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    Friday, February 19,1932
| RMMWMW | IHH« ti m h . paimniimmnmimniHiw |J
I SZ22Z. I society & rersonals 1 1
8 Weddings I If Tj
I Engage menu f
In Richmond Wednesday Visiting in Norfolk
Messrs. J. E. King and Frederick Mrs. Rush Bondurant is visiting
Hoyt made a business trip to Rich- friends in Norfolk.
mbnd last Wednesday. ♦
m Visiting the Harrisons
In Goldsboro Y(ts(«jrday Mp. and Mrs. Tom Anderson, of
Messrs. T. C. Griffin and Jas. C. Wilson, are spending this week with
Manning were in Goldsboro yester- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harrison.
day attending to business matters. "
t Km* in Robersonville
Here from Everetts Mrs. "baisy Pope and Mrs. R. A.
Mr. Van G. Taylor, of Everetts, i Critcher visited relatives in Rober
was a visitor here yesterday morn- sonville this week.
ing. * V
- In Wilson Last Night '
Visit m Kittrell H. E. Beam, cashier of the Branch ,
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Manning, Banking & Trust Company, Ply- ,
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Peel and Mrs.' mouth, was here for a short while
Theodore Roberson visited in Kit- yesterday afternoon,
trell Sunday. »
ffere /ro„ Rocky WUu*.
Mr. Billy Burko, of Rocky Mount "1 " r! . Hu * h G Ho ' ,M ' 1
.» h m yesterday at.or.diog ,o S °"' Hu &/' **" ytS '" d "
business. afternoon in Wilson.
Visit in Beaufort fferr f rffm Goldsboro i
Mesdames J.'S. Rhodes, Oscar Mr and Mrs J- D Woolard and i
Anderson, J. G. Godard, S. R. Biggs, s° n > J- D - J r -» visited friends here
and Rush Bondurant visited Mrs. F. week.
S. Hitch in Beaufort this week. ' * ....
m In Rocky Mount Tuesday
Return from Wilmington r Mesdames Frank Margolis and Z. !
„ Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler Martin re- T. Piephoff visited in Rocky Mount j 1
turned Wednesday night from a Tuesday. ]
short stay in Wilmington. "* i
9 Attend Dance litre
Tom Brown Here Mrs - Eula I>err y. of Elizabeth
- Representative Tom Brown, of j Ci, y- attended the dance here last j
Hertford, was here yesterday at- Tuesday night.
tending to business. * ' * s
Here from Wilson
DR. V. H. MEWBORN Mr. and Mrs. Joel Muse, of Wil-^,
J?! 1 * 70 ?!? 7 ® 18 !! _ son, are spending several days here
Koberaonville at Fulmer's Drug Store, ~ .. ... ... _ ~ I,
Tuesday After Third Sunday Each i w| th Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Manning. 1
Month. » (
Williams ton at Atlantic Hotel, Wed- , , Pnrtmmitk
nesday After Third Sunday Each . Keturm ) rom Portsmouth ,
Month. > Mrs. Leroy White returned Wed- j
P fcr U .*ay a S°£!£y S £ch nesda y ni K ht from Portsmouth after
Month. visiting her husband who is very!
Eyee Examined Glaues Fitted ... . , . , .
Home Office Kineton, N. C. ll! " ln a hospital there.
* -i
\ o9?'P°°
1 J R ■
Electric cook in] ie fast. Just r^M
torn of ike switch end yoe
keve clean, Instant keat
Electric cooking i* cheap. i
Accuracy insures lets tpoil
eee; end lower food coek.
•kere is less shrinkage in foods 1
•"d ike operating co*t ie low.
Electric cooking it cltii.
Cooking utensils, kitchen walk,
ceiling end curtains day dean
Electric cooking it ea>y.
No wetcking or waiting. Cook- I
lug retails may be repeated
s consistently.
Electric cooking i« conven'ent I
An aetoiatk electric range 1
cinblti yom to put your food
in Ac oven in ike torn ing
and cewt konM el sis to a (
delictodinner, ready to
Electric repLiwg h delicioos.
T knM la ||auu MrlliiAad
hiM dt dricitty coikid miL '
It brifif • o«t the *«t«r«l, I
see your dealer
- -• kr-r I
Attends Dance
Miss Frances Morton, of Green
ville, attended the dance here las
Tuesday night.
