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Two Barges, With Three
Million Pounds Material,
Now Being Unloaded
Nine Thousand Tons of Fertilizer and
Material To Be Shipped Here
A* Fast As Possible
The Standard' Fertiliser company,,
runuiacturing the famous Groraor*
firt liters, started its first operations
at its new plant here yesterday morn
ing when it began unloading three
million pounds of raw materials. The
sea-going tug, "Dorothy" weighed
anchor in the harbor at Baltimore
early Friday evening, and started on
its first voyage up the Roanoke, dock
ing its tow here late Wednesday.
The tug left yesterday morning at
tliree o'clock for its home port where
it will take two more barges of raw
material sin tow. Trip after trip will
l»e made until nine thousand tons of
fertilizer in the raw state are un
leaded at the new plant here.
Resident Manager C. T. Crockett
stated yesterday afternoon that con
sidering the weather and the unex
perienced workmen, the plant's first
operations were moving along splend
idly. "During the next few days, we
will be forced to work day and""night
shifts in order to care for the raw
materials shipped here from our
Baltimore plant," Mr. Crockett said.
"After we train our workmen a few
days, the work will be carried on
rruch more rapidly, and extra shifts
will not be necessary all the time,"
the resident manager went on to
The method used for unloading the
material was carefully worked out,
and when the plant is in full oper
ation. the fertilizer is carried to the
large bins almost continuously. A
large -crane picks up over a thousand
pounds of the material at one time
in the barge's hold and places i; in
a hopper where electric elevator*
carry it to a shute, 60 feet in
air. Cars runing on tracks in the Up
of the building, take it from the shute
and distribute it to the bins in dif
ferent parts of the plant. The un
losu'ng process is very simple, and in
a dav's operation, the plant wrtll un
load many hundred tons of ma
While the machinery used in un
loading the material has been com
pleted and placed in operation, other
parts of the plant are not quite com
pleted, but with a large number of
men at work, the entire plpnt will
be put in operation within the next
few days. Orders are being received
daily by the company, and it will be
only a few days before shipments will
be ready for points in various parts
of North and South Carolina.
The Standard Fertilizer company is
° one ol the largest in the South, and
ito- plant here has a greater capacity
than others in this section. No order
is too large or too small for the
Parent-Teacher Association
Executive Committee Meets
At a call meeting of the executive
committee of the Parents-teachers as
sociation last Tuesday night in the
home of Mrs. W. Liverman, Prin
cipal L. H. Davis was authorized to
spend S6O of the association's funds
tor the beautification of the school
grounds. Mr. Davis, who is chairman,
of the committee in charge of beauti
fying the grounds, submitted plans
before the call meeting, and they were
accepted by the parents-teachers' com
Additional appropriations will be
made by'the association at later dates.
Additional funds will be raided
through the sale of sandwiches and
by the members of the association.
Our Gang Comedy
Agd Episode No. 2 of
'"the Scarlet Brand"
y Don't Forget
Monday, Tuesday and
Always a Good Show;
Russian Cossack Chorus,
Miss Betty Bodie, and
Others Booked
The program at the Eastern Caro
lina and Tidewater Virginia Exposi
tion in Ahoskie next month is one 01
the best ever offered In this section.
It is well balanced and furnishes
splendid entertainment throughout
the five days.
Among the talent that will appear on
the program will be the Russian Cos
sack chorus. Fourteen male voices
will be heard Tuesday afternoon ana
Tuesday night. Wednesday until 5
o'clock will be colored peoples day
and a good program is being arr&ng
ed especially for the colored people
for tnis day. Wednesday night will
be--the mammoth style show featured
by the singing of Miss Betty Bodie
of radio fame known throughout the
whole Southland as the Georgia
Blues. She has been booked for Wed
nesday night, Thursday at the Mid
winter dinner, Thursday afternoon,
and night and Friday afternoon and
night. Another feature-attraction will
be little Miss Roberta Wyiui, the
youngest acrobatic dancer in America.
She will be on Thursday night, Fri
day afternoon and Friday night. A
tnrilling act will be put on every af
ternoon and every night by the Bar
low family made up of a family ot
real entertainers and performers. K
ten piece orchestra will be to
give concerts every afternoon and
ever}- night during the entire week "bf
the Exposition.
