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    taYear,la Advance FOR OOD, FOR COUNTRY AND FOR TRUTH. " ZZszto Gfj 'Caafta,.'-
VOL. XXI. PLYMOUTH, N, C.. FRIDAY. N0VEMHE1? 11, 1910," NO. 22.
Strange Phenomena of Sea in
Alaskan Territory.
Unaccompanied by Wind or Any
Disturbance Surf Sweeps Town (o
Highest Point Ever Known Great
Damage to Property.
Nome, Alaska. A teriffie surf, im-aco-mpanied
by wind or disturbance
in the air, swept'' the ' beach and
across the. Nome sand pit, 'destroy
ing I wo houses.. and 15 cabins'-and
doing great damage .to shipping.
Several schooners were wrecked.
No lives were lost, but many per
sons had narrow escapes. The
water swept far up the streets,
those near the shore being com
pletely inundated.
No one here is able to aceouut
for the phenomenon, which some
attribute to submarine volcanic act
ion and others to the recent eclipse.
The water rose to the highest point
ever seen herejeaching far above
the. marks made when Behring Sea
and Norton Sound are lashed into a
fury by the Arctic storms. ,
During the disturbance the
schooner Mary Sachs was picked up
from her moorings by the mighty
rush of water and deposited in a pit
dweller's yard. All the other boats
laid up for the winter were swept
far up on the beach by the .waves..
Cellars in the stores on Front
street arc full of water and the
stocks soaked.
It was only by - piling sandbags
about the warehouse of the Pacific
Cold Storage Company that the men
were able to prevent the building
from being carried" away. The
homeless are being cared for by
! Iiir f riftnds.
For several months Mount Bogo
slov and Mount Shishaldin, near
Unimak Pass, have been spouting
fire and lava at short intervals and
the Bogoslav Islands have been un-:
liergoing peculiar contortions.
Unable to Get Good Job He Suicides
by Sweetheart.
Philadelphia. Unable to find em
ployment which would enable him
to support a wife, Lafayette Mad
dux, aged 25, shot and killed himself
while seated in a street car beside
his 18-year-old fiancee.'
He had fixed the 20th of this
iuonth as the date for the wedding
but grew despondent at his continu
ed failure to find remunerative em
ployment. Whilo on a suburban
trolley car, with Miss Nellie Calla
han, to whom he had been engaged
for nearly a year, Maddox, it is said,
endeavored to induce the girl to en
ter a suicide pact. She refused to
consider such a proposition and did
not believed he was serious.
Doctor Guilty Criminal Operation.
San Francisco. Dr. Robert
Thompson, charged with the. mur
der Of Evan Swan, was found guilty
of murder in the second degree. The
body of Miss Swan, who died as the
result of an operation, was found
two months ago buried under the
basement floor of a deserted cottage.
Made a Record, Rut
Washington. The battle command
practice of student officers of the
coast artillery at Fort Monroe, Va.,
on July 21, during which 11 lives
were sacrificed through the prema
ture discharge of a gun, showed the
best record from the standpoint of
efficiency ever attained by th
branch of the military service.
Stops Religious Establishments.
Madrid. The Senate by a vote of
1 19 to 58 passed the "padlock bill,"
which prohibits the creation of fur
ther religious establishments in
A Crazy Butcher.
Cedarburg, Wis. Louis Hoffman,
a butcher, while temporarily insane,
shot and killed his 12-year-old son
Carl, wounded his wife, his brother
Ernest and Ernest's son Walter.
Hoffman was arrested.
P. M.'s Must Not Indorse.
Washington. "Don't indorse your
patrons" is the warning given to
postmasters in an order, issued by
the Postoffice Department. It di
rects that in view of the difficulties
arising through compliance with
requests from patrons for indorse
ments, testimonials or guaranties as
to their honesty, reliability, etc.,
postmasters, in theif official capa
city, should not write or sign state
ments of any such character. Post
masters will not object to these restrictions.
The Hope and Prosperity of the
Country Depend Upon Eriitea
linn of Country Roys.
Des Moines, Iowa. "Consolidated
village and rural schools, bearing
three-fourths of the burden of for
mulating country life education, are
the greatest factors in the estab
lishment of verile morality and high
ideals of every day life in this
country," declared Assistant - Wil
liam M. Haynes, of the Department
of Agriculture, before the. Iowa
Stale teachers' convention here.
