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    Williamston Merchants and Business Establishments Extend Every Good Wish for the Christmas Season
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VOLUME XXXIX?NUMBER 103 William ft an, Martin County. North Carolina, For Friday. December 25. 1936 ESTABLISHED II
First Session of Court Since
December 8; To Change
Day To Monday
Judge H- O. Peel handled sue
cases in the county court Tuesday,
the docket being unusually small,
considering the .fact that it was the
first sitting of the court since the
Mh of this month.
Beginning in January, the court
will hold its weekly sessions each
Monday, the clerk explaining that
the change is being made to accom
modate members of the legislature.
Ordinarily the legislators are at
home every Monday, and by hold
ing the courts on that day, it wiU
be unnecessary to continue numbers
of the cases. The Monday schedule
will be followed for about six
months, with the possibility that it
will became permanent.
Cases disposed of Tuesday are as
Jjudgment was suspended upon
payment of the cost in the case
charging Bertha Rives with violat
ing the liquor laws.
A. D. Baremore. charged with
reckless and drunken automoi. ile
driving, was fined $50, taxed with
the cost of the case and had his driv
ing license revoked for one year
Charged with violating the liquor
laws. Clinlo Reaves and Herbert
Reave.: were found guilty, the court
continuing player for judgment.
John Reaves and James Finch, de
fendants tn the case, were found
not guilty.
Charged with drunken driving.
Louis Basmght was fined $50. taxed
with the cac costs and had his li
cense io operate a motor vehicle re
voked for one year.
Herbert Brown, charged with con
spiracy to coounitt larceny, was sen
tcnccd to the roods for three months
James Walston and Jack Lanier, de
fendants in the case, were found
not guilty.
Found guilty of simple assault.
Grover Dickens was sentenced to
the roads for 60 days.
Necessity of Old-Agej
Assistance Stressed
In Actuary's S|)eech
Figures Show Few Make
Provision for Age and
Richmond. Va?With great num
bers of American workers saving in
sufficient funds to provide for their
retirement, measures such as are
contained in the social security act
are essential. William R. Williamson,
actuarial consultant for the Social
Security Board, iiid here recently
in an address before the Virginia
Bankers Association
"The problem of old-age depend
ency." Mr Williamson declared, "is
becoming steadily more important j
because of the growing number of
persons who are 65 years of age or
older, and because the need of those
who are older and who are econom
ically dependent is recognized as
more acute under prevalent urban
conditions than in earlier years in a
predominantly agricultural society."
He said Bureau of Census figures
revealed that, in 1860. persons 65
years or old constituted only XT per
cent of the total population of the
country. By 1930 the percentage
was 54 By 1980 it is estimated
the percentage of persons 65 years
of age or older will have reached
Citing as a basic assumption in
the past the idea that "each citizen
has a job or sufficient income op
psrtimily to provide fur-all his day
by-day needs, and. in addition, to
provide income during unemploy
ment and to protect his own old
age." Mr. Williamson said that the
facts do not bear out his ability to
do an.
He quoted figures from a study
by the Brookings Institution. Indi
cating "an average monthly income
to the a age earner in 1939 of about
(100. This means, he asserted, "that
proportion come below this
Regular Meeting of Boy
Scouts Is Postponed
iar meeting of the local
troops will not be
Prom Everyone of Us
To Everyone of You?
And the Joys of the Season
ml Ikta week, I
the oCicial tntwht ml whiter,
was the lhartcst day ml the year,
the m l lih t at 1M aad set
tins at tit Accerdiac to the
caleadar waken, shlu tcps
at 72* that I naM| to hold
forth aatil March M. Last wta is i
he red. was a
severe oae
there is hove
the oae aow
aa as will act
he sa had.
