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    Hugh Fagan Jordan
Gels His Wings al
School in Georgia
Dardens Youth Now Re
turns to West Point for
Graduation in 1943
Spence Field. Ga.—Hugh Fagan
Jordan. 23. of Dardens, received his
silver wings and the rating of ' Pilot"
at graduation exercises held at this
advanced flying school last Friday.
He now returns to the United States
Military Academy at West Point,
where he will be graduated early in
Cadet Jordan, son of Mr. and Mrs.
J. Frank Jordan, of Dardens, was
graduated from the Plymouth High
School in 1936. He has been active
in wrestling, skeet and cross-country
while at the flying school.
Addressing the largest class yet to
graduate from the Advanced Flying
School at Spence Field, Major Gen
eral Ralph Royce, commanding the
Army Air Forces Southeast Training
Center, said: "Don't understimate
the enemy. The Jap is tough, and
the German is tough with more
' From now on you are members
of a team,” the General told the
graduates. “You will be operating
in flights, squadrons or groups, not
individually. Get to know the other
members of the team, the men who
fly and the service men, and you will
make the team a better one.’’
Introducing the General, Colonel
Y. H. Taylor. Post Commanding Of
ficer. told briefly how General Royce
■was awarded the D. S. C. for leading
the bombing raid last spring on
Jap-held bases in the Philippines.
The graduates received their diplo
mas from the General and their sil
ver wings from the Colonel, and con
gratulations from both. Capt.
Claude Ennis, Asst. Post Chaplain,
pronounced the invocation and bene
Home for the Holidays
Misses Mary Elizabeth Bray and
Mary Lillian Campbell have arrived
at their homes here to spend the
Christmas holidays. They were in
school at Salem College, Winston
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Vestry Elected for
Coming Year at
Episcopal Church
Reports Also Made for Past
Year at Congregational
Meeting Monday
In a congregational meeting held
last Monday night, members of Grace
Episcopal church elected the follow
ing men to serve on the vestry for the
year 1943: T. W Earle. D. J. Brink
ley. R. A. Duvall. P. Bruce Bateman.
C E. Ayers, Zeno Lyon. H. A. Wil
liford. Dr. Alban Papineau, Lloyd Gil
bert and Robert S. Martin. J. H.
Leggett. Arthur Vail. R. A. Williford.
W. Blount Rodman. Sidney A. Ward
and Jack Owens were elected honor
ary vestrymen.
Reports from the church school,
the churchyard fund, the Young
People’s Service League, the woman's
auxiliary, and the vestry indicated
that all parish organizations had
functioned efficiently during the past
year and that plans for the forth
coming year of activities had been
made. A report of the financial con
dition of the parish given by D. J.
Brinkley, treasurer, showed that all
obligations had been paid promptly
and that a small balance was on hand
with which to begin work for the
year 1943. Mr. Brinkley stressed in
his report the need for increased giv
ing during the coming year to com
pensate for the payments formerly
made by men who are now serving in
the armed forces.
Plans were made for the organi
zation of another branch of the wo
man's auxiliary, which is to be
known as St. Mary’s Guild.
Announcement was made of the
publication of a pictorial portfolio by
the vestry which demonstrates in a
vivid manner th elife and activities
of Grace Church and the church at
large. Orders for copies of this port
folio may be given to Miss Rebecca
Ward and a nominal charge will be
Special Music At
Meihodisi Church
Rev. O. L. HARDWICK. Pastor
The Methodist choir will sing two
Christmas anthems Sunday morning,
the first being “Arise. Shine,” by
Maker, and the other being “O Come
To My Heart, Lord Jesus,” by Am
Miss Kathryn Midgett is to smg as
a solo, “The Birthday of a King.” by
A brief Christmas message will b
delivered by the pastor.
For the evening worship, at 7:30,
the junior choir will sing at least
two Christmas anthems, and have a
Christmas manger.
Tire Sunday school program will be
given Wednesday evening, at which
time Santa Claus will be present to
give gifts to the children.
