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Two Members of Local
Firm See Car in Char
lotte This Week
Shipments To Dealers Have Been
Leaving Assembling Plants
Since December 15
The new Chevrolet will be brought
here, late tonight or tomorrow for
showing next Monday, according to
representatives of the Peel Motor
company, local Chevrolet dealers. The
showing has been scheduled for
January 1, but since that date fall*
on Sunday, many of the dealers are
waiting until Monday to display the
new car.
Messrs. H. T. Roberson and Collins
Psel, upon their return from Char-
Mte this week where they attended
a pre-showing, state, "Never before
daring the course of our experience
in the automobile business has a new
car so completely captivated dealers
as did the new Chevrolet, which was
shown to over one hundred dealers
from all over the Old Tlorth. State in
Charlotte Tuesday.
Without disclosing details Messrs.
Roberson and Peel declared thaf the
new car embodies the results of the
thirteen years experience and pro
gress in the building of low-priced
transportation, and herald it as the
greatest automobile by a wide mar
gin ever offered the public by Chevro
Unofficial reports from the Chevro
let office say that the new car will
embody mnay improvements in de
sign and construction. New standards
of beauty are promised. Easier handl
ing and smoother riding qualities are
heralded as some of the outstanding
features of the new Chevrolet line.
unlooked for changes have
been mad# in the appearance of the
car, according to reports, providing
the new phevrolet with a beauty and
■tyle appeal unexampled in the low
price field.
Shipments of the new cars to
have been leaving the various
assembly plants since December 16 so
that the vast country-wide dealer or
ganisation may be prepared for the
introductory showing on New Year's
Day. Practically every dealer in the
United States will have cars ready
for inspection op, that date. Ffom
Bangor, Me. to San Diego and from
Miami to Vancouver there will be
simultaneous exhibitions of the new
Cars will be ready for the high
ways immediately after the first of
the year. Production at the various
plants throughout the United States
is racing along as fast as precision
manufacturing will permit. Never be
fore in the history of the industry
will so many new models of one make
have been placed in dealers' hands in
such a brief space of time.
Over 6,600 newspapers across the
country will assist in broadcasting
the announceent, which will take the
form of one of the most comprehen
sive advertising campaigns ever at
tempted during the entire history of
the automobile industry.
The Peel Motor company extends to
the public a cordial invitation to visit
their show room and inspect the new
car next Monday.
Sells s7S,ooofioo Worth
Of Stamps ia One Year
New York City will sell $76,000,-
OOOworth of postages stamps this
year, it is reported. According to re
ports, the entire United States buoght
only $70,000/ XX) worth of stamps per
year thirty years ago.
In thirty years time, one cityA
business grows to the extent wheriT
Postage receipts amount to more than
they did in the country a few
years ago. ' j
theatre! J
4 Also
And Serial
Mon. - Tues. - Wed.
The Quitsst Picture el an Thus
Thief Makes Getaway Af
ter Hot Chase; Car Is
Stealing reached a climax here last
Monday night when someone at
tempted to drive Mayor Cobum's
car out of town. Mr. Coburn missed
his car when he came from the picture
show. At first he thought some of the
boys were playing a joke on him, but
after he searched up and dewn the
ct reel and failed to find the Chevro
let coupe, he notified officers. During
the meantime, the car was seen cross
ing Main street near the home of Mr.
J as. A. Everett. A chase was at
tempted, but the car'a new drivei
ignoied bumps in the road and went
ahead at full speed. Later that
night, Officer Allsbrooks found it
parked near the freight depot
Apparently the car was not dam
aged by the unknown borrower.
Will Be Offered On Or Be
fore January 7; No Ad
vance in Prices
The Oakland Motor Car company, it
planning to present soon a new and
improved Pontiac Six series at no ad
vance over the present base price, it
is stated by an executive of the com
Although declining to discuss de
tails or speciAcstions of the new
car, the Oakland official authorised
the following statement:
"The Oakland Motor Car company
will offer on or shortly before January
7, the date of the New York Auto
mobile show, a new series Pontiac
Six that will establish even more
firmly Pontiac's position in the low
priced six class. The new series is
emphatically 'more car' and the base
price has not been increased."
It is also stated on excellent author
ity that the New Pontiac Six will
carry a more powerful engine, and
vthat the increased power has been
obtained without change in piston
displacement. The car is said to have
been Improved by tye adoption of
several features which hsve proved
their value on the-Oakland Ail-Amer
ican Six. Four-wheel brakes are only
one of many improvements.
