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Several Defendants Draw
Sentences on Roads
of the State
H. O. Peel, presiding over his first
session of the county recorder's court,
and W. H. Coburn, the tribunal's new
prosecutor, had a busy day last Tues
day when they faced an unusually
heavy docket. Of the several defend
ants standing trial that day, eight were
sentenced to the roads and fines a
mounting to $l2O were imposed in
eight other cases. The court, remain
ing in session nntil late afternoon, es
tablished a record at the start. There
were no appeals, and a crowd of regu
lar superior court size was on hand
to hear the proceedings.
The disposition of the 22 cases on
the docket:
The case charging Rufus Spruill
with seduction was sent to the super
ior court.
William Ed Teel was bound over
to the superior court on a seduction
The case charging Harvey L Grimes
with an assault with a deadly weapon
wis continued two weeks.
Lester Williams was sentenced to
the roads for a period of six months
in the case charging him with larceny
and receiving.
A aol pros resulted in case charg
ing lfack Hux with the moving of
property unlawfully.
Tom Harley was fined $25 in each
of two cases charging him with vio
lating the liquor laws.
In another case charging Tom Har
ley, Sollie Jones, and Lucius Smith
with violating the liquor laws, Smith
was found not guilty and a nol pros
was returned as to Harley. Jones was
fined S2O and taxed with the costs.
Charged with manufacturing liquor
Mack Davis and Hallie Best were ad
judged guilty and sentenced to the
roads for three months.
Charlie Ayers, jr., was fined SSO and
taxed with the costs in the case charg
ing him and Ernest Andrews with
manufacturing liquor. The charge a
gainst Andrews was nol prossed.
Probable cause was found in the
case charging Joe Wheeler James with
housebreaking and larceny and receiv
H. H. Brown was found not guilty
in the case charging him with speed
ing. Eight or ten cases hsve been in
stituted by Everetts authorities a
gainst automobile drivers speeding
through the town there during the past
few weeks. The Brown case was the
first to reach the county court, the
others having been handled by a local
justice of the peace.
The case charging Joe Boston with
an assault upon a female was contin
ued two weeks.
William Eborn was sentenced to the
roads for a period of four months
when he was found guilty of an as
sault upon a female.
Prayer for judgment was continued
in the case charging Jim Sutton with
non-support. The defendant is to pay
to the court $3 a month for four
Adjudged guilty of driving an auto
mobile while intoxicated, Johnnie Col
train was sentenced to the roads for
three months, the sentence to start
after he has been arraigned for trial
in Norfolk, where he is charged with
■ The case charging C. J. Griffin with
aa assault with a deadly weapon was
continued two weeks.
Jesse Warren was sentenced to the
roads for six months on an assault
William Harrell, charged with an
assault with a deadly weapon, was call
ed but he failed to answer. Papers
for his arrest were issued.
Prayer for judgment was continued
in the case charging Jeffrey Taylor
with abandonment. He furnished bond
in the sum of $75, guaranteeing the
payment of $5 a week for three months
to the court
Jafus Jones, charged with an as
sault with a deadly weapon and lar
ceny and receviing, received one of
the longest sentences ever meted out
in the court here. He is to serve 24
months on the roads.
There will be no recorder's court
next Tuesday, as the superior tribu
nal will be in session.
Mixed Personnel Reported
at Prison Camp Near Here
A Isixed personnel was reported at
the State Highway prison camp near
here this week, when a negro from
the West Indies sarted serving a six
months road sentence. The man, pos
sessing unusually good manners, was
sentenced over in Currituck County
last Monday on a forgery charge. Sup
erintendent Mobley stated that the
man spoke English fluently.
Eighty-five prisoners are located at
the «—. at this time, the superin
tendent said yesterday, and everything
is moving along very smoothly.
The local tobacco market closed
the season today with a vary small
■ale, but with prices aa strong, if
not stronger than at any time dur
ing the year.
There is little or no tobacco left
in this immediate section, making
it unnecessary to continue market
operationa longer. Tlje several
buyers have returned to their re
spective homes, and die curtain
falls to close a fairly successful
season for the market.
Complete figures for the season
are not available Just st this time,
but they Will be announced with
in the next few day*, it was learn
ed today.
