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    Home-Club Notes
By Mrs. MART F. DARDEN. Home Agent
Thursday Agents’ Meeting In Eliza
beth City.
Friday—Mt. Tabor Club
Saturday—Curb Market
Use of Cotton Bags
At the Hoke Club meeting Mrs. R.
C. Jackson displayed a lovely collec
tion of articles made from cotton
feed bags. Mrs. Jackson even saved
the thread the bags were sewed with
and made crochet edging for some of
the pillows and luncheon sets that
were made from the bags. Other
articles made were work shirt, dress,
5 sets pillow scarfs, dish cloths, used
scraps to piece quilts and lined quilt.
It pays to be thrifty and all club
women are urged to make the most
of what they have.
National Defense
Wenona Club women gave $5.00
from their club toward the Red Cross
emergency fund, besides individual
contributions. They made seven wool
dresses during December for the Red
Alba Club gave $5.00 from the club
for the emergency fund. Several of
the members have sewed for the Fed
Cross also.
Chapel Hill Club has been sewing
for the Red Cross.
Pleasant Grove Club is buying de
fense stamps to help in national de
fense. The members voted to give
the money spent for refreshments
each meeting to national defense.
Members of the Piney Grove Club
are malting articles for the Red Cross.
Other clubs will begin when the club
meets in January.
Leaders School January 27
John H. Harris. Extension Land
scape specialist, will be here to con
duct a leaders school Tuesday. Janu
ary 27, at 2:00. All of the Home
Beautification Leaders are urged to
attend. The men are invited also.
Mr. Harris discusses different phases
of home beautification and shows
pictures to illustrate.
Monday, January 19, County Bridge
Club, with Mrs. Tellie Biggs.
Tuesday, January 20, Pleasant
Grove Club, with Mrs. Woodrow Col
Wednesday, Jan. 20, Swain Club.
Thursday, Jan. 22, Creswell Club.
Friday, Jan. 23. Alba Club, with
Mrs. Gamey Bateman.
Respected Creswell
Colored Man Passes
Creswell.—Spencer P. Halsey, 82,
well-known colored man of the Cres
well section, died on December 29.
The funeral services were held at the
St. John Baptist church Sunday.
January 4, with the Rev. James Rod
gers officiating, assisted by the Revs.
W. A. Riddick. Edgar Allen, Samuel
Cahoon Daniel Norman, Jonas Pail
en, and the Rev. T. F. Davenport.
Following remarks by Arthur Rod
gers, superintendent of the Sunday
school of St. John church, the Rev.
T F. Davenport, minister of the
White Free Will Baptist church, paid
a tribute to Halsey, stating that the
deceased was highly respected by
both races and that he had many
friends among the colored and white
people of the county.
Spencer Halsey was a native of
Creswell and spent his life in the
section. He was a leading member
of the St. John Baptist church of
Creswell for 70 years, serving as a
member of the choir, trustees board
and as a Sunday school official dur
ing that time.
At the funeral service, solos were
sung by Rosa Robinson, of Hertford;
Anne Cartwright, of Elizabeth City;
Theresa Hill, of Williamston; and
Prof. P. W. Littlejohn. A beautiful
floral offering was contributed by
white and colored friends. Mary
Norman served as mistress of the
ceremony, reading the messages of
condolence, and a number of white
friends attended the funeral or vis
ited the home.
The deceased is survived by a
daughter, Sadie Tarkenton, of Phila
delphia; a sister, Comfort Lane, of
Elizabeth City; and 16 nieces and
Nearly 1,400,000 of the nation's
farms have substituted electric lights
for oil lamps in the past 6 Vi years,
reports the Rural Electrification Ad
Plain or Self-Rising
12 - 55*
BEANS 31-lb. cans
Tomato SOUP.3 cans, ,25c
Premium Crackers. 1-lb. pkg... 16c
Mild and Mellow COFFEE
8 O'CLOCK.21-lb. bags 39c
Soap Grains, lg. pkg.17c
Soap Flakes, lg. pkg.15c
Cleanser, 3 pkgs.10c
Liquid Wax, pint can.29c
BACON, lb.33c
GREEN CABBAGE, 4 lbs.... 17c
Ealing APPLES, 2 lbs..He
ORANGES, doz.15c
Fresh Green SALAD, lb.10c
Sweet POTATOES, 8 lbs.25c
Large Stalk CELERY.12c
GRAPES, 2 lbs..25c
Talco Feeds
Laying Mash, 100-lb. bag $3.10
Growing Mash, 100-lb. bag $3.10
Starling Mash, 100-lb. bag $3.10
Scratch Feed, 100-lb. bag $2.45
Miss Hannah Holmes, of St. Vincent
Hospital, Norfolk, spent the holidays
with her mother, Mrs. Sarah Holmes.
