North Carolina Newspapers

    i^eekii Mount fleeord.
VUL. IX., NO. 24.
ROCKY MOUNT. N. C.. I'HfifcDAY. JUNE 14 1906.
rocal News.
IntcTfhtifig Jtcm.s Picked Up
,'foro and There ind Put In
Htuid.ihU: f nrnt.
 ..tiirvii hAii u>ught Mr.
«i\*8 restaurant on WMh-
on street.
Mr. T. C. Rowland last week bought
from Mr. W. T. Williford, a rcsidencc
on Rose street, the consideration be*
ing $3,420.
Mr. W. L. Middleton last week
bought from the Rocky Mount Insusr-
ance & Realty Co. the store on Main
Btrt'oc at preHont occupied by Blount
lin»s. Co.
Mr. VV. L. (Iroomand Geo. L. Par*
ker, two of the town's prominent citi
zens. have been very ill for the paat
week or so. We are glad to state that
the condition of^th is improved.
Dr. M. K. Braswell and W. E. Par-
ri»h last week bought the residence of
Mr. Richard on comer of Washington
atvd «treet*» It \a
Tiif proj>€rty of the Jordan heirs
wad sold Saturday by order of court.
Thiii is the buikJing and land on Main
street where now stands Mr. R. L.
Skinner's saloon. It was sold for $3.*
750* It was bought by Mr. Skinner.
Governor Glenn, upon the request of
the County Commissioners of Nash
county revoked the order recently
made for a special term of Nash Court,
for the trial of civil cases, which was
callei for June 18. The docket will bt
taken up later.
Mr. H. H. Griffin, proprietor of ^he
Hammond Hote , has begun the erec
tion of a new hotel on his property
just in front of the depot. Messrs.
Daughtridge & Son of this place, have
awfirdeil the contract, which calls
for iU) completion Xor uoeup*tMm
Nfrv#»mhor thty firnt.
Among tiK* handsome contributions
sent Mis« PearJ Jones for her bravery
in shooting the negro who atumpted
un tti^sault on her last Sunday morning
was a handsome locket and chain by the
ofTice force of the A. C. L. Kail Road
at South Rocky Mount. The locket
was handsomely engraved on one side
with a monogram of her initials “P E.
J/’ while on the other side are the
words “From Office Forces S. Ry. Mt.
Quite a commotion was caused Sat>
urday evening on Rail Road Street by
the overturning of a buggy In whfch
Mr. Arnold and Mr. Lewis were driv
ing. The overturning of tne Huggy was
due to ihe wheel slipping on the rail
road tie as he was in the act of turn
ing’ from Tarboro up Rail Hoad Street.
^io on^ V/an liurl by the accldcnt ftnd i
due to the Kont\en«»» of tv»e l»orse 1
V>UKKy wikrt dama^Oil V>ut little.
The Btrike of the Boiler M&kers at
the Rail Road Shops here which was
noted in last weeks issue continues with
out uny change. All the men and ap
prentices still stick to their demands
and not a person has gone back to work.
With today at noon they have been out
two weeks. Mr. J. S. Chambers of
Wilmington, Superintendent of Motive
Power for the A. C. L., was here Tues
day,but refused to make any statement.
Miss Nina Moore, who lives at the
homeof herstepfather.Mr.Sam BMwards
on Rose street, was awakened from her
slumbers about 3:30 or 4 o’clock Wed
nesday morning by someone crawling
on the floor near her bed. She scream
ed and the miscreant fled by way of
the wirulow through which he had en
tered. Miss Moore was so frightened
«\\M cou\il not v^Vvet-her It
was a negro or a white person. As
yet there is no clue to the person.
■ An alarm of fire was turned in Satur
day morning i>bout8 o’clock from the
4th wanl, which proved to be the new
Steam Laundry which began work only
a few weeks ago. The fire was just
outside the building and was caused by
the gas generator bursting. The gen
erator was in a small wooden structure
and thfs coupled with the fact that
there were several gallons of gasoline
)n the tank made it quite a blaze. The
damage was about $40, covered by in
surance. The proprietors request us to
state that this will in no way retard the
work otthe laundry.
HkIm a Edwaxb thu we-
oeived a aolid e*r load of .‘i'hii.j.jMi
li. Brewer iMt week bought
Mr. U
•X P. B KYbfcS”; llOi St Kl RNtD
Six Persons Narr..wi. >: Wiih
I-. K. ujMsr was awakened
about 2 o’clock Tuesday morning by the
noise of cracking wood, lie opened his
from Mr, T. C. Coleman a piece of land i bed room door and was met by a vol-
50 fe«t facing Main street and 110 feet I ume of smoke and flame. He then at-
deep, on the comer of Western Avenue
and Uain slre«t.
The officers of the ?*re8byterian
church met last night to decide upon a
plan for a new church. They will begin
building at once a handsome brick itnict-
ure to cost about $12,000.
Mr W. S. Moye received a
Tuesday that Tom Littleton, the Rocky
Mount horse that is commonly known
u the Herring horse, had won |an im-
portarit race at Baltimore in the 2:22
class going the fifth heat in 2-17 1-4.