The new Pontiac Six is stated to
offer something radically different in
the matter of heat radiation. A total
ly new method of cooling the warm
water received from the engine pas
sages is asserted to have elminated
evaporation even of such volatile
anU-freese fluids as alcohol.
The car is said to retain the same
wheelbsse but to be slightly heavier
due principally to a heavier frame.
Two of the present body types, It is
believed, will be replaced by other snd
even more attractive models.
Burned To Death in
Hopewell Hotel Fire
Mr. Chsrles E Cocke, s naUve of
Scotland Neck anJ an uncle of Mrs.
Virginia Cook, was burned to death
in a hotel fire at Hopewell Christmas
Eve night. Several other people lost
thair lives in the fire.
Mr. Cocke had anticipated visiting
in Scotland Neck during Christmas,
but he was taken with influensa and
was unable to leave Hopewell.
He had visited Mrs. Cook here sev
eral times during her residence here.
Officers Capture Two
Stills Last Week
- Officer* C. F. Alexander, J. R. Man
ning and H. O. Daniel raided in the
section two miles north of Everetts
W and captured two stills. At
the first plant a 60-gallon copper still
and one hundred gallons of beer were
destroyed. The second still found by
the officers was of the steam plant
style, a gasoline tank being used as
the boiler and two double coils in
cooler. Six hundred gallons of corn
meal beer were dsetroyed at that
. No men were seen and both stills
were cold when the officers arrived.
Ben-Hur" To Be Shown
Here 3 Days Next Week
Ramon Novarro, heading a cast of
thousands of people, will appear in
one of the greatest pictures of today,
"Ban Hur" at the Strand theatre
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of
next week.
The picture comes heref a little
late, but Mr. Watts, the
manager states that the big demand
for it prevented the picture's reach
ing the smaller theatres of the coun
try until now.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Carden, of
Durham, are visiting their daughter,
Mra. Herbert Clark and Mr. Clark for
several days.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, December 30,1927
A. C. L. Pays County Total
of $50,631.75; Several
Schools Benefited
Sheriff A. L. Roebuck received his
largest tax check today when the A.
C. L. railroad sent one in amounting
to (60,631.75.
The total valuation of all the rail
road property in the county is $2,-
869,826. At the rate of $1.33 per hun
dred dollars, the general county tax
mounts to |38,168.67.
The following special school taxes
were also included in the check: Oak
City, $1,618.61; Parmele, $1,061.69;
Jamesviile, $496.54; Everetts, $658.26;
Hardens, $154.63; Hassell, $510.43;
Outterbridge, $98.00; Poplar Run,
$203.63; Robersonville, $717.32; Wil
liamston, $569.77.
The following special road taxes
were also included in the check: Wil
liamston, 1,387.27; Jamesviile, sl,-
303.97; Williams, $871.13; Cross
Roads, $689.83; Goose Nest, $1,306.33;
Hamilton, $816.68.
The total special school tax for all
special tax districts amounts to $6,-
088.87 and the gpecial road tax to
Defeat Lads From Bull City
Here Wednesday Night
By Score of 20-15
Everetts added to its splendid rec
ord here last Wednesday evening
when it defeated a select team from
Durham 20 to 16. The boys from the
Bull City travelled all the way here
just to And that the boys from the
small but progressive little city
could out play them in every part of
the game. However, the More ran
close during certain periods of the
game, and during one quarter, the
lads from up-country came within
one or two points of gaining the lead.
Cherry, for Everetts, widened the
score's margin in the last few minutes
of plsy with a point made from the
free mark line and two points from
the field. David N. Hix chimed in with
the visitors, but efforts to down the
Everetts lads failed.
Everetts is expected to make a
creditable showing in the county bas
ketball championship series the early
part of next month.
Father of County Superin
tendent R. A. Pope Died
Saturday Night
John M. Pope, father of Superin
tendent R. A. Pope of this place, died
at his home in Durham on Christmas
Eve at 9 o'clock p. m. His health had
been bad for the past year, but death
was the result of a stroke of paralysis
a few hours before.
Mr. Pope was a native of Robeson
county, but for many years he had
lived in Durham. His wife,, one daugh
ter and three sons survive him. Supt.
Pope, his eldest son, was with him
when the end came.
The funeral services were conducted
at the home on Monday, the 26th, the
pastor of the Duke Memorial Church
Mr. Pope was 72 years old and was
a prominent member of the Masonic
Last-Minute Rush Keeps
License Bureau Busy
The automobile license bureau at
tfee gfflce of the Wllliamston Motor
Company resembles a big railroad
station during the busy season of the
year. Applicants were lined up at
every window of the bureau today
waiting their turn for licenses.