Another feature will be the baby
clinic which will be held on Thurs
day afternoon. Prizes will be offered
for the most perfect baby and the
most perfect girl baby. The ages will
run from eighteen months old up to,
thirty-six months old. This is open
to any of the candidates in, Eastern
Carolina and Tidewater Virginia. Foi
information about this, write Mrs. C.
A Rose, Ahoskie, N. C. ,
Tht basketball tournament thin
year will be a drawing card as here
tofore. Schools that are anticipating
in this contest should notify
the Secretary-Manager, N. G. Brrt
lett, Kinston, N. C.
Baptists Announce
Services for Sunday
The pastor will preach Sunday
morning, following the Sunday school,
and in the evening at 7:30.
The Thanksgiving service will be
held this year on Thanksgiving even
ing at 7:30 o'clock. The exact an
nouncements as to preacher and place
will be made in the several churches
The pastor, the members and the
friends of this church sustain ti very
substantial loss in the marriage and
remcyal to another ~ stati) r atf Mtnf
Carrie Delle White. She hau n or
ganist of the church during the
present pastor's encumbency, und hp r
loyalty and faithfulness have been
such ajs to merit and have the most
grateful appreciation from both pas
tor and people. As she leaves the com
munity and the church, the good
wishes not only of the people of the
town, but of the church which she
has served so faithfully, will follow
Arrest Former Resident
In Hopewell, Virginia
Deputy Sheriff C J rimes went to
Hopewell, Va. this week and took
Kader Harnhill under a warrant,
charging him with breach of promiitp.
Harnhill did not demand requisition
papers, but came from Virginia vol
He appeared before Justice John
L. Hassell, but the case was continued
untH February, 1928 on acount of the
prosecuting witness, Rebah Taylor,
not being able to attend the trial.
Ramhill gave bond for his appear
ance at the continued Hearing.
Mrs. Frank Freeman
Dies In New York
Word was received here Sunday
night by her sister-in-law, Mrs. P. B.
Cone that Mrs. Frank Freeman, of
New York, had juat died. She wan
ill only a few hours before her death.
Mrs. Freeman, with her husband
and littie son, Frank, jr., had visited
the Cones here on, several occasions
and she had many warm friends here.
The Freeman family expected to
come down for Christmas and their
visit was eagerly anticipated by their
Williamston friends.
On account of a recent illness, Mrs.
Cone could not attend the funeral.
Library Acknowledges
Receipts of Seven Books
Thf local school library acknowl
edges the receipt of seven new
bookr, presented by Jim Rhodes, j».
Jim has read the books and he enjoy
ed tSem very much. The boys especial
ly, will And great pleasure in each
one, since they pertain to boys' life.
Williamstojx, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, November 18, 1927
Board of Education Selects
Eric G. Flanagan, of
Will Start on Plans at Once; Expect'
To Begin Construction in
Early Spring
At an open meeting of the County
Bin id of Education here last Tues
day' night, Eric G. Flannagan was
_ Mooted architect to preparpe plkns
superintend the construction of
two school houses in the county. Mr.
Il'i'inagan is from Henderson, and
tli.'ing the past several yearn, he has
devoted much attention to school
1. vise planning and construction.
The local school board attended the
met)ting and listened to the sugges-1
lions made by Mr. Flannagan.
Since the appropriation has been
increased and the type of buildingn (
almost decided upon, the architect
wilj start on his plans within the
next few weeks. It is understood that
building operations will be started j
some time in the early part of next
Club Has Enviable Record;
To Tour Europe Next
The University of North Carolina
gleo club will appear in a concert
in Windsor the 2nd of next month,
according to an announcement made
by J. A. Pritchett, director 'of the
eighth district of the University
Aluninia association.
The club has made an enviable
record in the past few/ years, having
toured the larger cities of the United
States and many cities in England and
France during the past summer. So
marked was the success in England
and France that before coming home
the club was offered m contract lor an
eleven-week .tour next summer that
will carry it through those two
countries and Germany.
A short tour will be made by the
club during that week and a large
number is expected to attend the con
cur'. in Windsor.
"The Big Paraße" In
County Next Week
"The Big Purude" one of the largest
motion pictures screened in recent
years has been booked for showings
in the County next week. The picture
will be shown at both the Trio theatn
in Robersonville and the Strand thea
tre here. The picture will run for two
days, Monday and Tuesday in itober*
sonville and three days here, Moo
day, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Very few pictures have' attracted
as great a comment as the "Dig Pa
rade" has and while it comes to this
section a little late, hundreds >? peo
ple are planning to see it.
