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    Sixth Annual Roanoke Fair—September 27, 28, 29, and 30~-Bigger and Better Than Ever—Be Here
Wach the Libel on Your
Paper; It Carries the Date
Tom Subscription Expires
Leading Home Economics
Specialists of South
To Be Here
Many Demonstration! To B« Held
Daily in Woman'* Building
By Experts
Too much attention cannot be called
U the Woman's buikling at the fair
t-er« next week when leading econom
ics specialists of the South will give
demonstrations during the four days.
Miss Anna Trentham, home agent for
this county, speaking of the demon
strations, stated "We are unusually
fortunate in securing outstanding
demonstrators for the woman's build
ing this year, ft is hoped that the
women and girls of this section will
take advaHtßg*_of the work "'to be
given during the week."
AVo of the demonstrators, Misses
Laura Judd Bryant and Miss Myrtle
Floyd, gave splendid demonstrations
at the past fair, and Miss Trentham
states they will be here again this
year along with others equally as good
The program of demonstrations for
next Tuesday and Wednesday follow:
Tuesday, September 27
9-10 a. m.—Demonstration in Food'
Preparation by Miss Myrtle Floyd
from Soft Wheat Millers Association.
11-12 a. m.—Demonstrations in
making sandwich mixture by Mis*
Vioet Alexander, Home Demonstra
tion Agent of Beaufort County.
1-2 -p. m.—Demonstration, Food
, Preparation—Quick Rolls, by Miss
Myrtle Floyd.
3-6 p. m.—Miss Laura Judd Bryant
Home Economic Director, McCormick
and Company, will give demonstra
tion and serve tea.
Miss Myrtle Swindell, Home Dem
onstration Agent, Hertford County,
will give demonstrations in the Arts
. and Crafts Booth during day, mak
ing Shades, Screens, and
ary Articles lor. the he«e.
Wednesday, September 28
9-li a. m.—Food Preparation Dem
onstration—Pastries, Pieß, by Miss
Myrtle Floyd.
11 a. m.—Miss Bertha Lee Fergu
son, Home Demonstration Agent, Pitt
County, will give demonstration in
Arts and Crafts Booth, making foot
12-2 p. m.—Miss Myrtle Floyd—
Food Preparation—Devil Food Cake
3-6 p. m.—Miss Laura Judd Bryant,
Demonstration—Making and Serving
Benton C. Wood, a representative
ffom the Du Pont Company, will be
in the Woman's Building all during
the week. He will give demonstra
tions in Duco finish. c
Miss Ayers, of the Singer Sewing
Machine*, company, will have an ex
hibit of machines. She will giv e den.
onstrations in seam finishes, tucking,
shirring and the various uses of the
machine attachments.
The Division of Markets, North
Carolina Department of Agriculture,
will have an exhibit in candling and
grading eggs.
The list of demonstrations for
Thursday and Friday*. will appear in
Tuesday's issue of th?» paper.
V -
Dennis Griffin Is Granted
48-Hour Leave from Prison
Dannis Griffin, who is under a 30
year sentence for connection with the
Needleman case, was granted a 2-day
leave from the central prison at Ral
tigh this week to come home to see
his mother who is dangerously 111 at
"the home of her son N. R. Griffin.
Dennis was permitted to leave on
his honor and without guard.
Charlie Chase Comedy
Episode No. 7 •
Show Starts at 7:00 O'clock on
Saturday—Two Shows
Always a Good Show
Offi&al Program
Annual R
\ • vsr**"-W~
" Tuesday, September 27 — School Day
All School Children, Whether From Martin or Any Other County. Ad
emitted Free at Main Gate Until 5:30 P. M.
' _ your entertainment.
' 9:00 a.m.—Special demonstrations'in Woman's Building.
10:30 a. m.—Judgitig starts in all departments.
11:00 a.m. —Special demonstrations in- Woman's Building. •
12:30 p.m.—Band concert by Frank F. Higgiiyi famous Hussar Battd, in
the grand stand.
1:00 p.m.—Special demonst&tious in Woman's building.
1:30 p.m.—Races called, 2:13 pace and 2:24 trot; S3OO purses and add
ed money; largest frntry list in history of th%, fair.
