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    Sixth Annual Roanoke Fair—September 27, 28, 29, and 30—Bigger and Better Than Ever—Be Here
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Allen Smith Shot Twice by
Unknown Negro At
Fair Grounds
Nine Participant! in Fight Arrested
By Local Police, But Man Who
Did Shooting Escaped
Alle Smith .young man employed by
the Carolina Telephone and Telegraph
company and whose home is in Rocky
Mount, was seriously shot here Sun
day evening when he with several
other telephone emplftyea was in 9
fight with several negroes.' Smith's
condition is considered very grave,
but doctors at the Washigton hospital
where the man was carried, re
port that there is hope for a recovery.
Officers took the case and early
yesterday morning nine arrests had
■ been made, but the man using the gun
was not identified among that number
1 he nine men arrested stated that the
gunman was a stranger to them, that
the fight was arranged by him. While
several of the nine admitted their
part in the fight, they insisted that
it was the fault of the missing man
that the near-tragedy was brought
According to information coming
Irem various sources, the trouble
got underway Sunday evening when
' Smith with several other members of
the telephone ompany's construction
force was walking in the fair grounds
and when a negro brushed against
one of the telephone men: Words
were exchanged and a- fight started
when several negroes rushed to the
bcene. Showmen brought the fight to
tn end and it was generally thought
that the trouble was over. However,
when the several telephone men were
leaving the grounds and when they
reached the gate, the fight was re
newed by the negroes. Several rocks
were reported but the fight
soon took on a more personal aspect
and knives, rarffru and a gun were
brought into use. Several of the tele
phone men were badly cut and had
their clothes Bliced while their assail
ants escaped with very few injuries.
At noon today officers were slow to
effer any information regarding the
identiy of the gunman and when an
arrest was expected to take place.
The exact cause of the disturbance
has not been learned, and all th« ac
counts relating to that part,. of it
have been of a most varied nature.
• Young Smith is the son of Mr. and
and Mrs. W. D. Smith, of Rocky
Mount. He has been here only a few
days where his company is working
on a construction program.
Little Damage Done by
Blaze in Berber Shop
Sundfvy Morning
"A fire of mysterious origin causad
members of the volunteer fire com
pany to be called from their rest in
the wee morning hours last Sunday.
When the alarm was turned in, it
- looked as if the Midway barbershop
here was in ashes, the smoke was so
dense. After an entrance was gain
ed, the fireman found an old stove sit
ting in one corner with a red hot fire
in it The stove had no pipe and with
several old rags on it, the smoke was
making a great show. A delay on the
part of the fire company would have
been costly, however, for the parti
tion dividing the barbershop and the
Ambers pressing club had aiarted to
burn when the engine araived.
■ ' ■ ■■ ■
* v
The Moat Beautiful Woman on
the Screen
fac 1
Always a Good Show;
II m I
H ...
8R £ -' : '
J. F. Murphy, general manafier of the Nat Reiss Shows, is the executive
in charge of all of the many attractions on the seven acres of midway of
fered for the entertainment of visitors to the fair this week.
Nat Reiss Shows
Largest Midway Ever Here
Double Midway Is Lined
With Rides, Shows,'
And Booths
Although the sixth annual Rounoke
Fair did not open officially until to
day, there wax a fair crowd on hand
at the grounds last night to enjoy the'
many attractions offered by the Nat
Keiss shows on the greatest and most
attractive midway ever seen at any
fair in this part of the country. . |
Stretching from the main gate all
the way to the rear end of the fair
grounds, the midway runs in double
aisles that occupy more than seven
ceres of land, and that is with all of
the many attractions so close to
gether that there is no room between
them. It would be impossible to visit
all of the shows and rides in one af
ternoon, so numerous aro the Nat
Ueiss midway offerings.
