North Carolina Newspapers

    Come to the Transylvania County Fair October 31. Bring' the family.
(Name changed from Sylvan Valley News, January 1, 1917.)
I’astorate Left Vacant by Resig
nation of Rev. l>. C'hvvpnian
be 'I'aken by New York
Clorsyman—To be Here He-
cember 1st.
At tln> Mpisi'opal «‘hurcli l:ist Sun-
l;»y tlu was niii ir 1>V
A. 11. Siulibs ol Aslii'Villi', w I'o
ht'lil srrviccs that diiy, that lu'v.
♦K'hn ScMiilt'of M')unt Vi'ini'ti. N.
V., bad !ic.(‘|)tv\l tlu* r:ill to ill '
l)ast(iiaU‘ of St IMiilij'S chuich Mi\d
Would hi.-> uniii;-tr.v lit if tin'
lifst oi 1 >.'»•( iiiNi'r.
Tlu' t\i'w u'rtt'v v.iii bi‘
ujiain t,i lus own  i vtiti'v win n lu'
takes u]> liis worU in tin* lin vaid
h'' hr is a nail v»‘ of W i -tci'n
^«ol■th ('avi'lina and ^]'t nt tlicliist
years of his ininistry i!\thi- 'pat t
of tlu' .'^late. lie served at dllVer
♦'Jit tiint'S tlu' eluiiehes at Kulhi-r
fo]-dti,’i ar.d at Valle i'i ucis, both
HI the westein and niluintainous
ser t n 111 , It N ort h ( i'.i'olina . For 'lie
last ei_'ht yeais lie has been at
Mount \ ei 11: m. N . Y .
Mr. Siaule i> inarri'‘tl and l::i"
on;’ child liis wifi- i- tht' ilanu'iitei-
of an I' 'ojial ell ’. LiVman of \\’a-'i
in_'tun. |). (Shi‘ was, betore In i
niarna::t-. ]'i;iuii>al oi the i huieli
s '!i' >• > I' t Vullf ('i u;-is.
After Several Years in News
paper Husiness Well Known
Professor Returns to School
I’rof. A H. Hilt'v, who foi'sonu'
time has .so al>ly lilh il the jxtsition
a^- local editor of Hit' Hrt'vard Xt'ws
and who has won the hearts (^»f tlie
])co|)l(' both in and around Hrevard,
has resj^nel to accejd thi' ]>osition
as i"iticipal of |{lantvr(' school,
and h'aves t day 'Pliursday' to
take uj) his nev\ duties.
Mr. Kilev has nnide a sjdendid
ncv siia]>ci- niati and will be ;^reatlv
mis'cd by the jieojile of Hrtv.ird
ajid surronndini^ commuidtu's.
'i'll.'N t w > ie^T>ds v('ry n'.ncli to
lose Mr. K’ley from its iditoiial
statV, but wivlu s for him e\ery .-ih'
ce.'S in his n.-\v lit id nt labor.
F.'llowin;.' is the list (d‘ jurors for
tall term ot court. l>cL:innin ' Xov
embi'r ’J''. as drawn by tb.e enunl v
commissioners las! Monday :
I'irst Week.
T. 1-. r.ittnn. (, \. I lamil'i II. ' \r
h. r.aro a. 11. i^. Siiipiv.iiri. h c
Mastiis. Sami'. ?»! v'^11. X. Whitivw.
S. .M. .M.uiit . h. I'. h\.!a>-, .'ei- I p v. T.
S. (iailcv,;;y. \\. i'. ,h .'I.M'. r. .b ■
Tat l''. iirv. \'. 1’.. Sv iui'T'. 'I'iiyli r ,
.1. i;. h"lMs. L. \ . S;,', S. !■’ I\:v,
S (• .Mnorr. \\. S. .'.shwiTtii,
J. ;\. .McCall. .1. M. Z;u hary. il, S. .Iordan,
\V. L. Frady, D. \i. Hu!lil;iy, .\. .\..Milltr.
!‘'ranl> I'. H;:;;W(.il. W. .\. L\ii;.v. .i. S. l’..t-
tun, ('. ]•'. I’onlc, \V. M. .\ikt n. ,h W. I'lxl-
son, -\. N. I’tit'U', 11. 1'^. vNhit’i :U', S;;:;.
Nelson. !•. W . Mi rriil, Mansnn llarr.i'.ton.
