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Local Agency Shows Charts
And Photographs; Point
Out Improvements
But Two Agencies in Northeast
jfiorth Carolina Were Able To
Secure Car* for Showing
Attention of the people was attract'
ed to hundredns and thousands of
show rooms of the Ford dealers
throughout the United States, Canada
and England where a complete story
of the new Ford was given today.
And while the new car has not made
its appearance in all the showrooms
in the country, photographs of the
various types and charts are on dis
play, announcing to the public the
new car and its features. The ma
jority of dealers are today explain
ing the car through the use of the
charts, stating that the car itself will
be on displky within the next few
days. Only two agencies served from
the Norfolk branch, have cars on dis
play today, and throngs of people are
visiting Greenville and New Bern to
see' them.
Early this morning, the local deal
ers and salesmen were pointing out
and explaining the maiked improve
ments over the old model Ford. At
times the showroom was crowded with
those who have waited to get a first
glimpse of the revolutionized auto
mobile. The display room has the
pictures of all the various models,
and a large chart on the wall shows
the motor and chassis in an out-lined
form. . k
Prices announced' yesterday are, as
a whole, under those charged for the
old models, and range from $385. to
Upon the strength of the pictures
alone, the local agency today was re
ceiving order after order which will
be filled in the order given.
A Aood of comment has been pour
ed forth, but final words are being
withheld by many until the car ar
rives for inspection.
Jamesville Women Slowly
Improving After Accident
Near Here Sunday Night
Miss Marguerite York and Mrs. J.
E. Hedrick, of Jameßville, are slowly
improving after Buffering serious in
juries in an automobile accident near
here Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hedrick and
daughter and Miss York . and Mr.
Bishop were returning from Salisbury
and just this side of Everetts they
saw two cars wrecked in the middle of
the road. Miss York, driving the Es
sex started to stop the car when its
brakes caught ajid caused it to turn
over several Umes, hurting seriously
she and Mrs. Hedrick. Miss York was
unconscious during Sunday night and
part of Monday, but latest reports
from her bedside state that she is get
ting along nicely. Mrs. Hedrick who
suffered a broken collar bone and an
Ugly cut on the ear, is also improving
rapidly. The other occupants escaped
University Glee Club
At Windsor Today
The University of North Carolina
glee club passed through here this
morning en route to Windsor where
it will appear in a concert this af
ternoon. A large bus carried the inem
| bers of the club.
I The club toured Europe last sum
mer where it gained a wide reputa
tion. During the next few days con
certs will be given in many Eastern
/North Carolina towns.
4 \ t .
. *.• ~ in
Episode No. 4
Always a Good Show;
—————-—»— i—————
, . ■ v- •
. • -
HP, ' • T
Schools of County Turn
Attention to Popular
Court Game
With the lid closed tightly on the
football season, the schools of the
county are turning to basketball, and
in several towns practice is being held
daily. Reports coming from several
schools indicate a most successful
season for the game, and fans are
anxiously awaiting the first schedules
of play.
Practically all the schools are aiu,
nujpncing \better teams this year,
while in a ipw cases the schools are
having to develop teams anew.
At Everetts practice was started
this w£ek with ten students bidding
for a place on the regular team. Four
regulars from last year's team, Dick
Cherry, Alphonzo Roebuck, Arch Roe
buck and Nathan. Bullock, are back
again this year. Coach Hix states the
fifth member wilt be picked within the
next few days, and that he will have
his team r«ady for play'shortly.
-Jamesville lost several of its regu
lar players last commencement, but
with new material, it is expected to
make another splendid showing this
year. The boys there have been prac
ticing for some time, and have already
played one game.
Coach Hood of thfe local school
started .out last Tuesday, night with
an unlimited supply of raw material,
but BO far a regular team has not
been decided upon.
Robersonville, Oak City and Farm
Life are also lining up their teams
for the season.
