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jfa .71
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No Subscription Received for Iee» Than 6 Month*
Advertising Rate Card Furnished Upon Request
Entered at the post office in Williamston, N. C.,
as second-class matter under the act of Congress
of March 3, 1879.
Address an communication* to The Enterprise
and not to the individual members of the firm.
Tuesday, November 8, 1932
Face Forward
Now that Democracy has won, it needs to take a
firm stand to give to the people of the nation a reign
of good honest government, and to set this country s
policies on a square, honest, and friendly basis with
all the people of the world.
The people are in need of bread, not beer; sober
ness, not drunken debauchery, The minute it bows
down to the bar, the brewery, and the Bowery, it will
begin to decay and lose its power to serve the people
in the paths of righteousness.
The one central thought of every man elected today
should be to serve the people honestly, truthfully,
faithfully—to the end that our moral, spiritual, finan
cial, and business activities may be strengthened and
the world be blessed.
No More Tax On Gasoline
Kot we should not put any more tax on gasoline.
The drivers of motor vehicles, which comprise only
about 10 per cent of the people, are keeping up every
load and highway in North Carolina, and it would
be grossly unfair to tax them any further.
Then who is it that is trying to saddle him with
more taxes? Is it the railroad, the tobacco factory, or
the bond and stock holder?
We must remember that the motor vehicle driver
is already paying $20,000,000 taxes in North Caro
lina, which is by far the heaviest tax paid by any
other single class of people.
The people as a whole should look with suspicion
upon any movement to pile more tax on gasoline.
The scheme is doubtless coming from quarter
where profits are good and they are trying to save
their own hides by piling the burden on the 10 per
cent of the folks who own cars.
County Consolidations
There is already signs of a movement to consoli
date the counties in North Carolina. While there
may be some grounds for such a movement, on the
whole we fail to understand where so much good can
come from further consolidation. It looks more like
the spirit of the strong gobbling up the weak and
further centralizing power in a few hands. There, are,
of course, some folks who are so sorry for other
folks that they want to handle tlieir affairs for them.
In fact, they seem to think that small units are unable
and unfit to handle their own business.
In looking over the North Carolina counties, we
AJMMWBM - [irT - r -,, —em i' .i.—
I , ' ;£/£«•AM ue'3 PlAl Pift TfcW- I
1 US Co ovrr *> cuttts ««« *t *>, I
A •> C C T\ct, 1 Ttu. *>u.' I
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CC O EK* J Lwt^w
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A / t: I
nnuwD w«r
will likely find that the big counties have failed to a
larger extent than have the small counties.
Buncombe County bonds are not worth a fourth
as much as Dare County bonds. Doubtless if Bun
combe had been sliced up into about four counties a
few years ago, their total indebtedness would not be
half as much as the debt of the one county now is.
Where will the saving be in county consolidations?
All this argument about lowering the cost of opera
tion should be studied closely before being swallowed.
It would mean more cost for the courts by increasing
the mileage of witnesses and jurors. It would cost
the people who have business with the county seat
much money and inconvenience in going to and from
the courthouse. *n
And what good could it do, except to give a few
people a little more power?
We had beter let things stand just as they are for
a while, and not tear down a lot of courthouses and
have to repair and enlarge others, and tear up lots of
records and have a general overhauling of every
Now, all the counties that can grab a few other
counties may vote for consolidation; on the other
hand, the counties that are to be gobbled up may not
think so well of it. Watch the Brookings Commission.
Little Money Spent
One of the features of the political struggle end
ing Tuesday that is commendable lies in the fact
that not much money has been spent by either side.
It is apparent that the Democrats saw there was
no need to spend much, and likewise the Republicans
saw there was little to be gained in putting out a lot
of cash.
This is one campaign that people have gone into the
campaign with a vim. They were so determined that
the old-time $2 bills have been scorned. Nothing but
big money could move them, and nobody had any
big money to spend on an uncertainty.
One other things should be stopped, and that it
having candidates for the high office of President of
th» United States running to the four corners of the
country to try to get elected. We need a more in
telligent elecorate, which does not have to be whipped
into line every election, but who are able to think and
act for themselves. .»
