North Carolina Newspapers

(Name changed from Sylvan Valley News, January 1, 191?.)
The now nipt' ur^nii at tho Metho
dist ('hnroh is vft'tMvinir tlu* linish
in^ tonoht's to its i-oiistnu'tit.n
wet'k at th«‘ li:;iuls ot two skillt'tl
orf^an bniltU-is, M»'sms Soutli ntnl
PostetttM’, Hiul it IS that
the instrnim nt will ln> rr.'ulv fttr
* a' choral in'aftisc nn Fridav iii^ht
The th (it lh'* m iTHn wiU
tuko place in coiu^rctiiwith tin*
ri’mihir st*rvicc on Sn .day :iinniin^.
Tht* cHUtatn oratnri.', \vhicli is
beiiiifj; ])rc|)art‘«i Vor ]uiM’;r vi ihIi r
itlf;, will }n> at t!i * cnuich >!i
the first Snndny in^ht .n Julv 'I'lii'
music will n si'iio*.; i t rlhn ii^cs.
Solos, ti5os. ;nul iniilrv the
{;cnt>ral titlr, • 1'hf l>ivijn‘ Shcp
herd," kU sniiLT to 'the arroiui'aiii-
ineiit of till' iti'w ciLMn Mrs
H. Tr«nvlinil'.;i‘ -.s directnr of tlu*
innsic. Mis> Maud Alli-'nn is oiiran
1st, ar.\’ nlnMit ':C' vi!1i-i >n make up
the full eliuir "Nc :i(liiu>>ii'U fre
will ]>i> i luirtri d
Till’* S->wiiii: c]n') uiet with Mrs.
M M »'liii]tinan Wednesday
tloon find suVended further meet
ITi^s until la!l. 'I'lie elnl) dei-idekl
to have a caTininLr demoTistralion
at the home *,! Mr. M. Mm lie
at lo u'elock i>n .luni* V'.tT'^rts
will I'e made 1" tlie Serv.-Ct
of a demnn>t! Mt'ir unde!- tlu' snoer
vision of state and federal authori
ties to ctuuluet the eanmnu ciperat
ions An invilati >n Is extende ‘ to
any one who mav he )ntere"t^“;': in
tin* iniiiortant w. rk ^ f etiuservini:
the fruit and vei:etaiile eron. 1’he
hostess f rved lefn "liTiients,
‘‘Drive” for $100,000,000 Opens
Throughout Country.
ArranKoments beiiiK miuk' for
bis; patriotic celebration in
Brevaril tin July 4th; Providing
lots t)f eats.
•jOdkiu'^to a more than usually
I atri('tie c'h'hration of the Fourth
this year, the .lunior order of
I nited .'.nieriean Mecdianies have
joii’ed tV.' ir elVorts with the iMtl/eiis
ol tht' t 'WTI to ]t;e]»Hre for the en
tertainuH iii of ;i laiLre number of
peojile. and have taken slt‘]ts to
si'ciire H num'iiM- of i>io'uinent
s]'ei;kevs trom a distania*.
'I'he eo!iimittee on refreshnn'nts.
ap})ouiteii jit a meeting of eit’./.ens
H tew \\ eel: s H I. a’lil consisting of
r M jiovle, S. F Allison, .1. W.
McMinn. i. (' Kilpatrick, and (
\ on!_'ue. i-> ni iknu? nil Mrvanije
m>Mits to iii'^uve that tli-* visitors
ha v.‘ enoui; II (o e;;t asth;* town's
Aetintr tor Il;t> .lunit*rs. Mayor
W. K. !'ire«se ha*- ('otnn.unicated
with s« ver«i men of kn.iw ability
as speak.Ts, and lias ri-ceiveti fi’ten
New York and Chicago Will Give at
Least $40,000,000—Every Region
Must Be Generous Now.
I’ncle Sam is callinL: f;>r a ReiJ ('ress
fund tf ."vUMI.tHMI.OOO to el'.al'le the !:•'!
Cress te Kivi- ihe Iirej.i;- .'lire to til*'
sick and \\ninled, !li>' henie1-ss ;i:, '
tile desniale W lieil his nii'U ;J''t inte
tlic li^'litln;^ in earnest. Ni-w York ' ity
has proiiijitly il itsdi' t “rais.-
• >n«'-fourth of whatever sum is (i. "
;nnd is n»>w cull, cii!);,' lii.' 'hi-
iCa^o will he asked for seiiiethini; he-
twreii .Sn.lMM»,00(> the
lev> based on popuiati'm aii! creiiit
nit in;:.
