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Friday, March 4,1932
Drastic Punishment Needed
While many people object to death sentences for
any crime, it really seems as if we should add one
more offense to the list of crime carrying the su
preme penalty, and that one is kidnaping.
When we think of some villian grabbing a child
from its mother's arms or from any other place for
that matter, and running away with y it, leaving the
stricken with horrors that are undescriable,
there is no punishment too severe for him. The man
who will do such a deed for ransom is deserving of the
most severe punishment even to death.
The Donkey—Truly a Party Symbol .
It is beginning to look, like the Democrats are go
ing to act more like donkeys this year than ever be
fore. With a wide-open chance for victory in sight,
every element is pulling f«>r the nomination, and
many of them without much thought of the principles
upon which the party was built, and for which it has
stood for the most part throughout all its history.
Now comes along Mr. Raskob, with all his radical
ideas and millions of money, and with the help of the
Duponts, Jouett Shouse and Al Smith, trying to drown
Miss Democracy in alcohol Of course, they have a
Ritchie and a J. Ham Lewis to push forward at the
opportune moment, or [jerhaps a hand-picked friend
as yet unknown.
The men who fit the democracy of both the present
and the past —such a$ Newton D Baker -are being
side-tracked. >
This is the hour for Democrats to stand together
for the sole purpose of attaining a system of jovorn
ment that will guarantee fair and free government to
all men and every legitimate business.
News Letter To Be Continued
It is good news to learn that The University News-
Letter is to continue publication. The NewS-Letter
is one of the most interesting news sheets in the State,
and gives facts that are not available from any other
The suspension of th* publication was threatened
on account of the financial condition of the institution.
Although the University is having to run on a very
meager financial' program, the institution is going to
endeavor to carry on its good work.
Too Many Officeholders
Toledo (Ohio) Blade.
Michigan has inaugurated a movement having for
its object a reduction of the state "office-holding acre
age" as a means of getting taxes below the back-break
ing point. The governor and supporters of the move
ment are on the right road, but are not blind to the
barrier that will be built to block their way to suc
There is consciousness of too many public officials.
But, paradoxically, the more there are, the more dif
ficult it will be to eliminate any of them. It is
ed out that officials have wives, brothers, sisters, un
cles, aunts, cousins and hired men to protect their
right to pay. This is a situation that will have to be*
faced and overcome. The average officeholder is an
avaricious, self-protecting individual with a keen ap
petite for tax money.
One County in Michigan has 20 inhabitants for each
unit of government and a township with not enough
adults to fill all the constitutional and statutory of
fices. are extreme examples, but sufficient to
reveal a ludicrous situation that calls for remedy.
Michigan's problem is not peculiar to that state. If
it can find a solution, the answer will be interesting
-to others. "
A Great Mistake „
Why wjll mothers slave., themselves to death only
tb ruin their daughters? It would be much better
for mothers to go in partnership yith their daugh
ters in the home work, such as gardening, poultry
raising, cooking, washing, and sewing than to permit
the daughters to run at large at night and sleep half
the day.
It Is indeed a pity to bring up a generation unpre
pared and unwilling to take cart of itself. No greater
mistake can be made by mothers than to kill them
selves at work in order that the daughters may have
• «/wvl Af . i » .
A" Break In The News
War news from the stricken areas in China went
into secondary headlines when kidnapers stole Chas.
Augustus Lindbergh, jr., from his cradle in the home
of his parents m Hopewell; New Jersey this week.
Large and black headlines called one's attention to
the hideous crime, and column after column of news
carried all the details, even to the frail little fellow's
diet. There is a ready sympathy for the stricken
parents of the world famous baby, and justly so, of
Out in the world, these United States are no ex
ception, there are millions of little fellows, unim
portant, no doubt, but among them are the leaders
of the world in the making. Surely all these little
tots are dear to their mothers. But thousands of
tbem are being starved to death as a result of a
faulty economic system. But their deaths are taken
as a matter of course, and no great deal is said about
it. Medical attention in the lives of thousands upon
thousands of little children is impossible, and with
them it is survival of the fittest. The systems designed
to improve the lot of the millions of little folks are
attacked and the existence of agencies important to
their welfare is threatened.
