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Stores, Offices and Bank To
Be Closed; Short Hours
For Postal Workers
Passenger Train Schedule Not Affect
ed; No Freights; Rural Carriers
Half Hour Karly
Monday will be a general holiday
hen when all the stores, offices and
bank close for the day. With the ex
ception of filling stations, hotels,
cafe and drug stores, everything will
be closed for the day according to
the plans of practically every busi
ness and professional man in town.
The post office will work under a
different schedule, and- instead of
closing for the day, its employees will
work until 12 o'clock. Rural carriers
will leave an half'hbur earlier HO that
they might complete their trips be..
ton the noon hour. The city camera
will make the morning trip, but will
be off during the afternoon. f
Passenger schedules of the Coast
line will not be affected, but it is un
derstood that there will be no freights
during Monday and Tuesday.
Offices in the court house will be
closed for the day, and couples plan
ning to embark upon the sea of matri
mony should apply for licenses before
that time. Of course, they might wait
until Tuesday.
Local Dealers Definitely
Assured That Car Will
Be Here Then
The new Ford car will make its
first appearance in Williamston next
Thursday, December 29, according to
an official announcement made by. the
local dealers yesterday morning. The
car, a Tudor sedan, will be THI dis
play in the show room of the Wil
liamaton Motor Company, and the
public is cordially invited to see it
While pictures and second-hand in
formation about the new Ford has
stilled to sqme extent the curiosity of
many, the actbal car is expected to
draw the greatest attention when it
arrives here early Thursday morning.
A Uiye showing is expected by the
local dealers, and special preparations
are being made to care for the crowds.
B. S. Courtney Adds To
Undertaking Equipment
B. S. Courntey Furniture Company,
undertakers and embalmers, greatly
added to their equipment yesterday
when they purchased a modern funeral
coach and ambulance combined. The
coach is of the latest make and model
and co it several thousand dollars. It
was shipped from New Bedford, Conn.
Jast week and was driven in from
.Burlington yesterday. The new ma
chine has a Nash motor and a special
Miller body, built in Bellofontine, O.
The Ambulance equipment will be
In the first part of next week, ac
cording to Mr. Harper Holliday who
has the undertaking department in j
charge. The new equipment com-
pares favorably with that used in the
large cities throughout the country,
J *nd is the best that can be had.
*-Forbid Shooting Of Pop
—• Crackers on Two Streets
Chief Daniel is calling the attention
of the small boys of the town to the
ordinance prohibiting the ahooting of
Are crackers on Main and Washing
ton streets. The Chief stated that he
did not want to appear unreasonable,
but that any one caught firing the
crackers on these two streets would,
If caught, be subject to punishment.
Buddy Roosevelt
in .
"The Galloping Jinx"
' - And Serial
Episode No. 7
Always a Good Show
r *
(SrMinga x
Co QDur JTrtenhs—A-' 1 ?»«•«»»••--■
(JHag Santa Claua Come 310 ( s>rr All!
Enterprise 1 Jforrr
Action on Selection
Site Deferred
Selection Deferred To Give
Time for Further
Godard-Leggett Property and Site on
Highway No. 90 Discussed at
Meeting Tuesday
A selection of a site for the pro
posed new school building here fail
ed to be miide at a meeting of the
County Board of Education and a few
interested citizens at the courthouse
last Tuesday evening. The selection of
the site was deferred until Tuesday
night, January a, giving the members
of the educational board time to in
spect two other possible sites.
At the meeting last Tuesday, the
Board stated that its members had
investigated three sites, one on the
south side of Highway 90 on the
Martin farm, a second on the north
side of Highway 90, near the Garden
Terrace settlement, and a third on
the Godard-Leggett property in New
Town, but that it would gladly con
sider two other possible ones and pre
sent the Andings at a second meeting
with interested citizens.
The discussion at the meeting in
preferred rather than one so for from
the heart of town.
It iB the hope of the school author
ities to placfe the building in the best
place possible, and between now and
Tuesday week further developments
are expected to taktf place, making it
possible to select a definite site at the
next meeting.
Chief Police Warns Against
Leaving Packages in
Unlocked Cars
During the past few days many
articles have been stolen from cars
parked on the streets here, according
to complaints made to the police de
partment. On Tuesday nfght, a lady
placed a package in her car which
was parked in front of the Dennis
Simmons Lumber Company's office
and a few minuter later she found it
had been stolen. The package contain
ed several dreeses and other goods
valued at $76.00.