Bossie Bateman, of the U S. Navy,
returned Sunday to New York to re
port for duty after spending the holi
days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
H. R. Bateman.
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Andrews and
daughter, Betty, of. Norfolk, visited
Mr .and Mrs. Clyde* Smithson during
the holidays.
Miss Myra Phelps, of Norfolk, spent
the week-end with her parents near
Mrs. William Spruill, of Florida,
spent Christmas with he: parents
near here.
Miss Hazel White has returned to
E. C. T. C. after spending the holi
days with her parents.
Wilbert Brickhouse, of Columbia,
was the dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs.
W. L. Davenport Sunday.
Leroy Stillman, of the U. S. Navy,
spent the holidays with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Stillman.
Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Fhelps, Bobby
Sheets and Donald Sheets attended
the Rose Bowl game in Durham last
Miss Matilda Alexander has return
ed to Troy after spending the holidays
with her mother, Mrs. Rennie Alex
Miss Elizabeth Peel has returned
to E. C. T. C. after spending the
holidays with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. D. Peel.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Phelps have re
turned to their home in Raleigh aft
er visiting his father, J. L. Phleps.
J. C. Gatlin, jr„ cadet at Oak
Ridge, spent the holidays with his
mother. Mrs. Alice Gatlin.
Miss Roxie Spear. E. C. T. C. stud
ent. spent the holidays with her
mother. Mrs. Kitty Spear.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Phelps and
daughter, Ida Jones, have returned
to their home in Charlotte after vis
iting his father, J. L. Phelps.
Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Woodley, of
Great Bridge, visited relatives and
friends here during the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Noble and
daughter, Nan Irene, spent the holi
days w'ith her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
A. L. Holmes.
Miss Florence Litchfield, of Rich
mond, visited her aunt and uncle. Mr.
and Mrs. A L. Holmes, during the
Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Brock and
daughters, Margaret Ann and Ruth,
of Stoneville. spent the holidays with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. C.
Mrs. Ida Hassell visited her nephew
J. L. Hassell and family in Edenton
during the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Holmes, of
New York, visited his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. A. L. Holmes, Christmas.
Mrs. A. S. Holmes spent the holiday
with her mother, Mrs. W. E. Evans,
and sister, Mrs. Edna Moltz, in Co
lumbia, S. C.
Mrs. E. B. McIntyre was the over
night guest of her sister, Mrs. A. S.
Holmes, Wednesday.
Mrs. A. J. Davis, of New London,
Conn., and Mrs. J. D. Woodley, of
Tarboro spent the holidays with their
sister, Mrs. Rennie Alexander.
Preston Woodley returned to Ala
bama Friday after spending Christ
mas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
E. S. Woodley.
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Woodley, of
Norfolk, visited his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. E. S. Woodley, during the holi
Miss Marjorie Bateman and Billy
Wells Bateman have returned to re
sume their studies at W. C. U. N. C.
and Campbell College, respectively,
after spending the holidays with
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Davenport
moved the past week to their new
home near Norfolk.
Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Phelps accomp
anied their sons, Bobby and Donald
Sheets, to Philadelphia Sunday where
they will resume their studies at Ger
ard College.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Herrin, of Hick
ory, Va., spent the week-end with
Mr. and Mrs. Hassell Tarkenton.
Biliy Harrell, accompanied by Ills
parents, Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Harrell,
went to Fork Union, Va., Sunday,
where he will enroll as student in
Fork Union Military Academy.
Ammon Smithson, accompanied by
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney
Smithson, left Sunday for Washing
ton, D. C., where he will enroll in a
business college.