H. L. .Mli.-'Ti, 'P. .1. ll(illir!-;"\\i'rlh.
Second Week
M. M. C.alloway.B. i . I’.atun.i;.l 1;. W .
'rranthi.m. F. ('•allnv.ay. 'i'. 1 >. (li a'l'ii
.1. \V. 1 hakworth. I'arl Orr. 'ili iitj, Wtli .
'I'. MrCall, 1'. ('■lazcm-r .1. S: ill.'
K. A. Kt id, L. M. ilanriilen. i’. I-.
niitre, 1>. 1*. I'i.-In-r. IM ll«>l!ini.'^\vt it’- \\ . .
Raines, (). !)in'iis. A. h. Alli-^iui, 1 H. Sum
im-v .Ir., Carl \\ hitiViire, .\. II 1‘iekibina r
.1. S '.icholson.
I. I
!>athan I*. Dwor- t/ky- '•’> ho has
Ik'cu for thela^t fcwyc'ar- assistant
to .F S Silversteen in the tant,;--
bnsiiu'ss. I'eeeiitly  lu red his r-
viet* to the couiilT'V, passed the I'v
iniition at (ircen^bor':. and was
{'ivi'ii the ]>osit: i!i i.f SCI-.:. i!;t in
th«* (udnaiuf dv*]*;:rtni. iit of the
Mr. r>woTt l/ky v.ill r. f :t br
dnty at (’a nil I Lee. \ i r;^; ;• :a ■ n  >'t-
ober V,'. Fr"!n Ki'irti Ih :e-
Ccived from headijuaiter-, h* ex-
])C' t> an early call toa fi ve rvii-e.
. duties will ]'.• ciiTin. tel with
tho handliu-' and -u].;il\ i t . in-
niuntion and v. ill t;e .-liar':'.1 >.•, i i h
much res|) hill I y.
Mr. Dwon't/.ky bade i: M.(l hyeto
his rehitiv s and fne.-i 1- ].erc last
JSunday ami left ioi'a v>;‘i to liiS
parents in Xe'A \ ork eiiy l),-iore ic
turninjT tlie service at ' aitip Lee.
Till* teafhers of tlu^ county wil
hold tlu* TH(*etinir of thi‘ curn'nt
school year nt the Hrovard ^railed
school huildinj; ru?xt Saturda.v. At
this meet ini' tht? association will bo
^jrgnni/.‘*i with ck-ction ot (dlicers,
and a brief proj^ruui will b.* earned
Renew before expiration.
What lb. t h ' ] a t I'oiis, t ruslees and
j eifi/.-':i> ol vaid t o wnslri]) t liink ^
of t he ad V is.; iiili! y of tr\in_ to bt t-
Iti-the f'.iei'ilirs fi" tdueatiwn in'
Hv vanr.- IIm\. w uiii a b riu i.->Uf
a : :i M o , b‘■ )• 'i le  i i !'-e va ■■ 1 foi''
a r;e-.', 'ch ' I mi !d; iilt. ei ; i :i .: a;• '
|i! -i'-i i".i ;• y 'I'be chlldl'en
r. ■ t ';:i, aivl 11.-r e(| 'o-.>
m !i‘ ll.i.v sluill V, e jiro'.'ide i"',
i,et I.- liear in t!,e ia'.\t Hi-cvard
X e w .'.
A F. .M I r* II i;i i..
('■ 'unty Sujierintendt nt
!)at o !euis''ation (.han^ovl.
Makiiifi ()ct*)h.r 2!-.^l Rc y;istra-
tion \\ eek —(Muirch .\iintmnce-
nu tits of Oomniittee Af^point-
nients Asked l »r.
X.xt Weiln.^day, '( t. Jlili. will
be i;.‘!.ristration 1 >av for women in
'I'ran."\ 1 vania. Hn that dav tb.e'
sehonl buildings I I the state will be;
■ >]'cn from a. m t' ! ]>. m. tor the ' ('ampaii:n av.d al'O lor th> |
r ui.' ,! a‘1' ri of a'.l v. (ir;en who i t* ,
b'yal to Anu'iiea. without any aue
It has be. n dev i'U'd by the wo ■
man s eti’ii:iii‘lec (il the C(i;ineil ter
Xation I' !mis' to make October;
■-'1 ;;i inclusive .-CrL'i-'I'aTion Wet U
'1'!. ■ ]ia-t' T— of ( li’O’. h. oj- Sunday
scliDol sujierirtend- where n-r
'■hr.rcli servici s are l:eM on the
l^l.-t. .are ie.]Uc-;ed ..;i that davto
aj'point oi;,- \>»'m;in from each
ehui eb to a>'?'1 the 'lenehi rs in
lej-j-lration. 'i’i.i' tracin is are also
a>l I d to hrin^ re'.riSiratio?i blanks
to l’revarl on * >ctubei- :;i, as the
I’aii' day w ill offer a lt'm>d o]i]»oi-t un
ity tor ifiristerinir. ;
Miss (iei.r^ia Fell is chairman d '
the rcLTi.^tration committee and will,
furui'h the hl.anks to tht', teacher>.
