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    h w«»
|| W • Latchkey to Over Sixteen
I Hnadrsd Martin County Hones
Club Members In Regular
Meeting Here Last
The regular meeting of the Woman's
Gub was held Thursday at 4 o'clock,
with a small crowd in attendance, but
a very interesting session was enjoyed
by those present After the regular
committee reports, sveral constitution
al amendments were voted, relating to
the change in the time of election of
officers and the various duties of the
officers. The election of officers will
now coincide with that of alt other
clubs of the North Carolina Federa
The president, Xl r». Nannie Smith
Saanders, who will retire at the end
•£ this club year, read her report,
which was very fine and which record
ed a very worthy administration.
Mrs. J. G. Staton, who represented
the club at the annual meeting at
Greensboro this month, read a full re
port of the meeting, which was so in
teracting and instructive that the club
requested that it be printed in full.
Mr*. Staton was appointed on the
courtesy committee and also as a dele
fate to the biennial convention held
in Arizona, but she was unable to at
Mrs. Saunders' report:
"Fellow club women: In rendering a
eeporl oil the work done by the Wil
liamston Woman's Club for tlie past
two years, I would first like to thank
you for your cooperation and encour
agement you have given me. Espec
ially do 1 want to thank the officers,
Committees, and departments who have
served ao faithfully.
All due dues are paid, State and dis
trict. We contributed to the Sallie
Soutliall Cotton Loan Fund. There
are fourteen paid subscribers to the
"Our club presented the film, "What
Is Happening to the Highways of
North Carolina" at the local theater
during Better Homes Week.
"The ground around our club quar
ters has been filled in, flowers and
shrubs planted, also a hedge started on
two sides of the lot. A rose trellis has
been built in front of the kitchen do >r.
This was made possible by our junior
members. We regret to say that at
present we have no junior department.
Mrs. Dunning, our junior leader,
worked faithfully but found it impos
sible to continue the work. However,
for the future plans are being made
for definite work in this department,
for they are our hope in the perpetua
tion of the ideals for which the fed
eration stands. 'You who are young,
it is you, it is you; Who must make
the dream of the work come true.'
"Your Club continues to serve the
Kiwanis luncheons. This source of
revenue is small but steady.
"The finance committee presented a
play, "Oh, Doctor," also sponsored
several card parties. A few dances
have been given. All for the purpose
of raising funds.
"Through the sale of T. B. seals we
have realized over SSO. We have also
received donations from the Red Cross,
"C*r school has jbeen without a:
parent-teacher association for two
years, realizing the great nsed for such
an organization, last fall your club
sponsored the organization of this as
"The program committee has given
us interest nig programs. We have al
so had the pleasure of heating several
delightful speakers. '
"One of the most interesting pro
grams was put on by the chairman of
the American Home Department, in
which there was a joint meeting of
the home demonstration clubs of the
county with your club. The entire
group wafc addressed by Mrs. Jane S.
McKimm#n, of Raleigh. You all re
member her charming and instructive
"The most worthy work done by
yoar club was conducted through the
welfare department. At a joint meet
ing of the officials of the various
churches, in town, it was decided to
club to take charge of all
the charitable cases in the county
worthy of help. Whenever*a cask wss |
reported to this department, an inves- j
tigation was made and aid given in all
cases deemed necessary by the com
mittee. Thi* committee made it pos
able for over 50 children to remain
hi school through the furnishing of
clothes and books.
"The Boy Scouts and Kiwanis Club
helped this committee whenever called
- gpo,,. -
' "The work of this department can
not be commended too highly, and in
behalf of the club, I want to thank
Mrs. W. C. Manning, her- committee,
and any who hflped her in her splen
did work.
"We are indebted to >e town au
thorities- for a piano. I would like to
take this opportunity. to thank them
for all courtesies shown us.
"On October 30th of this club year
you had the honor and. pleasure of en
tertaining our own fifteenth district.
Needless to remind you of the iaspira-
•. .. : " '
Property Listing
Proceeding a
Two or Three Townships Practically Complete j
nary Work; Listing In Others From 40 to 80 Per
Cent Completed; Reduction In Values Evident
I .
! Property listing throughout the
is progressing very rapidly,
jTax Supervisor T. B. Slade stated yes
terday after visiting several of the ten
jdistricts where listing is under way.