Was Fatally Shot By His
Father, Near Here
Last Saturday
Willie Gardner, young white man,
died at his home on the McGaskey
Road, near here, early Wednesday
morning of gunshot wounds inflicted
by his father, Harvey L. Gardner,
last' Saturday morning. Poisoning
resulted from the more than 40 small
shot that peppered the goung man's
body, causing death.
The son of Harvey L. Gardner and
wife, Lizzie Gardner, Willie was born
on the Hardison farm in Williams
Township 36 years ago. Since that
time he has lived in various parts of
the county, always farming for a liv
ing. Besides his parents and two sis
ters, Mrs. Lena Wells and Mrs. Frank
Bennett and one brother, he is sur
vived by his wife and two small chil
Funeral services were conducted
from the humble home yesterday aft
ernoon at 2 o'clock by Rev. J. M.
Perry. Interment was in the Rogers
burial ground in Beaufort County,
near Old Ford.
The mother, with her son a corpse
' and her husband in jail awaiting trial
in connection with the killing, was
broken-hearted yesterday morning.
Weeping bitterly for her son, she con
tinued to plead for her husband.
Noted Musician To Play in
Greenville Tonight and
Sunday Afternoon
Dr. Minor C, Baldwin, famed or
ganist, appeared in a concert In the
Methodist church here last Tuesday
evening, the 79-year-old musician com
ing here to fill the engagement, even
though his wife had died a day or two
before in New Bern. He was hardly
expected here that evening, but a
large number of local people and a
few from out of town gathere to bear
the renowned player.
And his concert wss greatly en
joyed, the musician rendering a varied
program of sacred and classical num
bers. Several of his own interpreta
tions were unusually good, and his
mastery of the organ is hardly to be
No admission was charged, hut an
offering was taken for the aged man,
who was once wealthy but who is now
meeting financial reverses.
Dr. Baldwin, accompanied here by
Dr. Haywood, Baptist minister of
New Bern, will play in the Baptist
church in Greenville this evening st
7:30 o'clock and there again at 4 o'-
clock Sunday afternoon.
It js indeed rare for an artist who
has appeared before kings and thous
ands of people throughout the entire
world to visit small centers, and this
community was honored to have Dr.
Baldwin here.
Case Will Likely Reach the
Superior Court Here
Next Week
A hearing is scheduled to be held
here this afternoon for Harvey L.
Gardner, charged with murdering his
son, Willie, a few days ago. The fa
ther continues in jail, and it isn't like
ly that he will be able to raise bond
if one is offered him. The case will
probably be called in the superior
court next week.
Gardner, pleading with officers for
permission to sttend his son's funeral
yesterday afternoon was allowed to
go in the custody of an officer.
He is said to have expressed regret
and stated his desire to be in his son's
place. He is also said to have re
marked that the shooting was in self
defense, indicating that he will" cen
ter his case around that argument
when the trial is held.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, December 9, 1932
Court Convenes Monday,
With Judge Daniels
Thirty criminal cases, involving 39
defendants, have been placed on the
docket for trial in the Martin County
Superoir Court when the tribunal con
venes next Monday for a orH-week
term. Judge Frank A. Daniels, of
Goldsboro, is scheduled to preside dur
ing the one-week term.
For the first time in recent years,
there is a murder charge on the
docket for trial, but larceny and re
ceiving and assault cases are numer
ous. The thirty cases are entered un
der 10 different heads, as follows: se
duction, 2; liquor law violations, 2;
larceny and receiving, 8; reckless driv
ing, 3; embezzlement, 1; arson, 3; as
! sault, 6; housebreaking, 1; false pre
pense 1; abandonment 1. Only seven
of the cases were entered through ap
peal from sentences in the county re
corder's court. Several of the cases
have been on the docket for more than
a year, the defendants having evaded
the court in one way or another.
The docket showing the charges and
how they were entered:
Fletcher Bryant, seduction, con
tinued from September term, 1931.
Letter Whitaker, drunk and disor
derly, tried in March, 1932, given un
til December to pay cost.
Closs Roberson, larceny and receiv
ing, continued from previous term.
N. J. Josey, jr., reckless driving.
Appeal from recorder's court.
John R. Whichard, operating auto
while intoxicated. Continued from
previous term.
Hubert Clark, embezzlement; con
tinued from previous term.
Leland Roberson and John E. Wells,
arson. Continued for true bill.
t lay Wilson, arson; continued from
previous term.