Continuing, Mr. Haynes said that
asilhe whole educational and moral
structure of the' country rested, in
the final analysis in country's-Yt-ray
life, the development of'vaefi
cal education in rural distriui was
the. quickest and surest means of
raising general standards of intelli
gence,' morality and competency in
the United States. In universal vo
cational education for adults as well
as for youths, he saw the means for
greatest capacity of development.
Women Can't, Keep Secret When
Lovcmaking Heroines Violent.
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Disguised in
Halloween costumes, Mrs Michael
Hodack and Mrs. John Andrew, of
this city, Halloween night followed
their husbands downtown, flirted
with them, and were soon in their
company, Mrs. Hodack being with
Andrew and Mrs. Andrew with Ho
dack, so that their husbands would
not recognize their voices. For
some time the two women had a lot
of fun and then each of the men be
gan paying so much attention to his
companion that trouble was quickly
brewed. There was a quarrel and
then a light, which resulted in the
two men being arrested. They were
taken before Alderman Donohue on
the charge of disorderly conduct
and ... their - explanations followed,
their wives forgave them, and after
paying-' the costs they were released.
Department of Commerce and Labor
Shows There is a Decline.
Washington. That the imports of
the United States from various parts
of the world during the month of
September last showed a decrease
over the imports of September, 1009,
and that the imports for the first
nine months of this year are in ex
cess of the figures for the corres
ponding period last year are indicat
ed in the detail of foreign trade
which have been announced by the
bureau of stastistics of the Depart
ment of Commerce and Labor .
The imports for the first nine
months of this year were valued at
$1,172,387,363 as against $1,0(33,591,
350 of last year.
The export trade for September
shows an increase the total being
$168,801,293 compared with $153,
962,895 for September, 1909. Tin; ex
ports for the first nine months of
this year also have increased over
the same period of 1909. the former
total being $l,222,914,i08 and the lat
ter $1,101,021,910.
Coflln and Tombstone Were Ready.
Enterprise, Ala. After having
purchased a coffin, which she kept
in her home, and J,iad an elaborate
tombstone placed " on her lot in a
nearby cemetery, Miss Kate Marsh,
an eccentric character, who lived
alone in the country near here, was
found dead on her porch. Her
clothing was partly burned off and
death is believed to have been acci
dental. Appeal For a "Peace Sunday."
Boston. The American Peace So
ciety has issued an appeal to the
clergy of all Christian churches of
the country and to the leaders of all
other religious organizations to ob
serve the third Sunday in December
of this and succeeding years as
"Peace Sunday" and on that date to
urge, by prayer, song and sermon
"the abolition of war, and the sub
stitution of imperative, universal
Rroom Corn Sells For $100 a Ton.
Wichita, Kas. Farmers near
Shattuck, Okla., have formed bands
of ' night-riders and threaten prom
inent broom-corn dealers according
to advices received here from A. F.
Rales, a merchant of that place. He
says he and other dealers have been
oredred to leave the county.
According to Mr. Rales the grow
ers are demanding $150 per to for
their brush, while the prevailing
prices are from $80 to $100 per ton.
President of The United States
Issues Proclamation.
Some of the Things Which Have,
Contributed (o the Happiness and
Success of Americans No Wars
Have Disturbed.
Washington. The vigorous
growth and progress of the country
is reflected by the records of popu
lation and harvests and the general
conditions of international peace,
are things for which thanksgiving is
especially due for the year 1910, ac
cording to t he annual Thanksgiving
Day proclamation issued by Presi
dent Tafl. The prolongation is as
"This year of 1910 is drawing to a
close. The records' of population
and harvests, which are the index
of progress, show vigorous national
growth and the health and prosper
ous well-being of our communities
throughout this land and in our
possessions beyond the seas. These
blessings have not descended upon
us in restricted measures, but over
flow and abound. They are the
blessings and bounty of God.
"We continue to be at pease with
the rest of the world. In all essen
tial matters our relations with oth
er peoples are'harmonous, with an
ever-growing reality of friendliness
and depth of recognition of mutual
dependence. It is especially to be
noted that during the past year
great progress has been achieved in
the.-cause of arbitration and. the
peaceful sett lenient of international
"Now, therefore, I, William How
ard Taft, President of the United
States' of America, in accordance
with the wise custom of the Civil
Magistrate since the first settle
ments in this land and with the rule
established from the foundation of
this government, do appoint Thurs
day, November 21, 1910, as a day of
national thanksgiving and prayer,
enjoining the people upon that day
to meet in their churches for the
praise of Almighty God and to re
turn hertfelt thanks to Him for all
His goodness and loving kindness.