Greatest program of free ass even seen in this section be
tween the races. • ' '
3:00 p.m.—Special demonstrations in Woman's Building.
. —General inspection of exhibits.
8:00 p.m.—Free acts program in front of grand stafid, with selections
' by Higgins' concert band.
( 9:30 p. m.—F'ireworks display.
, Midway open until midnight. 
1 i Wednesday, September 28 — County Day
, .8:00 a.m.—Gates and midway*opcn. ,
I 9:00 a.m.—Special demonstrations in Woman's Building.
, 11:00 a. m.—Miss Ferguson, home agent of l'itt County, will give spec- j
I ' ial demonstrations in arts and crafts'buoth, making foot |
: , stools.
12:00 m.—Awards in all departments completed.
12:30 p. m.—Band concert in grand stand by Frahk F. Higgins' Con-„
1' cert Band.
i 1:30 p. in.—Races called; 2:20 pace and 2:15 trot; S3OO purses and add
, ed money; big list of cntVies.
i 3:oo'p. m.—-Special demonstrations in Woman's Building.
8:30 p. nij—Free acts program in front of grand stand,-with selections
by Higgins' Band.
9:30 p.m.—Greatest fireworks display ever seen at a (air here.
T- . . '
Grand Stand, Autos, and Parking Space Free to All at Night
B. B. Derrick, Federal Bu
reau of Markets
Talks to Growers
A meeting of Martin county peanut
growers was held ut the courthouse
lust night with Mr. 11. U. Derrick,
ci the bureau of Markets, making the
main address.
Mr. Derrick, gave' something of the
iubU.ry of cooperative associations
throughout the country, and told oi
the success the majority of them have
utuiined. He gave reasons why the
few have failed. He explained-Jww the
government had in the years past
helped the farmer to produce larger
crop, but told how it had done nothing
until recently to help in the market
ing end.
With the government as an aid, the
farmer has produced large crops
which have been forced on low mar
kets and in this way the public has
been fed and clothed at low prices
but without prolft to the fmnny-
Mr. H. J. Vann, a field worker of
tlio peanut association, described the
condition of the peanut organization
and gave very interesting history of
the past, The first two years of the
Mtsociation were disastrous and carpe
near destroying it. This was charg
able in the main to the llirdsong ad
ministration. For the yearn,
the management has been good, how
ever, and it is now recognised by tho
leading bankers and business men of
tlie country as being sound and safe.
It is also recognized as being u great
faetor in holding price of peunuts
The association last year handled
167,000 bags of the goobers and ex
pects soon to make final payment on
" The indication now is that the de
livery this year will be considerably
larger than that of last year.
There w«ll be another meeting of
'.he growers the fourth Saturday even
ing in October at the courthouse here.
Dr Walt Johnson To
Speak at Local Church
Dr. Walt Johnson of Mars Hill will
be in Williamston on 80th of
Lei for a day's service at the Baptist
This particular service is one of a
series of conferences which is being
held not only in North Carolina, but
over the territory of the Southern
L'aptiat Convention. Williamston is
particularly fortunate to have this
brilliant man for a day. The ministers
and laymen and women of the itoa
lioke Association are to attend.
Dr. Jonison is a brilliant speaker,
and the author of a recent book wldch
has brought him into great promi
The general public is invited, and
will be profited by hearing John
son. t
Williamston„ Martin County, North Caro J kia. Friday, September 23, 1927*
Several Men of This Section
Have Horses Entered in
Special Race
Thursdy will see u. full race pro-1
gram ut the fair here, for beside.. th
two regular races there will be h j
third, a race. Horses tvoiii j
this and the immediate surroui ling
counties will run in this race. A |->,ir««*;
of S2OO. will go to the winner.
Mr. Itodgerson, the fuff's man ner,
states that this race will be of par
ticular interest to peopltrrr. this sec
tion because the horses' owners are
ktiown personally. Dr. J. F. Thlg
pen, Whit Purvis and Messrs. FI 'm
ing and Lcggett of this county will
enter horses from this county, it is
understood. " .... . . *•
Principal of School Makes
Principal Address
To Club
The first meeting of the Woman's
ciub since the spring was held yester
day oftemoun and was one of the best
in the history of the club. Despite
\ariouß other activities in connection
with the fair, there were thirty-two j
present and Mesdames M. D. and W.