J. W. Barnes, assault on female;
continued from previous term.
Ellsworth HofTiday and A. J. Har
dison, entering and larceny and re
ceiving; warrant.
Charles Ben McKeel and Lee Gard
ner; larceny and receiving; warrant.
Harvey Gardner, .charged with
killing his son, Willie, last Saturday.
Elbert Green; assault with deadly
weapon; appeal from recorder's court.
Bryant Hill, assault with deadly
weapon; bound over by recorder.
W. A. Respass; housebreaking and
larceny and receiving; warrant.
Lester Whitaker, seduction; war- ■
Roy Lanier, entering house by force
in night; warrant.
Coy Bland and Dennis (Az) Whit
aker, housebreaking and larceny and
receiving; warrant.
Rowena Wilkes; violating liquor law
—appeal from recorder's court.
Dennis Whitaker, Clarence Wynn,
E. L. Williams; housebreaking and
larceny and receiving; warrant.
S. L. Rogers; assault with a deadly
weapon; appeal from recorder's court.
Andrew Jackson Wiggins, assault
on female; appeal from recorder's
Azariah Williams, Jim Davis, Wil
liam Ed Johnson and Jasper Wiggins,
larceny and receiving; warrant.
Jim Davis; farceny and receiving;
bound over front lower court.
Whit Bailey, operating auto while!
intoxicated; appeal front recorder's
Furcell Keel; larceny and receiving.
Bound over by lower court.
Jasper and Otis Roebuck; arspn;
John Hassell (colored), false pre
tense; warrant.
Burt Gorham, abandonment; ap
Theodore Lawson, larceny and re
ceiving. Warrant.
Died at Home Near Here
On Washington Road
Last Monday
• , •
Mrs. Sylvester Webb died at her
home on the Washington Road in
Bear Grass Township early last Mon
day evening following a stroke of par
alysis suffered early that day. She
was stricken about one week prior to
that time, but her condition was not
considered seriotts until last Saturday
morning when she experienced a re
lape and then a second stroke follow
ing Monday morning.
Mrs. Webb, only 36 years old, mar
ried twice, first to a Mr. Whichard
and tljen to Mr. Webb, She was the
daughter of the late Ed Woolard and
wife. Her husband, five children, three
brothers and one sister survive.
Funeral services were conducted on
Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock by the
Rev. J. M. Perry, of Robersonvilte.
Interment was in the Rome Rogers
burial ground in Bear Grass Town
ship. |
Reconstruction Finance Corpor
ation Relief ia gradually spreading
to every nook and corner of Mar
tin County where real need exists.
Those who ask for relief sre urg
ed to be reasonable in the amount
they request, so that some relief
can be had by all who are suffer
ing, both whit* and colored. The
local committee welcomes truthful
information which enables them to
know those who are worthy of
A township chairman of relief
has been appointed for every pre
cinct The names of these chair
men can be aecured from Super
intendent of Welfare James C.
Manning, or case worker, Mr. Ra
leigh Manning. Address your in
quiry to the superintendent's of
fice in Williamston.
Bill Spivey Leading So Far
In Contest with Big
#, .
The baby popularity contest, spon
sored by the third grade here, is pro
gressing nicely. Nearly 1,000 votes
had been cast up until noon today, }
and many more will be entered before j
the contest closes Saturday of next j
week. ' » I
Latest unofficial reports on the con
test show Bill Spivey leading with a
large margin. Ray H. Goodmon, cam
paigning for Bill, predicted that his
candidate would annex close to S(H)
votes before the contest expired. And
while Hill is almost certain to lead,
he will not be eligible for a priie* of
fered by those sponsoring the contest.
The following names are displayed
on jars' in Clark's drug store, and
each vote cast costs one penny:
Manning, Bobbie Harrison,
Rush Bondurant, llettie Sue Clark,
Jesse Harrell, Henry Odum, Frank
Wynne, Roddy Everett, Morton .Crit
cher, John Watts, Hilton Burl Peel,
Eleanor Delk, Martha MacKenzie,
l'ollie Manning, I.ibbie Taylor, Bar
bara Margolis, Klizaheth • Murray
Whitley, Anne Spencer Mizelle, Mary
Lou Coltrain and Joyce Coats.
The proceeds will go to the third
grade library.