The long Nat Reiss showtrain of
26 double-length cars pulled into the
fair grounds Sunday afternoon, and
all day yesterday the 425 men who
constitute thf permanent personnel of
the organization labored to have
everything in readiness for the even
ing attendance. It seemed a super
human task, to watch the vacant fair
grounds transformed into a vast city
of tents, dotted by the massive frame
work of the Ferris wheel, the whip,
caterpiller, hey dey, skooter, mix-up,
inerry-go-round and other rides pre
sented by the Nat Reiss people, bui
at the sun weiii down the long mid
way bust into a blaze of brilliance as
the currest was turned down in the
2(1,000 or more lights, and the sixth
annual Roanoke Fair was under way.
Many and varied are the shows on
the midway this year. First there is
the big circus side show, wherein are
to be found fifteen different and
unique entertainments, featuring
Kaiulani's Royal Hawaiian troupe
with Princess Kini, who was "Miss
Honolulu" in a recent Atlantic City
beauty contest.
Then there is the funny monkey
circus, with 35 performing simians,
said to be the only show of its kind
In America. J*{ot the least interesting
member of the monkey troupe is
baby "Bing", onfe of the few monkeys
cvor born in captivity, and so named
Localise the first saw the light of da/
while the Nat Reiss shows Were ap
pearing at the Binghamton, N. Y.
fair. Tight-wire performers, acrobat*,
trick bicycle riders, automobile rac
ers and many other trained monkeys
ir. this show last night kept the au
dience in a constant uproar of laugh
One exhibit that should prove of
exceptional interest is the "End of
the Road", said to be the most com
plete wax-works display in the coun
try. In this show are groups illustra
ting the fact that crime never pays,
pjTtraying the fate that inevitably
awaits the criminal as exemplified by
such notorious criminals as Jesse
Jemes, the Dalton and Younger gangs
Leopold and Loeb, Gerald Chapman
and. many others. .
In conection with this show Robert
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, September 27, 1927
To Meet Robersonville-Ev
eretts Aggregation at
The local highnchool boys will play
the first football game of the season
when they journey to Robersonville
where they will meet a team com
posed of boys from that town and
from Everetts. , i.
Coach Hood htas been carrying his
boys through regular practice now for
the past two weeks, and while his
team is not in mid-season form he
predicts his boys will make a credit
able showing next Friday.
The team starts out this year with
only three old members returning to
their berths. The protifßle line-up for
the game includes, Herbert Cowan,
left end; Hible Liverman, left tackle;
A. J. Manning or George Gurganus,
left guard; Darrell Price, center;
John Hartttson, right guard; Marvin
Gurganus, right tackle; Jim Cook,
right'end. The backfield will be made
up from tho following: C. B. Clark,
jr., Edwin Cox, Durand Keel, Buck
Saunders, Sam Brown and Tom Teel.
Three Stores Closed
Here for'the Day
The stores of Messrs. Margolis
Urotherfc, Norfolk Underscllers and
VV. R. Orleans did not open this
being a holiday with the owners.
Irwin, its manager, last night took
occasion to criticize unqualifiedly the
move started recently to erect a
statute or monument in "honor" of
Jesse Janus. Describing this proposal
as "glorifying the American criminal"
Irwin characterized it as a disgrace to
its proponent and a blot on the slate
of American ideals.