Oak City Man Charge An
other With Enticing
Bride From Home
~ Charlie Bowers, of near Oak City,
hud great cause to be terribly upset
and worried when'he came into court
here last Tuesday and tried to prose
cute Albert Flannagan for enticing
his recent bride from her home. The
case was nol prossed, Flannagan
claiming, he had nothing to do with
Bowers' (wife leaving her home or her
' Mrs. Hbwers left her home and hus-
band recently, and gave no address.
She married Bowers early in October
and left him as quickly as he had
changed his mind when he was about
to be married to another. Bowers was
on his way here to procure a license
to marry another girl, but on the
way something changed his mind and
hed the name of the woman who has
now deserted him inscribed on the
Fifty Names Added To
Registration This Week
Fifty citizens placed their names on
the registration books this week and
brought the total number registered
for the special power election to two
hundred and fifty-two, a number far
short of the possible registration.
The books close tomorrow at nun
set, and those who have not register
ed and are interested in the power
issue should do so before that time.
The election will be held the 20th of
this month, and it is a big issue with
♦he town at this time.
Press Association Official
Visitor Here Yesterday
Bill Arp Lowrance,. field secretary
of the North Carolina Press associa
tfon was here a short while yester
day. He went from here to Rocky
Moant where ha will be in charge . /
a meeting of the press in this p i.t
of the State tonight. -
Mr. T. F. Harrison Is
Reported Improving
Mr. T. F. Harrison who has been
sick for several months is reported
to be improving: at this time. He is
still in the hospital at Washington,
but he hopes to be strong enough to
return home in a few days.
* • '
Williamston, Martin County, North CaroUha, Friday, December 2, 1927
Cupid Betters Record for
Previous Years; But 200
Licenses Last Year
Register of Deeds Believes Total of
250 Will Be Issued Before
Time Expires
UtUe Cupid bettered its last year's
record in this county as is shown by
Register J. Sam Getsinger's book of
marriage licenses. In 1926 there were
200 licenses issued in the county, and
that number was barely reached. At
ten o'clock the last day of "that year,
a couple from Bertie county applied
for a license and made the number
an even one. This year the number has
already reached 241, .and the year
will not be oul until Sunday at inid
% night.
Mr. Get singer thinks that if .the
' Saturday trade holds up as well as
I it has in the past, the number to be
i issued this year will not miss the
! two hundred and fifty mark but very
I little, if any.
{ It will be remembered that Pete
Fowden and S. Rome Biggs played a
part in the wedding that brought the
number of marriage licenses issued in
1926 to 200. Pete was waster of
t ceremonies,and since the couple was
i married in the drug store, Roirie gave
the bride a handsome present.
Speaking of the number of licenses
I issued last year an article in this
i paper last December reads, "Register
| of Deeds J. Sam Getsinger was some
what concerned last week for fear
that good old MarUn was in a state of
decadence, or at least at a dead stand
still, so far as marriages were con
cerned, since he issued 198 in. 1924,
199 in 1925 and it looked as if he
would never go past the mark of those
years. He went to bed Sunday night
and felt sure that the 1926 number
would Btand at 199, as the year of
ficially closed at midnight, December
3. However, to his surprise and de
light, a couple of young colored peo
ple drove over from Bertie and helped
old Martin gain one notch, just a half
■ of ow per cent better thah lust year;"
From this it is seen that a large
l inoease in marriages in this county
took place during the year. Just what
i this increase might be assigned te is
u mutter of speculation.
Will Be Heard at Baptist
Chu xh Sunday Night;
Also in Everetts
Satuiikiy afternoon two chartered
busses will pull out of Raleigh carry
ing fifty Meredith College girls. These
young voinen. are going to be distri
buted ail over Eastern North Carolina
where on Sunday they will apeak in
the interests of Religious Education.
One of these young women is com
ing to Williamston. She will arrive
here in the late afternoon. Sunday af
ternoon, fhe will speak ih Everetts,
and at 7 :ilO o'clock Sunday night she
will make a short address in the
Baptist church at Williamston.
