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Tuesday, May 17, 1932
Look for the Meaning
Why is DuPont's yacht in eastern Carolina waters?
And why is John Small making liquor speeches for
John J. Raskob in this part of the State? Apparent
ly there is some low dive politics' going the rounds.
And it is a safe prediction to say that it is for the
purpose of electing a man to nited States
Senate from North Carolina. ♦
Now is the day for every voter and esjietially every
woman voter to look well into the life of the men they
support for high office. It is easy some times for men
to get in high places whom we are later ashamed of.
There is tittle doubt about the fact that there is a lot
of liquor money being spent in North Carolina. It is
slipping in from the North and it is Republican
money trying to beat Senator Morrison for a seat in
the United States Senate.
- *
A Blow at Free Government
The Associated Press lias the following otv a speech
made recently by \V. Glover, second assistant
Postmaster General:
"Urging Missouri postmasters to defend and sup
port Herbert Hoover, W. Irving Glover, second asr
sistant Postmaster General, told the postmasters'
state convention here today that "as long as you do
that you are filling the job of postmaster.'
" 'You are a part of this administration,' he said,
'it is best for us to get out on the firing line. I shall
be back in Washington Monday, and I shall be glad
to take the resignations of any of you post masters
who do not want to do it.'
"Answering thdse who say what America needs is a
leader, Glover declared, 'We've got a leader. We
have had one for years. If we do not stand back of
that man Hoover, regardless of party, God help this
country.' "
Nothing could be further from free government
that this. Every voter in America owes it to himself
to vote as he pleases.
Of course, postmasters owe to the administration
that puts them in office honest and efficient service,
but they should lie as tree as anybody-else to vote for
their choice of their party, or for any other party, if
they wish. Free government is in serious danger when
a man's job depends on his vote.
Little Pen-o-grams
Max mo on
1( MMM 1 v - y I
r, ■ T- « 'T.„, tftWHS RIGHT ON! ....
— ZH 1
Branding Fountain, a Republican
The Ehringhaus leaders have taken a pretty low
dive in trying to brand Fountain as a Republican.
The fact is that Fountains Raleigh speech is just
exactly the kind of Democracy the people want.
It seenW like a puny popgun attack to try to put
such a thing across on the people who have advanced
far enough into the political books not to swallow
everything the politicians say.
The truth is Fountain's shot wak too hot for them,
and 1 they are trying to divert the fire.
The Most Horrible of Crimes
* - - J |-
The law-maker? will have to name a new crime, one
that has proven to be more horrible than all others
stealing and then murdering an innocent baby.
Of course the' law-makers should not prescribe
lynching as the proper punishment; yet, there are no
less than a million good, honest American who could
be induced to help lynch or even burn at the stake
the abductor and murderer of the little Lindbergh
Democracy Must Redeem Itself
The Democratic Party will finally decay if it bows
much longer to certain New York influences headed
by Tammany Hall, the most selfish and corrup polit
ical organization 6n the face of the earth. It is an or
ganization with two vicious habits—electing officials
and sucking the life out of the people. Unfortunate
ly i*t is now following the policy of dictating to the
party or of running it.
Tammany is made up of every class of people
known on earth. They know very little of the needs
of the rank arid file of the folks throughout the coun
try. ..Vow-the Tammany influence ifr trying to over
ride the balance of the country -in the selection of a
presidential candidate, and is apparently backing
Owen I). Young, a man who knows big business and
cares not for little business. He is a man Who stands
a long ways from; the true meridian of Democracy.
The important question is will Democracy agree to
sacrifice itself again this year because of the demands
of the roughest and most undesirable element of the
party? The only place Democracy can redeem itself
is in the national convention, and it can never do so
by bowing to Tammany. * , •
Waiting for Prosperity
We continue to see many folks passing around
waiting for prosperity to come marching back. And
it is a pitiful sight, because they are not going to see
it. There is still an opportunity to meet prosperity
if a fellow runs fast enough and digs deep enough.
jlut the fellow that waits will never see it. There
are some farmers who have never done anything but
farm and who,will not farm now because they can't
find anybody to feed and clothe them. They prefer
to whine rather than change their old habits of rent
ing land, half working and drawing all they can car
ing not if they pay out when the fall comes.
We should be frank in advising people to change
their methods, to urge them to do more work even
if they can't get so much for it. When the final show*
down comes it will be a question of whether we have
enough to eat or not. Those who have been feeding
beggars because of the unemployment situation, are
going to ask the fellow seeking alms next winter what
he was doing when the sun was shining during the
summer. Especially will the charity seekers find this
true in those communities where there i» plenty of
land lying uncultivated.
The man who stands still and waits for prosperity
is going to find things hard in the future.
Dark Outlook Here
i m
i The only absolute lifonarchies in the!
world today are the Empires of Abys-.
Isinia and Morocco and the Kingdom
'of Siam.