In Greenville Tuesday Night
Mr. Paul Simpson made a soda
visit to Greenville last Tuesda)
•• * *
In Town Yesterday
Mr. F. W. Holliday, of Jamesville
was in town shopping yesterday.
Visitor From Tarboro
Mrs. Edgar Morrison, of Tarboro
was here Wednesday, visiting hei
mother, Mrs. Fannie Biggs.
In Town Wednesday
Newsome Riddick, of Scotland
Neck, visited friends, here Wednes
Here This Morning
Mr. Will Harison, of Griffins, was
an early visitor here this morning at
tending to business.
In Portsmouth Wednesday
Mrs. J. T. Price, Mrs. John A.
Ward, Mrs. J. Sam Getsinger, and
Sam Brown, jr., visited Mr. John A.
Ward in Portsmouth Wednesday.
Mr. Ward is recovering from a nose
and tonsil operation in the govern
ment hospital there.
In Wilson Thursday
Attorney E. S. Peel was in Wil
son yesterday afternon.
In Windsor Last Night
Mrs.. Myrtle Harris, Miss Ethel
Harris, Herman Bowen, Luther Peel,
Charles Mobley, and Bruce Wynn
were among those attending the fire
in Windsor last night.
Valentine Party
Oak City.—Misses Madaline Dav
enport, Blonzi and Ruth Pearson and
Mary Ruth Ross were joint hostesses
in giving a bridge party and Leap
Year dance last Friday evening at the
Madi-810-Ru club house. The place
was artistically decorated with red
and white hearts, paying due respect
to old St. Valentine. Peanuts wrap
ped in red paper and sealed with
white hearts were given as favors to
the guests.
The girls made all the advances
and requests to the timid males. Miss
Avril Woodley received a prize for
proposing to the boy and being ac
cepted. Delicious hot chocolate
and cakes were served.
Those present were Misses Eve
lyn Davis, of Hamilton; Beth Long,
of Pinetops; Maude Overton, of
Plymouth; Elizabeth Johnson,
Gladys Hyman, Margie Johnson,
Avril Woodley, Julia Overton, Helen
Ross, and Mary Davenport. Messrs.
Oscar Hyman, El wood Bennett, Fred
Barrett, Haywood Crisp, Benjamin
Francis and Hasseli Worsley, Kelly
Bunting, Leroy and John Daniels,
Jasper Whitfield, William Council,
Cecil Pearson, William, Luther and
Norman Davenport, Thomas Rich
ard Johnson, Dick Chesson, Jimmie
Council, G. D. Pearsony^Mr. and
Mrs. L. J. Davenport, Mr. and Mrs.
T. C. Allsbrook, Mr /and Mrs. E.
K. Ilarrell.
Intensive Campaign To Be
Conducted Week of
March 14-20
Sponsored by the North Carolina
State Board of Health and endoried
l>y Governor O. Max Gardner, with
many state and county officials cooper
ating, a state-wide milk-for-health cam
paign is being launched, it was learned
here today through James W. Nor
man, local welfare officer.
Washington County wjll be classi
fied as a distinct unit. -An intensive
educational drive is set for the week
of March 14-20. The object of the
campaign is to promote the use of
milk for better health. It is ultimately
hoped that North Carolina's rating
will be increased.
It is pointed out that along with the
State's low milk consumption, there is
a relatively high rate of pellagra, mal
nurition, tuberculosis, bad teeth, and
general inefficiency, particularly among
school children. The natural inclina
tion to economize during these times,
less milk and- dairy products are being
Because Porterville, Calif., has no
jail quarters for women, Clara Green,
arrested in a liquor raid, was given
her freedom when she begged the
court to be allowed to leave the town.
Miss Helen Estabrook Will
Be In Charge; Urge
Women To Attend '
I I Miss Lora E. Sleeper, county home
St demonstration agent, is sending the
following letter to all the club women
of the county this week":
"Keep your yearnings within your
J earnings in 1932"
>y' "All women in the county interest
ed in keeping household accounts in
1932 are cordially invited to join the
special county club Thursday, Febru
j ary 25th, at 10 a. m. in the home agents
t office. The work will be given by
J Miss Helen N. Stabrook, home man
| agement specialist from Raleigh. Ow
! in 8 to a cut in extension funds, this
will be the only visit of the specialist
* to the county this spring. It is hoped
| many women will take advantage of
i this opportunity to learn the princi
ples of keeping home accounts and,
d strive to keep the "yearnings within;
the earnings" for this year.