!SIr. O. 1’. Towne lias been
by \Vasliin;:i"U a*^ d r.ct"r nf tl’,' Jied
'Cress war fund ear'ii'aijii, fer th-
tral di\ii"ii. ami will eji.n a dh\--
for th(* iii'iriey in nin** states as snen
jas it has h.-en ilet*riiii:i. d just Ifw
iniit li he needs.
I The nmii. y will be r.-iis.d by siO*-
^scription aineii;; tlu' varieus chjipters,
ami it has been arrai;L' 1 that ea.-)i
i-cbapter shall have uii.'-inurih ef whav-
4*v*t sum it raises. Mr. T.iwise ln'j.c
that the country will raise eneu”h t
Igive the national or^atiiza'ion its full
$K»0.0O),0(lo over a!il above what the
ichapt*rs retain.
' Th»* Red C ross is ro’npelleil to rais(^
llts fuml from the peejd.- becriU'^e it has
jSO small an omlownienT fui;'i—les-s than
'?2.HM».U0U—while .Taii::ti. for instance,
llins more than .1.‘I,**•>.'•»»* in her fund,
(the income from whirh j'liys all ex-
money is noressnr;.' to kei'p up
{the supplies and cfpii[iTtie!it of the base
ihospitals, and for rcli» f w :i: in war.
IHses to lie present
.iU(ii:e.l  l'n1(di:irti ot Ashevilh*.
Ml- Sprinkle nt 1,- leestt r fiiid Mi-
A le\;i !i-er ot ('liarli .• I.' will bet’\e
;t!idi lur "-pealier^ \i>v the jiatnotn-
1 'cea sii m.
P.'itT' *tic AnierierMi.' who have boon
‘heliiini: the lied C-os tiavc of late
f'een ti.'din:r :in.\io::s inquiries .is n»
v.-bei!i« r ili*' Inr.uau'ly and the newiral-
iiy of 'he Keij ('!'o--v V>'>uld eon'^i"ai!l it
To seU'j food, nie.ii'-lnes and hosr ital
uni;.' n*  ierniaiiy.
"I u'.vlit to ;^i\e t‘ beljt elir boys j’.nd
the viiiekeii people >f I'raiice and I’.el-
L'ltini ati'l Serbia," i-;any a one has
written in; "but I ;i>n’t feel liie (Kiinu
aii\t lii;;i: if the HeriTiMis L’et part el it.”
Ami'rieans neei be iimler no ai-;'re-
heiisia'i. -Not a cent of Pw*'d Cross ■■ou-
liibutiens is -oiiiLT t ) iJcrmany. or aas
iroiie there since tin v,ar was
by The rnit.'d States. Coneral I'er-
shin;. l.uis ;:one to llur 'jie to convey to
Uk- l>;.i-~> r fneir .'^-.r.n's conipiinteiit?- in
!h‘ foro of vli,.l!s ;'od Aineriean bay-
on,Ms. 1 :it the Ked  loss has no jiart in
that •Aecpt to ea^e for such of (ren-
eral Pershi4ic''^ men as may need care.
The ].:iatter o; siiuliim Ked t'ross
siii'i'Ii'-*- to (e'riMjij was brouL'ht up
in lh>‘ n-cent Keil ('ros^ war -ouneil in
Wa'liinir*on. 'hai''t-s i ►. Norton, ene
of ill.- idietiibers, aiifj'vvered inpiirie.s
’"i'lie answer is excetulin^ly simple.
We do tio’, ]iur]'o(> to |»e tried for tri*a-
soii. We do not ]*urjiose to lend aid
,‘ind comfort to our enemies. We mean
to atti'nd our own American Ked(’ross
rorini'f President Taft, who is chair
man of the eitwufive f'oniTnittee. sujv
ported this view, ile sai«l that when
woiin lo'l (lermans fell int» the hands
of the American Ked Cross they will
the same treaiment as our *wn
men; but ihat it would undoubtedly
lie tri'uson lo Send supjilies to !(*rmany
:is uo did before* we were forced into
the war.
S>i .\mi-r:eans -an >rive freely, knnw-
iiiK tlial -very ceni is fur our own and
our allies’ wounth-d, and not fur the
-'V. • V'-.b'
{ Yankee Ingenuity.
1 In all of the Americ;ui Ked Cross
ihospitals and American ambulance sta-
^tions in France are to be found in
genious contrivances t» save the lives
and limbs of baclly maimed soldiers.
