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Greensboro, N. li—Adv.
"1 notiiv tliM’’ yotiiii; iriau is HCtt.iii
flillL' up."
ht* old is net
i The Japaiu'.se battle crui.ser Tsuku-
1:;\. whicli vi.'^ited the .Jamestown ex-
, position ill 1907, is reitoiled, in a To-
i kio dispatch, lo have been destroyed
by an e.xplosion in the harbor of Yoso-
I ka, an important naval station thir
teen miles southwest of Yokohama.
One hundred and fifty three members
*'f the crew—a total of 817 men -
were killed outright anl 157 injured,
many of them seriotisly.
The attitude of President Wilson to
ward the replies of the warring na-
liofis to his suggestion that an opi>or-
tunity be given for comparing peace
terms remained undetermined up to
January 1;’..
It is .-iu^gested in Washington that
one or more Kurop»*an neutrals may
urge (.lermaiiy and her allies to make
public their peace terms, and other.s
think it possible that a voluntary
statement may be fortlicoming from
Kt^rliu aiier the text of the entente
t>*ply has been handed to the foreign
iil'tke for its information by Ambassa
dor Gerard.
The entente allies, replying to Pres-
id-*nt Wilson’s peace note in a joint
communication, express the b*»li*‘f
that it is impossible at the pres*‘nt
luomeiit to attain a peare that will
as>ure them reparation, restitution
and >uch guarantees as they consider
esseiit iai.
In a separate peace note the Bel
gian government expresses a desire for
peace, but declares it co\ill only ac
cept a seiilement which would assure
!>*paiaii»)n and security in the fti-
T!ir* next mo\e to be made by the
I'liited States in dealing with the de
f.tcti* government will be announced
by President Wilson shortly.
Withdrawal of the Pershing expedi
tion across the .\merican border and
the ,->ending of Ambassador Fletcher to
Mexico City are the next moves that
ofticial Washiny;ton is said to be con-
It is leptirred by the bur**aii  f la
; bor and comnieite that at lea.'t one
> million men have received increases
in wages. Half of the raises were vol
untary and the other half were won
through strikes.
Final agreement on the annual riv-
era and harbors appropriation bill has
been reached by the house committee.
The measure carries J:’.8,15.S,:>.‘J9, of
which something over ten million dol
I lars is for new projects, and the re-
I mainder for continuing or maintain-
, ing existing projects.
A new issue of |l and green-
' backs of Civil war days^ discontinued
under tha ('leveland administration,
will be jiut into circulation probably
about February 1. The issue is de
cided upon because the ordinary sil-
i ver certificates for $1 and $2 could not
be issued under the law in sufficient
quantity to meet the demand.
A. Tallahassee, Fla.'v dispatch an
nounces that Governor Catts lias ap
pointed J. B. Christian of Talbshassec
as adjutant general of Florida, suc
ceeding Gen. J. C. K. Foster, who has
been at the head of Florida military
alTairs for many years. !
lJuffalo Bill (Col. William Fredehek ;
Cody) is dead at the home of his sis- t
ter in Denver, Col. He is the last ]
of the great plainsmen, and his leath i
is mourned by the w'hole country, es
pecially by the youth. * j
Franz Bopp, German consul at San ,
F'rancisco, and four of his attachM I
or employees were found guilty in the [
linited States district court of having I
violated American neutrality. The i
charge upon which they were convict- \
ed was that they had planned to blow
up munition j)lants in America and
C'anada, steamships carrying anything
to the entente allies, railroad bridge»
and military trains. 1
A New York dispatch announces j
that a German raider was met in the |
Atlantic and sunk by a Hritish cruiser. I
The identity of the vessels engaged
as well as the vessel repojied sunk,
is in)t known.
Dry time.s are ahead for the city
Washington. The bill calling for pro
hibition for the District of ('oltimbia
passed the senate by a big majority,
and it is stated that the majori.y ii^
the house will be a large one.