At"the re^lar meeting of the Pyth
ians Monday night the following oflic
era were elected: J. P. Shearin, C. C.;
W. D. Gresham, V. C.; R. B. 0//en»
P ; D. R. C»peU«.M.
M. f:.: c:'v:'««wn, of [of tho^ up..tain, was t!.
A3..Z. Z. Mann. I. G.; J. W. Thur r
man, O. Q. openn -
Last Saturday night Policeman Car-
ter arrested Horace Faign, colored, on | flames so ■••h.- hravelv
a warrant charging him with entering rcceivol
the home of Elijah Turner, with feloni
ous intent, who lives on Mrs. W. R.
Winstead’s farm several miles from
Rocky Mount. Faign worked for Tur
ner ajid he is charged with entering the
home a week before his arrest. He
was discovered by Mrs. Turner, who
was awakened it is alleged, by Faigh
touching her while asleep. She scream
ed and the person ran, but left his cap
which Mr. and Mrs. Turner state be
longed to Faigh. The latter when ar
rested came along with Policeman Car
ter without resistance, but when the
policeman was locking him up, he broke
> ♦'..Moir *
I )AUOHIRH)G«i-joiner
ptc In GrfUiiooru.
Greensboro, June 8—There was cel
ebrated here last night at the !home of
the bride's parents on West Gastoo
street a most brilliant wedding, wh«n
.Mr. William Maurice Daughtridge, of
Rocky Mount, son of Hon. E. L.
Daughtridge, received as his bride the
tempted to go up-stairs to warn the six
occupants upon that floor, but was
beaten back by the flames. How hor
rible his mental condition must have
betn at that time can be imagined, for newspaper correspondent,
he thought that all occupsnts up-stairs The residence was artistically dec-
would peiish. The persons up-stairs j orated, and the wedding took place w
were his daughter. Miss Virginia, his the parlor before an elaborate altar of
telegram I two sons, Vernon and Howell, his father ' moral loveliness. At each side uf this
- EJitorlal In Ibc Louis-
»illt Courier-Journal.
(Louiaville Courier-Journal. I
, , r esteemed contemporary. The
illy Obaerver, of the good city of
l^arlotte. in the renowned Old Tar
ate, calls our attention —the Observer
i ly lined: beneath '*hoee fol(?s he carried ,
, ready for use, »it ami phiosophy, poe-,
l«»mrning — ^ ‘
lovely and accomplished Mis.s Mary |nothing unnoticed to a case of
Lee Joyner, daughter of Mr. Andrew i *^^r»ight, not of neglect, on the part
Joyner, the well known and succeasfull°^^heCoutier-Journal.
Coui^lc-Journal was in a
mood. The pa?t put its touch
# m it—the tragic past- and, little
ts»rfully, !.[ us confess, it was looking
aant masiodian Be*k mad* ^maM ^ re-
tensions -and along with tlKoc. a lieart
as big as a meeting houae.
(loJs. w ith w hat tr-.3k03 hf smote the
Money IVvil: with what satire and in
vective. with what knowledge of the j
old beasts peculiar curves; with what
prophet’s instinct and reach of arms:
spmdiog a few days with her
Mrs. U. F. Oau^rfitridgr.
Uen* About People
Who Q)me and Go
Mr. F. A. Hyman left Monday for
business trip to Wilson.
in-law, Rev. J. K. Howell and two ^ there were pillars draped with while
young men in his employ, Me.ssr«. Z-no and wound with daisy chain.s, each aup-
■MannandJ. L. Cherry. ' porting a candelabra holding lighted
Upon realizing his inahilty to get up- tapers. The altar itself wa.s bankid
stairs and warn the occupants of their j with palms and ferns, while the room
danger, Mr. Kyser states he was para-1 was ornamented with a profusion of
lyzed with horror to such an extent! ferns and».
propi»:. . , Saturday
and lord, lord, bow hia fingers did knock I to relativea in Oxford.
, them out with lluii wondrous display of
remin-i power and pathos when he on^e recited
The Song of tht Shirt?” Who
for a
apparently for purU unknoivn.
Last Thursday was a big day for the
Confederate Veterans who assembled
here in large number to attend the ex
ercises and dinner given by the Daugh
ters of the Confederacy Bethel Heroes
Chapter. Meeting in the opera house
prayer was offered by Rev. J. K. How
ell. This was followed by a sot.g by
Mrs. Geo. J. Hales, who thrilled her au
dience with the melody of her voice
and the beautiful sentiments of the
song. Mrs. M. R. Braswell accompan
ied her as pianiast. Misses Tempie
Whitehead, Ella Lee Morman and
Annie Lee Bunn acted as ushers. Hon.
B. H. Bunn in faultless style and choice
and appropriate language and senti
ment introduced the speaker of the
occasion, Lieut. Governor Francis D.
Winston.fThe latter’s speech was a gem.
apace‘to if.
for It waa' mucb appreciated and en-
joy«Kl and was an able one from every
point of view. After the exercises and
speech a fine barbecue dinner was
served and all told it was a pleasaoit oc
casion indeed for the old veterans.
An Alarming Situation
frequently results from neglect of clog
ged bowels and torpid Uver, until con
stipation becomes chronic. This condi
tion is unknown to those who use Dr.
