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    Wack the Label on Yam
Pip#; It Carrie* the Dete
Your Smbscriftiou Expires
Voters to Decide Fate of Power Plant at Polls Today
165 Votes Required
To Carry Election
Opponents of Power Com
pany Sent Out Letters
At Last Minute
Opponents of Sale Caa Win by Stay- j
ing Away From Polls; Few
Voting Karly
Three hundred and twenty-eight i
qualified voters will take a part in I
deciding the town's power and light i
question when they visit the polls at'
the City Hall and vote today. How
ever, it might be that one hundred j
and sixty-flve qualiAed voters will re
main away from the polla and there
by kill the Section. According to the
election laws, a person who registers
for such an election and then fails to'
vote, his name on the books will count
as one vote against the proposal.
The polls were opened this morning
st 7:18 by Messrs. J. E. Pope, R. T.
Griffin and J. L. Hassell, poll fcoMers,
but the voters visiting the poll be
tween that time and 8:00 o'clock
were few and far between. The voting
is expected to show a decided increase
as the day grows. The polls close this
afternoon at sunset, and every per
son who has registered should see
that his vote is cast, one way or the
Opponents to the power company's
proposal have busied themselves dur
ing the OMt few days, wriUng letters
to the 328 qualified voters, and offer
ing various and sundry reasons why
the power company's offer should be
voted down. One of the letters weni
out with no signature, but this morn
ing a copy of the letter was posted
on the Main street with the follow
ing signature filled in, "Oil Engine
ife|*fpnan" "Yours for bnaiaets" was
also printed in by hand at the bot
tom of the letter. Another letter was
signed and mailed out by Mrs. J. G.
Staton, and commeiits have been
heaped upon it by a number of voters.
The unsigned letter would have the
townspeople consider "Who Will be my
owner ?" The signed letter would
have the voters vote the proposal
down for a better one.
The Virginia Electric and Power
Company has invited questions from
every source; it has laid the matter
before the people so that they might
study the question. The Board of
Town commissioners have worked and
invesUgatcd the matter and not until
its members were satisfied that the
beat possible offer hsd been made did
they refer it to the voters. It is now
up to the people. If they decide to
vote it down, other srrangements
will necessarily have to be made; if
they vote in favor of the proposal,
the Virginia Electric and Power Com
pany will have to make the arrange
Robbers Break Into
Local Fertiliser Plant
Robbers entered the nlant of ths
Standard Fertiliser Company here last
Saturday night and carried away a
few of the workmen'! clothes, a case
of light bulbs and a few other articles
that wore stored in the supply room.
The loss was comparatively small,
and little damage waa done by the
robbers while breaking into the build
ing. Officers trailed the robbers, but
could make no arrest on account of
insufficient evidence.
Mr. J. D. Harrison, of Bear Garss,
was a business visitor here yesterday.
Profeaaor David N. Hi*, of Fveretta,!
was here yesterdsy.
"DON .
Two - Reel Comedy
and L
Always a Good Show
Rev. C. H. Dickey Qualifies
As "Marrying Parson"
With Three Couples
; Cupid centered his work here last
j Saturday when f««r marriage licenses
were sold by Register J. Sam Getsin-!
ger and that many marriages took
| place at various points here. The cere
mony attracting the most attention
I was the one performed by Mr. A. T.
i Crawford, J. P., on Main street. Se-
I crecy was guarded in the others, and
I during the day Rev. C. H. Dickey, the
marrying parson, performed three |
i ceremonies at the Baptist parsonage.
Register Getsinger was expecting
such a rush, for there had been no
applications for licenses made at hi*
office for almost a week. And yester
day ,tne rush was not over, for two
appicaUons were awaiting the return
ol Mr. Getsinger from lunch.
Allpress All-Star Musicians
At Everetts School
Tomorrow Night
The Allpress All Star Musicians
will appear on the next number of
the Lyceum course at Everetts to
morrow night, bringing to the section
one most highly recommended
and best' performance yet seen in the
There are three members in the
tPMwm. and eackkM hean declared
an artist by critics in London and
practically all the states in this
The progratn includes new and
original settings of the standard
overtures, elaborate compositions on
the old melodies, such as M The Last
Rose of Summer," "Comin 1 Thro' the
Rye" and "The Soul of the Violin."
Novelty music with contrasting ef
fects, rhapsodies and reveries and
popular ballads make up a wonder. I
ful program.
These programs are given in the
achool auditorium at Everetts and are
sponsored by the citizens of that
town who are interested in woHhy
and beneficial entertainment.