♦ —
Funeral Services Held at
Late Home in Jamesville
Yesterday Afternoon
Mrs. Sammie Anne VanHorne, 73
years old, died at her home in James
ville early Wednesday morning from
an attack of pneumonia. She had been
in declining health for several months,
but wu able to be up. until a short
while before her death.
Living in Jamesville all her life, Mrs.
VanHorne was the descendant of a
prominent Tyrrell County family. She
was a member of the Baptist church
fpr a number of years, and her pas-|
tor, W. 11. Harrington, conducted the I
last rites from her late home yester- ]
day afternoon at 3 o'clock. Interment
followed in the Warrington burial
ground, near Jamesville.
One brother, John Warrington, of
Jamesville; a daughter, Mrs. Sue
Jones, ailo of Jamesville, and one sis
ter, Mrs. Pat Cherry, of Washington,
survive. Her husband died some years
• ■ ■
Episcopalians Announce
Schedule Of Services
With the coming of a resident min
ister for the Church of the Advent,
the following schedule of services is
On the first three Sundays of every .
month there will be morning and eve
ning prayer and sermon, at It a. m.
and at 7:30 p. m. respectively.
The minister, Rev. E. F. Moseley,
will be at Hamilton at St. Martin's
church on every fourth Sunday for
both morning and evening service.
He will also preach at the Bear Grass
mission every second and fourth
Sunday at 3 p. m. r
Sunday school at the Church of
the Advent will be held at 10 a. mi.
every Sunday as usual. The young
people sre urged to come to a reor
ganization of the Young People's
Service League in the parish house at
6:30 p. m. Sunday, December 11.
Judge Falls Out of Chair
During Court Monday
♦ -
Hardly before he was installed as
judge of the county recorder's court,
H. O. Peel unseated himself. Losing
his seating pose, the judge fell sprawl
ing to his back. Escaping injury, he
wasn't long recovering his equiliburm
and the court proceedings were con
tinued. r
Local Organization
Growers Is Formed
Number Marriages Less In
November Than In the
Previous Month
Sixteen marriage licenses were is
sued, ten to white and six to colored
couples in this county last month by
Register of Deeds J. Sam Getsinger.
The number fell six under the issu
ance for October. Many of the
brides were of tender age, one or two
being as young as 15 and 16 years of
| age. However, in those cases the
I consent of the parents was given.
, The November list:
j Sylvester Hassell Staton and Verna
Ruby Harrell, both of Martin County.
Lynn Barfield and Nancy Lee
Knox, both of this county.
Jesse Ben Rawls and Gertie Simp-
I son, of Martin County. (
Joshua Pritchett and Allie May
Knox, both of the county,
j Geo. Maker and Effie Wells, both
of Martin County.
: Alfred. Taylor and Mary Bett Gur
ganus, both of Pitt County,
j Kaleigli Smith and Susie Hale, both
>f Martin County.
Wesley Stroud and Nelia Keen, of
Martin County.
Louis Ayers, of this county, and
I'ranees Bryant, of Pitt County.
Isaac Andrews and llattie Outter
j bridge, Martin County.
Roosevelt Clemmons and Louallie
J llpwell, Martin- County.
James Moore and Mattie Little, of
Martin County.
Irving Little and Mattie Lee Moor.e,
j both of Martin. County.
Ben Riddick and Vida Moore, both
| »f this county.
Jno. Gray and Velie Spruill, both
of this county.
Methodist Announce One
Preaching Service Sunday
C. T. Rogers, Pastor
Don't you senjoy going to Sunday
school and church on Sunday? Can't
help believing that you do; that is,
if you will let the best that is in you
have a say. Remember if you are
not present at the services, we will
know there is trouble somewhere, and
the congregation will be asked to pray
that God may bless you, and soon
bring you back to church.
If you know of any sickness or
new people in town, let me know.
Services at Sunday morning at the
usual hour. In the evening there'll
be no service in this church as our
people have been invited to worship
with the Episcopalians at that time.
We trust our people will join in in
welcoming Rev. E. F. Moseley, the
new Episcopal minister. ,
Town To Welcome New
Minister Sunday Night
Following the happy custom of Wil
liamston's churches and congrega
gations in welcoming any new min
ister coming into the community, it
is understood that all the churches
will adjourn their Sunday evening
services next Sunday and go to the
Episcopal church service to see, hear,
and welcome the new rector, the Rev.