To cut your expenses all possible,
the county council meeting will be j
held immediately after dinner, which [
will be at 1 p. m. If you come to
is both meetings, bring lunch, and we'll
eat together. The council meeting is
important as many officers have not as
yet been elected for this year. I am
asking that the women of the Bear
Grass club put on a Washington pro
k- gram at this meeting in the afternoon,
d j Please remember your dates and the
k meetings coming on Thursday, Febru
f j ary 25, beginning at 10 a. m. in the
•morning with the special county club
e in keeping accounts,
i- "Beginning the 22nd of this month
each club in the county has been asked
to put on a Washington program at
some one/of the meetings between
now and November. I want all clubs
to put on this program this year and
please get up this material yourselves
and give me a surprise at some meet
ing. I am looking forward to seeing
,j many women interested enough to
, come out to the meetings on Febru
ary 25." I
«j » _
e Chatham Farmers to Plant
10,000 Acres to Lespedeza
Chatham County farmers will plant !
an increase of 10,000 acres to les-.
I pedeza this season.
d 1
j Under and by virtue of the power
p !of sale contained in that certain deed
of trust executed to the undersigned
trustee by J. G. Godard, jr., and wife, 1
e dated Ist day of September, 1930, and
. of record in the Register of deeds office
in book C-3, page 357, to secure notes
t of even date therewith and the stipu
lations not having been complied with,
and at the, request of the holder of
h said bonds, the undersigned trustee
will, on the 18th day of March, 1932,
0 at, 12 o'clock noon, in front of the
courthouse door of Martin County, of
fer for sale to the highest bidder, for
8 cash, the following described land:
s Beginning at an iron stub in a ditch 1
or branch, between property that is 1
r known as the J. CjTGodard home place
. and Cherry brothers, a corner, on the
proposed extension of Smithwick,
e Stret, which is to run in front of the
J. G. Godard house, thence a line a
• Mrs. Betty Luedeke of Dayton,!
II ' writes,'"l am using Kruschen to re-j
duce weight—l lost 10 pounds in one
week and cannot say too much to
d recommend it."
n To take off fat easily, SAFELY and
HARMLESSLY—take (*ie-half tea
-1 spoonful of Kruschen in a glass of hot \
■ t water in the morning before breakfast j
' —it is the safe way to lose unsightly |
I, fat and one bottle that lasts 4 weeks]
4 costs but a trifle. Get it at Clark's.
Drug Store, Inc., or any drug store in j
i- America. If this first bottle fails to j
e convince you this is the safest way to I
lose fat—ijioney back.
1 Kruschen Salts, You can always get j
t it at Clark's Drug Store, Inc. j
p "I have used Black
-4 Draught. . . and have
[ not found anything
that could take Its
> place. I take Black-
Draught for bilious
ness. When I get bill-*
ous, I have a nervous
'J headache and a ner
vous, trembling feeling
that unfits me for my
ii work. After I take a
'• few doses of Black-
Draught, X get all
right When I begin
e to get bilious, I feel
ic tired and run-down,
e and then the headache ,
1 and trembling. But
Y Black-Draught re
lieves all this."—jr. o.
c Dtndrix, BomtrvUU, do.
For Indigestion, con
stipation, biliousness,
2 take i4ii
mm Thedfords
n ) Woxiw who owd a tonlo should I
6 I CiUMnut. U—d over to yearn |
1. ___
' I
J The planting of forest trees as s
! means of using idle fields, reclaiming
eroded hillsides and beginning a re
j serve store of future wealth is urget
upon farmers of North Carolina by R
jW. Graeber, extension forester al
State College, who says tree planting
is in full swing now over the State.
But while Mr. Graeber suggest!
that farmers ought to plant trees on
their idle fields and eroded hillsides,
he sees a place for the city man to
plant trees qjso.
men who have definite busi
nesses in town yet own farms which
they 'Conduct as a hobby or perhaps
as a place on which to build a home
away from the noise and dust and
dirt, should alsc* plant trees, says Mr.