'I’he jeai'iio.'e )f this re^Mstration
is to -crure a 11 '-oi-d of t])(> woman-
])ower of the country, but it is
|e.iiel^' voluntary, and no woman
will be asked for .‘^I'rvice ctntside
Liberty Loan Slogans
Don't cheer up the Kaiser—Buy a Bond.
Buy a Baby Bond for Baby.
If you are too old for the trenches, buy a
Liberty Bond.
Soldiers give their lives—Others give
their money.
If you cannot go across, come across—
Buy a Liberty Bond.
If you can't fight, yotir DOLLARS can
—Buy Liberty Bonds.
Be a bondholder in the United States
When I len ! my money to thu
I nited .States (iov'rnmcet. what do
I ^;et in return ?
A N ou jr» t I ])rornis'-ory note ;^i v
cn by th(* I’nit; d .States (Jovermeiit
and bejirint; interest. 'I’his note is
ca111'd a ‘ •holeI."
What, then, i-; a I’ni ted Stale;*
(ioverment bond?
A. It is the direct and tincondi
tional pronii.'C of the I’nifrd St tes
of Am-riivi to jiiv up i;i a c-idiiM
d.itc a specifii-d sum o! money* in
Koid, together with :':ti r' .^t at a
speei lie raft', paya lile :i f spi '•! !ic da t^
until the bond niai uoi' is calh d
fi:r r»‘deinption.
In wliat for’u is this proTui-’ ?
A. It i - ci'irrav d upon a sh' et ol
i;stine!iVC jjapcr onlv fi.i'm-,
ney and seeuriti-s ot the rnited
States, and is ex. - 17te l hv t he S.
tary of the 'i're.i.- irv a.nd bv th.
Hi'U'istrar (d' the ii and seal
ed with the j !(■;;;'ry 1 )e;.a meiit
j When !in boinU .f I !,.■ Second
! Lo in Libei'ty d it; li? -
j A. Xovi-mber I: . I‘.M:. i.^th-datc
! tlu.*3* will bear, brc iu^-* that is t}i-
-- date (.n whi. h they ui 1 !,:■ i. .11,-d
by the (ioveinm -nt and thi-date on
which inli'i-est be_'ins.
\\'hen will t!i --c bond
I'iu' l^\t‘i iiti\ o ( atiiiiiiittcc -
cs lo inipress upon tlu* i:ii;uls Iv ai- (
of tlu* public ihc‘.i l!n:t t'lis
is a iue.'.u' institulion, and that p
it is the fir-.t fair Fran'> Kai'ia i> 1:: !’.
("o'.mty has cvt'T luul. l.olcN cry ,
i)Oil\ couu' an i brin^ soiiu tlii:!'.!:
Departim'iU (C) .Swine
'I I I \ . r
r. It,-.-,]
DEATH OF W. W. SliiGLi;: Oji
W. W. Simjlcton died m. ! ’• :.'i,
at hi-^homeut I’is^ah For^; : i’u s
day moininj^. For a Ion1 . e 1,;
had been al'flicted with an
disea''C of the heart, biit liad in i n,
for the imsf tv.'o weeks, in si ai:;:' -
ly K'">d condition. liis
which aecnrre l shortly afto . ■ .!.
f.ast time, was almost v
vva rniuf'.
'I'he inti rrueiit was m.ade a' . t
M irriah ct rnel ary m a r ' 1 v. '. 1 r .
th>‘ .''iTviccs wre con.iu •
lieV. .loliTl }i. Il l V.
•Mr. Siii_'I. ton wm" n.. t
LI ay v.o )d eou;. t V. }'"C;;i. ' •
n. in several .mkI •.
a-- polic.'ii. in i n t h’l t i . .v n
. it.'
