I , .) „ f / 'I \ Wilmington Recori -YOL. 2. Wri;MIN(;T()X, X. C., SA'I/URDAY, SH1TEMRKR28, 18!).). ^EW BERNE GLEAN-1 INGS. j lii(crOiii\(tvoH G«ilM*r«*(l by Our HuNtliiifc CorrcHVOTuleiii, Mrs. and Rev. Georj^e F. Miller and Mrs. Kinma Johnson left iho city last -week for AVnshiiaiton City wliero they will ntteml llm L M Conference that convenes thc‘i’‘f'Is week. • Dr. John 8. Long, preached a very interesting and instructive ^^‘rmon nt 8t Cyt>inn P. E. church Sunday evenitjg. The Congregation felt theiuselvcK henefited for having coma out to hear Dr. Ijong. Miss Charlotte Rhone returned home Saturday from Hyde County where she has been teaching, acoom paj.ied by Mrs- Farrow of Hyde who is the guest of Miss Rhone. I’rof. K. L. Jones of IMuladolphia, who is traverling in Ka^^teiii N. C. giving Strooptican exhibitions and Bibb* si‘on(>rios. Address* 1 St. Pet ers 8 jbbath School, Sunday, and wih give several lectures ahile iiore. ' Prof. .Jones exhibited on'ruesday. at Odd Fellows Hall, in bebald of St. 4, Peters Church. He also exhibited ort • '.Wednesday, at Rue Chapel. Prof. Johen uses a double magic lantern -/ which makes '■wo pictures at the same time, and his selections rj ^**sceaery are v^ery good The ditf:Tcut ‘ vppreciatr cf'E’ - Mtioiia 'ing their full ^len- ’ance. Sirs. Linia Smith formerly of N(*w Bern who is now residing in Worster Mass., has come home on a visit to her friend.s. She is the giurit of Mrs. Com Simmons. MrC. E. Physic has rotvrnod from Baboro where he h^s been teaching. The lion. J . H. Williams wa,s in the city last week, in the interest of the •‘.S/rt/c . ivVy;ah/ff!on,” He is an old war horse, has been tided in the tire, and says that to day. he is pure gold. In an interview with tlie "jlfr-s.srtt- Ho did some str v'glit talking, although they say his t iiigue is crook ed, and that lie winked at the .Judge, and til it the .Judge winked at him. Groat is Willamsou. pl"S ma ,1.. in OUR SURSCR1BEK8. i'W. Cahmy/ Church 00 uimmity .)f our city. 81ic was a.j i Preaching at U am christii-.i.younglu.ly«n,ln,:o,i-:Kt.mt n,,,.j,« I’ member of hhiloh Oomrh, I wish to th.Uik our friends for their very libeial support in ilie past and ask for a codtimiance of tlie same, under our management. It is our aim to give you a clean newspaper with good readoig mat ter, Wo will say right hoar that th(« i Kk.:o!u.) is controled by no ’verfy. or, luction. and held laudable and responsible po» aitions there. All adtnirc.d her, am’ to form her acquaintance was to love her. Emblems of eloqiitiou were vi sible and her ilesire for extended in telligence was predominant. Carn» no more exists; and while we deplor' our lf)S8 nnd «lpnr>- ' '•' Ur.. "* -j;- -.i IP n... L j .X I Pine Forest to imbed her remains an, iinbelbsh her grave witii flowery symbolizing our esteem, wc hnmblj, Kubiuit to the will of (,!od in His on ^ nipotence, for with an ideal view survey angles fecilitatiug her, an„. escorting her to that Eternal ma sioii prepared for the faithful do the heart-felt family, we sy pathi/,e with tllum in tln i,- sure icnvement, bf^iraii I'ljiial poi’ti'on their inevitable burden and them to an all wise (.iotl who dot ail things well. Monday night last, a bright, g happy company, reproseiiung larg the intellignMCe and refiiKMuent city, assembled at 8t. Stephens sonage, in honor of Rev. Gre^^ ^ b’ thday. ^ ^ Music filled tlie uir, meri’y poa laughter floated on the breeze, of youth and beauty mingled smile*' of age and wi dom were with.Et stillt to all, and all wei il iveii per* —At a meeting of'J'. B Reed Repub lican Association, behl Tuesday night, Sept. 17, speeches were delivered by several of the members condemning the CoiTi^titulional Convention of 8. O for attempting to disfranchise the col ored voleiM tlirougliout the U. 8. trO adhere to the Republican Party, and vote tlie straight Ktqiublioan ticket. Memorial. BY MK. R. U. WHITE. In the bloom of life when all seem- •vi fair, in the very center of activity, the hearts of her many friends wore caus'sl to ache at the departure by ■ the cold hand of the monster death, of that fair and estimable young la- •ly in pei*soa of Miss Carrie Blount. Though she had not reached her first score, she attained those princi- Our Claim. That the Beoord is of the Negro for the Negro and by the Negro. Wo will coutiuuo to look after the inter ests of the Negro, Tiie managejmeut is not responsible for ideas expressed by contriliitors. Nt)W friends you say you like the HK(.'oia>. but that can't possible help iiH unlc'^s you pay your subscription. \W' have been seuding the Record to a good number of persons who have never paid one cent for it, and this we muHt stop. So if you see n red markon your paper look for your r«'cei|»t. We wiil here give you a sketcli of the United