"In witness thereof, I have here
unto set my hand and caused the
seal of the United States to be
"Done at the city of Washington,
this fifth day of November in the
year of our Lord one thousand nine
hundred and ten, and of the inde
pendence of the United States the
one hundred and thirty-fifth.
"Bv the President:
"Acting Secretary of State."
Sergeant Manley Convicted of Mur
der and Militia Show Displeasure.
Dallas, Texas; Sergeant J. D.
Manley of the Texas national guard,
who stabbed with his bayonet and
killed Louis Richenstein, a specta
tor, during the visit of. President
Taft. to Dalas a year ago, was given
a life sentence in the penitentiary
by a jury in the criminal court.
Manley has always claimed that
the killing was accidental. As an
outcome of the conviction of Ser
geant Manley, the Texas national
guard have tendered their resigna
tion to the adjutant general of the
Postal Receipts For 1909.
Washington Postal receipts for
the fiscal year ended on June 30
were $324,128,657.62, an increase of
10 per cent over last year. More
than one-half that enormous sum
was collected in six States New
York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio,
Massachusetts and Missouri; the
total collections of each State rang
ing in the order named. The New
York postoffice collected 10 per cent
of all the receipts and Chicago
came next, with 8 per cent.
Punished For Selling Rad Eggs.
Philadelphia. The first prison
sentence imposed under a recent act
of the Legislature for selling eggs
unfit for food was passed by Judge
Barrett, when he sentenced George
D. Ellis, a Water street commission
merchant, to three months in the
county prison. Thomas D. Ellis was
fined $500 and the costs of the
prosecution. Abraham Staples, an
other egg dealer, who "made a prac
tice of buying up decayed eggs and
shipping them to New York bakers,,
was also sentenced to three months
Pennsylvania Wonian Kills Her 17-Year-Old
Daughter and Then
Shoots Herself.
Scranlon, Pa. Mrs. Harriet' Tur
ner, 10 years of age, shot and killed
her 17-year-old daughter, Mar jorie,
and then sent a bullet into her own
breast, inflicting what physicians
believe to be a fatal wound. The
tragedy was discovered by a milk
man who found Mrs. Turner half
buried in 15 inches of snow on her
front porch. 7 .
Mrs. Turner's husband, William
and her son, Willard, are in the
University , of Pennsylvania hospital,
at Philadelphia. The husband is in
a critical condition from asthma and
the sou is being treated for blind
ness in one eye. The authorities
believe, that worry over her family
trebles temporarily deranged Mrs.
Turner's mind.
An 11-year-old son was not harni
ed. Mrs: Turner told the doctors
that she loved the boy too much to
take him along with her into death,
but she thought the daughter wouLd
have too many troubles jn life and
decided to shoot her.
Baby Died at Birth, She Substitutes
Kansas dily, Mo. After believing
for "seyeu. years that Marilda Fuller,
7 years old, Was his daughter, Julius
R. Fuller was told in court by his
wife, who seeks a divorce, that the
child was taken from a hospital and
substituted for hcT own that died
at birth. Mrs. Fuller asked a
divorce for non-upport. Mr. Fuller
asked possession of the child.
"The child, you understand," Mrs.
Fuller told the court, "is an adopt
ed one." .
'""Impossible," said the husband.
"Our child was born, to us in St.
Louis seven years ago."
"It was born 7 years ago," Mrs.
Fuller explained, "but it is not our
"Mr. Fuller is a traveling sales
man. . While he was on the road,
our baby was born and died. I
grieved so that I decided to adopt
a baby that was born in the hos
pital the same day that ours died,"
"That's a new one on me," Fuller
said. "I don't believe the story. I
want the baby."
The Fullers were married in
Connetieul where they lived on a
Judge Dismissed Child Who is Self
Accused of Murder.
San Francisco. Effie Wilson, the
16-year-old Texas girl who stands
self-accused of the killing of Guido
Tarsi, who brought her from her
San Antonio home to the night life
of this city, was ordered released.
