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School Board To Meet Next
Tuesday To Consider Sites
Board Wants Those Who
Have Sites To Offer To
Be At Meeting
At Least Five Acres of Land, Prefer
ably Square or Rectangular, Will
Be Required )
The Martin County Board of Edu
cation, in session here yesterday, de
cided to consider the selection of
school sites for Roberaonville and
Willlamatoa buildings at a special
meeting Tuesday evening, December
20, at 7 o'clock. The public is invited
to attend the meeting. Any sellers of
sites for respective buildings should
see the committee ««t each place or
Mr. K. R. Crawford and Mr. H. C.
Norman. Before any money for school
buildings may be secured from the
State, Superintendent Tope stated
yesterday that a site of at least five
acres must be selected and the plan
of building which will fit this site best
must be submitted for approval. The
aite should have good drainage and
preferably be of square or rectangu
lar shape. The soil should be of sandy
loam, fertile for grass growing and
at some time satisfactory for track?
baseball, football and tennis grounds.
Cellars of school buildings can be kept
drier where there are no springs on
The Board of Education will meet
with the Roberaonville committee at
2 o'clock p. m. on the 20th of Decem
ber and review first hand any sites
offered and will meet with the Wil
liamston #o mm it tee at 8:30 p. m. on
the same *»y for reviewing offerings.
Any person interested in the matter
may see the proper officials at these
places at the time set or prior to
time and dates mentioned.
According to information coming
from the office of the Board of Edu
cation's offlee, certain personages
" have offered to give land, and other
land-owners are aaked to make their
offers as reasonable and low as pos
Williamston Church Raises i
$1,700; Quota Was
Only $1,350
The campaign being put on in this
State by the Baptist denomination
has gained great momentum in re
cent days. The Roanoke Baptist As
sociation, comprising sixty-seven
churches," being worked
present time.
The final report meeting, and sup
per will bo held in Tarboro tonight.
At this supper, the churches will
make their final report.
The quota assigned the association
was $60,000, and the amount the Wil
liamston Baptist church was to sub
scribe was $1360.
The pastor of the local church stated
this afternoon, before leaving for
Tarboro, that his church had over
subscribed its amount, for pledges,
totaling $1,700 had been handed in.
This makes all the better showing,
it was pointed out, when it is remem
bered that the local church during the
same days, was putting on its Every
Member Canvass to cover its budget
of $6,000 for the year 1928.
R. G. Sexton Champion
Calf Raiser of Section
R. G. Sexton, a farmer near James
viile lead his section in raising cham
pion calves. The animal butchered by
Mr. Sexton a few day* ago lacked only
a few days of being seven months
old and dressed 70 pounds to the
* "i J
Junior in The
Also Comedy and
Always a Good Show
'„• ( \
~ and u«e p_T
Christmas Seals (yv.* i)
Problem of Enlarging Lo
cal School Library Is
Main Topic
How to enlarge the local school
library was one of the main topics
before the regular meeting of the
association last
Miss Lucille Allen, the
school's'competent librarian, reviewed
the list'of books now in the library
and shqwed how badly more money
was needed in adding to the list of
books. In her report before the meet
ing, Miss Allan stated that around
fifty dollars had been spflfit this year
for magazines and a few current
books, and that an appropriation of
around S2OO would be necessary to
care for the library's needs in part
during the remainder of the school
term. Mr. Davis, the school's principal
offered suggestions as to how that
amount could be raised, and a com
mittee was appointed by the associa
tion to attend to the matter of rais
ing the fundß.
In connectioh with the library and
its need a, Mrs. M. J. Moyc stressed
the value of good books, stating that
time was wasted unless standard and
profitable books were selected by the
reader. The question, "What are
your children reading?" was asked,
and Mrs. Moye showed the necessity
of directing the,child's reading so that
a taste for profitable literature might
be cultivated.
Reports from the chairman of the
playground committee showed where
the equipment recently purchased by
the parents-teachers association and
erected cost less than a hundred dol
lary that it was meeting with
popular approval among the younger
pupils. The chairman of the grounds
committee stated that a drive had
been laid off, and that roal machin
ery would be put to work this week
in preparing the drive.
Mrs. Wheeler Martin, president of
the Woman's club, explained the pur
pose,, of a joint tp ee tinST of the pai
ents-teachers association and Woman's
club held in the school auditorium last
The tenth grade won the prize, a
box of cady, for the largest repre
rntation of parenta present at the
Citizens Asked to Provide
Parking Space for Visitors
An appropriate and reasonable re
quest comes from the Office of the
Miyor, asking all local automobile
owners to help provide parking space
for visitors coming hare on cars dur
ing the busy holiday season.