Approximately 200 More
Being Rushed To State
Office for Approval
Between TOO and 000 applications
(or soil conservation payments have
been forwarded to Raleigh for Mar
tin County farmers by the office of
the county agent, and work on the
approximately 200 remaining ones
is being rushed to completion, it was
Reports ? from Raleigh state that
this county u well advanced with
its applications, nearly all other
having hardly more than started
sending in the applications for. the
soil conservation payments. Every
one of the 700 and more applica
tions entered at Raleigh have been
approved and sent on to Wa.~h:ng
! ton, where checks will be drawn for
! the farmerv
[ There are approximately 250 farm
| crs in this county who failed to em
| ply with the provisions of the soil
conservation act. and they will not
be eligible to participate in the dis
tribution . f t?.e benefit payments
I Agent Brandon could not say just
when the checks would be ready for
. distribution, but he did ?ay ll-at the
machinery for handling the checks
| had been speeded up and that the
'money should reach the fsrmei;
. without any long delay.
VanDyke To Build
$15,000 Store Here
Plans for the construction of a
115.000 store building for the Van
Dyke Furniture
St ret here were announced complete'
this week. Mr Garland Woolard, the
manager, atatmg that work on the
building would be started early next!
spring and possibly before that time.
The building ia to be located on
the lot bclanu the Atlantis Hotel
and the Guaranty Bank It Trust
Co. on Main Street. It will be two
stories and will have a width of 41
feet and a depth of about 130 feet.
Mr. Woolard said.
The project ia one of several
planned for the wing year, arrange
merits now pe
ndtag for the cs
t ion of a numl
iot of homos he
re dur
iM 1337. Pimm ^icstsaa point
to much build
-f -
Operators of Cars Warned
No Extension of Time
Will Be Granted
Warned there would be no exten
sion allowed and that the use of
old numbers after the first of the
year would subject operators to ar
rest and prosecution, automobile
owners in this section are buying
1937 State automobile license tags
just about twice as rapidly as they
did a year ago. reports from the bu
reau in the Williamston Motor Com
pany building this week indicated.
Approximately 1,000 tags have al
ready been sold, and by Friday of
next week it is believed most cars
will have the black and yellow
plates attached.
Members of the highway patrol
have been instructed to arrest all
drivers whose cars carry old tags
after Thursday of next week Noj
excuses will be accepted, the patrol
members stating that the new tags
will be displayed on the very first
day of the year if the cars are op
erated. Patrolmen will not be al
lowed to take money for plates ex
cept in those cases where the dis
tricl license bureaus are unable to
issue the plates, it was clearly point
ed out by W S. Hunt, patrolman
who is stationed here
Credit Croup Will
Have Office Here
A branch office of the Washington
Production Credit Association will
be opened here the Int rf next
month, according to information re
leased this m-eek by Messrs. Car
starphen and Harrison, employees
of the association. Complete detgitsj
for opening the branch have not1
been effected. Mr. Harrison stating
that Ales containing records of all
loans made in this county would
probably be transferred from Wash
ington here the latter part of next
week or the early part of the follow
ing week.
The office will probably be tem
porarily located in the Rranrh
Banking and Trust Company budd
ing, r. Harrison stating that perma
nent quarters are not available just j
at this time
Cotton G innings I
Reach New High
Cotton ginnings reached a new
for the first
according to a lepust released Hub
week by the Bureau ot the 1
through its special agent, Mr. Luth
er Hardison. of Jamesville. Up to
the Arst ot thta month. LTOJ
ot cotton had boon ginned froa
IMS crop, aa compared with 1,015
TV*- attention of (he public is
again called to the I corral hol
iday that will he observed hy
Saturday ml this week.
r?ah| hetwera Christmas Day
aad Saaday. the ZSth was de
rlaied a holiday by signed art*
meat rirroiated among local bus
teem houses aa Monday of this
week. The arrangement will
make possible a hot holiday
lor those who seldom have aa
opportunity to jet away Irani
their reenter tasks
Stores in near-by towns and
over the state generally are sns
Will Be Held In Raleigh
Third Week of Next
Hundreds of tobacco growers are
expected to flock to State College for
the tobacco short course which will
be held January 18-22.