Chicken Thieves Raid
Coop of J. A. Everett
Sunday morning when Mr. James A.
Everett went out to feed bis chickens,
he found that thieves had carried
away every old hen and rooster on
the place. The thieves made the raid
sometime during Saturday night or
early Sunday morning.
While Mr. Everett has no idea who
could be so cruel right at this season
of the year, he does have an idea that
his chickens will not live to see the
New Year.
Enterprise Moves
Schedule Up a Day
With the head boss' 0. Keh, and
with Christmas in our bones, we
have moved up our schedule a few
hours with the sincere hope that we
might clean up and get ready for
Christmas before Santa Claua calls.
This issue leaves the press Just ex
actly eight hours before the regular
time, and everything else being equal,
Friday's issue of the Enterprise will
go out a full day ahead of the regular
schedule.—The Force.
Road Hogs Are Most
Dangerous, Says Official
Greensboro, Dec. 18.—One of the
most careless, _ inconsiderate and
dangerous types of motorist is the
man or woman who fails" to yield
immediate and full rights of way
to vehicles of the police and Are de
partments, says p. T. Matthews, direc
tor of accident prevention of the Caro
lina Motor Club. "In many commun
ities of the State tfais type of driver
is found in inci easing number," Mr.
Matthews said.
"Municipal judges cannot be too
severe in punishing persons who re
fuse to grant these vehicles right-of
way. Fire departments especially often
are impeded by motorists speeding
immediately behind apparatus. Priv
ets vehicles should stop,"' Mr. Mat
thews stated.
Misses Lima Man gum, Willie Gar
ner , and Mr. Victor Sorrell, of Raleigh,
visited Mr. B. E. Hood here Sunday.
ill Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, December 20, 1927
Various Grades To Have
Christmas Trees Tomor
row Afternoon
Within the local grammar school
considerable interest is being mani
fested in the regular weekly chapel
programs. These programs are given
at ll):26 every Tuesday morning. Ono
of the grammar grade teachers and
her grade put one on in regular or
der. This morning the fifth grade has
the exercises in charge.
To make room for interested parents
who wish to see these programs, the
high school grades are excluded from
attending. Otherwise there would be
a full auditorium of school folks, leav
ing no room for visitors. Parents and
are cordially invited to at
tend. li; no doubt, proves gratifying
to them as well as offers a great in
centive to children to do their best.
They naturally enjoy entertaining.
Regular classes will be held up to
noon Wednesday with no signs of
Christmas' approach. Immediately af- j
tor lunch, trees in the various grades
will be decorated and loaded with
gifts from Santa. These room pro
grams will consist of songs recently
learned and short poems memorized
for the occasion. Prematura! Santa
Clauses will give out the presents.
The high school will have a short tree
program in the auditorium. Mr. Hood
and Mrs. Harrell have this in charge.
None of these exercises will last long
er than 80 minutes after the trees
have received their full decoration.
Windy City's Invitation Is
Being Considered By
Khisttm. T*e. ir.-afhlcage;" and
not a Virginia or North Carolina
town, may stage the third national
peanut exposition. The first, promoted
by the Eastern Carolina Chamber of
Commerce here, was held at Windsor
last year. The second was held at
Ahoskie the first of this month.
Directors of the Chamber of Com
merce are considering a request from
the midwestern metropolis that the
1928 show be held there. If it is de
cided to accept Chicago's invitation
special trains will be run from this
section to carry growers, manufac
turers and others to the exposition
and many exhibits will be sent by
manufacturers and dealers in East
ern Carolina and Tidewater Virginia,
it was announced today.
First Issue of "Jamesville
Tar Heel" Comes From
Press Today
Jamesville took another front seat
in school activities recently when
members of the Tar Heel Farmers'
club and students of the school there
voted to publish a high school paper.
The first issue of the paper left the
press today, and it speaks well for
those who devoted their time and in
terest to its composition.
In preparing th* first issue, the staff
entered upon its duties in a seriyui
manner, and filled the paper with
well worth-while articles. Its matter
is purely original, and attempts to
promote those activities that are of
a general interest to the school and
The paper, "Jamesville Tar Heel",
will _be published monthly ,aocording
to its business manager, James
Mi telle.
Onward Gaylord is the editor of the
paper and he is ably assisted by sev
eral assistant editors and reporters.