For thoss who crave thrills, the
Nat Reiss motordrome with its sen
sational lion chsue should satisfy the
■demands of the most avid seeker af
ter hair-raisers, while for those who
seek mystery, there is plenty, of Mb
portunity to try to figure o ut the
s«ret of existence of "Maxine,. the
half-lady"; "Spidora", tSe spider with
the head of a beautiful girl; "Vio
lelta", the musical head on the vic
trola record, and the many other il
lusions in the Museum of Mystifica
It would take far more space than
can be spared to enumerate all of the
many attractions on the Nat Relis
midway, but this story would not be
complete without some mention of tho
"Euggy Ride" and the "Old Bo«t",
two of the funiest fun houses im
aginable. Both of these attractions
are attracting capacity audiences to
The midway will be in operation all
week, after which the Nat ReisA
shows will pack up their equipment
and move over to Kinston to present
all of the entertainment and Amuse
ment features at th'e fair there next
Good Attendance at First
of Series of Economics
Several To Be Held Daily During
Remainder of Fair; Experts
Are In Charge 4
The first of the series ► of home
economics demonstrations in the wo
man's building at the f*>> grounds
here were largely attended by "women
from the several counUea in this sec
tion today. The demonstrations, held
by some of the leading dfltaotixtrators
met with general apprwul and es
pecially was this true in the case of
the young girls who have been follow
ing the work. "•
Tomorrow the demonstrations will
continue as announced ove at 9 and
another at 11 in the moruing and one
at noon and another at S in the af
The program for Thursday and Fri
_9-10 , a. m.—Demonstration Food
Preparation, cheese biscuit by Miss
Laura Bryant.
11-2 p. m.—Food Preparation, small
cakes and cookies, Miss Myrtle
Floyd. >"
3-6 p. m.—Food Preparation, tea
by Miss Bryant.
Miss Sabria William*, -Home De
monstration Agent, Washington coun
ty, will give demonstration in arts
pnd crafts booth during the day in
making gifts.
Friday, September 30
9-10 a. m.—Food Preparation, ice
box cooky, Miss Bryant.
11-12 a. m.—Demonstration in Tie
and Dyeing, Miss Sabria Williams.
1-2 p. m.—Food
quick coffee cbke, Miss Floyd.
8-6 p. m.—Demonstration in Tea,
Miss Bryant. •
During the week. P. B. tiateman of
the John Lucas Paint company, will
give demonstrations in reflnishing fur
mture. * .
Miss Nora Bradford of the Post
Products company will also give de
mostrations during the week in the
various ways of using Jeil-O.
Three Are Arrested for
Hunting Without License
L. S. James, J. A. Manning and
Paul Bellflower, of Hamilton, were ar
rested last week for hunting without
licenses, according to a statement
coming from County Game Warden
J. W. Mines.
The three men were arrested by
Warden R. C. Brown, of Oak Gity.
At their trial before Justice of the
Peace J. E. Edmondson in Hamilton,
the three men were fined $6 and re
quired to pay the costs.
Few arrests of this nature have
been made in the past several days,
and it is the general belief'that the
law is being observed to a very
high degree.
Official Program
Annual Roanoke Fair
• Thursday, September 29—Everybody's Day
8:00 a.m.—Gates open; Midway, with Nat Keiss Shows and Rides for
your entertainment. . ,
9:00 a: m.—Special demonstrations in Woman's lluilding.
11:00 a.m.—Special demonstrations in Woman's Building.
1:00 p. m.—Band concert by Frank I*. Higgins' famous Hussar Band,
•in the grand stand., -
' 1:30 p.m.—Races called, 2:12 trot, 2:10 pace, and community race; S.IOO
purses and added money; largest entry list in history of
fail", several local horses in community race.
Greatest program of free acts ever seen in this section be
tween the races. ' •
3:00 p.m. —Special demonstrations in 'Woman's Building.
8:00 p.m.—Free acts program in front of grand stand, with selections
by Higgins' concert band. '
• 9:30 p.m.—Firework* display. «
Midway open nntil midnight.
Friday, September 30—Homecoming Day
8:O0~a, m.—Gates and midway open.
9;po a.m.—Special demonstrations in Woman's Building.
11:00 a.m.—Special demonstrations in Woman's Building.
1:00 p.m.—Band concert-in grand stand by Frank F. Higgins' Con
cert Band.
1:00 p.m.—Special demonstrations in Woman's Building.
