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Fmrtd U?o. &
Eittfrd at the poet ofict in WitlnnMia. N. C,
aa accoad-claaa ?llin Bade? the act of Coalman
of March J. 1879.
Addrna all roaMiiKiIioai to The Eatcrpnac
aad aot iajinlaal Miaihin of the ha.
Tuesday, October 20,1936
More Confusion
What is proving more coofus-ng than any other
oar thing in recent yrars in this country is all this
-traw sating underway all the way from a BiOylact
precinct to thr biggest city in the world And the
whole busmess should be stopped, including even those
poOs that favor our ana.
The country is going to have an election an Tues
day. November 3. so why can't we be patient and
wait tor thr real -farts? There are at least four na
tion-wide polls underway now. not to mention the
cany that are localized, and, as far as we can learn,
not a single one of them agrees with the other to even
a reasonable extent. Thr nearest approach to a true
semblance of conditions is found in thr returns from
thr South, and they vary there.
The whole business is characteristic of our make up
We like to tall about something that am t and skip
over that which is. There are many valuable things
every voter should know before hr goes to the polls
next month, but hr won t find them in a life-time
study of straw votes or biased propaganda
No Intent To Rob
Some of ihow rounlirs id\win( muory for the
constructso of stair higbaay> IS or 16 years ago, ?n
hiing thrir recent claims for minds, had no intrnt of
robbing anyuoe or mating a raid ua the stair h.j^i
way fund The bill pasatd by thr last IrgislattlfC pro
vidrd for thr appomlmrm of a cummissrun by thr
gocrtuui to investigate thr claims Thr counties now
burdened with a road debt created thai motorists from
4# state and all foreign countries might rule to thr
enrichment of an almighty highway commission and
at the expense of everyone else only ask a consid
eration of thrir claims. And it is honestly brhrvrd
that if they are shown they have recriced a square
deal then the ciamanis will be quiet
But before thr commission even offers its prelimi
nary findings, cries of robbery, raiding, stealing, fool
ish actions are heard from those whose property is
not burdened with road debt or those who Ihrr in
those counties where the highway comnwxsnw was bug
tacd and mortgaged to the hdt before a single penny
was idvancrd to pron?>tr a road program.
For thr sake of continuing a highway program thai
is apparently devoid of sound reasoning, there are
those who would let even widows and orphans lose
their hemes, their property and everything rise Look
at the psopuaed *2.000.000 ????rafl bridge across
Albemarle Sowd. II that project caa be justified,
thea all the rtaima, ngiiifcig of ahethear they ate
for mooes spent am pig paths m a far-off backwoods
should be paid without aa law irigitmn by the gw
Tfaeie have been too many political roods built in
this state. Too many habs have been formed around
ably every foot of cuoctete poured in North Carolina
was justified, bat tbe facta that woaid support that
action are foreign to moot people, and the foremost
idea in tbe minds of many is that tbe great highway
commission of this stale is about to totter and tall
from its own great strength. That some of tbe pres
ent highway commission heads and some of tbe com
missiri numbers itamfd be impeached there is no
doubt in tbe minds of many people. Toward this end
tbe people are amiimsly awaiting a **"" in the ap
pointive power and tbe convening of tbe legislature.
Martin Coimty may have more than its share of
roads, but Martin people could not help it if a high
way commisaiooer boih roads their county to
serve principally markets and merchants in his dis
trict. Parallel roads, hardly more than two or three
miles apart, in other counties night hare been and
still may be necessary, bat tbe system seems a bit
cockeyed to those people who pay taxes to
bump and krw-gear over poorly kept dirt roads.
If North Carolina s highway commission can take
over the debts of those who financed bridges to semi
publK beaches, and if the commission can build a
two-million dollar bridge where the people don't even
want it. then why in tbe name of rrrnmuui sense can't
the claims of several comities to refunds be investi
gated without tbe claimants being called robbers and
How Will They Vote?
Smtlkfirld HrraU
The Republican party in this campaign has appar
ently adopted a method of campaigning which is in
keeping with its political philosophy. The little fel
low has abandoned the stump entirely, while the party
pins its faith to a few big guns, such as Thomas Dix
nn and Frank Knox. These lords of politics hand
down the brand of doctrine pretty much as the lords
of always disbursed prosperity to the nation.