So, the kidnaping of the Lrindbergb child was not
given too muA publicity, but the millions of little
snotty nose feflows and their handicaps in life are re
ceiving too little.
Helpful To Eastern Cartilim
The appointment of Mr. H. D. Bateman, president
of the Brancfi Banking and Trust Company, as one
of the advisors of the Reconstruction Act for the Rich
mond Federal Reserve District is a- distinct compli
ment to him and to Wilson and should prove of much
value to our community and Eastern North Caro
Mr. Bateman was chairman of this district under
the Finance Corporation Act, which was voted $500,-
000,000 for the purpose of assisting a recovery from
the present depression. This corporation was merged
into the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, a two
billion dollar entity, which has for its purpose the
opening of closed banks, and helping others in dis
tress. • • . . ...... :
Mr. Bateman. who is just back from New York,
was interviewed this morning by the editor pf the
Times, and he speaks with confidence of the situation
and the effect the Reconstruction Corporation will
have on general conditions. He says there is a better
feeling among New York bankers who think that the
funds from the Reconstruction Corporation will have
a stimulating on business, and help to end the
present financial depression.— Wilson Times.
Go East, Young Man!
"Go West, young man! ' said Horace Greeley.
Now we believe the time has come to say to many
North Carolinians in our mountain counties—
"Go East, young man!"
Rich, level, stoneless lands, easily cultivated, are of
fered at "bargain counter" prices. Many mountain
farmers could take some of these eastern lands and
with the same labor, economy, and thrift they now
use, could make twice as much produce and profit-
Formerly thousands of mountain hill country
farmers went to the Western States for cheap rich
lands, but that day is over. The Land of Oppor
tunity is now to the east, and health conditions in
eastern counties are now so fine that the old dread
at this point no longer holds good.
There are, of course, many very fine farms in the
mountains and plenty of farmers should stay there.
We advise that. But in many mountain sections peo
ple are too crowded, their farms too small, and usually
steep, Tough, rocky land is being cultivated on which
it is impossible to make a living—land that should
go back to timber or pasture. It is to these folks
that we believe the cry should go out^-
"Go past, young man!"
If interested, why not ask the land banks or in
surance companies about bargains in eastern farms,
or better still, mak| a trip east and let the county
agent help you get located?— Progressive Farmer.
Japan's Attitude s
The Japanese seem to regard all the other people
of the earth as fools.' They declare the American
Secretary of State ignorant.
Well, the' balance of the world thinks they are
murderers and rubbers, and naturally they haye to re
fute it In Some way.
This is the only case on record when one nation
has piled on another with all its lighting equipment
and killed and still declares It is not war
but a mission of pence. . .
- Another noble the, Japanese made to
China was for the Chinese soldiers to withdraw 12
miles from their own home,,their own property, their
own mills and factories and let the Japanese have
them, "and we will not shoot. But if you don't leave
quick, we are to take your lives and your prop
erty, too."
Small Crop Will Pay Best
Farmers are going to plant tobacco this year on
a speculative bas'.s; that is, try to get a fine quality
of tobacco, which always pays.
However, product iup of this type of tobacco -ia very
uncertain, especially in late years since so much land
has been burned with nitratfwf soda and sulphate of
ammonia. The farmer had better get back to fer
tilizers that will insure quality rather than a lux
uriant growth, which is generally destroyed by dis
ease. '• - * - w
The fanner that grows a poor quality of tobacco
this year 'will not have a chance of success. A small
crop well handled from the plant bed to the ware
house will be best.
Little Pen-o-grams F
if M#U^(C *
i S s^Tf ;^^--^\ W r t i ^«T\ Y s ***''!
( jfcr i
The the two cemeteries
and ma/king of graves which has just
been completed is one of the most sat
isfactory things done here for some
time. The welfare worker wishing to j
aid unemployment arranged to secure |
funds to pay a number of men. Visi
tors to the cemeteries this week noted '
several acts of .vandalism, however,
and it is thought best to ask that peo
ple living near the cemeteries take no
tice of any one who is guilty of such
mean actions. One grave in the Bap
tist cemetery had been robbed of fresh
flowers which were torn into pieces
and thrown down; the flag in the
Thrower plat in the old cemtery had
evidently been taken down and hung
again with the field of stars down in
stead of up. The cord which is al
ways made fast with wire was loose
and the wire gone. The desecration
of a flag is an act against the. govern
ment and punishable.
