North Carolina Newspapers

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gottish Chief.
PR VOL. I -NO. 34.
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Krmer and (S
-Robma, Harv
21 counties.
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gJrrtoui court o the
Zed to bit care.
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t STTH 0 O L.
UAJtY 1, 1890.
ough practical school with prices
; the Lard times. The health and
hot the location cannot be surpass-'
w me ror. circulars. Address,
J. A. MONROE, A. M.,
f "
fuauerBrldee. N. C. Jan. 8. 18
Jrr. 1
Accidents. Calamities Pleasant Hews and
Notes of Industry.
George Miller was arrested at Alexan
dria, charged with using the mails to
Five workmen were injured by the
falling timbers in the new ice factory at
Jruart. Pa county,
Joseph Staples, a well-known
of a
gives partic-
affray m
Tf An j' quality a : bm
iea snori none,
Jan 24.
tn field, and pitching tbe babe In cover
ed it over with dirt. Another woman,
working nearby, suspecting the crime,
forced -the inhuman mother to reveal the
snot where she had , burled thibabe. The
dirt was pulled away and the child - res
cued alive. ,
The California board of trade has ask
ed for three acres of space at Jhe Colum
bian Exhibition.
Beans are quite plentiful ; so a'so are
Irish potatoes, being unusually early at
this time of the season. Strawberries
are not abundant, and retail at 12$ and
15 cents per qvart . Qieen peas are short.
Blackberries and rapberrie promise an
abnndant harvest this season.
The Charleston, Sumter & Northern
Railroad Co., proposes to erect at once,
a round house, at Sumter. .JL
itesS that
stock company organized, by June 1 to
establish the cotton -seed oil mill, ferti
lizer factory and cotton ginnery at Sum-er.
The Chesterfield County, Alliance
Warehouse Co., has been incorporated
by P. M. Barrantine, C. L. Evans and J.
L. Sellers; capital stock $10,000.
Blacksburg is to have an electric-light
Thi machinery for the Darlington can
ning factory has arrived and busy prep
arations are being made for a commence
ment of business.
can be
16 tf
n't Forget That
gs & nanuin
N. C ,
Are Manufacturers of
1 ' .
jart Riue Lumber and Laths,
fill any bill promptly. Mill
II in the heart of Long
Leaf Fine Section,
&c K ankin.
14, 13S0
16 ly
.vttu. -vwp 0iFi0, m Wi-V""-"'1454V. Dbbs. aecretar
young jnan, got on a spree ana qenea fh"VarWarKance'oicts to have th
arrest. Tne mayor summonea a poBse
of them to take him, when Staples
opened fire on Armilton Woolwine, and
inflicted a mortal wound. Staple also
tned to shoot Mayor Martin, but his
mother prevented him. Staples was
then arrested and lodged in jail.
Memorial Day was grandly celebrated
in Richmond.
The Bnai Brith will assemble in Rich
j mond on June 1.
Lightning struck a tree at Max Mead
ows, under which a magazine had been
built to hold the powder, dynamite, etc.,
used for blasting rock, in constructing
a road. The fire was communicated to
the magazine,, and a frightful explosion j
ensued, tearing up tne trees, rocks and
earth, and blowing them into atoms.
Nearly every window in the little town
was shattered, and those in one side of
the Presbyterian church were blown
Joseph Staples has been arrested in
Stuart, charged with shooting Hamilton
Berry Penn (negro) was sentenced,
in Campbell county to twelve years in
the penitentiary for outrage.
There was quite an excitement at
Jackson, caused by the public whipping i
of a Frenchman named Manie, by an in
dignant citizen. Manie is a glass blower.
He persuaded the nine year-old daughter
of W. O.Casonto enter his shop, and
then attempted- an outrage. He was
frightened by little Irene's screams, and
released her. She ran to her home and
informed her father of the occurrence,
and he had Manie arrested.
After consultation with his friends,
Mr. Cason decided that the proper thing
to do was to publicly whip him with a
horsewhip on the public square. The
man was brought out of jail, and in the
presence of a large crowd, he was given
31 1
A Repetitive of the Alliance Argues
j in Favor of It,
Vill Rica, May 13. Yesterday a
a mad dog went into Mr John Henslee's
field and the children saw him before he
got near to them. They started in a run
to where their mother was, and by this
time Mrs. Henslee had discovered the
vicious large animal, and she run between
th children and the doer, when he at-
or Wri Wr ah nftucrht him and held
him fast until her husband came and kill
pd him. She was not bit, but was
bruised up a good deal, and had her
Mrs Henslee is one of the
Vti s "
bravest women in Georgia, and her cour
age put with her love for her children, is
too much for a maa aog.