B. Watts, W. C. Manning, Jr., Milton i
J. Moye, E. P. Cunningham and J.!
Robert Everett were added to the!
club roll.
Mr. L. H. Davis, head of th e local |
schools was invited to address the
women and he gave facts concerning
the crowded conditions at the school.
He outlined work for th e membership
to accomplish and committees were
appointed to do the various thing? i
The length-of the meetings was
changed from an hour and a half to
one hour and the resolutions passed at
thc recent executive meeting and
which have beeh published were all
accepted by the club.
It was voted to secure scales for
weighing the school children and place
, theiw-in the school building as soon as
possible. -
The treasurer's report was very
gratifying to the members who have
given so generously of their time' to
serving the Kiwanis luncheons to
clear the club of the debt contracted
when the club rooms were remodeled.
Inhere is any of the debt
which has not been paid.
No Luncheon at Kiwanis.
Club Next Wednesday
The Kiwanis club lia* called off its
legular meeting next Wednesday on
account of the Koanoke Fair. The
ladies of the club will be busy with
booths at the fair and will be unable
t.i serve the Kiwanians with the reg
ular luncheon.
•* . v
Tells Civic Clubs There Is
' Immediate Need for More
Adequate Facilties Here
Both Kiwanis and Woman's Clubs
Appoint Committees To Make
The- immediate need for >norc ade
our.te facilities jn the local school
we I'm stressed by Principal L. H.
Davis in a. talk beforfe the \N otnan's
dub here yesterday afternoon.
Mr. Davis presented the members
of the club with facts concerning the
crowded oondiutuis ,ui the pchool, .stat
in!,' that immediate action "was vitally
necessary for the successful operation
of. the plant Iwrcythut a d-lay would
ilo an- injustice to the children of tho
community. His statements in-tho!
mutter were forceful and w;iv aimi|ai!
rin ' nature, to those made before a
| mooting of the Kiwanis. dub last
j Friday evening. .
To provide adequate fatalities. and:
j provide equal opportunities for all the
| children in the local school district,
Mr. l>avi,s suggested certain work be i
done by the community organisations. |
Committers' were appofiileci by officers
of the ciifb to £ak.' up tfe work a.-
suggetsed' by the local school princi
pal, and reports are expo ted Within I
the next few daysi
In his talk yesterday afternoon, the
speaker did not report t'.» fanciful
dreams in connection with* the school
here, but adhered to the f ct: in the
matter. I,'pon these the demand for
•irore adequate facilities is nased, and
Mr. Mavis was of the opinion thai it ;
: i the duty of every cilize, in the en
tre community to get Lehind the
-w« rk and help to alter tIV existing
, conditions. >
Baptists Announce
Services for % Sunday
" feoTO For
1 ..111 le the Ueme of the »s'unday
. ing seynon; jftid, "Jn the-Night of
.Death" will bo the subject used at the
; cv liiiiK hour.
"'i In'.',' special evening services have
been drawing good attendance from
this community, and this church al
vay appreciates the- presence of other
1 eople than its own membership.
- 'there are two more" of these special
evening subjects,
itself" mid "What Dojl'hey Do in
fliiTTSreat Ttiyond ? Ti They wili* lie
given in succeeding services.
Next Wednesday night at the usual
nud week Service, there will be a bap
tizing at the church; so,at the morn
-1111-; service Sunday the" doors of tli.
church will bo opened, and opportun
ity given to any others who may b ■
{'.waiting baptism.
The people are asked tft bear in
mind that Dr. Walt Johnson will
speak here on the morning and after
neon f September UOtii., which is Fri
doy. Those who know Di>J6hnson will
want to hear Jiim; those who do not
know' Inin should hepr him. c~
Any visitors in tlie community are
invited to worship with us; and the
men of the Williamston Tobacco Mar-
Ret will be very welcome, as well .as
the new teachers who have come to
* our town. "
Young's Store Opens
Here Tomorrow
.1 r.''
The ninth link in the Voung mer
cantile chain will be made here Sat
urday, September 24, when they open
' their new store in the Staton -build
ing on Mujn street.