No Meeting of Kiwanis
Club Here Tomorrow
The Kiwanis club will not hold its
regular meeting tomorrow on account
of a request coming from th«
Woman's club, the members of which
having so many Christmas duties to
attend to that they find it almost im
possible to prepare for the meet
King Ben Prunell, of
House oi David, Dead
Benton Harboro, Mich., Dec. ID.—
Benjamin PumeU, "King" of the
House of David, ia dead. Benjamin
died at 11:90 -o'clock last Fri
day and early day, more than 60 hours
after his death, his body still lay in
the bed whore ho had died.
I . >
| To Choose Site For
New School Tonight
- r*, j
With no definite understand
ing as to just how 4 site will be
•elected, the first step— or it
nMght be that they Will be final
—will be made tonight at a meet
ing of the county board of edu
cation and local citizens. The
meeting i% called for 3 o'clock
tonight. A site for the new
building at Robersonville is to
be selected also this afternoon.
V v
Sales Up To Yesterday 1
Total 279; Big Rush
Early jresterday morning, the salt
of automobile license had,reach- '
ed 279, a number far'low former
sales for similar periods. Last Sat
urday was one of busiest days
for the bureau since fi opened the
first of,the month, and only forty- j
four tags were sold thatAJay. The ma-'
jority of the tMcs have been mad* I
to nuto'mt Uile owners, I
and hardly any"have beei sold to local j
car owners,
A rush now is almost unavoidable,
since it is understood fiat no exten
sion of time in which tu procure li
censes will be granted. >
>- ■ •. •
Couple Of This Pb
Not Even Car;
Married On Street
Mr. James Mallory and Mrs. Bessie
Edwards, of this county, were married
•tit* harry het*» last SalWlay arming
about 7 o'clock. A call was sent to
Squire Crawford, and he with book
under his arm and a flashlight, in his
hand, met the couple at their car in
front of Harrison Mruthera store. Two
witnesses, Frances Williams and Gay
lord Harrison, were called in and
with the stage all set, the ceremony J
toas> commenced. The couple was in !
the front seat, the witnesses were in I
the rear seat of the car and Squire i
Crawford stood at the side with one.
foot on the running board and the j
other on pavement. The vows were j
made, and the couple was united in
a very few minutes.
Mr. Crawford, since he hes been
acting as a justice o fthe peace here,
has developed speed in executing his
duties. Soon after he was made a
justice of the peace, it required bim
a part of two days to marry a couple,
but now it is only a matter of a very
few minuteß for him to tie the knot.
It will be remembered that the
lengthy marriage ceremony came
about when a couple called by his of
fice a few minutes before midnight,
and when it required a few minutes of
the next morning to cpmpelte the
So far as it can be learned, this is
the first marriage to take .place in a
Ford automobile on the streets here.
Goes From Windsor By
Edenton and Elizabeth I
A new bus line, running from Wind
i sor to Norfolk, has been established
! and the first run was made yesterday
I morning. The new line makes it pos
! sible to travel all the way from Wash
( ington to Norfolk. The schedule of the
bus operating through here has been
changed to make connection with that
of the Windsor-Norfolk line. Leaving
here about 7:45, the bus reaches
Windsor in time to connect with the
bus there that goes to Edenton, Hert
ford, Elizabeth City and on into Nor
folk, reaching that city at 11:30 the
same morning.
A bus will leave Norfolk in. the
afternoon and will reach Windsor in
time *to make connection with the
Auliuider-Washington bus at Windsor.
With the exception of the change
from 9 o'clock to 7:46, the schedule of
the but running through here remains
the same.
With no fire works on aale in any
of the local stoies, it looks as if Wil
liamston io in for a quiet and peaceful
Christmas. Heretofore, the "baby
waiters" were sounding about this
time before Christmas, but, so far,
very few of the bombs and crackers
have been flred by "the young people.
Expected To Be Unusually
Generous To Children
This Year
Local Citizens Not Backiqg CHsbs in
Providing for Christmas Gifts
For Poor People
Santa Claus, dear to the hearts of
mi|lions of children, Is greatly boost
ing trade here this season. Last Sat
urday, the dear old man carried from
the stores here load after load of
merchandise, toys, and the numerous ,
other items commensurate with the
Christmas season. The kiddies are
warned to look out for him, for froia ■
all indications, he will be unusually
generous this year. »
Close observations point to a gen
eral visit of the beloved character
man this Christmas. However, therq,
will the one extreme where some of
the kiddies will be lavised with gifts,
while there will the other extrem"
where some children will be In need
of the bare necessities of life. - j
Little has been done here to brin.i; j
happiness and good cheer to the poor j
of the section. Several of the clubs I
have, been at work, but so far as it !
can be learned ,the response on the 1
town's citizenry has been almost neg
Mr. and l f rs. John L. Rodg- J
erson ! rrowly Escape
Mr. and Mis. -J. L. Rodgersoi.
escttj»d serious injuries
when their car hit a Ford and turned
over on the Washington road yester
day afternoon, about four mileii from
here. , .