States News paper f.aw. newspareh law Persons taking news pap >ra (voni ])Ost oftice or currier, alter 1st copy are considered subscribers and c:ui only discontinue after id! luears have been paid all j'eraoiis subscribing to a n*!W8 paper must pay for it or Ilf) '• '' ■ .M *’ I •ncU-.' that it was/... an in- -linpr voice, i-eqncsteii the ^ '.i- istci's to take their wives a- 1 vv in to supper. This made tilings bltm inr the Hkcorti man us ho was not a min- i-ter and Imd no wife, but, be got there .inst the same, as did evory ine. wild went to timl talile. It win a b'niiid Hoeiuble and ricli feast. We wish for the popular pastor many a luippy birtiulay. H,jw old is he! Don t 1)0 so iiHpiisitive. ROCKIXG iTaM XOTE.s. We arc very giml to have hero in our town tliis week, Miss Laura lull of Wilmington, whinb is the guest of Miss Karico Lone. , There was a grand entertainmo.,t Tuesday niglit tor tlie benefit of raisA ing money for Mt. Pisgah Zion Church wliioh was (fuite a sneoesu. Evorydody seem to enjoy themselve . Miss Sallie Lomax spent this weeii in our town. She was tno guest of Mrs. W.-Ti T.e,)li-. . , ' ' ■ .-\ 3 pin, .anil 8pm; elass-meet.ng at There was an entertainment giveii am; Sund;iy-school at 2 p m ' Rev L. B Sims, Pastor Prayer meeting \V 8 o'clock Rev C‘P Choutvut Sfree Preaching s( school at ;> )> n night Christiai U('v IvSi^'^-Evcryone the churches ^ RESOLD RE' To I ho Menu. Fayetteville, N. C. Sept. 22ii(l At a meeting of the Vestry of, Joseph’s 1\ E. Church hcM Smuay Sei»t. 22ud, the following resolu'ouE drafted in respect to tiic incmiry of iNfr. Isa.'ic B. Hall were unanijiou.dy adopted: "Wlicreas it has pleased th^ Grand Architect of the Uiiivese to aU frcir.i labor to iv'wiu'd our ib'ur fr.ruid and wortliy brother, Mr. Isaac B. Hall, wl'i) fora period of nearly 20 years )N...s a.dcvout member of this church and u eonsislaiit idiristian, and Wlieveas he has labor d zealously for many years as choris^ v of the ell'.* •eh ehoii; and as '•jupt. i Jo.s- ,, Y . i hum’.'iy ocnooi mid wis nt Hie iubhshers ol ' U6).Bpnpe-6 ian. i tiro, of his death the f„itl.f„l seere- under Uw, arrest, 'ly man wlio takes ; and tre.asurer of thin Vestry ' a noiyspaper and " iuses to pay for ! 'rhereforo he it it. Under tlie law it is a diviige.ms [ p , ist, That in tl.io dcaih tnek for a man to allow his sub y.^ Jo-seph's scnptioii account to on fiom « | (;:„„vh and tlio memhers of this-ves. m.mtlm to a ye:u- nnp.aid, null thou | j.ave snslaincd tell the i)ostuiiister ro inavk ‘'refused,” or ta send the editoi- a postal card to ‘‘discoiitidiie tlio paper.” 8o if you Wit h'o save trouble please pay us as we are compelled to got our Rubscriptiou book straight. Our collector will call on you so be ready for liiii) when he come. AVe have just reciveil a now lot .f type an«l other nmtmiKl propavatory to enlarg, ing the record, so if you don’t want to get left you had better settle up. Yours for the race F. G. lUAHr.v, Manager. Mt. Zion . M. K. Ckarrh Prcachin.g service at am; at the residence of Mr. Jary Peak, Wednesday for the pleasure of Misses .Laura Hill and Hallie Lomax. The ladies seem to have a pleaseut time, ^liss Hill says that she will surely come to our town again. Mr. W. 1>. Adams have been on the list this wetjk. ' • There will be a' grand excursion jfvom this town tq''Wihuington 8ept. '27th. We hope that everybody will come, and g,i wilh us to the.,beautiful seaslitye. .' '. r *■ Yours CoTi*eflpondaDt, L' ■ Mt. Olive A. M E Church ' Preaching service at 11:00 a. m Sabbath School at 2; afternoon ser vice at 3; evening service at 8:00 Wednesday evening services at 8; Friday night prayer-meeting at 8 lieV Edward Robinson, Pastor Central BapUM Church Preaching service at 10.30 am; 3 ;00 ai>d7:30pm; Sunday-school at 12 m ) liev. L. T Cliristmas, Pastor ithmezer Baptist Church Preaching service at 11:00 a m 3 i00 p. m.i and 8 0® pm; Sabbath School at 12:30 liev. D J Mcoro, Pastor an irrupablo loss. Rosolvcil, 2nd. That he laborovl eiii-ncstly for the pronuilgntion of the Christian religion, anl by his acts of Christian purity, lie endeared hinseU to all the members of St. Joseph’s Congregation. Resohed. 3rd. Tliat we will eve^ cherish his memory and never fo’t»*^t the manly stand he took for God for right. Resolved. 4th. Tl* iugs of profound «•' ■widow and family tliat wo bow in Imn the will of Him ivho well, and we comme who tempers iho wi lamb. Resolved, fifth. tions be spread u cords, lliat a cop for publication ai bereaved family. Ri'spoctfull'v Vestry St. Josep F. P. IViLus G. H. Willi, Extra copies I Eztra Extra copioH oftko Wil.mj.ng ORD, coiituininK tliB gmiHl BoukiM'T. WdKhiiigton, can lie . their tillioe,. l-t Mulberry ,St. Wilmington, . c/

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