One or two of the list takers will fin
ish their preliminary work within the
jnext day or two, the other townships
'reporting anywhere from 40 to 80 per
cent of the properties already listed.
Starting later this year than usual,
the list takers have had their work
concentrated, and, comparatively speak
ing, they have completed about as
Q. What nationally known figure
spoke in this county in April, 1918?
A. William Jennings Bryan.
Q. When were the first real ef
forts made to connect Martin and
Bertie Counties?
A. May 6, 1918, when Col. Ben
eham Cameron addressed a large
gathering here in the interest of
the bridge and a branch of the
trans-continental highway.
Q. When were Martin County
folka evidently the richest?
A. In July, 1918, when they
bought nearly half a million dol
lars worth of War Savings
Q. When were the first efforts
made to rid cattle of ticks in Mar
tin County?
A. In August, 1918, when the
first dipping vat in the county was
used for the first time in William
Q. To what extent did influenza
affect business in Martin County
in the fall of 1918?
A. £tores and tobacco ware
houses were closed and not more
than a dosen people appeared on
the streets on Sa'urdays.
Farmers' Course Now Will
Determine the Price of
Tobacco Next Fall
t ~ -
The price of tobacco wilK partly be
determined within the next few days,
when farmers start transplanting their
crops. A fair price for a small yield
is not certain; but a price below the
cost of production is just about cer
tain for a large yield. If our farmers
transplant as much a» they did last
season, they will bring about a poor
price next fall. On the other hand,
they stand a much better chance of
getting a fair price if they decrease
their acreage. It is certain that with
tobacco selling below cost of produc
tion, the farmer who p'ants much
loses much, while the farmer who
plants less will lose'less.
Our farmers realize that an acre
age reduction is necessary, and it is
hoped they act accordingly when
transplanting is started.
Robert Roebuck, Formerly
of Hamilton, Features in
Vitaphone Varieties
Robert Roebuck, the first Martin
County appear on the moving
picture screen, appeared in an eight
minute variety program under the di
rection of Vitaphone Pictures, Inc., at
i the Watts Theatre here last night. Mr.
Roebuck, formerly of Hamilton, with
his .horse, "Sporting Life," offered real
entertainment for t#ie jnjany people
who crowded the picture house here
last night for his act. He appears
again on the theater's program to
night and tomorrow night,
I Always a lover of horses, Mr. Roe
buck left this county several years ago,
! performing with the 101 Ranch Shows
'and later going to Hollywood, where
he Is now making good.
Local people attending the show
last night, were very much pleased
with the act and thoroughly enjoyed 7
it ' ' '
tion and encouragement we received
from this meeting. This was the first
time the. district has been entertained
by your club.
"I can not closl without thanking
the house committee, who have per
formed their duties so faithfully.
"The record of one administration
is the foundation on which another
builds. It is my hope that you have
1 derived as much pleasure and inspira
tion from this administration as I have
. and that we may continue into a great
■ er era of progress."
.. ■: ■ ■ "J* - . >t(
William ston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, April 28, 1931
much work as they ordinarily did ,
[heretofore. ,
I Revaluation and its results are at* .
j trading much attention at many of
j the listing points, but no definite de-
I crease can be determined at this time.
\ln Bear Grass the assessors are sit
| ting with the list taker, and an at
! tempt to equalize values there is be- ,
ing made, it was stated.
Although the listing has not reached
that point where it would be possible
, to anticipate the final revaluation, it is ,
: believed hat the final result will be a
; horizontal reduction varying from 10
i to 25 per cent. *
—« — j
Robersonville Women Pre
t pare Model Home for
(Chairman Better Homes Week) j
During the last week of April for
the past ten years the entire week has
been set apart and people all over the '
United Stats have been asked to join .
in celebrating "Better Homes Week." j
Exteriors including the home grounds j
are made more attractive during the '
week, interiors of homes are made
more livable, towns,.are cleaned up.'
