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Head of Duke Foundation
Tells of Work for Better
Christian Citizenship
Says 600 People, of Martin County Are
Sick Every'' Day; Telia Need of
Hospitals in Rural Sections
"We will have re hospitals when
llie public gets a clear conception of
the purpose of sickness" was one of
the statements, made by Dr. W. S.
Rankin, in a splendid address at the
third community meeting here last
Sunday in the school auditorium. Dr.
Rankin, head of the Duke Foundation,
vh'i.lly illustrated what the Foun
dation was doing for the advancement
of Christian citizenship in our State
and in South Carolina.
The situation the Foundation is un
" deriaking to remedy and as piesented
by Dr. Rankin-is to establish thqj
hospital in rural communitis where it
lr so badly, needed. With the large
hospitals centered in the cities, the
leading doctors are called from serv
ice in the small rural fields to the
hu.*pital where necessary equipment
is available. Citing figures, the speak
er showed where one hospital bed is
alloted to every 1500 people'in this
part of the State while in the cities
•Jure is a hospital hed for every 800
people. It is a grave mistake when
tl* Church musters its resources ana
establishes a large hospital out of
the reach of the poor and the needy
in the rural sections, and at the same
time drawing from the poor com
munities its leading physicians, stated
the speaker. This does not mean that
the*v are no good doctors in the rural
rections. but the speaker stated that
modern training made it necessary
lor the new doctor to follow his pro
fession where adaquate facilities are
provided. Instead of directing its en
erg? to love and charity for the sick
and poor in the rural community, the
various organisations would build
enormous structures and brand them
with their denominational names. In
this the Church is realizing its mis
ake, and pr. Rankin pointed to the
work the Episcopal church Is under
taking right here in Eastern Carolina.
He urged that the people of this sec
tion cooperate with the church at
Tarboro in its efforts to provide bet
ter hospital facilities.-^
Turning his attention to our own
cqunty, Dr. Rankin said that there
are around 600 people in our county
sick and in bed every day. This
number does not include the many
who arc ill, but yet not in bed. Ac
curate statistics show that at least
2"> of these 600 sick people should
have hospital attention. Right here is
where the Duke Foudation is doing
* wonderful work. It offers its as
sistance to any county or community
in the erection and maintenance of a
hospital. Of all the patients that enter
hospitals, one-third of them are char
ily patients, and the Foundation
"would utep in and help to-bear the cost
brought about by such patients. v Yor
about $60,000 our county could erect
a hospital that would care for its
needs during the next ten years or
ir.ore, and bring to the county and
section a work founded on love and
charity affording untol benefits.
Tin Duke Foudation is the largest
• of its kind in the United States, and
is doing more to better health con
ditions in the rural sections of North
and South Carolina than any other
one agency.
Aid Society Will Give
Turkey Supper Thursday
The Ladies Aid Society of the
Methodist church are announcing a
turkey supper at the Woman's club
rooms Thursday from 6 p. m. on.
Most every year these ladies have
such a supper and many of the town's
people never fail to attend.
Also Comedy and Free
Ticket for Thursday
Don't Forget
Friday Night
Two Shows: 715 & 8:45
Always a Good Show
-1" - ■ » •- • • » -* *:W " *
A thrae day downpour la the Gram, White nnd Berkshire •aoan
laias of New Biclinl brought flood* whose fuiy was never bdort
■own there. Above, MM at Manchester, N. H., at Anoshea*
km ww threatened. Mow, nbnt at Beckett, Met*., after food
water kad paired Maajr Ores were bet.
Number Minor Matters Be
fore Loeal Board Last
With no major questions coming
before the board of town commission
ers at a meeting last evening, the
miviber»* attention went to the many
mliio* details uf) for discussion.
Taxer played a small part iiKthe dis
cussion, and to make the business
complete for the evening, ¥ com
tr.issiom rs concluded the meeting with
a short talk on the trash wagon.