Miss Theda Hopkins, student at
Meredith College, spent the holidays
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L.
Misses Christine Lawrence, Yo
landa Leonard, Hazel Johnston and
Kate Ogilvie and Bob Merritt went
to Norfolk Saturday.
C. L. Barnes is able to be out again
after being confined to his room sev
eral days as the result of a nail punc
ture in his foot last Thursday.
Add New Volumes
To Creswell Library
Thirty-three new volumes have re
cently been added to the Creswell
High School Library, it vas an
nounced today by the libra, ian, Mrs.
Myrtle C. Gibbs.
Names of the books follow: Low
Bridge, Folly Farm, Little Women,
Kitt’s Class Day, Mistress Anne, The
Half Back, Pups and Pies, G-Man,
The Sky Pilot, Texas Sheriff, Green
Light, Forgive Us Our Trespasses,
Cimarron, The Dawn Patrol, Little
Shepherd of Kingdom Come, The
Short Stop, North of 36, Emily Climbs
Magic for Marigold, Rainbow Valley,
White Silence, White Fang, Sunrise,
Midshipman Wickham, Lad of Sun
lybank, Gentleman from Indiana,
Tom Sawyer Detective, Tom Sawyer
Abroad, Daddy Long Legs, When Pat
y Went To College, David Harum,
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and
rhe Virginian.
Mrs. Ora Allen Jackson Burnett, of Jamesville, was officially in
formed by the Navy Department last Friday that her son, Austin Ran
dolph Jackson, above, was safe and well and that an earlier official re
port of his death was an error. Mrs. Burnett, while on a visit to her
sister. Mrs. S. F. Darden, here December 16, was notified by the Navy
that the young man had been killed in action, presumably in the Pearl
Harbor attack by the Japanese on December 7. Her first intimation
that the report was false came last Thursday, New Year’s Day, when she
received a card from the young man, dated December 12, stating that
he was well and that a letter would follow. The following day she re
ceived a message from the Navy Department regretting the erroneous
report, and Tuesday she received a letter from her son, dated in Hono
lulu December 26tli. Young Jackson, who is well known here where he
visited frequently, is believed to be stationed on a battleship in Hawaiian
waters. Only 19 years old, he has been in the Navy a little over a year.
Members of his family, other relatives and friends, after mourning his
death for about 15 days, were naturally overjoyed when news came that
the first report was erroneous. Mrs. Jackson had received many mes
sages of condolence and sympathy, including a letter from former Sec
retary of the Navy and Mrs. Josephus Daniels, and she wishes to pub
licly express her sincere appreciation for the many kindnesses shown
her during a very trying period.
Gordon Sexton spent the week
end in Norfolk with relatives.
Worth Poyner, of Portsmouth, Va„
spent the week-end with Miss Clara
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Jones and Mr.
and Mrs. Man'in Peele and children,
Billy and Lynn Oliver, spent Sunday
in Portsmouth with Mr. Jones’ sis
ter, Mrs. Mary P. Sallinger.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Phelps and
baby attended services in Wllliam
ston Sunday.
Mrs. Roger Chesson and children
returned home last week after spend
ing some time in Portsmouth with
her parents.
Mrs. Bertie P. Vail and son, Wal
tre, returned home last Friday after
spending Chirstmas in Faison with
her mother, Mrs. Thomas Watkins.
Mrs. J. E. Sexton and Owen Al
len spent Sunday afternoon in
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Jones were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Oliver
Tuesday night.
Miss Marie Tarkington, of Gas
tonia, and Louis Yandle, of Char
lotte, spent last week with Mr. and
Mrs. H. W. Tarkington.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Ambrose and
Eddie Furlough, of Norfolk, spent last
Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Cecil
Ronald Biggs, of Fort Jackson, S.
C., has been visiting his mother, Mrs.
Lucy Biggs, here for a few days.
Aubrey Phelps attended the Rose
Bowl game in Durham last Thursday.
Mrs. Reynolds Spruill and daugh
Thur.-Fri. Jan. 8-9
“Louisiana Purchase”
Sat., Jan. 10 1 to 11 P. M.