Miss Kate Burr Johnson
| . Not To Be Here Sunday
A telegram from Miss Kate Burr
Johnson at noon today stated that
she would be unable to address the
community meeting here Sunday
evening on account of Biclaiess.
Services in the local churches will
be held Sunday evening as usual,
since Miss Johnson will not be able
to be here.
Hon. Josephus Daniels is scheduled
for the community meeting Sunday,
the 27th, and it is not know whether
a later date can be arranged with
Miss Johnson.
Box Party at Cross Roads
Changed to Monday Night
The Cross Roads school due to bad
weather, changed the date of its box
party from the 17th to Monday night
November 21. The public is cordially
invited to attend.
Sunday Services At
Episcopal Church
Church school 1D:00 o'clock,
Morning praper and sermon, 11 0,-
Thranksgiving Services at
Reddicks Grove Church
Thanksgiving services will be held
at Reddick's Grove church, Thursday
November 24, at 3 o'clock p. m., and
st Cedar Branch at 7 o'clock p. m.
by Rev. G. D. Leggett.
The public is Invited to attend both
the services.
. Mr. James Pardo, of Schenectady,
New York, left today after visiting
his son, Rev. C. O. Pardo. He went to
Sanford to visit friends and will re
turn here for another visit within the
next few days.
ALLOW $130,000 TO
County Boards of Education
I and Commissioners in i
Meeting Here Today
An appropriation for the erection
of two school buildings in the county,
1 one at Kobersonvilla and one at Wil
liamston, was raised to $1 .'SO',OOO to-
I day when the Board of Education of
I the county and the county commis
j sioners met in a joint session here.
The first appropriation was for
SIOO,OOO, but when the two board*
met today and after discussing the
proposed plans for the it
was found that the -100,000 appropri
ation would not be sufficient to erect
satisfactory buildings. lt.4as thought
best, therefore, to ask the State for
the additional sum of s3G,i)(h> or as
much of tKat amount that will be
needed to meet the requirements and
Two Everetts Colored Boys
Have Bad Luck; End
Up in Ditcfe
Two cars, a Ford touring and a
j Ford sedan, were wrecked at the end i
| of Main street near the )f>mc of Mr. J
_. E •.. P. Cunningham early Uut night. No t
serious damage was don* and th»
cars ran under their owf. power to ;
fltlling stations nearby.
Two colored boys, Enrl Langley I
and George ltonner, of Eviretts, were
driving the touring car and after they :
hit the sedan driven by Gtorge Price, j
they went to the Garden Jkfrrace fill
ing station where rrtj*ired a
tire. Thinking they had ivpalreti all
their damage, thejr started (or home.
They had hardly reached the place
where they hit the Price car before
they ran off the fill into Xhe ditch.
Night Policeman J. H. Allsbrooks
went out there and found that the
| boys were not drinking, but saw they
J were greatly frightenpd^^
After running int(| tfcf: ditch, the
boys prepared to ■MMU. ttta night
with their iflpM AcKimi
disadvantages, for the,weather dunk
ed and their car was almost on its
j nose, making even a comfortable seat
i "
Opens Monday Night, De
cember 5; Lasts Through
• -WholjpWeek
A great progra\i is fast being per
fected for the second annual Eastern
Carolina arid Tide Water Virginia
peanut exposition which will be held
it; Ahoskie the week of December sth.
All of Northeastern North Carolina
and Tidewater Virginia are keenly in-
U'rested in the, success of this an
nual event, which was held for the
first time last year at -Windsor, this
being the second exclusive peanut ex
jKiiition ever held in the United
so far as can be found out. The peo
ple ef this section are going to make
every effort possible to make it the
very big success that it is entitled to
be. A 5c proposition has become a real
industry and these peanut expositions
are held annually to keep this great
fact before the minds of the people
of Eastern North Carolina and Tide
water Virginia.