The request follows:
"To the Citixens of Williamston:
On account of the congested park
ing conditions that exist on Main and
Washington streets during the busy
holiday season, I want to ask you to
assist the traffic officers in providing
parking spcaes for visitors during
next Saturday and the business daya
of next week. Automobile owners will
greatly aid in this by not parking
their cars in the business sections of
the above mentioned streets during
those daya.
Masonic Lodge to Hold
Regular Meeting Tonight
Member s of 3kewai|kee Lodge No.
90, are urged to attend the regular
communication tonight at 7:46 o'clock.
This will be the last meeting before
Christmas and it is hoped that a
large representation of the members
will be present.
Juniors To Meet This
Week Instead of Next
The regular meeting of the Junior
Order of United American Mechanics
will be held on Thursday night, De
camber the 16th at 7:30 instead of
Thursday night, December 28. The
date wm changed on account of the
busy season just before Christmas.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, December 14,1921
Wayne County Court Is
Scene of Sensational
Incident Sunday
Trains Automatic Pistol on Crowd,
Warning Any One Laying Hands
on Prisoner Will Be Shot Dead
Larry Newsome, the colored murder
er of lleulah Tedder, near Goldsboro,
last Thursday night, narrowly escaped
the hands of a lynching party during
his trial last Sunday in the court
room at Goldsboro. The trial, the fir -t
to be held on Sunday so far us records
show, was attended by thousands of
people, and trouble was anticipated
by the judge and county officials.
The hearing was underway when
William Tedder, an undo of the Ne
gro's victim, grabbed the negro at the
throat and started to drag him' from
the courtroom. Friends of Tedder
started to lend their assistance when
Sheriff W. D. Grant of Wayne county,
threw himself between the Negro and
the leaders of the attempt at lynching.
With the crowd thick around him, the
sheriff pulled his pistol from his belt
and fired two shots into the ceiling.
An order to stand back was given the
crowd, and Judge Grady ordered the
prisoner removed to the jury room for
a few minutes. With a pistol in his
hand, Judge Gray stated that there
w»uld be no lynching, that he would
not willingly harm any man among
the crowd, and that the next one who
attempted to put his hands on the
prisoner he would shoot dead.
The bell of the courthouse was
sounded and at the signal armed
troops entered the courthouse. The
prisoner was brought back from the
jury room, and after the Judge had
warned against further disorder, the
trial was continued. An hour later
the evidence was all in, and a few
minutes after noon, Judge Grady made
his charge to the jury. He summed
the case up as follows:
"Last Thursday night the little Ted
der girl, not quite 16 years old, the
daughter of a tenant farmer in Great
Swamp township, left her father's
house shortly after dark to accom
pany a Negro woman to the lutter's
house, where she was to buy a half
gallon of home-made syrup. An hour
later, v/heli she failed to return, her
father set out to look for her. He went
first to the Negro woman's house and
found that she had remained there
only a few minutes. * a
"Returning for help, he renewed
the search. A- little while later the
body of the girl, with the throat
slashed from ear to ear, was found
a little ways off the path 46 yards
from her father's house. She was dead.
Lights were brought. Examination of
the ground disclosed the fact that
there had been a struggle between
the girl and some man wearing heavy
rubber boots, andthat she had broken
away mi ran for a little distance,
pursued by the booted assailant.
"Overtaking her, the booted assail
ant again attacked her, and In the
ensuing struggle, her throat was cut.
The Bearch extended. It was
found that the boot tracks came
across the filed to the path, waited
there end then became confused in
the struggle. Prom the spot where
the §trl» lay dead the same booted
tracks led back across the field. In
the house the officers found the
prisoner. I,&rry Newsome, apparently
asleep. I'nder his pilloyt was a long
fearly sharp knife. Its blade wan
bloody. In the house a pair of over-,
alls, freshly stained with blood, were
found, and nearby a pair of blood
stained boots. The boots fitted the
tracks in the field."
Near the end of his charge, Judge
Grady stated that three verdicts might
be found by the jury, murder in the
first, not guilty, or one based
upon the plea of insanity of the de
While the jury was out Judge Grady
stated, "If you will give your word
that the(*e will be no further attempt
at violence, I will let Mr. Tedder go.
