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Swine Specialist Says There
Little Chance of Early
Decline in Price
Farmers who have hogs for sale dur
ing the next two months may expect
to make some profit on the animals.
This applies especially to those who
have followed the system of feeding
the hogs with surplus corn supple
mented by protein feed and minerals.
'"We fully expect those ; men .who
have followed our system *>f convert
ing their surplus corn into pork and
who have animals ready for sale dur
ing the next two months to make some
money," says YV. W. Shay, swine ex
tension specialist at State College
"Feeding demonstrations now undei
way show that the animals are return
ing from 65 to 70 cents a bushel for
the corn they are consuming when
sold at the present Richmond prices
There appears to be slight chance of
an early decline in price."
Mr. Shay gives as his reason for this
the fact that There were 754,656,000 Ifsf
pounds of pork in cold storage on July
1 than on June 1, one month previous.
The amount of such storage was 43,-
461,000 pounds less than on Jul)' 1
one year ago.
Then, too, he says, the number of
hogs received at the 63 principal mar
kets during the past June was 10.8
per cent less than in June, lV3l,.and
23.6 per cent less than the June aver
age for the past five years. The stock
er and feeder shipments were 28.4 and
45.4 pr cent less than one year ago,
and an average of the last five years, i
"We are still of the opinion that the j
man wlio will get into the hog-feeding
game in North Carolina and stay with
it year in and year out will make a
more substantial profit from his corn ji
than by cash crop farming,' 1 Shay says
"The man who gets in or out accord- j
ing to the market, however, will al- j
ways be doing both too late for great
est advantage. 1 would- like to see j
much of the great corn crop of North
Carolina sent to. market as pork to the
advantage of the land as well as the
owner." i
Burn Coffee ;
By order of the Brazilian (Govern
ment, 530,000 sacks of inferior grade I
coffee have been burned near Rio de i
London Post Offices
The city of London, England, has j
1,013 post offices.
To Our Friends and Patrons of Martin and Adjoining Counties
That We Have Leased
Planters Warehouse
Mr. J. W. Berger has had years of experience in the tobacco
business, having been connected with the business in one way or
another practically all £is life. He was on the local market last
year and operated the Roanoke-Dixie Warehouse to the satis
. * *
faction of his many friends in this territory.
.". , r x
Mr. Gus Perry, the partner of Mr. Berger, has beeln on the
local market for the past three years and is considered one of the
best judges of tobacco in the business.
The full personnel of our force will be announced within a
few days, and we expect to call on every tobacco farmer in this
i ; ■
. \-
Jake Berger-Gus Perry
COW.O A wot Turn© af fwwr *t>)
«||lg ,J.SEiJ£3* 1 (
ffmMg • SIcWtD To PICK »  , , JTswMf"«l
FOJR LEAP Ctowea • ***- r? J \ r «J Jw fttf lUN W I
Ivt Rt>D OF WHKOWPOOPS |h£ IPO** I * ftkf ' of ■
Should Be Planted Before
August 20th for Best
Turnips do not rank so high in di
gestible nutrients because they are a
bout 90 per cent water, but' they are
relished by dairy cows and have a splen
did appetizing and physical effect,on
the animals.
"I believe every farmer who has a
dairy cow will find it profitable to plant
.some turnips for cow feed before Aug
ust 20," says R. H. Fufner, head of the
animal husbandry department at State
College "Turnips require fertile land
put into good condition before plant- 1
ing. Actual seeding s+iou4d be doße be
tween August 10 and 20 in the vi
cinity of Raleigh. Last year, with on
ly a fair season, we made 1,000 bush
production picked up immediately.-
| els on 2 1-2 acres. The seed wer;
bought from a local dealer at 40 cents
a pound and sowed broadcast at the
rate of about 3 pounds to the acre. 1
Fifteen pounds of crimson clover an
acre was planted with the turnips and
caused no decrease in the yield."
Mr. Ruffner says he fertilizer the
turnips well with both stable manure
and commercial fertilizer.
The roots were pulled before the first
hard freeze and stored in the unused
box stalls with a. thru
the center. A cutting box was made
4 feet long and 18 inches wide. Each
day the purnips were piled into this
bo* and cut with a shovel and each
cow received 10 pounds a day after
the evening milking. The turnips
were given as extra feed with cows
Mceiving their usual amounts of grain,
silage, and hay. However, the college
dairy is generally short on milk at the
time the turnips were first fed, and the
Federal Undercover Agents
Attempt to Break Up
Tri-County Ring
Plymouth, N. C. July 2Vth.—
Secret service investigators have is
sued warrants for 30 alleged prohibi
tion law violators in Washington,
Tyrrell and Pasquotank Counties in an
effort to break up a ring that is oper
ating in this section in the manufacture
and sile of whisky.
