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Playground Equipment Has
Been Bought and Due
Here in Few Days
Tells Association of Work Being
Done by Parents-Teachers
In Other Towns
The first meeting of the parents
tiaehers association was held here
yesterday afteroon in the school au
ditorium with 74 parents in atten
dance. The eleventh grade won the at
tendance prize by having the largest
per cent, of parents present.
Mrs. Newell, of the local school
faculty, told of the work carried on
by parents-teachers associations in
other'towns where she had taught,
■toting how those associations faced
the tasks of beautifying school
grounds, equipping hospital rooms in
the school, purchasing play-ground
equipment and bringing about a better
cooperation between children and
In his report before the meeting,
Principal L. H. Davis stated that
piayground equipment had been pur
riused and that ft would be here in
a days. The State's school shrub
berjrarchitect has been asked by. Mr.
Davis to come here and meet with
the committee in charge of beautify
ing the grounds. The invportance of
having children attend school regu
larly was stressed by the principal,
and according to his statements, the
parents were neglecting their duties
when they failed to visit the school
or inquire after their children.
Mrs. P. B. Cope, an active membei
in the association, stated that the
scales ordered for the school by the
Woman's club were on the way here.
Upon Miss Lucy Claire Ivey's nomi
nation, Miss Mary Fletcher was made
the association's new secretary. She
succeeds Miss Mildred Harden in that
Mrs. W. C. Liverman, the president,
read the list of grade mothers, and
stated that a prise would be awarded
the (ml* having the greatest number
of parent* at each meeting. The grade
mothers are, Mrs. J. H. Saunders,
first; Mra. R. A. Critcher, second;
Mrs. M. D. Watts, second; Mrs. H. B.
Hclloman, third; Mrs. Clayton Moore,
third; Mrs. J. E. Pope, fourth; Mrs.
C. A. Harrison, fifth; Mrs. I* T.
Fowden, sixth; Mrs. C. O. Moore,
fcixth; Mrs. Roy Gurganus, seventh;
Mrs. C. B. Clork, eighth; Mrs. G. N.
Gurganus, ninth; Mrs. J. L. Rodger
ron, tenth; Mrs. J. T. Edmondson,
Other busincsg relating to member
ship in various organisations was dis
cussed and reports from the several
committees were heard.
Leslie T. Fowden Ships
Prize-Winning Peanuts
Mr. L. T. Fowden, local insurance
man and peanut buyer, shipped to the
large peanut companies of the coun
try last week several bunches of
prise-winning peanuts. Mr. "Fowden
stated they were'the best samples he
had seen in years, and if th e entire
crop was half as good as the samples,
Martin county would have one of the
best in years.
The peanuts were grown by Mr.
Nashua L. Coltrain, near here, and
•ere placed on exhibit by him at the
If air here last week where they won
Gets Good Price Here on
Split Barn of Tobacco
Mr. Stillman, of Plymouth, was here
today, selling a split barn of tobacco.
After the sale he showed the William-
Eton bill and the "Big Market" bill.
He Was highly pleased with his Wil
liamston sale, stating it brought him
the most money.
in "Forbidden Trails"
"Thundering Fleas"
* • -
Episode No. 9
RETURN of the
Always a Good Show
Strong Faculty Has Been
Secured; Splendid Year's
Work Is Expected
One of the best openings in its
history is expected Monday week,
October 17, when the Farm Life
school begins its 1»27-'2B sessions.
On that day all patrons of the school
are invited to attend and take part
JE the exercises beginning at 8:30
a m.
The school, this year, has an ex
ceptionally strong faculty, and a
splendid year's work is anticipated.
Mr. John E. Manning, a teacher of
several years' experience, will_be the
school's principal and he will teach
English and mathematics. Mr. Man
ning holds a M. S. degree from the
Lniversity of Arkansas, and after
several years' work in the West, he
returns to Martin county to be near
hie home.
As an high school assistant in his
tory and science, Mr. Ralph B. Talley,
a graduate ofy the University of
North Carolina, comes well recom
mended in scholarship and profes
sional training He will alio have work
in the seventh grade and will direct
boys' athletics. * \
Miss Reva Jefferson, of Washing
ton, an experienced an,d well known
teacher in the community, will teach
the fifth and sixth grades.