The people were slow to start buy
ing the plates, causing a great last
minute rush.
An order has been issued to agents
all over the State, commanding them
to arrest all drivers of cars without
The number of licenses issued here
this week will go up into the thou
sands. The indications now forecast a
larger number will be sold this year
than during any previous year.
Christmas Passes
Off Quietly Here
The absence of drunks and the clos
ing of tht: stores Monday marked the
holiday *-eanon in the county. Many
of the older people here and several
in other towns state that the Christ
mas just passed was one of the
quietest they had ever seen. Very
few pranks were played, and few
di«tur)>anees were reported.
Outuide the fatal shooting near Han
sell. the holiday season passed very
quietly with few accidents being re
Oyster Roast For
Farmers Monday
Several Good Speakers Are
Secured For Big
All Farmers and Their Families in
Eastern North Carolina Are
Invited To Attend
With an unlimited invitation going
out to farmers in Eastern North Car
olina, the oyster roast at the Standard
Fertiliser Compuny here next Monday
is expected to be 'one of the largest
"Get Acquainted Parties" ever held
in this part of the country. In the in
vitation to the farmers, the company
is urging them to attend with their
families and come early that they
might inspect the plant while it is in
operation. •"*
Mr. C. G. Crockett, general man
ager of the plant, stated yesterday
that his company was nuking exten
sive preparations to entertain in a tip
top fashion their guests at the party.
Several hundred bushels of oysters
have been ordered, and preparations
to steam them have boon made. A
.mountain of sandwiches are in Un
making, and Mr. Crockett states that
his company will be in a position to
care for several thousand people at
the party.
The company's wurehouse has been
completed and will be well lighted
for the old-time square dance that
will be held shortly aftjr the oyster
Judge Francis D. Winston, the
famous old character from Bertie and
welcomed in all parts of the State as
a speaker, will have u stand, und he
will make the main talk of the even
ing. The Judge was here yesterday
and he stated that he was looking
forward to the event *t which he
could meet all the farmer in thin part
of the State. He also stated that he
was making every effort possible to
prepare an entertaining and well
worth-while talk. He did not disclose
his subject, but it can be well expect
ed that he will handle the talk in
that pleasing manner for which he is
so widely known. Judge Clayton
Moore will be the toastmaster of the
evening, and several short talks will
be made by prominent men before
the program is concluded.
Company's President Here for Event
Mr. George A. Whiting, the com
pany's active president, will leave
Baltimore before light Monday in
order that he might be here that af
ternoon and evening. Mr. Whiting has
expressed his confidence in Eastern
North Carolina by directing the ex
penditure of thousands of dollars for
the erection of one of the largest fer
tilizer plants in this section. His visit
here Monday will afford him op
portunity to meet many of the farm
ers with whom his company hopes to
cooperate in the advancement of agri
culture in our section of the State.
He is anxious that every farmer at
tend, bring their families and feel at
Employees at the factory will glad
ly answer any questions that the vis
itors might want to ask. While the
meet Monday is being urranged on a
big scale, Mr. Crockett assures the!
people of the section a welcome any
time they wish to visit the plant.
During Monday afternoon, men will
be on hand to point out to the visitors
just how the fertilizer is prepared,
the various ingredients used in mak
ing guano for certain crops, and
wer any questions whatever in con
nection with the factory and its
Haywood County
Erects Hospital
Haywood county has just erected s
SIOO 000 hospital.
The Duke Foundation will pay i
large part of the cost of the build
ing and will help in maintaining the
The trustees of the Duke Founda
tion are asking that every county in
the State without a hospital to plan
one and that funds from the Founda
tion will be given.
County Commissioners
Will Meet- Monday
The Board of County ommissioners
will hold it* first meeting of the New
Year next Monday. The Board of Ed
ucation announces its first meeting of
the year the second Monday. However,
a called-meeting is scheduled to be
held next Tuesday night when the se
lection of a school site comes up again
for consideration.
Believed, However, That
Fewer People Moving
This Year Than Usual
The household furniture and kitchen
articles are beginning their annual
ride, for many peopre are moving to
and from the county and section to
section in the county.
The highways in this section a day
or so ago reminded one of a baseball
game when the teams were changing
positions, for every time a truck load
of furniture went east, one was seen
going west, and the same held for
the northerly and southerly direc
tions. The general opinion, although
unconfirmed, is that there are fewer
families moving this year in this
section than in years.
Three Cars of Oil and Two
Cars of Gasoline Shipped
To Harrison Oil Co.