The permits for dances reached six
in number last evening when permis
rion was given to Clyde Everett to
hold two dances here, one the early
part of next month and one on the
first Monday in January. Permission
allowing two colored dances was given
fcpruill and Johnson for one December
'iit, and W. M. Qrmond for a second
ore about thj 20th of December. Per
mission was granted to all under the
general rules of the town laws
Guf White was refunded $5 license
*o operate a transfer during the fair.
White was under the impression that
he had met all the requirements of
the law when he purchased town
transfer licenses, but he learned,very
quickly that other license- were
necessary. As a result he v/itMrew
from the transfer business.
An order was issued by the ri m
micsioners requiring the trash curt to 1
refuse to handle all trash not
properly barreled and placed on the
edge of the streets. This was
taken when jt was found that the
trnsn cart is having more to do than
fs hardly, possible when it has to go
into the back yards and rake up the
t«-ash. All trash accumulating in the
BTorVr frill be handled from the street
and not from the back lots when the
eart makes its early morning rounds.
J. G. Staton was relieved of taxes
on S49CO worth, of property incorrec
ly listed in the town's tax books.
S. C. Ray was relieved of taxes on
si piece of property incorrectly listed
in the town's tax books.
Tax on five dogs was transferred
from the account of J. W. Watts, sr.
to that of W. 8. Watts.
Teachers To Hold District
Meeting in Greenville 18-19
Martin county is expected to be
well represented at a district meeting
of tehchers at East Carolina Teach
ers Training school in Greenville next
Friday and Saturday. According to
an announcement from the superin
tendent office there will be no holi
day granted in the schools in
county, but teachers may get substi
tutes to fill their places in the schools
so that they, may attend the meeting
in GreenviTC. .
While a very large attendance is
not expected Friday, Superintendent
Pjpe is urging a large attendance for
the Saturday session.
-.. i
1,000 Pounds Tobacco Are
Stolen From Pack House
- A. E. Eakes, a farmer living near
Oak City, had stolen from his pack
houM about one thousand pounds of
graded tobacco Sunday night. So far
Mr. Eakes has not been 4ble to estab
lish any clue to the missing tobacco.
The loss will run over $300., it is
estimated. •
Senior Epworth League
To Give Pageant Friday
The Senior Epworth league of the
Methodist church will give a pageant
at the church Friday night at 7:30
o'clock. Everybody is cordially in
Williamston, Martin County, Nortlt Carolina, Tuesday, November 15, 1927
Shields Trio To Give Con
cert at Everetts School
Friday Night
The Shields Trio, of' Chicago, will
•pryrent a,modern, artistic program of
vocal and instrumental music, dra
matic sketches, read lift*
lets at the Everetts school auditorium
next Friday evening at 8 o'clock. This
i. one of the splendid attractions in
clu.led in the Piedmont lyceum course
being sponsored there this winter and
is worthy of the patronage ami hearty
; u:>p irt of all people.
The Shields Trio, composed of three
sisters, is an extremely attractive
and unique organization. Iviiie, is a
linger and pianist of ability. Clarity
of enunciation and charm of person
ality captivates her audiences. I,au
rene is a dramatic reader. She appeals
 to young and old an she draws from
u rch store-house of m«toory both
humorous and dramatic selections.
She is also an excellent singer. Hattie
Bell, 'cellist, possesses splendid tech
ami her 'cello is mellow and rich
i»i tanc. She plays with equal skill
■ the old favorites and-the works of the
These versatile and experienced en
'ertainers have delighted l%rge au
diences in many parts of the Union
and have also been enjoyed ftver the
radio. *" % ' *.
Many Changes Made By
.Conference; O. P. Fitz
gerald Comes Here
■— » ■
Appointments made at the North
Carolina Methodist conference held in
Raleigh last week and the early part
of this will carry many pastors of
-that Church to new fields of service.
Rev. 'l. W. Lee, once pastor of the
loca 1 church, goes to the Jones circuit
and will be located at Trenton, the
county seat of Jones county. Mr. Lee
has done a splendid work in his
churches in this county during his
two-years stay. He expects to leave
the lav.tor part of this week for his
new work. Should it be impossible to
open the parsonage at Trenton be
fore the latter part of the week, Mr.