Albany. . The first watermelon
was pulled in Pelham today, byJ. J.
Mize. Ventilated cars, are now be
ing received to commence shipping. Pel
ham is the largest melon-shipping point
in -the world. The railroad is now put
tinfTiu a double capacity side- track.
Atlanta. Rev. Sam Small has
annluncid himself 1 a a candidate
from Fulton county, for election to tbe
next Georgia House of Representatives,
on a straight out Prohibition platform.
Auguta,13 Mrs. D. Farmermade
a doorvrfttA effort tnis aitsrnoon io
kill Mrtior E. G. Roane, at Washingto
A Fund of $5000,000 Called for-
. pais Citizens Give Testimony.
Washington. Mr. Edmunds i
duced in the Senate a bill to ettai
ihe University of the United States
bill provides that there shall be est"
ed in the city of Washington a oir
tion t be known as "The UnlTJ,
the Uuited States." It m to consist
and be governed by hoard of rege
composed of tbe President of the Unl
h members of the Presidei
cabinet, the Chief Justice of the Uni
atitM And twelve citizens, no two'
them residents of the same State, J
la aTkrtAintpd hv rnrurrent ret
tion of the two Houses of Congress, y"
. x i i nn aao in
A. BUIU not CitCCUlug fiuv,wwv sJ
be appropriated oy ie w iv
-. nrnnnda and to fTfct the ill
essary ouuaingB iui uc . IThe
sum oi fo,uuo,wow ilthe
principal of aperpetual funa hk .a M
or wmcn to u "-"Tien
ance of tne university, oue bcwiv;
. i tit ikiti t(nA arvtwM a 1 fl At
tne "".pwirrr-ftcts.
rian beiiei oraacuiuusuau m ""8.
prompieu in bh wu.hj, -
prohibition snau noi ue uesmeu m
r.lude the study and consideratio
nhrUtian theoloev. No person oti
wise eligible shall be excluaea irom
benefeits of tne act on account oi ri
color, citizenship, or religious belief
mi a .t rinmmiHot nn fVtmnl
A V. ViaQrinn nnnn nlftTI TOIV .
proving the Mississippi River cha Qnel
Henry Flad, a member of the Missis . -.
River Commission, opposed tne Lake
Borgne outlet system and favorec
narrowing of the channel to 3,0( lQ or
3,500 feet and building revetment and
Col. Ernst, a member of the con imifl
sion, said he believed the expenditu n .
tho commission for the building o
vees was illegal.
H. B . Richardson, uniei .engine Br q
Louisiana, spoke in favor of leveerand
against the outlet system
Capt. Miller; of Memphis a pxl )t Qj
fiftv years' experience, said he the u
the" bed of the river was nsinff. WkB
visible in 1878 had disappeared. frhere
are more shoals in tne river uu-u e
fore. In 1850 there were but two
This was due, he said, to closing t
lets of the stream, irovernmeu
on the levees was wasted because
TiTiTrntof1-pd riointS.
Joltoi Ernst was recalled and sai
850 lashes on the - bare Joackt MrCason I Q Mr8. Farmer
znugn iros.,
O U L 1) I N O S,
Red Springs, N. C.
18, 1889. 12-ly
j ,
ohn H. Inglis,.
TON, - - - N . C.
Room 21, McC'askill House
ii'-U.ii: Rrthrsnn. Richmond and
rlantT ciOTie. Prompt atten-
Ivtn to all business tnt;uttd to
4. 1880. ' 10 Iv
Fear & Yaffil-Valley Railroafl,
I f In Effect Bebruary 16, 1890.
jiornk Bocnd. l.