The exposition will open on Mon
day night, December sth, at 6 o'-
clock with a mammoth parade. This
parade will be unusual in that it will
Ik> held at night. The Virginia Electric
uiri Power Company has agreed to
light the streets of Ahoskie as bright
as i!uy, so that the floats can easfty
be seen and which will make it a
very unique occasion for all of North-!
eastern North Carolina and Tide- !
water Virginia. Thfe pageant that will
be held on Monday night relating to
the peanut and its growth in Eastern
Carolina and Tidewater Virginia will
he one of the biggest events ever pull
ed off in this section. Under the able
leadership of Mrs. Francis D. Wins
»en, of Windsor, more than 500 peo
ple are being trained for " this big
event. Every member of the cast will
he ieen in the parade on Monday night
in .'ostumes. This within itself will be
worth going many miles to see.
James E. Roberson. Dies
In Robersonville Section
' Mr. James E. Roberson died fot his
home near Robersonville last night.
Mr. Roberson lived at Everetts for
many years where he worked for the
Atlantic Coast Line railroad. He left
tj>ere several years ago and engaged
m farming.
He leaves a widow, one daughter,
two brothers, J. L. Roberson, of Rob
ersonville and O. R. Roberson, of this
and one sister, Mrs. J. T,
Brown, of Robersonville.
Heavy Tobacco Sales
On Market Today
Tobacco, sales on the market
here during the past several
days have been fairly heavy
with prices averaging around
28 cents.
There were around 130,000
pounds on the floors today and
the average will ran|(e between
28 and 30 cents according to
statements made by several to
bacco farmers.
Sales during the tirst three
days of next week are expect
to run heavy, since the mar
kets in tht belt will close Thurs
day and Friday for the Thanks
giving holiday.
Power Company Manager
Will Talk on Power
Situation Here
Mr. J. T. Chase, manager of the
Carolina division Virginia Electric
and Power c'mopany, has accepted an
invitational the Kiwanis cluU and he
will appear before that at its
luncheon next Wednesdf r at tlu
re gutur hour. Mr. Chase v make a
short talk to the membe! in con
nection with the light" and sit
uation here, atuT, will kii'aiver~afi>r
questions thut might arise in connec
tion with the proposed sale of the
light and power system here.
Mr. Chase will be here duriiig the
greater part" of the afternoon and
will be glad tg answer questions
coming frotn any of the town's cit
izens. ' !
Enterprise To Publish Big
- National Publicity Edition
Plans were completed this morning
for a first national publicity edition
of this paper, the edition to be print
ed and mailed to the various cham
bers of commerce throughtout the
United States, the middle of next
While the time for the appearance
of the edition is two months off, the
business manager stated that it would
require practically all of that time to
I collect data that will be of valuable
I use in advertising thift county. Such
an undertaking necessitates careful,
I .strenuu#«"and thorough work ani
| thorough work, coupled with unstinted
moral and. material support and co
operation of those of the public who
would see a Greater Martin county.
The paper undertakes the task, af
ter men of high rank in the State
and United States suggested the val
>ue and importance of such an edition.
The opportunities of this section
have "been the caues of much "TaV«SP-"
able comment from leading business
in states as far away as New York
and Ohio, and several uf them have
called by our office and in discussing
the future of this section, they point
ed out how necessary such advertising
fs tfrthp growth" of n-rommunity ttml
Dies Near Mount Zion
Mrs. Sallie Whitehurst died at hei
! home near Mt. Zion church last Tues
! day.
Mrs. Whitehurst was -born in this
, county, and at the time of her death,
j she was f>9 years old. In early life
I she married Mr. Tom Whitehurst, and
lis iiy Mfs_. liailey 1
Mrs. Mattie Andrews and tyo sons,
Messrs. Howard and (jarland - White
K.uneral services were held at the
home Wednesday afteriioon and ' in
terment was made in the family plot
near by.
Rev. T. W: Lee To Conduct
Final Sor-vice Here Sunday i
ltev. T. W. Lee, Methodist minister,
will bring his pastorate in this county
to a close Sunday when he holds
services at three of his churches. He
will preach at the local church Sun
day morning at 11 o'clock, at ilolly
in the afternoon and at
Kveretts Sunday evening.
Mr. Lee leaves for his new charge
at Trenton Wednesday and will hold
the Thanksgiving services there.
Eighty-One Registered
For Power Election
Interest in the power situation
went forward in leaps and bounds
here during the past three days when
around eighty people entered their
names on the registration books, mak'
ing them eligi&le to vote in the pow-i,
er eletcion here the 20th of next
The registration books are open in
the office of Mr! J. E. Pope in the
old Farmers and ' Merchants bank,
building each day. Tfiey will remain
cpen until the 3rd of next month.