Lee will remain here and occupy the
pulpit in the local church Sunday.
The incoming pastor of the church
will be Dr. 0. P. Fitzgerald, of Dur
ham. Dr. Fitzgerald was located at
Oriental for three years, going from
there to Sebna where he remained
until last year when he went to Dur
ham. It is not definitely known just
| when he will arrive to begin work
here. ~—-
Local Baptists To Have
Service Thursday, Night
Because the pastor of the local
Baptist church will be |t Durham at
tending the State Convention, he is
announcing the regular .mid-week
:»ervice to be held on Thursday night
at 7:30 o'clock instead of at the usual
Wednesday evening time.
The pastoy will be home for that
service, and will also preach Sunday
Basket Party At Bear
Grass School Next Week
On Tueaday evening, November 22,
at 7:30 o'clock the Bear Grass school
will give a box party. The public ia
cordially invited and Urged to attend.
The teachers and pupils of the
whool »re working for playground
equipment, and proceeds from the
party will be used toward that end.
Concerns Making Navigable
' Gardners Creek and
Devils Gut
Public Hearing Set\for 2 O'clock lit
Courthouse Here Next Monday;
Interested Parties Invited
A public hearing on the proposed
improvement of Devis Gut and Gar
dners cJk kas been acheduled by the
War Department for Deft Monday ut
2 o'clock in the courthtjpifc here. This
preliminary examination ct the pro
posed improvement was provided in
the River and Harboc Act. approved
the early part of thin feat and will
have to do with making the two water
v.-ays navigable.
The notice of the hearing goes on
to say, "All interested parties are in
, vited to be present, or to be repre
sented, at the abpve time and place,
iwrticuiarly navigation interests, and
the officials of any county, city, town
or local association in the locality,
; whose interests may be affected by
| the proposed improvement of these
j waterways. They will be given an np
! ;.o it unity to expreaa their views upon
| the proposed improvement, and to of
l Ivy any suggestions that are consid-
I « red desirable in the interests of navi
"Oral statements will be heard;
but, lot accuracy of re«#rd f all im
poitant facts and should
be submitted in writing* in quadru
plicate, as the records of the hearing
will be forwarded for finsideration
by the War Department at Washing
ten, D. C. Written statements may be
handed in at the hearing or may be
mailed previously to the district En
gineer, J". S. Engineer Office, Fort
Norfolk, Norfolk, Va."
Boats ,an travel in Devils Gut, but
the river is far superjot for navi
gation and very few If any boats
travel through the Gut
Last Week Was Season of
j Moonshine Destruction
In This Section
Last week was a season of moon
shine destruction in this section.
Federal Agent C. F. Alexander, ac
companied by Sheriff A; L. Roebuck
I and J. li. Manning demolished four
stills Thursday, in the section border
ing the Martin-Beaufort line.
Monday, -Alexander and Manning
got a rig in Griffin* 'township on Big
Tuesday, the officers raided in. Ber
tie county and caught one white man
and captured a still.
Wednesday they raided in Hertford
county and captured a still and caught
two negroes. In this rain, the officers
lost a negro when he outdid them
in a free-for-aill chase.
On Friday the officers were engaged
in trying their men, but finishing a
bout noon with this, Alexander left
and joined a group of Beaufort coun
ty officers and with them raided the
, I woods over in the Mount Zion sec
tion. There they found a large plant,
! a quantity of beer and DO gallons of
, liquor. Advance signals bad been made
and the operators made their escapes,
i Saturday morning, Alexander with
, Beaufort county officers found Bix men
operating a still on Tranters creek.
The officers placed their hands on one
i before he could run, but the other five
plunged into the creek where the
water was more than ten feet deep.
With heavy boots and clothes on, one
of plungers turned and faced the
i officers while the others made it to
the other shore. 76 yards away and
t-caped. They had elft enough evi
dence, however, behind for the govern
! ment to keep up the pursuit.