Wilminfirton 9 40 am
I At P47 Ue 1 45 Pm
Fayetteville 2 15 pm
Ly Sinf ord 3 53 pm
At Gfeensboro 6 40 pm
f HiT Genboro 7 10 pm
IjT Walnut Cove s 43 pm
Ly Mjt Airy 10 45 pm
L BonetUVllla ,
t Maxton
(At Madison
3. No.
naoaiing Ri Wp. biu-ju. -i N eased
ed from Manie's bacK, and when re
h was barelv able to crav:! awa;
was made to leave town at once. Public
sentiment endorses the punishment:
Morris Baker, city drummer for Max
Rosenheim, a prominent wholesale to
bacco dealer of Nashville, has gotten
away with $1,800 of his employer's
monev. Barker was a trusted employe,
and had been with Rosenheim over
eight years. He is twenty-eight years
of age and single, lie nas Dten aiteuit-
ing to pick the winning numoers, uu
has also held hands in poker games,
andeneaered in chasing the nckle god
dess in the crap -room. He has,
now, borne an elegant reputation.
The South Pittsburg Pipe Works of
ftrmth Pittsburg, sent the first solid
train of cast iron pipe ever snipped.
from the South. It consisted of twenty
Am arlnada and WSS shiDDed to Texas
The train was decorated and festooned,
and its departure waB the occasion of
public demonstration.
Governor Fowle welcomed at Asne
ville the General Assembly oi me soma
em Presbvterian church.
The Scotch-Irish Society of this state
was organized at Charlotte.
J. E. Carlyle's terpentine distillery in
Robeson county was burned.
The "Wilkesboro extension of the Rich-
Louis j
e Government
. . at.
r.rncrresa Detween DS.
r t.i.ji .1...
were compieieu, . vwmuu
a. of wiiirt ra isciuvu
tCU .v&w JV . - '.f...
rer be
v .
e nut-
E work
f the
9 00 am
10 18 am
10 25 am
12 30 pm
7 25 am
9 00 am
10 10 am
12 35 pm
m -
Dailv Except
No, 2 -a..4. KcdlC
Lv Fave'tS
ILr Fayetteville
1,1 Maxtoa
fx Beinnettiville
lv Madison!
Ir GnensbOro
lit Greens bcj
545 am
15 am
950 am
12 33 pm
X vi pm
40 pm
45 pm
S 15 pm
5 07 pm
5 20 pm
6 S5 pm
1 40 pm
4 00 pm
4 40 pm
0 55 pm
" W. fc. KYLE,
General Passenger Agent,
Gsnaral BuierinMnianr
A Neat Idea.
'linrtteTpers in the countries on the
follow a practice which is worth
ktine to persons of the same calling
i country, inev give uiwr guwa
sr piece of paper measuring aoout
inches long ana iour incnes
id. which folds together like a
This carte, when folded,
the outside a view of the
name and the name of the
On opening it, the visitor
other parts consist of lists
bipal curiosities or, pubbc
Ich are worth visiting in the
environs, and along the
finds a map of the chief
place. Thus the German
te is a card oi his house
all in one piece of
L of which cannot be
at of a common bill
mond & Danville railroad has been com-) co
pleted to Elkins, H. C, and wm riu
Wilkesboro, 1V miles, farther on, in
about eight weeks. me
Chamber of Commerce was oanuueneu
by the Elkinites upon the cqmpieuon oi
the road to that place. Elkins is a new
town of several hundred inhabitants
and bids fair to be a live business poini.
The Richmond & Danville company will
extend this line on to usnswi,
Tho wilrnrv Manufacturing Company
has put up a 18,000 gallon tank for the
protecxion -o l
fire r
Charles Holden. aged 16 years, was
drowned in Smith's Creek, near v u-
Tracklaying on the 3 C s from Kutn-
orfordton to Marion is m operation.
The Commission House of Tardy &
Walker, of Charlotte, agents ior uurau,
Wright & Co., closed in obedience to
an order from tne nrm. xu muucj
lost by the Charlotte jcustomers oi me
A company has been organized by the
citizens of Boone to build a telegraph
line to Blowing Rock.
It is reported that the body of Clay
Barkclay, who was thought to have been
drowned in the Catawba river ait Robin
son's Ferry, has not yet beei found For
a week past, hundreds of rnen and boys
have been working in th riret erch
i thi bodv. The river has been
dragged for a great distance in either
direction from the ferry ; dynamite and
other explosives have been used, but all
without success. This terrible occur
rence is now putting on a more serious
aartfet. The crowing opinion is that
ih man was the victim of a fiendish
enemy, that he was murdered, and
this seems to be a plausible the
ory. Thebueerv. horse, whip, cushion
everything, even the jug of whiskey
which was in the buggy have been
found. Where is the man ?