So far as appearances go, the average Republican
politicians is as jealous for his party as in former cam
paigns and yet the change of tunditvsis under the
New Lira] is so striking as to behe the position thev
base taken. At their tprnkiagt and caucuses, they
appear, as a rule, neatly and well dressed, with ev
ery indication of having come from comfortable, hap
py homes. They attend these meetings in new auto
tries, and not a Hoover cart is m sight.
This is a vast contrast to the picture they made four
years ago. Their raiment, along with that worn by
the adherents of every politiral faith, then bespoke
the cruelties of the then existent depression, and.
worse Mil, their troubled laces wore a look of despair
over lost bomrs and debts they could not pay.
f KtKio has never played upon a stranger trait of
human character than that exhibited by the Repub
lican I'arty, which fights the very source from which
its members have derived new hope and a new fife.
I'arty loyalty is a strong and strange forte which car
ries men far from common w i~t reason. But the
tittle fellows are saying little, it is the big guns who
are doing most of the tatting How will the little
iellows vote?
Be Sure You Are Registered
rex on the registration bucks, it nl be ton late after
thai tune. If yon have previously ntuttxed in the
precinct in which yon peupuae to vote yon do not have
hi register again.
Be snrr to qualify in order to be able to rreceive
this great American right
and boar piss. J. G. Shtim oil St
North CarBiia, Martin County;
the Superior Court
The defendant above named will
take notice that an action entitled
above has been iisibm I in the
Superior Court of Martin. County,
North Carolina, to secure an aba
lute divorce baaed upon two yeai
separation; and the defendant will
further take notice that he is re
quired to appear before the Clerk
of the Superior Court of Martin
County within thirty (301 days and
answer or demur to the complaint
in said action, or the plaintiff will
apply to the court for the relief de
manded in said complaint.
This the 2nd day of October. 1936.
Clerk Superior Court,
of 4tw Martin County.
Under and by virtue of the power
of sale contained in that certain
Deed of Trust executed by the un
dersigned Trustee, dated S7th day of
December. 1934. of record in the
Reenter of Dead* Office Martin
County in Book H-3, pace 457. to
aecure certain notes of even date
therewith and the stipulations not
having been complied with, and at
the request of the holder of said
bonds, the undersigned Trustee will
on the 3rd day of November. 1936.
at 13 o'clock Noon, in front of the
courthouse door Martin County of
fer for sale to the highest bidder,
for cash, the following described
First Tract: Eight acras of land
adjoining the lands of Noah Siade
et al and being the same and iden
tical lands described in a deed of
record in the Public Registry of
Martin County in Book IFF, page
89. said reference being made to
said deed for a more perfect de
Second Tract: Eight acres of
land formerly owned by Merrick
Williams and being the same land
described in a deed of record in
Book FTP. at page 106. Public Reg
istry of Martin County, reference
being made to said deed for a more
perfect description.
This 3rd day of October. J938.
WHjsiii MM
oc-6 4tw Trustee.
I. W B. Daniel. tax collector for the town of Williamston. County of
Martin. State of North Carolina, have this day levied on the following
tracts of land. will sell same at puhlir auction, for rash, at the court
house door in Williamston. North Carolina, on Monday. November 9. 1936.
at 12 o'clock noon, for taxes due and unpaid for the year 1935. unless said
taxes, penalty and costs are paid on or before that date. A penalty of 4
per cent and a charge of SI 50 to care for costs in handling the sale are
to be added to each of the amounts shown, which represents taxes only.
This the 8th day of October, 1936.
W B DANIEL, Tax Collector.
ol6 4tw Town of Williamston.
