North Carolina Newspapers

    JL, Tuesday, January S, 1932
I ££££: | Society & personals 3 /S. I
HI EngaceoMfits 1 Mrm- ELBERT 8. PEEL, Editor || 45
Return to New York '
Mrs. B. Bloom and daughter,
Alice, left Sunday for their home in
' New Yor k, after spending the Christ
mas holidays with Mr. and Mfrs.
Frank Margolis. They were accom
panied to Norfolk by Irving Mar
golis: '
Visiting in Richmond
Mrs. W. J. Hodges is in Rich
mond, Va., this week visiting rela
tives. .
■ +.
/» Town Monday
Claud Green, of Roberson*
ville, was in town yesterday.
In Town Yesterday
Attorney Bill Blount, of Washing
ton, was in town yesterday attend
ing to professional business.
' ♦
From Washington
Carl Goerch, editor of the Wash
ington Progress, was a busines visi
tor here yesterday.
Attend Hearing Here YQ
Messrs. Emmet Tetterton and
Frank Caraway, of Wharton's Sta- 1
tion, were "bete yesterday attending'
a hearing before the local United
States Commissioner.
m I
Return This Week
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Gibson !
returned this week from Whittier,' i
where they spent th holidays with
Returns To Charlotte .
Fred Jenkins returned to his home
in Charlotte Sunday after spending '•
the holidays here with his parents, '
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Jenkins.
1 '
Spend Sunday Here
Mr. J. L. Ross, of Stokes, spent I
Sunday here with Mr. and Mrs. W. 1
A. Jenkins. 1 1
m I j
Visitors Here Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Robertson and,
little daughter, Sally Baker, of i
Ahoskie, spent Sunday afternoon
here with Mr. Robertson's mother, s
Mrs. J. L. Robertson. ' >
Condensed Statement of Condition of |
Branch Banking and Trust Co. I
Following f/ie Rules atthecloseofbusinessdecember3l 1931 |
Thi. bank i. strong today because for years we have L °* M " a dißcount ' $2,618,881.95 Capital stock $ 400,000.00 j
lowed the rules of safety. Banking Houses, furniture & fixtures 141,257.81 Surplus 200,000.00
Other stocks and bonds 125,800.00 _ _ .. , _ _
... . . , , , Undivided profits 93,865.25
We have never permitted ourselves to go anywhere near U. S. and N. C. Bonds $1,946,982.98
the danger line. In our loans and investments particularly, we Reserve for Interest and Dividends 12,507.86 H
depos!ton| C '* ed the m °" ° rder '° protect OUr M Bonds ble MUniCipa ' 197 , 0 00.00 Reserve for Elm City Purchase 2,000.00
» Cash & due from bonks 1,356,245.53 3,500,228.51 Bllls payable .550,000.00
Our reserves have been kept strong, and we have maintained w Deposits 5,127,795.16
a high ratio of cashable assets. Because of our strong financial
position we have been able to give proper support and encour- • "
agement to our depositors throughout the whole of a difficult $6,386,168.27
period. •
Our proved strength and our friendly helpful interest in *
each of our depositors, make this a bank w?ll able to give you the « (TRUST DEPARTMENT ASSETS NOT INCLUDED)
best possible service and co-operation in the months ahead. . x '
( I
>• * *■ "*• ,• . ,
1 1 f '
Branch Banking and Trust Co.
"The Safe Executor" - * •
Sound Banking And Trust Se For I
Visits m RobersonviUe
Miss Jessie Mae Anderson spent
1 the week-end in RobersonviUe with
- friends.
Visits His Daughter Here
Mr. W. T. Hudson, of Selbyville,
Md., visited his daughter, Mrs. E. S.
McCabe, and Mr. McCabe last week.
Another daughter, Mrs. Clarence
Tingle, with her husband, and theijr
little girl, Virginia, also of Selby
ville, accompanied Mr. Hudson on
the trip.
• ' -
Leave for Greensboro
Misses Edith Peel, Ruth Norton
and Edith Taylor left Sunday for
Greensboro, where they will re-enter
N. C. C. W. for the spring term.
Here From Richmond
Mrs. Hugh Singleton' of Rich
mond, Va., spent the week-end here
with her mother, Mrs. Myrtle Har
From Vanceboro .
Mr. and Mrs. 0. McLawhorn, of
Vanceboro, and their daughter, Miss I
Helen McLawhorn, of Hamlet, visit-'
ed Miss Carrie Whitford last week.