Captain George Thompson and Pit
man Sawyer, engineer, on the ferry
running from Fort Landing to East
Lake voluntarily appeared before U. S.
Commissioner John Leggett here last
night and posted bonds of $250 each.
They were cited yesterday by officers
and fulfilled their pledge to come aft
er work hours.
Henry Ross, Clarence 'Davenport,
and Roy Alexander have posted bonds
of S3OO each. Deputy Marshall Rob
erson, of New Bern, is serving the
papers on these men and will get more
as he continues his work on warrants
issued by undercover men who have
been securing data on alleged violators.
• ' .
Jobless Negroes in Winston
Are Being "Fed from
2,300 Gardens
Jobless Negroes in Winston-Salem
are being fed from 2,300 small garden*
Scattered all over the city on vacant
lots and open land about in the sub
urbs, while others find work as well
as food laboring in the 30-acre com
munity garden established this spring.
"This project of helping idle Neg
roes to help themselves is a coopera
tive project established by the mayor,
/George, W. Coans, jr., and the Negro
Division of Agricultural Extension
Service at State College," says C. R.
Hudson, state agent. "The college and
city are cooperating to pay the salary
of a special Negro agent, H. C. Jones,
who is spending his entire time in this
work. When the project was first
begun this spring, the city used its
teams and implements to prepare the
land for cultivation. Local merchants
then cooperated to help supply seeds
and fertilizer and the tobacco com
panies gave great quantities of tobac
co stems and dust as a further fer
Altogether now, 2,300 gardens are
being cultivated and the Negroes are
securing fresh, vegetables from the
plots in addition to canning and dry
ing the surplus. The local Negro
home agent, Elizabeth Tuttle, assisted
by Dazelle Foster Lowe, district home
agent, is giving demonstrations in how
to conserve the vegetable supply.
Hudson says idle Negroes are also
employed on the 30-acre community
garden and are paid from the proceeds
of vegetable sales. Some of the sur
plus is also being canned for winter.
1 In this way, the jobless people .are
being taught to help themselves and
the charity expense of the city si be
ing reduced materially under the plan.
In accordance with North Carolina
School Law, 1931, Section 1, the Mar
tin County Board of Education will,
on the Ist day of August, 1932, at 11
o'clock, receive sealed bids on a four
room frame building to be built on
the WiUiamston-Bear Grass highway,
three and one-half miles from William
ston. Plans and specifications are on
file in the office of the Board of Edu
Each proposal shall be accompanied ,
by a certified check of an amount not
less than 2 per cent of the proposed
The Board of Education reserves the !
right to accept or reject any or" all (
The building is to be ready for use :
by October 15th, 1932.
W, O. GRIFFIN, Chairman. '
J. C. MANNING, Superintendent:
jy22 2t . '
Foreclosure Suits For Taxes
Actions Instituted During the Month of June, 1932
The defendants named below, and all other persons claiming any inter
est in the subject matter therof, will take notice that actions have been com
menced in the Superior Court of Martin County, North Carolina, in which
Town of Williamston is plaintiff to foreclose certain certificates of tax sales
and liens held by Town of Williamston, for 1929 Delinquent Taxes.
And all of whom will further take notice that they are required to ap
pear before the Clerk of the Superior Court of Martin Coiinty, North Caro
lina, at his office in the Courthouse in Williamston, and present and defend
their respective claims within six months from date hereof, or be forever
barred from any interest therein or claims in one to the proceeds from a sale
The property below set opposite the names of the respective defendants
is the same real estate owned or formerly owned by such defendant for the
year 1929 as shown in the complaint filed in this action.
The defendants in the town of Williamston are as follows:
\"' - *
George Hyman and wife, Kitty Hyman, 1 lot on Martin Street and 1 lot on
John Roberson and wife, Sylvia Roberson, 5 acres of land on Main Street and
1 Bell lot. y
W. M. Andrews and wife, ■ Andrews, 1 lot on Biggs Street.
Paul Clemons and wife, demons, 1 lot on Sycamore Street.