Third and fourth grades will he
taught by Miss Alma Mixelle, Rober
sonvilte. Miss Mizelle was a student
one year at Atlantic Christian col
lege, twelve weeks at Seashore sum
mer school, and is a graduate of
Appalachian State | Normal school.
The primary department will be in
the charge of Miss Alma Manning,
Hasaells. Miss Manning taught there
last year and her work was very suc
cessful. *
Music instruction will be given by
Miss Frances Clark, Lewiston. Miss
Clark is a graduate from Appalachian
State Normal school..
Mr. W. B. Harrington will run the
teacherago and have the care of the
arhool property in charge for this
For purposes of classification ami
direction for buying books, official*
of the school are asking all students
to meet their respective teachers at
the school building according to the
following schedule:
High school, including seventh
grade, meet Mr. Manning und Mr.
Tilley, Wednesday, October 12, 2:30
p. m. All. who can, come early, but
boys who are busy on the farm Will
be waited on till around 6:00 o'-
clock. Any and all high uchool stu
dents who can see the principal and
properly classify before October 12,
will be excused on that date.
Fifth and sixth grades meet Miss
Reva Jefferson, Thursday, October 13,
2:30 p. m.
Third and fourth grades, meet Mists
Micelle, and first and second grades
meet Miss Manning, Friday, October
14, 2:80 p. m.
Musifc students will be enrolled nny
(lay set in above schedule.
Students should bring report cards
and any other records that may be
of use in classification. Those stu
dents who may be forced to enter a
little lste should -see the principal
and make arrangements for doing
proper and creditable work when they
do enter..
Will Be Held Sunday After
noon; Several Speakers
On Program
The Sunday school association 6f
Cross Roads township will be lield
Sunday afternoon at 2:80 with the
Christian Chapel church at Cross
Following the devotional exercise*,
Mr. R. J. Peel will tell how to reach
adults and hold them in the Sunday
school. Mr. Peel ha* taught Bible
classes in various Sunday school for
a number of years, and his talk Sun
day afternoon should be of much in
terest to those who attend. •. J
"Meeting the needs sof the youag
people through the Sunday School"
will be the topic used in a talk by
Rev. C. E. Lee. There will be a gen
eral discussion before the meeting
closes, and it is the hope of those in
charge that everyone will take a part.
The meeting will be in session just
a little over an hour, and everybody
is cordially invited to attend,
To Organize Community
Club in Farm Life Section
According to information coining
from officials of the Farm life school,
a community club will be organized
in that section when the school opens
'there the 17th of this month. A
great deal of interest is behind the
undertaking. The club, when organ
ised, "will promote the best co-oper
r.'.ion of school and community for
greater educational ' J l '
Williamston, Martin County , North Carolina, Friday, October 7, 1927
Federal Prohibition Agents
And Sheriff, Capture
Number Stills
Find Well-Equipped 300-GsUon Still
And Outfit Near Devil's Klbow
On Middle River
This week has bsen u most unfor
tunate one for moonshiners and liquor
drinkers in this section.
Prohibition Agent C. F. Alexander
and Deputy J. Raleigh Manning
caught a copper still near the tobac
co barns of "W. J. Ausban in Poplar
Point township. The officers found at
the plant a small quantity of beet
ami four gallons of liquor.
The next capture took place when
the officers found a 50-gullon copper
etill about 250 yeartls from Smith
wick's Creek church. There was no
liquor and only about four barrels
of beer at this place. A path, leading
from the home of a colored man to
the public road and then across to the
still, showed plainly that the still wns
operated from this house.
The officers made their big raid,
however on Middle river in Bertie
county when they found a plant ta
cated near "Devil's Elbow". They
at tuck a plank road, running out into
the swamp, and followed it u few
paces where a house 24x44 feet
covered an up-to-date distillery. A
EOO-gallon copper still, 800 gallons of
meal and sugar beer, one bag of
sugar, a half bag of meal, one sack
if malt, 15 gallons of low wines,
many empty barrels, and demijohns,
a shot gun and rifle and cooking
utensils were found. The still was
fired with ashe wood cut a short dis
tance from the-plant and haul«d there
in a wheel barrow, it was a day of
rrst for the distillers, for there was
no one there. The outfit was gathered
and the house with a few of its con
tens was burned by the officers.