Having this day qualified as exe
cutrix of the estate of Roxie Estelle
Reese, deceased, late of Washington
County, North Carolina, notice is
hereby given to all persons holding
claims against the estate of said de
ceased to present them to the under
signed for payment on or before the
18th day of November, 1943, or this
notice will be pleaded in bar of any
recovery thereon. All persons in
debted to said estate are requested to
make immediate payment to the un
This 18th day of September, 1942.
n26 6t Executrix.
Having this day qualified as ex
ecutor of the estate of H. A. Blount,
deceased, late of Washington County.
North Carolina, this is to notify all
persons holding claims against estate
of said deceased to present them to
the undersigned executor on or be
fore the 7th day of December, 1943,
or this notice will be pleaded in bar
of any recovery thereon. All per
sons indebted to said estate are re
quested to make immediate payment
to the undersigned.
This 7th day of December, 1942.
di7 6t Executor.
Under and by virtue of a power of
sale contained in that certain deed of
trust executed by L. V. Fagan and
wife. Terrace A. Fagan, to Z. V. Nor
man, Trustee, on the 24th day of
May, 1938, and recorded in Washing
ton County Book 126, Page 21, and
default having been made in the pay
ment of the note thereby secured and
the holder of said not having made
application to the trustee for the
foreclosure of said deed of trust, the
undrsigned trustee will, therefore, ex
pose at public sale to the highest
bidder for cash at the Courthouse
Door of Washington County, at 12
o'clock noon, on Saturday, January
9, 1943, the following described land:
Lying and being situate in Plym
outh Township, Washington Coun
ty, State of North Carolina, to wit:
Beginning at a point on a corner
of Madison and Fourth Street, in the
Town of Plymouth, North Carolina,
and running along the east side of
Madison Street in a southwardly di
rection for a distance of forty feed
to A. L. Owen's line, thence at right
angles in an eastwardly direction
along said A. L. Owen’s line 50 feet,
more or less to the line of Ribert H.
Taylor, thence in a northwardly di
rection along the line of said Robert
Taylor for a distance of 40 feet to
Fourth Street, thence in a westward
ly direction along the south side of
Fourth Street to the place of begin
ning. being a lot fronting on Madi
son Street at a distance of 40 feet
and fronting on Fourth Street at a
distance of 50 feet, more or less, and
being a part of Lot No. 2 as shown
upon the plot of the Town of Plym
outh, North Carolina.
The highest bidder at said sale will
be required to deposit ten per cent
of his bid of Five Hundred IJollars or
less and five per cent of his bid if
more than Five Hun Dollars, which
deposit will be forfeited in the event
of noncompliance therewith.
This the 9th day of December,
dl7 4t Trustee.
9-Year-Old Shot by
Playmate Saturday
At last reports, the condition of
Hugh Nash, 9-year-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. S. J. Nash, of the Little
Richwood village near here, who was
shot by a playmate last Saturday
night, was reported to be favorable;
and, barring complications, he is ex
pected to recover.
The young boy was shot by Billie
Davenport, aged 6. son of ^Ir. and
Mrs. Raymond Davenport, who also
lives at Little Richwood. The bullet
from a .22 calibre Winchester auto
matic rifle entered the little Nash
boy's chest, just above the heart, and
went through his body. He was
brought here for first-aid treatment
following the shooting and later car
ried to a Washington hospital.
Draft Board Wants
New Addresses of 29
Colored Registrants
Will Be Placed on Delin
quent List Unless No
tified Soon
The office of the county draft board
is anxious to secure the present ad
dresses of 29 colored registrants as
soon as possible to avoid being forced
to list the men as delinquents. Mail
sent to them at addresses on file with
the draft board has been returned,
and relatives or friends of the men
are requested to send in the correct
addresses or notify the men that they
are liable to get into serious trou
ble unless they inform the board of
then- present addresses.
The names of the 29 men, with
their last-known addresses at the of
fice of the board, are as follows:
Joseph Williams, 420 Liberty St.,
Berkley, Va.
Jesse Vernon Sears. USS Corp.
Ritva Camp Clewiston, Fla.
Johnnie Lee Norman. Mackeys.
Leonard Lewis Leary, RFD 1, box
900, Suffolk, Va.