It was with the desire to improve |
home conditions that the Woman's j
club of Robersonville sponsored the
idea of furnishing a six-room home for
the observation of the people in the
county'. This has been done under the
j direction of Miss Margaret Smith,
home economics teacher of the Rob
ersonville school, assisted by the
girls of her home economics • class.-
Thejiouse owned by Mr. (', 1.. Wil
son will be open all this week in the
afternoon to any one caring to see
what can be done with very little ex- .
penditure of money. There are six
rooms all furnished. The furniture
was refinished and upholstered for
approximately $3.00 for the living
1 rponi. The dining room is made up
1 of refinished furniture together with
that donated liy interested people. The ]
entire cost ZJSS the furnishings are!
simple, attractive and inexpensive anil j
good lessons in economy for the
general public at such a time. 'I he '
. public is urged to attend during the 1
week between the hours of 3:30 to
• 5:00 p. m.
Planning to Visit Homes In
Currituck County Next
As a part of "Better Homes Week"
• activities the home demonstration club
women of the county are visiting out
■ J standing homes of Currituck County,
' leaving here Thursday morning at 8:30
i 'from in front of B. S. Courtney's store 1
A truck has been secured which will
carry 20, and it is hoped the women j
will fill the truck and .all join together J
in an instructive trip and a pleasant
It is the intention of the home agent
r to conduct the women to homes in
Currituck County which have made
improvements in the home grounds for
little expenditure of money, also visit
, a few home demonstration club rooms.
( The home demonstration women of
' Currituck County are tA meet the wo
men of Martin County at the county
t line and escort them to the places of,
interest in that county.
All women planning to go should let
! Miss Sleeper know at once. Approx
imately 20 women have stated they
'planned to attend. With lunches and
'pillows to make seats comfortable the
I women are looking forward to a real
'outing for the entire day. The party (
'plans to return to Wiltiamston by 6:30
p. m.
Many People Attend Paint
Demonstration This Week
The psint demonstration conducted
' by a special representative of the B.
P. S. company in the Culpepper Hard-
I ware Company store here i» attracting
I jmany people. The demonstration con-
I tinues through today and tomorrow,
having started yesterday morning.
, •
Local School To Stage
Operetta Next Friday
The and seventh grades of
: the local school will present the
• operetta, "Pandora" in the new high
> school building next Friday evening
■ at 8 o'clock. The public is cordially
invited to attend. _ 
«*•-- ' CE ~ " ~
■: w x, * '., am
Principal Watson Reports
Valuable Work Carried
on by Club Committee
In a letter addressed to Mrs. Nannie
Smith Saunders, president of the Wil
liamston Woman's Club, Professor
William R. Watson, of the local
schools, expresses his thanks for th:
relief work handled by the club's wel
fare department during the current
school term. The expression of thanks
read before a meeting of the club last
week follows:
"I am writing to express to you a
word of appreciation for the relief
work among school children that has
been done by your welfare committee.
"About 52 calls for help have been
answered by Mrs. Manning and other
members of the committee. The help
given in these cases has been mainly
,the furnishing of clothes and books.
lln this way your committee -has i«n
dered very valuable service in keeping
| pupils in school.
j "I have found that the teachers have
(had but to call for help for some de
[serving child, and Mrs. Manning re
sponded promptly and gladly, A cold
|or ragged child seems to touch her i
I "It has been my privilege to ac- j
company Mtls. Mailing and one or
two others of your committee on trips |
of investigation and relief. 1 have j
I been impressed with the tact and sin-j
j ccrity with which Mrs. Manning has
j conducted her investigations. I have
| seen her refuse help to cases that were ;
unworthy, and I have seen her give
clothes and food that I knew brought'
!relief to hungry and cold children. In
every case she has emphasized the
need of the family garden. In other !
ways she has shown her interest in j
getting the folks back in position to i
take care of themselves and their chil
dren. To my mind, this kind of wel
fare work is most effective.
"I wish you and the members of the \
' Woman's Club to know that we school |
folks appreciate the work that you j
have done in helping us to keep chil- !
dren in school. Please say to the corn- i
jmittee and to the plub members that j
the W'illiamston Public Schools wish
to say, 'Thank you.' "
Scholastic' and Attendance
Honor Rolls for the
Fifth Month
i ♦
The scholastic and attendance hnn-j
or rolls reported in the Lilley's Hall
School for the fifth iitfrnth are as fol
Scholastic Roll
First' grade: Rosa (j. Lillcy, Charles
Gurkin, David Dickerson.