Thiß still was operated from Ply
mouth by boat, and it is understood
the liquor was carried there and
sold in wholesale quantities.
During the week, Sheriff Roebuck
also picked up two stills, on e near
Wilson Chapel church near Everetts
i ad the other in Beaver Dain swamp
back of H. A. Cullipher's residence
These were both small and there was
little equipment at either of them.
Show Good Form to Beat
Washington "Scrubs"
26-0 Yesterday
In its first game of the season,
Williamston triumphed over Washing
ton here yesterday afternoon, win
ning by a large margin, 26 to 0. Wash
ington was busy preparing Cor u
game with Elizabeth City today, and
sent representative scrubs over to
subdue Williamston's best; In that
they failed miserably, never threat
ening to score and only making ond"
first down.
The first score of the game came
when Claude Clark intercepted a for
ward pass and carried it over for a
touchdown; the extra point was not
made. With C. B. Clark, jr., Tommie
Teel, Johnnie Hardison, Kdwin Cox,
in fact the entire team showing un
usual form, the small Washington
lads could not check the onward rush
of their opponents and three more
touchdowns were registered. One ex
tra point was gained by a kick and
another by a forward pass.
* The features of the game were
seen in forward passes. Albert Cook
picked one out of the air on a fourth
(iown. Tommie Teel picked one for
himself, and Buck Saunders and Her
bert Cowan, jr. made two splendid
catches when tliey completed passes.
The work of the back field showed up
well when end runs were ordered, and
the line always lent a strong push
when a plunge was called for.
The team in action yesterday show
ed a decided improvement over the
tne of last year, and it bids well to
better the record established last
season. Coach Hood has several
games booked for the boys, and the
efforts put forth by the team'n mem
bers yesterday warrants th e support
of the people here. The boys go to
Aulander next Friday afternoon.
Home-Making Classes *
Are Well Attended
The home-making classes, held by
Mrs. Anna Grimes of the State De
pertment of Vocational Training this
week'and next in Robersonville, are
meeting with much success. More than
56 ladies from Robersonville, Parmele,
Hamition, Bethel, Everetts and Wil
iiamston are attending the claases.
Next Thursday evening the class
will stage a playlet on table service
Lnd etiquette in thf school auditorium
! at Robersonville.
Local Weed Mar
, Much Strength
Yesterday's Sale at three Warehouses Averaged $22.50;
✓•Farmers Generally Satisfied With Prices
The local tobacco market took
another jump up this week, and I
according to reports coming irom
tile office men of the aerofal ware
houses, an average of around
22 1-2 cents was made. \ ester
day's sale was probably the heav
iest of the week, and it averag
ed 22 1-2. Estimating today's sale,
the market will sell around three
quarters of a million pounds this
week. Today's sales were show- j
inn splendid averages.
Martin County Athleitc As
sociation Formed Here
Tuesday Night
A Martin County Athletic associa
tion was formed here in r fneeting
last Tuesday night when yHncipals
and coaches;of five schools of
the county elected officers aixt formu
lated rules governing atbUlicu.
The one main purpose of the or
ganisation, as was stated at the meet-,
ing Tuesday night, is to promote ath
letics not on a commercial basis, but
for thttyadvancement of those schools
having teams and for the betterment
of thdse taking part in the events.
To do this the rulesfc of thr associa
tion were so formulated |s to pro
hibit non-bona fide student partici
pating in games scheduled ly the as
sociation in the county. Ru',(•!) uffect
ting other phases of the athletic
program were ordered to be put into
use at once. 
Mr. David N. Hix, the newly elected
president of the association, will iu>-
joint a committee to arrange sclK'-
dules for the various games. Mr. llix
stated that this committee had not
leen appointed yesterday afternoon,
but that it would be named within
the next few days. Supt. JL A. Pope
will appoint « committee *jwprovide
for field to be held In the
county next yekr.
It was gathered from the Tuesday
meeting that the schoof*heads of the
county are striving to bring about a
more unified .system of athletics, one
that will afford clean ports and worth
while training for the participants.