Meredith College, like many other
college s of all denominations all over
the S ate, is doing a fine work. It
will be a pleasure to Williamston
people to hear this young woman
Sunday night.
Ballot Boxes for Each Girl
in Class Placed in
Drug Store
Interest in high school activities was
given a strong boost this week when
the task of selecting the prettiest girl
in the class presented itself.
So large is the task, that the people
of the town are being called upon io
lend their assistance in making the
selection. A box bearing the names of
the girls in the claas, Miriam Court
ney, Hazel Edmondson, Eugenia
Hoyt, Mabelle Peel, Ruth Peel, Tillie
Perry and Daisy Whitley, has been
prepared and many people are voting
daily at Clark's drug store.
The girl receiving the greatest
number of votes, will Have an entire
page the annual devoted to her.
The high school pupils are working
with all earnestness in preparing their
first annual, and a creditable publica
tion ia expected. •-♦
Sunday Services At
Christian Church
Sunday school, 9:45.
There will be no moming service,
but at 7:30 in the evening, Ray. 3. H.
Hale, of Wilmington will preach.
The public is cordially invited to
hear him.
Bureau Officials SAy "Shop
Early" Slogan Should
Be Applied to Tags
State automobile license' plates*
went on sale here yesterday at the
Williamston Motor Comapny's jjutugi'.
Instructions were issued Wednesday
to all bureaus, ordering thefn to place
the plates on sale at once. Four
thousand six hundred and thirty auto
mobile wui truck license tags are at
the local bureau ready for distribu
"Shop early" should apply to license
plates just as to other holiday pur
chases, the managers of the local
bureau point out, in order to avoid
the rush that inevitably comes the
last week or so before the law re
quires plates to be placed on cars
which is January 1. R. A. Doughton,
motor vehicle commissioner, this year
refused to sanction extension of
time to procure plates, therby sweep l
ing aside a custom that has been in
vogue several years and advices from
headquarters of the Carolina Motor
club state that Governor Doughton
will grant no extension this license
Dates must be placed op automo
biles JanbaFy-fc>pr after, according to
the law passed bjKthe last legislature
placing the license system on a cal
endar instead of a fiscal year basis.
It is unlawful to use January 1 plates
prior to January 1.
The white registration card used foi
the past two years as, an application
card for license and familiar to most
car owners has been mailed from Ral
eigh and car owners are utged to pre
serve this card and present it when
they go to buy their licenses. This
card, however, is not absolutely neces
sary to procure license, provided the
applicant can produce clear title to tin
car. A form is then filled in and the
license issued immediately.
In addition to license service com
plete touring and road information
will be available at the local office of
the Carolina Motor club. Touring in
formation, maps and tour books are
gratis to members of the club while
non-members may secure the service
• u|M>n payment of a charge.
Heavy Shipments Necessi
tate Extra Service by
Yrqight shipments bver the Tar
bj/ro-Hynjouth brunch of the Atlan
ffo Coast Line railroad has reached
sufch proportions that the company
has added an extra freight train to
this branch. The addition is a tempor
ary one, but at this time the amount
of freight" fa giving the two train*
all they can do.
Once this week, one of the train*
was forced to ignore cure. billed at
the station here for other markets.
Freight receipt* wigifMtlng hw
are said to be much larger at this
time of year than they were at the
same time last year.
Even though the peanut crop is
considerably smaller this year, the
transporation companies have already
shipped more of the goobers this
year than they did last, it is under
. stood.
County Bodi d Education
To Meet Second Monday
According to an announcement Hent
out from the office of the count/
superintendent, the county board oi
education will meet the second Mon
day, the 12th of this month instead
oi next Monday, the 6th. This date
was mentioned in ordfer that the time
between thia , month's meeting and
that of next month will nofr be so
great. The first meeting in the New
Year will be held the second Monday
also, finte the first Monday comes so
near the first of the year.