It is stated in Mexico City by men j
high in the councils of the provisional |
government and in close touch with j
the international situation that the j
resul. of the conferences between the j
Mexiean and Cniled States «M>nimis-
sioners is most satisfactory to Mexico. i
The news in the ('ity of Mexic > !.'» |
lo the effect that President Wilson [
has taken personal  harge of the ne
gotiations between the de gov
ernment, and the I'nited States,
Cairanza forces now o- ciu>y Jiminei,
Sania Rosalia and i’ana! while Fran-
ci.«co ''ill:*, ati-l his staff have fled to
the state of Dura.igo ov«‘r the branch
lailroad ftotii F’arral to I'.l Pom.
With Dissolution of Commission, Set
tiement of Mexican Problems Are
in Hands of Wilson.—Recommend
Withdrawal Pershing’s Troops.
New' York.—The Mexican-American
Joint Commission, w'hich failed to ef
fect an adjustment of the ({ueatiofts at
issue hetw^een Mexico and the United
States after a series of conferences
that began four months ago. w^as for-
nally dissolved.
Secretary of Interior Lane and the
ther members of the American com
mission. Dr. J. R. Mott and Judge
(leorge Gray, told the Mexicans that
they had recommended to President
Wilson the dispatch to Mexico of Am
bassador Fletcher and the withdrawal
of the Ameri(«n troops.
Senate is Considering Water Power
Leasing Bill.—District of Columbia
Prohibition Bill, P&ssed By Senate,
May Strike a Snag in the House.
Washington.—While public iiiter-
est in Congress is centered upon the
so-called “leak” investigation, the leg
islative machinery of both house.' is
grinding away, and members have
settled dow'u to hard work in an earn
est effort to clear the decks and avoid
an extra session.
The senate still i.s considering the
public lands waterlpower land leasing
bill, but it may be side tracked any
day for either the legislative or In
dian appropriation bill.
Hearings on the nominees for the
shipping board continues before the
When Work Is Hard
That kidney troubles are so ■ omrnon
Is due to the strain put upon ti,,.
neys in so many occupations, .sur!; as;
Jarring and jolting on railroads,
(.’ramp and strain as m barberSng.
moulding, heavy lifting, etf’.
Exposure to changes of tempeiaiur«
in iron furnaces, refrigerators, etc.
Dampness as In tanneries, quarr.»^,
mine**, etc.
Inhaling poisonous fumes in paip*-
Ing, printing and chemical shopi
Doan’s Kidney Fills are nr.« for
strengthening weak kidneys.
A North CroKna Cate
william A. Apple, 730
S. Macon St., Greens
boro, N. C., says:
‘•^lien I was working
as a railroad brake-
man, I began to suffer
from sharp pains in
my back. The kidney
secretions became un
natural and I felt all
worn out. Finally I
was obliged to give up
railroading altogether.
At that critical time I
t>eRan using Doan’s
Kidney Pills and they
completely cured me.
though everything else
had failed.**
GetDeu'sal Aay Stave. Ipc m Bov
The Americans impressed upon the j commerce committee. When the
Mexicans that with the dissolution of i nominations reach the floor. Senator
the commission, the Mexi‘an problem j LaFollette will protest against some
I reverted to President VVils«»n. They | of the shipping ideas of Bernard H.
I were careful not to leave in the minds i Baker, the Baltimore i.ominee.
j of the Mexicans the convi. tion that I The Interstate Commerce Commit-
I President Wilson would a* ‘Pi,t the j tee is preparing to report on the
I fecommendation that ati accredited ' President’s railway legislation pro-
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tiuri. Safeguard your digestion and you
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iuedicine as well as a purgative. Adv.
No Hope.
“You ;iri- l’Moli'*h enough, tire
yoii. to rluuk :.oii I'nn dmwu your sor
rows in drink'”
»f fotirse H')' M>. wiie can swini."