One of the largest shipments of oil
an dgasoline ever received in this
section was unlouded at the wharf of
the Harrison Oil Company last Wed
nesday. The three cars of Texaco
Motor Oil and two cars of gasoline,
making up the shipment, were handl
ed by the "Old North State", one of
the newest oil boats running out of
Norfolk. Captain Outlaw stated when
he was here Wednesday that he had
been with the Texas Company around
fifteen years, but the shipment made
last Wednesday was the largest he
ever brought out of Norfolk during
that period.
Kegulor shipments are made to the
Texaco distributors here, and to han
dle the large orders, the Texan com
pany added the new boat, "The Old
North State" to its regular fleet.
Cold Weather Just Before
Christmas Cause Of
Small Docket
Recorder's court this week was at
a low mark, only one case being dis
posed of. /V
Mayo RobersCn plead guiHy to the
charge of violating the liquor law, ad
mitting the possession of a small
quuntity. Player for judgment was
continued until the term to'be held
the fourth Tuesday in June, He
was released upon payment of the
Kills Nine Hogs That
Average 303 Pounds
K. G. Sexton, of near Jamesviile,
continues at the top of the list of
good farmers.
Mr. Sexton killed nine pigs neurly
14 months old this week that weighed
2726 pounds, an average of almost
303 pounds.
This is an exceptionally good
age, and Mr. Sexton has not heardl
of any one of his Martin county
farmer friends who has made a higher
average thiß year.
No Preaching Services at
Baptist Church Sunday
The regular Sunday school will be
the only service held in the Baptist
church next Sunday on acount of the
absence of the pastor, Rev. C. H.
Dickey. Mr. Dickey was called to
Tennessee on account of the death of
his mother-in-law a few days ago, and
while he is in that state he wijl visit
relatives for several days.
The public i« invited to attend-and
take part in the Sunday school serv
Christmas Trade This
Year Better Than Last
According to several of the lead
ing merchants, the holiday trade in
the county this year was much better
than it was last year. This improve
ment in business reaches to practical
ly all the types of businesses in the
Shoppers heeded the demand to buy
early, and many of the merchants re
port that their -sales were increased
greatly even a month before Christ
mas. However, the last minute rush
was evident, for it was all the regular
and many assistant clerks could do to
handle the trade during the days
jußt before Christmas.
Hundreds of Visitors From
This Section See New
Car Yesterday
The story of the new Ford reach
ed its climax here yesterday when
hundreds of people from all over the
section visited the showroom of the
Williamston Motor Company and saw
one of the new Ford products, for
the first time. From early morning
until late last evennig, the showroom
of the motor company was crowded
with people anxious to see the much
tal ked-a r.
The description of the car preceded
it here aeveral weeks ago, and yester
day the people verified the details
that had been, offered. Comments
varied, of course, but in every instance
known, the new car was stated to
surpass all expectations.
Fail To hind Old MarkH
Thorough searches for marks sim
lilar to those on the old model cars
were made, but they proved useless,
for not in a single instance could the
new car be connected with the old.
Observation of the car was complete,
for many spectators went to their
knees to get a glimpse of the parts
underneath the body. And it is safe to
say that should there have been any
defects they would not have passed
the keen eyes of the observers yes
Local dealers were greatly pleased
with the showing and expressed re
gret that the car could not he held
here longer than one day. It is under
stood' that many orders were received
for the new car yesterday by the local
Exact dates >vhen shipments will be
made to the dealers throughout the
country are still unknown, but it is
believed that demonstration cars will
be supplied the dealers within the
next few days.
Several County Schools To
Reopen Monday; Begin
Here Tuesday
Vacation days for the children of
the county are almost over, for Mon
day several of the schools will begin
the long winter-spring term. While
several of the schools are opening
next Monday, some will not open un
til Tuesday and Wednesday. In the
cases where the schools start Monday,
the holidays began a few days earlier.
The local school opens Tuesday, and
many of the teachers will return
Monday evening.
Negro Shoots Self While
Hunting Near Plymouth
Plymouth, Dec. 29.—Tragedy fol
lowed in the wake of Christmas hunt
ing in a forest adjoining the farm of
H. H. Johnston near here Tuesday
rooming when Joe Willie Parker, 21-
yeur-old negro residing in the colored
section on the end of Water street,
was accidentally shot and fatally
wounded by his own gun.
Authorities think the negro wtfs
using the stock of his gun to frighten
the game from beneath patches of un
dergrowth by shaking the weeds with
the barrel pointed toward his breast.
He struck a solid object with the stock
which caused the cocked trigger to bp
relascd, thus firing the fatt.l chot.