Revokes License for
Driving While Drunk
With the exception of two caaen,
the recorder's court here last Tues
day presented a scew of sorrow
rather than one of judicial procedure
and harshness. The twi* cases follow
ing- the regular routine of the court
were those of State against Mack
Simons and J. A. Perry.
Simons was charged with driving
an automobile while drunk. He plead
guilty to the charge, and when his
face brought forth pity in an unlimit
ed amount, the court gave him a two
months suspended road sentence,
charged Jiim with the cost* and re
voked his diving license for a term
of four months. • ■'
Perry and Dixon plead guilty to
simple assault and were released up
on the payment of the costs in the
Mr. N. R. Roberson, of Griffins
township was here yesterady attend
ing to business.
Seven Mules and Contents
of Packhouse Are Also
Firt Discovered About 1 O'clock,
But Gained Too Much Headway
To Save Anything
Early Wednesday morning, fire of
an undetermined origin destroyed the
burn and ppckhousc and contents on
the farm of Mrs. Lena Mobley, near
Shortly after one o'clock, several
young men saw the light of the,
flames, but before they could reach
the home and wake the family, the
fire had gained, such headway that it
was not possible to save the buildings
or any of the contents. An attempt
was made to save the mules in the
bain, but before the men had hardly
started, six of the mules were burned
to death. A sevonth mule broke out
of the stables, but not until its
eyes were burned out and a large part
of the skin parched.
Other neighbors, reaching the scene
' .soon aft»r, joined in the work and
i saved the surrounding buildings
/"Which were threatened by the flames
from the big barn.
Besides the loss of mules and build
ing, a thousand bates of hay, fifty
jt|ve bags of peanuts, a barn of leaf
tobacco, mowing machine and trans
planter and several barrels of corn
were burned. The loss is estimated at
around $5,(100 with only a small
amount of insurance,to cover it.
„ No work had l>t»en carried on in the
building during the past several days
with the exception of feeding and
caring for the stock, and people on the
farm are at n loss to assign a cause
for the fire.
November Was Record
*-'s' Breaking, Month for
The number of marriage licenses
issued ill any one month broke all
recoixls when thirty-two licenses were
Issued to coupleaTjt the register—ol
deeds office here. The number last
month was not only a record-breaking
one, but it showed a large increase,
for in 1 November of last year there
were only fourteen issued as against
32 for the past month.»»
■ Colored couples led the list a,;ain
during last month with -twenty per
Licenses issued during November
ltalph O. I'urvis, 22-Virgie >er-
Bon, 18; Lewis C. Cowan, 61-Bell
Whitley, 39; Charlie Bowers, SgT-Klla
-KogerA, OH; Hugh Spruill.
Speller, 19; lea Kdmondson, 20-Nallie
Nicholson, 16; l)r. Joshuji Mi rshall
Kitpatrick, 24-Loulee Parker, 19; Hoy
Ward, Swain, 24-Louise Harden, Is.
i.f, Washington county; John 11. Mi
zelle, 66-Sadie Gurganus, B6>, Cains
Loudon, 40, of Madison,- Indiana-
Carrie Delle White, 28; Cecil liar
lurid Gurganus, 20-Eva Hazel Ayers,
18; Vance Theodore Moore, 20-Annie
L. Clajk, JL6; .Raymond H. Bland, 21-
Utulah Cherry, 19, of Washington.
Columbus Brown, 21-Cleo Slade
18; James Howard, 22-Katie Evans,'
19; William Spencer Hyman, 20
Lonnie Staton, 18; James CofTteld, 21-
Carrie barker, 20; James Bellamy, 23-
Koberta Statoti, 22; Leo Slade, 20-
Vernese Hymun, 18; Frank Powel|, 22-
Ieona Watson, 20; James Whitley,
21-liebecca Jennette, 19, of Plymouth;
Herman Whitfield, 22-Arnecia I.ung
ley, 20; Perry little, 24-Magnolia
Crandle, 23; Johnnie Little, 21-I'en
nie Coffield, 19; James Bond, 20-Lula
Slade, 18;- William Henry James, 28-
Ireno Brown, 18; Israel Jenkind, 22-
Nellie Killiebrew, 19; Carres Robert
Leary, 28-Queenie Moore, 21; Joseph
Davis, 20-Catherine Rodgers', 1 ifc;
Paul Grimes, 21-Queenie Andrews, IK;
Thomas Mabry, 23-Rosalie James, 20;
Herbert Heaves, 21-Emma Bell Kid
dick, 18; Alphonza Ewell, 20-Sarah
Lucy Brown, 18.
