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1 TUTE. V '
It was a Big Day in Plymouth;
J- Possibly Si 'Hundred Far-
mers spent the Pay
in Town; ' v
The Institute was called to or-1
der at 10,- o'clock by Hon 3no. -H
Small, on motion Rev. Nf. i
. Jlarrison was elected Chairma
.yrUh II- A. Litchfield Sec'y. ","
- The first speaker was . Mr. J.i
JVCambel of the Co-opera tivch
- Demonstrative work of the U. S
Dep't of Agriculture. !
- Mr. A. G. Smith followed oiv
ccientific Farming and-Drainage".-Mr
L. E.-Boy kin spoke on Good
Roads. . .
Each spcakg;;Iwas truly Jfltted
for the worlf -impractical exper-,
ncfe and the large" number of
'farmerspresent and thg atten-j
ftion paid to what was said wasaj
sure evidence that they - were,
present for the purpose of tjeinglj
jpeneiittec, -
During -the session of the insti
tute Mr. W. Fletcher Ausbon, ac
ting as spokesman for the Com.t
fnittee, extended an invitation;
rmers and other visitors
pre-servt to Accept the hospitality
jof the town and partake -of a big
dinner to be served immediately
(after ad fournmenl.
About o'clock the meeting f
fidiourhed a?rl thft np.onlev rsnair-1
" -y - MT A
ed to Third St, where under the!
'snaue pi stately mims ana (Jyea-ii
'more tre.e. they were welcome
o tables- v;r,k'h," fairly trembled
under the weight of good things,
t he Bnrhecue of Pig, Sheep
and -eef' was fine and after all
4iad beep, filled there was ;yet to
Spare, and the event passed off
without a jar or the least un
pleasantness. and we ifeel- that
ithe people" of the ' county-have
eerrdravm closer together.'
Mufh credit is due to the man
agers of -the affair; -te success
Of it t their untiring
efforts. The ladies of the town
rl?iri!v fn-nrrrn f pfl wlrh tVAmnn-
agers,' andall the business men;
with one or two exceptions, con
tributed liberally in a financial
way. And to - make the event
"doubly secure, as well as from a
Spirit of city -pride, the town
placed its treasury at the call, cf
ihe managers. -.j - - j
' D6Vt tell ns there ;s anvtbir
lacking In the P?ople -'Plyifvv
uth. .rfhey kif.ow how-to enter
tain a multitude; and this will
not be the last time the farmers
VviU be, i-nvited to visit us. ;
'or bheritr.
ytivr tl rid Gonsiou atiau nm! solic
it ion f vV'".v t i M' m - 1- take this
tiietliut! oif ;;iiHnni!ctn myse.ll :i caw
diiJnt loi' ;ihe -)Lice of 'Sheriff of
iVashiri'S&r-a Jy.ont'y, subject to the
action of lUy Dcinoi-rntic l'liimtry.
i i If tit'iiiiiaffi) aml'tlected I prom
ise to dlijHiharts the -unties of the
iffioo fearlessly a,u,t,l i impartially.
I ' : '.)'.-M; AliPS.
- Fox Sheriff.
to tlui- Diuonrt io Voters oT Wusli
r.Cijihcojj Count v;-. . V :
intake lli.s uu't Sum! of an finno&yCing
aiy-Wi-r u c-wvio i,o r the olnee or (
heriff of WashUtolvConnly snhj-8
ct to tlp a'. tin.'of the Deraocratic
riinaries anil Convention ' ts' ' 1
I niaiv?- tli i?j annorineenient at the 1
earnest H'llk'itf-iton of many; frienin
fom wery Hi'v-ti.j-,,1 of thecouhty ami
:k. iiotn'.tuiie'd ami elcrted wHI made
7erv -wleaToit-4:) i'iil the officee
tntl: sutrs fact ion '.o :a?L
'to High
WARRKip'NV - - N, C
Ofte&'tKe Ust leg;e pre
pafratorV ;on(v ' ' "
- Gaaef rd' in.clii vidul ipstrcr (
at all times: Ileathful utrqin-'
ding's, CertrfiiCate adn:jts with-'
Qtit ekaminatior' to. any South
ern ollcge.
' For catalogue Address,
V'v i
r s 1
prfflkley-Phinips, Go
lQence iof Mmmep G()orJs Troygli
- $M entire lonthof August
' 11 Summer Exy .Cfcoods and LpWCutjSiioef
Shippers FitLiK'a' asyf bmw. y e want xne
mogLjibr tlie p'Ods, and the .shelt room for
jtnore goods,
4 '
Reductioiis ,on 'Lawns, Batiste, Silks, -Laces
Emloderjes,- jow-cut Shoes and Slippers.
; ' U ' SPECIAL Im: ffDWBAY; '
eular 13 cent Percales for JLO l-.4o, yd.
' 1,0c, Light Madras . 7 3-4q. yd,
.Ohjjy IS yards to a .Gutomer.