Having this day qualified as ad
ministratrix of the estate of Mrs.
Laura E. Martin, late of Jamesville,
N. C., notice is hereby given to all
iwrsons holding claims against sa|d
estate 'to present the same to me for
payment on or before the 6th day of
February, A. D., 1913, or this notice
' will be pleaded in bar of the recovery
of the same. All persons indebted to
■ said estate are requested to com; for
ward and make prompt payment of tlfe
Fannie Latham Martin,
Administratrix of Laura E. Martin
Estate. , f96tw
February 6th, 1932.
Under and by virtue of the author
ity conferred upon us in a deed of
trust executed by J. H. Bullock on
the Ist day of December, 1929, anfl,
I recorded in Book B-3, Page 311, "we
| will on Saturday the 19th day of
March, 1932, 12 o'clock noon, at the
courthouse door in Martin County,
VVilliamston, N. C., sell at public auc
tion for cash to the highest bidder the
following land, to-wit:
All that certain tract or parcel of
land lying and being in Kobersonville
Township, Martin County, N. C.,
containing 97 1-2 acres, more or less,
bounded on the Northeast by Matthew
Parker Swamp, OIL the S. by the lands
of John.Dtkon and J. L. Williams
and Henry Long, on the Southwest
by the lands of N. O. VanNortwick;
and on the Northwest by the lands
lands of N. O. VanNortwick, and be- ]
ing the same land deeded to Hannah
Roebuck by H. 1. Roebuck and wife,
and J. Alex Roebuck and wif?, more
particularly described as follows, to
wit: Beginning at Hie mouth of Bee
Branch in Matthew Parker Swamp,
| thence along the said Swamp to N. "O.
YanNortwick's corner in said swamp,
thence S. 64 W. 3560 ft. thence S. 5*
I and 15 minutes W. 860 ft. thence S.
186 E. 1610 ft. thence N. 4* and 30
i minutes E. 1158 ft. thence N. 15 E.
900 ft. to the Bee Branch, thence a
long Bee Branch N. 81 E. 300 ft.
81 E. 470 ft. N. 56 E. 165 ft. N. 79»
and 30 minutes E. 329 ft. to the be
This sale is made by reason of the
: failure of J. H. Bullock to pay off and
discharge the indebtedness secured
by said deed of trust.
A deposit of 10 per cent will be re
quired from the purchaser at the sale.
This the 15th day of February, 1932,
f23 4tw Trustee.
Durham, N. C. . -
Under and by virtue of the power
of sale contained in that certain deed
of trust executed to the undersigned
trustee by J. G. Godard, jr., and wife,
dated Ist day of September,. 1930, and j
of record in the register of deeds office |
in book C-3, page 357. to secure notes |
of even date therewith and the stipu
lations not having been complied with, '
and at the request of the holder of
said bonds, the undersigned trustee
will, on the 18th day of March, 1932, |
at 12 o'clock noon, in front of the
courthouse door of Martin County, of- !
fer for sale to the highest bidder, for i
: *
' h ------ A -
cash, the following described land: i
Beginning at an iron stob in a ditch '
or branch, between property that is ,
known as the J.'G. Godard home place j
and Cherry brothers, a corner, on the .
proposed extension of Smithwick
Stret, which is to run in front of the
J. G. Godard house, thence a line a- '
long said proposed street not to run ;
less than 30 feet in front of the front J
porch of the Godard house about 235 ,
j feet to an iron stob; thence a line per
i pendicular to the proposed street 210 1
| feet to a stob; thence a line parallel
I with the proposed street to a ditch or ,
; branch, which runs between the God- ,
ard and Cherry property; thence a
long said ditch or line or branch be
tween the Cherry and Godard prop
erty to the beginning.
This 18th day of February, 1932.
fl9 4tw ' Trustee.