Whose Day Is Armistice Day?
World Call.
None who saw it will ever forget the wold joy that
surged over the war-torn western world on November
11, 1918. The news that the horror of four years of
hatred and slaughter was at last ended christened the
day forever as a day of gratitude to God for peace.
During the fourteen years since 1918, each succeed
ing Armistice Day has seen a more determined at
tempt on the part of the military-minded to capture
this holy day of good will. The peculiar psychology
of ex-soldier organizations, backed as they are by
military officialdom, is everywhere striving to divert
a day so potent in its teachings for peace into an oc
casion for preparedness propaganda. It is now in
creasingly used for military parades and saber-rat
tling speeches.
Peace-loving people must hold this day. With
more men under arms than there were in 1913, with
Germany restive and Manchuria seething, with dis
armament apparently still far away, Armistice Day
is needed to remind the world that humanity once
sent twenty-six millions'of its young men to death in
a "war to end war." Now we know that war can
never end war, but we dare not surrender ,the ideal.
If war's madness cannot end war, then we must end
it in the cold and deliberate sanity of peace. The
manner in which our churches and communities cele
brate Armistice Day this year will have a share in
determining whether or not there will be yet one more
Who goes there, at the dawn,
Across the sun-swept plain?
We are &fie hosts of those who swear—
It shall not be againf
Under and by virtue of the power
and authority contained in a certain
deed of trust given by Edgar 11. Long
and wife, Mary Long, to F. L. Haislip,
trustee, which deed of trust is dated
the Ist day of January, 1920, and duly
recorded in the office of the register
of deeds for Martin County in book
J-l, page 381, there having been de
fault in the payment of the indebted
ness' thereby secured, the undersigned
trustee therein named will, at the re
quest of the cestui qui trust, sell to
the highest bidder, for cash, at the
courthouse door in Martin County,
North Carolina, at 12 o'clock m., on
Monday, November 28, 1932, a certain
tract of land lying and being in Mar
tin County aforesaid, and more par
ticularly described and defined as fol
Beginning at the corner of Front
Street and Smith Street in the town
of Hamilton, N. C., thence up said
Front Street 44 1-6 yards to M. W.
Ballard's corner; thence along M. W.
Ballard's line 44 2-3 yards to A. Sher
rod's garden fence, M. W. Ballard's
earner; thence parallel with Front
Street along M. W. Ballard's line 16
feet to M. W. Ballard's woodhouse;
thence along M. W. Ballard's line 118
2-3 yards to South Street, thence down
South street 46 yards to Smith Street;
thence along Smith street 163 yards
to Front Street, the beginning, con
taining two (2) acres, more or less,
saving and excepting therefrom that
certain part thereof heretofore sold by
M. I. Flemming and wife to M. W.
Ballard by deed of record in the pub
lic registry of Martin County, which
said deed is hereby referred to and
made a part hereof for the purpose of
showing the description of the land in
tended to be excepted from this deed.
This the 25th day of October, 1932.
028 4tw / Trustee.
Under and pursuant to the power
of sale conUined in that certain deed
of trust executed by Wheeler Martin
and wife. L. (Louie) P. Martin, O.
S. Anderson and wife, Fannie B. An
derson, and A. Anderson and wi'e,
Lula H. Anderson, to D. M. Hill,
trustee, dated February 23, 1929, and
duly recorded in. book B-3, page 53,
Martin County Registry; because of
default made in the payment of the
notes therein secured, at the request
of the holder of said notes, the un
dersigned will, — -r-
North Carolina—Martin County. , _ ....... t M r .
I W B Daniel, tax collector for the Town of Williamston, N. C., have
this day levied on the followingd escribed tract, or parcel of land, lying and
being in the Town of Williamston. Martin County, H. C., and will sellsame
at public auction for cash, at the courthouse door in Williamston, N.L., on
Monday, December 5, 1932, at 12 o'clock m., for taxes due upon said lands
for the year 1931, and all previous taxes now due, unless taxes, cost, and pen
alty are paid on or before that date. In addition to the amounts below SLSO
will be added to cover cost of handling sale and a 4-cent penalty willl be «*-
acted in accordance with the law. This the Ist NIE i
n8 4 (w Tax Collector, Town of Williamston.