Lora Tatem. Jackson. N. C.
Phillip Abraham Davis, 241 Mc
Donought Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Jack Johnston Moore. Route 1,
Box 95, Milford. Del.
Charlie Mack Hagens. Roper.
bohn Henry Blount, Creswell.
Mack White. 17 Little Court. Plym
James Arthur Brown, 417 Adams
Street, Plymouth.
Roy Wilkins, RPD 1, Plymouth.
Gus Speller, 1205 Lansing Avenue.
Portsmouth, Va.
John Smith, 1045 Dallas Street.
Baltimore. Md.
William Henry Brown. West Main
Street, Plymouth.
Jeff Turner Scarborough, Route 1.
box 388. Plymouth.
Aloumd James Williamson. 117
Elizabeth Street, Durham, N. C.
Milton Norman, jr., 701 E. Main
St., White City, Plymouth.
Junius James, Plymouth.
Irah Barnes, care Plymouth Box &
Panel Co., Plymouth.
James Chapel, care Oscar Mlzelle,
Richard EdRowson. Route 2, care
C. W. Pritchett, Columbia, N. G.
Dallas Milton Blount, Corapeake,
N. C.
Calvin Wilmot Hall, 744 St. Paul.
Norfolk. Va.
Elmon Leroy Armistead, 516 Wilson
Street, Plymouth.
Jesse McClought, 754 23rd Street,
Newport News, Va.
Luther Augustus Grimes, Box 151.
Garfield Blount, 319 Lewis Street,
Norfolk, Va.
No Tire Certificates
Issued in Past Week
The Washington County War Price
and Rationing Board did not issue
any tire purchase certificates at its
regular meeting last Thursday. There
were several applications on hand,
but they were returned to the appli
cants to be made out in conformity
with the new mileage rationing regu
Under the new plan, it is necessary
that tires be inspected at authorized
tire- inspection stations at stated in
tervals, depending on the type of
gasoline book issued for the car. No
application can be made for recap
ping or new tire unless its need is
certified by an authorized inspector.
Young Girl Drives
School' Bus Here
Miss Louise Nobles, a junior in the
Plymouth High School, is the only
girl school bus driver in Washing
ton County; and, so far as can be
learned is the second in the history
of the county schools. She is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. W.
Nobles, who lives on the Hoke road
about 9 miles from Plymouth, and
she makes a round trip daily over a
12-mile route.
According to H. H. McLean, county
superintendent of public instruction,
Miss Nobles is one of the most ef
ficient drivers in the local school bus
system. Her bus carried from 50 to
65 children twice daily, with the
average being nearer the higher fig
Checking back through the history
of the school transportation system
in the county, it was learned that
Miss Lucy Davis, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Ernest Davis, was the first
of her sex to become a school bus
driver here. She drove a bus to and
from the Westover section back in
the early 1930’s, it was said.
Dr. A. Papineau Is
Speaker ai Recenl
P. T. A. Meet Here
Cites Advancement Made by
Medical Science in Past
Fifty Years
The Plymouth Parent-Teacher As
sociation had a splendid attendance
at its regular meeting in the high
school here Wednesday evening of
last week. An encouraging sign to
officials of the organization was the
presence of several fathers at the |
Dr. A. Papineau. principal speaker [
of the evening, gave some interest
ing facts about the advancement
that medical science has made in the
past 50 years in the diagnosis and
treatment of disease. He stressed the
importance of early diagnosis and
prevention of disease by inoculation.
"Vitamins in concentrated form do
not take the place of an adequate
diet.” the physician stated. ‘'Milk,
fruits, whole p'ains, vegetables and
meat will supply these in the best
form, but in cases of marked vita
min deficiency, concentrated vita
mins are a necessary treatment.” he
Mrs. W. V. Hays, the president,
stated that the P. T. A. member
ship envelopes, which were distri
buted by the grade mothers, should
be returned to the teachers with
either donations or membership dues.
The money thus raised will be used
to augument the paint fund. Grade
mothers for several rooms reported
money raised for this project.