King's New Life Pills; the best and
gentlest 'regulators, of Stomach and
Bowels. Guarnteed by Griffin’s Drag
Store. Price 25c.
r up
and Mnj. Ned Ricks» who live
foiir miles from Rocky Mount,
upon arising early Wednesday morning
r t that a jroutiff white J
— tty ttOouC alx W^«J#CO
old, was lying in half of a telescope on
their front porch. It was a tine healthy
looking child and there was nothing to
do but take care of the little stranger
who was entirely too young to care
whether he was welcome or not. Sev
eral days later they gave the child to
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Melton who live
near Dorches. Later Mrs. Ricks decid
ed she wanted to adopt the little fellow
and went to Mrs. Melton to secure pos
session, but her heart had warmed to
the Innocent little stranger and she
said nay, nay.
Sometime ago Blount Bros. Co.
bought a piece of land on Main street
abjoining Savings Bank building 40x
110 feet. Recently Mr. W. D. Cochran
bought the same amount of land ad-
joiningthe said named land. Now
~~l vvho are two of the
in Rocky Monnt, have given
a cdhiirt'-’t to D. J, Rose & Co. for the
erection of a two story handsome brick
strtucture to cover their entire land.
The stores will be equipped with hand
some inside fixtures and everything
will be put in to make a modern build
ing. Work will begin at once and the
contract calls for their completion this
year, The cost of the two stores
will be in the neighborhood of $20,0(M).
We are in receipt of the following in
Mr. and Mrs, T. C. Smith
invite you to be present at the
marriage of their daughter
Nita Woodson
Mr. Thoa. Henry Griffin
Wednesday evening June the twentieth
nineteen hundred and six
at five-thirty o’clock
Saint Andrew's Presbyterian Church
Wilmington, North Carolina.
that in attempitin'T -s(/und an
h»! couW only
■fh ■ -“Xf' -rif Hv-
!lwt^ and t-.v
Misrt Vir-
Mcr d.Jor Wris met
with fire and She t!)ought the
only way to escape waijto burst I hroug)i
ran through
p;iinfu', but not
serious burn. Mr. huwelland Vernon
and Howell escap ! ...v c.a.viin^f out of
a window ontu th;- fro;it porch and lel-
ting themselve.«5 (]-»v. n I’.v n tree the
limbs of which vverc uvt jeafiing iht
porch. Messrs. Mur r'. an'] Cherry
escapcd by ciimbing down the sewer
In the meantime a shimII crowd had
gathered and in a'.iout 20 minutes after
the alarm a stream of • aier was turned
on from tho wa*' T works. But the
pre?r,ure was not stro’ g enough to put
thp firp out and it moun!« d iiiirher and
l73Tvi».«- il/t.d h,n- -P
p’ortunately a rain iiafi wet house tups
I and there wa.s littk-(hiiiAjer of the^jparks
setting fire to other hou.‘^es. The fire
engine was finally gotten to work and
as usual this did the work. The fire
company worked hard and kept a house
adjoining not more than 15 fv^et away
from burning, Mr. Kyser’s liouse and
practically all his furniture were con
sumed. The total loss is estimated at
$6,0J0, with insurance $4,250.
The origin of the fire is unknoA'n.
It originated in the kitchen.
It seems to us that this fire makes
apparent the fact that this town needs
better fire protection. We mean no
reflection on the fire company, for the
nembers of our fire company are
most faithful and intelligent workmen
and should and do receive the apprecia
tion of the citizens ojt. the Lqwa*. But
nre company ctiT»not- muKe pressure
of the present system of water works.
We don’t consider the fault lies at any
man’s door. It is just the condition of
the system. What is needed is to have
conditions so that within a reasonable
length of time after an alarm it will
be possible to have strong streams
of water playing on the fiames.
It was the expressed opinion of a
large number of thos* present at the
fire that had the engine been throwing
the streams of water first played on
the fire that it would have extinguish
ed the flames before the house was de
stroyed. We pass it the town authori
ties if it would not be money well
invested to have horses ready to
rush the engine out at the same time
the present horses takes the hose reel.
A gas burner could be arranged so as to
keep the water hot in the engine all
the time so that stoam couIl bo fcotten
up in a few minutes. And .vi, would
not be a bad idea to have two ' tire en
The Very Best Remedy for Bowel Trou
Mr. M. F. Borroughs, an old and well-
known residentofBlufTton, Ind., Says:
I rewrd Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy as the very best
remedy for bowel trouble. I make this
statement after having used the rem
edy in my family for several years. I
am never without it.” For sale ;by all
Whitakers, N. C.
Jnne 11, ISOfi.
The Ladies Aid Society of McTvfi.'
ttr CiOlU .K«/CK, Will givo u aupper
Tuesday evening:, begintng at 4 o’clock
P. M., June 19th. For the benefit of
the M. E. Churck at that place. Con
sisting of Ice cream. Cake, Barbecue
and Brunswick Stew.
The public cordially invited to attend.
Miss Lucy Vaughn, Pres.
Following Ihe Flagf.
When our soldiers went to Cuba and
the Philippines, health was the most
important consideiation. Willis T.