Whit. *
Ambers, W. D., 1 Main St. residence -
Anderson, O. S., agent, 2 Main Street stores -
Anderson, Mrs. Arthur, Estate, 1 Simmons Ave. residence
Anderson, O. S„ 1 Main St. vacant lot - -
Biggs, Mrs. Mollie, property on Hamilton Road .
Biggs, S. R., Iron & Motor Co.. 1 shop Washington St. .
Branch Banking & Trust Co.. property on Washington, Elm, Main,
Gurganus home, Church street -
Brown, S. S., 1 Haughton Street residence ....
Carstarphen, Mrs. Fannie, 1 Main St. res. - ""
Central Investment Corporation. 1 Smithwick St. residence **/•»
Cherry, Sarah D., 1 Rhodes St. tenant - - '?V
Cherry, Raymond. 1 Williams Street residence ....... ...
Cherry. J. B. & Bro.. 1 Smithwick tenant and vacant tot, 51 .«U
Clary, S. R„ 1 Hatton Street residence - -
Critcher, & Peel, 1 Main St. Bank Building 107.86
Coburn and Cobum, 1 Haughton vacant, Smithwick vacant iw.vo
Courtney, B. S., 1 Main St. store, 1 warehouse Elm St _ Z16.01
Cowen and Critcher, 1 Pearl St. property
Critcher and Critcher, 1 Sycamore St. jjroperty ....——^
A. R. Dunning, balance 1930,' 1931,. - - 528.37
Forresjer, C. A., 1 Williams Street vatant lot _ « *S.ZO
Fowden, Leslies, 1 Church and Smithwick St. residence 146.54
Godard, Mrs. J. G., jr., 1 Main store, 1 Broad vacant, 1 Smithwick res. IZZ.II
Godwin, Mrs Mary P., 1 Elm Street ten -.... — ;
Green, John W„ 1 Hatton St., vacant lot - jJ-77
Gurganus, Eli, estate, 1 Pearl Street vacant 10.30
Gurganus, R. D., 1 Haughton St. residence - *7.711
Gurkin, A. T. 1 Washington St. service station - 15-75
Halberstadt, Walter, 1 Church St. residence -
Hassell, A., 1 res. Haughton St JJZZj
Hassell, Mary Lee, 2 Main Street Stores ... »»«•■»
Hight, J. W., 1 Haughton St. residence - - °7.10
Hodges, C. C„ 1 Rhodes res. and tenant •J®
James, W. A., 1 Main St. residence _ »•»>
Leggett, W. H„ Estate, 1 Watts St. residence - 97.42
Lilley, John D.. 1 Ray Street tenant —~—— lo»9
Manning, J. 0., 1 Simmons Ave. residence - 102."
Martin, Mrs. C. A., Estate, 1 Main St. res., 1 Main St. office ZZI.UU
Martin, Louie P-, 1 Williams St. vacant, 1 Main St. res. ... 134j61
Martin, Wheeler, 1 Hamilton Road vacant lot 11.73
Matthews, D. G., 1 Burgess Hill lot, 1 J. A. Teel Church St. lot, 1 Pearl
St., William Latham Property - 35.18
Meadows, W. T., 1 Pearl St. tenant, 1 Main St. residence 117.68
Mizell, John H., 1 Main, residence and lot j®-^5
Modliiv, Mrs. Lucy, 1 Church St. residence
Moore, G. S., 2 Pine vacant —— 3.15
Moore, Robert A., I residence on Highway No. 125 1675
Mobley, Mrs. J. R . and Nettie Cowen, 2 Main St. lots, 1 Main residence
1 Main St. Ben Scott Property
Murray & McCabe Company, property on leased land 103.43
Peel, Mrs. Elbert, 1 Williams St. vacant lot 10.66
Peel. Mrs. H. D., 1 Haughton residence 69.80
Peel, H. D. and G. A., 1 Haughton residence, ,1 Biggs St. tenant 47.25
Peel, H. D., 1 Main St. office ....... 43.18
Price, J. T., 1 Church Street vacant .lot 13.0®
Price, Mrs. S. M., 1 Main St. residence ._ 59.96
F. C. Bennett, 1 Hatton Street vacant lot L.1.. -63
