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Tuesday, January 26, 1932
It Pays To Do Your Own Figuring
sometimes make mistakes by letter other folks
do alio four figuring. Perquimans County just learned
a lesson. T. A. Pope, a public accountant, audited
the books of the county, claiming to be a representa
tive of Edmondson and Company, of Norfolk. When
the audit was completed, Pope took a check from
the county made out directly to him. He cashed the
check, put the money in his own pocket, forged a
note on the county for ihe same amount and took it
to F. B. Hill and Company, for whom he did work,
told them the county had to have a little time. Hill
and Com[)any paid him for his work, and he went on
his way with the county's money. Of course, an au
ditor of that type could be induced to steal lots of
money by a payment "on the side" by any official
who might want to work in collusion with him.
One of the most unfortunate things in our govern
ment today is that it has gotten in such a tangle that
no man in the county can tell what we have, what we
have had, or what we are going to have. The State
has certainly messed things up by forcing complica
tions in our bookkeeping systems.
Of course, we all remember that it was only a few
years ago that the Slate had to go to New York and
get a bunch of felolws, pay them a hundred thousand
dollars to tell us whether we were ahead or behind.
When you deal with anybody, always add your own
When Harmony Is Good Politics
We Have Harmony
Congress and the president have completely fooled
the country, by actually getting down to work and
pulling together for once. Things around Washing
ton look a little bit like they did in 1917 and 1918,
when President Wilson found practically every mem
ber of Congress ready to pull with him.
However, the very fact that they are all pulling
together is Evidence that things are bad, and we are
in such dire straits that we want to be saved even if
we have to call an enemy to do it. It is well known
that when a fellow is in water over his head and starts
down for the third time he is open for assistance from
any source. •
Congress is so evenly balanced that both sides are
afraid they will be charged with any errors that may
be made. And the president knows good times mean
more votes.
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*O*LO HtNfcVX 6070 *Rfc VH Ik CMftIWMI >/
The Farmer's Optimism
The great optimists are in tbe land again. No
people on earth are more optimistic than the fanner.
It makes no difference how the last year was;
whether the floods came and beat upon his land and
washed his crops away, or whether the sun parches
his land, drives the moisture away and his crops burn
and die —when Christmas passes and the new cal
endars are passed around, he senses the harbinger of
another spring and rushes to the field to try the same
old gamble over again, showing himself to be a man
of great courage, at least.
Well, it is a fine thing for the world that he has
faith and courage. For there is certainly nothing else
for him to do. And there is nothing else quite so
sure as the land. It never entirely fails; not only does
it supply the necessities and luxuries for many, beasts,
and birds, but it can be depended upon to produce
the seed that will continue the crops of their kind.
Upon this knowledge and trust, the farmer throws
dependence for his very existence, and in the line of
cooperation with nature welds another link in na
ture's chain.
The farmer is now in the field, clearing away
stalks and trash and preparing his land so it will again
yield its fruit. While he has very little idea as to
whether he can earn a single penny this year through
his farming operations, he knows he can live and be
happy with sufficient food, which he and the land
Utgether can produce in cooperation with the forces
of nature.
It may be, after all, more a matter of good sense
lhan optimism which urge; the farmers to the fields
to undertake the task of feeding themselves and the
world another season.
Looks Like Somebody Lied
Farmers have been told during the marketing sea
son that China had boycotted American tobacco and
that it had helped cause lower prices here.
The United States Department of Commerce an
nounces exports to China during November were a
bouf 62 per cent greater than for November of the
previous year. Of course, that included all commodi
ties, of which tobacco is one of the principal items.
"Drastic Economy"—When?
"The country must have confidence that tl)e credit
and stability of the Federal government will be main
tained by drastic economy in expendiure, by adequate
increases in taxes, and by restrction of issues of Fed
eral scurties."
That paragraph above is the eighth and final point
of the surprise message on economic relief measures
with which President Hoover this week started Con
gress on its way again.
To date, the nation has heard much of the increases
in taxes mentioned in this summing-up paragraph.
It has heard something less, but nevertheless heard
occasional pointed remarks like those of the president
before the American Legion national convention, about
restriction of issues of Federal securities. Neverthe
less, further issues to meet some of the growing gov
ernment debt, due to spending much more money than
is being received, are expectd soon in big quantity.
And of the "drastic economy" in Federal govern- ,
ment expenditures there has been much talk, both by
Republican administration and by Democratic oppo
sition leaders, but insufficient action.
How amazing it is that senators and congressmen,
who leave sections where folks for two years and more
hav been forced to pinch and economize, seem to think
more of spending than of saving, as quickly as they
reach Washington. The absence of deeds to back up
words about economy dissatisfy the people with both
Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress.—
Is Formula Worked Out
By U. S. Biological
I Canned bait prepared by the United
States Biological Survey is now avail
able for rat control in North Carolina
(through A. E. Oman, in charge of
rodent control work for the survey
and attached to the extension division
'of the North Carolina State College.
[ Mr. Oman says this bait is made by
I the Barnstable, Mass., laboratory of
the survey and comes in neat paper
[ wrapped packages each confining three
'cans, one filled with fish, the other
.with meat and the third with cereal.,
All are mixed with enough red squill |
poison to accomplish the desired re
sults. Mr. Oman says the bait will.
keep indefinitely.