Morgan, retired Commissary Sergant
U. S. A., of Rural Route 1, Concord,
N. H., says: “I was two yesrs in Cuba
and two years in the Philippines, and
being subject to colds, I took Dr.
King’s New Discovery for Consumption,
which kept me in perfect health. And
now, in New Hampshire, we find it the
best medicine in the world for coughs,
bronchial troubles and all lung diseases.
Guarranteed at Griffin’s Drug Store.
Price 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle free.
Very Importantt
Congregational meeting at the Pres
byterian church next Sunday let all
come! Pastor.
We are sorry to chonicle the death
of Mr. Reuben E. Thomas, who died at
his home on Hammond street Sunday
night of peritonitis after an illness of
about 10 days. The funeral was held
from the home at 11 A. M. Monday af
ter an interment was made in Pine-
view Cemetery. Mr Thomas was about
20 years old and had been employ
ed at Mr. W. T. Willifords store. He
was held in high esteem by all who
knew him. ^
We, the undersigned, members of
the Rocky Mouut Bar, heartily endorse
the candidacy of R. A. P. Cooley.
Esq.. of Connf-.V.
onip una ear/iestJy urge *Uie. voters of
the Co\4^ty to give him a loyal support.
He i' an attractive lovable man.
a brilliant speaker, an able lawyer,
and will worthily fill this important ;of-
Jacob Battle,
W. L. Thorp,
Jos. B. Ramsey,
E. B. Grantham,
Tjws. H. Battle.'
June 12, 1906.
I carried this paper to the office of
Hon, B. H. Bunn, but round that he
was in Wilmington. I know that he
supports Mr. Cooley's candidacy. He
always stands by Nash County.
Jacob Battle.
larjiy banked
At quarter after eight Professor
Thomfjson began the rythmic niel*dy
of Mendelssohn’^ Wedding M «rch, un^’
j the bridal party entered th*" hal , pi-
j ceeding to the parlor for the c« r mony.
I The bridal procession was U* ^ by the
Hev. Sanders R. Guignard, rector of
St. Andrew's church, after him com
ing the four iiftie fl .wer -Ntis'^f.-.
Lillian Merrim-n. Allen I’itg. Kut-il*
Young j»nd .Mary Br^dt, eac‘i r
aiJ in pure while, arro carryiij*; dai.-\
chains with which \hcy bar;ei 'h- d > r
way of the pH.^lor and made a p »ih
way to the aUar until the aip'-arHM. t-
of the bride, il.i-i being the ^itnal fo*
the dropping of the chains: Fo loAir’g
the flower girls was the dam^^ of honor,
Mrs. Lula Daughtridge Kockj
Mount, aunt
-isior of thi' bi-icii’, and
triijg^c, ^i«ior of (iie bridegroji
bride.sma»\is were charm**'*^^^ gowned
in creation.! of whi{e p^hiffon « mbroid
ered wiih dj^.isies made up with
yellow silk girrlles and carried chitfon
i muffs, from which streamers of daises
trailed gracefully to the floor.
Next after the bridesmaids came the
groom’s best man, Mr. Archie Bulluck,
of Wilm'ngton, and after him the lit
tle ring bearer, Master Donald Van
Noppen, who carried the ring in tne
center of a white rose. Then entered
the bride with her father, Mr. Andrew
Joyner. She was a picture of grace
and loveliness, gowned in white taf-
fetta silk trimmed with duchess lace
and embroidered with daisies. Before
the ceremony Miss Maude Bulluck of
Wilmington, sang “Becau'^e” in a
most exquisite manner, while vluring
the marrmge rites of tl^e Kpiscop^l
cTiurcii ri otcaaor i OompsOn renUertsJ
softly Schubert’s Serenade.
At the conclusion of the ceremony a
delightful reception was held, at which
were present many guests from both
in and out of the city. Tne guests
were received at the hall dcK>r by Mes
dames Charles Van Noppen and J. R.
Cutchin, Misses Bettie Aiken Sand and
Robin Webb Mickle. In the west par
lor, where the ceremony took place,
the receiving party consisted of Mr.
and Mrs. Andrew Joyner, Mrs. Lula
Daughtridge and the bridal party. In
the east parlor were Mrs. Alice Speight
and Miss Bessie Howard and here were
displayed the many handsome wedding
gifts, which consisted of cut glass,
china, silver, and laces in profusion.
This room was decorated ;,with ft rn*',
magnolias and white roses.
The punch bowl was placed in the
hall, nud at it presided MirtuoM V«,
Cutclun and Minni^-i^ield. These were
daintily gowned in white with yellow
girdles. In the dining loom where re
freshments were served the decoration
carried out the color scheme of white,
green and yellow most beautifully.
From the chandelier to each corner nf
the table beneath were streamers of
tulle wound with smilax, these being
fastened to the corners of the table
with clusters of sweet peas. Beneath
the chandelier was suspended with
white satin ribbon, a basket of roses
and fernS and on the center table was
placed a mirrior on the surface of
which lay carelessly scattered roses,
while about it was smilax. Here re
freshments consisting of ice cream and
cake, carrying out the color scheme,
were served by Mrs. Marvin Nash,
Misses Katherine Davis, Emily Joyner,
Ellen Cutchin Lilia Justice, Rose Tur
ner and Anna Bradfield. « -
Following tlie recention Mr »p.i .
left for Waahington,
New York, and other northern cities.
