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6, 1932
Administering Charity Difficult Task
That it is difficulty to administer charity fairly
is well illustrated in the distribution of free flour by
the American Re.d Cross in this State. Martin Coun
ty's poor have been given one carload of the free
flour. A county in the eastern part of the State, half
the size of Martin, has received two carloads, and an
other "cbjtmty the same size as Martin, has had five
carloads'of the flour. Certainly there is something
wrong with the distribution system. Somebody ought
to see if the Red Cross is not being mistreated by
There is no reason why people should be en
couraged to lie 'down and let others feed thenv. We
can see no reason why any community of farming
people should call for fiye carloads of flour unless
they have experienced a regular famine. If they
would try-to help-themselves, 4hey evidently would
not need so much help.
If the really worthy and the needy are to be help
ed, some means for ascertaining the actual needs of
the people other than those now follwed will have to
be found. The unworthy and those who are not ac
tually in need are getting too much, and that in itself
is making the lot harder for those who are in need
and who are deserving of aid.
Early Decay of Democracy
Who is supposed to run this government, and for
whom is the government supfxjsed to exist? are two
questions one will find it difficult to correctly answer
in this clay and time when there are so many differ
ent ideas and notions existing among the j>eople.
Can it exist if it attempts to satisfy everybody
that is trying to suck it? Every town wants a pub
lic building. Every creek must have a bridge. Every
private resort must have a road or a deep water ca
nal Evert - industry wants tariff protection and a
military force. Every officer wants a fat salary.
Every assembly" of soldiers wants a bonus and all
want |>ensions. And after everybody gets all there
is to be desired, then they want to curse everybody
Uur unreasonable demands are fast destroying our
prospects for permanent liberty, and as long as we
continue to make them we need not look for anything
but the early decay our democracy.
When people get to the (xiiht they think the gov
ernment should feed and clothe them, they are reach
ing a mighy low level of citizenship and the sooner
they pass on to the other world, the better will our
country be.
Thief Begs To Play Role of Martyr
When a thief calls himself a martyr, it is high
time for honest folks Co draw the line.
Mayor Jimmie Walker, seeing himself proven a
swindler and a grafter and certain to be kicked out
of office for his sundry acts of malfeasance, resigned
the place and began to whine persecution. He tries
now to gain the sympathy of the |jeople by branding
himself a martyr of (persecution. Instead of sympa
thsizing with the man, the |ieople should brand him
as a robber of the public.
An Unexplainable Crime
Ordinarily there is an explainable cause for every
act, but the case over in Pitt County where two boys,
ages 19 and 16 respectively, turned the home ofc a
neighbor, is one in which it is hard to determine the
stimulus underlying the act. The two young boys
went to the home of a neighbor between midnight and
day and fired (he building while the owner and his
family slept. The structure was destroyed, and sev
eral of the occupants were painfully burned, all of
them narrowly escaping with their lives.
The baffling part of the malicious crime is whether
it was a case of double dare-devil or the natural de
pravity of the human heart. If it had beea a case
of Jesse James bravery, the two lads would have
gone at the noon day hour, and fought out their dif
ferences as the braves of old did. But they went
in the shadows of night and played the role of cow
ard and sneak, and that in itself should be classed as
a case of total depravity. If it is a case of total de
pravity, it is a tragedy; if it is a case of lack of
training, it is also a tragedy;
A Dastardly Crime
When one deserts his own kin to the world, it is
bade enough, but when one deserts its kin into the
hands of others of another raceya blot upon society
results, a blot that no court, no correctional institu
tion or the appeals of human kindness can ever rub
Over in Wayne County recently some foe of so
ciety and the principles of decency, left a helpless
white child of only ten days of age, on the porch of
a colored family, there to meet whatever fate came
its way.
It might have been that the child was left there
in an effort to cover loose morals. It might have
been that man-made economic laws made it impos
sible for the mother to care for the innocent soul. It
might have been that modern society, after encourag
ing the dastardly act, frowned upon the mother and
turned a deaf ear to the case.
The infant was delivered to welfare authorities
of Wayne where its life depends upon charity or the
agencies of government.
Happiness Lies In One's Earning Living
A person enojays a living that he procures by hon
est work far more than the one he "sharps out of
somebody, or gets it from the public dole. He evert
enjoyes the living he earns more than one bestowed
upon him, that Is, of course, if he has any honor,
pride or decency. 1 -
The living earned through honest work is the best
one in the world. We are entitled to no other.
The Better Course
One young man takes the right view of his obliga
tions in life. After entering the gates of the United
States Military Academy at West Point, with the as
surance that he should have a [>erfect education in the
art of killing people, and realizing that his office
would require him to s|H*nd his life bound up in a
system of propaganda for a strong military establish
ment and in exalting war, he took the nobler, thought
of peace and good will to man, promptly resigned and
returned to pursue his studies at the University of
North Carolina.
Such was the decision of Vernon Ward, jr., of Rob
ersonville recently. Perhaps the young man remem
bered that twice as many nations have suffered from
war preparations as have suffered for want of war
preparations, and that the spirit of war has struck
the United States a heavy blow.