A La Mesa. N. M., di-patch announc
es that Gen. Bejamln J. Viljoen, who
took a prominent part in the Boer
^ar, was at one time a member of
the 'Boer parliament, took part in
the Madero revolution in Mexic;j and
^hose son is now with Per.shing’s col
umn in Mexico, i.s nead, having suc
cumbed to pneumonia.
Texas reports a record-breaking
snovsstorm in the northern and cen-
tial pi'.rtions of the state. Seven inch
es is reported at Dallas and as far
south as Waco a fall of an inch and
a half is reported.
According to a message received at
the western division army headquar
ters in San Franci.sco from Calexico,
an airplane, missing from San Diego
It is cruel to force nauseatioQ,: for several days, with Col. Harry G
harsh physic into a
sick child.
Look back at your childhood days. I
Remember the "dose” mother insisted I
on—castor oil, calomel, cathartics, j
How you hated them, how you fought i
against taking them
W’ith our children it s different. |
Mothers who cling to the old form of
physic simply don't realize what they
■lo. The children'a revolt la well-found-1
.>d. Their tender little “Insides’* are ^
Injured by them.
If your child’s stomach, liver and i
bowels need cleansing, give only dell*'
•clous “California Syrup of Pigs.*' Its
action is positive, but gentle. Millions
of mothers keep this harmless “fruit ,
laxative” handy; they know children !
love to take it; that it never fails to |
clean the liver and bowels and sweet- j
«n the stomach, and that a teaspoonful
given today saves a sick child tomor* j
Ask at the store for a &0-cent bottla
of “California Syrup of Figs,’’ which I
Bishop and Lieut. W’. A. Robertson,
Jr., has been traced to a point fifty
miies south of ('alexico, but no in
formation is given as to the actual
Four thousand pounds of powder
were destroyed by tire and explosions
at the Haskell, N. J., plant of the Du
Pont Powder company, December 12.
Only two men are reported missing.
{ No estimate of the loss has been made
i public.
I Four automobile bandits made a
raid on the First National Bank of
i Harrah, Okla., held the president and
cashier of the bank at pigtoi point
and escaped with $o,500. Tbe bandits
were pursued by a posse.
Ten per cent increase in salaries of
all national agricultural department
employees paid |1,200 a year or less,
and 5 per cent for those who get from
tl.200 to $1,800, is authorized in the
annual appropriation bill for the agri*
cultoiral department passed by the na
tional house.
Sergeant Crawford, attached to the
Pensacola, Fla., aviation station, was
painfully but not seriously injured in
European War
l'nler fierce attacks the Teiiionic al
lies have made ftiiiher progress
asainvt the Russians alon^’^ !he Sereth,
southwest of Gala rapturing the vil- of Kotumil'liali and also the
low’n 'f Valeni. on ilie lailrnad be
tween Mraila and (laia/. six miles from
(Jalat/. i
The .\utro-denuiUis liave been de- !
feaieij north of the S'lnriki rive' , south j
of the Oitnz river and in the region i
of Raduleschi to the ea-^t of Fokshani.
The Germans delivered lieavy at-
a-\ in the vicinity of Rifia, bu: were |
repulso«l. I
The Trenlino front (Italian reports I
the usual artillery enRagements. and j
claims the Austrians have been dis- '
turb«*d by the accuracy of the Italian |
artillery. I
The .Julian front (l aliant reports i
that, notwithstanding the very inclem- I
ent weather, the useful activity of the
|)atrols goes on unimpeded. |
The nstial cannonade is going on .
south of the Somme and in the region j
of Verdun.
(Jerinan aeroplane was fored to ’
land in the French lines near Pont-a-
.Moussons, and the aviat $ > made pri.^-
Only artillery activity i.- lejiorted
at llet Sa.«. in the Belgian se-. toi.