They will be at home in Rocky Mount
after the twentieth of June.
Out-of-town guests at the wedding-
were the Honorable E. L. Daughtridge
Mrs. Lula Daughtridge, J. C. Daugh-
ridge and Miss Clyde Daughtridge, o-
Rocky Mount; D. A, Bulluck and Miss
Maude Bulluck, of Wilmin*?ton; Miss
Robina Webb Mickle, of Winston-
Salem; Mrs. Alice Speight, of Reiis
ville, Miss'.Vernou Cutchin, of Whiia
kers, N. C., Prof, H. M. Holt, of Oa'
Ridge and several others.
v)ver thedarkliiig passageway
years that will neverconu*again, j
up with the belove 1 and the migh- j
tjWeatl. It had taken a flock of its |
y4n.»er readers upon its lap in a caress* •
in|grandmotherly way and was tellinK |
the meWncholy atory of J
“old 2»bip of Zion," thei- l
.idwell, aft^rotfr Jiro^lier j
'• in prayer, wilt vou^
inging that good oW
i F ee
.id of
. n k 01
.1 I).'
Jcii nr4> ;t .sia’e of f» nzv :
'■■ing n .t What lii- y »l.e\
nya'.ij rage* agains'
iiid courageou-s olfic-'
To Ihe Richest Man.
Constipation makes the cold drag along.
Get it out of you. Take Kennedy's
Laxative Honey and Tar cough syrup.
Contains no opiates. Sold by Griffin’s
Drug Store. May & Gorham.
You cannot Induce a lower animal to
eat heartily when not feeling well. A
sick do^ starves himself, anl ^etswell.
I Tlie stomacU oiice overworktfii, uiust
' have rest the same as your foet or
eyes. You don’t have to starve to rest
just in the propotion that your stomach ,
worries you. Worry means the loss of ■ niakes the L.
ability to do your best. Worry is to be ■
avoided at all times. Kodol will take
the worry out of your stomach. Sold
by Griffin’s Drug Store, May & Gorham.
Its sound sense that we teli you
Your work costs less dollars anj i-
best every time yo:i use the L & \f.
You do ll.iluLil... u.ilh
Ion or L. & M. than with two ^^ThTas
of other paints and the L. & M Zitu-
hardens the L. &. M. Wliite Lead an I
& Af. Paint wear like
plei^JcJoin us in
*‘|be haacaiiitd ni3hy U.ousar>'s
A'.“ a 1 Carry rtinny mort;?^" -
\S> a- w». le sayirg. iW
rier4' uruai w;u ti-Hing how once
a n^\ a wicked olirwitc^i. na n
Sil'*^^‘‘^d Kt«len at>oard iii ih.' d
the I ’ht and had drujfi^ed i,h“ d
ih.-(? -v whil.i ih-y a Uen
h .irf>'.vok- ; n i look their n>- r
lauj : th
.nd ‘i *w
ro-e H *nu
laiilif l. traif.ei.
r'T^. ..lading tlu ni adiift in a lenkj* b-.)at
■o th.'nhospii able ^horx s of a de^eri
islar^.^ n-v.-rmofi', and
>''>‘icir ulace:* a uumSer tie
„n^y^, m 1^1 ^ ■!
Jn, mF^^RfllRarne and
waters hissed and roared, and
ives leaped mounluin'high.- until
p, l.aving no pilot, flound« ring
und thuher at the mercy of the
ts; the poor sail'>rs. quite at
it’s end, ran at last into the
■3 and upon the rocks. And how
the ‘ Protection,” which
p^op!? thought had been sent to the
bott^iw years before, but tii^hich some
how kept afloat and refitted and
ordei td to sea again, came sailing along
that iay. And how she was we.l fixed
to ioilhe free-booting of her owners.
Messjs. High Taritf, High Finance &
Commny! «^How she was iron-clad be-
low vie w^ter-line and steel-plated
abovift; how she ca^ied tons ot stolen
moner foV ballast; how her officers were
not heroes, but atiper^eargoes
carepIV selected from a fa\t*red ^ass
OP cViw-weP!
ffiJt'oy sailor-men;'^ut by poor worked-
people, some of them duped into the
service, but most of them impressed,
and how she had been turned loose to
drive off the high seas the very emblem
of America, to warn the commerce of
the world away from our coasts, and to
defend the Chinese wall erected at the
people’s expense, for the sole benefit
of the close-corporation of speculators
and millionaires which had chartered
her, and was running her for all she
was worth, the black flag of piracy fly
ing at her mast head!
This wretched hulk, ‘‘Protection,”
for underneath the iron clothing and
the steel plating, all was worn out and
rotten, came fullof conceit sailing that
way, and spied our poor old “Ship o'
Zion ’ in her most awful plight, water*
logged and unprovisioned, unarmed ex
cept lor the bows-and-arrows which had
»^«'caW|.nfov^ed out Of-Vifilksia no*, yet
brave&ind fuU of fight!