The work will consist of lecture
and discussions supplemented by
laboratory practice and demcnstia
tions says Dr J B. Cotner, pi"
fessor of plant breeding at State
The morning programs will be
devoted to lectures, demonstrations,
and discussions with the afternoons
given over to practice in grading to
bacco Those enrolled for the course
will be given actual practice in grad
ing work.
No tuition will be charged lor the
short course, but a fee of $1 will be
made for registration and a certifl
cate of attendance. Pr Cotner saw ?
Specialist from the State College
School of Agriculture, the Extension
Service, and the Expeiunent 3la
lion, as well as representatives fiom
the U. S. Department of Agricul
ture, will instruct the various classes
and conduct the demonstrations.
One or more evenings will be de
voted to entertainment with music
being furnished by student musical
organizations under Uie direction of
Major C D. Kutchinaki. director of'
the State College Music Department
facilities for lodging on the carn
T rs are limited, declares Dr. Cotne',
and only about 40 can be accommo
dated in the college Y M C. A. Oth
era are being urged to secure lodg
ing from rooming houses and hotels
in Raleigh.
Christmas Services at
Episcopal Churches
Rev E F. Moseley. rector
Christmas Eve, 11:30 p. m, Chor
al Eucharist.
Day. 11 a- B, Holy
Christmas Day. T a B.
Georgia Youth Is First To
" Death Sentence
Since 1929
Of^DlS0^ h*t* bCen inV,CM*l
m,M rlh their Uves for oini
mitting such crimes in this county
dunng the pas, quarter of , ccfl(ury
?hurried of the rourt I
sWj1 C"rk L ? Wynne's off,re
Since the grim business of taking
hves was shifted from the county
qUar,N a century
???. it is- understo i that only one
man. Brad Baglev colored, paid
? ith his life for the murder of Po
Sex cral have been sentenced to die.
^m?? <3CaPed U'e ^P'-cme pun
ishment one way or another
r iii li, ,,
he first man. electrocuted at the
State prison The records ..r ni
trUl aL " ^ his
trial ami execution do no, agree. T
L k * " lhe prLst'n at He
"T m*n executed appar
Z > ,ng "> <" ?he date
UnTeJUT f^ " ,he Member.
,erm ot Martin County Super
Z?" 'Y 'he murder, and Z
tenced by Judge Charles M Cooke
^ by electrocutam The ^
2 eZTKX,t'"" " unJ" 'late
thr? . " 191 '? or ahout
three months before he was tr.ed
m?,rV^ ,he Cr,me he cm
mitted W Thomas Bost, veteran
newspaper man who has missed on
leieh 1 executions in Ra
eigh was one of the 12 men sign
ing the certificate of execution ,
now"." SW>er" Wh? " u"rlcrs,ood
to be petitioning for a parole
*'S .""tenced Mart.n Super,o;
Court in .September. 1929. ,o Jw. for
near Ev
D|??on, near Ev
- rctts. on July 26. I929 waj ^
,m*n itemed m die m this
! "? *m*umu to die m thr
-unty unllI A. w Waison was CT>n
?cted m the court las, week. Saw
cLZ reP?r,tt' '? have been de
|^d insane ami ?caped the death
to the tune the execution
tZZ r*5 "nlered Raleigh.
!rar,Hta ^ 3 han?,A? every
m>w and then in this county and
half a century ago a year hardly
rr' ,ha' "ne man at 'e-'?