South of the Somme and on the j
right bank of the Meuse artillery :
fighting is reported to be very active, i
A German destroyer is reponed to i
have captured in Swedish territorial ‘
waters the Danish steamship Tyhra. i
Lieutenant General Bandini, com-!
mander of the Italian Albanian expe- j
ditionary cnps. was among those lost j
aboard the Italian battleship.- Regina '
The sinking of the Italian battleship :
Regina Margherita, of l::.o(i tons, on j
December 11, with the los, of men, |
is offficially announced by the Italian }
government. |
A British cruiser of the Juno type, '
measuring 5,600 tons, was sunk by j
Turkish gun fire on the Island of Kas- j
telorlzo in the eastern Mediterranean. ^
In the western war theater fighting |
is reported on the Anore river in j
France between the Germans and the
The British are reported to be niak- i
ing successful raids north of Arra.**, ,
The French report having captured •
a considerable number of prisoners i
in a sortie in the Vosges sector.
Greece's reply accepting the terms j
of the ultimatum cf the entente allies
has been delivered, according to a Lon- i
don dispatch. j
One thousand yards of Turkish {
trenches on the Kut-el-Amara (.Garden
of Kdcn) have been captured by the
The Turkish trenches at Sannayat
wete bombarded by the British and
successfully raided in three places.
The invasion of Roumania by the
troops of the central i>owers contin
ues to progress, and the Russians and
Roumanians seem powerless to hold
them back.
Field Marshal von Mackensen. driv
ing northward in Moldavia, has won
I diplomat be sent to Mexico and that
I (leneral Pershing’s f«»n-e be with-
‘ ft:awn. but the intimati)n that he
; N'.'ould d(» so was conveyt»d.
I Luis ('abrera. chairman of the Mexi-
:.ti eomtnission. and Ignaeio Bonillas
’ :-?id .\Iberto J. Pani. the other mem
bers said they expeeted to leave with-
I i 1 a week or ten days for Mexico.
1 The session «ontinued through
! most of the tlav. Th-> .Vuiericans ex-
haa full directions for babies, children
of all ages and for grown-ups plainly i an airplane wreck which occurred just
on each bottla. Adr. over the bay.
plaii:ed that they r-*sarded furthea
disciission by them impraf tieable. :
rell* Committee Its C>iairman, Henry.
Wks Authority.—McAdoo's Name
Brought In.
A’ashington. Thonia> W. La'A'son,
lAtled before the Mous > Uu!e f’oni
*n.tee to tell what !»>■ knew or had
v*vard about a stoi'k 'tiarket leak on |
t lesident Wilson’s peace note or be ;
punished rulmly declared that the I
mysterious Congressman who told i
nim a Cabinet Offieer. a Senator and i
n banker were engaged in a stot’k ;
gambling pool was none other than 1
llepresentative Henry, chairman of the ,
Then, before his hearrT'i had time ^
to recover from the slun k, Lawson i
sprunp one sen.^ation after the other |
by declaring that the Cabinet Officer I
referred to was Sei ietary Mc.Vdoo; j
that the banker wu' 11. Piney Fisk |
of New York, and tliat he knew the
Senator only by the initial “O.”
To «oinplete the n\pl)sion. Lawson
went on to charge that Paul M. W’ar ;
burg, of the Federal Reserve Board. '
had knowledK. of the leak machinery, j
repeated a riiOior that Count von
Bernstorft'. th.*^ (ierman .\mbassador. ,
had made two millions in the stock |
market, and to mention a list of well-
known men wIhjui he thought should
be questioned.
Mr. Law.^on said he had been told
hat Mab olm McAdoo. the Secretary's
■>rother. knew of the leak, as did C.