The store hart been renovated ami
several new additions have been made
, vhich will make the general .appear-
I mice of the store more striking and
' "will adil to the convenience of its cus-
I tomers. A complete stock of merchan
-1! disc has- arrived and they are contem-
I plating a large busines in this soction
cn the strength of selling quality
The Young mercantile chain has
been serving the people of Flastem
Carolina for over forty years. A
permanent manager wi}l locate here
wtthin -the next few days.
TWQ Cars Collide on
Main Street Yesterday
Mrs. Inez Iteid, of Raleigh, run her
car into a Ford roadster on Main
street here yesterday and did jconsi
eerablc damage to the Ford. ,
Mrs., Reid was on her wajr to Ral
eifth from Elizabeth City and she was
suid to have been ""driving her car
between 26 and 80 miles an hour on
the busiest street of the town and at
the time the wreck occurred.
The Ford was being driven at the
time by Eldridxe MJnton, of Aulander.
Mrs. Reid admitted her fault and ar
ranged to pay all damages.
* ,
Sixth Annual Roanoke Fair
To Get Under Way Tuesday
Bazemore Execute
Penitentiary This Morning
"IRcptested Innocence To Last; Death Switch Thrown at
10:30; Is Second Martin County Man To
' •« Die in Electric Chair
George Frank Bazemore went
to his death this morning at 10:3(L
in the electric ch«i r at the State's
prison in Raleigh denying to tin
last any knowledge of the murder *
of Cordon Velverton several
months ago. on the Farmville-
Wilson highway.
Bazemore had been twice con
! victed in lireene county for kil
| young 'V elverton, and his cas v was
j given the attention of odicittU „t
I j Kaleigh, but every detail led to
| same verdict returned by the
(ireen county court,
j Bazemore was u young negr6,
H. L. Gardner Cuts Throat J
of Negro Tenant After
Tuesday, night, Mr, 11. L. tiardner,!
Who livua a. fuw lailea lrom- hero, ltll il I
Tom Askew, a tenant on lii > farm, en
gaged in an argument which came
i near resulting in the death of Askew. |
j After the two men had. returned to
J their homes from Williamston where |
they carried a load of tobacco, Askew j
| went to Mr. (itudiwr who wan sitting
I fin his door step ami began to curse '
_Jiim. Mr. iimdiL&i':iosi' up and r;ni
his knife across Bailey's throat, !«.-
(.inning nfcur the juglur vein and on
u iiKM'nd to his windpipe. The knife left
a deep wound and the jugular vein wus
easily to be seen. That was the way
i! happened; according to Mr,, Gar
dner's side. The other man states that |
he. was cut when he' refused to ex- •
ecute a demand made by Mr. Oardr
• ~Askew went to fiis h®nie where h:,
. I bled profusely before u doctor wu»
11 called.*
I Mr.. Gardner required to enter j
- into bond in the sum Of ipfi'/tr, pending
' j .1 preliminary hearing.
Judge Daniel Forced to Re
turn Home on Account
J Of Wife's Illness
The second week this term of su.
j perior court was called olf this morn
ing when it was learned that'the pre
-..siding* judge's wife, Mrs, Kriink \.
, Daniels would have to undergo an ,
, operation y,ext week ami that it would
[ be necessary for the Judge to be at
his wife's beilside.
) Judge Daniels endeavored to got
•some of the other judges of the State
to take his place on the bench here
ncrt week, but found that everyone ol
> them is holding court in other couu
.*• tics. ,
The criminal docket of the present
■ term wos cleared last Tuesday after* i
1 noon when r. verdict of "not guilty' ,
" was returned by the jury in the I'ltt-1
l'urrington murder case. Under the 1
1 civil head, the court ban made very
3 litile progress, one case requiring
- mast of thric days? It failed to reach
' the jury when an agreement was
reached, granting T. L, Hoberson
$3,000 and the railroad paying the
- costs. Another case against the rail
' road was started soon after the dis
' ijo»al of the Roberson suit, and it i 1
nol known -whether court will extendi
R inUi to morrow or not.
'' It is understood the present calen
dar will be followed ut the special
B tivil term of the court here next
month. r -
f Harrison Oil CQ. TO Have
Unusual Booth at Fair
t.x .
n The Hurrison Oil company, leading
_ T(xaco distributors in this part of the
State, are preparing an attractive
b*»eth at the fair here this year. It
, ;u something very different and you
. will not want to miss it at the fair
when you go out,
; The booth, besides being attractive
ly decorated, win have a motor oil
» display after the style of the Niagara
falls. Oil can "be seen flowing con
. tinuously just i»s the enless stream of
vcter flows' over at Niagara Falls.