Jost hi, life o? ,he scaffold in Mar
Critically Hurt When Hit
y Cur Tuesday Night
Dawson Manning. 60 vear-oln
Roberso.nilV manias cXal
and possibly faulty hurt Tuesday
evening about 7 o'clock when ?
by J a" aulom?hiIe driven
wile 1, ak" of Roberson
Wile Manning ? sa,d have s|
into the vir?~*?i ....j ? ,
the Hni~ suddenly near
, . le gran,mar school
huUdmg. ami was impossibleZ
Mr James to avoid Urikmg him. ac
' ?? rep?r,s reaching here
shortly after the accident
ZZZZ"" " a,tmdln? doctor
,olZ ^ had ",Ue c ha rice
Mrs. Hattie Ellis
Dies Tuesday Night
Mrs. Hattie Ellis, widow of joihua
Cllio, d:ed at her home in Griffins
Tow nsliip Tuesday afternoon short
ly after 5 o'clock from an attack of
pneumonia suffered the Thursday
before. She was 67 years old and a
life-long resident of the Farm Life
Mrs Ellis was Miss Hattie Moore
before her marriage to Mr. Ellis
a Iki died tjuile a nurnbei nf years
ago. She was highly respected by
all who knew her and had many
friends in that section of the coun
ty She was a faithful member of
the Primitive Baptist church for a
long number of years, and was a
thoughtful and giod neighbor.
She is survived by one daughter.
Mrs. Ira Hardison, and four sons.
Msears Charlie. Lawrence, Alfred
and Nat Goodwin Ellis, all of this
Funeral services will be conduct
ed at the home Wednesday after
noon. and interment will follow in
the family plot nearby.
J '??. L..kjon, manager o." Lie
D:ckx>n-Tharp apairy in Transyl
vania County, reports a profit of
HU from 53 colonies of bees this
of supplies and
Report Expected Soon
On Boundary Dispute
Appreciative of the patronage
ircwM them and desiring to
offer a take* of good will, local
merchants and other business
firms here air eilradint (recl
ines to all people of this sec
tion through the columns oI this
paper today.
A new hope and a (renter un
derstanding are created at
Christmas time, and to enhance
the value of these, the business
forces of this town express, in a
most sincere way. their wishes
lor a Merry Christmas and a
llappy New Jfear Read the lit
tle messages, without which
Christmas would be no more
lhan just another day in the
year, and know that these firms
are interested in your bappi
ness al all times, and especially
at Uus glad season of the year.
Probab'e Demand for Hear
ing Will Be Made for
Him and Wife
| Habeas corpus proceedings were
, being considered late Tuesday in the
? case against A1 Lucks, arrested in'
j Robersonville on the 10th of this
I month for allegedly impersonating
{officers- Milton Smith. New York
I attorney, ^s understood to have ad
vised Lucks that he would start the
proceedings about that time in an
? ffort to force a hearing in the case.
It is probable that a hearing with
also be demanded for Lucks' wife,
who also continues in the Martin
A Federal warrant is being pre
pared and is expected to reach here
shortly. The nature.of the charges;
was not disclosed, however. Fed
tcrai agents were to have the wai -
jrant or warrants drawn in Florida
and sent here for serving, but some
ui.foreseen happening delayed the
In the event the Federal warrant
i> not received bc:ore the habeas
corpus proceeding, are started.
Lucks will be given a hearing in the
case charging him wiUr imperson
ating an officer, it is jdnderstocxL
Henry Berrham. arrested with
Lucks but w ho late: gaine.t his f:ee
d- m. has -not retimed here for hi*
automobile. lie left for New York
l?Nt Thursday night, bu? was refured \
\ -c ssession of the car hivau " he had
it licensed under an alias.
To Distribute Toys
On TJiristmas Eve
Arangcnients are just about com
plete for the distribution of hun
dreds of second-hand toys, confec
tioneries. food, fruits, and a few
articles of clothing to the needy
families of this community on Christ
mas Eve Hundreds of appeals have
been received, and it will be impos
sible for the Christmas Cheer drive
to reach all of them, but every ef
fort wi!l be made to aid the most
destitute cases.