Under and by virtue of the authority
conferred upon us in a deed of trust
executed by B. E. Moye and wife,
Martha 0. Moye, on the sth day of
March, 1923, and recorded in book
U-2, page 125, we will, on Saturday,
the 4th day of June, 1932, at 12 o'clock
noon, at-the courthouse door in Mar
tin County, Williamston, N. C., sell at!
'public auction, for cash, to the high-i
est bidder, the following land, to wit:
j A tract or parcel of land, lying and
j being in Goose Nest Township, Mar
tin County, and State of N. C., begin
ning at a point a corner between the
R. R. property and B. E. Moye, at a 1
icalling N. 69 E. 8 1-2 poles, thence N.I
,6 W. 2 2-25 poles, thence N. 82 1-2 E. j
'l7 1-25 poles to a corner, thence N.'
24 1-2 E. 151 4-5 poles to the run of j
Conoho (.'reek, thence down the run;
of the said Creek N. 79 E. 35 poles,'
thence N. 85 E. 10 poles, thence N. 48
E. 11 poles, thence S. 74 1-2 E. 30
poles, thence S. 55 E. 42 1-2 poles to
a corner between B. E. Moye and J.
T. Davis, thence along the river road
S. 43 1-2 W. 190 1-2 poles to a corner
in tlie Davis land, thence N. 44 \V.
18 18-25 poles, thence S. 43 1-2 \V.
120 10-33 poles, thence S. 44 E. 18 18-25
.poles, thence S. 43 1-2 VV. 8 1-5 poles,
'thence N. 44 \V. .19 1-3 poles, thence
jS. 53 1-2 \V. 8 1-2 poles, thence N.
44 W. 2 3-4 poles to a corner of the
K. K. Property and I!. E. Moye, thence
up this line, S. 43 1-2 W. 14 poles,
thence N. 18 \V. 20 30-33 poles to the
first station, the'beginning, containing
196.66 acres.
1 This sale is made by reason of the
failure t>f B. E. Moye and wife, Mar
tha O. Moye, to pay off and discharge
the indebtedness secured by said deed
Jof trust.
| A deposit of 10 per cent will be re
quired from the purchaser at the sale.
' This the 30th day of April, 1932.
HAM, N.C. rnalO 4tw
j Under and by virtue of the power
i and authority conferred by a certain
1 deed of trust dated April 30th, 1926,
ffrom O. T. liverett and wife, Mattie
liverett, to Raleigh Banking and Trust '
C ompany, trustee, recorded in the of-1
Ike of the Register of Deeds for Mar- j
tin County, North Carolina, in book
X-2, at page 299, said Raleigh Bank- |
ing & Trust Company having been'
duly removed and the Commercial Na-|
tional Bank of Raleigh and Leon S. I
Brassfield, substituted therefor as trus-J
tees thereunder by instrument record- j
ed in the office of the Register of|
Deeds for Martin County; and thej
Commercial National Bank of Raleigh
| having been removed and J. Granbury ]
Tucker having been substituted there-1
I for as trustee thereunder by instru-j
inient reciirded in -the ortice of the Reg-'
jister of Deeds for Martin County; aIL
[as provided in said deed of trust; de
| fault having been made in the payment I
!of the indebtedness-secured by said [
deed of trust and the owner and holder
jof saiil indebtedness having duly re- j
quested said substituted trustees to in-,
|stitute foreclosure proceedings accord-1
j ing to the provisions of said deed of I
trust; the undersigned substituted trus
tees will ' offer for sale and sell to the |
highest bidder for cash at the Martini
i County courhouse door ,ir» „.William»X
ston, N, C., at 12 o'clock M., on
; WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15th, 1932
All that certain tract or parcel of
land situate in Martin County, Ham
ilton Township, State of North Caro
lina. and described as follows:
Oil Highway No. 125 front Hamil
ton to Oak City, three miles from Oak
City, lying and being in Hamilton ■
Township, Martin County, North Car-!
olina, and near the corporate limits of
the town of Hamilton, adjoining the
lands of R. W. Salsbury and brother,
Mrs. J. B. Everett, Fred Barnhill,
Harry Waldo, and others, and bound-,
ed as follows:
Beginning in tlfe-'center of the Ham-J
ilton and Oak City road at the point
where the ditch which drains Great
Branch crosses said road; thence along
said road north 87 degrees 30 minutes
west 90 links to the corner of the ne
gro cemetery lot; thence north 51 de
grees 30 minutes west 7.10 chains and
south 35 degrees west 5 chains back
F —~—l
"My work is confining,
and often I eat hurriedly,
causing me to have lndl- l
gestion. Gas will form j
and I will smother and
have pains In my chest.
"I had to be ca*eful
what I ate, but after
someone had recom- 1
mended Black-Draught
• and I found a small
pinch after meals was so
helpful, I soon was eat
ing anything I wanted.
"Now when I feel the
least smothering or un
comfortable bloating, I"
take a pinch of Black-
Dr&ught and get relief."
—Clyd« Viughn, 1# Shlppy SC.
