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vMrs. Dr. Halsey and Ben Hal
sey Knight visited friends in Bel
haven Friday ...returning Satur
day. T. R. HasseH ' and son Kay
went to Norfolk Friday and re
turned next morning.
J. L. R. Leary and wife spent
the week end with Mrs. Leary 's
relatives near Creswell.
Prof. Dawson spent Saturday
in Norfolk on business.
After a delightful visit to
friends in Belhaven, Miss Myrtle
Peacock returned home Satur
day. W F. Lucas of Plymouth was
here Saturday on business.
Mayor Roper has a large force J
of nin at ;vork on the streets,
putting. them in first class shape!
t . u. vvnson nas soia ms auto
mobile to Mr. Luther Peacock
C. E. Pledger kft Tuesday fir
Kaluh on business.
Mis. C. . Snell and M
Ruth Christie of Pleasant Gr
wprn the cuests of friends here
Satu day.
Mrs W. J. Privott of Edetfton
was the week end guest of her
sistpr Mrs John VV. Chesso last
week. '
Rev. 4 A. -W. Price of Maitfeo is
a gutjst at the Methodist Pirson
age and assisting the Pasto, Rev.
J. W. Potter in a series on meet
ings this week. I
Miss Allie Peacock left!
day to visit her sister, Mis
vey, near Noriolk.
A Cradle Roll has been brgan
ited in the M. E. Sunday School
with Mrs. J. W. Potter,! Supt.
with a roll of seventeen! mem
bers. 1
I '
At the Sunday morning rvice
at the Methodist Church, lEliza-
beth Ayers, Mary Eliza Joohston,
m " T -1 7iUfi-irMol
i arrie j-jee aim vvmua ms1"' J
Clark- were received inw h
Church, the latter three v4Wf.j
tie Benj. Simmons Clark pg.
baptised. j
The teleDhone line b&n
Columbia and Plymonth i9g-Vmilt-
and the manasreme-
mises a much better servicfe
. .. . mi. . i: i-V. f:
near iuture. ine une m
Pleasant Grove and KofS
Kn taken down and itP
wire will be routed via Jl
Roper will have two i
necting with Plymouth
throuerh which connect
mdfl with the lower ei
County. A local exchr
nrobablv be installed h
ur! 11 fill a lone felt w
v v - - o .
SOmtt UIUC uicic.vuaii(
service has been a matte
nient and it is to be ho
the service will muchli
ed when the lmes are
and re-arrangei.
Mr. Alfre uiount, a p:
ent farmer,uvingtwo mile.41
Roper, di suddenly bettw
six and sen o'clock last Fri
evening, Aril 12th, in the k$
vear of hi hie. He has been
nbor hea-h for the past Iftl
year, thugh was apparently
well as v?ual when last seen,
short wile before he was fouri
dead orthe premises.
He Vis an uncle of our latd
lamed townsman, Hon. TJjcs.l
W. Hunt, and leaves a hal
i)rothi Jilx-bhenrr Levi Bloun
T mriirh tno-prhpr with si
Vs. E. E. Holton, Cresweli
. Blount, Plymouth; M
arkenton, woouaru; Alts.
Allbee, Frederick, Md,:
Newberry, Wilham
Blount of Roper and
lount who lived with
:ried on the home-
afternoon, the ser-
bnducted by Rev.
this Parish.
ir of friends and
present to pay
Mite of respect
of those
$2.00, in
s upon
k of
DfAKDENS news.
Mr.fCarrol Fagm made a fly
ing tuip to Plymouth Saturday.
Mrs Maggie Chessbn is visit
ing friends and relatives in
Mr Louis Lucas and Miss Don
nie Bell Gardener were out driv
ing Sunday.
After' spending some time with
her sister, Miss Katherine Jack
son returned home Monday last.
J After spending a few days in
Plymouth with her sister, Miss
Ruth Dardens returned home
Miss Ella Biggs and sister was
the guests of Mrs. Hattie Roger
son Sunday. :
Quite a Crowd of our young peo
pie attended the circus in Ply
mouth Saturday last.
Misses Annie Robbins and Ida
Biggs spent Saturday and Sunday
very pleasantly vilh Mrs. Fred
Moore in Plymouth.
After spending some time with
her mother in Columbia, Mrs; C
C. Fagan returned home Friday
All are cordially invited to at
tend our Sunday School at the F.
VV. B.' Church Sunday. ,
Miss Neva Swinson spent Sun
day with Miss Ella Biggs,
Mrs. Inez Fagan spent Sunday
afternoon very pleasantly with
Mrs. Sallie Hampton of this place.
Washbtgton County, N. C, Before the
Claren :e Latham, Admr. of N. T.ew
is. v s
W. C. Marriner and wife. W. W. Walk
er and wife. S H. Lewis and wife,
Miss Blanche Lewis, 13d Lewis, or
his heirs, et al.
To the defendants above named, and
especially VV. C. Marriner and his wife
Miss Blanche Lewis and Ed Lewis or
his heirs if he be dead. You and each
of you will take notice that an action
entitled as above has been instituted
befoio the undersigned, and S"mmons
has issued against each of you, return
able before me at the Court House in
Plymouth, N. C on April 15th, 1912.
You ill take notice that in said ction
the plaidtiff has filed a petition to sell
the lands of his intestate, N. V. Lewis
jn said County of Washington to pay
the debts of said N T Lewis now due.
You are required to appear before me
at n. y office at the Court House in
Washington County, N C, on April IS
1912, to answer or demur to the said
complaint as is required by law.