Chief Daniel is doing everything
possible to protect the property of
the people, but finds that proper cau
tion on their part will prevent a great
deal of thievery.
No Enterprise To Be
Published on Tuesday
Adherring to the usual custom of
the office, there will be no issue of
The Enterprise next Tuesday, Decem
ber 27. Several members of the force
are planning to be oat of town two
or three days, and the others will en
joy the few days' vacation at home.
The next issue of the publication will
appear on Friday, as usual.
The entire force joins in to wish
every patron, subscriber and friend a
pleasant Christmas and a successful
New Year. '
Jamesville Defeats Bethel
47-12; Play Here Tuesday
Jamesville basketball team with
sevej|ri of its regular players out of
the defeated Bethel last Wed
nesday 47 tq 12.
Next Tuesday, the Washington
Senators will meet Jamesville here,
and a good game is expected.
Williamston. Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, December 23,1927
Children of Christian, Meth
odist and Episcopal
Churches Entertained
The Brut of the Sunday schdW
Christmas programs were held here
last Wednesday evening when the
Mehtodist and Christian Sunday
Schools prepared trees for their pu
pils. The program at the Methodist
was made very pleasing for the little
folks by having Mr. Raleigh Bradfpy
dressed as Santa Claus and to deliver
the presents. Several songs were sung
and recitations were heard.
A similar program was rendered at
the Christian church where Darrel
Price acted as Santa Claus. Mrs.
Harper Holliday sang several beauti
ful solos.
The Epiacopal Sunday School en
tertained the children of that denomi
nation last evening by having a larpe
tree beautifully decorated for the oc
casion and loaded with presents.
New School To Be Built on
Property of Old Hosiery
Mill There „
Approximately five and one-half
acres of the old hosiery mill property
in ltobersonville was selected by the
County Board of Education last Tues
day as a site for the new school
building there. The site is located on
the old mill property between High
way 90 and the Atlantic Coast Line
rkilroad near the town's boundary
line. «_ . •
The property gold for around SBOO
per acre.
"Snowball" Finds Out
There Is a Santa Claus
Charles Edward Spruill, "Devil"
for the Enterprise and better known
as "Snowball" expressed his fear of
Santa Claus when he jumped out of a
two-story window yesterday afternoon
in an effort to avoid a second look at
the much-talked-about man. He was
not hurt when he landed on the
ground twelve feet below.
The little Negro had expressed his
doabts about the reality of Santa
Claus, so the boys in the office were
only too willing to shatter all doubts.
But for him to hop out of a second
story window was not even considered.
Upon their return from lunch, the
boys prepared to prove the Santa
Claus theory. One put on a Santa
Clmus suit and "Snowball" was sent
up stairs to search for a knife. One
glance was sufficient. The little fel
low was too frightened to yell, and
was in too big a hurry to come down
the stairway. Out the window he
went. Walking in the back door a few
seconds later, he unhesitatingly ex
pressed his sincere belief ;in Ssnta
Instead of Bell, Church
Has Deacon To 'Yell'
Kinston, Dec. 21.—A negro church
at Plymouth needs no bell. John
Thomas, a deacon, calls the congre
gation to worship. He has a "carry
ing voice" that can be heard at least
two miles when the wind is still, ac
cording to those who have heard
him. Following the yelling by Deacon
Thomas the thirty of the
flock grab their hats and hurry to
worship. The roll is called and those
absent or tardy when the service be
gins are noted. Elder Spencer Jones,
of Pitt county, is the pastor of the
church with the human bell.
Promise Most Spectacular
Low-Priced Automobile
Of All Time
Local Dealers To Go To Charlotte
Next Where Car Will Be
On Display ,
Promising the most spectaculai
low priced automobile of all time,, the
Chevrolet Motor Coompany is an
nouncing a complete new line of motor
cars to bo introduced to the public
January first.
Members of the Peel Motor Com
pany, Chevrolet dealers here, arc ex
pected to leave for Charlotte the
ea.rly part of next week where tin
car Will be shown to the dealers.
"Jn confirming reports that Chevro
let would very shortly introduce a new
car. of surpassing interest, W. S.