Leave for Chapel Hill
Buck Saunders, jr., Albert Leslie,
and C. B. Clark, jr., left Sunday for
Chapel Hill, where they are p|u
dents at the University, after spend
ing Christmas at home.
Return to Greenville
Misses Josephine Harrison, Fran
ces Bowen, and Miriam Courtney left
■ yesterday for Qreenvill to reenter
1 school at E. C. T. C. ( after the
Christmas holidays.
I •
| Returns to N. C. C. W.
| Miss Rosalie Inman returned to
the North Carolina College for Wo
men, Greensboro, last Sunday after
visiting her sister, Mrs. J. E. King,
and Mr. King during the Christmas
From RobersonviUe
Professor R. I. Leake, of Rober
sonviUe, was here for a short while
yesterday afternoon.
I In Town Yesterday
Mr. Robert Everett, of Palmyra,
was a business visitor here yesterday.
Returns To Chapel Hill .
W. C. Griffin has returned to the
University of North Carolina, Chapel
Hill, after visiting his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. S. C. Griffin, here during
the Chrstmas holidays.
Visiting m Petersburg
Mrs. G. W. Hardison, Misses
Katherine Hardison and Essie Peel
are visiting relatives in Petersburg 1
this week. I
In Wilson Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Muse returned
to their home in Wilson Sunday aft
er visiting relatives here during the
i holidays.
♦— —
Leaves for Salemburg
Miss Blanche Iris Sullivan left
Sunday for Salemburg, where she at
tends Pineland School.
! •
Return To Chapel Hill
I Mr. and Mrs. Earl Leggett and
I little daughter returned to their home 1
lat Chapel Hill Sunday after visiting
his mother, Mrs. Jim Leggett, a few
Leaves for University
Prof. Cecil Taylor left Sunday for
Chapel Hill, where he is an instruc
tor in French at the University.
Returns to Alexandria
Mr. Robert F. Heydenreich and
little duaghter, Mary Anne, left yes
terday for their home at Alexandria,
Va., after visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.
W. Watts, for some time.
Visiting Here
Mrs. E. H. Williamson and little
son, E. H., jr., of Washington, D. d.,
are visiting Mrs. Williamson's sister,
Mrs. James C. Manning, for several
■■' ♦
Spend Sunday Here
Mr. and Mrs. William Gibbs, of ;
Elizabeth City, spent Sunday here,
with their aunt, Mrs. Albert Perry.'
Visiting Mrs. Godwin
Mrs. Allie Grice, of Elizabeti
City, is visiting Mrs. C. H. Godwin
In Chapel HUI and Durham
Miss Cora Lee Roberson and Claud
Leggett visited the Leggetts in Chap
id Hill and Durham Sunday.
i, In Tarboro Sunday
'•! Mrs. Henry Taylor and Misses
j Ethel Taylor and Annie Hardy vis
-1 ited friends in Tarboro Sunday,
e •
1 From Franklin, Va.
Charles Rogers, of Franklin, Va.,
i spent Sunday with his parents, Rev.
and Mrs. C. T. Rogers.
Returns To Durham
s ; Miss Evelyn Harrison returned to
' ( Durham Sunday, where she is assist
? I ant librarian at Duke University.
| Returns to Tarboro
i Miss Lucille Hassell returned to
I Tarboro Sunday after spending the
■ holidays with her parents, Mr. and
' Mrs. C. B. Hassell.
Return to Washington
Mrs. John D. Enright and chil
dren, Bobby and Barbara, returned
to their home in Washington, D. C.,
; on Sunday, after a visit to her par
j ents, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Peel. Mr.
: Enright came down for them on Sat
In Wilson Yesterday
Assistant U. S. District Attorney
Wheeler Martin attended court in
Wilson yesterday.
Here From Durham
Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Barnhill and
children, of Durham, visited rela
tives here during the holidays. V|
From Littleton
Mrs. J. E. White and son, James,
jr., of Littleton, visited Mrs. C. D. i
Carstarphen Sunday.
From Norfolk
Miss Mary Taylor, of Norfolk, is
visiting Miss Sarah Harrell for sev
eral days.
Return From RkMands
Mrs. G. H. Harrison, Mrs. R. G.