There are still many opportunities for men to do
greater service than in war.
The Drift Towards Socialism
Hraujort Xru'S
The opinion seems to be growing in this country
that it is the duty of the United States Government
to help everybody that thinks he needs help. Relief
for the farmers, relief for the bankers, relief for the
veterans, relief for the unemployed, relief for the
aged and like are being urged on every hand—and
practiced to a very considerable extent. Uncle Sam
is now supposed to be a sort of Santa Claus with
presents for one and all. If he shells out he does not
get much praise and if he fails to do it he is lil>erally
The fdinders of the republic had no idea that the
Federal- government would have to put its linger in
every pie in the land. On the contrail rhey were
careful to restrict it to rather narrow lines. It was
intended that most of the governing should "be" done
by he various states and that the individual should
have the privilege of working out his own destiny
with as little hindrance on the part of 'the govern
ment as (possible. These tenets were strongly advo
cated by a (political organization of that day known
as the Democratic-Republican party and which was
headed by Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr, James
Madison and others. So strongly did this party op
pose Federal interference that it even opposed the
building of roads and canals by the national govern
ment. They probably would have considered any
man insane who advocated the giving of mons, food,
clothing or anything else to idividuals all over the
What a difference one hundred and thirty years
have made. Every state in the union wants Federal
aid for roads, ad is gelting it. Vast sums are spent
for canals, rivers and harbors, irrigation, public parks,
aid for roads, and is getting it. Vast sums are spent
Democatic Congressman from Texas actually intro
duced a bill providing for the issuance of four billion
dollars in paper money which was to be given to vet
erans of the war. State's rights about which a big
war was fought, so they said, is dead. Ex-President
Coolidge says he believes in states' rights and there
may be a few others, but they are not much in evi
dence. The Republican party never made a fetich
of this principle and the Democratic party long since
abandoned It. Most folks are not interested in ab
stract jf>rinciples; what they want are privileges.
Each class or group is trying to get something and
evpects the Federal government to give it to them.
They do not bother as to where the money is to come
from; they want it and want it right now.
If the'process of evolution of government continues
for the next century, as it has for a hundred years
|)jt, everybody in the United States willy either be
working for the government or will be eating out of
a governmental spoon. In fact this arrangement
weuld be much fairer than for half of the population
to be receiving the benefits and the other half work
ing like blazes to furnish them. Half way socialism
U worse than the real thing. If the people want
ixc'alism they have a right to have that sort of gov
ernment. They ought not to be kept in ignorance
though as to what is happening.
fit**! ft I * SKvmb fwt-
Bj/flfc'l H SfVNKS OF
"** IMVTO> fcrwts
veKft m iwTmsr
I gewoug m T\N\fc
S£sV)\fctt> fOdTKE
I f\HM4CV*V. Vfc^&-
IL-S=- Att«tk%oU-*
( ""N. *' * > ' g ' C^r '
F]|j I JIPIIP^ uj*S«r/
iyfcrj i®l w inma
I EPSft I I •** HwnvE
/ * cw>tt mk
IP &|||t *CTUWS TOwefcifr
ALCOHOL N Jf /fMII . -mt vkh\OO4
♦4 TME \M\OEW CMU>\Wtft£
• 6V IAWO .
Having this day qualified as admin
istrator of the estate of James Edwin
Harrell, deceased, late of Martin
County, North Carolina, this is to no
tify all persons holding claims against
saiil estate to present them to the un
dersigned for payment on or before
'the 22nd day of August, 1933, or this
notice will l»e pleaded in bar of any
recovery thereon. All persons indebt
ed to said estate will please make im
mediate payment.
This the 22nd day of August, 1932.
a3O 6tw Administrator.
North Carolina, Martitf County—ln
the Superior Court. >
The Federal Land Bank of Columbia,
Plaintiff, vs. Roy Gurganus, Ad
ministrator of Eli Gurganus, de
ceased, Mrs. Bettie C. Gurganus,
Sam Gurganus, Durward Gurganui,
and Mrs. Mattie James.
The defendants, Sam Gurganus,
Dur.ward Gurganus and Mrs. Mattie
James, will take notice that an action
entitled as above has been commenced
in the Superior Court of Martin
County, North Carolina, to foreclose
a mortgage executed to the plaintiff
by the defendants, Eli Gurganus and
wife, llettin C. Gurganus, to sell cer
tain lands located in. Williamston
Township, Martin County, North
Carolina, and described in said
mortgage; the said defendants will
further take notice that they are re
quired to appear before the Clerk of
Superior Court for Martin County at
his office in Williamston. _N. C.,
within thirty (30) days from the date
uf tlie service of summons, and ans
wer the complaint now on file in said
This 26th--day—©f- August, 1932.
K. J. PEEL, Clerk,
a-30 4tw Superior Court.
Under and by virtue of the power of
salt contained in a certain deed of
trust executed on the 26th day of
August, 1920, by L. F. Waters and
wife, Fannie Waters*- to the under
signed trustee and of record in the
public registry of Martin County in
Book G-2 at page 5, > said deed of
trust having been given for the pur
pose of securing a note of even date
and tenor therewith, default having
been made in the payment of said
Fidelity & Casualty Co.