A . -.. a, . .
«- and lived with'his_ wife
and ejulctien near here. He was
"a man abJhit tuw»l'_jjrpc, gaining
a livelihood by "knocking around '
rather than by working.
This is the second .Martin coun
ty man to sit in the electric
chair. Brad Uagley . was-the lirht
man ever electrocuted in North
t'ikrotina which was jit ltllO, for
the killing of W. K. White, Chief
of I'olice here at the time.
The liody of Bazemore will be
brought to the home near here ,
today by J. I'. Made, local colored
• H
Made Necessary by Change
111 Schedule ol 'l'rains; ective Monday
Following Ihe change i" Wain si lie-1
.lull'- itmhHMWl by I.. Huil-1
i ad Tuesday, tonics a change u.!
tin mail schedule, uiui now, witli onul
t Xll.'ptioll, tilt) pcOplg .Will lIUVf l" lv
ctljuot, Ihou naps lo the post uttice, |
According to I'ost Master J. 1.
I'l lt'O, tllu lot 111 pOSt oilict! will illi
lai't! to* tlie iollowing schedule, t>l
ifitive next Monday: v
-—Hum- No.- iiu, iiiuil 'closes 7:l' I u. in.
tliut is no mail accepted lit# Ijiat train
uiltr that hour, train afrivi'sat 7;02
a. in., mail urrives at H a. ill. ami mail
distributed, by 8;.'10 a. rty Wo receive from all directions on this train.
Train muil closes 1 p v m.
Tram arrives at l;|h p. m., mail ar
rives 1 :.'iO p..m. ami mail distributed
Oy p;m. We receive mail from
isoitli, South ami West on this train,
Train No. 67, mail closes p:4t> p. m.
"4 :«) l>. m. and mail distributor by
: :S») t»; In, Wo receive mail from Kast
- um-.-tv,- -L'. ain I. some - Xioni North on
| this train.
* ■ Tiudn No. j>4, mail closes 5:16 p, in,
Irani arrives 6:47, mail arrives t>U>b
| p. in. and mail distributed by 0:20
p. in. We ruceivuMiiuil front all direc
tions except Eastern N. C. on (his
train.• .
Trains.os and 04 will have the sumo
schedule outlined above on' Sundays.
Closed pouch service, that is no rail ,
way postal elork on these trains. '
i'ho post office is open from 8 a. m,
to 0 p. m. daily except Sundays and
It-jral holiiluyS; no window service 1 on
■Sunday ft unci holidays.
Kural carriers, Nos. I, 2, 15, 4, and
*.i lrave'al-0 a. m. ami return from 12
„M. to I:3U p. in.
k. ' 5
Large Hale oi Hunting
License>• in This County
Tho sal e of hunting Hcon#t!* in
county has passed tho 600 mark; uml
it is expected Hie nuttln'i' will reach
' more than 700 before the season
I doses.
Clerk of 'the Court J{. J. I'eel leads
i the list in number of licenses sold.
1 Li«tjly yesterday he hud sold 160
county licenses antl 28 resident state
| licenses. The salo has been checked
'lo a great extent on account of the
sKortage in licenses at hand. ,
With Heart Wound
Negro May Recover
While he might recover, chances
Were .said today at noon to be against
Augustus Lucas, 18-year-old negro,
who suffered a heart wound frotn a
penknife a few" days ago. The negro's
„wound was sewed up by I)r. 1). T.
Tuylou, jr. at the Washington hos
pital a few days ayro, the doctor-hav
iiig' to cut through several -ribs to
reach the heart.
Seventy Horses Entered
For Races at Fair Here
Mr. W. h. McDonald, race secre
tary for the Roanoke fair, stated at
noon today that 70 horses, some of
the fastest in the Soath7"hnd already
been entered for the races here next
week and many others are expected
lo enter tonight und tomorrow. This
number does not Include the horses
entering the community race.