Knudsen, president of the Chevrolet
Motor Company, declaruj that the of
ficial announcement covering all de
tails of Chevrolet's seniational new
product would come Sunday, January
first. No details will b#*vailabl* un
til that time, he said." »
It is reported that Chevrolet as
sembly plants have been In production
on .the new, ear since December 12.
Factories in Flint, Mich., Tarrytown,
N. Y., St. Ixiuis Mo.) Oakland, Cal.,
liuffalo, N. Y., Janesvillti, Wise., and
NoWood, Ohio, have been humming
with activity preparing &>r the high
ways the -first of the n«w cars that
promise to make motor car history in
1928. *\
Shipments of the new cars to deal
ers have been leaving the various
assembly plants since December If.
BO that the vast country-wide dealer
organizatiop may be. prepared for the
showing the early part
of next month. enthusiasm
is being displayed over the new car
by Chevrolet field sales officials, who
have been milling into Detroit for
private showifigs of new line.
Practically l every C jfrolet dealer
in the_ United Stateu have cars
ready for public inspection the first
few days in January.
This gigantic distribution achieve
ment of supplying thousands of deal
ers with cars in such a brief space ol
time was made possible only through
the farseeing policy of the Chevrolet
organization and the tremendous re
sources and production facilities of
the Chevrolet Motor Company. Never
in the history of the industry will so
many new models of one make have
been pt&cpd in dealers' hands in such
a limited space of time. „
Unofficial reports froifj the Chevro
let offices say that the hew car will
embody tnany improvements in design
and construction. New standards of
beauty ,are promised. Easier handling
and smoother riding qualities are
heralded as some of the outstanding
features of the new Chevrolet Hne.
Many unlooked for changes have
been made in the appearance' of the
car, according to reports, providing
the new Chevrolet with a beauty and
style appeal, unexampled in the low
price field. "
Without disclosing details, Chevro
let officials declared that the new
cars would embody the results of 13;
years experience aftd progress in the
building of low priced transportation.
Lessons learned from millions of j
miles of testing on thf> General Motors
proving ground have been brought to !
bear on the new product, officials de-|
clared. In fact all the resources of i
General Motors have been employed
for months to design and build the
car that is heralded to be by a wide |
margin the greatest automobile ever j
offered by Chevrolet. '
The details M the new car will
be announced to the country around
the first of the year when the com
pany places advertisements in around
5,500 newspapers all over the United
"' , I
"Parson" Pardo Able
To Be Out Again
■ >
Friends of Rev. C. 0. Pa rdo were
glad to see him out again yesterday
after his severe illness, during the
past several weeks. He is now 100k v
ing quite well, but he has not re
covered his strength.
He stated that he had hoped to be
able to preach on ChristnVaa Day, but
thinks it would be unwise to under-,
take a service until he gains more
' •
Committee Report Is
Favorable to Ferguson
The nomination of Garland S. Fer
guson, of Greensboro, as a member of
the Federal Trade Commission by
President Coolidge a few days ago
was favorably reported upon by the
Senate committee yesterday. It Is al
most certain that the Senate will con
firm the nomination.
Mr. Fergurson is a lawyer, the son
of Judge Garland S. Fergurson, of
Waynesville, who dipd a few years
Citizens Vote To Accept Offer
Of Power Company, 238 To 9
Martin County Saving and
Trust Co. Receiver Is
Mailing Checks
R. L. Coburn, receiver of the Mar
tin County Savings and Trust Com
pany, is mailing out dividend checks
to the depositors of the defunct in
stitution, The first checks'go out to
day (Friday), and feach represents
twenty-five per cent, of the deposits
in the bank at the time it closed its
At the time the Martin County
Savings and Trust Company ciosed, It
was, acting as receiver for the Par
mele Hanking and Trust Company.
The affairs of 'hat bank aisy went
into Mr. Cobujn's hands for settle
ment, and according to a statement
made by hinvdividend checks will be
mailed to the depositors of that in
stitution within the next ninety days.
Mr. Coburn did not state just What
per cent, of the deposits this dividend
would represent as there few
remaining assets to he realized upon
before a definite announcement could
be made.
The amount of money to be mailed
to the depositors of the former local
banking institution was not mention
ed by Mr. Coburn.
Two Services Scheduled for
Christmas Day, At 10:30
And 5 O'clock
The local Baptist chutehi wishes to
announce the following as its program
for the holidays: .