Father and Son Banquet
At Jamesville Recently
"The Future of Agriculture in the
Jamesyille Community" was the sub
ject of a talk made by Judge F'ranciH
D. Winston recently before the James
ville Chapter of Young Tar .Heel
Farmers. Mr. Winston pointed out
that progress came principally
through knowledge, and in farming,
the young farmer today should study
and learn the properties of the land.
The young farmers had several out
of town guests besides their fathers,
and following the speeches, a dinner
was served.
Heads National Association
'' ;
North Carolina Commissioner of
Agriculture, who was recently elected
President of the National Association
of Commissioners of Agriculture, at its
annual meeting in Chicago. *
World War Veteran* Dies
At Home of Sister, Mrs.
C. H. Godwin
Kearly this morning death came to
end a'long bnd strangely sad fight
for life and health for Major Andrew
Lewis Pendleton at the home of fits
sister, Mrs. H. Godwin. 1
About four o'clock, Mrs. Godwin
was awakenid by his coughing and
hurrying to his room which adjoined
hers, she found him" in a dying con
dition. He died in about an hour after
having two hemorrhages. Tuberculosis
had been the result of a gas attack
in the World War which had incapaci
tated him. His death came a little
•more than nine years after the' wai
was ended, but his life was the con
tribution to' his country. ifjMore en
tering the war, he was considered a
perfect speciment of American man
hood. He was graduated from the
Naval Academy at Annapolis and du •
ing the war he was on the staff of
General C. It. Edwarda
Division until he suffered iafMfi*- u:
a gas attack in the fall of 1917. In
the f(-w weeks ihat he was at the
froht, he was cited for bravery several
tunes Snd was given cross of
The deceased was the oldest son
oflhe late Mr. and Mrs. C. It. Pendle
ton. He was born in Key West, Ma.
where his father was a newspaper
jnan, and "Pen" as he was known to
hundreds of friends, never got the
printer's ink off which got "on his
hands when he was a little boy in his
fat h
Afffr his father's death, tflfe family
moved back to Elizabeth City where
the* body was tfarried this morning
The. funeral wilt take place tomorrow
afternoon from the Episcopal church
•with Itev. Hill officiating.
*Ho is survived by his wifo and lit
rtte" daughter, Mary Jmu l , hi'.-Wh's ln>
j sister, Mrs. C. H. (iodwin and a
broth**, Morisctte Pendleton, of
k Elizabeth City.
Most Other County Schools
Will Close on 22nd;
Reopen January 3
Recommendations from the office of
the- cuuuly ..superintendent »!' Schools
have been made to all the principal.-
in the counfy relating to the Christ
inas holidays. With one or two ex
have ulieady been made, poetically
cetions where other arrangements
all the schools in the couftty will close
Thursday, the 22nd and re-open
January X These dates, Mr. I'op*- the
superintendent stated, have been
found to be the best that can be had.
N The local school,* however, bad al
ready made other arrangements be
fore the recommendations were sent
out, and it will close the 21st and re
open January 4.
Baptists Announce
Sunday Services
* Without offering any apologies for
doing so, the Baptist church invites
' its entire membership to both servicfs
Sunday in order that the members
may subscribe the necessary funds for
the conting year.
% It is thought that this is a better
way than to spread it out over several
weeks. Threfore, the pastor asks that
the people cooperate, and set aside
this day when all can come to both
services and subscribe their amounts.