Th 6 various schools were represent
ed by Misses Elizabeth Shaw, Annie
Young, Messrs. A. M. ' Snapp, T. .it
Jenkins, Bruce Russell, J. L. Jones,
R. I. Leake, H. M. Aimiley, S. A
I'>pe, L. H. Davis, B. E. Flood, 1 David
N'. Hix and Supt. R, A. Pope.
Appear in Entertainment
At School There Next
Tuesday Evening
* The Evelyn Burt Concert party
will appear in an entertainment at
Everetts next Tuesday evening at
8:00 o'clock in the school auditorium.
The company includes only three per
formers, but they do the work of six
The program for the evening is a
feast of musical and dramatic Nenter
tainment and artistry. Vi»liir N> und
piano, together with soprano wnd
baritone voices and dramatic play
lets round out a thoroughly delight
ful and inspiring program of rare
musical and dramatic entertainment.
"Only artists of professional ex
perience can succeed in doing a var
iety of things with equal succea,"
suys Mr L. E. Par'menter of the
Royal Bureau, Syracue, N. Y., "ami
the Burt company meets the require
Town Commissioners
Will Meet Tonight
Mayor R. L. Coburn has call ad a
meeting of the town fathers to be
held tonight in the mayor's office at
7:45 o'clock. The commissioners will
go over the memorandum of agree
ment of the Virginia Electric and
Power company, anl make it ready to
send off to that company for ac
To Submit Bid For Local
Power Plant' Next Week
Mr. Edwin C. Gregory, of Salis
bury and associates from New York,
wore here yesterday making arrange
ments to submit an offer'to the town
for its light and power system. Ac
cording to the statements made yes
terday, the proposal will be hare with
in the next week. The identity of the
firm represented by Mr. Gregory Mid
his associates was not revealed in
conversations with the commhsioners
here yeterday. j"
Farmers from as far away as
Virginia had tobacco on the mar
ket this week, and they stated
they found the sales very satis
factory. While tobacco is far be
low the prices paid in past yeflTx,
there have been many good aver
ages made, ranging as high as
45 cents on the market here.
Complaints have been very
limited this week, and the farm
ers in general are taking on a
more cheerful expression, with
brighter hopes for future sales.
Crowded Docket Faces
Judge Bailey After Two-
Weeks' Vacation
The last Tuesday term of recorder's
court faced a crowded 'docket, Tn>
sixteen cases up for disposal had ac
cumulated over two weeks when the
ci urt gave way to the September
term Superior court.
Willie Wynn, assault. Case continued
for two weeks.
Jos. S. Godard, violating liquor
laws. The case was sent to the juvenile
Geo. IA'C Jones, assault with deadly
weapon, (iuilty, the defendant had his
ct>.se j/ontinued one month for judg.-
Ben Purvis, carrying concealed wea
pon, was sentenced to Edgecomb?
roads. He appealed to the Superior
Hen Purvis, carrying concealed wea
pon. Cuse wus nol pressed.
Dewey Manning, charged with reck
less driving, hud his cuao continued
one week.
Mack Bryant, assault. He plead
huilty to simple assault and judgment
was suspended upon payment of
.11. L .Gardner, assault with deudly
weapon. A Jury trial was ordered and
tiial was get for October 11.
Thos. Nicholson, operating car whilt
plead guilty to the eliargi
and was fined $55 and had his license
it-yoked for nine' months."
Geo. Williams .plead guilty to a
lurceny charge and was to
the Edgecombe roads for X 2 imtnths.
The last eight months of the'sentence
Bft to be suspended upon good"" be
J. E. Moore, charged with trespass,
had his case continued two weeks.
Herbert Ktntls, violating-liquor taw.
William Speller, carrying concealed
weapon, plead guilty and was sen
tenced to the Edgecombe roads for 4.
months. '
« Wiley Brown plead guilty to an
assault charge ar.d was fined sls.
Peter Pierce was found guilty of
trespassing. Judgment was suspend
ed upon payment of cost and with an
older that defendant remain away
from home of Eli Roberson.
Rufus Taylor plead guilty to a
larceny charge. The case was con
tir.ued for judgment.
Joseph Staton, charged with lurceny
v/httn cause was iPound and he was
held fop Superior court under s.'(s(l.
Baptists Will Have Only
One Service Next Sunday
Sunday morning, Judge Winston
will speak in the 4)aptist church at
11 o'clock.