One such apparatus, aii[iarent!y a tan
gle of weitrhts an«I pulley.s and rubber
bands, holds up the le-s of a jiatient
whose lower limbs luive tteeii broken
In three or four phices hy slieil explo
sion, and prevents the bones from
fgrowinj: toj:cther imprr.perly. Another,
which looks like a mass of small rub
ber drain pi[»es suspended fnrm a baj;,
IrrlRates deep wounds which have be
come infected and which must be con
stantly drained and cleaned with an
antiseptic solution if the patient’s life
Is U> saved.
Red Cross Trench Work.
Ked 'r.>ss sur^reons and orderlies
i:ive tirsi aid to the wounded in little
under;.'iound dressin;: stations in the
iron! lim- i t nches. In tliese dark, wet
places, cold and ill-vcntilnted, it i.s
soinetin.i s nocessar.v to jn^rforin major
op.-r:itions -sudi ;;s an anipuiation, for
iiistam t. War reeonls in France show
iliat as :iiany Ked Cross workers as in
fantrymen are kiPed by enemy Jire in
tlie ireneius. Ked Cross lield service
repiire'^ 'oura>:e of tin* hiKhest order
Soldier.' hav(* the stluuihition of
in;r and ;_'ivii lie enemy shot for siioi
and blou b ' a. The others don’t.
Mrs. F. 1* Mc('ravy and two
cinldretiof K islev, S ('., ar(* '.'Ui sis
of tbs' ( rarv.
Life’s Never-Ending Vortex.
Life is a ceaseless vortex, a pcrj.' i
ual whirlpool, from the beginning to
the ending, and from the ending to
the beginning. Every death is a new
birth, every grave a Lr::dlG,—Macniii
Love-lorn Swain Moves
Sachelor to Tears On
Brevard Public Square
Life Filled With Romantic Traji*
edy Moves Sympathetic Jtudi*
ence tt} Tears in His Pathetic
Deplorntion cf Cascade Power
Company’s Developments.
“I’m strenuously ojijtosed to any
such busitn’.ss ; it's looiislnies.s ; the
'ircuiustaiK*es don't justif}' suci; i men t
'Pile 'i'ratisvl vau’a ' ''iUiity f ^)^.nc•il
of I^enfi'iise has been .r;:a'ir/. •({
Th oitiiis H. Shipirian is eliaitiuan
of the eouTieil. !!e wa ji imed by
lb il iiiil, eh.iirman of tiie North
(’aridina id l>--feii'-e, and
rcipie.ted ti.' twitiie 'si.v (.1 r oro-
mirc'fit. ai^Lrri—-iv co .iit’-\- 1 /vinj^
e c
Millions and millions of stricken people in devastated Europe
must depend on the activity of the Red Cross society alor»e for the most
meager necessities of life—just enough to keep body and soul together.
The Red Cross organization is the universal helping hand. But in
order to extend this hand to the sorrowing and afflicted, it must havo
your support. In fact, if you would do your part to relieve the suffer
ing in the world, you can do it most directly and efficiently through the
Red Cross. Become a member today. Give one dollar—two dollars—
five dollars—as much as you can.
action,’’ asserted the love-lorn
swain with \in accomjianiment ol
wild f'cstieulations just as the
ne\vs]>a)ier man a]>])ia»ache(l and
hxdvcd inciuisitivel}', thinkitij^ ]ier.
haps tlu* youn;.; man who had ]iass. d
the atre for .seh*ctiv»‘ war draft was
op])osint^ till* administration in its
deterniinntion to draft »'rj.‘),(!oo men
hetwccn tlie a^es of 'Jl and 111 into
army service.
“Therf*'s lots d' yush in the
])a])ers ahont (itinservation of natu
ral rt'sources and stndi like but I'm
more interested in tin* cons(*rvatien
and i)(*rpetuaticn of tlu* human
race. Look at the cojtditions in
i Fur(j])ean cotintru-s where tlu*
yonni' men liave sziven up their
; lives for their country hy the ten-
] of thousands and nothing but wo
men and a few ])unv youni: men
and those bowed witii hl'c left at
home. Who are the f^irls iroiUb^ to
marry':' It's timi- they are thinking
t)f race conservation. Why isn't
that (‘tiou^^h to f*onvince you that
it is all tomfoolery';'’' seriously
qnerii'd the man w h j had been ([uitc
untortunate in his love atTairs.