Barney & Co. and Stuart G. Gib-
toney of New' York. A Mr.^. Ruth
Thomason Visconnti of this city, he
=iaid, had declared to him in the pres-
■•Mce of her attorney that Secretary
'umulty received his “bit.” and that
W. W. Price, one of the White H«)use
••orrespondents. was “the go-between
for Tumulty and others.”
gram after holding extensive hear
ings. The so-called “compulsory ar
bitration" feature of the bills will b-*
modified, if it is reported at all. it is
The senate bill for prohibition m
th'‘ District of Columbia, passed re
cently, is about to be considered by
the District Committee of the
Sentiment in the committee is said to
be unfavorable to it unless there is a
provision for a referendum vote in
the District. House leaders say. how
ever, there will be a vote on the bill
regardless of what may be the action
of the District Committee.
FOR MALE—l-lfty Thousand trinoor
River Privet He«tee. Klad ’ihHt>
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Banks—Is your Feathcrly : .
-ible sort of person*/
Brookes—Yes. he’s r**sj«iti^;ii for
'!iost of the ni4stnkcs In oii:- i. i.Hr-
nient.—.Tuck o’ Lantern.
Three Hundred Jack Tars Fouflht for i
Lives Against Heavy Sea on j
California Coast.
Eureka. Cal.—Shortly after 8 o'clock 1
at night the last member of the crew
of the cruiser Milwaukee. whi* h went
ashore near here early in the day.
was landed on the beach. Not a life
was lo:?t. and but one man was hurt in
the rescue of the hundreas aboard the
stranded vessel.
In a fight for their lives against a |
heavy sea, more than three hundred |
Tnited States sailors were brought j
ashore in breeches buoys from the '
Milwaukee, which rolled in the surf, |
with possibility of being a total los.s. !
on the northern California coast where ,
she struck shore in a fog. j
Breakers were spraying over th* :
warship’s superstructure, and the in- |
Children love Skinner*a Macaroni
and Spaghetti because of its delirious
! taste. It is good for them and you
' can give them all they want. It i.'i a
' great builder of bone and muscle, and
does not make them nervous and irri-
I table like meat. The most ec(»nomical
I and nutritious food known. Made from
I the finest Dunim wheat. Write Skin-
I ner Mfg. Co., Omaha, Nebr., for beau
tiful cook book. It is sent free to
re,3»nt pouiuliiiK of the was | “ ‘.‘’‘’I"
driring the vessi-l further ashore in j •>' eH'ulnated I,lit *u. h
the sand. t'Ho #ai— «re a vast help in a
Here's a Tip About Hotel Guests.
In the -\Mierican Magazine a writer
sa^ s; £
"Here's a funny thing, by the wa/.ft
that I've noticed about hotel giiest.H:
You huve a soiled towel in a room,
and the guest will probably coinplaia.
But you can leave a bucket of pamr:
ami a paperhanger's soaffohi in the
hallway, and compel the ;;u*>st to
crawl under a stepladder to ro hi-*
room, and he will put up Aith it
cheerfully—because he kni>\> you
are painting or papering by '.mi.v of
making an improvement, and In- > in
.sympathy with that. It die'ii r  ost
much to make over a carpet Tha"
11 resser
itTle d-*-
The Milwaukee false bot- j
tom was flooded in an effort to anchor i
her against the wa^h of the sea. Na
val officers ashore said it was hardly '
possible that the cruiser would ever
float again.
The Milwaukee is stuck on th>»
sand only a few hundred yards form j
the submarine H-8. which grounded a
month ago. near the entrance to Hum- .
boldt bay. The cruiser was attempting
to salvage the submersible at the time
of the accident. Within forty or fifts
miles on this part of the coast, six otL ;
er vessels have struck shore during j
the last fear years, and none of them
have been saved.
hotel prosper."