■-. ; ,
Executive Committee of
Group 1 Entertained
Here Last Night
Executive Meeting of (iroup 1 banker
Meeting here last night, the ex
ecutive committee of the Group One
Bankers association handled the reg
ular routine business coming before
the organization and selected Green
ville for its next meeting place in
The bankers; from all parts of this
section, were in attendance upon the ,
meetit g and they were entertained at
the Methodist l«adies Aid supper at
the Woman's club.
To advertise 'North Carolina, the
Hankers' association has planned - a I
-ten-day advertising tour throughout I
tlie State. Hankers from the "entire
Atlantic Seaboard and a few front !
St. Louis and Cincinnati have been :
invited, and not less than a hundred j
will make up the party.
The trip will be made on three
train car;; and will give them first
hand 'information about the State
and its possibilities to bankers from
Boston to Florida. It is considered
1 one o f'the major undertakings of the.
j association.
.Court Gets Back to Normal
'After Big Docket of
Last Week
After clearing its/socket of'a. large
number of cases in its session Novem
ber K; the recorder's court faced a
normal schedule at its -ession last
Tuesday. 'file re wer* only nine cases
b fore .Recorder lfaily, and each of
them was of minor importance.
Albert Flannagan had his case con
tinued for two weeks.
I'pon the payment of the cost of the
liel'on, judgment was suspended in
the case of disorderly conduct against
Do.-s and Jim Corey, Aaron Peel and
le« Criflln.
1 let\oy Saunders plead guilty when
he was charged with purchasing a
j pistol without a permit, hut plead
j not guilty te the charge of carrying
j a concealed weapon. He was fined $2. r > v
I and charged with the costs.
The case against R. '.V. Clemmotis
was nol prossed. The charge stated
that Clemmons purchased a pistol
without a permit. ,
S\ B. Saunders plead guilty to alt
assault with a deadly, weapon charge,
an J was fined $t(V and costs. A 60-
day jail sentence was suspended £ur.
one year upon the gtfbd behavior o„f
the defendant.
Thy'court agreed with llenry Sher
riid when he p!ead hot guilty to an
a (TeiilTTy" w I'Ttfßfn charge?
lit; was dismissed.
Richard Bonie, charged 'villi oper
ating a car while , intoxicated and
1 eckiesß driving, plead not guilty.
The court, after hearing the evidence,
found him guilty;.! both instances.
--lie appealed judgment- gev-en, and was placed under a S2OO.
bend for his appearance at the next
term of superior court.
II is plea of not guilty proved to be
ccnect, and the charge of violating
the I.(pio? laws against Chester Terry
! was dropped.
Henry Purvis plead not guilty Co a
In teeny and receiving charge, but
pl;>ad guilty to simple trespass. Judg
ment was suspended Upon payment of
cost and upon the -defendant's re
turning certain goods to J, P. House,
prosecuting witness.
Wrecks Car At Corner
Church and Haughton
Mr. Doc Hodges caused consider
able damage early Wednesday
when he rail his Chevrolet coach into
a Ford roadster, driven by Millard 1
I alley, at tin- corner of llaughton and
I Church streets. Mr. Hodges was en-]
tering llaughtpiustreet just as the
Ford roadster was at the street in
tersection on its way into town, and to
avoid hitting it seemed to be beyond
his power.
The car driveh by the Lilley boy
was turned, over and badly damaged
while the Chevrolet received hardly
a scratch. With the exception of a
few minor bruises, no one was hurt.
Mr. Hodges is about as careful an
automobile driver as one generally
Inds, and the wreck last Wednesday
leaves everyone at a loss to know
just how it happened.
Waterway Hearing Here
On Monday Afternoon
Person interested in the. proposed
improvement of the waterways, Devils
-Gut and Gardners creek, will attend
a meeting here in the courthouse
next Monday afternoon at o'clock.
Persons who have objections to the
improvement of these two waterways
should attend the meeting and enter
objections according to an announce
ment from the War Department.