Because th'e pastor is at Oak City
in a meeting, there will be no service"
at the church Sunday night.
Next Wednesday night at the mid
week service, the pastor will introduce
a new, and short course of Bible
rtwly. He asks that as a preparation,
those are interested read the
first chapter in the Book of Acts.
' ' The lioanoke Baptist Association
■meets next Tuesday and Wednesday
with the Enfield Baptist "church. It is
hoped that a number of the local
Baptist poople- can attend.
Fertilizer Officials
In Town Yesterday
Messrs. S. L. Dill, Jr., of New Bern,
T. H. Will*, superintendent, A. H.
Gischel, plant engineer and
Kuley, electrical engineer of the
standard fertilizer company were here
yesterday looking over the new plant
which is now being erected. They left
this afternoon for Norfolk, accom
panied by General Manager C. T.
Crockett. • •
"Happy Four" Quartet
To Sing Here Sunday
The "Happy Four", a Negro quar
tette, of Hamilton, will render plan
tuion melodies and Negro spirituals at
the court house here Sunday after
roon at 4 o'clock.
About 20 Buyers Present;
Many Make Short
* Talks
The Williamston tobacco men were
entertained at a dinnef given by the
Kiwunis club here last evening.
. There were about 20 buyers pres
ent including representatives of all
the large companies and many inde
pendent ones as well as individual
The ladies of the. club served a
nice -dinner, after which a goodly
number of the tobacco men assembled
around the piano and with Parson
I'ardo in the lead, sang several songs.
Hubert Morton was oil led to intro
duce the various buyers and " other
company representatives. Many of
them made short talks which were
I,really enjoyed.
Mr. Jim King, the junior partner
in the firm of W. 1. Skinner ami com
pany and who has oast his lot jn Wil
liamston as a permanent resident,
made the speech of the everting. In
his talk, Mr. King mentioned the
many points necessary to the suc
cessful operation and up-building of
a tobacco market.
The Kiwanis club takes great pleas
ure in entertaining those who are
here on our market, and especially is
it a pleasure since the buyers on the
market this year are 'the best and
most dependable corp ever to serve
Last Week in September
Devoted to Roanoke
Fair Exhibits
The September report of Miss Anna
Trenthain to the county commission
ers Shows another month of extensive
work. Although the agent had a 15-
day leave, she held twenty meetings,
with a total attendance of 726, visit
ed 2JT hoffiies, had 100 office culls and
75 telephone calls, wrote 500 letters
prepared and mailed 26 circulars, pub
lished two articles'; traveled £(M> miles
doing field work and remained in her
office two days. Besides thi.-i work,
Miss Trentham gave one demonstra
tion in food preservation, fifteen in
food preparation, three in .house fur
n'shiugs, five in home poultry, six in
arts and crafts and one in commun
ity activity.
The last week in the month was
uesd in work at the Koanoke fair
where splendid exhibits' were prepar
ed and a four-days cooking school
was held in the woman's building.
The- agent report* that the demon
strations in the department there were
well attended and much inteiest was
-shown in the lessons.
Jeff Allen, of Pitt County,
Dies Near H«re as Result
Of Alcoholic Poisoning
Mr. Jelf Allen, of I'itt county, was
found dead in bed at the home of
Mr. George R. Ter*sy nenr here early
Wtlnesday morning. Through an in
t|Uiry made by Coroner S. R. Higgs
and Sheriff Roebuck, it was learned
that the man's death was caused by
alcoholic poison.
Mr. Allen, a respectable farrtftr of
a fine family iir l'itt county, left his
home on the Furirtviila-Oreenville
l.ighway a few months ago after a
.quarrel with relatives. He came to
this county, planning to work in to
bacco, but his work was ignored when
lie started drinking heavily. He re
tired Tuesday night in a partly in
toxicated condition and died before
The body was removed to its home
iji Pitt county where interment was
made yesterday afternoon.
Henry Griffin fjonored
At Eastman .College
Mr. Henry E. Griffin, son of Mr. W.
W. Griffin near here,, was recently
elected secretary of the stuilent coun
cil at Eastman college, Poughkeep.sie,
N Y. Mr. Griffin was made secretary
by a large majority of votes cast by
hi* classmates.