I do not want to punish him for his
mometary loss or self control." The
audience made answer with much ap
plause and the leader of the attempt
at lynching was released. Eighteen
minutes later the jury returned its
verdict of "guilty of murder in th
first degree". The death sentence was
pronounced, and Sheriff Grant de
parted witfc the prisoner for Raleigh
where Newsome is scheduled to die
in the electric chair, Friday, January
Several records were established
during the tragedy and the Negro's
trial. One took place when the court
sat on the Sabbath; another when the
prisoner , was caught, tried and sen
tenced within M hours after the mur
der, and a third was when the Judge
handled a pistol from the bench.
John M. Waters, secretary of the
Endowment Campaign of Atlantic
Christian. College, was in town yes
terday in the interest of.jthe work.
Native of Wiljiamston Is
Holding Court in Home
Town for First Time
Judge Moore Holds Grand jury Sys
tem Greatest Fort Hcation Of
Society in Charge
Martin county it hav : ,t£ o. of its
own Sons to preside over the superior
court here this week, Judgo Clayton
Moore having been aligned to the
court here by Governor Mclean on
acx-ount of the illness of Judge Frank
A. Daniels.
While Martin county people always
look with pleasure to the coming of
Judge Daniels and exceeding regret
his absence on account of y
are, of course, delighted to havtNJudge
Moore with them.
Judge Mop re was born and reared
in Williamston, the son of James E.
Moore, regarded as one of the great
lawyers of his day. Mr. Moore is only
SS years old, and has aerveilf Martin
county in the lower house i of the
Assembly for tin ee terms and
one term in the Senate. He was ap
pointed superior court judge by the
Governor and held his first court in
Windsor on the 3rd day of May, this
year. Since that time he ha:l held
cour in fifteen counties.
In his appearance on the bench in
his home county yesterday morning,
it was apparent that the Judge ap
preciated the fact that fie was facing
his home folks, not with any degree
of emharrasinent, however, but with
that look of care and sppreciation of
the fact that for the first time he ap
peared among his friends as the repre
sentative of the law and for the pur-'
pose of judging them by the law.
Court had been in session only u
short while when it was found that
he was just like other judges, simply
i> human being that willed not to hurt
any man and meted out punishment
only because it was his duty.
The charge to the grand jury was
short, even more so than the average
i charge. It dealt mostly with those
principles dealing with criminals ill
the process of indictment or foumal
charges as they appear to a jury call
ed the "grand jury".
Mr. Moore held the grand-jury
system to be the greatest fortification
that defends society, the lives, person
and property of the pimple, Only a
few of the laws were called to the
attention ff the jury, most particular
ly to the traffic laws passed by the
last legislature.
Man Hurt in Wreck Near
Here Sunday Afternoon
Mr. I'aul Leggett suffered a broken
arm and his mother was painfully
hurt when their car was hit by an
other near the county home late
day afternoon. Mr. Leggett was driv
ing on the hard, surface, traveling this
way, when a colored man named Kiili
brew drove his car from the old
fcveretts road and hit the Leggett car,
causMu; it to turn over.
WF. who lives in Beaufort
county and his mother were brought
here where Dr. York treated them.
Jamesville and Bethel
Quints To Meet Here
'According to a schedule recently
announced, Jamesville's high school
basketball team will play Uethel here
tomorrow night in the Brick ware
This is the second game tri the sea
son /for the Jamesville boys, they hav
ing won over Farri Life a few days
ago. Coach Snapp will play practical
ly the same team as was seen in ac
tion on the court lant season. Pete
Warrington takes Howard Gaylord's
place at center while Carol Brown
fills the vacancy made by Warring
ton at guard.
The individual Christmas trees will
give way to one big general tree
in the Robresonville school when the
faculty and students assemble in the
auditorium Friday afternoon at three
o'clock for a short Christmas pro
The pupils there are eagerly look
ing forward to the event and the spirit
of the Yuletide season is expected to
be most evident when the large num
ber of. gifts are distributed by Santa
Claus. ■
Large Crowds' Attend
Everetts Entertainments
Large crowds attended the fiddlers'
convention Thursday night in ,Ever
etta and the play, "Saved by the
Woodmen", in the school Auditorium
there Friday night Both the events
were thoroughly enjoyed. The pro
ceeds were used in financing the ly
ceum course booked by the school.
/ H" |M|
JI'IKJK CLAYTON MOORE, who- is holding his first term of court in
his home county here this week. As a judge, Mr. is meeting with
popular approval among the lawyers and courts of the "Slate.
Rev. J. H. Hale, of Wilming
ton, To Be Pastor of
Christian Church
liev. J. 11. Hale, of Wilmington, has
accepted the pastorate of the local
Christian church and will begin active
work here in January, lie will, how
ever, be here during the Christmas
,-eason to hold the regulur services.