A curious incident is reported from the
rmintrv. eleven miles above Greenville, a
netrro woman, named Lou Gaillard, gave
birth to a child. ; Seeking to conceal the
fact she dusf a hole with a hoe in a cot-
jbed herself with a solf-MJOCk
m. A A ir .airxfl rtf thA.-'M:
n. " t 1 i 1 : 1 : .nhla
or. She louna mm at uis nvci j dlouic,
and withnnt asking for an explanation
' .- o 1
she pulled her weapon upon mm anu
commenced nrmg.
Two shots were discharged, but the
Maior was not hit. Before she could
. . i !! j
fire again friends interiereo anuuisariuou
Mrs. Farmer. She was then arrested,
but afterward turned loose upon her
nrnmise to leave Georgia. Mrs. armer
aava hp ia nnlv sorrv that she did not
j j
kill Major Roane.
New Orleans. May 17. Mr. John A
Morris, speaking for the Louisiana State
T.otterv C mnanv. after consultation
with his lawyeas to-day, offered the
State Legislature, now in session at
Baton Rouse. $1,000,000 a year for the
extension of the charter of the company
for twenty-five years . That makes $25,-
000.000 for the entire term, the annua!
bonus to be divided as follows: For
the public schools, $350,000 a year; for
the levees, $350,000; for the drainage of
Npw Orleans. 100.000; for the charity
hosDitals at New Orleans and bnreve
port, $100,000; for the insane asylum at
TorvVann 75'000: for the deaf and
dumb asylum at Baton Rouge, $25,000.
Two MormoD eldeis have been tramp-
through Washington ana noimes
.. it i r
counties, distnhunn tncir rruiuus
tracts. They went by the namei of El
ders James and Maxwell, and hailed
from Utah. They have proselyted to a
considerable extent, especially among
young unmarried women. They secured
a party of eight women and left for the
West last .week. Abram King, living
six miles from here, had two daughters
in tbe party. King and his son, with
his neighbors, the wife of one of whom
was with the "converts, pursueu me
Mormons, and on capturing them tied
thrm to a tree, stripped them, flogged
them unmercifully, and let tam loose
. . . . iVim S The. friT.
and oegan unug u
mons ran into the swamp nave noi
been seen since, and it is Deiievea tnai
they perished. The young women were
brought home, and every uue w w
were well switched, their parents mak
ing each one whip the other.
South Carolina's' drops.
A fgatlOQ representing tne r arm-
ll:iace appeared beiore tne ays
iffeans Committee this morning, to
anaA, tp thn nAsaaize of the bill to cre-
adr il. tr-anri in different oarts of
ti fr tte reception of sUple
The 1ke8man was W' Macune
chairmOf the ive Committee
of the A"0 an3 edlt0r f tbfl
,iA the organization. Others
t jtll tl Alonzo Wardell, South
SaToU- Bel"11" TerTell TeXM; N"
Humphrey, Lce
uoiorea Aipttre Alliance. In addi.
the Virginia were present a number of
tion, there Congress, principally fre
members ofj States.
our Southerne began his ad7
Mr. Macv depressed st bv de
scribing thi he s-W of agncul"
ture, whichVobi waa the. Prlme
other Dursuits. If
existing condSions continued, he warn
ed the comnitfjie.that labor would be
come desperate, and a great revolution
would ensue. History stowed that
wealth had always lacked the intelli-
feace to meet in time the necessities of
abor, and on its part labor had never
adopted the proper means to remedy the
faults it complained of. The objects of
the Fanners' Alliance was mental, social
and finanncial improvement.
Republicans in the North, ana uemo-
crats in the South were working in the
same direction, and the result had been
to bring together, shoulder to shoulder,
all classes of labor, black and white,
that were engaged in the cultivation of
the soil. Harmony of purpose charac-
H7Pd the efforts of the Alliance, ana
the prejudices of generations had been
sunk in the pursuit of the common
At the St. Louis convention, two mil
lion farmers had been represented, and
they had proposed a remedy, set out in
the right direction, if it was ruaeiy
framed and the idea indistinctly ex
pressed, they relied upon the wisdom
of the committee to give it the proper
form ; but they believed that they had
found the remedy for their ills.
