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Friday, June 5,1931
Halifax Having Her Troubles
Halifax county is having her troubles. Four deputy
sheriffs have beet 1 ) indicted there fur embezzlement,
and several of its bankers are up for various and sun-
dry short-comings. *
We have heard a long'ami loud wail about property
losses for the |»st several years but apj>arently we
lost more honor than we did money. *So many people
have shown themselves dishonest by stealing, em
bezzling, lying and cheating that some steps should
be taken to establish more honesty and truthfulness.
A special course should lie provided in the schools to
guard against the wrongs.
Tennessee's Politi&al Brawl
Tennessee is having trouble with her governor. The
legislature is after the high official for apparent mis
oonduct in helping a few friends rob the state and
everyone else they could get their hands on.
As is in most political brawls, it is now difficult to
see and understand what the end will bring. The
governor and his friends are shouting persecution
while the people are shouting robbery.
It is quite possible that. lx>th sides have some
grounds to support their arguments, but the affair
goes to prove that human nature has lost very little,
if any, of its hoggishness.
Bertie Makes a Wise Decision
A wise decision it was when Bertie county voted to
continue farm demonstration work there.
We have neglected for too long a time the im
portance of the farm and its proper management.
And now is the time to make it the most desirable,
the most profitable and most honorable of all pro
fessions or vocations in life.
One of the troubles now is that the town has out-
grown the county. It is time to say, country, you
must increase and town, you must decrease. 1
One of our greatest troubles results because it costs
the country too much to sustain the town or city.
Farmers Also Have Surplus of Advice
No class of |>eople has ever had more advice than
the farmers. Sometimes the advice was good, ""and
some times it was bad. Most of the time it has been
bad advice
Naturally, everybody wants to see the farmers do
well, for when they succeed, business is good, and
when they lose out, things generally become critical.
However, we feel free to advise the farmer to work
for quality this year and not for pounds. We already
have 185,000,000 more pounds of tobacco on hand
than we had a year ago, and unless all signs fail, real
poor tobacco will not be worth curing this fall. Oir
the other hand, the farmer having a large per cent of
good tobacco stands some chance of making a little
Experience has taught us that by putting plenty
of dirt to the plants at every cultivation better re
sults are obtained. Side dressing with soda or o'her
high-powered amonia is dangerous as well as costly.
A light crop with good quality will undoubtedly
pay better, and every farmer shotftd work for quality.
North Carolina' leads all State* in
the Union in the nunt>er o( cotton
mills, the number of active spindles,
and in the consumption of raw cotton.'
North Carolina manufacture! more
hosiery than any State in the Union—
about 26,000,000 dozen pain annually. I
More cotton goodi are manufactured
in North Carolina than in any other
of Spactal Tax FUrtion in Sandy Ride*
School District, Martin County,
Mora Carolina
In compliance with the withes of a
petition signed by necessary number'
of qualified voters of Sandy Ridge
School District Np. 6, white, which
w»s duly approved by the Board of
Ed scat to 11 erf Martin County and is in'
accordance with provision of Article
17 of New School Code of 1923.
Notice is hereby given that an elec
tion will be held at the school build
in* of said district on the 20th day
•f July, 1931, in said district, which
ia described hereinafter, for the pur
School District a* to whether a ms
The controversy between MassoKni and the Pope
may yet grow into much trouble. Without attempting
to enter the present controversy or to give any opinion
it does appear to us that Musaolini is going to get
himself and his country into serious trouble some day.
It is apparent that the Italian dictator regards
himself above religion of all classes, both Protestant
and Catholic. When any man thinks more highly of
himself than he does of the sanctity, both political
and religious, which has required a thousand of years
for the best minds and best hearts to establish, then
our civilization is in danger.
What this Country needs is for Will Rogers to tell
the government heads what to do. From appearances,
Mr. Rogers has more sense than any or perhaps all
all of them together. And then he has another valu
able quality that would go along way towards good
government and that quality is honesty.
The load is never heavy if all pull togehter. What
this country needs is a friendly pull by everybody,
rich, poor, and all the other classes.
If every community would practice this virtue, we
would not hear of hunger nor see rags. And then if
folks in every community would pull together they
would have happiness and peace.
When we study our condition and find that no less
than 98 per cent of our trouble comes to us on ac
count of our own shortcomings, it is hard to under
stand why we are not willing and anxious to pull to
gether, to make our church, our schools, our neigh
borhood, our towns, our hdmes, and ourselves better.
We are evidently wasting too much of our valu
able time trying to get the other fellow to do the right
thing and not enough hammering out our own selves
into useful, honorable, unselfish citizens.
Uncle Sam seems to be exactly like his 120,000,000
children. He is losing money, and so are we. Then
why should we criticize each other for doing exact
ly alike.
There are only about a dozen in the whole coun
try who have-not lost money. They are the tobacco
man, electric man, automobile man, chain store man,
motion picture man, and one or two others. If we
will stop trading with these big money makers for a
while, we will stop losing, too.