Harrison, jr., and liitle son relumed
Sunday night from Richlands, where
they visited relatives for several
New Year Party
h •
l. Jamesville, Jan. 4.—One of the
happy endings of the old year, and
also an outstanding event of the
d j Christmas holidays, was socially cel-
H ,ebrated New Year's Eve at the colon
jial country home of Miss Camille
jand Wallace Fleming, from 9 until
s ! 1 o'clock, at a buffet supper. The
home was decorated in the conven-'
tional Christmas colors of red and
green. >'
Miss Irma Simpson, of Norfolk,
) Va., and Wallace Fleming delight- 1
i fully entertained the guests with
| music. Three tables of bridge and
dancing were enjoyed.
The guests included Mesdames
> Carl Barefoot, Charles Davenport,
- Kathleen Wallace Lilley, Misses
Pauline Askew, Dorothy Carson,
j Mattie Chesson of Roper, Ella Moore
Davenport, Sadie Fagan, Ella Mae
> Gaylord, Mildred Hedrick, Hazel
' Hardison, Irma Knowles, Mattie,
I Catling White of Hertford, and Irm/'
Simpson; Messrs. Charles Daved-I
port, Onward Gaylord, C. B. Mar-j
tin, David Modlin, Oscar Davenport,'
Henry Griffin, Arthur W. Lilley. and
Guy Fleming.
Miss Mary Kathlyn Ainsley left
Sunday for N. C. C. W., after spend
ing the Christmas holidays with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Ain
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Barrett and
daughter, Dolores, who have been
I living in Washington, D. C., have re-'
turned to make their home in Oak'
City. .
vj Miss-Nellie Fay Johnson, of Rob-',
returned home Sunday!
a fteW spending a few days with Mr.
and Mrs. J. M. Johnson.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Daniels and
i Ray spent Sunday with Mr. and i
Mrs. J. W. Hines. I
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar House and
Mrs. Gladys House and children
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W.
B. Bennett.
New Year Party /
Oak City.—Misses Dorothy and
Velma Hines entertained at a New
Year party at their home Thursday
night, December 31. At 10:30 a de-
I fruit punch wa# served, and
a number of interesting games en
gaged in, lasting until 1 o'clock.
About forty-five guests were pres
Please permit me to state through
your paper some of Ihe reasons why
we are thankful for the blessings of
the year 1931. While we appreciate
all those things which give us life, yet
we feel a most sincere spirit of grati
fication and thanks to our neighbors
and kind friends for their assistance
during a period of 7 months severe j
sickness. Certainly we appreciate the
Divine power that preserves us all.
With best wishes for peace and pros
perity for all.
Route 1, Williamston,
I wish to express my thanks to the I
many Williamston people who very!
generously contributed to the relief [
fund for the Evcretts community, for I
>schich I was collector.
VV e twish to thank and express our
appreciation for the nice hog livers |
given Why I)r. »nd Mrs. J H. Thig- ,
pen last week. We also wish to thank
ihc Baptist church for the basket they !
nave us during the Christmas holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Jenkins.
Public Auction!
At 10 o'Clock A.M. _
Monday, Jan. 11
All the household and kitchen furniture and farm
ing implements of the late
Everything on the farm will be
sold. Sale will start promptly at 10
Williamston, N. C.
By virtue of authority vested in .ne
as commissioner by that order made
and entered in that special proceed
' V/ 8 P en d'ng in the superior court of
Martin County, entitled S. J. Everett
Executor against John D. Parker and
1 sh »" to
the highest bidder for 10 per cent
cash, fifteen per cent each for the next
two years and thirty per cent for next
two years, secured by the property,
which is to be kept insured and taxes
paid, at the courthouse door in VVil-
Immaton at twelve o'clock noon on
Monday. February Ist, 1932, the fol
lowing described lands:
Being the tract of land in Roberson
ville Township, Martin County, known
as the T. Everett home place,
where the said Everett lived and d.ed.
and adjoining the Abner Everett, Roe
buck, and Roberson lands, and being
the place where Dora Everett died,
and now in the possession of John D.
rarker and wife, and the other parties
named in said proceeding, being about
*"*s acres, more or less.
This December 29th, 1931
J5 4tw Commissioner.
I Having thiiMday «iualitied as admin
i istratrix of the estate of k. E. Grimes,
I late o! Robersonville, in the county
it notice is hereby given to
all persons holding claims against
said estate to present them fir pay
ment to the undersigned on or before
the 12th. day of December, I>32, or
this notice will be pleaded in bar of
the recovery of same. All persona in
debted to ;»ai 1 estate will please make
immediate payment of same.
I his 12th day of December, 1931
(117 6tw Administratrix.
R. E. Grimes Estate.

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