Rhodes, Mrs. Helen, 6 acres «■«»•. near high school building —_. 145.34
Rhodes, Dr. J. S., 1 Haughton St. property 19.59
Richards, A., 1 Smithwick res., 1 Main St. vacant lot 65.60
Roberson, Joe A., 1 Main St. res., 4 acres at River 39.14
Rodgerson, Mrs. J. L., 1 Main St. store, 1 Main St. rea. .1 12473
Rose, Mrs. Allie, 1-2 interest in Atlantic Hotel Bldg;, Main S. —- 79.20
Sherrod Watson, 1 Main Street store _ 65.90
Stalls, D. D., 1 Main Street residence . 68.52
Stalls, Mrs. D. D., 1 Hyman Street, tenant 7.35
Stalls, Mrs. W. L., 1- Main Street residence 67.30
Strawbridge, K. G., 1 Rhodes St. res., 1 Gurganus lot. 16.75
Stubbs, Mrs. Maggie, 1 Washington St. residence 10.18
Summerlin, A. J., 1 Haughton residence _____ 11.56
Taylor, V. G., 1 Haughton tenant, 1 Pearl St. lot __ 61.19
Taylor, V. G. (Guardian), 1 Hamilton Road tenant 12.60
Thrower, J. D,, 1 Warrent St. residence , 66.59
Waters, J. 8., Estate, 1 Main Street residence 17.05
Watts, W. 8., 1 Williams St. vacant : 29.94
Watts, M. D., 1 Haughton St. residence _____ 69.94
White, Mrs. Mollie, Estate, 1 Main Street residence 53.41
Williams, B. 8., 1 Railroad "Street residence 22.00
Wilson, M. D., 1 Hatton res,. 1 Main store, 1 Biggs St. lot, property on
Hatton Street, 1 Lloyd .. 299.43
Alexander, W. T., ! Garrett St. residence _ 28.30
Alexander, M. L., 1 Garrett Street residence _■■■■ 4.20
Alexander, Moses, Estate, 1 Hyman St. res. 1 Hyman vacant, 2 Godard
lots ... 16.91
Andrews, Ruth, 1 Elm St. property 8.40
Andrews, Williams, 1 Biggs St. residence 10.50
Bagley, lola, 1 Railroad Street residence 11.03
Barnes, Mary, and Margaret Eborn, 1 Hyman St. residence 14.70
Bell, Fran, 1 Railroad Street residence 8.35
Biggs, Fred Samuel, 1 Hatton residence 80.65
Bonds, Sherman, 1 Railroad Street residence' —* 8.40
Bonds, Joe Mc., i Main Street residence v 11.50
Brown, Eddie W., 1 Washington Street Shop ___________ 11.55
OF 12 NOON anl 1 P. M,
offer. for sale to the highest bidder,
for cash, in front of the courthouse
door in the town of Williamston, Mar
tin County, North Carolina, described
as follows: Begins on Main Street at
the corner of S. R. Biggs' heirs' lot;
thence up Main Street 52 1-2 feet to
the middle of the alley-way between
the lands herein described and the
lands of H. D. Peel; thence along the
middle of the alley-way, 153 feet to
a stake; thence south 45 degrees east,
83 feet to the line of J. B. Cherry and
Brother, formerly John W. Groves'
land; thence along John W. Groves'
land 49 feet to the S. R. Biggs' heirs'
lot and line; thence along S. R. Biggs'
heirs' lot or line to the first station,
containing one-quarter, of an acre,
more or less, and being the same land
conveyed unto O. S. Anderson and
L. (Louie) P. Martin by deed from
E. S. Peel, trustee, dated November
14, 1927, and duly recorded in book
Z-2, at page 211, in the Public Regis
try of Martin County.
This October 27, 1932. _•
nl 4tw Trustee.
Connor & Hill, Attorneys.
Wilson, North Carolina.