Under and by virtue of the author
ity conferred upon us in a deed of
trust executed by Chas. T. Flannagan
on the 24th'day of October 1929, and
recorded in Book B-3, Page 309, we
will on Saturday the 19th day of j
March 1932, 12 o clock, noon, at the
courthouse door in Martin County,
Williamston, N. C., sell at public auc- j
tion for cash to the highest bidder
the following land to-witr
All thai certain tract of land lying
and situate and being in the County
of Martin and State of N. C., Hamil
ton Township, near the town of Ham
ilton and described as being tract No.
8, containing 35 acres, being a' part
of what is known as the B. B. Sher- j
rod farm, as surveyed and platted by
C. R. Revelle, Surveyor, dated Oct. i
1929 and recorded in L. D. Book 3, ;
I'age 164, Register of Deeds's Office,
Martin County.
This sale is made ,by reason of the
failure of Chast. T. Flanagan to pay
off and discharge the indebtedness
secured by said deed of trust.
A deposit of 10 per cent will be
required from the purchaser at the
This the 13th day of February 1932.
f23 4tw Trustee.
Durham, N, C. ,
I North Carolina, Martin County, In
the Superior Court.
Sarah Oray Mills, et Ala, va Surry
Jones. ' •
By virtue of an execution directed
to the undersigned from the Superior
Court of Martin County, in the above
entitled action, I will, on Monday, the
7th day of March, 1932, at 12 o'clock,
Noon, at the Courthouse door of Mar
tin County, at Williamston, N. C.,
sell to the highest bidder, fof cash,
to satisfy said execution, all the right,
titje and interest which the said Sara
Mills has in snd to the following de
scribed real estate, to-wit:
1 Lots Nos. 2 and 3, as aUoted to
1 Sara Gray Mills, and bounded as
follows: Beginning at a r-oint in the
 Island Road where Augustus La
nier's line crosses the said road and at
or near Bettie Lynch'* corner; thence
running N.' 43 45 W. 60.6 poles to a
pine stump, A. Lanier's corner;
thence S. 51 W. 38 80 poles to a fence i
post on a ridge; thence S. 44 45 W.
28.5 poles alotuz A. Lanier's line to
Mrs. Theodore* Roberson's corner io
the run of s swamp thence up the
run of said swamp and along Mrs.
Theodore Roberson's line about 182.8
poles to Geo'.' \V. Williams' and R. J.
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Swift 4® Hour Relief
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Hardison's line: thence up a ditch,
Williams' and Hardison's line about
54 poles; thence N. 65 E. 11.52 poles;
thence N. 61 15 E 44 poles along, a
fence, Williams' and Hardison's line,
to Bettie Lynch'* corner in th? run
of a branch; thence down the ruq of
said branch and along Bettie Lynch's
line to the aforesaid Island Road;
thence S. 39 15 W. 74 poles to the
beginning, and containing 147 acres,
more or less. r '
Judgment upon which execution
was issued herein and this sale there
ander is for the amount of Owelty of
Monday & Tuesday
Tulane vs. South
ern California
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R.A.Taylor, Agent
At Hall's Barber Shop Williamston, N. C.
Friday, March 4,1932
Partition and in favor of Surry Jones 4
and against Sara Gray Mill*.
This Ist day of February, 1t32. '
C. B. ROEBUCK. Sheriff,
f 9-4t Martin Coflntjk
Under and t>y rtrttie of the po4er
of sale conUined in that certain deed
of trust executed to the undersigned
trustee by S. L. Andrews, dated 16th
day of April, 1930, /nd of record in
the Register of Deeds office in book
73 page 286, to secure a note of even
date therewith, and .the stipulations
having been complied with, and at the
request of the holder of said bond, the
undersigned trustee will, on the 18th
day of March, 1932. at 12 o clock noon
in front of the courthouse door of Mar
tin County, offer for sale to the high
est bidder, for cash, the following de
scribed land:
All my undivided interest in and to
a tract oPland in Williams Township.
Martin County, North Carolina, bound
ed by the lands of R. F. Jones, High
way No. 90, road from Highway No.
90 to Daniel and Staton Mill, Smith
wick heirs, and the Eason land. Con
taining 100 acres, more o rless.
This 18th day of March.l 932.
fl9 4tw Trustee.
A "
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