Second grade: Lettie 1 lines.
Third grade: Lola Griffin, Mamie (
Harris,. Edith Hines,. Ethel Liliey,
Vera M. I.illey, Vergil Liliey.
Fourth grade: Ruth M. Liliey.
Fifth grade: 'l'ermon Griffin.
* Sixth grade: Albert VV. I.illey.
Attendance Roll
First grade: Nellie F. I.illey.
Second grade: Lettie Hines.
Third grade: Mariiie C. Hairi-.,
Edith Hines, Ethel M. Liliey, Joel
iGibson, Vergil Liliey, Julius Revels.
grade: Flbert Robersoii, Til-
I lie G. l'eele, Ruth M. I.i'ley, Ola L.
Liliey, Ruby L. Griffin.
Fifth grade: Daniel T. I.illey, Car
rie L. Liliey, Delia Hines.
Sixth grade: Lawrehce Liliey, Jo
seph Liliey, Evan Ljlley, Albert W.
i Liliey, Gladys Liliey, Cora Hines.
! » —•— .- ,
Work Will Not Be Fully I
Underway Before The
Tenth of May
♦ ■■■-
A few farmers will start transplant
ing tobacco this week, but it will be
the latter part of next week or the fol
lowing weeks before the work gets
fully under way in this county, accord
ing to reports coming from practically
all the several districts.
Plants are yet unusually small, and
variations in the weather have fur
ther limited the growth during the past
few days, it was stated.
'■Preparation of land continues,' and
transplanting will advance as rapidly
as the sice of pjants will permit, It IT
» '
Undergoes Operation for
■ Appendicits Saturday
♦ T
Elbert Tice, young son of Mr. N. T
Tice, of Griffins Township, was oper
ated on for appendicitis at a Washing
ton hospital last Saturday, Mr. Tice
stating while here yesterday morning
that the boy was getting along very
well. v r
.I« . , , T " 1 feC '
T /
KU I I 'f/f' I
CSvllu iv
Wake Forest's Glee Club and Orchestra, pictured above, will appear in I
a concert this evening at 8 o'clock in the Robersonville High School
Auditorium. The club is now on a tour of this part of the State. t 1
Town Tax Collections Total
Over $25,000 Up To Date
Both Town and County Offices To Start Preparing the
Delinquent Lists During This Week-end for Publi
cation Next Week As Required by State Law
' . * *■' - '
With only three more days to pass j
j before the four-per cent peiia'ty au- (
j tomaticallv goes into effect on unpaid
i taxes and with only a few remain- !
ling days before the annual advertis- |
| ing of tax delinquents, property own
ers are rapidly settling t'ieir tax ac I
| counts this week, !>oth in the tow'u
|and county.
; A report on collections in the sher
iff's office yesterday was not available,
as the force was kept very busy issu
ing receipts. The town reported more
j than $25,000 collected on its levy >i
1 approximately $40,000.
12,158 POUNDS OF
Definite Announcement for
Car In May Will Be
Made Later
Martin County farmers shimmed 12,r
158 pounds of poultry to northern mar
kets last week, receiving $2, for
I their' offerings, County Agent T. It.
I Brandon reported Saturday. Although
| there was a decrease of nearly 4,01)0
pounds in the loadings, the last week
i offerings sold fur only $667.68 less
j ihan did the offerings in March, it
| was stated.
] Jamesville sold MTO pounds for
I $152.72, and loaded 4,-
I 151 pounds, receiving S7.U ''4. Koh
ecsonville, the heaviest loading point,
sold 5,322 pounds for s'>.?.l 08. Oak
City sold 1,815 pounds fur $312.i>0.
County Agent Brandon stated
terday that another car bad been
scheduled for May, but it is not cer
tain that the car will be—operated.
Definite announcement will be made
later, he stated. '
Commercial Fishing Season
Will Close Twentieth
of Next Month
The season for fishing in the com- (
mercial waters of the State has been
extended ten days, and will May]
20, it was stated this morning by l)is
trict Game and Fish Warden Charfes
J. Mcore, Unfavorable conditions sur 1
rounding the fishing season were ad
vanced as the main cause for the ex
Fishing in inland waters will be un-'
lawful after w«s stated,
! unless an extension is granted before'
j that time.