Under and by virtue of the power
of sale contained in a certain deed of
trust executed to the undersigned trus
tee by W. A. Perry and wife, Liirie
Perry, on the Bth day of March, 1930,
and of record in the Public Registry
of Martin County, in book C-3, at page
219, a sale of said land having been
had on the 22nd day of October, 1932,
and said bid having been raised as al
lowed by law, the undersigned trus
tee will, on Tuesday, the 15th day of
November, 1932, at 12 o'clock m., in
front of the courthouse door in the
town of Williamston, resell to the
highest bidder, for cash, the follow
ing described real estate, to wit:
First tract: Being 112 acres of land,
and being the same as conveyed by
the will of Calvin Jones to Calvin
Jones, James Jones, and Susan Jones,
and being the same premises that
were conveyed to W. W. Williams by
the Bank of Martin County, J. W.
''•Anderson and wife, and John Jonas
and wife.
Second tract: Being two small tracts
of land conveyed to W. W. Williams
on October 13, 1913, by L. H. Wil
liams and wife by deed of record in
Book E-l, at page 33, Martin County
Registry, containing 7 acres, more or
This the 31st day of October, 1932.
nl 4tw _ Trustee.
Brown, Jordan, 1 Church Street residence -i—4
Bryant, Lou, 1 Railroad Street residence *
Bunch, W. C, 1 Elm Street residence, 1 Broad -Street vacant 2777
demons, Paul, 1 Sycamore St. residence
Clemons, Elisha, 1 Sycamore St. vacant _ f ■ |.ZS
Davenport, George, 1 Riddick Street residence
Duggins, Adeline, 1 Main Street residence
Everett, Henry F., 1 Sycamore Street residence 22.00
Everett, Frank, 1 Railroad Street lot —.— 2.10
Gainor, Bryant, Estate, 1 Railroad Street residence ; . '0.50
Giles, Lenora, 1 Elm St. tenant 4-20
Gorham, Joe, Estate, 1 Main Street res., 1 Main tenant 3l-50
Gray, J. D., 1 Smithwick Street residence ——' 20.95
Gurganus, Alonzo, 1 Biggs Street residence --
Harris, Charlie, 1 Leggett Lane residence J'
Hawkins, Rev. Aug. J., 1 Sycamore residence r— 24.54
Hilt, G. T., 1 Sycamore res., 1 Martin tenant 31.92
Hyman, Mary, 1 Wilson St. residence 10.50
Hodges, Nina V., 1 Washington Street residenoe . 22.05
Hoggard, L. C., Washington and Haughton St. property 68.25
Howard, Harry Murt, 1 Washington Street residence 2475
Hyman, Rebecca, and Mary Harris, 1 Hyman St. res. 4 Martin St. lota 21.00
Hyman, Rebecca, 1 Broad St. vacant .—2.10
Hyman, George W., 1 Center Street residence 13-81
Jones, Henry, 1 Sycamore St. residence - *■ 16.80
Lloyd, Clarence, 1 Hatton Street residence 11.50
Lloyd, Mahala, 1 Elm Street residence 6.30
Moore, Eliza, 1 Main Street property 21.00
Mountain, John H., 1 Broad Street residence . . 1140
Ortnond, W. V., 1 Rhodes St. res., Main (4) tenant, 1 W. Church St.