Sunday morning (Christinas Day)
there will be a urifled service of the
•Sunday School and church congrega
tion in the auditorium of the church
at 10:30 o'clock. year's White
(lift service will be re-enacted at this
> Sunday afternoon at 6 o'clock, there
will be held u Twilight Service in
the auditorium of the church. This
service will consist of special music, a
ten minute's sermon and so forth. To
it, the general public, in and out of
town, are invit«id. The church is al
ready beautifully decorated for the
There, will be no further service in
the church on Christmas Day.
And because it is the holiday seas;
on, no mid-week service will be held
in the church next Wednesday even
ing. •
The pastor of the church wishes for
his congregation, and for all the peo
pe about, a joyous holiday season.
Announce Two Services for
Hale To
Preach *
The Sunday program at the Chris
tian church will be featured by short
ami appropriate services. Mr. Hale,
the pastor, has returned from a short
visit to Wilmington and he will be in
charge of the program.
Sunday school will open at 9:45 and
church services will be held at 10:30,
making it possible for the pastor to
fill another appointment soon after
the service held her is over. There will
be no evening service.
The jKjblic is invited and the mem
bers of both Sunday school and church
are urged to attend.
Local Negroes Jailed for
Stealing in Washington
Hump Kdwards, Penina liiggs and
Willie Davis, three local negroes,
were arrested and placed in jail Mon
day by Washington officers. Accord
ing to reports from that town, the
three negroes, while shopping in that
town Monday, lifted a quantity of
goods, including two dresses, toys
and other articles from the counters
of several stores. They wer> all ap
prehended and placed in Jail. Later the
three secured bond, and they are now
oUt awaiting a hearing before the re
corders court in Washington.
Wishes Every One a
Merry Christmas
Not being able to preach Christmas,
due to my Illness and through tlie
courtesy of the Enterprise, I take
this means of asking God's blessings
upon the community and wishing each
and everyone a joyous and merry
C. 0. PARDO.
Monday Is General
Holiday in County
According to unofficial an
nouncements coming front sev
eral of the towns, Monday will
he a general holiday throughout
the county. All the banks are
closing, and it is understood
that practically all the stores
and other business houses will
not JO pen for business that day.
Everything will be open Tues
day for the regular routine of
Standard Fertilizer Co. Is
Planning 'Big Time For
Growers January 2
The Standard Fertilizer Company
is announcing an oyster roast for
Monday, January 2, by extending an
invitation to every farmer in this and
surrounding counties to attend. Judg
ing from the unlimited invitatiom
and the way in which the Standard
people handle things, the roast is ex
pected to be one of the largest ever
hold in this part of the country.
While the details have not been an
nounced, Mr.- C. T. Crockett, general
manager of the company here, stated
>l'stcrday that they were planning a
royal entertainment for the visitors.
Several prominent men are expected
to appear on the program arid make
talks. A square dance is also
on the program.
Mr. Crockett is anxious that ever;,
farmer in the several counties make
S|.tci'il ifTorts to be present at the
roust and take part in the program.
Little of Importance At
Regular Session of £ourt
Last Tuesday
Uttle excitement was furnished the
few spectators at the Tuesday session
of recorder's court here. Few cases
were on the docket, and none was of
ftrcat.imuurtaflce. -
J. R. .Griffin, charged with assault
was called bift he failed and judgment
was entered on a former sciufa in tht
sum of SSO.
the case, charging Gus fyiight with
assault with deadly weapon, was con
tinued for one week.
George Hyman, who had failed t
pay a certain license tax, was fine*
fi!.6o by the court.
Clyde Silverthorn was given a con
tinued judgment upon payment of
costs. The judgment was continued to
April of next year.
The case against Annie Hell Stokes,
was continued for two weeks. She
is charged with assault with deadly
weapon upon Caroline Faulk. The case
was sent to the recorder's court by
the Mayor. "
Jack Faulk was fined $lO, required
to pay the costs and sentenced to
the Kdgecombe roads for sixty days.
The sentence was suspended for two
years upon the good behavior of the
defendant. V , /J
Kelly Ayers to th
charge of driving an ymtomobile while
drunk,' and was fined SSO and costs.
W. G. (Bill) Peel Has
Returned From Hospital
Mr. W. G. (Bill) Peel is at home af'
t»*r a severul-days' Stay in a Washing
ton hospital where he had his tonsils
removed. According to reports, his
condition was considered critical at
one time shortly after-the operation,
and his many friends are glad to
knpw that he is able to be home again.