Mr. Moore also stated that unless
the season on inland water fishing is
extended, it wlil be unlawful for the
fisheries to take white perch, that the
fishermen would have to throw that
.type of fish back into the water.
—» —
Stockholders Urged To Be
Present at Meeting
Friday, May Bth
The annual meeting of the Martin |
County building and Loan Associa
tiorf 1 - stockholders scheduled for next
Friday was postponed yesterday
when it was learned that several of
the officers had been unexpectedly
called out of town for the week. The
meeting will be held Friday of next'
week, May 8, at 10 o'clock a. m. in
the office of the secretary, Mr. Wheel
er Martin.
All stockholders are asked to note 1
this change and -plan to attend the I
meeting Friday of next week without
j As tar as it is known at this tiim',
'delinquents will be advertised next
,\seek in accordance with th" law. Both
■ the town ami comity offices will start
j preparing their delinquent lists the tirst
| of May. Property owners are urged
to make every p ssil I'e effort to square
their tax accounts hy that time to a
void uniKcessarj expense and entbar-!
rassni n: t" all 'concerned.
I own collections this year just about
eqtal tho-e t-rad- tor the '-ante period '
■last year, it is understood, and it is '
heliex that the number of deinipienls
will he- very little greater tlia i the
llU ■nber ot last year. ■> ■.,
Appear in Concert at 8:00
O'clock Tonight in High
School Auditorium
j, :
The Wake Forest lilee C lub and ■
Orchestra, reputed to lie the best ever
sent out by the college. will appear
in a concert in tlie Kobcrsouville lii{th {
School auditorium this evening at >S
] o'clock, it was announced yesterday
morning by Mr. K. K. Adkms, of Rob-j
ersonville. The concert was booke I
at a late date, but even then a cor-
dial support is predicted for the youtli?
college men. r
Listed anions the personnel are sev
eral prominent simtcrs and musicians.!
jam! a valuable progritt is as-tired attending the |>erformaiH'e tins
evening The club, made up' by hoys
I from as far away as Baltimore and,
LCjewrgia,- is directed In \V A Port IT
I Ihe orchestra carries sixteen pieces,
■it wits stated.
General Smedley Butler To
Address Exposition In
Greenville Tonight
One of the high spots of the Fast
| t arolina Kxpositio'n, which opened in
[Greenville ye.terday, will lie the ad-
I dress by (ienrrSil Smedly Hut ler then 1
Reports coming from Greenville in
"with the o|H'tiiug of the
exposition last night, state that an
elaborate program has been ari ang.d
for the week. Mark Golf's orchestra,
, of Pennsylvania, is playing for the e*
! position and dances, and- each after
noon and night a unique, program is
being offered. The queen's ball, Fri
day night, will be another high spot
jin the exposition's program. Five
queens have been selected from this
county, and many Martin people are ,
•'expected to attend during the' week j
Revenue Bill Deadlock
Continues Unbroken
j The expressed hope that the general
assembly would'complete its work and j
adjourn this weelf was shattered ye.- (
l the revenue bill conferees
continued divided on the revenue bill.
Tkl'he house continues strong for the
XlcLean law, and the Senate continues
i strong against it. No one knows wlien |
I tlifr-matter will'be settled. s i
Masons Will Hold Short
Meet Here This Evening
■ ♦  "' j
Due to the fact that a number, of
members are in the cast of the wo- j
manless wedding to bj, staged at the j
! school house tonight, the hour for the !,
regular meeting of Skewarkee Lodge i
of Masons has been advancel to 7\
(•'clock tonight. There will be only
a short session, lasting not more than
20 or 30 minutes, but as there are scv
eral business mattcra to be taken up.
ja full attendance is urged.
Watch the Label On Your
Paper As It Carries the Data
When Your Subscription Ezpirea
I ~ ———
ii in=aaaaaiiß ■ i i 1 gags—gap
Robersonviile and William
ston Troops to Compete
In Overnight Camp
The Scout troops of Williamston
and Robersonviile v.i'l cmpcte Friday
for the privilege of .entering, the Wil
son Area Camp ce schedu'ed for next
month/ in .pither Greenv lie or K. n
ston. .The content \yiil he an over
night camp, with tent.-, pitched tm the,
high school (founds. The> trcops wll
arrive at 4:30 p. m , and from then un
til the break-up of camp at 8-the fol
lowing morning, each individual, pa
trol, and troop will > be graded on all
phases of Seoii.tcralt. There will be the
I personal inspection of packs, equip
nweht,. clothing; camp era.t rating on
selection of camp site, equipment, such
as tools, beds, shelter, etc., food sup
plies and menu;-scout-craft inspection
of safety and sanittlti> 11, program and
activities, organization and leader
j ship. ' .