Graeber. First, he suggests that the
city-man build his house, arrange the
grounds, designate space for the
flower and vegetable gardens, and
plant all the remaining land in
trees. Such a system will prevent
much worry ynd will leave the city
person with a better bank account aft
er a lapse of from 15 to 20 years. Bet
ter still, the land will be
of competition with the farmer who
must make his livelihood from the
soil. *
There has been a great increase in
the planting of forest trees this win
ter, Mr. Graeber says. He has giv
en a number of field demonsrtations
to aid landowners in reforesting their
waste acres and has forwarded orders
for thousands of seedling trees to the
State Forest Nursery. These trees,
principally pines of the various varie
ties, may be obtained at about the
cost of packing them for shipment.
long said proposed street not to run
less than 3(1 feet in front of the front
porch of the Godard house about 235
feet to an iron stob; thence a line per
pendicular to the proposed street 210
feet to a stob; thence a line parallel
with the proposed street to a ditch or
branch, which runs between the God
ard and Cherry property; thence a
long said ditch or line or branch be
tween the Cherry and Godard prop
erty to the beginning.
This 18th dav of February, 1932.
fl9 4tw Trustee.
North Carolina, Martin County, In
the Superior Court.
Sarah Cray Mills, et Als, vs Surry
liy virtue of an execution directed
to the undersigned from the Superior
Court of Martin Countjy. in the above
entitled action, I will, on Monday, the
7th day of March, I''32, at 12 o'clock,
Noon, at the Courthouse door of Mar
tin County, at Williamston, N.-
sell to the highest bidder, for cash,
to satisfy said execution,, all'the tight,
title and interest which the said Sara
Mills has in and to the following de
scribed real estate, to-wit:
Lots Nos. 2 and 3, as a'loted to
Sara Gray Milk, and bounded as
follows: Beginning at a fioint in the
Island Road, where Augustus La
nier's line crosses the said road and at
or near Bettie Lynch's corner; thence
running N. 43 45 W. 60.6 poles to a
pine stump, A. Lanier's corner;
All Banks in County Will
Be Closed Next Monday j^i^\^"
him whomf
George Washington
The right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness has ever
been our most cherished possession . . . thanks to the great leadership
of George Washington. Forsaking the material things in life, he took
up the sword in defense of an oppressed, weak nation against forces that
denied freedom to him and his fellow countrymen. Memory of his tri
umph stirs the pride of every true American.
Robersonville, N. C. \ I Hamiltop, N. C. , - ,v ;
Williamston, N. C. Everetts, N. C.
'post on a ridge; thence S. 44 45 W.
28.5 poles along A. Lanier's line to
| Mrs. Tfacodorc Roberson's corner in
jthe run of a swamp thence up the
:run of said swamp and along Mrs. |
| Theodore Roberson's line about 182.8
j poles to Geo. W. Williams' and R. J. I
iHardison's line: thence up a ditch, j
[Williams' and Hardison's line about
54 poles; thence N. 65 E. 11.52 poles;
• thencp N. 61 15 E 44 poles along a ,
fence, Williams' and Hardison's line,
,to Bettie Lynch's corner in the run
of a branch; thence down the run of j
said branch and along Bettie Lynch's I
line to the aforesaid Island Road;,
! thencp S. 39 15 W. 74 poles to the
beginning, and containing 147 acres,
jtnore or less.
Judgment upon which execution
[was issued herein and this sale there- i
under is for the amount of Owelty of
Partition and in favor of Surry Jones j
and against Sara Gray Mills.
This Ist d; y of February, 1932.
C. B. ROEBUCK. Sheriff
'f 9-4t Martin County, j
Under and by virtue of the power
of sale contained in that certain deed
of trust executed to the undersigned
trustee by S. L. Andrews, dated 16th
day of April, 1930, and of record in
the Register of Deeds office in book
73, page 286, to secure a note of even
date therewith, and the stipulations (not
| having been complied with, and at the
request of the holder of said bond, the
j undi rsigned trustee will, on the 18th
j day of March, 1932, at 12 o'clock noon
I in front of the courthouse door of Mar-
I tin Couijty, offer for sale to the high-j
| est bidder, for cash, the fallowing de
j scribed land:
All nn undivided interest in And to
a trs.ct ot land in Williams Towhship, 1
1 Marim t otinty, North Carolina, bound
; ed by (he lands of R. F, Jones, High
way No. ''o read from Highway No.)