"The Pioneer Bonding Company of the U. S."
15c Assessment When a Member Dies
This Association Furnishes: A Nice Casket,
Hearse Service, and an Undertaker's Service, In
cluding Clothing. Come in and ask for details.
S. R. Biggs, Pres.
of said note the endersigned trustee,
will on Wednesday the 7th day of
September, 1932, at, 12 o'clock M., in
front of the courthouse door in Wil
liamston, North Carolina, offer for
sale to the highest bidder for cash the
following described real estate, to
wk; ! • i
Beginning at an oak stump Qn
D wights Road, Harmon Gurkin's
corner a straight course to the head
of a bottom, to the said Dwight road,
thence down said road to the begin
ning, containing 30 acres," more or
less, and being the same land deeded
to L. F. Waters by Wheeler Martin,
This the 6th day of August, 1932.
ag 16 4tw ' Trustee.
North Carolina, Martin County.
In Superior Court.
The Federal Land Bank of Columbia,
Plaintiff, vs. A. Corey, Administra
tor of L. E. Corey, A. Corey, D. W.
Corey, W. R. Roebuck and wife,
Dora Roebuck, Lenora Perkinson,
Sallie Moore, J. G. Godard, and E.
S. Peel, Trustee.
The defendants, D. W. Corey, Le
nora Perkinson, and Sallie Moore, will
take notice that an action entitled as
above has been commenced in the su
perior court of Martin County, North
Carolina, to foreclose a,mortgage ex
ecuted to the plaintiff by the defend
ant, L. E. Corey, to sell certain lands
located in Griffins Township and de
scribed in said mortgage; the said de
fendants will lurther take notice that
they are reqirircd to appear before the
t lerk Superior CiMirt for Mjrtin
County at his office in Witliamston,
N. C., within thirty (30) days from
+h*>- date of the service ot wumuions
and answer the Complaint now on file
in said office.
'!4H*-22nd day -4 August, 1932.
a 23 4tw . Clerk Superior Court.
»tate of North Carolina,
County of Xtmtin.
The Federal Lr id Bank of Columbia,
Plain-lit, v W. A. Vanderford and
Wi.'e, I'-.ama Vanderford, Belle A.
Harris, F. C. Harding, Trustee. J.
T. barnhill and R. A. Bailey, trad
ing as Bailey and Barnhill, and Ab
ner Manufacturing Company, De
Pursuant to a judgment entered in
above entitled civil actty) ton the 15th
day of August, 1932, in tile SuperkW"
Court of said County Clerk,
I will, on the 19th day orSeptember,
1932, at 12 o'clock M.. at {he County
'Courthouse door in said Qounty sell
at public auction to the highest bidder
therefor the following tlescijbed lands,
situated in said county sn| state in
Robersonville Township, Comprising
173 acres, more or less, and bounded
and described as follows:
All those certain tracts or parcels
of lying in Robersonville Town
ship, Martin County, North Carolina,
containing 103.6 acres, 1-4 acre, and
70 acres. The 103.6 acre tract bound
ed on the" north by the road from Gold
Point to Hassells, bounded on the east
by the lands of Mrs. Emma Everett
and Mrs. Williams and the road from
Gold Point to Robersonville. bounded
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them to make you suddenly sweet
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move the bowels and a mere move
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reason for your down-and-out feeling
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"... while
. . . nodding o'er the yellow plain,
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the "Autumn" of your life rolls along, will it, too,
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set. Competent advice plus personal service
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Branch' Banking
& Trust Company
. * - * 3 •**
' Tuesday, September 6, 1932
|on the south by the lands ol R. I.
I Taylor, and bounded on the west by
j the lands of Mrs. Emma Everett and
the Howell land.
The 1-4 acre tract bounded on the
north, east, and west by the lands of
A. J. Wynn and on the south by the
road leading from Gold Point to Has
sell N. C.
The 70 acre tract bounded on the
north by the lands S. P. Briley
and a swamp, on the east by the For
rest land, on the south by the lands
of A. J. Wynn and on the west by
lot number four in the division of the
lands of Abram Taylor. Said lands
having such shapes, metes, courses,
and distances as will more fully ap
pear by reference to maps of same
made by T. Jones Taylor, surveyor,
on the 12th day of January, 1922, all
of the aforesaid maps nosv being on
file with the Federal I-and Bank of
The terms of sale are as follows:
All bids will be received subject to
rejection or confirmation by the clerk
of said superior court and no bid will
be accepted or reported unless its
maker shall deposit with said Clerk
at the close of the bidding the sum
of two hundred fifty ($250.00) Dollars
as a forfeit and guaranty of compli
ance with his bid, the same to be cred
ited on his bid when accepted.
Notice is now givpn that said lands
wll be resold at the same place and
upon the same terms at 2 o'clock P.
M. of the same day unless said de
posit is sooner made.
Every deposit not forfeited or ac
cepted will be promptly returned to
the. maker.
This the 15th day of August, 1932.
al6 4tw Commissioner.
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Thursday After First and Third Sun
days Each Month.
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| Saturday
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