1:30 p.m.—Races called; 2:19 trot and 2:20 pace; S3OO purses and add
ed money; big list of entries. ,
3:oop.m.—Special demonstrations in Woman's Building.,
8:00 p.m.—Free acts program in front of grand stand, with selections
by Higgins' Band. . t •
9:30 —Greatest fireworks display ever seen at a fair here.
Midway opert until midnight.
Qrand Stand, Autos, and Parking Spaca Free to All at Night
' :Xs dl*. . .. . ii, t Airy. »_ till . U • ,
Sixth Roanoke Fair Gets Off
To Good Start Here Today
. • ~ , ~ . ' i
Two ot" the colored entertainers wh
strel, which promises to be one of the
midway presented at the Fair this we
Missed Last Night; Found
Undamaged Near Here
This Morning
A new Dodge coupe, belonging io|
County Agent T. B. Brandon was bor j
rowed by some privileged character at!
the fair grounds last evening whil 'j
Mr. Brandon was busy with tirade*-
Mbits inside the main building. Wlmn |
Mr. Brandon went to i?Pt his ear to j
come in for" stopper, he found that a J
rogue had won the race. He learned!
that a car, thought to be hi?, had
been driven out of the grounds byway
of the rear gate just a few minutes
before. Working with this inforjria-,
tion, the agent tracked his t/vr do«'i
the old bricks kill road a short ways
to a point where it was turned around
and brought back by the fair grounds
where it could b« trailed no farther. [
The last Mr. Ilrandon heurd from : ~ =—
lis car was told him by filling station 'NT/^ r pT7 , QTDIT A X^'TJ , T?
ittemlants until this morning when iMvJ X LLLJ urCifilVli/K
it was found in the bushes in the T-I pT t? TTRTOAV
Skewarkee Church grounds near here. | " *
The car had apparently escuped dam-1 _
Here front Pennsylvania
Mr .and Mrs. hugen,. Mizelle, of
ma i r. i ... i.. » ...... i r-riday morning ut 10 o clock, Dr.
Mulvern, Pa. arrived today to .spend » f .
several weeks with Mr. Millie's V\alt Johnson will speak in the local
brother-in-law, Alonzu- Uobcrson. Mr. '"P 1 " d,urdl ' Jc «'» u « u,n
• mi ««• ii u i _ hu afternoon, leaving town immeui
and Mrs. Miselle before moving to ; ... ;
T , i i j i ~in„ tttely for other like.engagements.
Pennsylvania lived at Jameaville. , , . ,
* It is expected that Dr. Johnson s
_L ....... T t coming will bring to Williamston
10 are..featured iu the Georgia Min
most popular attractions on the huge
ek by the Nat Reiss Shows.
Stares Close Here
Thursday Afternoon
That all. the employees of the
various mercantile establish
ments might have an opportuni
ty to view the exhibits at the lair
here, the merchants have gladly
agreed to close their stores at
noon Thursday, giving a half
holiday to the clerks. This ac
tion comes about through the
store and merchants.
This plan was followed last year
and Mayor Coburn, in speaking
of the half-day holiday, stated he
thought it would meet with pop
ular approval.
On account of the tobacco
market, the bank will remain
open to serve patrons of the lo
cal market. The drug stores
will also 'remain open.
Dr. Walt Johnson To Talk
At Baptist Church Twice
Morning and Afternoon
(,uitij a number of ministers anl luy
men for a distance about Williamston,
And while the pastor of the church
for the local people, yet he would be
pleased if many people
would make it a point to attend at
least one- of these lectures. '
Motor Club Gains 3,000
Members in Fifth Year
A gain of more thun 3,000 members
during the fifth year o fits existence
wu.s announced recently by Charles S.
Wallace, president of the Carolina I
Motor club in recounting outstanding
achievements of the organisation
which celebrated its fifth anniversary
a few days ago.