The farmers asked no favors and no
class legislation.. They were now suf
fering from the latter. They did not
ask the enactment of any unconstitu
tional measure, but as a great debtor
Class, as men who had gone out in the
west after the war and laid the soil un
der contribution, with borrowed money,
they protested against a contraction o(
the currency at a time whentheir debts'
the money was borrowed:. "ey asked
justice, pure and simple. The scheme,
he thought, would not over stimulate
production. The farmers were actually
starving themselves in order to pay their
debts. He had no doibt that the scheme
favored would greatly favor the agri
culturist, and cited instances of the es
tablishment of similar ideas in the Ar
gentine Republic and other countries.
Mr. Flower, a member of the commit
tee, said that his objection to the scheme
was thai it wouia simpiy ue a jjiewucui
for the extension of governmental aid to
other industries. If the plan were
adopted, he said, we would have to
grant similar protection to the mining
industry and other industries, anu mjiorc
a great while the government would
have everything "in hock." He be
lieved that the farmer would be better
off if he regulated his own affairs. The
States and the people, and not the gen
eral government, were the beBt judges
nf th imnnnt nf currenev needed. The
V a M V tf
Interest Put In
PubL'o Beading.
Bhae For
Meet in ABhevUle, N.O. Tbe History of
the Body.
Ten stores were burned at Auburn,
Neb. Loss, $50,000.
The passage of the McKinley tariff bill
will probably deprive the World's Fair
at Chicago," of any interest to foreign
The world's visible supply of cotton is
2,800,400 bales.
In the Southern Baptist convention at
Fort Worth, Texas, on Saturday $16,
000 was raised to add to the fund of the
tkeological seminary at Louisville, Ky.
Myriads of army
worm ara making their appearance
Lancaster. Pa., and are ravaging the grass
Morgan Butler, of New Hartford, N.
Y., presented to that village yesterday a
town hall building to be known as But
ler Memorial Hall. It contains a Post
Office. Justice's Court, public library,
gymnasium, and a large assembly hall,
all completely equipped.
Henry S. Ives, the Napoleon of finance,
and George H. Stayner, who were recent
ly released from jail, have gone back
into business with the utmost expedi
tion. A dispatch to The JW ami Courier
from Point Pleasant, N. J., states
that a number of cases of condensed
milk was washed ashore that
near Cedar Creek Life Station. The
cases are marked S. W. & Co., Charles
ton. S. C.
Nkw icrk, May 19. A Parkeriburg,
W. Va., special, says that Frank Tolli
ver, the noted brother of the Kentucky
Tol livers, was bit with a brick and
killed by Frank Leffler Wednesday
night during a quarrel. Leftier has been
arrested at Athens, Ohio .
Frankfort, Ky., May 16.-9:15 p. m.
Carlisle was nominated for Senator this
evening. The last ballot stood Carlisle,
72 ; Lendsay 43.
The Prebyterian general assembly
has convened in Aeheville, N. C
It is made up of aa equal number of
ministers and ruling elders from seventy -one
presbyttries, covering the southern
The opening sermon was delivered by
the retiring moderator, Rev. H. G . Hill,
of North Carolina.
So far as known there will b no ex
citing questions before the body, and it
is hoped that much active, vigorous
work will be done In behalf of ths grsst
enterprises which the church has in
Thl0aVllrjargws UaUa its
WSUnct organization to 1841. When
the war beean. the old-school Presbyte
rian church was co-extensive
United States in territory
that the church would
storm of war, but when
that year met in
there was a large
m t iih
i r
Tfrnm the reDorts of the corres
ents ef the Department of Ajt
all parts of the State the ioiiowinLttea
. 1 J 11 4-4
have been learned anu me eu
ta the condition of the cro
therewith been made. Aen de-
The acreage m wheat has di,w it
creased about 7 per cent. Dei cent
year, and the condition is dU par and
. A 7 1 A. -
less than at the same time iat ytjhe Hes-
has been matenauy mjuicu
sian ny. . Izes was
The damage by the winter ireOng crop
nominal. About 9 per cent, oi a broad
was drilled against 91 per cenx,
casted . reported
-i in 3 i i :. MAn.MMir J
The armea wueans geucianj wa9 as
in natter couumuu. "unhc aver-
a rule, sown later than in 18S8, tfcber 1st. farmers, he believed, could obtain more
orr dtP nf seedinsr being DeceuLrrtpA ben?fit9 under the State bank system
"S". . , J. rF." 7C A 1- XT V.l, l,.n
Cotton Seed Oake.