Lula Hyman, 1 lot on Martin Street.
Rebecca Hyman, 1 lot on Broad Street.
William Little and wife, Little, 1 lot on Sycamore Street.
Thad Newsome, jr., and wife, Jennis Newsome, 1 lot on Jamesville Road.
Eliza Moore Estate, 2 lots on Main Street.
Caesar Purvis and wife, Dora Purvis, 1 vacant lot on Broad Street.
John Price, 1 lot on Washington Street.
Edgar Rogers and wife, Rogers, 1 lot on Main Street.
Geo. T. Purvis and wife, Purvis, 1 lot on Hatton Street.
Tobe Rogers, 1 Broad Street lot.
Beulah Roberson, 1 lot on Blount Street.
P. W. Rogers and wife, Ada Rogers, 1 residence on Washington Street.
Alfred Sherrod Estate, 1 residence on Hatton Street.
Geo. 1. Hill and wife, Hill, 1 residence on Sycamore Street.
Eugene Price and wife, Mollie Price, 1 lot on Williams Street.
W. T. Meadows and wife, Olive Meadows, 1 residence on Main Street.
J. O. Manning and wife, Christine Manning, 1 lot on Simmons Street.
W. V. Ormond and wife, Alice Ormond, 1 lot on Washington Street, 1 vacant
lot on- Washington Street, 1 residence on Rhodes Street, and 1 lot on
Main Street.
Tom Stokes and Roxie Stokes, 1 lot on Sycamore Street and 1 lot on Hyman
W. Henry Sherrod, 1 residence on Washington Street.
M. D. Slade and wife, Ada Slade, 1 residence on White Street.
Ada White, 1 lot on White Street.
William Stokes and wife, Hannah Stokes, 1 house on Washington Street.
Joe Wilkins and wife, Mary Wilkins, 1 residence on Main Street.
P. D Williams and wife, Williams, 1 lot on Main Street. •
Joe Woolard and wife, Woolard, 1 lot bounded by the A. C. L. Rail
Matilda Woolard, 1 residence on Pearl Street.
Robert Gurganus and wife, Emma Gurganus, 1 lot on Haughton Street.
Eli Gurganus Estate, 1 lot on Hamilton Road, 1 lot on Church Street, 1 store
on Main Street, and 1 lot on Pearl Street.
Mrs. S. A. Gurganus Estate, 1 residence on Main Street.
S. R. Biggs Iron & Motor Company, 1 lot and building on Washington Street.
Mrs. Mollie Biggs, 1 lot and house on Haughton Street.
Revi Augustus Hawkins and wife, Hawkins, 1 residence on Sycamore
Mrs. Lucy Modlin, 1 residence on Church Street.
Mary P. Godwin and husband, C. H. Godwin, 1 Main Street residence, 1 Pear
~ ~ 1 Street tenant house, and 1 lot on Broad Street.
B. B. Williams and wife, 1 residence on Railroad Street.
Henry Purvis and wife, Sarah Purvis, lresidence on Main Street.
J. G. Godard, 1 Main Street store, 1 Haughton Street tenant house, and 1 lot
oh Broad Street.
This the 11th day of July, 1932.
R. J. Ipeel,
Clerk Superior Court.
Under and by virtue of the power
,of sale, contained in a certain Deed of
. Trnst executed to the undersigned
trustee by W. H. Crawford and wife,
Pattie Hardison Crawford on the 19th
day of July, 1928, and of record in the
public registry of M4rtin County in
, book P-2 at page 344, said deed of
i trust having been given to secure a
| certain note of even date and tenor
! therewith, default having been made in
i the payment of same and the stipula
| tion contained in the deed of trust not
i having been complied with and at the
[request of the holder of said note, the
undersigned trustee will on Saturday
Friday, July 29,1932
clock U., in front of the courthouse
door in the Town of Williamston, N.
r C., offer for cash the following de
[ scribed real estate, to-wit:
I Beginning at the intersection of
Watts Street and Beach Street in New
Town in the Town of Williamston, N.
C., thence along Beach Street to S. C.
Ray's line, thence along S. C. Ray's
line to Mrs. W. T. Hunter's line,
thence along Mrs. Hunter's line to
Watts Street, thence along Watts
Street to the beginning, the same be
ing the house and lot in the Town of
Williamston, N. C., now occupied by
the parties of the fii-v jpftrl.
This the 13th day of July, 1932.
jy IS-4t-w "

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