrees to purchase Ironi the. Virginia Electric and l'owci Company, ail electrical energy re qui red by Williams ton for the oper ation of the Town's water pumping equipment, the same to be paid (or by V. illiamston ill the manner In ternal U»r provided lor. (t*The, "Virginia Electric uud Pow er Company agrees to maintain the present street lights in Williamston .substantially aft tne same are now in stalled, or with the same number aim with lights of no less brilliancy than those now installed, keep'them in re pair ami supply electrical encig} in. order for them to burn from dusk to dawn, and Williumston agrees to pur chase such street lighting service from the Virginia Electric and Powet- Company, and to pay lor the same a heremalter provided. The present street lights in Wijliamston consist o( the following: 47 - 250 Candle Power Lamps, 4-> - 100 Candle Power 1 amp* 8 - 00(1 Candle Power Lump.,. (10) The .Town of Williamston a grees to pay the Virginia Electric and Power Company for (a) Its street lighting service hs provided for in Section it above. (hi Its power requirements for its water pumping equipment now in : tailed and or to be intsall d as pro vided, for in Section 8 hereof, and (c) Power for re-sale to Evcrctts, Nas provided for ill Section V hereof, from month to mouth an am, Mint equivalent to the bill rendered to the Town of Everetts by the Town of Williamston for the total kilowatt h'jurs, sold, by , Williamston to the Town of Everetts, N. C., as the sam shall be metered at the corporate* limit* of Williamston and sold to the Town of Ewretts under the rat,, Hclie dale scC out in the contract between" the towns of Williamston and Ever cits, N. C. (11l Payment by Williamson to tin Virginia Electric and Power Coin puny for the street lighting service, for electrical energy' supplied lor water uumping service uud for r. ->ah to the Town of Everetts as above pi" vided for, : hall lie continued ,in the nanner above prescribed until such time as the total payments during any monthhy the said '('own of Ever etts, is equivalent to the amount which the Town of Williamston would l-ay to the Virginia Electric and Pow er Company for such service ami elec trical energy if purchased under the Company's standard street lighting rates; aild thereafter the Town oi Williamston hall pay to the Com puny for such street lighting servic and for electrical energy supplied foi water pumping and re" ale par|* si i.s provided the standard rates of the Company applicable t. such service. (12) The Virginia Electric ami lVw er Company agrees to prosecute tli Primings "and Tip Season Will Soon be Over THE FARMERS WAREHOUSE HAS HAD A PATRONAGE THAT WE ARE VERY PROUD OF. THERE MUST BE A REASON. ASK YOUR ■ P' - FRIENDS WHO HAVE PATRONIZED US You will be putting your good tobaccos on the market soon. Have you stopped to think where you should market them? If not, think now. You want to sell them with a man who really knows tobacco. On your lower grades, most any one can sell them for something near their market - . value, but an amateur can lose you many dollars on a load of your good tobacco. . . I Hubert Morton Has the Experience and Knows. —V~ " . -'* ■ " . . ■» BENNETT, BARNHILL AND MORTON Farmers Warehouse-Williamson, N.C. building of it* transmission lines to ! the Town of Williumston with uM i reasonable dispatch so as to make it delivery of electrical energy for lighting anil power requirements to th citizens o1 W illiamston avisilablc a soon 'tis possible, not lati r than one year from, the date tho. sale to tjhc Virginia Electric and Powfr Com pany is ratified by th" qualified voter.- .of Williamston, herein provided' for. (l!il Within fixty days after t! memorandum, lias been approved air xgned bv the Mityor and Hoard of Ccinmissiontrs of William ton, and ( uly ex ecu 1* (I by the Virginia El'c • tiit' and I'ower Company, pu election shall he called in the , manner pre. scribed by law, in order that the vot et-nf Williamston way ratify the a lion of the Mayor and Hoard of Com u.issioners of . Williamston in recom mending the sale of the electrical dis tribution system and electric light and power business of the Town of Wil liuinslon as herein set out, and with 11. sixty days after the ratification of saill sale by the Voter:; of William.-.- tin, the Hoard of Commissioners will grant to the Virginia El"c>trie and Power Company a franchise' for th( purposes herein expressed. -Happiness IN the dining room, health and happiness abound, for good food is now served from a brightly lighted table. The cheerful rays of electric light have the same cheering effect upon the family as has the balmy sunlight. Gloomy rooms are like rainy days. They depress the spirit. The uplifting influence of electric light is transforming rural homes, making them places where cheerfulness and contentment abound. Telephone, or call for our easy payment plan. 0. S. ANDERSON & CO. _ Frigidaire Sales and Service WILLIAMSTON, N. C. DEPENDABLE DELCO-LIGHT FARM ELECTRICITY Geo. and Gus Harrison Know Oil TEXACO—FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS Forests Are Nature's Erosion Eradicators l orestH rc.durc erosion. Ally vege table cover tends to reduce erosion, • but foreM* usually pcrfonh-this ftuic- Ltion more cffcctiv«J.y and permanently I ,> other type of vegetation. J i I Ilia is because of the thick mufth t»f ] leaf litter and branches which they • | drop upon rfie -.-ground. further-1 '! mi in" ihJ-y -we 'Constantly feeding I rfhunuu; intii the -oil itself, inrjeasiiw* I i i tl» porosttv and tiHiding its' mineral j *•, - ! constituents. . . y . * I Survey Shows Rats Are on ■ Decrease in United "States ii' .. • - ■ Kats are oil the decrease 111 the I'Mlited States. HowcvYr, this de crease is only just becoming appar- I i fnt and farmers .and others who are ' troubled with the pest should- uot let iii]t on preventive measures,' • THE ENTERPRISE Wants ——_____————— MONEY TO LOAN: I represent land banks and clients who have any a mount of money to loan. Hugh G. Horton, attorney, Williamston, N. C. s2O lmo LOST BKTWBH'S' KVKRKTTS 1 ami Joe HarrisonV farm: One dark blue-felt ha! in'square pasteboard box. j If li.imd, \Aeutp return to him and re- 1 ceive reward. 