Advertisers Will Find Our Col
umns a latchkey to Over 1,600
Homes of Martin Court y
Nat Reiss. Shows Will Be
j__ Heady To Open By
Monday Night
Indications Are That All Departments
I Will Have Greatly ' Increased
Number of Exhibits
.1. L. Wodgctson, manager of the
| Koanoke Fair, states that every de
j pgrtment in connection with the Fair
opfninjjf here next Tuesday, is func
! tinning in u most satisfcictory man
i including the Nat Ketss Shows,*
I the company who furnishes a hundred
' special midway attractions f(>r the
, fair and are due to arrive here some
ime in. the lute afternoon Sunday,
i Killing from'Martinsburg, W.-.Va.
where they are furnishing 'all the
-pecial attnu t ions at that fair this
« Alt noujjlt the Nat lteiss Shows had
i, ver made Eastern fairs until this
> 1 ar, every fa'ir secretary so far this
,i ;ison has boen loud in his praises
| li. .ti e-iiierits of this company which
I tiiu? proven jSrery popular throughout
I tbe Mast. • •
J_ j ai ryitiif nearly 400 people. all of
I whom have been well orgaui&ed, it is
expected their usual speed and har
mony' will prevail in unloading the
i »tcial train of 25 brilliant orange
j and black' cars,, heavily loaded in cir
tus 'style, and h;ive all the special at
tractions "of shows, rides and stands
whit'b will form this pecial- midway
at the fair here, in place
and ready for an early opening Mon
, day night.
| i Among the favorite shows enumer
ated by the company's representative
ere the motordrome in which a lion
races with a ' motorcycle piloted by
■ "Uiirles.f" Karl I'urtle, who only re
wntly recovereufrofiTa long illness
' caused by a sudden attack by an in
' furlated lion when going through his
> I performance at Sayre, Pa. several
• weeks ago; the Society Circus where
■ | lovers- of equestrian feats see horses
' >f Almost' human intelligence arid
' | p'gility; ' "End of the lload", a
ij jjiHtt.txm art exhibit in which are rie-
I icted historical characters in wax
• i figures accompanying which "lire in
> struetive lectures pointing out the
futility of a life of crime, the doom
■  f which spells ruin; the three-ring
i monkey circus where 31 well-trained
iuc.nk«!ss and a baby monkey hold the
■ interest of young and old frir hours
• fct a time; Jolly Dixie, the fat lady
v from Memphis, Tenn., weighing 603
pounds; Circus Side Show 'with its
. numerous attractions, any ono of
I which is complete in itself; the Hug
i gy Hide, a new and novel show o'f
thrills and .laughs; Illusion Show.
I where the 'eye sees what the mind
J cannot accept; Joy S|iip, Fairyland.
J.aliow, Jmiglelaml and the ever en
- tertaining minstrel sljuw composed of
25 colored performers carefully se
lected from Dixie.
' Among the rides aro the merry-go
round, ferris wheel, merry-mix-up,
- nkooter, hey-day, caterpillar and the
I whip.
t All of these, the representative
i stated, are suitable attractions for
the entire family, there being none
d with the Nat Reiss shows where
I. women and children cannot attend,
j Today at noojj exhibits were pour
e iiig into the "buildings at the fair
I gioiind -, und from present indications
e they will surpass all former ones in
I both number ani, quality.
Chief of Police Daniel
Captures Hog Thief
r  i. . «
(" ■ Mr. John D. Lilley, assistant to the
K j clerk of the court here, was terribly
1 I upset when he visited his hog pen on
'• | l lie farm of Mr. S. G. Griffin near
11 1 here last Monday morning and found
s | one of his best shoats missing. Chief
• | Daniel was notified and a search was
| started. After measuring the track of
th„ thief,-Chief Daniel wertt to the
" home of George Williams, colored
n an living in New Town. There thf
officer learned that Williams kept his
hogs in a pen beyond the cemetery.
When Mr. LiUey and Mr. Daniel
■ reached that section they again saw
a track similar to the one seen at the
• pen where the hog was stolen. Ideni
-1 flcation was made certain when Mr.
f Lilley saw the pig and when the pig
' Appeared glad over his oVnert pre»
t ence.
I Williams wae placed In the town'a
• jail, but was later released under bond
 for his appearance in recorder's
court . ,'t

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