Witness mv hand and seal this March
1 1th. 1912.
(L.S.) C. V. W. Ausbon,
j Clerk Superior Court.
-v'" A call lot Ui, rxuiii( iuauau o
A cake Flour. Takes the place
x-'-wheat, can be found at
Washington C ounty, North Carolina.
The underwit: iiwl, . having oiuilitico!
n.-j luliui'M.-ti ;.t ,r or t inmost ;i to ot . T.
Lewis, tli s . is l.o notify all parties liolcl
iig claims a;;ainst sakl N. T Iowis to
present them for payment to me at
Plymouth. North .Carolina, on or be
fore the loth clay of March, 1913, or
this notie.e will he plcadel in bar for pa meiit
- All p;Mv.ons iiKlchled to said "decedent
will please make immediate payment.
Clarence Latham,
W. M. llond, Jr.,
WWnnglon County ) refore tbo 0,erk.
fciup'rii'r Court, )
In re, Lake Phelps Drainage Ditj-Ict
A. (L V;ilker, et ;il
Will Reeves, et al.
Notice as required by law is hereby
jfiven to all ptrsou.i interested therein,
that on the 23rd day & April, 1H2, the
undersigned Clerk of the Superior Co
urt, at the Court House in Plymouth,
Washington County, N. O , will exam
ine and pass up u the report of the
Hoard of Viewers heretofore filed in
this action on Marrh 3, 1912.
At said time and jace the Court will
consider said repo-t rnd will bear any
objections raised by any parties hav
ing lands affected by by said proposed
Those having lands they wish with
drawn from said district, or. land to be
added thereto, will appear and make
known their rights in the premises. ,
The petition and report heretofore
filed, as stated, has been accepted and
entertained by the Court.
This March 30, KM 2. "
C. V. W. Acsbox,
Clerk Superior Court.
For Register of Deeds.
As it is again a year for con-
ltions and elections of the
eral county officers, I want to
d do now announce mvself a
V for rpnnnainat.ion. snb-
t to the Democratic county
nary Thanking you for hav
so loyal y supported me in the
t few years,' in favoring me
h the nomination, and thank
all of those who have sup-
ited me in both the convention
election for these years, I
jure you if you nominate and
fct me again, I will make you
ood clevor register of deeds.
Your humble servant,
x F. R. Johnston. -
Under and by virtue of a certain
jrtt age deed executed to me by O. 1).
IcNair and wife, Cora McNir on the
12th day of March, 1906, and dulj- re
corded in the Register of Deeds Office
of Washington County in I ok No 51
at page 3, 1 shall sell at public auction
to the highest bidder for cash at 12
o'clock M. on the first Monday in May
19 2, it being the 6th of May, at the
ourt House door of Washington Co.,
the following property, vis:-
A tract of land lyu.g and being in
the County of Washington, Plymouth
To vijship, described as follows: "Be
gnuiing at a post i W H. Ange's line;
ihence south 77 poles to a post; thence
east 244 poles to a back line; thence
nortlj 77'4 poles to a black gum in the
Grain Pond llrauch; thence west 244
poles along W. H. Ange's line to the
beginning containing 117 acres, it be
i g lot number one in the division, as
the plot will show in Book No. 47 on
page 439, Washington County Regist
ers Office "
This the ?Sth day of March, 1912.
A. Iv. "wens, Mortgagee.
Isolds W. (laylord,
Under and by virtue of a mortgage
from W A Mitchell and wife to F. V.
Horn thai the undersigned will sell for
cash, at the Court House door in Wash
ington County, M-orth Carolina, at 12
9'clock on April 22nd 1912, that tract
of land described in said mortgage, as
It being the eastern one-third of No.
2 on Fourth Street, in Plymouth, N. C.
adjoining the lands of Annie King or
West Jones lot: it being the same land
fully described in said mortgage, reg
istered in Book 43, page 527 Register
of Deeds Office of Washington County.
This sale will be for cash, at public
auction, at said time.
F. V. Hornthal, Mortgagee.
W. M. Bond, Jr., Attorney.
Under and by virtue of an order of
sale granted in the Special Prsceedings
in Superior Court of Washington Coun
ty entitled Lrtharn Admr. vs Marriner
et al , The undersigned will sell for
cash at Pub'ic sale at the f'ourt House
Door in Plymouth, N. C. on May, 24th,
1912 at 12 m. That undivided intece t
owned by N. T. Lewis at the time of
his death in that trrct of land in Wash
ington County, N. O. near Roper des
cribed as follows,. Described in a deed
from VV. C. Marriner to N. T. Lewis
and in a deed from C. W. Lewis to V.
C. Marriner Registered in Book 36
page 33 Register's Office for Washing
ton County. Said lands subjoining
Strawbridge lands on the South, S. P.
Herrington on tbe Narth and B. S.
Lucas on the East and others.
The interest to ba sold to be a one
half undivided interest in and to said being the one half intere;
owned theyein by N. T. Lewis (deceas
ed. J '
Clarence Latham,
' Administrator and
i - . ) ' , 1
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Wearing parts heel, top, knee, sole and toe are durably reinforced by 2, 3 and 4
ply h?avy linen thread and seamless woven into the thin Egyptian lisle body. Mer
cerized finish retains its silkmess after laundering, and the colors black, tan, gray,
navyrwinc, heliotrope, white. and purple are fast dyed antf will not nor deaden
fi.ii- li'oclnn ir
For j4en, Women. and Children.
: Buster's is the only '25c guaranteed silk lisle hosiery made and its makers claim
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Months or
' .
I '

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