tenant, 2 Washington Street lots
Ormond, Roy, 1 Sycamore vacant lot - 3.10
Ormond, Edmond, 1 Rhodes Street residence 21.21
Ormond, Goler, 1 Martin Street residence 22.00
Peel, Joe W., 1 res. and shop, Washington Street . 17.01
Price, Sudie, 1 Washington Street residence 26.42
Purvis, Caesar, agent, 7 acres Broad Street —• 4.20
Purvis, Dora, 1 Broad Street residence - - 12.60
Purvis, Henry, 1 Main Street residence —— 26.35
Purvis, George T., 1 Hatton Street residence 8.45
Purvis, Gus, jr., 1 Pihe Street residence , 11.50
Purvis, Lizzie, 1 Main Street lot 1.05
Purvis, Tobe, 1 Broad Street residence 12.60
Respass, Francis, 1 Elm Street residence 5.40
Respass, Millie, Estate, 1 Elm Street residence . 14.70
Rhodes, John, 1 residence and 4 acres on Main Street 12.60
Rice, Sheppard, 1 Sycamore Street residence j 17.38
Rice, Jane, 1 Broad Street residence 7.10
Riddick, Solomon, Estate, 1 Riddick - 14.70
Roberson, Johnson, 14 acres Peel property 29.93
Roberson, Beulah, 1 Blount Street vacant 2.10
Rodgers, W. M., 1 Hatton St. res., 1 vacant lot ~, , 10.43
Rogers, Cordelia, 1 Sycamore St. residence 18.90
Rogers, Paul W., 1. Washington Road residence - 3.40
Ruffin, Fannie, 1 Main Street residence :. 5.35
Ruffin, J. R., 1 Elm Street res., 1 res. and store, Washington St. 60.49
Scott, Frank, 1 Jamesville vacant, 1 Railroad St. residence 8.40
Scott, Bessie, Church Street property 7.35
Sherrod, Alfred, Estate, 1 Haughton and Hatton residence 21.82
S her rod Sadie, 1 Washington Street residence 15.36
Slade, Sarah, 1 Martin Street 10.50
Slade, M. D., 1 White Street residence 8.35
Slade, Snowdy, 1 Jamesville Road lot 3.15
Slade, Louvenia, Estate, 1 Washington Street vacant 4.86
Slade, Lizzie, 1 A. C. L. switch residence 6.30
Small, Mary, Estate, Wilson Street property 21.00
Smith, Edrow, 1 Rhodes St. residence 11.50
Speller, Mattie 8.. 1 Broad Street tenant, 1 store and res., Wash. St.— 24.96
Speller, Colfax, 1 Main Street residence and store 14.75
Spruill, Abe, 1 White Street residence * 7.35
Staton, Wilson, 1 White Street residence a. , 1.57
Stokes, Tom, 1 Hyman residence, 1 Sycamore shop 14.70
Stokes, Charlie, 1 Pearl Street residence 4,26
Stokes, William, 1 Washington vacant 6.57
Smith, Phillis, I Main Street residence . ... 10.50
Thompson, Willie, 1 Sycamore Street residence 20.33
Ward, Missouri, 1 Hyman Street residence . 10.50
® rr y> Noah, 1-2 interest Washington Street property 7.34
Whitley, William, 1 Pearl and Washington Street property - 48.12
Whitley, Edna, 1 Main residence, 1 Railroad tenant _ 10.50
Wiggins, Joe, 1 Hatton St. residence ...: J. 6.30
Wilkins, Joe, 1 Main Street residence .... , 11.50
Williams, Joe, Wilson Street property ~ __ g6l
Wilson, Joe, 1 Hatton residence and vacant lot " 15.70
Woolard, Joe, 1 Railroad Street residence 5.99
VVoolard, West, sr., I Pearl Street residence 9.70
smooth tires are dangerous
fon s-l-i-p-p-e-r-y roads
MAYBE you've gotten by on
•mooth tires while roads were
moetly dry. But look out now!
Slippery driring day* are ahead
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Confer Traction Meant tsMf
Condensed Statement oi Condition of
Branch Banking
& Trust Company
At the Close of Business September 30, 1932
Loans and discounts *fr-ir--.: • t)MAAM «•
u i j » . f*,u0u,001.12
Banking houses, furniture and fixtures 169 OS7 43
Other stocks and bonds 155*972.94
United States Bonds $2,075,668.16
North Carolina Bonds _ 235,768.02
Marketable Municipal Bonds . 253,430.00
Cash and due from banks 1,744!593.94 4,309,460.12
Capital Stock 400,000.00
rr 200,000.00
Undivided Profit, $Q
Dividend payable October 1, 1932 8 000 00
Reserve for Purchase of Elm Branch 2*000.00
Deposits _ 6,612^696.11
** ,V $7,294,491.61
Soupd Banking and Trust Service tor Eastern
Tuesday, November 8,1932

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