There will not be the regular ser
mon at either service, but at the
evening hour a Meredith College girl
will occupy the pulpit for a short ad
dress. It may be safely promised that
this young woman foom one of our
collages will delight those who hear
( >.
Advertisers Will Find Our Col
umns a Latchkey to Over 1,600 '
Homes, of Martin County
Was Prominent in Mercan
tile Business Here for
Number Years
Died in Tarboro Hospital Yesterday
After Untold Suffering From
Cancer of Throat
Louis C. Bennett died at the Edge
combe hospital, Tarboro, yesterday
evening at (i o'clock, after suffering
untold pain caused by cancer of the
throat for more than a year. Quietly,
he suffered his affliction, and often
wished that tht; end might not be de
layed. Every effort was made to com
bat the dreadful disease, but in vain
did doctors and specialists work, and
it was not until the end yesterday
evening that rest came. ,
Mr. Bennett, was born here
1?, 1881, the soil of W. H. Bennett
and wife, Martha E. Bennett. During
the greater of his life he was
engaged in the mercantile business,
making many friends throughout the
sectihn in his daily work. five
years ago he formed a partnership
with C. B. Clark and was engaged in
the drug business here. He -remained
in this partnership until his health
began to fail him ,and he withdrew
about a year ago. 1 •
For a long while, tuberculosis of
the throat was thought to be his
trouble. He had a diseased tonsil re
moved but no relief was found to re
sult from the operation, and after
consulting specilaists at Johns-Hop
kins hospital, Baltimore, he was told
that had cancer of the throat.
Since that time he suffered Unbeliev
able pain of the body, but all the
while he complained little and appear
ed cheerful in spirit and mind. After
the disease had entirely destroyed his
speech on the day before his death,
he took his pen and wrote to a
nephew that it was well with his soul
and for him to be good.
In 1920' he married Mrs. Eloise
Baker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.
T. Meadows, who survives him. He al
so leaves two sisters, Mrs. Alonso
Hs»ssell and Mrs. C. D. Carstarphen,
and a host of friends throughout the
The funeral will be held tomorrow
morning at 11 o'clock at the residence
of Mr. W. T. Meadows'by hispastor,
Kev. C. H. Dickey, of the Baptist
church. Interment Will be made in the
Baptist cemetery. ' .
Simon Collie, of Louisburg,
Tried Here on Charge
Qf Seduction
I'robably the moat-regretted case in
cimler's court here Tuesda
when a charge of ''seduction under
promise of marriage was heard
against Simon Collie, a young Louis
burg man. Little Miss Keba Whitaker,
pale amt broken with the hardship ji
her ordeal and with a baby only 2f>
days old, told of the "betrayal. Shi
was supported by statements made
by heir mother who said that thi
young Franklin county shiek had
courted her daughter over a period of
about eighteen .months duration. The
family regarded Collie as a worthy
young man.
I At the hearing it was shown that
i the young girl felt that the opportun
i ity to marry this nice looking young
I man yvas not to be thrown aside, and
tha' the chances were worth taking.
However, she was not wise enough
.to see the poison in her suitor's pur
pose. She did not know that he was
already married and that she was his
fourth victim.
Judge Bailey ordered the defendant
held under a SBOO bond for his ap
pearance at the next term of Martin
County Superior court.
According to information supple
mentary to that heard in the court,
Collie's only reason for coming to this
county was to engage in rum run
ning. It is understood that he would
sneak down from Franklin county for
a load of liquor aijd would call on the
young Whitaktr girl at her home in
the Cross Koads section. During the
hearing here last Thursday Collie
held his head high while the evidence
was given against him by the young
Bond for the defendant was placed
at SI,OOO at first, but later Judge
Bailey agreed to take off S2OO.
Federation To Hear Drc ~
O. P. Fitzgerald Tonight
Dr. O. P. Fitxgerald, pastor of the
local Methodist church, will address
the Christian federation at the Bap
tist church tonight at 7:3® o'clock.
-11 i« public ia cordially Invited to
hear him and the members arc urged
to attend.

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