He brought an appetite back with
him, for Wednesday be purchased a
650-pound hog, paying Mr. J. K. Tire,
\Jiho raised the anirrwtl, SKI.US for it.
Some of his neighbors say it may
not be hunger that brought about the
purchase, for Bill is a bachelor.
Bill is one of the leading agents of
the Life Insurance Company of Vir
ginia. ■ ,
Governor and Mrs. McLean
To Receive New Years Day
All citizens of the State are in
vited by Governor and Mrs. McLean
to visit them at the Mansion on New
Year's Day. They will receive from
3- to 0 p.m. -i
The castom of opening the Mansion
to all visitors has prevailed for a
number of years and has brought
many visitors in closer touch with
the governors of the State.
Advertisers Will Find Our Col- |
umns a Latchkey to Over lftOO
Homes of Martin County
Sweeping Victory Recorded
By Proponents of Power
Company's Offer
Company's Lines To' Be Extended
From Tarboro; Expect To Furnish
Power Here By September 1
The' future of Williamston was
greptly added to last TuessJt»y when
two hundred and forty-seven citizens
visited the polls and voted in the
power election, of them voting for
the proposal and nine against the of
fer of the Virginia Electric and Pow
er Company.
For weeks, the light and power
problem hud been discussed, but when
the town's future, the pJTOer com
pany's offer and the power situation
here were discussed, the contract to
sell was ratified by a sweeping ma
jority. The ratification of the con
tract by the 238 voters marks the first,
step in clearing the slate of the pow
er plant's past record,- and of the
town's greatest burdens—trying to
keep the plant up to modern times—
was lifted from its shoulders Vnd
placed on the V. K, P. Company V
The problem of power expansion
here will b*- remedied-for all time
when the high-powered lines of the
Virginia Electric and Power Com
pany are extended from Tarboro here.
The lines will bring power sufficient
to turn the wheels of industry in row
after row of factories, and at the
same time furnish light for homes and
stores at a price one-half the present
rate charged by the municipal plant.
Start Work Karly Next Year
While the power company has nol
announced its expansion plans, it is
understood that work on the powei
tine from Tarboro here will be start.
Ed the early part of next year, ami
that the town will be furnished powei
and light from the plants of the com
pany not later than September of
next year. Shoald the construction of
the line be completed before that
time and the distribution system here
be made ready, the company will
connect before September. One of the
of the Stone and Webster
eivanuatlon is' likely to be assigned
the task of- constructing the line from
here Jto the nhw-existing ones at Tar
bohr. Several months will be'required
to complete the line and rebuild the
distribution system here. Mr. J. T.
Chase, Manager of the Carolina Di
vision, stated Tuesday that in the re
building of the present system here
none of the material now in use>here
would be used. The wire will be torn
down and sold as junk. All poles will
be replaced and new street lights in
stalled. It is to be a new and com
plete out'fit, Mr. Chase stated.
Further expansion of the company's
operations in this section will likely
include a branch to Plymouth and a
"connection with the company's line
at Aulander. The proposed branch to
Plymouth will likely take care of elec
trical nueds of the intermediate
towns. k j
Until the power, company reaches
here with its_ lines, the municipal
plant will continue in operation A
month or more before the line is
finished the town will be notified and
the cash consideration of $75,000 will
be paid by the company.
Twilight Service Sunday
, At Local Baptist Church
Centering on their Christmas After
noon Twilight Service, the pastor and
people ojf the local Baptist congre
gation are planning to make this
a service to be remembered both for
its beauty and its simplicity.
To this feature service, the people
are all invited. It is so timed that it
will not interfere with any other
.service in Williamston. And it will
be brief enough not to take much time
of those who plan to attend other
services Christmas evening.
The church has been beautifully
decorated by Mrs. Grover Hardison
and Mrs. Oscar and their
assistants, special music' has been
prepared, as well as a special ad
dress to be delivered by the pastor.
Half a dozen of the church's prettfest
women will usher at the time, while
Mrs. Warren Biggs will be at the
organ. ~
With the church warm and cosy,
the pastor stated this morning that
his church was pre pa fed to take care
of a large congregation of people ,to
handle them efficiently and to assure
their personal comfort while 'attend
ing the service.
Mr. H. G. Simpson was a business
visitor'hen yesterday.

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