Ill r
ills serv: - s ,vt r.' ;
p dice !'i b5i'e\;,](j^
a 1 e V.’ V’ ! i >,
1 ill'I ;e, rajiidlv failinj-
h'' was rc( . j_':ii/ -d n
ability, an 1 un 'jiviriir up 1
in iJrev'ard aeci-ptcd the pi,^
I>'>li.fnian at F-u. ^t
M'-. Sin_r’, t, „ was .a na •
tlr- David.-.on Hivrr Fr.v-i;
elmvch. havin>r j inrd ;it i-
of the rer ‘Kt r-\i\al tlu-re.
1 !e i.-, survi vi ,1 hy his n:
four (diildri-n.
^ u. n WHI „„n,N I ; |jQy gccuTS ACAIN CANVAt
wrr;;;,.;',:;:;::.:;:;. v"'''"" i •■ibervv bond susscn
A. Xovember i:.. 1'.1 pj ; beit the
 ■ • • vi rnment h:i-'tlic riLrht to jiav
them any time after i i yeai^ from
ilate (d' the bond. .
.i|. I>o 1 have to Is (111 my bond
until th.' date if is due !r 'foic I ;_'ct ! ond lihi i-tv
my im m- y bacdc r ! (P, v
A Xo ; voii e:,n s■
! : I.. ]' ')! W ill ;’!V ■
1  ! . ■■ )• six t i;'
i> : 11. ,j
for ex!iibiii"ii if it is only to e.,. ^ i , _>
‘ • ] •'' >1 ':>i. . i.i'i’U
show what imorovciiu-ni \\ c
' • ' ■ J I '. : • r 1 _
cnn make next year.
I'ransylvania county is natiirally , Department (!)• Sheep
an ajiriculturai and stock raisinu pn,. i i,.,i j,,;,, -c , ,,,,
fair is to stimulate interest in
'I'b.e piu'po'-e of this >■ .‘ir "M
Kv.-.' kunh
^ t' a!' (>! (i
livestock and vrt“n^‘ral farminvr.;
Department 'Mi Poultry
riKs r .' ! .i o.\t)
1. Xi'ti.t' dt .‘atfv i>t :r.•.''tI>rk .'liuulii 1!( >t pair I’lvitiniuh
he rcci iveil hy .Sc.-, of Fair, .Mi'. T. i Kix ks
II. .''liiptii.aii l'> >, t. 'J7. W'. a'iii-it'cs
LI. All livr stock III iiilllpcte 111)' pri/.es KIkkIi- l.-i;;;i(l Kcils In i’i stall by ' f>’cliirk W’ci- ■ |-!
i;. 'day m ti'h.r ;>1. I-j^lii'riis
.Ml e.xiiilii:.- Ilf ciii'ii must he eiiti'i'cd ' p..iiaii (
aiiii e\i ihili ’i by I II II v'l'H'k lui"- .Mitu I'ca.'
d.ay n.'trninjr, irt. as .ail enin .\ninnas
will ( a'.e t'l b ‘ ju'iiri'd I a 'rucMlay. (li-pinmuti.'^
1. .Ml a.frii-uliural and sfhiml cxhiliils' D-pl jli t pair nf
I ■ plac-d anil arran^i li ('-I. Mo. turi^i'y.-^ .any h;-(
.'1. .Ml c.xlaliil  hU ml I'.u'pi i/.i -■ tna;-t
l.i’ ul' 'I'!';!!! y!. ;.iiia  'nii' ty.
•i. .Xo I -.liaiil \.ili he av. ::rii’d mure
ttian t'lie pi ;.':e.
7. 'Ill' !'e will lie r,M entry i-r atimi.-'inn
i’i e';x-d.
l->iti \ tajX:- with ili'ta> h:d'!e ciiupiias
wii! Iiv- fui’iii-lieii t’l.r ail i xhiiiils.
!*. i'll.- pr iiirains uill 1 e li- .-iLnati 1) hy
r'!i!:on ; iilta- mi'anira;’ lii-.'-t j ri:e.
ri il .-ee’.tnik whit, tliird.
111. i’reiiiium-; will lie paid Xov. Ifitli.
■ 11
. -’ii •
. ’i' I
. 11
. .'11
.■\.--a\iU-' ( ii. will ni'.e 'J f'lIIi.! I .ij>
p" ...; r.T hest I xhii it Ilf piUillry. ::\.d
v. atei' il unt sei dm! h" 1.
I’l'l.ilry must be exhihited ;!1 iHV'lt cm [i.
hv ov/nei's.