Saturday, Sheriff Roebuck and
Deputy H. 0. Daniel visited a section
a mile from Flat Swamp church and
found a big still and about 2,000 gal
' ions tf beer in vats and barrel*.
| Colored Pastor Ends Good
Year's Work in Hamilton
The services last Sunday-- in the
| Hamilton colored church brought to
a close a most successful year's work
by Hev. A. 6. Edwards, pastor of the
Williams circuit of the African M. E.
Church. The services of the day were
'market when a bus load of people
from South Mills, eighty miles away,
attended. Before coming to this coun
ty, the pastor had served in the South
Mills community. E. J. Hayes, prin
cipal of the colored school here, de
livered an address, and the Williams
Chapel Church choir was in charge of
tie jnusical program.
Mr. ;J. E. Hineg ,of Oak City, was
a business visitor here today.
Five-Year-Old Son of Ed
/Bunting Dies After Be
ing Struck by Auto
Actident Believed Unavoidable, But
Driver Held Under SSOO Bond
Pending Investigation
The five-yoar-irfld sun of Ed Hunting
jr. "was instantly killed Sunday even
ing; by, an automobile driven by Ben
L. Stevenson, of Robersonviller
The little child was walking along
the highway near its home, two miles
from Everetts when Stevi nson with
"Ilia brother, Roland, ran his cqr over
the child. According to Steven son, the
Bunting child ran in front of the car j
when it was only a few feet away, i
nifcking it impo - ihie to stop the car I
01 moid hitting the boy.
Stevenson was driving a Ford tour-'
ing car and stilted he wa i going not
more than MO miles an hour at the
time he hit the child. The Sheriff and
deputies investigated the case anil as
a matter of precaution held Steven
son on a SSOO bond, pending further
Succumbs Aftermlllness of i
Several Months; Lived
In Griffins Township
Nicholas K. Manning died at his
home near here in Griffins township
early this morning after an illness
of several years, the last eight months
of which he was helpless and ill bed.
He was the son of I'M win ami-
Elizabeth Manning and was f>7 years
old-ill July of this year. In early life
he married Miss Mittie Brown Who
with four children survives him.
The children are, Herbert 1,, and N.
R. Manning, jr., Mrs. Jessie Brown
ami Mrs. Keba Roberson.
.Mr. Manning was the youngest or
, a large family of children and is sur-
I vived by three brothers, W. hj,, John
13. and Benjamin M. and one sister,
! Mrs. Susan F. Peel.
As a citizen anil a friend to man,
j the deceased hail few equals, always
! standing for the things in .the com-,
I inunity that caused progress and «d
--! vancement of the people. Shortly be- ,
j lore his death he was serving on
I various committees having to do With
i the schools, roads and churches in his
He had been a member, of the
Christian church for many years and
war always at his place of worship
ready anil willing to do what he could
for the advancement of Christianity
anil its teaching*.
The funeral will be held tomorrow
afternoon at 2 o'clock from the resi
dence .by Rev. Richard Itagby of the
Washington Christian church. The
burial will be on the home farm in
the family plat. '
HOGS WIN $4,000
J. J. Roberson and Son Re-
I turn After Showing Prize ;
Herds at Many Fairs
After showing .at practically all the]
j faiiK in the State and several in Vir
g ilia and Maryland, the Messrs. J. J.
Koberson and Son returned last week
with their winning fierds of hogs. The
breeders dropped th fair* in two
■ states, Georgia and Florida, from
their schedule when it was found that
I their shipping expenses would make
| it unprofitable to show in those two
states. \
jy With their three cars of hogs, the
| ir.rrest number carried by any breed
' era to fairs in the United States, the
Messrs. Robersftn won around $4,000
j in fioss premiums at the fairs where
! they exhibited. They traveled about
eight" weeks this year in showing at
the fairs, and they t are planning a
muth larger trip next year. '
Mr. Dave Roberson, one of the own
er.-, and who traveled with the three
'cars' of swine, stated yeste>day that
the best fairs he saw were right here
in Eastern Carolina and that the
Roanoke fair here led the list.
Mules Break Out of Lot ;
Four Die From Poison
Dr. -J. F. Thigpen lost four fine
young mules last Sunday morning
when they broke out of his stables
and ate poison of some kind.