Mr. Hale i^.;,a young man of the;
north-west section of the country, lie
lived in Wisconsin the greater part
I of his life where he was educated,
I later tak'ing work at a seminary in
New York'. For several years, he has
lived in North Carolina.
Health Lecture Last
Night Poorly Attended
A lecture on "Health" by a Mf.
Dorrity, of the Wear-ever Aluminum
Company, in the school auditorium
last night wa; poorly attended, har ily
thirty people attending.
Mr. his talk offt red
statistics showing where !K) per  ent
of all disease are ran ed i... n.-
eating. Thorn! diseases, Mr. Po; , itfr
pointed out can be prevented hy eat\
ing proper and properly prepared)
foods. He dwelt upon the grot mis/
take most people make, cookh*ti>me
minerals and vitamines out of most
foods, and then eating the shall,
Though there were not I(l0jp pie
present, the company's yjiresent uive
decided to give . twenty five cents
wortty of aluminum ware for each
preson present.
Robersonville Ldses To
Oak City Friday Night
With Joe Hardison and Ab.ier.
.Brown showing excellent form, Oak
City won over the strong Itobei 011-
ville quintet in a close game last Fri
day evening at KobersonviUe. A long
shot in the last few minutes of play
gave the visitors a one-point lead and
registered a win,of 20 to 1!» for thom.
This afternoon, the Robersonville
lads are. in Oak City, playing a re
turn game. Hamilton is sending its
sextet Over to Oak_ City this after
noon to meet the girl there in a
game. •-
i ,
County Teachers To
Meet Here Saturday
The fourth and last meeting uf the
teachers of the county -will be held
here next Saturday
in the school auditorium. Superintend
ent Pope plans to review the work
carried on in the schools, and otter a
tentative outline of procedure t J be
followed after the Christmas holidays.
Mr. Pope stated yesterday tli t the
Saturday meeting would likely be one
of the largest yet held. '
Student Selections Made
In School Last Week
Student selections, made in the local
high school last week, include Durarct
Keel, hest athlete; Darrel Price, most
Tillie Perry, most popu
lar giri; Hazel Edmondson, most de
pendable. In the contest held both in
and out of school, Miriam Courtney
was voted the prettiest girl.
The pictures of these students will
appear in an annual to be published
by the several clubs and organizaUons"
of the local high school in the early
Henry Carson Given 17 To
25 Years for Killing of
Emily Bazemore
Henry Carson, colored, was sentenc
ed to not less than seventeen years
and not more than 25 years in the
State penitentiary by Judge Clayton
Moore here this morning in superior
court for the murder of Emily Baze
more. Carson was indicted for first
degree murder,'but entered a-plea of
second degree murder in court which
was accepted by the solicitor.
Two months ago Carson went to the
home of lien Bazemore, near Hethle
hem church in Williams township, and
after a visit extending past the mid
night hour, he became noisy and was
ordered out of the house. He did not
leave the place, but continued around
singing and cursing. Emily Kanemore
went to the window after he had
hushed his singing, and at her first
peep she was shot through the breast,
■ dying almost instantly. Carson was
arrested by Sheriff Itoebuck and his
-deputies two hours later about a
hundred from the iluzeinore.l
home and plai'e«Mrt^HttP: —
The Negjsr, before this trouble hap
pened, was regarded as a very peace
ful fellow, and was considered very
weak mentally.
The majority of the other cases
coming before Judge Moore have hot
been of any great note, and the doc
ket will be cleared late today.
Hen Purvis, charged with carrying
a concealed weapon, failed to appear
ml hu bond wuh called anil forfeited.
Men 'raft, driving an automobile
while drunk, had his case nol pressed.
George Williams, charged with the
larceny of a hog;, plead guilty of pos
session and was placed under a sus
pended sentence.
Jasper Staton, charged with larceny,
plead guilty. Sentence was' not im
posed. *
Uufus Taylor, charged with larceny,
violating the liquor law, and resist
ing an officer was sentenced to jail
for six months, to be assigned to th*"»
Edgecombe roads. The sentence was
suspended upon a promise of good
behavior for two years.
John Purvis, I-evi I*urvis and Earl
Teel who were indic ted on a charge
of stealing automobile tires and tools
were called. Levi Purvis plead guilty
and exonnerated his father while
John Purvis and Earl Teel entered a
plea of nolo contendri.