Department iF) Farm IVodiicts
FIltST SKCoMt illHU)
t;!i'i' V' desir.
a ready mark-'r
(; >v: rnuifp.t b' --N
C^). 1 low can >Urh a -a
•\. Amv ban
t ru.-; c. Tir a n v. re’.' bi'ud .-r i'..ker "ill
be ciad tn II y '.r I'. ;. I for yi 'i
at any time.
If ni'Ci''-ar\’. could 1 borrow
III I'lev on t h- S' • b(iiai ?
A ^ - s ; ' 'niti-d States  iovemion'i
boiids .are th ■ best .-»(curity which
c.ati be oiVcK d in borrowing; money,
'ri'.i-y will ohtain for von the bt >t
l’re>idi-nt Wilson will pr
American Ibt^', approjuiti-
scritied, to the truoj» of IJo
in each state securiii'^ the
number of sub'cription- ti.
>an lii.rMi^’- t .
•atiiji.iimi. whi- h the 1 •
ur blind any | tii-n will inauru:aTe on  ‘
1 he Iloy S''i'!;t- cif An
ired sub-;criptii.n a.'.
; j:.o fn rn i;:.'.i;i:. ;.
ill* m idc j tl.e lii r-t c.impamn. and
e.\If-rience tliu-'jr lined aiii
ni rtect oriraI'.i/ati.m. they
d a;ble this recmal fur ti
' ■ 1 r -
Ti;i r ’s ,,l-.v;,v
ir I'lMt I Stati-
term> {10
A k anv liank if
viiu de.'.ire to b.uT jw ijiotiey (III yonr '
liherty bonds. 1
(J. l)o 1 tr.-t any interest on my j
naiiiey v.bile it is loaned to my
(ivrrnm. nt ’r
. Yes : th*‘ (bivcrnnicnt will pay
viiii int“ia'st at the rate of 1 ]>i‘r cent
'i'hrotiirh \V. P. Whit:
:;-ri'nt. the follow int; trae
ttiwn ])niprrty wcri- i i-ci'iil'
'L'o X. A. M'iller for ;'.'
Depot street from .1. A. Nb
To .1. M. l\ilpairick fwr s
in Bri'vtim Fark.
To Kd l5ro(d\S for s:;.','
Hit'vion Pajk.
To Shipman. MeM.nn •
Son for s'j,'Hio and ;
known as 'F. L. W.alters' b
,1. :
Department (A) Horses
1 lii.^r
her home unh
!u‘ so desires.
However, it v. ill ))la‘t* trained wo-
nu‘11 who can volunteer for servici
in line tor t;ood positions, and will
jirovide tr.aininix classes for others
wlieri tiier*' is a demand for it. It
IS can e.--t 1 y ho]».-d that eveiy wo
man will |.:o to her mairest school
biiihiin:^ and state what work she
( an lo b(>st. no matti'r how humble
It may be ; so that our country will
^o on record wi t h a hirej^ist; a tion
of its loyal and ])atriotic women.
A committeo of l.idies to look
after thy tancy work and culinar.y
exhibits of the comin;^ fair is com
posed of ;
Mrs Z. W. Xichols, Mrs. W. IF
Allison, Mrs. T. E. Patton, Mi.-«s
(TGorj'ia Bell and Miss Annie (4a«h.
Thclive stock and ajrricnl! r.ral
Committee consists of T. T. Pa!ton,
I K. R, Deaverun.l W. If. Duckw’orth
Sadilu’ hiir.'^e
Hn 10(1 mare
Pr. dr.I ft I'lirses 1
Team .Males 1
M ille I iVer I ille car .S
1) Pi-Mulc under OIK' yr. A
11 (i: se i ()11 ivcr
one year old :?
llnrsc cult under
one year old L.'u
Il 'Sl ladv rider » !vi!i! lui-l
I)-1 ■ I >1 ■ t t el 1!.,ar
e.xliil'il any
\ :iri\ Ill' (I III)
sid>. Prc. Far.
I Ie.''t Ialk I>t' (-(a n \\ i'.
• •.O ' ;il l;ir!:'d
1) rk Ilf 1
•i^l.'-'> l) i Feck of rye 1
i’l'i :. ;ipp!f.'; !
■Sl.’iO 1 )-i7-Peek Ilf irish
11,11.a Iocs
1' b; 1‘eck of sw: .-t
1 vr.
t'l m tn or. far.