I?cal people have responded lib
erally to the call made in behalf of
the less fortunate, and those partici
pating in the movement are assured
that some needy urchin will bubb>
over with happiness that could hard
ly be expected this Christmas tithe.
frank. the Sanitary'
Grocery, materially aided Hie move-'
ment when he placed an e^pty bar
ivl in Ins -one and asked anyone [
carmg to do so to leave various ar- ?
titles in it. Almost a full barrel of
articles was collected A SI cash do-!
natron was made by W. H. Carstai -.
phen and Mrs Urbin Rogers contrib'
uted $2 since other donations were
acknow lodged
Baptists Announce
Services lor Sunday
The Sunday school will convene
?1 the usual hour. 9:45 o'clock Sun
day morning, followed by regular
worship at 11 a. m No evening
service will be held in the Baptist
church, the pastor. Rev. James H
Smith, inntttintrd The B. K U.
meets at the i
Taking of Evidence
Is Completed Here
At Session Monday
Tobe Connor, of Wilson, Is
Preparing Terms of
A settlement in the iioi-ndir, line
controversy between Martin and
Beaufort Counties is expected al
most momentarily, the commission
named some time ago to investigate
the matter havir." complete 1 the
taking of evidence early this week.
A repoit carrying a final decision is
n< w being prepa.ivt by Attorney
Tcbe Con.ior, cf #1 n one of Use
' Ti n 11. ii Imn nl Lii a iiiiiinuaaa?r~
I ut just what the group did in lo
cating the line could .lot bi learned.
Evidem e was offi el i-y this
county during a greater par* of last
M rrij. ,-ie oral u. -timony placing
the line at wha*. is kr.'-wr, a- tew -
ltd cyirtss in -h.- old Jamesville
ar.d M. shington tract There is
rcn e ?,.Lt as to vcller the evl
iPced or*'- o. m' ct. of i<
vill le tcceptabie accordance
w. ii tli. la**, h i* * e... no alt
has been mund i a \ ? > 1 a: i !y r.
he c. - ? it is und i stood.
The mmissiiii. Mossrv Cononr.
1- j !'? rton. ?>? Marti - and Wil
liam B Rodman, ir of Beaufort,
last month determined the location
of the line from Turkey Swamp,
where it joins Pitt, to the Jamesville
and Washington Road. No change
in the line to that point was made,
both counties agreeing to the loce
tk u. However, from that point the
Beaufort representative maintained
the line should hold well to tlie left,
giving the neighbor county between
800 and 1.000 acres of timber land
now owned by L. S Thompson, of
Wisconsin, and which are entered
? ?ii the tax Lcoks of this county.
It is understood that both coun
ties have agreed to accept the de
cision of the commission, and thai
| no appeal will be considered.
During the early part of the last
century, the stale legislature planned
to have the boundary between the
two counties located, and legislation
[was passed authorizing the appoint
ment of a commission to handle the
task. No commission was ever ap
pointed. and no legal action ens
ever taken to locate the line until
Beaufort interests made a claim to
hundreds of acres in the old J. and
W tract and a
Credit Association
To Hold Annual
Meet January 20
All Members Are Urged To
Attend Sessions at
The annual meeting of the '
ington Production Credit
tion wil be held in Williamston at
the Martin County rouKhouse on
Wednesday morning. January 10,
1937, at 10 o'clock, according to an
announcement by J. B. Patrick, praa
ident of the association, who states
that every member of the amocia
tion is expected to be present this
At the annual meeting complete
and detailed reports will be made
by officers of the association on its
operations this year, directors will
be elected, and plans made for con
tinuing the efficient
credit service the
been offering the farmers at this I
tion- .
Last year there
attendance upon the annual muting
and this year Mr. Patrick says the
awocialKHi h
ber will be
the officers of the
hoi he satisfied with i
of a 100 per cent
If there is any <
operations of the i
information about the
credit service which the i
offers that is dasirad by
will be supplied at the mm
tog of the
The Washington ]
it Association i
tin, Washington, Tyrrell and
Counties, and this yam ma*
loans for a total af

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