These things, the Old Lady at the
Corner—as here in Louisville The
C urier-Journal is sometimes called-
was telling the nice little Democratic
boys and girls, who had gathered about
her knee and climbed into her ever-
open arms, crying, “Gramma, tell us a
story.” and “Gramma, tell us some
n»ore.” And she was already “gettin'
powerful choked and mighty disforgit-
ful,” as Uncle Remus would say. It
had been particularly hard for her to
talk about the dead, about Beck and
Wells and Hunt and “the dear old par-
sCe Merchant,” Moore, and the rest. If
she ha J got to Vance “superb old Zeb
Vance,’’that would have done her up
“fo* sho’.'* Yet—and, after this long
prelude, here we reach the matter at
issue—The Charlotte Observer rises up
in meeting and says:
of th{^i
certatfy _have been
Senato^^eck died his manteffeil upon
Senator Vance, who. by natural ability
and close study of this subject made
himself the master of it and the most
formidable speaker and debater in the
Senate on the side of the revenue tariff
Hark’ee, friend and fellow-student
did’st never ask a hundred nobodies to
a party, and forget your next-door neigh
bor.' Well, that was it—only that and
nothing more; for to omit from the list
of the Giants of those days, the name
of Vance, were to leave out Sidney from
the age of Elizabeth, Rupert from the
Cavaliers, who fought Cromwell, and
Nathaniel Green, from the Field Mar
shals that .surrounded Washington in
the War of the Revolution.
Vaflce stood all by hiniself, a cl ar- j
a personality, an intellect, an in- j
quite his own. He had indeed ,
Studied the question, and had studied iij
that heard it will ever forget those
tones a?? standi'g in the Senate, sur-
roumied L^y the altJiiieys »f Mammon,
in the very teeth of the Giay Wolves,
he began slowly, almost solemnly:
“With fingers weary and worn.
With eyelids heavy and red.
A woriii.n sat in unwomanly rags.
Plying her needle and thread.”
Ar»5 thi.;. «.ith iia wailint note —
to be f*. slave,
Alorg with the barbarous Turk.”
And tnis^ *
*^t is not linen y u't wearing out,
Bu^ human creature’s lives.”
And this —
“Oh God. that bre.i3 should be so
And flesh and bloo^l so ch«£p.”
Forget hi«n? Leave him out? Him,
A'ho fought with Ikoth Beck and Car-
li.sle, s niting th;? mailed legions of th*-
Yrllow Ricij. hip'and chiah-wlio, with
r.m Corsv'n and «>ur o a n Proctor Knoll
p uretl a fl Mk] of snnshin- as well ai^
•v...dijin ;.ji 1 !ear iufc> i. to the public
life of iheir timt —making the genius
oi‘American statesaiansl^p a geniler
side and Ij^ivinx to all time a tlessed
and immoral Trinii# leave-him out.
And at the precise moment when Dem
' - v»,hich he rv,. ! so valiantly
III.' ■
JHU i-ec
anil returniiiif to th ot:0 rll^ern issUe
otv which it lias carried the country;
the key to the trend of ^le times; the
cue to the political future; to-wit, that
internal taxation mast b*^* belaid equally
on and for all the people and the
duties collected at ifTe Custom
Mibs Hattie Bunn left Monday
visit to relatives in Elaleigh.
Mrs. R. B. Owens left Tuesday for
Battleboro to visit relatives.
Mr. B K. Butm left for a business
trip to Wdmington Tuesday.
Mr. James I. Thomas, of Wilson,
was here TueMay on business.
Dr. L. L. Staton of Taz^xjro, spent
^Jiionday in our city ^
1 Mr. Q. W. CoghiU left Monday for a
ten days sL.My in northern cities.
Mr. R. B.' Davi:?, Jr., left Thursday
for a business trip to Wilmington.
Ml. C. F.^ Copeland left Saturday
fora business trip to Norfolk. Va.
Mr W. D. Munn, «f Timmonsville.
S^C.i^spent last Sunday in our city.
Dr.^. C. Braswell of Whitakers,
was in our city Monday on business.
Miss Mar>- Hardison left today for a
feiA days .«tay at Wiiijhtaville Beach.
R v. Di^G. D. Sirlckland returned
to his liotnc in Hi, Iimi.xmI, Va., Mund »>■
MissN.mniie Paris relumed Satur
day from u visit to reletivea in Oxford.
.\trs. J. A. Karmer and children of
Wilson are visiting relatives in the city.
Hon. B H . Bunn left Tuesday for a
^voral l.uiujjaa J^rip to Wilminn-
Mr. li. \V. 3"eftrt
shall be ‘^for revenue onji'?’
^ -
Krget him? Not on»yolS‘ life!
Kentucky hai s ihe Old North State,
Kentucky cherishes the memory,oC lie*
great and loved ones, ljut among them
the name that, like Abou Ben Adhem’
■‘lead all the rest,is not th^t o'
Vance, the Senator, ot Vance tlft palg
din, but“jess plaih old Zeb Vance.”
Have we succeeded in squaring the
oversight, and making it clear to you.
Brother Caldwell ?
If your stoma^i troubles you dd not
conclude that there is no cure, for a
^rea.t many Vxjen peTmanontly
ed bv v;i.4*a.ov A
Liver Tablets. Try them, they are
certain to prove beneficial. They only
cost a quarter. Sold by All Druggists.
att«iviinK the marrlAcv *'I>an>r
of Honor” of W. M. Oaughtridse.