Xhu club wa« fomuid September 16,
(1)22 at Greensboro with 5(1 charter
rticmbers. September 15, 19g7 the ac
tual paid in advance membership was
9.549 u gain of 3,314 over September
1926. /" : «
The Enterprise gladly corrects i*a I
mistake ma«le last week in announc
ing the marriage of Johnny Wynn
and Mfss Refiecca Rogers; QUI; error
s»vas in saying S. A. Martin instead of
Johnny Wynn.
Mr. Martin calls our attention to
the fact that it was not hia wedding,
that it was hi» friend's.
Mr. Martin says, however, that he
is not going to sue the marrying par
son who tn«de such a grave error in
his report which accorded him such
honor, _
Mrs. S. S. Lawrence and children
are upending today with her parents,
Mr. W. C. Manning.
Admitted Free at Main Gate
Until 5:30 This After
noon; Many Attend
Poultry, Swine, Community, School,
Cattle and Individual Exhibits
Are Greatly Increaied
A record-breaking crowd was the
forecast at noon today for the opening
of the sixth annual Koanoke Fair
here. In the absence of J. Pluvius,
the cars from this and surrounding
counties were - running into ithe
grounds in an almost continuous line.
With the endless stream continuing,
the crowd today will reach form six
to nine thousand, it is thought. Thou
sands of school children are taking
advantage of the fuir association's
hospitality today, and the schools all
ovev the county have declared a gen
eral holiday. >
With the largest show ever to play
the fair here, reaching from front to
back; there will be no end to the a
musement features.
Poultry Department Larger
■Mr. C. VV. Jacks, superintendent ot
tl.e poultry department, was very
much pleased this morning when he
cJiecked his entries and found a few
over 1500 birds in his coops. In the
number there were 80 different breeds
and they came here from as far away
as Missouri and New York. It is,
without a doubt, the greatest chicken
show ever seen in this section.
Agricultural booths ,
The agricultural booths were still
going up early morning and at
coon today feature exhibits were all
over the main buildings. The exhibits
of Chas. M. l'riddy ami' company,
I'\ S. Koyster Guano company, Inter*
national Agriculture company were
outstanding in their field. There are
several splendid county exhibits and
the farm exhibit by the Mount Gould
farm, J. U. Cullipher, owner, is. very
good. The school exhibits surpass by
fur those of last year.
Swin« Department
D. M. Kuberson, superintendent of
the swine, department, stated this
morning thut he had exhibited "at
Maryland and' Virginia, but
lie would win no such prizes here as
ho did in those two states because
Lh' competition was so much greater
here. The number of hogs here this
year is increased greatly/ according
to the superintendent
In the cattle barn are herds from
West" Virginia, Haw Hiver, and Edge
combe besides the others coming
front places nearer here.
Woman's liuilding
No less than two columns could
bp used in describing the "doings" in
the woman's building. Demontrutions,
held by leading demonstrators of
the South, are going on almost con
tinuously. The exhibits here are most
varied. * . "
"Just before closing our columns to- '
day, the race horses were warming
up for the first race. With more than
seventy entered, the races are expect
ed to beat anything seen here. Some
off the fastest horses in the South
will be on the track each afternoon.
On Thursday, the community race will
be held, and strange as it may seem,
all of the owners have expressed H
great confidence in their horses.
Gave First Concert At Noon
Today; To Be Heard
' Again Tonight
The Higgins famous Hussar band
arrived here last night and gave its
first performance at 1:00 o'clock in
the grandstand at the fair grounds to
day. The band, carrying sixteen
pieces,- has juat completed a success
ful week at Charlottesville, Va. where
it playel at.-the fair there.
The program at noon today in
cluded many of the popular pieces
aa well as those of a classical natu».
The concert was greatly added to by
Miss Eva Powell, Lyric soprana and
Mr. Harry DeGray, vocal solist, when
they rendered able selections.
Frank F. Higgins, manager and
director, is originally from Boston,
but for a number of years h« has
selected the South as his field where
he plays many of the leading fairs
throughout the Southern States.

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