Saturday night about 9 o'clock I*r.
Thigperi left his stables and at that
time, the newly arrived car of mules
were- eatirrgx&nil appeared well and
hearty. At z~o*eto«Jf they broke out
cf the stable and before they could be
caught four of them got hold of
poison and.died shortly afterward.
The remainder of the 26 mules are
in perfect health.
Football Team To Be
Guest of Kiwanians
As an acknowledgment of
their efforts on the football field,
the Kiwanis Club will entertain
the local high school eleven and
its coach, Mr. B. E. Hood, at
the regular luncheon tomorrow.
A very appropriate program is
being arranged for the occasion,
and a large attendance on the
part of the cli b s membership is |
urged. , j
County Chairman Makes 1
Appeal To People of
Ashs Every Man, Worn. n. and Child
Who Is Able To Make Confrr
bution This Year
The chairman of the Rod Cross com
mittee for Martin county, with plans
r > radically complete, has started the
utin'uid membership drive and is mak
ing pn appeal to all the people in the
county. \lr. 11. A. Iligfcs, the chair
man writes,
"To the People of-Martin .County:
-— A h chili man ..f f,, r
Martin county feu- the annual roll
call of .tin- American lied Cross, I
wish to call to the attention of our
people that the season has again come
when the lied Cross is asking thut
every citizen of the United States
shalj become a member by the coti
tr bution of one ilollar.
It is fitting that the drive this year
began on Armistice Day; it recalls
vividly the marvelous work that tin
K>d Cross did' for the men in the
Army and Navy during the trouble
some, awful days of the World W;ir,
Not only has the Red Cross proven
itself the greatest mother in the
world (luring the times of war but it
has also caught the spirit of Chris
tianity and has been the greatest fac
tor in rescue work during the times
of peril in*the years gonw by. It is
rneedtesH for me to call attention to
i the intelligent minds of Martin coun
ty. to the work of the American Red
Crow-; society during the recent dis
' asters which have come to our owli
country during the Mississippi floods,
antl more lately to-the catastrophe in
the New ..England States when the
Red Cross has been the very first to
oome to the assistance of these strick
en people. One never knows hoW
t;uickly our own beloved section will
j meet with similar disasters'. .
I wish it could be possible's, that
| every man, woman and child in Mar
i tin coynty, who is able to do so, would
maKe a contribution this year, with
out having-to be asked by the various
committees, and I ,most sincerely hope
that when you are.solicited you will
respond to this call, "the most pieri
lorious charity we have in* our na
Two Cars in Head-On Col
lision on Jamesville
Koad Friday
j Mrs. C. J. Whitley, Mrs. Joe I'urvfs
and Misses Sarah Kdmondsun and
Jleleh Davenport were badly hurt
when their new Chevrolet coach was
hit by a cur driven by Mr. Willi font
ilardison hear here on the Jamesville
road Friday afternoon. The wreck!
victims were brought here to the of
fices of Drs. J. 11. Saunders and Wm.
E. Warren. Mrs. Henry lldmondson,
! riding in the Chevrolet car, was the
only one ill her party escaping in
jury. Mr. Ilardison was bruised about
| the face and body but not badly. •
Jus*, as Mr. Ilardison was round
! ing the curve beynoil Sweeten Water
j creek, hi- looked at some hogs in a
I field afid before he knew it he smash
ed/into the Hamilton car driven by
M s.s Eamondson. '* *
Mr. Ilardison, speaking f the ac
ciduiit, stated h&„had had a great
many things Happen to him, but
never before /had anything troubled
liim mon than the wreck Friday.