Fannie Biggs Anderson, 1 Main Street residence t 96.64
J Ben Andrews. 1 Main St service station . 4,51
Mrs. Fan me Carstarpben. 1 Mam St res 45.62
Central Investment Corp.. 1 Smithwick St tenant 174.52
J. B. Cherry'. 1 Mam St store, 6 Haughton tenants 104.51
J. B. Cherry & Bro. 1 Smithwick St ten and lot 87.89
S R Clary. 1 Watts St tenant 96.67
CritcheT. 1 Main St tank bldg 83.99
Mrs Stacy S Cox. 1 Mam St property 16.20
Asa T. Crawford Estate. 1 Church St lot. (gully) 3.65
Mrs. B. A CritcheT. 1 Watts St res 66.15
Mrs. Maggie L, Daniel, 1 Pine St res 22 55
Von Eberstein A Rhodes. 1 Wash Rd service station 13.50
C. A Forrester. 1 Williams St lot 21 50
Mrs. lfary B Gurganus. 1 Watts St res 65.36
Eh Gurganus Est. 1 part Cherry kit. 1 Pearl St prop 23.49
Mrs. L H Gurganus. 1 Watts St res. 79.27
Walter Halbertstadt. I Church St res 46 42
Hand Made Furniture Co, 1 Wash St shop 2174
Henry D. Harrison. 1 Simmons Ave res 52.56
W. J. Hunter. 1 Williams St vacant 48.50
C. D. Lamm. 1 Smithwick St res 75.94
J. A Leggett and wife. 1 Watts St res 71.01
W H. Leggett Est, Halton St property 13.50
Mrs. C. A Martin Est, 1 Main St office, 1 Lanier tenant 66.32
Lucy Modlin Est, 1 Church St tenant 54.52
Geo E Moore. 1 Mam St shop 10.86
M. s. Moore. 1 Mam St res. 88 40
M. J. Norton. 1 Mill Site, river 23.09
Mrs H. D. Peel Estate. 1 Haughton St res. 39-16
Ray & Bennett. 1 Hal Ion St lot 1 08
Mrs Helen Rhodes. 6 acres and res 125 21
A. Richards. 1 Mam St lot. 1 Smithwick St tenant 79.71
Mrs. Ell Roberson. 1 Mam St res ? 4 59
Mrs. Allie Rose. 1-2 interest in hotel 89.61
K. G. Strawbridge. 1 Main St store. 1 Rhodes St res 81.65
Van G Taylor. - Pearl St lot , > 1.76
W. L Taylor. 1 Hat ton St lot 4 62
John F Thigpen. 1 Warren St rts. Haughton St stables, part Dinah
Hill farm 127:27
B. B. Williams. 1 ACL RR St res 19 09
Moses Alexander Estate. 1 Hyman St res. 2 Hyman vac 8 14.45
W T Alexander. : Garrett St res 26 19
Olivia Andrews, 1 Wash St vacant 3.48
Ruth Andrews, 1 Wash Road res 7.16
S. L Andrews, 1dm St res, 1 Elm vacant 13.50
Lucy Bagby, 1 Rhodes St res 7.05
Elijah Baker. 1 Hatton St res 13.37
Fred Sam Biggs. 1 Hatton St res 70.93
Eddie Watts Brown. 1 Wash St shop 10.18
Lucy Bryant. I Huff lot _ 1.76
Lou Bryant. 1 ACL RR St res 3.65
Elisha Clemmons. 1 Sycamore St res . 9.18
Paul Clemmons. 1 Sycamore St res 5.59
Gus Coburn. 1 White St res 287
Annanias Davis. 1 Jamesville St. res 6.40
Robert B. Davis Est, 1 ACL RR St res * 7.29
Adline Duggins. 1 Mam St res 14-14
Gertrude Everett, 1 Rhodes St property 4.59
Henry F. Everett. 1 Sycamore St res 17.96
John Jack Everett. I ACL RR St res 7.29
Ida Faulk. 1 Elm St res 9.05
Bryant Gamor. Est. 1 ACL RR St res 9.05
J. D. Gray, 1 Sauthwick S? re? ?:
Akmzo Gurganus. 1 Bios St res ? .. ?