E, F. Moseley, into our midst. This
service at the Episcopal church is at
7:30 o'clock.
Board of Education Holds
Meeting Here Tuesday
The regular monthly meeting of the
Martin County Board of Education
was held here last Tuesday morning,
the meeting having been postponed
one day when it was learned that sev
eral of the members could not attend
on Monday. Only routine business
matters were handled by the board.
Box Party Planned At
Christian Chapel Church
A box party will be given at the
Christian Chapel church next Wed
nesday evening, it was announced here
yesterday. The proceeds will go to
the church. The public is invited to
attend and take part.
Conducting Series Services
at Bethany Holiness Church
■ ♦
Rev. E. D. Dickens, of Roanoke
Rapids, is conducting a series of serv
ices at the Bethany Holiness church,
nesr here. He held the first of the
series last Monday night.
i j
The local school will cloM
| Tuesday afternoon, December 20
I for the Christmas holidays and
reopen January 2, 1933, it was
| announced yesterday by Princi
pal Win. R. Watson. Ordinarily,
1 the school* would have closed
Friday of next week for the holi
days, but the school will continue
operating the following Monday
and Tuesday to make up time lost
for Thanksgiving.
Other schools will follow about
the same schedule, it is under
stood. Hfiwever, one or two are
expected to close Friday of next
week and make up the time lost at
Thanksgiving later in the term
Funeral For Mrs. Vernon
Jackson at Jamesville
This Afternoon
Mrs. Vernon Jackson, daughter of
Mr. Frank Dawes, of Jamesville, died
in Washington, 1). C. last Tuesday
from pneumonia. She left her home
near Jamesville only a short while
hack to he with her husband who was
undergoing treatment in a Washing
ton hospital She hail heen there
only a short time when she became ill.
I dying a few days later.
The body reached Jamesville yes-
It erday afternoon. The funeral serv
ices are being conducted there this
afternoon, jind interment will follow
in the burial ground at l edar Branch
with the' Rev. W. It. Harrington con
ducting the last rites
Mrs. Jackson was well and favor
ably known by a large number of
friends in this county and in Raleigh
where she once lived She is survived
by her father and one jtister.
Was the Mother of Messrs.
Frank and Irving Mar
golis of This Place
Mrs. Sarah Margolis, beloved moth
er of Messrs. Frank J. and Irving M.
Margolis, prominent citizens of this
place, died at her home in New York
City early last Wednesday morning
from cancer. She had heen ill for a
bout four months.
Funeral services were conducted
Wednesday afternooij* and interment
followed in the family burial plot in
the city.
Mrs. Margolis, only 54 years old,
had visited her sons here during the
past few years, and family connections
were closely maintained by regular
and frequent visits by her children to
their New York home. Mrs. Margolis
was a recognized friend of the needy
in her community of the great city,
and there she will be greatly missed
as well as in her own home.
Mr. Margolis, with two sons, Messrs
.Frank and Irving Margolis, of this
place, and two daughters, Mrs. Sam
Mann and Mrs. Irving Sigalow, both
of New York, survives.
One Preaching Service at
Christian Church Sunday
Bible, school at 9:45 a. m. Regu
lar worship at It o'clock. Vocal duet:
"Give Me a Heart Like Thine," by
Mrs. W. C> Manning jr. and Mrs. J.
M. Perry. The pastor will preach on:
"The Modern Test of the Mission of
Jesus." All women of the church anil
community interested in world mis
sions and the universal ministry of
Jesus should make an effort to attend
and bring their friends. \
As the Christian church will wor
ship with the Episcopalians at 7:3ff
in the evening, we should make an ef
fort to attend the morning worship.
The Christian endeavor will meet
Sunday evening at 6:30, and it would
be fine for a large group of the adults
to sit in and hear the young people
discuss extremely vital subjects.
Few Contgaious Diseases
Reported In Past Month
• ® "»
November was an unusually healthy
month for Martin County people, only
contagious diseases being report
ed to the county health officer during
the period. One case each of chicken
pox, diphtheria, and »,carlet fever was
reported, one in Cross Roads, another
in Parmele, and the third in Bear
A case of menmgitii was reported
the early part of this week, the vic
tim being a five months old child.