And Uncle Sam will have to stop so much wild
spending for war and other unnecessary things, too.
Pinchot would make a fine Democratic presiden
tial candidate. Anybody that the old-line Republi
cans fight as hard as they have Pinchot is bound to
be Democratic in spirit and evident regards men as
valuable as money.
Nearly seven million dollars was distributed a
mong former service men in North Carolina dur
ing the month of April. This was done through the
United States Veterans' Bureau located in Char
lotte. Of course, the same thing has been going
on all over the country and is still going on. Many
of those who got the money were need of it and
spent it for useful purposes. Some of it was wast
ed, of course, but anyway 1t all got into circula
tion and |terhaps helped to some extent to stimu
late business. It all goes to show, though, that war
is a mighty costly business.— Beaufort News.
The several thousand graduates who are being
turned out of the colleges and universities in our
State tliis week will, in many cases, find it hard to
find a place. The schools are full, and a thousand
of the teachers in them are to be turned out and be
added the young army who are anxious to find a
place to start life and make a living, only to find too
many lawyers, too many doctors, too many book
keepers, too many clerks, too many merchants, too
many people for the jobs. The result will finally be
that all those who are faithful, diligent, and willing
to do their best will soon find jobs and be absorbed
in the machine of progress. But those who stand and
wait for a call will doubtless stand a long time.
ial tax with which to supplement the
funds for the six months public school,
term appropriated by the Board of
, Education of Martin County, the rate
| of said special tax not to exceed a
I maximum of 35 cents on the SIOO val
uation of property, real and personal,
within the bounds of the district here
inafter described:.
Beginning at the mouth of Sweeten
Water Creek, thence up the creek to
the mouth of Keepers branch; thence
up said branch to the Manning school
I district line; thence with said school
, district line northward to the Smith-:
wick school district line; with said
line to the Devils Gut; thence up said
j Gut to the river, and up the river to
the beginning.
1 At said election those who are in
favor of the levy and collection an
nually of a special tax not more than
35 cents on the SIOO property valua
-1 tion with which to supplement the
funds for 6 months school vote a ticket
on which shall be written or printed
the words, *For Local Tax," and those
who oppose the levy and collection
annually of i special tax of not more,
than 35 cents on the SIOO property val-i
nation with which to supplement the'
fund* for B*months school, shall vote]
a ticket on which shall be written or|
printed the words, "Against Local
That L. D. Hardison shall he sp
"'" \ .
Mussolini and the Pope
Good Advice From Will Rogers
Pulling Together
All in the Same Fix
Pinchot a Good Democrat
War Is Costly
Hard To Find a Place
, pointed registrar, and N. R. Griffin
, and E. G. Godard are hereby appoint
ed poll holders for said election. That
a new registration it hereby ordered
and that the registration books will
l>e open for such purpose beginning
the 6th day of June, 1931, and will
continue open until the 11th day of
July, 1931. The registrar will be at
his home during the above dates for
the purpose of registering all those
voters in said district
Done this the 2nd day of June, 1931,
by order of the Martin County Board
of Coinmittioners.
Chairman, Board of
County Commissioners.
Register of Deeds of Martin Coon
tr and ex officio clerk to the County
Board of Commissioners of Martin
County. jes ?
Having this day qualified as execu
trix of the last will and testament of
William E. Warren, deceased, late of
, Martin County; North Carolina, this
I is to notify all persons holding claims
1 against the estate of said deceased to
I present them to the undersigned for
I payment on or before the 29th day of
April, 1932, or this notice will he
I pleaded in bar of any recovery there
on. Persons i- debted to raid c. tate,
will please make immediate payment.
This 29th dav of April, 1931.
Deborah Fleming Warren,
Coburn & Cobwrn, Attys. myl 6t
Having this day qualified as admin
istratrix of the estate of W. A. Bur
roughs, deceased, late of Martin Coun
ty. North Carolina, this is to notify al'
persons holding claims against the es
tate of said deceased to present them
to the undersigned for payment on or
before the 23rd day of March, 1932, or
this notice will be pleaded in bar of
any recovery thereon. Persons in
debted to said estate will please make
immediate payment.
This 23rd day of March, 1931.
apr2l 6tw Administratrix.
North Carolina, Martin County.
In the Superior Court, Before the
The Dennis Simmons Lumber Com
pany, a Corporation, vs. James A.
Koberson, A. L. Mannign, C. C. Col
train, J. and W. Land Company, M.
O. Fouth, Administrator of the Es
tate of A. T. McDonald, Miss Sarah
A. McDonald, A. M. Baxter, E. A.
Morris, MolHe Lee, Margie Clark,
Dr. Sampson Hadley, H. D. Rober
son, W. T. Ward, Etheline Carson,
The Federal Land Bank, and others.