When Police Judge Conlan heard
her story several prominent San
Francisco women begged that he
show clemency. Judge Conlan re
leased her in their custody with
out bond and said she should go
back to her mother, accompanied by
Mrs. Sea ton, wife of a former judge.
"In the name of the law, I arrest
this girl for murder," said the at
torney for Varsi's relatives.
Judge Conlan .rebuked him and
directed Mrs. Seaton to take charge
of the prisoner. The attorney secur
ed a new warrant, but no judge
would sign it nor officer serve it.
Man, 82, and Bride,- 48, Elope.
Sterling. 111. Jacob Myers, a
wealthv farmer, 82 years old, and
Miss Ellen Kraft, i8 years old, elop
ed and were married. Myers' son,
60 years old, objected to the mar
riage. The bridegroom has three great-grand-children.
Aged Bridegroom Cut Himself. -
Dresden, Tenn. Despondent be
cause he had been forced by the
sheriff, at the instance of the girl's
father, to surrender his 18-year-old
bride, Thomas Gaskins, 75 years old,
a wealthy planter, stabbed himself
Walks 800 Miles to Wed.
Tacoma, Wash. Allan Rowe, of
Fairbanks, Alaska, walked 800 miles
to Forty Mile, after navigation clos
ed, to wed Mrs. Lawrence. He weigh
ed 203 pounds at the start, losing 30
A Cold-BIooded Villain.
Columbus, Ga. Wearing the dead
man's hat, Robert Jiles, aged 63, led
a posse into the woods west of Gi
rard, Ala., to the body of J. D.
Thomason, a butcher of Phoenix
City, Ala., and was arrested, charged
with the killing. Jiles volunteered
to lead a posse to the body and aid
in finding the guilty man. One of
the posse stated that he saw Jiles
toss a pistol into a nearby bush.
One of Thomason's sons identified
the revolver as his father's.
Crsas ef Currant Coaaty Eventa
Clipped and Cond eased
in a Colnmsu
Change and Improvements Mad
in Capitol Building.
The work of installing the venti
lating system in the Slate House,
renewing and remodeling the heat
ing equipment, and wiring the
building for electricity in progress
the past several months has been
completed with the exception oi
putting up the new electric fix
tures. The ventilating equipment
includes a huge electric fan in the
roof of the Capitol that is connect
ed with huge air ducts that are
thoroughly controlled so that the
ventilation all over the building and
especially in the Representatives'
hail and Senate chamber can be
thoroughly controlled. The electric
lighting is complete and includes
circles of lights up in the dome and
ample lights all through the ro
tunda that has heretofore been so
deficient in lighting equipment. The
big stone structure was erected be
fore the day of electricity (in ia31)
and has all these years had only
gas equipment except for electric
wires that have been installed in
some of the offices, the wiring being
exposed. The new wiring through
out the building is concealed in
the walls, this having taken much
of the long time and considerable
cost of the work, which is being
done in compliance with an act oi
the last Legislature directing the
Council of State to have it done be
fore the next session of the Assem
While ' Searching for Poachers Man
is Shot Down.
Clayton Davis, a forest ranger in
the employ of the Biltmore estate,
who was shot by a person or per
sons unknown November 2d,
while searching for poachers
died and TV C. Kearns, a moun
taineer of Mill . River, Henderson
county, is in custody charged with
the shooting. .
The deceased was walking neat
the boundary line of the estate
near State,-Rock creek when a shot
from ambush struck him in the ab
domen. The wounded man was
found by forestry hands some hours
later, after he had crawled and
walked a distance of nearly three
miles in the direction of his home;
to which he was 'carried.
Cotton Picking Record.
Mr. J. C. Aycock, of the Bethle
hem church community of Union
county picked 502 pounds of cotton
in a day recently. Wade Cloaninger,
the 15-year-old son of Mr. . L.
Cloaninger, of Barringer township,
Iredell county, picked 406 pounds of
cotton in a day also. With such
pickers a cotton picking machine
is not needed.
Dr. D. E. Everett of Raliegh has
advised Governor Kitchin that it is
impossible for him to serve as a di
rector of the North Carolina
soldiers' home, to whic hhe was ap
pointed a few weeks ago to succeed
the late A. B. Stronach and the Gov
ernor has commissioned A. H. Boy
den Of Salisbury in his stead.
