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(Name changed from Sylvdti VaUey News, January 1, 191?.)
Ml Men, White or Blaok, FesMe or Strong, Between Ages of
21 and 31 Years Required to Register on June 5 or
Be Subject to One Year’s Imprisonment by Federal
Government; The President’s Proclamation.
President Wil.^on’s procUjnsition
for a selootivo rofxistration of
eligiblos for niililary sorvice has
become a st^at« und local matter by
Governor Bickt'tt’s appointing a
registration boiird in every connty.
This board consists of the sheriff,
olerk ef court and the connty phy
sician, and is empowered to a]>-
point precinct registrars, whose
duty it will be on Juno 5 to register
eligibl(*s for service in the army—
that is, men who have reached
their 2Ist and who have not yet
rwiched their :Ust birthday.
The hours for rejjistrution will
bo from !*oven o’clock in the morn
ing to nine in the evenin,^.
In obedience to the proclamation
the sheriff, the clerk of court sind
the connty ])hysician or,utini/.( d |
and made appointments of ref^is- j
trars on Tuesday. The registrars |
according to precincts are as fol
lows :
Brevard—F. E. Shuford, T. H.
Hampton, O. L, Jones
Boyd—L. F. Lyday, j
Catheys Creek
L. Waldrop. j
Cedar Mountain—Ralph W. Lee. i
Dunns Ilock—William Ma:cwell. 1
Eastatoe—Jordan VV’hitmire. i
East Fork—-Charley Gravley. |
Gloucester—J.H.* House.
Hogback—W. K. Nicholson.
Rosman—J. M. Zachary.
Little River—H. P. Xichols.m.
The local registration board, the
sheriff, clerk of cor.rt and health
officer have decided to give their
services to the government on
Jnne 5.
The matter of registration is i»t
« play thing. It is a serious matter
and all persons subject to rr gistra-
tion should make sure of resister-
ing for failure subi'-'cts one to a
heavy penaltj*. Registration v.-ill
take place at or near the voting
All of Specified Age Must Respond
on June 5 to Cali of
Government Has Issued Circulars
Making It Easier for These Who
Register to Req:s:>d to Inters
rogations That Will
Be Made.
There is l»ut one answer to every
iinesiidii askeil rejjsiriliuK registruti»Q,
aul it i.s Lliis;
“Kvery man betv.oen the nses of
aiul thirty years inclusive,
wlieiluT native hern, au aliea, or even
an alien eaeniy, must register June 5.
Tliis aiiplies also to iuvalids and per-
Washington. — President Wilson’s
ypcclamatioii, Into eJTet t the !
•elective draft prevision of tiie war
army bill, follows:
A proclamation by the President
«C the TniLed Statr-s.
V.^hereas, rongre:>s has enacted and
iho President has on the eisliteenth
day of May. one thousand nine hun
dred and seventeen, appi’oved a law
^hich contains the following provis-
Section 5—Tnat all male persons
.1>etween the aj;es of 21 and 30. both
Inclusive, thall be subject to registra
tion in accordance with regulations
to be prescribed by the President and
upon proclamation by the President
or other public notice given'by him
or by his direction. EtatinK tlie tima
and place of such registration, it shall
,be the duty of all pensons of the de
.^signated ages, excppt officers and en
■listed men of the regular Army, tbo
Navy, and the National Guard and
naval militia n-hilo in the service of
.the United S'^.tes. to present them-
'«elves for a::d submit to registration
'under the provisions of this act; and
©very such pe/sons shall be deemed
to have notice of the reqiiireraent.s o:
ithls act upon the pnb!i( ation of sai l
proclamation or other notice as afore-
eaid given by the Prefcident or by hie
direction; and any r-eisons who shall
I wilfully fail or refuse to present him
self for re?nstratioa or to submit
{thereto as herein provided, shall be
Iguilty of a misdenoanor and shall,
Inijon conviction in ITie DiBtrict Court
iof the United States having jurisdic-
Itioci thereof, be punished by imprison-
jnifent for not more than one year, and
ishall thereupon be duly registered.
.^Provided, that, in the call of the docket
preceding shall be *?iven.' in the courts
^trying the same, to the trial of crimin-
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L. W. Brooks, J. i ,,,-p jn ^ man is thirty until
his lliirty-lirst binhday anniversary.”
The government hys adoi>ted a plan
to facilitate and simplify the tilling in
of ^Dnscriptiou registration cards June
i’irculars containing the twelve
iuesti«»ns to be ask*Hl and advice as to
how they should be answered have
t»een prepared for «listribution.
Answers to the Questions.