fact that nitrogen in the South
A a usual the earlv SOJfina is
iio 1 -1 I j w Y
in better condition than the latetjed at
The acreage in oats is repl tne
about the same as last year and lt 0 iMt
dition is 16 per cent, below thik iftrgeiv
year. The falling oil is attrlDUiejy- an a
to the ravages of the Hessian ;fla DT the
small percenwge una uccu j"'7toth rye
late freezes. The acreage in reduced
and bareley has been sugauy at tjje
and the condition is not so good
same time in 1889. cent., or
It is estimated that 2$ per )p Is ltiu
13,000 bales, of -last year's cr
in the hands of the growers. )f tjje je
Judging front" the reports e farmers
partment's corfespondenti, th itjon ihun
of the State are in better Cond tne enor.
ever before? Notwithstanding , of com.
mous increase in the quantjj tne de-
mercial f eTtilizeis pure
crease in farm supplies pur1
tier cent, of that last year
E -There is a scarcity of lab
from some sections, on
rniar&tion of the necro fa
the turpentine farms of
Florida. One hundred
cerrespondents report labor
seven as "bad" and sixty five
Pmm November 1st. 188
about 165,001 gold im the
th nf. once mevailed in New lork
from any aid such as that provided for
in the bill under discussion.
One Man Taken, But the Others at Aex
Alexandria. For some time past the
government authorities have been on the
lnVmit for certain parties hereabouts,
who have been sending circulars through
the mails offering counterfeit money for
Than circulars instructed
who wished to purchase the
siderable about it, and
letters to Culpepper
Postomce Inspec
leen in CuJpeper. v
Ul UClug '--i mtunjij .
his eve on them, and
tion was reached, telegraphed
on nfficer to arrest the men when
train reached this city.
Lieuter.unt Smith was on hand wi-j
the trau arrived, but Inspector Jacooi
pointed out to him the wrong m
T.ipntAnnnt Smith told the Inspector
wm mistaken and then went through thi
train to look for the alleged counterfeit
ers. He found one of the men who turn
ed out to be George , Miller, a
son of ex-detective Miller, ot wasning
ton, and at once seized him. Miller of
fered resistance but was soon brought
under subjection by Lieutenant Smith.
The ether man; during the excitement,
quietly got off the train and made his
escape. Miller was searched, and on
him were found some counterfeit circu
lars, a pistol, etc. He was taken to' the
station-house and afterwards before Unit
ed States Commissioner Fowler, who af
ter an examination held him in two thous
and dollars bail for using the mails to
defraud. Miller is jailed awaiting bondsmen.
with the
Manly hoped
safely tide the
tbt assembly of
Philadelphia Jin May,
majority of Jf orthei n
men in the body. There was xnucn de
mand for a "deliverance, " and a resolu
tion was passed setting forthj in sub
stance, that it was tbe duty oi rrrwj-
rians to uphold the unueu dw. bv
ment administered at Washington. The
Southern members or the asseinpiy anu
a consiuerauie uumuti '-" --
ern members protested against line i ac
tion, but it passed, and as Southern
Presbyterians were men iivi
the confederate government, they were
of necessity shut out from the-aasembly.
In December of that year in Augusta,
Ga the Presbyterian church in the Con
federate States was formed. The open-
waa nreacmeu ut
leg sermon
r. u f Hi mcr. men iuu uuw
I f I . At. All. -
pastor of the first P""?";
of New Orleans. A large number of able
ministers and elders, now dead, were
members of that body. , ,
After the war the name was changed
to that of "The Presbyterian. Church In
United States," the northern branch
being "The Presbyterian church In, tne
United States of America."
The National Lecturer of the Alliance On
the Bub-Treasury Plan.
mssOSXAZvGVWnen from ag-
-'er ui m
ded the
oml at
oats, corn
ntrston said there
o .
ension concerning
nce. It was not
ing the
A. "
ased is 25
t of the
hands to
orgia and
to April
tons of
can be purchased in cotton seed cake at
seven cents per pouuu, wui.c uuUU.
the North it is rated in other fertibzera
at nineteen cents per pouna, is riujr
the attention of our readers. Ve do
not wish to see cotton seed cake largely
used as a manure, u is aumuuui
of a hich order, and should be used as
food first, and aiu.warus uiauiuv.