New York.—A decline of $:1 a bale
•I cotton under last week's closing
• rices, was the outcome of heavy sell-
on this market due to weather
•onditions over the belt and small con-
•«umption figures from American mills
or December, announced by the cen-
‘Uis bureau
Applying Physics in a Street Car.
one of the fundaniental th*‘«>ries you
1 were taught In your high sch'Hii iihys-
; ics vvlll save you a lot of inniMle ev-
, ery day if you apply it.
j Straphangers in the street  ;ir'lur^'h.
forward when the ear i^tops and back-
: ward when it starts. It’s Inronvcnien'
especially if a *JtH>-pounder hi'' you.
Remember that place in th*- physifi
: text—“To every action ther.* is nn
: opposite and equal reaction."
I Well, apply it. W’hen the car 'tops,
: lean toward the rear. When it -
I lean toward the front.
I You lurch because .vou’re th.- opp-v
site reaction to the car’s movetnent.
I Simple and practical. Isn’t it?
Berlin, via Calville.—Further com- i
ment on the note of the Entente Pow- j
ers to President Wilson lays empha- |
sis on the decisive character of the |
declrations which clear the air. the |
newspapers say, and give the Central I
Powers a well-defined goal—defense |
against the plan of their opponents I
for re-making the map ot Furope. |
Berlin. Sundy, via Sayville.--lir.
Alfred Zimmerman, the German For-
*^ign S^inister, informed the Associat
ed Press that in his opinion the En-
tene reply to President Wilson’s peace
note bars the possibility for the pres-
unt of further German steps to bring
nbout peace. In particular, he said,
it precludes any direct announcement
by Germany of her peace conditions
in answer to the terms set forth in
additionHi gTo^md, reaching'the"‘pii’tna i note,
river sector.
Tongs that grip a door frame have
been Invented for hanging babie«‘
chairs or swings In dooruays.
British cotton manufacturinc; con
cerns, despite the high price of cot
ton and increased cosfs due to the
war made money in 1916, some of
them having declared dividends as
The plant of the Canadian Car and | high as twelve per cent.
Foundry company, a short distance) The Germans repon that they have
TbmCU* for f«U MM LAZATl
iloMUQIJINUlM. Look tor tigamfn of a
oSoTB. Varw a OoM ta UMOer. Mo.
east of Kingsland, N. J., in which wa.s
stored hundreds of thousand of three-
inch shells destined for the Russian
government, was destroyed by fire and
a series of explosions. So far as can j
taken over five thons;^nd (irisorers in
the fighting around the Putna river
sector, together with guns and ten
machine guns.
On the Pvassina river the Teutons
be learned there was none killed, but are driving the Russians backward.
A strike of undertakers took plac*
at Liverpool. England, recently .
seventeen are reported missing. The
loss will probably reach a million dol
; oad in northern Russia.
Count Ignatieff, minister of Russiaa
public instruction, has resigned.
Columbia. S. C.—Columbia’s fight
for the Government nitrate plant is
being pushed energetically and plans
are forming to send a committee to
Washington to formally Invite Newton
D. Baker, Secretary of War. to visit
Columbia and look over what she has
to offer for obtaining the nitrate plant
Word has been received from Wash
ngton that Secretary Baker will visit
•^olumbia to the advantages of tht-
«%ration here.
Chihuahua City, Mex.—Tiie Villa
Chief Morena and sixty followers
were killed in the fight January 10,
140 miles north of Parral. according
to details of that action received
from Gen. Pablo Gonzales, com- ^
manding the Government troops in the
field. The Carranza traops lost Col j
Lozano and three officers and eight
men killed besides a number of |
wounded. They captured a small •
number of prisoners.
Mexico City.—Marcelo Caraveo. a
former Villa general, who was impris
oned In Chihuahua City by General
Trezino and liberated when Villa at
tacked the town last September, was
shot at Teotltlan, del Gamino, Oaxaca.
General Caraveo. soon after being lib
erated by Villa, surrendered to the
Carranza authorities and was brought
to Mexico City and confined in the
penitentiary. He bad escaped from
the penitentiary last week.
Or Not It Is
Harmful ^
“There’s a Reason” fot

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