Meaars. K. W. South and H. M.
Avent left Tuesday for Gr««iiaboro to
attend the meeting of the Pythiana of
the State in seasion there thia week.
Rev. R. B. Owena and Mr. K. F.
Arrington left Tuesday for Hendersoo
to attend the Episcopal Convention
which convened at that place Wedne«*
Mr, and Mrs. Frank Howell andohikl
left Monday for Virginia Beach. Mr.
Howell returned Tuesday. His wif«
and child will remain ther^ about a
Menars. Joe Harh^ey, J. t).
and Lewis FoUAijainuTtWtded
oon- Morda.'. Kim City w>r
fcore of 6 to I. *4
Messrs. Clarence Swindell and R.
Palmer left ”'!dne9day for Wright
Beach meeting of
State ^ ’V, which 1
M r. K J
was WAT
Howard, of W*.
our city Tuesday «S4..
home in Golddboro.
Messrs. Lewis Fountain, C. F. t
land, Hu^h Williford and Joey
tain attended the Washingto.^
City liase bail game in Elm C‘
day. Elm City won by the sccn-
For Treasurer.
Rocky Mount, N. C.
May 26th, 1906.
To the democratic voters of Nash
1 am a candidate before the primaries
called for June 16th for the nomination
for the office of Treasurer of Nash
I solicit yourvote and influence.
If nominated and elected, I promise
personally to perform the duties of the
My first object with the county funds
will be security.
The people shall have every conveni
ence extended to them they now have
and more if it is possible.
II b« as equally deposit
nijrht from a business trip to Wilmlnir-
Miss Virginia Kyser returned Mon
day fromr.a Visit to relatives in Kal-
Mr. Basil Muse and Will Woodard re-
t)urn«d,Krulav from Carolina Commence-
Mr. Caleb Horne returned Saturday
morning from a visit to relatives in
Miss (^ude Bassett'left Tuesday for
her h»n)e in Danville Va., to spend the
Mrs. H. B. .HaM. and son Norment,
left Tuesday for a, visit to relatives in
Mr .Jqc Ragisey returned Friday from
the Utjiversity Commenc»mei
Mr. Jim Fender, or Taruoro, spent
Monday night here and left Tuesday for
Richn.ond, Va.
Miss Tempie Fitts left Wednesday
for a several weeks visit to relatives
in Wilmington.
Mrs. A. T. Ivey and daughter. Miss
Bessie, of Raleigh, are visiting rela
tives in the city.
Mr. Bruce Sugg, of Sanford, Fla.,
spent several days in the city this week
visiting friends.
Mr. Edgar Bundy, of Kinston, came
Mbnday night to visit at the home of
Mr. J. L. Horne.
Miss Mary Schultz left Tuesday for
Richmond, Va., after a short visit to
relatives in the city.
Miss Eleanor White, of Tarboro, left
Monday after a visit to her friend.
Dr. J. W. BlschofT an4 wife of V»
ington, D. C. * stopped off Saturdu^
between trainit with Mias Mata Wi^
aleadj one of their pupils. !>■. Biwho^
u ai\d com'ioaer of wid«
pr. CliarleB F. bmith^n leavM-rue*-
(iay -for|he hforth Caroli^ Dental Cojir
vention which cbovenes in High I'oint
on June 20, and(holds‘ forth for three
days. Dr. Smithsoi) will return to th»
city Saturday Iftorning.
FOUND—an umbrella. Owner by
describing same can secure it from
Whitfield Clary, by paying for this
Dr. W. H. Wakefiield, of Charlotte
will be in Rock^ ttount at Motel
Quthrell on Thursday June 2Bth. His
practice Is limited [to the medical and
surgical treatment of Eye, Ear, Noee
and throat diseases and Fitting Glass
Tho money will be as equu,.y Morton.
pmiuiiiiiBn WWW
All statements mfi'ie in regard to my
being the candidate of any bank
and intending to favor one bank n-ore
than another are absolutely untrue.
Very respectfully,
Thomas M. Arrington.
Just as soon as you feel that your
food does not properly digest, that you
taste it after eating, that the tongue is
furred, the breath heavy, the appetite
poor, the head dull and aching, begin
the use of Mi-o-na stomach tablets.
This is not s( patent medicine, and its
formula i!s furnished to all intelligeat
people who may desire it. It makes
positive and lasting cures, and is sold
under an absolute guarantee that it
cures all diseases of the stomach excep
ting cancer. ,
Ask Griffin’s Drug Store to show you
the guarantee they give with every 50
cent lx)x of Mi-o-na.
El'blic is hereby notified that the
Cuthrell of
the ; KockyiUuiJ
Homestead & LoaiTAsSbciltlon having
been lost, a duplicate will be applied for.
F, P. Spruill, See. & Tres.
Sore Muscles.
Prominent athletes throughout the
country find that the best treatment
for sore muscles after severe exercise
or hard work of any kind, is a hot bath
at bed time, which opens the pores.
This shouid immediately be followed
with an application of Chamberlain’s
Pain Balm vigorously rubbed into the
skin. This liniment removes all stiffness
and soreness and has become a favorite
rub down, as it acts promptly and keeps
the muscles in excelert condition. For
sale by All i?ruggists.