When fed '""nt. nniv an
cellent food, but ninety-live per cent, oi
the nitrogen, and still more of the phos
phoric acid and potash, is returned to
the scil in the droppings of the sheep.
Thor. are manv' daces in the Southern
M. AV, W mi I -
States where impoverished and run-down
land could be very profitably renovated
by pasturing with sheep. If the sheep
are allowed one pwuuu ui wnwu-of
cake each per day, it is astonishing how
they will clean up the land destroy weeds,
branches, etc, and the droppings oi tne
sheep will so enrich the land that
nutritious grasses soon cover the soil
Do not go into fancy breeds at first. Buy
liberally, especially of cotton seed cake,
and the increase of mutton and wool will
far more than pay for the cake, and you
tret the land cleaned up and enriched and
I well stocked with grass for nothing.
1st. 1890,
commercial fertilizers weny)r game
State, against 126,568 toneXse of about
period in 1880-'89 an lncrj-aich would
80 percent, over last year.l Uhe cotUn
dilute a lar?e increase
- n '
acreage for 1890. T vjfer has been
The remarkably open wlnlW .n kinds
favorable t6 live stock generally
Interesting People.
It is thought that Carliale will have a
strong lead on the first ballot for the
seat in the Senate made vscant by the
death of Senator Beck .
The first woman to apply for admission
to the Bar of the Supreme Court of Mich-
Miss Flora W . Tibbits. of Ann
o t
The oldest living ex Cabinet officer,
both in ace and date of service, is George
TUneroft. who was eecreiary oi me htj
- -mm T- . 1 A.
for & vear and a hall unoer rresiueni
Polk's administration.
The only special invitation to the un-
veilini? of the statue of Robert E. Lee
on May 29, at Richmond, are to Lee's three
predecessors in commana oi me Army oi
Northern Virginia, Generals G. W. Smith,
Beauregard and J, E. Johnston; Mrs.
Jefferson Davis, Mrs. Stonewall Jackson,
and the Lee family.
New York Tribune : Dr. Potter, pres
ident of Hobart College, as General Sec
retary of the Church University Board
of Regents, will address the students of
the University ef the South at their
commencement in August .
n nomine
md thev are reported as
fin a rnadition . IThe deaths
exposure have
fined to but fe
rentage oTTol
tionallv small
Ahmit 5 uer cent, of the
cuoo haira died from chole
UWI. AAV V " jm
Women Officials Be4
fatly elected
Tne women wno were 'is. nave re-
officers of Edgerton, Kana d criti-
signed, owing to the ridiculfc .ts have
cism to which their officiafrf tB4 male
been subjected by certain 1 0T mayor
citizens. A special electiorut e
. . rt ' i 1 I
and otner unices uiu
necessary. It is believed
men. whose administration
whole, given satisfaction, w
m winter
and con
The per-i-icp
logs in the
A Bfle Expert Shoots a Little Girl.
Mrs. Mary E. Cody was tried in the
Borough Court, at Stanford, before Judge
Curtis for the shooting oi n -year old
Mary Kane. Mrs. Cody is an expert
rifle shot, and travels with Washburn &
Arlington s tent show. On aaturdayat
tcrnoon when she attempted to shoot a
half doll arrgkwarri, with th aid of a
lookine class, her hair became disarrang
ed, and when she attempted to fix it the
rifle was discharged and the bullet struck
the little girl, who was sitting on the
other side of the tent. The bullet en
tered the girl's left side, very close to the
heart; and the child is in a precarious
condition with the cbucces against her
recovery. The Court discharged Mrs,
Cody on the ground that the shooting
was accidental .
Colored Theological Seminary Ladles
College Printing '.tha Ritual in the
Hymn Book.
In the Genual Conference, at St. Louis,
nf the Methodist .Episcopal .nurcn,
South, George W. Walker, president oi
Pirtne Institute, at Augusta, ua., bud
raitted a report. The Institute is for the
benefit of the colored Methodist Episco
pal Church. The session to close in
June has been the most successful one
since the school was established. Thirty-five
young men are preparing for the
ministry and there are 184 pupils all told
in this school.
GeoreeW. F. Price, president of the
Nashville College for young ladies, made
a report. The college continue m me
same line of prosperity ss heretofore.
The committee on episcopacy reported
that it had examined the members pf tbe
College of BUhops as to their work and
character, and had approved oi iuem m.