The defendants, J. and W. Land
Company, M. O. Fouth, Administra
tor of the Estate of A. T. McDonald,
Miss Sarah A. McDonald, A. M. Bax
ter, E. A. Morris, Mollie Lee, Margie
How One Woman
Lost 102 Lbs. of Fat
Almost Unbelievable —
Nevertheless True
Dear Friends:
You advertise Kruschen Salts for
reducing, so I finally tried them and
when I started I weighed 219 pounds
and when 1 took them for a year and
3 weeks, 1 lost exactly 102 pounds.
I am 23 years old and I look at least
5 Jears younger now than I did when
I was fat. 1 have a picture of myself
before and after, so if you wfcnt to
see them let me know.
I am always telling my friends •-
bout the wonderful salts. I am al
ways advertising them.
1 took 2 bottles every month for a
year and 3 weeks. It amounted to
$25 for reducing 102 pounds but it was
worth it.
If I can be of any help to you let
me know.
Your truly, Miss NJlie Simpson,
1903 Wayne Street, Sw£*va}e, Pa.,
Oct. 31. 1930.
■ c, . - ■
M • nic* hot bath end I feel Mce a
XM million doHart. A hot bath it so cooling on a warm
day like this.
* My mother says that she wonders how aha ovor leapt house
without our automatic alactric water heater, because now
sho has plonty of hot watar morning, noon and night She
doesn't hay* to run up and down tho stair* any mora; aha
SEE YOUR DEALER just turns tha faucat and tharo it isl Sho told dad it
U A rv \l mk | was certainly an invaAntnt in coo v# nifiiM ind
10 DOWN ktp^om
PAYMENTS AND AN thinks its swall bocausa it spoods his morning shave.
ALLOWANCE FOR I hoaid him tall mothar that ovary family should have an alactric
YOUR OLD WATER watar haator now that thoy could got one for only slo.' down
HEATEm and pay tho balance in small monthly payments. •
11 ■
Clark, Dr. Sampson Hadley, H. D.
Koberson, W. T. Ward, Etheline Car
son, and the Federal Land Bank, will
take notice that an action entitled as
above has been commenced in the »n
--perior court of Martin County, North
Carolina, for the purpose of having the
titfcrXo certain lands described in the
l>etition filed herein registered and con
: firmed pursuant to chapter 90 of the
I Public Laws of 1913 and amendments
I thereto; and said defendants will fur
ther take notice that they are required
to appear at the courthouse door of
Martin County, in Williamston, North
|Carolina, within thirty (30) days) and
answer or demur to the petition in said
action, or the plaintiff will apply to the
I court for the relief demanded in said
This the 26th day of May, 1931.
Clerk Superior Court,
my 29 4tw Martin County.
Under and by virtue of the power
of sale contained in a certain deed of
trust executed to the undersigned
(trustee by King David Smithwick and
I wife, Gracey Smithwick, on the 26th
day of February, 1920 and of record
in the public registry for Martin
' County in Book A -2 at page 207, said
dedc of trust having been given for
;the purpose of securing a certain note
'of even date therewith and default
' having been made in the payment of
] the said note and the stipulations
contained in the said deed of trust not
jhaving bene complied with and at the
> request of the holder of the said note
The Modern Sale Way-
Right Way to Lose Fat
Just take a half teaspoonful of
Kruschen Salt* in a glass of hot water
every morning before breakfast.
You can hasten the reducing action
of Kruschen by going lighter on pota
toes, pastry, and fatty meats.
Unlike other Salts, Kruschen does
n't reduce by rushing food through
your system. Kather it's an ideal blend
of 6 separate mineral salts which help
every gland, nerve and body organ to
function properly.
Women everywhere are overjoyed
witii this marvelous reducing treat
ment. Frequently pound by pound of
surplus fat leaves and soon you |>os
sess that trim, slender, figure you've
always craved.
An Ksc bottle of Kruschen (lasts 4
weeks) is sold by leading druggists the
world over—so start thi« SAFE meth
od to lose ugly fat TODAY! Clark's
Drug .Store selU lots o( it-
the undtriigned trustee will offer for
sale to the highest bidder far cash on
FrMiy, the IZth day of Jane, 1931, at
12 o'clock noon, ate the courthouse
door in the town of Wliliamston, N.
C., the following described real estate
lying and being in Martin County, to
Bounded on the north by George
Williams, on the south by S. S. Had
ley Estate, on the east by Henry
Reddick, on the west by the Andrews
land and being the same land bought
1 1 I
When you know that the resources of this
bank are invested in such a manner as to be
easily mobile at all times, diversified safe,
then you know that your savings here are also
safe beyond comparison. Our officers and
directors are men of seasoned and varied bus
iness experience. Their judgment and integ
rity is your assurance of safety for savings. B
Open an account today with confidence!
I Branch Banking!
I & Trust Company I
Friday, Jam 5,1931
fifteen acres, more or less.
This the 12th day of May, 1931.
m-15-4t Trustee.
Elbert S. Peel, Attorney.
Relieves a Headache or Neoralgia in
30 minutes, check* a Cold Ike first day,
and checks Malaria ia three days.

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