It was first used by the-Biological
Survey in the New England and Mid- 1
die Atlantic States last fall, where it |
gave splendid results. Since this last,
'November, the bait has been available!
to residents of North Carolina. Mr. 1
Oman urges farmers and others afflict- J
ed with rats on their premises to get j
in touch with him about the new bait i
so that the pests may be conrolled
with a minimum of effort and cost. |
"The only good rat is a dead rat," j
says Mr. Oman," nor is it necessary
for the cost of killing him to be a
burden. Farmers should not look up-
May we send you a package
of this neweet tomato? Developed
by the Department of Agriculture
as an extra early and offered this
year for the first time. Last year
seed for trial planting were cat
aloged at SI.OO per packet.
Wood's new Catalog, offering the
widest selection and choicest of
new vaMetiee. Loweat prices in
ten years are quoted on
Use the coupon, write plainly and
mall promptly. Get
Wood's serviceable
catalog. He the first
\ * n y° ur neighbor-
R A hood to have this '
new tomato; sent 2
only to those
who matl
f pon.
i x — W. Wood & Sons. \
66 8. 14th HI., Richmond, V*. J
! Band your Seed (iift and Catalog, s
: ;
• Nsms
• J s
! Pest Mke KF. D. sad Bui No. •
1 H >
- I Ever Taste 'Em When Made of II
I J*" ** M ■
CRUST AND ALL, you'll like every
crumb of them. Buttered or with your fav
orite Ham or Jam, you'll pack away several
of them every meal. Biscuits well made
from Red Rose Flour are delicious. If you
■ are not using Red Rose, make a change—
I I ■ /'J|
~ -7- —Distributed by -.... -- 1 I
Ss Harrison Wholesale Co. I
« | "wfc#"' | I
1 I mim • y
1 on rate* as a necessary evil and spend
lone hours producing food and feed
J which the pests consume. The rats
should be fought in season and out,
but more especially in winter when
the rodents gather in sheltered places
and make heavy inroads on the stored
' | produce. This canned bait 'reduces
the cost of killing the rats, since each
package costs less than the bushel of
corn which a few rats will quickly
consume or waste."
] ?
Mr. Oman hopes to begin a move
ment hi this State whereby the killing
of rats will be looked upon as a neces
sary duty similar to the spraying of
crops to reduce insect damage.
Two Boats Loaded With
Flour for China Weekly
t 'ln converting into flour the wheat
sold to the Chinese government, the
stabilizing corporation pays, not with [
, cash but with wheat. As the price of i
wheat advanced, partly due to the sale 1
and the consequent relief of northwest-'
, ern storage, less and less wheat had to
be allowed the millers for each barrel
lof flour manufactured. Enough mills
I Condensed Statement of Condition of
Branch Bank & Trust Co. I
At the Close of Business December 31, 1931 B
Loans and discounts $2,618,881.95 I
Banking Houses, furniture & fixtures 141,257.81
Other stocks and bonds 125,800.00
U. S. and N. C. Bonds $1,946,982.98
Marketable Municipal
Bonds 197,000.00
Cash & due from bonks 1,356,245.53 3,500,228.51
Capital stock $ 400,000.00
"Surplus 200,000.00
Undivided profits 93,865.25
Reserve for Interest and Dividends 12,507.86
Reserve for Elm City Purchase 2,000.00
Bills payable 550,000.00
Deposits 5,127,795.16
(Trust Department Assets Not Included)
Branch Banking
& Trust Company
Sound Banking and Trust Service for Eastern
,1 •
| Cooperative \ Poultry
Group Pays Dividends
i Approximately 14,000 member* of
i the Washington Cooperative Egg and
I Poultry Association are receiving reg
i ular annual eight per cent dividend
i checks, in addition to the services and
: economies their Cooperative has afford
■ ed them throughout the year. For the
! entire State the dividends will total i
; over $237,000. The chief objective, the
. most fundamental activity under the
Agricultural Marketing Act, is the
systematizing and strengthening of co
i operative marketing to the point of
' . ' - •*
I are engaged in the manufacture so
; they can split up the Chinese business
, and carry on their regular milling, al- i
) though flour is being turned out fast
enough to load two boats a week for |
China. .
i 6 6 6
666 Liquid or Tablets used internally
and 666 Salve externally, make a com
plete and effective treatment for Colds.
$5,000 in Cash Prizes J
Ask Your Druggist for Particulars
Tuesday, January 26, 1932
—., s
rendering valuable service on a soun
financial basis, as in this case.
• •
••• tftdvAj
Will th« Quantity off les bo
JmmMrint frtntma Smflmt fntatmf
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delicious {rosea desserts, crisp, fresh
vegetables—if foe nasi the perma
nent beauty and Hssnlinsss of Porce
lain-on-steel, inside and oat—if you
want sit the features of mdvtotfd re
frigeration— be eure that the refrigera
tor you buy is Frigidaiie—the only
electric refrigerator to bear the
Frigidaire name.
At the new low prices and conven
ient tarns, the coat of • genuine
Frigidaire, with all its outstanding
advantages, is only a few cents more
per day than die coet of to cheapest
automatic refrigerator.
Visit our display rooas. Examine the
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sons. Get our lower pricee assd con
venient terms. Wheo von cams to
know what Frigidaise offers pan will
never be satisfied with less.
B. S. >

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