The circular, which bj*ars the head
ing. "I I ow to Answer Questions ou
Itegislration (,'anls," rca(is as follows:
“Que.;iions will !•»> ask*d for you to
answer in the onU-r in which tbry ap
pear on this paper. These (juestions
an* s‘t out lielow with detaileti iufor-
n\alion to help you answer tlsem.
‘*I>o not write on, mark or »tberwise
mutilate these instructions. Do not re-
movt‘ them. They should be carefully
read so that you will have yimr an-
Kwt'rs ready when you go before the
“All answers will be written ou the
registration card in ink by the regis
trar, who should be careful to spell all
namt‘s correctly and to write legibly.
“1. Name in full. A.i;e in years.
“This inuans all your names .spelled
out in full.
“State your age today in years only.
Disri'gard additional months or days,
lie prepared t* say ‘nineteen’ or
•twfnty-live.’ not ‘nineteen years
thrj-c months’ or the like.
“2. Home atllri‘«.s.
“This means the place where you
have yoiir iiernmnent home, not the
place whore you work. Be prepared
to give the address iu this way: ‘2I12
Main sm-it. ('liicago. Cook county, Il
linois;’ that is, give number and name
of strei't lirst, then town, then county
an»l state.
Have Birthday Date Ready.
“Date of birth.
“Write your birthday (month, day
find year) on a picce c)f paper before
going to 1hi“ registrar ami give the pa-
pi*r to him the first thing. Example:
‘August r>, 1S1>4.’
“If you do not re’uember the year,
start to answer as you would if s«»me-
one ask(‘d you your birthday, as ‘Au
gust .j.’ TIu n say, ‘on my birtlulay
tliis year T will Ik* (or was) years
«tid.’ Tli(! registrar will then till in
tlu* yi'ar of birtii. Many people do not
-arry in mind the year they were
born. This raay be obtained by the
registrar l>.v snl»traeting the age in
years on this year's birthday from
“4. Are you (1) a natural born citl-
Many Features of Commence
ment Progjram Enjoyed By
Pupils, Friends and Patrons.
zen; (2) a ujituralized citizen; (il) an
alien; C4) or have you declared your
Intentiou to become a citizen (specify
which) ?
“(1) If you were born in the United
States, including Alaska aud Hawaii,
you are a natural born citizen, no mat
ter what may have been the citizen
ship or nationality of your parents. If
you were born in Porto Rico you are a
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The exercisas connected with the
commencement of Brevard Insti
tute begun on Friday night and
continued throufih \\’ednesday, the
I day of graduation. All these ex
ercises were well attende.1. Anura
her of former students ca’ne to be
present at the jileasant occasion,
and the towns|)eoplo showed their
interest by a large attendance.
The programs from first to last
were %vell rendered. Perhaps at
no former time has there been
, such general excellence, and it
i should be mentioned as a matter of
exceptional merit, that in almost
{al) cases the prei>aratory training
was given without a sacrificing of
the regular school work.
“An Evening With the Indians”
on Friday night o,pened the series
of entertainments. This was given
by the primary children and others
below ttie high school grades. The
j little red men and squa'.vs \ver«i
I well-trained in their parts, and
presented some interesting scenes
from “Hiawatha.”
On Saturday night there was a
recital by the pupils of the n-iisvc
aiul expression dt partments, which
v.'ss comprehensive and varitd.
Individual tixlent and careful train
ing were noticeable.
()^ Sunday morning the Metho
dist church—both auditoiiuin and
annex—was filled with a coziiaega-
tion made up of all dtnounnations
to hear the commencement sermon
by Kev. R. M. Courtney, pastor of
the West End Methodist church
of Winston Salem. Mr. Courtney
preached a simple and impressive
sermon oa the importance of daily
li ing. Real success in life, he
claimed, came from living each
dh,y successfully in all its little du
ties and in havinf; life dignified and
ennobled by love, peace, joy, ser-
Whole County to be Interested;
Phases of Red Cross Work
to be Considered.
Transylvania county is to have a
big patriotic gathering on the
Fourth of July.
The Junior order is already at
work on plans fur making this »
big event.
At a gathering of a number of
men on Monday night for the pur
pose of formulating plans to further
the American Red Cross work and
that undertaken in Brevard by the
ladies, as told in last week's News,
it was decided to co-operate with
the Juniors in making the event
one of big patriotic value.
Efforts will b« made to secure as
a speaker, Dr. Boyer, who has in
timate knowledge of conditions in
France by reason of his visits there,
and who is devoting considerable
time to the organization of Red
Cross chapters.
It has been suggested that prob
ably Transylvania w’ould contribute
an ambulance, which would cost
about ^1,000. A program for the
event has not been arranged but
it has been decided to adver
tise the event thoroughly over the
county, with the assuranco of one
or more interesting speakers, free
lunch and other refrt shments.