Kathline Gurganus. 1 Warren St res
Emma Harvey. 1 White St res
Lizzie Hawkins. 1 vacant lot
E. J. Hayes. 1 Wash Rd res __ _ -
G. T. Hill l llartin vacant - . ....... ???
Nina Hnrtget. 1 Wash St res
L. C. Hoggard. 1 Wash and Haughton _
Harry Murt Howard. I Wash St res
Mary E. Hull. I Wash St res
Mary Hyman. 1 Wilson St res
Rebecca Hyman. 1 Broad St lot
Rebecca Hyman & Alice Harrison, 1 Hyman and Martin St prop
Augustus James. 1 Pearl St res
Elijah Johnson. 1 Hyman St lot
Ben Jones, 1 ACL RR St res
Henry Jones. 1 Sycamore St res ?
Naomi Jones. 1 ACL RR res
O. C. Joyner. 1 Wash Road res
Claud Matthews. 1 Main St res ?.
Isolene Meeks. 1 White St lot
W. B. Mizelle. 1 Elm St res ? . ,
Eliza Moore Estate. Main St property
Blake. Moore. 1 Main St lot ?
Fdmond Qrmnnrt. -I Rhodes St res and tenant
Roy Ormond. 1 Sycamore St res
W. V. Ormond. 1 Rhodes St res. ] Main St tenants, 1 Wash Rd g!
W. V. Ormond. JE. 1 Rhodes St tenant
Joe W. PeeL f Wart Rd res and shop .
Bruce Peyton. 1 Wart St property
Sudie Price. 1 Wart St peupeity . ?
W. H. Price. 1 Hyman St tenant
Alice Purvis. 1 Center St res _ . ? !
Caesar Purvis. 1 Broad St vacant
Dora Hsvls 1 Broad St res ? .
George T. Purvis. 1 Hatton St res
1 irrie Purvis, 1 Main Si lot ' : :
Hit tie Purvis, 1 Hyman St res . ...
Bom Purvis J Hyman St vacant
iddiek Est . 1 Rlddick St tenant _ ??
Charlie Stokes. 1 Pearl St vacant ?
Tom Stokes, 1 Hyman St. res, 1 Sycamore St shoo 1XW
Willism Stokes, 1 Wash St property ?
John Levy Estate, l Sycamore St lot LSS
Joe Wiggins, 1 Warren St res ?
Joe Wilkins. 1 Main St res -
Isabelie Williams. 1 Wilson St lot - H5
Dr. J. Williams, 1 Broad St res ?
Per lie D. Williams. 1 Hyman St lot
Joseph Wilson, 1 Hatton St res and lot ? 18-~
Joe Woo lard, 1 ACL RK res : t*?
Condensed Statement of Condition
Guaranty Bank and Trust Co.
Greenville, Bethel. Belhaven. Elizabeth City. Snow Hill.
Washington. Williamston, N. C.
OCTOBER 10. 1936
?>d m Banks U-imjSXtJl
* C Bonds ia.4
Munioptl Bonds ?StT13.1t
Trtsl rssfc snd linrhrtaidi Ikosli u in ($1 it
Other Bonds awl liwiian
od fixtures $ l?j>M43
Other Inl Estate ,I#SS
*? XMM1LS1
' Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Channel Drain Roofing
Positively Leak-Proof
on the Flattest Roof
We have been selling it for six years and never
yet have we seen or heard of a roof of it that
leaked. In fact, you cannot force water through
the laps or joints with 150 lbs. water pressure.
Williamston Supply Co.
The very same
whiskey we
distillers drink
/r ?\
Considering its mild and
pleasant taste, it's not
so odd thai folks are ask
ing for The WOkenFam
ily Blended Whiskey.
Cat,yri?kt 1934, j?. 1 Ftec4
& Co . l?c_ Scfcaaler. P4.
im Mvm- m whm JR>.
M l proof Ttw %?raight vfchfcios io Mms potod or* IS I Mil
or MOT* old. 251 tkoglit vtakioii /St pro.* ooofcol ipiilfc. SI
H'oiglH oKiskoy 4 yoort oMt 201 Oroipii* *Mwy IS ooMha oM.
What would happen to your
family or loved ones if premature
death from accident or illness
should stop your earning power?
Why worry about it when all
anxiety can be removed by a guar
anteed continuation of your income
through one of our REGISTERED
Security Life and
Trust Company
Leslie Fowden
General Agent
Paul Simpson
Special Agent

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