Mr. and Mrs. Rodgerson were on
their way home when they drove up
behind the Ford car. A colored man,
driving the Ford, signalled for a left '
turn but did so too late for Mr. Rod
gerson to avoid hitting his car. Mr. |
Kodgerson was driving around forty
miles an hour, and when he attempteo
to miss the Ford by applying the
brakes it caused his car to turn, hit
the Ford and turn over. Except for a
few minor bruises received by Mr. und
Mrs. Rodgerson, no one was hurt.
Damugc to the cars included two
smashed fenders, and a broken axle
"on"the Chevrolet .and a crushed wheel
on the Ford. Mr. Rodgerson stated
that the accident was unavoidable,
there being no blame on the part of
either driver. >
Driven From Swamp By
High Waters of
With the high waters driving them
from the Roanoke swamps to thw
highlands, many deer have been kill
ed this season by hunters. So far no
violators of the game laws have been
j reported, but it is said that some of
the hunters are disregarding the laws.
Rabbits are falling too where they
are found on Ititle ridges and on
logs trying to HaVe themselves from
the waters.
Several game wardens in the county
state they are having many com
plaints from landowners about people
I who go on their lands without per
| mission to hunt.
Christmas Program
At Everetts School
Appropriate Christmas exercises
have been arranged by the teachers of
the Everetts school during the past
several days. The program which will
be given tonight in the school audi
torium there includes a Christmas
cantata, "Bethlehem", and a Christ
mas tree for the entire school.
Principal Ilix stated !»>•-• -'~ v * that
the pupils had practiced the pageant
during the past two weeks with an in
terest that can only be arosued by the
Christmas season. The school |s
promising its patrons a pleasant en
tertainment, and the children are
eagerly awaiting the exchange of
gifts at the hands of Santa Clabs to
. The school* will reopen for the
winter-spring term, Wednesday, Jan
uary 4.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Thrower and
son, Joe, jr., and James E. Harrell
spent Sunday in Tarboro. *
Don't Forget/
to Christmas SeaU
your Christmas
■ Mail
I 1
Have Short Program Sat- i
urday; Will Not Get Pay 
Before Christmas j
Superintendent K. A. Pope told the [ •
teachers-of the county in their fourth 1 '
meeting of the present school year I'
held here lust Saturday why they '
would not receive their pay checks be> '
fore going home for the holidays, 1
and then turned around and wished J
for each of them a merry Christmas. '
.Mr. J. L. Jones, of the Jamesville
schools, went to the Superintendent 1
one belter when he wished the teach- '
ers a happy Christmas and expressed
hope that they would have enough .
money to retrun to their posts.
In giving the reasons why the teach- (
ers could not be paid before the holi- 1
days, Mr. Pope stated that the law '
did not allow the puymt*it of teachers 1
except at' the end of each school 1
month. He expressed his regret in
not being able to mail the checks.
The teachers were in the meeting
only a few minutes before they re
puirml to ttto several rooms for read
ing circle work.
Many Members To Leave
Tomorrow for Their
Many members of the local school
faculty will leave tomorrow after
noon for their homes to spend the
holidays! Several of them are waiting
over until Thursday morning to leave.
Miss Serena Peacock goes to her
home in Fremont, Miss Mildred Dar
den goes to Kenly, Miss Lucy Claire
Ivey will visit her parents iir Scotland
Neck, Misses Lucille Allen and Eliza
beth Wilkins go to Creedmore, Miss
Elizabeth Ramsey will be at -home
witty her parents in Ivor, Va., Miss
Lillian Sample goescto Davidson, Miss
Mary Fletcher will be at her home in
McCall, S. C., Miss Katherine .Cole
will be at home in Fairmont and
Mr. B. K. Hood will visit friends. - in
Raleigh and Goldsboro. Principal
Davis leaves Thursday for Raleigh
and Apex, later going to nis home in
Davis. Other members of the faculty
will be at home here.