Advertisers Will Fnd Our Col
bbs a Latchkey to Over Sixteen
Hundred Martin County Homes'
of Peanut
♦ ♦ —
More Tljgn 135 Farmers at
A second attempt to formulate an
agreement for the-marketing ol pea
nuts this season at a "fair" price was
made yesterday afternoon when more
than 135 farmers met in the court
house here and discussed the serious
problem The meeting met with
success in that the growers hen: a
greed to cooperate and follow the
same plan now in effect in nearly all
the other counties in the peanut belk.
1 here were many views expressed
by fanners from all sections of the
county yesterday, most of which were
, ones having merit. Some of the
growers jyere of the opinion' that a
further reduction of the crop next
| year would be of sonic help in boost
ing the price Others declared that
the crop should be marketed at . the
rate of 10 percent monthly.. The idea
i of a few was to formulate a strict
I contract,
f'inally agreeing on the general
: j plan advanced throughout the belt,
the. growers here perfected their 10-1
1 cal organization. I'ownship commit
tees were selected to canvass the
peanut growers in their respective
» districts by 1 tiesday noon of next
week and report the facts at a'meet
ing of the several township commit
- tecmen here at 3 that afternoon. The
1 following citizens were appointed to
' serve on the township committees:
1 Jamesvillc: Jas. R. Knowles, chair
man; F. C. Stallings, K H. Ange,
C C. Fleming and J. VV. Martin.
Williams: Joshua J.. Colt rain,
1 chairman; L. J. Hardisbn, S. J "Tet
' terton, Walter (Gardner, N. R. Griffin.
Grittmir (.has. M l'eel, chairman;
W. A. Manning, David T. Griffin, J
S. l.illey, Ira, F. Griffin.
Hear Grass: Calvin Avers, chair
p J iiian;-|len Ward, Sam Mobley.R. L. «
Perry and Jas S. Griffin,
j Williamston: S. Claude Griffin,
chairman; John Daniel liiggs, John
' W. Gurkin, Haywood Rogers and J.
S. Whitley.
(. ross Roads: J. S. Ayers, chairman;
W. 1.. Ausbon, 11. 1.. Roebuck, G, H.
Forbes, \V. 11. Roebuck.
Robcrsonville: C. Norman,
'chairman; N. C. Everett. A.Rob
erson, ( L. Green and 11. 1., Keel,
j Poplar l'oint: 1.. (i. Taylor, chair- '
J man; \\. S. White, J. R. Harrison,.
| and I lyde Rohbins.
I Hamilton: 1). (i. Matthews, chair
l J man; ,J. VV. Eubanks, I! B. Taylor,
i T. It. Slade and Harry Waldo.
Goose Nest( J. W. llines, chairman;
, J. "D. TTaniel, B. A. J. C. Ran;
: J/ S. Ayers.
i j In canvassing their respective dis
r tricts, these committees will not- ask
> the growers to sign a contract, but
i the canvassers will ask certain infor
i illation in an effort to provide a way
, to hoUI peanuts off the market that a
I glut and a depressed price might be
prevented. The questions that will be
i j asked by the have already
t ; been published, and growers will
i greatly aid the canvassers by offer
i ing a hearty cooperation.
The results of the canvass will be
I tabulated here Tuesday afternoon of
| next week, when the several commit
,! teemen will select a county chairman.
County chairmen will be members
j of what is known as the central com
. mittee, a committee made lip of coun-v
,! ty chairman throughout the peanut
area. This central committee is sche
. duled to meet with the cleaners in
I an effort to formulate marketing plans
I that will avoid gluts and provide a
higher price.
[ It is generally believed that if each
I of the committeemen does his duty
well and that every farmer does his
best to comply with the general plan
j that this crop can be marketed in the
most orderly manner than any other
one in years and that the price can
, be materially raised even in this day
I of general stress.
, There art no contacts to be sign
, ed, the general plan being advanced
upon the honesty and integrity of the
farmer. The committees will have
necessary blanks tomorrow, and it is
hoped that a ready response can be -*
' had from every farmer. Peanut grow
ers in other section, particularly in
those areas where the crop is the
main one, are backing the movement
100 percent.
, Two Services Sunday at the
r Fair View Christian Church
r •
Rev. Gilbert Davia will preach at
I at the Fair View church Sunday aft
- ernoon at 3 o'clock and that night at
8:30. The public is invited.

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