Lost or Strayed.
A young setter dog white wroley
{ hair v/ith liver color :head with larg.'
Miss Julia Hill of Wilmington, spent
several hours in the city Tuesday en-
route to Richmond Va.
Mr. W. N. Royall, of Wilmington,
passed through our city Friday enroute
to Norfolk on business.
Mr. W. L. iFelton and children, of
Wilson, came Friday to visit at the
home of Mr. I. W. Bass.
Mr. Thomas H. Battle and son Hy
man left Wednesday fora few days visit
to relatives in Henderson.
■ Mr. E. R. Wooten, the popular sup
erintendent for the Coast Line at Nor
folk, was here this week.
Mr. Ernest F. Hines, of Florence,
S. C.', came Monday for a several day’s
visit to relatives in the city.
Miss Lucile Mills of Scotland Neck,
visited friends in the city Friday en
route home from Wil mingtom
I hereby unnou»vcej®yacl^ a cmivOu\
ate for re-election to the oftlce ot
Sheriff of Nash county, subject to thi{
action of the (Democratic fPrimari^^o
be held on the 16th day of June, fBo6.
If re-nominated and elected it shall t>e
my aim and pleasure [to serve the in
terests of the county witn that same
faithfulness that has been my endeavor^
in the past. _
Yours faithfutty,
Willis M. W»rr»n.
Gifts for Graduates.
See Woodruffs for seasonable and
suitable gifts for the graduates and
other scholars who have made good re
cords at schoDl this year.
Griffin For Coroner.
To the Democratic Voters of Nash
I beg to announce Tnyself a candidate
for the office of Coroner of Nash Coun
ty, subject to the action of the Demo
cratic primaries t- be held in the vari
ous townships on Saturday June 16th.
John H. Griflftn.
like the thinker and the scholar that
he was. When Beck fell, and his man
liver colored spot on cne sidt* near the
flank a proper rewar^l will be paid if
relumed to J. D. Christian, Rocky
Royal Photo Gallery open every Fri
day and Saturday. (
6-14- 3t. A. R. Nunn.
4 gallons L. & M. mixed with 3 gal- •*. » ,,
Ions Lipse, d Oil will paint a moderate ’ when it was new. but oldan i
sized hou.^. i ragged and worn fell with him. Vane.-
A. T. F. rrel. Riverhead, N. Y., gently picked it up and laid it sadly away
T Writes, -16 y.ars ago painted with | He did not put it on. It would not
Only n.w requires repaint-
^Id by Gorha n & Matthews, Rocky , wore already, a mantle of his own, a
Mount, N. C. - , . . - _
mantle made of splendid stuff and riih-1 ^af: by All SfuggisTs'
If you knew the value of Chatnber-
lain's Salve you would never wish c >
w without it. Here are s »me of the
diseases for which it is t^sp'ciaily valu
able: sore nipples, chapped huiids, burn.-.
fr«t bites, chilblains, chronic sore eye -,
itching piles, tetter, salt rheum aiui
eczema. Price 25 cents per box. For
returned home Tuesday after spendio^
the winter with relatives here*
Mr. Gordon Battle, after several
weeks visit to relatives in this section
left Saturday for his home in New
Messrs. W. J. Taylor, T. 0. Draper
and W. G. Williams returned Monday
from a several days stay at Virginia
Mr, and Mrs. E. R. Hines of Flor
ence, S. C.. returnrd home Sunday
night after a several day’s visit to
relatives here.
The Wilson base hall team passed
through the city Tuesday enro'jte to
Washington N. C., to meet the local
team of that place.
Prof. W. V. Boyle left Toe:>day for
Raleigh to attend the meetings of the
State Teacher’s Association which con-
venes there this week.
The members of the Washington Base
Ball Team, which played in Elm City
Friday, spent Friday night and Satur
day morning in this city.
Miss Nannie L. Borst, of Pe ersburij,
Va., returned home Saturday, after
S. T. F. Ellen Annonnces Candidacy For
The House.
If a sufficient number think that
am the propper man and will so ei^
themselves in the Democratic pri.
for Nash county I will great!
ate it. And will be glad to serv
in the next House of Representa
S. J. F. Ell
Candidate for S(ierlfl.
To the voters of Na«h County; '-l
I hereby announce fjiat I will be a cand
idate ^fore the Democratic primaries
for the office r>4-9heriff of Na.*^
Candidate lor Coroner.
Having served the people of Nash
County the Itist two years I hereby ask
the voters to nominate me to that posi
tion again in the coming Democratic
primary. Thanking the people in ad
vance for their support.
John S. Proctor.
Candidate for Treasurer.
I hereby anuounce myself afcandidate
for the office of Treasurer of Nash
County, subject to the actir>n of the
democratic primaries. 1 promise if
elected to give the proper attention to
the duties of the office to tiie
best of my abililty.
May 29th, 1900.
W. I*. Davis.
I hereby announce my canJMacy for
the Democratic nomination for .'herifT
of Nash county, at the primaries to be
held June 16th. next.
Jan-.ei .M. Baines,
Jackao-i Township.

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