Two Cars Wrecked on
Everetts Road Yesterday
A Ford touring car and a Ford
roadster locked'horns a half mile this
.side of Everetts on Highway No. !)0
early yesterday morning. The Ford
roadster, belonging to a Tarboro man,
had its front badis .smashed, while
the touring car, belonging to i-iowis
tun- peopl.e was reported a complete
wreck. The touring car turned over
feveral times and landed bottom side
-jap, pinning itp three occupants un
derneath it. Aside from a few minor
bruises, the occupants of both cars es
caped injury. v'
' s
Advertisers Will Find Our Col
umns a Latchkey to Over 1,600
Homes of Martin County
Every Person Who would
Vote on Sale of Power
Plant Must Kegister
John E. Pop? I* ir; Offi e in
Old F. & IVi. liauli liuildir.,};
Citizens Urged to WogiUor
According to ,\ll.
tiar, very -few citizen*. have n gister
ed the (irst f, v. ,J. ys t | l( . special
power elecjtioy which ill be held
ileii- the 2l)lh" 01 ii;--;t 11 ~-.Ji. The
books opened Saturday at Mr. Pope's,
office in the old rVriners and 4Vler
ctiunts bank building, late yester
day afternoon iu>t ffiore tha;V a half
do/en citizens had registered.
Thi town commissioners ha\e trans
i.ctcd business with the Virginia
1 lict|ic and I'o\vei tunpnir, during
the (Mist sevt'ral months,, aim a fter
th'-y were certain that ihey tail se
cured for tin- town !h: be.-.*, IV r tor
its hght and power system, the mat
ter was ordered placed before the
jM'ople. lo cast a vote on this ques
tion, it wf|l be ne. esshj'y- for every - y
one wishing to vote, t.> register, t'n
le.»v your name appear.;, o \ th:» new'
registration books, it will he impos
sible for you to vote in the election,
I December ill' -
In speaking of the light and power +
problem—in—, —uuuL
stated yesterday that it was one of
t! ° biggest problems tbe. town has
faced in yeitrs, ami that it was de,s»»rVr
ing of careful study,by every citizen.
■ The books will be open each day .
except Sunday until the- third day of
Dr. E. W. Boshart Unable
To Fill Engagement
11 - • f
In absence of l)r. K. W. Tloshart,
directbi of vocational training, at,
the meeting of the M ■' county
'(•ticliers here last /Saturday, local
citizens appeared (on the program.
Attorney 11. A. CnHber, in a short
talk, emphasized the importance of
his profession and showed wherein it
was so .often misunderstood. Follow
ing liis talk, W. C. Manning spoke.on
"The Spirit of Cooperation", s!iying
that !»• world was suffering for the
link «f foo|>eration and for' the lack
ol appreciation" for those things we
have at habd.
According tri the minutes of the
meeting, it was greatly regretted lloshart was unable to ap
pear before the meeting. Another in
vitation will be extended the director,
of vocational training to address the
teachers, and it Is likely that he will
bf here for the next meeting some
(■me in' December.
Superintendent Pope explained- in
detail, the reasons for the -change in
a District meeting of the .tochers
would be held in fireerrtfille next\Fri
day and Saturday, and the followthg
week end would lie Thanksgiving.
Ilefore the meeting gave way to
the group sessions, ProfessoT J. L.
Jone.n, in the Jamesville school, asked
the teachers to be more prompt in
. tli-'j r attendance upon the meetings.
Local Eleven To Play
Vanceboro Here Friday
The season for the local high school
football , squad -.will probably be
brought to a close next Friday when
Va:iceb()ro sends its team here to
play the locals.
So far this season, the, locals have
won five out of eight games, and as
a whole made one the best showings
in the sport of football that has ever
been made here. The boys on the
Miuad along with their coach, Mr.
Il'>qd, deserve the hearty support
of the people of the town and
it is hoped that a lrrge number
will attend the game Friday after
v > ,
Two Box Cars Run
Wild on Spur Track
Two box cars of the Coast Line
wont on a wild chase yesterday morn
ing when they got fr6m under the
control 'of several colored workmen
at the Itonded Storage warehouse and
rail down the spur track toward the,
river. The deraile-r stopped the cars
at one of the street crossings, and
prevented a smashup at the river.
Traffic at the street crossing was
blocked a while, but the freight en
gine upon its arrival here, pulled the
runaway cars back to the storage
house where they are being loaded
with tobacco. r
Miss Serena Peacock visited her
parents in Fremont Friday.

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