QwwurtlU i. C-
Sold in 231 packages. tl „
I ffOMr:"
I vou*. or miffnr «v#rr month, ahouM I
I tako C.mUit. UtaJ for ovrr SO ycura. |
FOR -CHILDREN—and grown-ups
who prefer a liquid—get the new,
pleasant-tasting SYRUP of Thed
ford's Black Draught; 25c and 50c.
to the®road; thence along said road
north 87 degrees 30 minutes west 4.85
chains ;north 79 degrees 15 minutes
west 9.50 chains; north 72 degrees 30
minutes west 9.30 chains; north 70
degrees 30 minutes west 20.15 chains;
north 78 degrees 15 minutes west 17.20
chains to Harry Waldo's corner;
thence north 21 degrees 45 minutes
east 22.50 chains; and north 80 degrees
west 10.50 chains to Ferd Barnhill's
line; thence j»orth 20 degrees east 17.70
chain*, and north 88 degrees west 23.10
chains to B. B. Sherrod; thence north
4 degrees 45 minutes west 10.95 chains
to a post oak; north 10 degrees 30 min
utes cast 6.27 chains to a pine, corner
of R. W. Salsbury & Brother; thence
south 82 degrees east 10.60 chains to
a pine slump; north 33 degrees 45
minutes cast 3.15 chains to a pine;
north 74 degrees 30 minutes east 9.75
chains; thence south 38 degrees 30
minutes east 29.20 chains to the lands
of Mrs. J. B. Everett; thence south
19 degrees 30 minutes east 6.50 chains
to the head of Pig Pen Branch; thence
with said branch south 14 degrees 30
minutes west 7.75 chains to the end
of the ditch in said branch; thence
with said ditch south 26 degrees 30
minutes east 3.75 chains; south 36 de
grees 45 minutes east 4.45 chains;
south 50 degrees 15 minutes east 16.90
chains; and south 76 degrees 30 min
utes east 9.20 chains; thence north 36
degrees east 25.65 chains to Stokes'
corner; thence south 61 degrees east
6, chains: south 48 degrees 45 minutes
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In this survey- they covered twelve states and Interviewed 1,403 of their
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4. *"* * * * W *' - -• .J
I i **" . % ' .. »N
Williamston Motor Co.
east 3.72 chains; south 40 degrees east
2.43 chains; south 36 degrees 30 min-j
utes east 2.51 chains; south 43 de
grees 30 minutes east 4 chains; and
sooth 40 degrees 30 minutes east 2.47 j
chains: thence south 70 degrees 30 min'
utes west 70 links; south 17 degrees
15 minutes east 4.50 chains; south 21
degrees 15 minutes east 3.25 chains to
a gate post; thence along a ditch on j
the edge of Great Branch; south 101
.degrees west 7.68 chains; south 26 de-'
grees west 6.90 chaios; and south 52
degrees 45 minutes west 8.40 chains to
the beginning; containing 284.82 acres,
more or less, and being composed of
the following tracts or parcels of land
conveyed to said O. T. Everett: Jo
seph Purvis and wife, deed dated Sep
teml>er 10th, 1919, and recorded in
Martin County Registry in book Y-l,
page 362. James Hooker and Harry
Davis and wives by deed dated Febru
ary 7, 1918, and of record in said
registry in book T-l, page 314. J. B.
Anthony and wife by deed dated Janu
ary 22, 1917, and of record in book
L-l, page 436. M. P. Taylor and wife
by deed dated November sth, 1910,
and of record in book YYY, page 400.
! Joseph Purvis and wife by deed dated
September 10, 1919, and of record in
book Y-l, page 363. A. Sherrod and
wife by deed dated December 26th,
1905, and of record in book MMM,
page 471. Clara Everett by deed dat
ed December 15, 1919, and of record
j in book B-2, page 471.
Excepting from the above descrip-
Tuesday, May 17,1932
' tion the following land:
Beginning at a point in Pig Pen
1 Branch, corner of Clara and J. B.
Everett land; thence north 36 east
r 25.65 chains to the corner of €fara Bv-
I erett and Stokes heirs land; thence
south 61 degrees east 6 chains; south
48.45 east 5.72 chains; south 40 east
,;2.43 chains; south 16.30 east 2.51
I chains; south 43.30 east 4 chains; sooth
I' 40-30 east 2.47 chains, south 70-30 west
j7O chains; thence southwest course
; 27.60 chains to Pig Pen Branch; thence
\ along said branch to the beginning,
containing 34.42 acres, and being the
' same piece of land as designated on
[ map of Clara Everett to O. T. Ev
. erett.
This the Uth day of May, 1932.
Substituted Trustees.
Winston & Tucker, attorneys at law,
I Raleigh, N. C. my! 7 4tw
! Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted
' Robersonville at Fulmer'i Drug Store,
Tuesday After Third Sunday Each
1 Month.
' William*ton, at Davis Pharmacy, on
' Wednesday After Third Sunday of
Each Month
' Plymouth at O'Henry Drug Store,
Thursday After Third Sunday Each
1 Month.
At Tarboro. N. C., Every Friday and
Saturday J

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