90 to Pus'el and Staton Mill, Smith
wick lu'rs, and the Fason~4».n4v~C«->iv—-
taining 100 acres, more o rless. '
I This 18th dav of March, 1932.
fl9 4iw Trustee, j
j Having this day qualified as ad- 1
ministratrix of the estate of Mrs.
Laura F. Martin, late of Jamesville,
N. C., notice is hereby given to all
persons holding Claims against said
estate to present the same to me'for j
payment on or before the' 6th day of
February, A. 1)., 1933, or this notice |
will be pleaded in bar of the recovery
of the same. All persons indebted to
said estate are requested to com* for
ward and make prompt payment of the
1 same.
Fannie Latham Martin,
I Administratrix of Laura F. Martin
I Estate, f96tw
| February 6th, 1932.
By virtue of and pursuant to a de
cree entered by N Henry Moore, clerk
of the su|>erior court of Beaufort l" >un
ty, in the suit entitled "The Trust
Company of Washington et a!, vs. M.
U. Hodges, the undersigned commis
sioner will, on Monday", March 7, 1932,
at noon, at the courthouse door of
Martin County, offer lor pale at _ pub- 1
lie auction, for cash, to thv liiglu s't I
bidder, all the right, title, and inter-!
est of M. U. Hodge-, surviving liu- j
band of Callie Hodges, decease I, and,
as grantee in deed from Janie.- H,
66 6 j
666 Liquid or Tablets used internally
and 666 Salve externally, make a com
plete and effective treatment for colds.
Most Speedy Remedies
Woolard to Marion Hodges, dated
January 22, 1921, or record in the reg
ister's office of Martin County, in book
E-2, at page 202, in and to a tract of
iland in said - county, adjoining the
lands of W. M. Rear, W. E. Jukes,
1 David Hardison, and others: Contain
ing 75 acres, more or-less, and being t
'also described in HcM of trust from
* said M. U. Hodges, dated January 1,
iJ93I, of record in. said register's oific
in book G-3, at page 146, to which
reference is hereby made'
j Thia February 6. 19.12.
,f9 4tw Commissioner.
Having this day ■ qualified as ad
ministrator of the estate of J. R.
.White, late of Martin County, I here-
| by give notice to atl persons holding
! claims against said estate to present
the same for payment to the under
signed on or before the 4th day of
i February, 19,13, or this notice, will be
! pleaded in bar of the recovery o.
same. All persons indebted to -a'd
estate will please appear and make
prompt payment of tile same.
This 4th day of February, 1932.
W. 11. WHITE, Administrator
f-5-6t J. R. White.
Under and by virtue of an order o.
resale, and utidr - and by virtue o f ti>c
authority contained in t!'a> certain ie 1
of trust executed tn the i;ndcr>:,i te I
triftte by I'rM'ces Gfiih'i,
and husband, II 1), ' o j t! •
27th day ot October; 1 )l", and »i ree
ord ir the public registry of Mart'n
County in book Y-2, at page,3l7, -aul
deed of trust being given to secure cer
tain notes of even date and tenor there
with, and the stipulation-, con
tained not having been compl ed with,
at the rei|uest of the parties interest
ed, the undersigned trustee will on
Monday, the 2 t ',th day of February,
•-lo&ir w-
courthouse door in the town of Wil
liamston. North Carolina, offer tor sa'e
to the highest bidder, for cash, the '
following described property:
. Being a lot in of near the town o
Robersonville, on State Highway \ >.
9(1, leading front Robersonville to Tar
boro, and being 132 feet 5 inches on
tile frojit and running hack 150 feet,
and being exactly one-half f if'lot No.
44 in the Robersonville Hosiery Mi l
Company land Division, that is re
corded in laud division' 'book No. 3,
at page 3, next to and adjnin ng state
highway No; 90.
Dated this the llth (lav of February
119 2tw ■ .Trustee.
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