'I’Ih* News last week announced
that the Cascade Power coinpai’.v’
contemi)latcd a ^“Jo (IIII. (h*velo])ineTi t
' of its ])lant and that wa what the
■ai-helor was incensed at.
lettini: closer hoiiie t > his s:;'i)-
jc(“t, the yonne ii.a’i of ajijiart ntly
many disaj'ja.intmi'nts adiici with a of ])athos : ''rhrre are entirely
too manv worthies-. >i;cli c:; s>-> as
am roviiii: the country : yi s, about
a hundri d rii^lit her'* in lli-evai'd.
We need eVerV ])oSslble en(*ourai:e-
ment and the devehijimeiit of this
])Ower plant is aj^aiiist us."
'I'he attentive li'teiu'rs irasjied
and tiually oiu* hatl the nervi* to
make iiu|'iiry as to what the heart-
br(den man really meant, when he
exph.ideil in most ]»ositive terms.
‘ IIow in tl'.o world is a timid tdd
M I' Shipman has asked t he foHuw-
intr to sei \ • and i.a-^ !• . Aarded
their names ; .Mr liill. \-. ho will
.) S Silvc]--
K' bt. ( >rr,f
iM'-.\ivT!ji and
forward commissions
SteeU. \\ . I']. r,re-se
c M . hoyh'. .1 w.
Noah .M iloi.nv, II
WIku tie- I ;iiti'd .stale- entered
the war coiiLMis.s ere.-jted the
.National Couneil (d' helens,-, the
same Km 111;: e,iiilJ,M'eii ut Cabinet
ollict Is. .^late ciiuneiis wi-ie creat
ed and then tiie coiinty council,
whi(di wi'ii cooperate wi^h each
otlerand with tie* ivern>n*'nt in
orL'!in;/.;ni: and diK'ctiuL'’ the re
sources of thi‘ St.ate, in men an ;
materials, to 'oaiie theni available
and for national n-es.
It Is suir^'es'ed that committee^
on airrieiilt ut e, manutactui es, home
s!iiri'_'. health, ra’iiiiies o; soldiers
honit* :_'’uard, tood. etc . he ajipoint-
ed. ''I’he ]ierfeetion of the h^tal
council will douhtl 'ss he madi' a^
the t)io- Fourth ot .lui> patriotic
meidin;^ to 1); held in Brevard.
Hon’t Be a Business Slacker
Just Sear These Facts in Mind:
When someone continues advertising,
Someone continues buying.
When someone continues buying.
Someone continues selling.
When someone continues selling,
Someone continues making.
When someone continues making,
Someone continues earning.
When everyone continues earning.
Everyone continues buying.
It Pays to Advertise
The store of .\. N. Jenkins ni'a:
tlie (b ])ot was broken into i.i.
'I’ll siiay niir'at and his safe rohbi'd
to the amoiiiir td' about .s;
Sinee the tire hist winter, whicd:
destroyed liis sfoi't* builiimi^ an ,
stock oi’ :^o(k1s. Mr .lenkins lias
i»eeii doin^ business in the Ash
worth v.’are hou-t* vm W'liitmire
street. 'Phe front windows ijj>en
on a hi!.:h jilatform above the street
and it was thri..ui;h one of these
that criminal entrance was made
hy tlu* removal of a lar^e jianc* o?
^lass. 'I'he safe was locked hut
the combination had not been
in'oken, titid on this account the
thief had been able to opou the
th'tor. 'i’lu' money drawer and all
wret(di like myself L'oin^ to court a j it contained was removed and
jzirl in the L'lariU!^ hrii;ht li^'hts of 1 carried away. The drawer contain-
money and chec'^s. Mr. .lenkins
Silvcrstoen, J. K. Neill, S. H. Siniard, W. L.
Aiken, I). L. (.jrcenc, I’usey H. Owen,
a highly develoiied hydro-eh'ctric
j)lant‘r How'yt* jroin;^ t have the
tuM’ve to sit and hold her hands and
blow threat lumi^s of suLUir into her
ears? No ! This business will he
our comjdcte ruin and liri*vard will
be nothinf' but a plac(‘ of wrinkled,]t]H)intt'(l maids and t'oi.d-for-
nothinj:' hachelor.s. This surely
means uur w’aterloo !
A sympathizer idtored a word of
cheor and th(i love sick swain niedi-
tatK*«l over T)y-*^one. •rolden o]>])or-
I tnniti('s in the fields «d’ rcuimntic
] adventure and in a r“trosn«'ctive
I fr«ni«* of mind adih*d : “'I’lu* i^ood
i'Ohi days are about ovt'r for us.