.4 -M
Q?g$ef gpjnetitipn Sale in the history
"1V : of: Plymouth
irRif IT J
jVUh ech Ladies .Milss Sgilbr :we viU giye t beatil hat pin charge.
Come &irly jjfhd rnake jjour ejeiqn oijr big Jtpck,
'' Onr'Jntire $15.d00 stock ot Clothing, Shoes, Dress Goads, Ladies and pt
furnishings, pr ust'be sold regardless of cost.
! Ypir'rbqnd-ttip fare returned to" all out-of-toyn parties buying $'25,Q0 wopth of
goods or over we will fet urn to th6m: their rcunci trip faie'' providing' it does :nptv exceed
Soohf the round: trip cost more than rf. 50 wcyill return to ygu l;5p on presentation
pf ybiir ticket- ' .
liWMiiiiiii i ii - f i - i Krirzcx Kvsznxmxfm&amammmsnmmaM
i.Smmeijir Tjii? Sie Spes in Sf ect Friday July 15"-. and Gontinues
i:r 3d ')'ys, Closing ilondav Aug 15rn.
' Hair Orjiaincnts!
ijir)ettn,:Bok Cooibs, :ide' OombH nnil
'I in ban f?DH will J;a huM nt a very iuw pric
H-1 ; h
Mpji's Uiuervear!
Men's S'iC fJi-erwenT. . .-. . .
" . Ladie's Gauze!
To go at( ...-. .:. .H. !..
. Neckwear
pf jes ftt. :
25c . h.
, ...''Sc.
.. .O'.M
.. .ISc
Snspeml crs
25o SuBpenders ala priced. 19c
' -
. Extraordinary.
Opportuoity in -ileu's at fj' Boy's Cloili
iiifl dow on Sale at an lm usual ;tcrioe of
iar eutire calleciions of u'gu pUss Hprint;
J?nit, that were made to retail n t frona
f 10.00 to 1?.5() asfue a lot ol'buitu was
rer made to fretail'int tbe' regular- prices,
Embracing every new style apd material
qu sale at a big H&cr'iUce.
f pieces of Wuite Liuen worth IT, prioe '!!o
FlnU'ifini; niid tll iv'(ir' vnibroidpriei
worth 7-"! our oomn-'titiou pr'cft .. . . .3ltc,
lTe kiaclw to go nt.'. .'. . .' . .12.Vc
li Ju kiuds to at l(c
Jlen's SIippcrs
(( a;i(J 4 dO rpdncftfl to . .'.
kiM add ..(!() reduced to
$Z ()!) rtduced to..
ii y l ,1 '.4. i L .1 1.5
In beinslitchud and lace t'ri iij iijntl .
Your choice .'. ....0c
1 lot of Ldi-s han.luerohic-fs price1.. . . Aize.
Indies Hair Kats 19c.
nood flo'lly bir mts with ix-fK over 'tbcm
on ly '. fl)u
Lot '2 sule price . 15!
liiice Oui'tHiiis 4"o pel" pitlr-nuti u
Muslin Underwear
7"o Gowns at '. .": 48(?
75c Fittieoats h 4HC
;V"(C C r.jet Covfis nt 3r.
F P Oornets a line $1 00 Coiset at K;je
1 lot Ladies Sailor hats to ro at...
IIik well Uuov.n brand Merry Widow Core
eets,' lona; hips, with supporters at. .. .48c
1 lot Corsets at . 2!Sii
hi line ot Ladies ohirt Waist IVoiUjiSc tti
l 19
0 '-piece oi I yd wide bleoChing worth IOC
to go n .osc
2() pieces of Andreacoggin Uleeebiug not
oV' i- it) j is tn a oustomer Mi$
ydu uf -Japnmka Silks nuvr-sold lesd
tniiii :-J."p nalo price 2-rc
All fill',' r.hinii Silk Halh nrine. 42C
L'." pieces and 7."e woolen goods nice
for Coal Suits lb yo at 45c
Window Shades?
Mootrd orf good ruUera' all'eolors.
'Siii prioi 2o
HjiOQl Cottpi Xr Silz
Clarke Ootton in Black' vV bite und leading
' ,: colors to feo at
' . ' - -
Have never been so deeply cut! Never such s?rifitvs! Everything seemingly jot&s the
whirll Selunu will begin wrtn a rusnr stppK wm aisappcur as . n oy magie;
parly whje aSsbvtpients are complete! Heiiifenibea this Aroat' Compctjtid Sals goes
i' effek Friday July 15th. and continues for thirty (30) days? -m
; r' H . . i i.. .i -.... 1 . ; - , ' 's '
That during 'this Sale there witf b'e no goods talen hack, no good,; charged, nor sent out
5n apprdvah hut will lie soldWrictly atsale prices! DON'T .'IdRCET' TIl AT
AND place. - ' ' v-v: ' ' '-- .; ' '
,v . - - - , - ' - - -.
1J. i

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