Ray “Crash” CORRIGAN
John “Dusty” KING
Max “Alibi” TERHUNE in
Sunday - Monday - Tuesday
January 11-12-13
Wed., Jan. 14 Mat. 3:30
Thur.-Fri. Jan. 15-16
Marco - W'Uiams^on
Fri.-Sat. Jan. 9-10
The RAF Is Its Cast!
The RAF Filmed It!
J. Edward BROMBERG in
‘The Devil Pays Off'
ter, Dianne, are visiting Mrs. Spruill’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Chesson.
Thomas Chesson has returned to
Wilmington, Del., after spending the
holidays here.
Joe White left Monday for Texas
where he will be inducted into the
Herbert Thompson, of Greensboro,
visited his mother, Mrs. Pat Thomp
son, last rveek.
Mrs. Marie Shealey, of Florida, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles Watts.
Mr. and Mrs, Charles Floyd have
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Snell have
returned to their home in Kinston
after visiting Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Dav
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Swain and
daughter accompanied Miss Margie
Net Davis home Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. John Skiles and son,
Dee, with Miss Sarah Ellen Goodwin,
of Edenton, were the Sunday guests
of L. F. Davenport and family.
Miss Minnie Wilson and Mrs. Neva
Riddick, with James Harold Jethro
and Sergeant Russell L. Jethro, were
in Fort Bragg and Fayetteville Wed
nesday and Thursday of last week.
Miss Rachel Riddick and Miss Myra
Dixon visited Mrs. John Skiles in
Edenton Tuesday.
L. F. Davenport and Dee Skiles
called to see Mrs. J. L. Swain Sunday
Mrs. H. W. Riddick was the Sunday
afternoon guest of Mrs. Neva Riddick.
returned from Bird's Nest, Va.. where
they spent the holidays with Mr.
Floyd's mother.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Forbes have
returned from Shawboro. where they
spent the holidays with Mr. Forbes’
J. O. Highsmith is in a Norfolk
hospital for treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Tarking
ton, of Edenton, spent the week-end
with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tarkington.
Floyd Hollis, of Fort Landir g, is
visiting his sister, Mr3. Johnnie Ev
B. T. Davenport, of Norfolk, is
spending several days with his Moth
er. Mrs. W. S. Dav anport.
Mr. and Mrs. R. X. Collins, Mr. and
Mrs. Francis Everett and Master
Buddy Collins went to New Bern Sun
day and were supper guests Sunday
evening of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Dav
Herbert Chesson attended the Duke
Oregon State football game in Dur
ham New Year's Day.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Forbes, of
Shawboro, were the supper guests of
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Davenport Mon
day evening.
Jim Snell and Miss Cleo Riddick
left Wednesday for Lynnhaven, Va.,
to visitf riends there.
Mrs. Frank Wilson, Mrs. Lewis
Hassell and Mrs. L,ewis Edward Has
sell were calling on friends in Mack
eys Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ed Griffin and
Sam Jones, of Norfolk, spent the
week-end with Miss Luddie Mae
Miss Mary Davenport, Mrs. Wood
row Collins and Miss Elizabeth Ches
son went to Edenton Saturday after
Miss Evelyn Hope Tarkenton, of
Bertie County, spent the week-end
with her aunt. Mrs. Harris Chesson.
Buy Your
Lime Now
Call 276-6 — Or See
W. E. Knowles
J. E. Davenport
Repairs and Accessories
GMAC Payment Plan
We might as well face the facts. To facilitate war produc
tion, you’re going to have to make your present car last and last
and last . . . The national welfare requires that existing auto
mobile transportation be maintained at the highest efficiency pos
sible without interfering with the war effort.
In order to help you keep your car in good order; to help you
maintain its even operation, we will utilize the GMAC services,
as we are now equipped to offer you a special plan whereby you
can finance repairs on your car—whatever the make or the mod
el—and pay for them in regular convenient monthly payments.
Bring your car in and discuss with us this easy GMAC pay
ment plan.
All parts, accessories and labor will be strictly cash, beginning Jan
uary 1, 1942. We are forced to do this because of the shortage of parts
and accessories. Please do not embarrass us and yourself by asking for
credit. We will be glad to handle your repair jobs amounting to $25 or
more on the above mentioned GMAC payment plan.

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