1 . ; 1' >
Department R> Cattle
i!KFF I’Vl’l-:
1 !ull I pure bred )
over one old
('i)W over two yi'.ars old !
1 leifer over oiu* year
old and under Iv.o I
lJull calf under one
year old I
D-ll -1 ii'i I'er cal f under
oi'.e y.-ar old -1
County hulks will ho exhibited hut will '
not eompt'te for pri/.es.
Ibill (pure bred) over
o'l*' year old
{'c\v over t wo years old
Heifer over one year
old and under two
Hull calf under one
year old
jleifor calf under one
year old
III t.atocs
i’i'ck ol onions
Peck of turnips
ball pocii of m:in};(
P'i k of i iitabajras I
Hc'l pM’i'pkin ."ii.t-
:ai;i i.u.aiity
e.',.';i !i.-i'c!l
Cabhact llut'i'
i’late apiiles any
Celery, three
liUilcil'. s
I)-l)-l>cst stalk (U'
.*.;!>> b( aas
I)-l!-l»est stalk of
velvet beans
liest stalk of vel
vet bca.iis and
, I’i'.'^t col k'l't ioil ol
I \’c}.';ciablcs
I Hest j'ouiui id'
I butter
! ti.kiij..' I*..11 I.
•S-. -'i* >
How do 1 cclb i t th. intere^t' | Ijapti.-'t chnrcii, tlie .\F11
A. Atta(dicd to eaeli bond is an bnildinir near tb
('Tp^ravcd sheet of ini re.-t ciir.pons j i'b'-' Mill, r .'^aiiply ci ui, • • I.
ofe for ('ach six !nont}is' period. | le'ased t his ])ri'perty and v .!
When the interest (bit ' arriv.'s you j b.nii!' its business tlicre ;
cut (dV the intert'^t c. ’ip,)!! of that ! present.
dat(> and tal:e it to arty b;i!ik. wlierc j
it nm.v I....-h- a or .1 j WC8K ON STREET''
(J How 1.1 tell do I irct thi.' int r- j
e-'t I The lou n .'■treei force 1 ■
A. !-'vei'y s.x montlis. This in-'i"ue sonu* lu'eded v
tere>t will b.- iiaid to you t>V('ry | ot Maph* street a:.' ■ ;
.^blv l.'i and every X 'V,-mb'r i.>(bar : ‘'trcet c innectinLr M,
iiiiz: tbv- life of tl.i- V eid. ! w;ih Broa(i.
(J. Is there jiny way I can (adlect j
my inter(St witliout having' to cut ; TRAINING CLASS rOSTr jIi^O
th('('oniii iiisV j
ii's;vou c;n _rct till* (jovi-n-i ^ •
^ ^ ; ! 1 la' trainin.r class n
ment t'j ltiv(' von .a ‘•rcmstercl ' . ,
, \ . j avessini: winch was to In
bond; that is, a bond witb.out ;iuv ! , , ,, ,
i w rk at the Ib'd ( ross (.;
coniion,-' t‘aci i'1 aiv" \-,i‘h vo’.--; ^ ,
‘ I ir thi>- 1
nam»* w rittcn on
i> 1'. f.
1 ; p. f.
(three pounds) 1
T. S. Morri.'oii Hardware Co., Ashe
ville, N. (\, will fjive a tw'o-horse plow, values at $15.(K>, to
the hest display of agricultural
Continued on page eight.
six montlis, the int('rost falls
due. the Treasury I'v*partm( ut will
send you a check in jiaymcnt of tbe
I v.iii iKjt me
I ]ire> 'Ut, owin^ to a
re;^ard t> the i”.-triu'tor.
s »ns have been postjH
I aiaeat the middle of Xovi
j In tlu' ineantiu'e th(>
Will b(' ( arried on at tlu
■t r.
: rooni on Itu'following d
i (lay and TJnirslav nu. r:.
j::icul dressiiii'; Weunes :
noon, sewinir hospital ^a- .
The X’^a tional 1,'ouiu il of l)vden^e
will hold a inettin^ on Thursday
ni^ht of this \ve( k. At this meeting
plans will be made f(>r foodadminis-
trution week, tind the Libert.y Loan
campaign, and thi‘ work of selection
for the Homo Guards will be under
■ I A.
i . *
: -ur-
The ladies of the Bcttei-^
ment Association will ^'ive an oyster
supper at the Woodmini Ildll ou
Friday night, October 2rth, toraisa
funds for school improvement.

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