The committee also recommended that a
Bishop be assigned to reside on the Pa
cific coast.
The committee on Sunday schools rec
ommended non-concuirence in the me
morial askinz that churches separately
be allowed to name a day for Children's
Day. The committee on commissions
recommend -d non-concurrence in the
memorial for ordination ef deaconnesse.
A resolution was introduced asking
that a plan be devised for reaching .the
poorer laboring class in large cities with
religions instruction.
Several strong an ti -liquor traffic reso
lution were introduced and referred. A
the basis of repre-
sen tat ion in the General uonierencx ruu
1 in a to l in 42 was offered.
Dr. Hunt, of the American Bible tso-
- 11 1. il A Am A Aft. A
ciety. made an address u me whuwmw-
After a long discussion, u was uociw
to print parts of the ritual in the hymn
runnsr iHuivicBt v
b-Treasury bill had nothing,
tT The farmers asa
AA r. .
. . t.sii
aiirvteeaaurv uni K" .
eight homes of farmers had been
& T A-m. AAlfi
f'nnotiriiT. in one UBT
lief was demanded, and the
Irti.s hn trt CPt it.
He quoted President
diction that corporauona
ihat the propert;
ti v would be concentrated,
Jtiifi! would be o
Ma thanked God that me wi.
harl not come true. If Congrei
tn en dorse the sub-TreasuT;
u .hnnid remove the restrictions
hedainK in the national banking system
The sub-Treasury pian, gc
a chance to escape the speculator uj
allowing him to deposit his crops in the
sub-Treasuries at any time, and spared
hin: selling at stated seasons -" the
sub-Treasury bill were pssaed, there
would not be a bucket shop left in the
United States. There need be no fear
that the bill would cause the farmers to
form a trust.
the wo-
on tbe
be re elect-
Frank Jackson, of Sampsonville, Erie
County, Pens., can place his arms
gainst a wall and reach seven feet
eleven inches. He has remarkabljilon
anna. Jackson is six feet high. , The
best resell on record is seven feet.
Bringing His Pistol Into Play.
Cedar Kets, Fla. -Mayor Cottrell
has succeeded in terrorizing this city,
nd has caused mueh lawlessness since
Saturday last. On that day the lighthouse-keeper
was shot at o
by Cottrell, but was not hit ; the same
af ternoon Cottrell "Uld up- the agent
of the C. & P. Railroad with a double
barrelled shotgun, but the railroad man
'Tor next visited the United
States Collector of Customs and with
his city marshal by ms "f." ,
drawn pistole, toW
threatened to put himTTn jalTme mo
ment he dared to leave hi office.
Cottrell also threatened to horsewhip
the Episcopal minisier, "
most eltinoaUe people. The clergyman
went to Tallahassee to complain to Gov
Fleming, and on his leturn was escorted
to his home by his parisboners.
Cottrell has committed long list td
lawless acta. He suuea UI"Xt7,
law 'over a drink of wlftVjSSS!
after the war. Hent4ga
the last term oi vu v
. vrt,t as matters were o.
h. inrv drawn was an l ,zal one,
he got off. He was fonneri'k deputy
collector, but the prwentector dis
charged him. Collects tAkerton left
for Jacksonville onJ!dj, and a tele
pram has been receif-f from him saying
that he wilt rettrj with four deputy
iual aaj , . . -I,... 11 anil
a WarhftV (nure
St. Joseph, La., May 17. Senous
. J. 1 A m.A Vam Th
race troume s inreiwui --
white residents have organized, ana
with Sheriff Young and a posse bare
gone to the plantation where the trouble
. A colored blacksmith shot and
. : VI A at. nsvrrn namd fTlark. A lJK
luic -o - tk it
f. hWVirWith and Manager
kilHorne leader.
hU allies.
vt n
unxber of prominent
with their umi-
Jr bucket instittt-
Krel"Ja to have
rther wood eoou
m J ' T1..-V-4.
io turbulent
vj kaaa-s ' Ar,
the tail vggc,
fTBaw" i
rrri ia a w
as. -
iy aa
sideTed a p"01
aVing. hOWT
a tune,
June who trust
alts should know
nneratort STtt tO)
v t . v
i too mac
he doe. hard!
itlv successful MM'
. -
nfusinsT may pe u
. v
he responsiMury,
Sffeu i
awa case , -. -, , i
"4 ' 1

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