Infant Son of Mr. and
Mrs. Hadley Is Buried
William eighteen
months old son of Mr. and Mrs. John
T. Hadley, died Saturday night at th
home o£ its grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. George Crofton in bumberton
where its parents were Visiting. Th'r
child had successfully battled several
diseases, but was unahle to stand the
attack of pneumonia.
The body arrived here Sunday utul
funeral services were conducted at the
home of the child's parents and grand
: parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Hadley
yesterday afternoon at 2:30, Rev. O.
P. Fitzgerald officiating. Burial took
place in the famUy cemetery. -
Those attending the funeral from
Lumberton were Mr. and Mrs. George
Crofton, Messrs. George Ben, Willie,
Clayton and Glenn Crofton and Miss
Mary Harden Crofton.
Violent Deaths in State
Last Week Total 17
- According to state reports there were
• seventeen violent deaths in North
Carolina last week. There were eight
'■ fatalities in which automobiles were
involved ,the same number as the
previous week. Two more persons
were killed violenUy last week than
' the previous seven-day period when
fifteen went to their death.
Two of the dead were bumed to
death and two others were fro sen in
the wester section of the State. The
other deaths wera attributed to sov
eral causes. " - ,
Advertisers Will Find Our Col
umns a Latchkey to Over 1,600
Homes of Martin County
Victim Fails To Identify
Two; Others Prove
j Same Negroes Believed To Hare At
tempted Trick on Salesman
At Tarboro
Officers in this and surrounding
counties have carrii'd on til"close
watch in an effort to capture the two
engroen connected with the Johnson
robbery which took place near Oak
City last Wednesday night. Several
arrests have been made, but so far
the robbers remain at large.
Friday night, two negroes* riding in
an old model Ford, were arrested near
Hamilton. Mr. Johnson was called to
identify them,and while their features
justified an arrest, Mr. Johnson stat- '
ed they were not the ones.
. Sunday, Sheriff Roebuck delayed
two negroes on the river bridge heie,
but he allowed them to go after they
gave their names, told where they
lived, for whom they worked, where
they had been and where they were
going. t-
Similar Robbery Planned in Tarboro
Two negroes, thought to have been
the same ones who robbed Mr. John- -A
so* planned a similar robbery in
Tarboro Friday, it is reported. A
bargain similar to the one entered
into by Mr. Johnson was proposed by
one of the negroes, but the salesman
was out and the deal was apparently
called off when delivery of the car
was not promised for that night. The
negro left, and nothing more was
heard from him. The Tarboro man,
learning about the Johnson robbery
later, investigated the matter and
was assured that the negro calling at
ilia garage was the same one that had
helped to rob Mr. Johnson.
i Negro Arrested in Durham
For Drunkenness Found
Dead in Cell
Durham, Dec. 18.—Poisoned liquor
took its first victim of the Yuletid*
season last night in the person of
William Rogers, Negro, whose lifeless
body was found in the city jail. Ar
rested last night on the charge of
drunkenness, Rogers was placed in
jail until he could sober up and until •
bond of his release could be posted.
Sometime during the night the poison
killed him.
The Negro's body was found this
morning about 5 o'clock by another
occupant of the jail. His body was
lying upon the floor of the corridor
which extends through the length of
the row of cells in the jail. His eyes
I bulged from his head and were half
i open.
I Alcoholic poisoning, caused from
i drinking poisoned liquor, raused his
i death .according to the decision of
' the coroner and sheriff.
Following the examination made by
the two officers, the body was removed
to the morgue of a Negro undertaking
establishment where it will remain
' until his relatives have arranged for
' the funeral or the body is sent to
ilthe medical school of the University
i I'tvf North Carolina.
.Y .
Officers for Next Year Are
i Elected ;To Be Installed
e L In January v
y The Everutts Camp, Modern Wood
'• men, had a very good meaning Mon
k day night, December Mr.
Harry Hardy was initiated. Officers
" for the next year were elected, and
e according to present plans, they will
-■ be installed at the first meeting in
8 January which wilt be anounced later.
The next meeting of the Camp will
be held Monday, December 2J, and it
is the request of the officers that
1 as many members lis possible attend
to receive the new
e '
h Flag Pole Erected on
it Post Office Building
e "Old Glory" waved Its itara and
s stripes in a cold blue aky yesterday
n on the new poit office building for •
n the Prat time. The flag pole was plac
ed on top of the building early in the
o morning, and when many of the people
n of the town visitfcd the office for their
e morning mail, they saw the flag wav
'• ing its colors with apparent Joy and
pride. , '

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