Services at Episcopal
Church Next Sunday
Ilev. Ci ). Pardo, Rector »
10:00 Church School. f
11:00 Morning Prayer and Sermon.
3:30 Holy Trinity Mission.
7:80 Evening Prayer and Serjnon.
At the morning service the Rector
will preach on the subject, "The need
of Reality in Religion" and at the
Sunday night service the sermon
ruject will be, "Is the Church a neces
sary Institution?" The public is in
vited to attend.
1 \
Advertisers Will Find. Our Col
umns a Latchkey to Over 1,600
Homes of Martin County
Accepts Position With Gas
And Power Company
In Baltimore
Miss Pauline Smith, District Director,
„ Here Arranging Work for Miss
TrentKam's Successor
Miss Anna Trentham, popular home
di monstration agent here, resigned
her duties with the county this
t'j accept a position with the Con
solidated Gas, Electric and Power
company, of Baltimore. Lr her new
work, Miss Trentham will serve as
hem? service 'director of the Ualti
niore company. »
Miss Pauline Smith, district direc- -
tor of home demonstration work, wa;S
here Wednesday, arranging the work "
for the new agent. It was Miss
Smith s plan to introduce- the agent
to her new duties today, but sickness
in the new agent's family in Alabama
prevented, airul~lt" is not known just
when this will be done.
Miss-Smith says the plait forked
Ji»ut by Mis Trenthain fiuPthe re
mainder of this and through next year
will b« followed. ,
Miis Trenthain will begin .her .new
duties with the Ualtiniore company
about the 15th of this month. II«r
new position allows a large in-*
creiwe in salary, furnishes her with
'a car and pays her expenses.
In connection with Miss Trentham's
wcrk done in the county during her
stay in the county, officials spoke very
highly of it, and expressed much re
gret in accepting her designation to
go with the Consolidated Gas, Klee
tric and Power company.
Winners in Sales Conjtest to
Eat Turkey; Losers
Eat Beans
When the l'eel Mtor company en
tered the national turkey-bean con
test the first of this month, Mr. S.C,
l'eel, a member of the firm, stated
t!iat.> it was not his intention to eat
my beans, that lii's digestive organs
responded more readily to turkey.
And that is how the land lies with
eni'tji member of the local Chevrolet
The Chevrolet makers ure staging
thin, u turkey-bean contest, to push
At the-' end of the month, a
tlmiier will te hfld, umi_.alLt.he .win-.__
nus will be seated on the side of the
table where the turkey is and all the
losers will help themselves to beans
en the other side of the table. No,
(Che re will be no trading or favors "
shown at the table, and to prevent
unfair reaching, a small srtip of
joultry wire with a strand of bob
wile at the top will be str« ti hed down
the canter of the trftile. This will place
ihe turkey in full sight .of the man
with, the beans.'
The local agency,is competing with
the on u "t Ahoskie, and the dinner
v/ill be served at some central point
where all agencies in this zone, No.
10, will have representatives.
The Feel Motor company made a
splendid sules record last month, but'
that docs not count in the contest.
Several sales have been made this
month, however, and with an eye on
the turkey and thoughts of th beans
ever foremost- Kflheir minds, the lo
ts! dealers are planning to make
many more sales.
The Hariis Motor Company at
liobersonville will compete with
Hobbs and Ward, Chevrolet dealers at
l')(ienton. Mr. Joyner, of die company
at iiobersonville, in speaking of the
contest yesterday, stated that it would
be very interesting if he and other
inembers-of his firm could eat tur
key; otherwise, it would be rather dis
heartening, He stated that they had
made a good start, and hoped to con
tidue throughout the month with
hoavy sales.
Courtney's Furniture Sale
Is Drawing Large Crowds
The attractive prices made on all
Krade furniture as well as on the ,
most minute pieces at the B. S.
Courtney furniture store are draw
ing many purchasers. The sale start
ed this morning and will continue
through tomorrow. Mr. Courtney stat
ed this morning that he had been in
the furniture business for years, but
never before had he seen sueh at
tractive prices for furniture made.
Everetts Woodmen
To Meet Monday
The regular meeting of the Ever
ett* Camp, M. W. A- will be held
Mondaymight, October 10. All mem
bers of M. W. A. are invited' to at
tend. There will be two candidate*

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