1 HAVE SEVERAL NICE FARMS for sale; ajso some town property. If you have -either /tarrn, woodland,, or town property for sale, see me. W. C. Manning. FOR THE. PEANUT picker that is guaranteed, buy the Roanoke, .See W, C. Manning. * a 23 tf AimUZZI RYK FOR SALE: SI.KS bushel. Cash. See' J. R. I'eel, Dixie Warehouse. 2t* SAFES FOR SAII- J IKON s;sfes for .sali-; one medium'size, and one large size; in. good conditio!). Harrison Wholesale Cm sib 2t FOR CIMSTIPHION Mississippi Man Says He Has Found Black-Draughl So Satisfactory, He Hat No Need to Chanfe. Wiggins, Miss.—Mr. A. L. Cone, s well known Wiggins resident, says: "I have used Thedford'e Black- Draught for constipation. I have never had to take a p-eat deal of medicine, but for fully SO years 1 have, by using it, known Black- Draught to be a great medicine, and when I found it ao satisfactory, 1 haven't seen any need to change. "When I get constipated, I feel all out of sorts and tired ana sluggish and I take a few doses of Black- Draught. It regulates my bowels and Iget all right My wife takes more Black-Draught thun I do. She is a preat believer in it too, so we keep it in the house. It will cleanae the system and help you, if you us* it as we have." Constipation leads to a great deal of sickness among those who do not understand ita dangers, and who neglect tp treat it without delay. Black-Draught, with the natural, prompt action of its purely vegeta ble ingredients, quickly relieves constipation and helps to drive out the poisons so as to lesve the organs in a state of healthy activity. Bold everywhere, 25c. NC-ITQ USED CARS FOR SALE: AM i ears in good condition. Trices rn sonatble. 1 Champion Auto Co., Ivur ; (tits, hi, C. --il3 4t TWO IJORSK FARM FOR SALF. I or rent: \yitli good house and large tract of woodland, S miles from Wil ' li.iinst iii, I also want t • hire good j sized boy or mat) for the fall mouths ito live and work on farm. Mr-. Sal j lie A Stone. - . *> 4tpd i' r (K)l) USKD CARS: WE HAVE several FordjH \. b light delivery , bodies. Harris Mulor.Co., Robcrsoil | ville. • a 23 tf ' ——— | WANTED: EN EK'GETIC MAN j with family to oversee farm; also cultivate iU acres, or less, in tohacco (/i) sharps, (iood salary for right man, . with* .Yef«t c ticvj*. A'JdreHS Box 126, Windsor, N. ( . t»l6 3t ISO 1 m ** SAVE! Plumbing like teeth should ho inspected at least once a year. Pipes and joints are Nat urally bound to spring a leak in the due course of time. You can; save yourself much qeed less exf>ense and loss by call ing us in, regularly to inspect .and make heeded repairs. With freezing winter months coming on, it would lie well to consider inspection, repairs, or alterations in plumbing •( this time. • \ Our service charge is very reasonable, and al! work is guaranteed. We recommend no changes or rejwirs unless to your advantage in savings and home comfort. Phone 151 W. E. Dunn Williamston, N. C. FARM FOR SAIjPI ABOUT 4 1-2 files' from Williamston. About 160 acres, 25 acres cleared. Good resi dence; pack house, and tobacco barn. T-ii food neighborhood. See D. D. Stalls,. Williamsion, C„ if intcjvst ed. #0 4t ARF YOU HONEST? ENER- K.i tie? l>o you-want to build a nice business of your own? The Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Co. is look jug for a man, between the ages of 21 and 45, to be thi-ir special represen tative in this territory. If you are the man we are looking for, comijiunicate with C. D. Edgerton, manager, Plant ers National Hank Building, Rocky Mount, N. C. s9 4t NEW YORK TRAINS NEVER CARRY PASSENGERS TO LOS ANGELES 11 you and your family wished to go to Los A ngeles . . . and if after you had been on the train twenty minutes you discovered you were on the New York train . . ±What would You WOULD «et off and take the next train for your hoped-for destination, . \ Are you sure that you are on the train that will take you to where you want to go? _ It is the time of year to th'ink seriously There is a definite way in which you may outline nad sched ule yourself for the year ahead, so that you can check up on yourself, can know whether you are making definite progress un der plans that will as the days and months and years K° '»y- „ ... Ask any life-insurance man in the city to send you a copy of the "Business and Home Program Blank." W'ilh (he Wank before you, you can determine what you want yiiur goals to be and can determine to what degree you can use life insurance to underwrite your hopes and plans and ambitions. The blank will be furnished without cost or obligation and with the hope that through its use you will be able to put your vision of tlW> life you desire into such concrete form that you can build it into life itself and thus'make the year ahead the biggest most important year that you have ever lived. w. G. PEEL "Malce a plan and keep to the forefront the fact that you have a toul, a brain, and a body, and that life ia short."—Peter Gray , Tuesday, September 20, 1927 !roR SALE: KFW SIX-ROOM bungalow, about thirteen and a half acres good laud, garage, chicken house, barn, forest shade, on Washington Highway, about one mile south of Wil liamston. Dwelling fully furnished. Horse, wagon, tools, ans chickens. Must sell account poor health. Stephen Gano. " 4t DON'T FORGET to BUY the peanut picker that picks fast and good, clean ing both hay and peas, and stands up under any strain that you put it under. It is the Roanoke. See ! Manning. a 23 tf you do?

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