At - 5 p. m:* the t\vi* tmopT will en
gage in such contests as knot tying,
.first aid r:i.e, treasure hunt, etc. The
I public is invited to witness these con
tests and inspe t the camp which the
boys will erect for the night. Mr. Gil- .
bert Smith, scoutmaster of the Rob
ersonviile troop, has prepared his
troop of hikers fur this event and
promises to give the local boys, under
Mr, Wheeler Martin and Mi;. L. L.
llallmau, a real struggle. Come out
and see what a fine hunch of Scouts • .
Martin County has.
$ . ■
Seniors Will Visit the State
Farm and Mills at Roa
noke Rapids Thursday
j  >ak ("ily, \pril 27. The Oak City
High Seh >ol Poultry Club is serving
a chicken diiiiief Tuesday afternoon
in the 'home economics room at 1 p. nr.
Llijs club lu».l>ccil taitliiul in the >tuly
Jut poultry-tor the pu»t year, meeting
•regularly twice" a month, and has in
| creased their flocks from \2 to 50, and
some luetnlieps l.avV from 400 to 500 '[ .-'
1 voting chicks as a result of this, exten
• sion course. _ •
Miss-—Nannie Davis', 'of Hamilton, —
and Hilton kawles, ot )ak City, have
w m I#" scholarship the honor of -rep
resenting the senior class of the Oak
1 ( itv High School at the commence
' nient exercises Friday'evening, May S,
when Mis-. Davis will deliver the valc-
I dictionary and \lr. Kawles- the salu-'
1 tatory address.
j The marshals to serve during the
commencement are as follows:' t hiet
Marshal, Mis- iTieliua Haislip, aver
age of '>s for the past seven -months;
her associate from the junior class, N "
Misj Naomi Harrell, running a close
second. Mimics Chessie* I'i'and and
i Avril Woodley troin the jiinth grade
j and Miss Krma Kurti Davenport from
tlie eighth grade.
The senior class will visit the Calc
clonia State I'rison Farm alld also the
cotton mills and the paper pulp lac
! lory at Roanoke Rapids Thursday. The
j class will lie accompanied by Mrs.
II M. Ainsley, Miss M y rlis Zetter-
I ower, and Mr. Thomas Mayfi Grimes.
The object is it> give the cla s an edu
cational day and acquaint it with some
ol the educational accomplishments of
the State frcmi an economic viewpoint.
' *
Everetts and Jamesville
Teams Play Thursday
The Everetts and Jamesville base
ball teams, sponsored by the Modern
( Woodmen, camps of the two towns,
will meet in a second game at Ever
etts Thursday afternoon. In' a game
played at Jamesville last Friday aft
ernoon,. Kveretts lost by a 7 to 6 count
in a seven-inning tilt. A good game
is expected when the two teams play '
Thursday of this week.
| •
County Home Agents In
Greenville Meet Today
All home agents and canning lead
'ers are in attendance at the district
canning "school being held in Green-""* ~
ville today. Miss Sleeper left tlji*
'milling for Greenville, carrying sev- * '
'eral interested ladies with her.
• , *
Wind Storm Wrecks Trees
and Property Near Everett
j / •
, A strong wind, little short of a gale,
reported in the Cross Road* section
•of the county last Sunday afternoon,
resulted in much damage to fruit trees
'and. other property. On the -Cl»rk
I farm, near Everett*, the wind tbfeptod
lover several outbuilding*, the stables
| collapsing on three mules. The team
were badly skinned, but not seriously
'hurt. Little rain accompanied the
'storm. *'
Here from Thomaavilie
Rev. and Mrs. John K. Fleming and
daughter, of Thomasville. are writing .
Mr. and Mrs. Joho A. Ward kiwe.
v '' -* ■ '

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