Boys Take Advantage
Of Firemen Saturday
The members of the volunteer fire
company received common treatment
at the hands of thoughtless boys early
h>st .i'tnday morning when 1 ' a false
fue aiarm was turned in. Several of
the company's members had just
finished their work and retired for
nigh; when the alarm went off.
I Put the desperate cry of the siren
caused them to disregard the extreme
ly cold wither, for they turned back
the and rushed to the fire
house ready to do- what they could in
an effort to save property or life.
Several boys were standing near
the fire station shortly before the a
larrn was turned in, but there was not
sufficient evidence to justify an ar
rest. i
/. J. Roger son Dies At
Home in Bear Grass
Joseph J. Rogerson, of Bear Crass
township, died Saturday night after
an illness of only one or two days'
Hardening of the arteries wan said
to have been the cause of his death.
He leaves a widow and six children.
Two sisters, Mrs. Hprriet E. Harrison
and Mrs. Ernest.Ward and two broth
ers, Thomas and Lon Rogerson also
survive him.
The funeral services were conducted
by Elder B. S. Cowing and the inter
ment was made in the family plot at
the home of Mrs. Harriet Harrison
on Sunday.
Advertisers Will Find Our Col
umns a Latchkey to Over IfiOO
Homes of Martin County
Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C.
Rawls, of Near Hassell,
Killed Monday
One Side of Face I* Blown Away by
Shot; Funeral Held Tuesday
Hassell, Dec. 29.-~Roy Benjamin
Rawls, the eleven-year-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. C. C. Rawls, was accidentally
shot by a playmate near Hassell
Monday afternoon. The two children
were playing together near the home
of tli Savage and just how the un
fortunate tragedy occurred is not
kno'vn for only the two boys were
u resent.
Th shot was heard throughtout the
section, but it was giv»n the at
tention of only those nearby. As
as the father received news of thj .ic
cidunt he rushed to the scene and
found that his son was dangerously
wounded. He removed the child to his
home ami called a doctor who arrived
only to announce that death was a
few minutes distant, there being noth
ing anyone could do.
The gun was fired at close range
and the entire load entered and lodged
in the child's head. One Aide of the
face was torn away. For two hours
after the shooting, late in the after
noon, the child continued to breathe,
but never regaining consciousness.
The funeral service, conducted by
Rev. J. K. Tingle Tuesday afternoon,
was one of solemn beauty. He made
clear the necessity of death in the
lives of all, the future of the aged ac
cording to merit and of youth re
warded through justice to the in
nocent. The body was laid to rest in
the new cemetery at the home of the
This sudden death, resulting from
a shot fired by the lad's constant
companion, came as an almost un
bearable shock to the family -and also
to the community as %^whole.
Neither the home commun
ity could hardly realize the necessity
of giving up this much beloved youth.
He will be missed by many, both old
and young, for his winning disposi
tion had won the admiration of all.
Here death takes a leader and a pal
from his playmates, an obedient, wil
ling child from the parents and a
citizen from the world of tomorrow.
Commission Still Unable to
Place Contracts for All
State's Printing
The State Printing commission re
jected most bids for the State's print
ing at a meeting held last Wednes
The commission has held several
•meetings in an effort to place the
work in the hands of the printers, but
so far it has been unable to force the
work on the printers at a figure lower
than the one made in June except on
a few items.
For years, all the State printing
except a very small part has been
done by a half dozen Raleigh firms.
When the commission met in the sum-
decided to ask bids from all
printing houses in the State.
Most of the printing Arms regard
the work as very undesirable and
state there is a big chance to lose
money on the State contracts.
To Help Bring Pastors
And Churches Together
The Roanoke Baptist Association,
composed of nearly seventy churches,
has found that a number of these
churches are without pastors and that
many of the preachers in the Assori
! ation are without churches.
For the first time, an attempt is be
ing made to bring together tho
pastorless churches and the church
less paßtora.
Rev. C. H. Dickey, president of the
Roanoke Baptist Association has ap
pointed a committee to look after this
inutier and the committee is com
posed of Brother A. Corey, L. E. O'-
Brien, and Dodd. The chairman is
Rev. A. Corey, Jamesville.
If any' of the persons interested
in the above matter will write to him
about churches which have no pastor
and about pastor's who have no
chuiches, an honest attempt 1 will be
made to bring the two together.
Stamp Sales Here
Show Big Increase
The Williamaton post office stamp
sales have increased twelve and one
half per cent over the aale in 1926.
The salaries of the postmaster and
postal clerks are based on the sale of
stamps and the increase will raise the
■alariea. The postmaster will get
12500 instead of |2400.

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