Teel was sentenced to the roads of I
Edgecombe county for from four to
eight months, Ix-vi Purvis for four
months. The charge against John
Purvis was nol proased.
Azariah Williams and Moses Col
train, charged with the larceny of
leaf tobacco, resulted in a mistrial,
H. L. Gardner, charged with as
saulting a colored man,
plead guilty, but the case has not been
disposed of.
Don Johnson entered a plea of guil
ty of chooting ifwlored man, but
judgment had not been pronounced at
our time of going to press. .
Only one divorce -case was up be
fore the court, that of Gerge Purvis
against T*eah Purvis, which was grant
Pete Warrington, of Jamseville, was
here yesterday attending to business.
Mr. Cleve Taylor, of Robersonville,
was a business visitor here last night.
Stanley Sessoms, of Washington,
was here a short while last night.
Advertisers Will Find Our Col
umns a Latchkey to Over lfiOQ
Homes of Martin County
Action Taken by Merchants
to Accommodate Last-
Minute Shoppers
Everything To Be Closed Here on
Monday After Christmas; Open
Until 9:30 or 10 Next Week
- Following after usual custom, the
Williamaton stolen will remain open
at night, beginning next Monday. No
definite time for the stores to close
WW mentioned in the announcement,
but it is understood tKey will remain
open- until 9:30 or 10:00 o'clock during
the next week.
This action on the part of the
merchants is followed to accomodate
thost shoppers who find it next to im
possible to get away from their regu
lar duties to do their shopping in the
day time. To counterbalance the extra
work on the part of the clerks, the
merchants are planning a general
holiday here the Monday following
Christmas day.
Reports coming from practically all
the business houses here, indicate an
increased holiday business over the
past seasons. Many of the stores are
continuing to replenish their stocks
and regular orders are coming in daily
via express, freight and parcel post.
————— *
"Cupid Up To Date," Musi
cal Comedy, Promises
To Be Big Hit
comedy sponsored by the Dramatic
club, of the local high school and to
be staged in the auditorium here next
Friday night, is slated to be the play
hit of the season. A reliable -and
pleasing cast has been selected and
practice is being carried on daily.
Miss Mabel Fountain, of the Wayne P.
Sewell Company, Atlanta, has charge
of the play.
The cast of characters includes
some of the town's best amateur play
ers. Harry Myrt Stubbs plays as
Father Time, the leading role in,the
play. Other characters include, Eliza
beth Gurganus, Common Sense; Mrs.
M. J. Moye, Domestica; Maurice
Watts, Bully; Mrs. Raleigh Uradley,
Dolly Extreme; Lon Hassell, Will
Steady; Margaret Rodgerson and Vii
ginia Harrison, Cora and Dora Dumb;
Jessup and Gaylord Harrison, Eddy
and Freddy; Lyda ooke, Senator
Ring; Oscar Anderson, John Scien
tist. The four choruses include Bed
time Children, Charleston Babies,' Cat
Chorus and' Chorus Girls.
The proceeds will be used in pub
lishing the high school's first annual.
Tickets will be placed on sale at
Clark's drug store and Mrs. A. R.
Dunning and Miss KJl?abeth Wilkins
will have charge of the ticket sale,
Negro Killed by Falling
Tree Friday Afternoon
Jesse Roscoe, a 36-year -old colored
man, was instantly killed by a limb
from a falling tree last Friday after
noon. Roscoe was cutting timber for
R. S. Critcher and Sons in Poplar
Point when a falling tree knocked
out a limb on another which hit him
on the head, death resulting instantly.
Two other colored men were near and
saw Roscoe fall, but did not see the
limb as it struck him.
Roscoe was from Indian Woods,
Bertie county, but during the past
few years he had lived in William
s'ton. He married here, but was not
living with his wife.
He was buried at his Bertie home
« : ' ,'
Girls Win While Boys
Lose To Pantego Teams
high school basket
ball teams divided honors in a double
header here with Pantego last Friday
night,, the boys losing by the close
score of 7 to 6, and the girls winning
17 to 6. % ■
Close guarding Matured the boys'
game, while the local girls appeared
in mid-season form in their game.
The two teams go to Windsor to
night where they play (he girls and
boys of the school there.
Correspondence Must Be
Signed Or Not Published
During the past several days, a
large amount of unsigned correspon
dence has been received by this office.
Practically all this correspondence is
timely and valuable, but under the
paper's policy no unsigned matter ia
handled. Names will be held from
publication at the writer's request,
but no correspondence will be used
without tiie writer's r* reeling his
or her identity.—Mgr. Ed.

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