I lon^t'r can we sit in the* dim
' ph»w of an t'h'clric liuht, hohl her ‘
^ hands and innse unto imrsA 1 ves, ‘th‘
I world is mine,’ for if then; evt*r
a da.y when a uian felt that he
owned tlu‘ whole world it was when
be was close to }u*r suh*, the li^ht
j v-ery dull or entirely evtin^nished.
tke whipiHiorwili renh*rinir his
' nwtiotonous solo nnvl the froo’s
ercrttkin^ in mekaly sweeter than
14«cidelsshon’s wt ddinfj inarch, tlu
myriadB of lii'htnin*; hui;s ftirnish-
thinks that he can renu'tnher some
of tht* checks and thus reduce the
loss, 'i'hcre was no positive clue
to the robbery.
Rev. N\ . F. l’oo\*^»y leporls en-
joyiui^ a mess of \)o-ai}s from his
^iirden on SiUnr^itiy, with the add
ed satisiactiu’i of helieviuLj that he
_h“d the cu’niBunur lu this res[)cct.
Ck-vflan.l Reece. F. 1>. ('it-ment, S. A. aid
Smathers, Julian Allison. W. F. Merrill, * Cuj>id in jtrojutrly jdacini; his
\V. L. Townsend. A. C. l.yday, A. K. darts; the tre(' fro^ ‘ryin^ loudly
C.illespio, Chariie Batson, S. R. Keid, Lee j and mnniistakahly of uiiproachin*;
Nicholson, F. B. ('arr, 11. Hedrick, '1'. 1’. btontif;, hut as for rjie, n»y weatln'r
stati>« telling' of nothin.; hut calm
Tho conrty eoniinissioners met (lalloway, Jr., 1*. J. Siiton.
on Monday and made oxit the jury Second Week
list for the .luly-Ansunt term of, l). p. Kilpatrick, \V. S. I'ric.', Jr. M. O.
(*ourt, which follows : ^McCall. J. IV I'rvser, P. iu.'.
T. H. Sims, W. A. Jenkins, Fu^jene , M. McT'il, L. .M. .'.iken, J. H. ('luHo-
South(*r:i, .1. H. Raxter, 'I'. ’\V. Ib-id. W. I'. \vay, I . !*'. Wuoiiiin, \\. Smith. J. H.
j [■(.IbTi}.‘svvortn, II. h. Sn'jtlu'r, \V. M. , I'ickelsinur, L. i'. I’i)vvt*il, A. K. Riley,
I C( er>'e, .hnn s \V I'liban’nP, Hfnnett, I \Vm. Maxwell, Mack N. Raines, Henry
|p. A. Aiken. Lee F. Norton. J.(’. P.aKwcll, i Garren, W. H. Mckelvey, F. W. Raxter, Nature Sing” with the deejK,*st and
' r.rani e 'I'insley. J. P. Wilson, \V. N. Corn, ' Clifford Raxter, W. E. Bishop, C. W. j significance,
j R. L. Nicholson, J. O. (’antrfll. Rufus Henderson, T. Vince Smith, C. H. Jolly, ' The young lover’s lltteriincos
I (.luffey, S. L. Barnett, (*. E. Lathrop, J. S. i E. F. Kennemore. i were filled with such deep senti-
and nniiantic sea*^. Y>s, th(*se
were th«« worth-while days of my
li^e «nd now they are threatened;
my ronittiitie sun is settitig, hut
they were the good old days when
I could chant “Let Heaven and
?ni Ledbetter died Wednesday
ir.ornin- at the huluo nf hi.s aunt,
**Irs S. A. Rice, ot Davidson River,
fits death was the result of nn at
tack of imennion^i, frotu whicii h(‘.
sulVered a r»'apst*. The funeral
servici*s were I'onducted Tiiursday
afternoun t>y Rey. John R. Hay
anil interment took ]dace at the
Davidson River ceineterv.
Mr. Ledbetter was a son of I. |{
Ledbetter of Davidson Riv.'r. For
several years he had bt*en making
his hoin»* with his aunt, Mrs. Rice.
He was .1, y**ars ()ld and unmarried.
nient an«l jiathos thtit siaiwurt
man of IP sumuu rs. m a meditative
nuiod, without ieminine eneuin-
brances, was moved to copious
tears on the public scjuare and the
newspaper man hied to his den to
record the tragedy of the town’s
latest and very significant business

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