A prize of $1 will be given to the
room having the best attendance at
the January meeting of the associa
Principal R. B. Trotman reported
that several rooms had been painted
in the primary school building. Bet
ter lighting has been effected by the
use of light colors, and enthusiasm
is higher among the children in the
rooms painted, he said.
Christmas Services
For Episcopalians
The midnight service on Christmas
Eve will be the main service of
Chirstmas week for Grace Episcopal
church, according to an announce
ment by the Rev. William B. Daniels,
jr„ minister in charge. This serv
ice will begin at 11:30 p. m. Christ
mas Eve, Thursday, December 24.
A second service for Christmas Day
has been scheduled and will be a twi
light service held at 5:30 in the aft
ernoon. This is to be a. brief medi
tative service of Evening Prayer and
The annual Sunday school Christ
mas Festival will be held Wednesday,
December 23, at 6 o'clock in the aft
ernoon. A special program of music
and stories has been arranged for
this service. The junior choir will
sing at this time.
A complete outline of the Christ- |
mas week sendees is given as follows:
Sunday school festival, Wednesday,
6 p. m.
Midnight service, Christmas Eve,
11:30 p. m.
Twilight service, Christmas Day,
5:30 p. m.
Services for the fourth Sunday in
Advent, December 20, and for the
first Sunday after Chrismas Day, De
cember 27, will be as usual, with
church school at 10 a. m„ morning
prayer at 11 a. m., and evening
prayer at 8 p ,m.
All County School Will
Begin Holidays Friday
All schools in the county, both
white and colored, will close after the
session tomorrow for the Christmas
holidays, resuftiing work on Monday,
January 4, County Superintendent
H. H. McLean said yesterday. This
gives a full two-week holiday to stu
dents and teachers. Many of the
teachers were planning to leave for
their homes this week-end.
Local Scouters Attend
Banquet in Greenville
Several local scouting officials at
tended the annual banquet of the
Eastern Carolina Council in Green
ville last Friday evening, at w'hich
Herbert Stucky, regional scout ex
ecutive, of Atlanta, Ga., was the
principal speaker. Those attending
from here were T. W. Earle, chair
man of the Albemarle district; Fred
Humbert, local scoutmaster; the Rev.
William B. Daniels, jr., cubmaster;
and Dr. A. Papineau, council chair
man of senior scouting and skipper
of the local Sea Scouts.
Services Announced lor
Roper Epicsopal Church
A service of Morning Prayer and
Sermon will be held at St. Luke’s
Episcopal church, Roper, on Christ
mas Day at 11 a. m., according to a
statement by the Rev. William B.
i Daniels, jr., minister in charge.
Mr. Daniels will also hold services
at Roper on the fourth Sunday in
Advent, December 20. This service
will begin at 11:15 a. m.
Two Thousand Air Raid
Protection Bookes Given
In cooperation with the State In
dustrial Commission, the OCD has
distributed more than 2,000 books of
instruction on air raid protection to
industrial plants throughout the
state. This follows up two plant
protection schools conducted last
summer by the state OCD in cooper
I ation with the State College Exten
I sion Service.
May Volunteer for
Navy, Coast Guard
The local draft was advised yester
day that it is still possible for men
between the ages of 18 and 38 to
volunteer for service in the Navy.
Coast Guard or Marine Corps, pro
vided application is made through
the selective service board. Those
wishing to volunteer must apply to
their local board, who will issue pa
pers which are to be taken to the
nearest Navy, Coast Guard or Ma
rine recruiting station, as the case
may be, where final examination will
be made.
Such volunteers must pay their
own expenses to and from the re
cruiting station, and in the event
they are rejected by the branch of
service to which they apply, they are
classed as 1-A by the local board and
are subject to induction in the Army.
It was stated that it is no longer
necessary for boys of 18 and 19 to
have their parents’ permission to
volunteer for service in any branch
of the armed forces.
An average home burns enough
fuel oil in a year to drive a destroyer
50 miles.
A Message From Santa to
Tell You Where To Find
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elry business makes it possible for me
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dard make wrist and pocket watches at
a time when they are so very scarce.
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beautiful gifts to mention.
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