The committee appointed at the
meeting Monday night over which
J. S. Silverstein presided, to take
charge of the matter of refresh
ments, consists of C. M. Doyle,
chairman; S. F. Alliso^, J. W. Mc-
Minn, G. C. Kilpatrick and C- C.
The advertising committee, which
will be responsible for creating in
terest in the event, is composed of
T. H. Shipman, chairman; O. L.
Erwin, J. A. Miller, jr., Roberti
Orr, D. G. Ward and J^oah M. Hol
lo well,
Brevard Institute is the outgrowth .»f tbe Brevard Epvv’Orth School,
started in 18U5 by Rev. Fitch Tayb»r, wh > died Brevard on March 1C>
1S0\>. Mrs. Taylor, the widow of Rev. Mr. Taylor, is a resident of
vice and fellov.’ship with Christ.
The singing wa.«: hnl by the Insti-
ttate choir, which gave some
special .selections.
The annual coiP’neneement con
cert on Mouduy atternoou. aUvays
of interest to music lovers, siis
tained the rei)UtuTiou of tht; liisti-
“Tbo Sosary” and “Perfect Day.”
The Tirogram by the Gles and
T3rMui.iic elubs o7\ Tuesday even
ing C'iUrained si.vnes from “Much
Ado Koihlii^,” vepeuted
1rt»i?> tbi earlitjr in the
ye.^r, and sev^^rai vocftl numbers
 uien olcb. The chorus sing-
tut(i made in iOiniv'r Y‘tir.s for **^5^the girlh, directed by Miss
thoi'oughness uf jjre^araMiiii ar:l | e.rcelient, and unsur-
quality of music. ; p-issi‘d by anything, ^K*rhaps, ren-
One of the most’nt'eresting jnrts ' daring the .vtiek’s exercises,
of the comnivnee’oont pi »'.'ram; S*jveral gaaies of tuisket ball and
every year is the V)ruesr ber.\vwu! ^>**11 wire jilayed between
the Lanier and Adelpiiian soi^eties I Tl.e two socie-
in debate, reoituliiviis xjr atljb*tie.s. I laui-h enjoyed by
Oa Mo-^day t he repf*senta-j Jovers of tiiose ssp»rts.
tives of the twi.* so;ii.*t:o.- elusbed! The exhibits oi: tbt^ va^iou^ de-
on the issue: ‘-ReL-Kilved, tbjit| in'titate work
specialized farmin;^ is more bene-p' interr-};i in;r attractions to
ficial to the SoatluTi! fnrnier thun i attending tiie corauifnce-
diversilied farming.” E. B. Hoi-1 Jnent.
land and Eustace Leatherwood, j closing exercises were held
Adelphians, upheld the alllrmative ; ( Wedfie.cdwy night. President S. B.
Lattie M. Hensley atid George L. j Turrejitine, D. D., of the Cireens-
Smith, Lanier.-i, defended the noga- i 0*llcge for Women, made the
tive and conseri'ative view. The
decision fell to the Ijaniers, but the
victory w^.s no easy one. The
pleasure of the cveniug was in
creased by the singing of the njale
double quartette, which gave a
much appreciated renderin^j of
anncxul .iddrens to the graduating
cla.-ss Prof. C. II Trowbridge de-
liV, red (iiplomas to graduates, read
tlie list of honors, and made au-
noui;(v’nents for th« next session.
A tt?.f Ilf hoMv)Ts, and avi^ards w^ill
be a in the next issue of the
(Prof. C. H. Trowbridge, Principal, in N.-
C. Christian Advocate.)
As the school session draws near
ta its close, it seems fitting for a
report of the year to be made to
the Methodist peoide of the neigh
boring conferences, for these con
ferences have shown their interest
not only bv sending their children
in considerable numbers to Brevard
Institute but also dy help in the
shape of boxes of fnrnishiffgs and
and other forms of encouragement/
The year has been in many re-
spccty The Kiost successful one the
Institute has known. The enroll
ment has amounted to 299, of whom
are girls and SU are boys. Tb«>
girls on the campus aro housed in
tl;e imposing Taylor Hall, which
cuu ucconmiodate about 85 girls
and teachers at u time. The boys
live in frame cottages on the cam
pus where there is room for about
1 half as meny boys. The students
I have been of an unusally high
average in earnestness and in
ability. The vocational departments
have been appreciated and good
w rk has been accomplished along
thvs-^ j)ra'^*tic!'l lines.
Tiji' year has been unfortunate in
the loes of two of the most impor-
tant teachers. Miss Adams, who
was dean of young women, lost her
lieaith in the winter and was com
pelled to give up her place and go
tii a htf.-spital 3n the early spring.
Mr. .Miles Reece, who for five years
has been assistant principal, died in
March, after a serious operation.
Be had for so long a time done so
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