Advertisers Will Find Our Col
umns a Ijitchkey to Over 1,600
Homes of Martin County
R. L. Coburn Is President;
Members of -.Football
Team Guests of Club ""
Principal and Couth cl Local Tichool
Discuss Athletics; Kxprti* Tlteir
Appreciation for .Support, 1
The focal ftiwa.'iis club celebrated
its first birthday last Wednesday aiul
had as it.s guests the local high school
football team, Coach Hood and IJriii-»1 J riii-» •
cipal L, II." Davis.
Ihe birthday brougi., Ui a close 5
most successful year for the clua %
jHuI t lie ineetH.g yi.l.•> aot used to re
view the things ttccoiieplishod by the
okib during the "year, hut the num
hers entered the second'• year with
nunc interest "and .zral in
.tlu)seTinderta!;/ng that are of much
ini|« rtance toJ the community. '
Attorney Robert 1.. Coburn was
made president to sw •reed \|> . Hfbcu
S. Peel. W, ('. Maiming, jr is Che
club's new vice president,-an"l Mr.
J, !>. Woofanl was appointed to serve
again its secretary. Mr. (', D. '(\tr
staiphen, jr. is treasurer,
iatiests Make Talks .
Mr. I\. 11. Davis, -principal of Ihi
school and an invited guest at tlie'
meeting, oil the «"utur«.
_rjf iithjetioi in the »>huil hef- H-
.connected his "plans to "the proposed
new building, and stressed the mi'--
pouance of having proper facilities f u
rare for the. various braiichjs of ath
letics. I hat there is a derided in
crease of interest in higfi school :ith
let ics" was pointed out»'the speaker
referring to'the footlmll team. "For
the first time in the history of the
school," the professor said, "the foot
hall team has paid tail expenses aid
leave* a balance in the treasury.", lb
"Mended thanks of the school to the
,clul> and its members for the able
support given the school in all ac
tivitie. ;«nd especially in football djr
'.he season closing today. Couch Hood
biii fly reviewed the record made by
the team this season, pointing out that
it will be only a matter of another
season or two before. the local school
could, and should enter the Mat'? cori
j tests. Already schools, having no bet
'| ter teams than the on# here, are ih
j fhi' contest and they are making.a
creditable showing in then; disti iris.
1 he boys as well as tlie professors
j enjoyed th»V luncheon, and appreciate
J g'eatly the interest and support s»
j wllingly shown and given by lh'e Ku
waitis club ami its members.
Number. ..Shows Large In
crease Over Last
' Ihe number of honor students in
tlj'■ local school underwent', a decided
increase: the past school month when
pupils made an average above 92 .
on all>*iuhjects. With one exception,
every grade in the school was Vepre
pented on the roll. The second grade
led the list with sixteen.
.lUulDte. list of honor students by grades
First (Jrade—'Reginald Manning, Hill
| I'oiierson, Kill llolloman, Marion Pen
j dcr.
Setond Crude—-Felix I'eed, (iarland
j Jones, Evelyn Cowen, lx>is iTaylor,
I'aunit* Spain llolliday, Florence Wool
i aid llolliday, Ruby Harrison, Ella
1 Anyone Cn tchcr, Cluules Dickey, Whil
j Purvis,, Joseph liamhill, Joseph Gard-
I iter, John 11. Fleming, John F. Thig
peii, (Swendolyn Watts, Marjoriu
Third Grade- Edna Mallard, Eliza
bi'ili Howard, C'allie Williams, Exum
Ward, Eloise Cook, Joe Thrower,
I Carrie Williams, I 'oris Teel, Howard
t one, liolton Cowen, Kathleen Price.
I Fourth (irade—Olive McCabe, Grace
| Manning, Alice Harrison, Harry
j Stubbs, Carroll Jones, liillie Griffin,
Lawrence Lindsley, Harry Taylor.
Fifth (irade—Herber} Whitley, Hil
li,v Kathexine Harrison, Louise
Greene, Josephine Harrison.
Sixth Grade—Jane Moore, Jennie
Seventh Grade—Julia I>aniel,'Sarah
(iiirganus, Ernest Harrison.
Eighth Grade—Edith l'eele.
Tenth (irade—-Margaret "Rodgerson.
Eleventh Grade—Hazel Edmond
Sunday Services At
Methodist Church
There will be services at the ketho-'
dist church Sunday morning at 11
The pastor will preach at Holly
Springs at 8 p. m.
In the evening services will be held
in the Everetts church at 7:30 o'-
There will be special music by U.
F. Pope at Holly Springs and

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