On the recommendation of Nation
al Committeeman Morehead, Dr. II.
D. Walker has been . appointed a
pension examining surgeon at Eliza
beth City, vice Dr. J. B. Gragg, re
signed. At Wadesboro during -October
there were 399 liquor prescriptions
filled at the depository, against 313
for September.
Protest Against Screening Food.
Several weeks ago the Wilmington
board of aldermen, after consider
able discussion, passed an ordiance
providing that all . food products
placed on display on the sidewalks
should be screened. The retail gro
cers and market men protested at
the time and at the next meeting of
the city fathers will enter a
strenuous protest to have the ordi
nance repealing or greatly modified.
It is contended that by screening
the products they are hid from view
and it is also rather inconvenient.
Mill Charges Discriminating Rates.
The Cannon Manufacturing" Com
pany of Concord has filed a com
plaint with the Interstate Com
merce Commission against the
Southern and other railroads al
leging that by reason of discrimina
tory rates allowed others it was se
riously injured in shipments of
sheeting, gingham and towels to the
Pacific coast.
By reason of excessive rates, it
is also alleged, concerns elsewhere
are given advantages over complainant.
Somebody done put a spell on me! -w- -"Wiien
I shoots craps I dess th'ows three.
Er twelve er two ontil I lose ,
Mali coat en vest en hat en shoes, .
En whut dess truck me all tar smash
I done lose eighty cents tn cash! -
1 wondah ef hit's ol' man Green dat Hr
Bj- de bruck-down mill! Ia he gone en
Me a powdeh mix In dat possum roaV
Dat '11 make me fade till I's des- a ghos't
Oh. hit's hahd ter tell i ' ,
Whan I got de spell. '
But de one dat done hit done hit well!
O - 1 - 3 . ' I . .
I crope ez sof es sof could be "
stay -.-.
En dey all dese squawk lak hit dess coma
" day! .- - ,.
En d white man come wid his doff an
gun bahbwlah fence, dat's whah I
. run! . . .....
I wondah ef Jilt's ol' Mis' Lla Srolff
Dat am bent en bowed en lame en stiff.
En dat mum'le so, when aha say "How-
do" - ":
Is. she mix dem1 yubs till dey strike m
i thoo? -
rt)i liit'a t. 4 toll
fj "Whah I got de spell 1
But de one dat done hit done hit well!
8omebody done lay a spell on me!
T WATlt rlla mown a t n nn.' U
Ter de smoke house dess fer U git a
En a boa'd fell down ker-bllm! ker-blam!
En de white man's gun Beat t eh shot so
Dat he speckle me ev'y Inch er hide!
f wondah ef hit's oV Su Susy Pratt
Wld de three-leg dog en de cross-eye cat!
Is she lay some stuff at mah front do
step ' ... , '
Fum de bag er spells dat dey say sha
kep'? ,
' Oh, hit's hahd ter tell
Whah I got de spell
But de one dat. done hit done hJt well!
He Deserved It
"No," said the Roman conqueror to
tbe court fool of the defeated kins.
"I will not chain you to my chariot
"Thank you, your oafetty." sa
the court fool. "I have always heard
that you were charlotable."
For this the Roman conqueror com
pels the court fool to enter a pie eat
ing contest in the coliseum.
" "Have the Blinkerhys named their
twins?" asks the caller of the neigh
bor of the Blinkerhys, whose house-,
hold has been blessed by the arrival
of duplicates a few days before.
"I don't know," replies the neighbor,
"but I understand that Mr. Bltnkerby
suggested names for them immediate
ly on learning of their arrival.
"He did?"
"Yes. He exclaimed. 'Heaven and.
Earth. "
His Offense.
"What is your charge against the de
fendant?" asks the magistrate of tb
"He stole the words of a popular
song I wrote."
a - -v"e. vmcn ius magis
trate. The witness starts, but is intemme-.
ea at me second chorus:
"That'll do. I'll commit the defend
ant for insanity."
n was sometime alter they haft,
moved out of Eden.
Eve was repeating her opinion at
what might have- been If Adam had
not developed such an appetite far
apples and then blamed everything o
"O." growled Adam, "I'm get Una:
mighty tired of this eternal appl
sauce!" Fitted for the Work.
"What on odd picture to be priut
by Bcdobber, the famous starlet art
"O. I don't know. It fa catalogue
as A Little Smack." ,

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