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An Idependent Weekly.
On Friday, April C, at 3 P. M. the '
Davidson River Demonstration Club
met at the school to make a paper
dress form. The club girls, under the
supervision of Miss Annie Jean Gash,
prepared and served hot chocolate,
sandwiches and most delicious cook- some time during the day of the Ex
ies, the latter had been made pre- hibit on Friday. April 27. The Ex.
viously by the girls With Miss Julia hibit will be open to visitors all day,
Deaver's askance. i from 0 A. M. In the afternoon at
The girl and ladies were so much ' 1 "30 a program will be rendered by
interpstfvl in the dress form thev .,cb ;
eu for an extra meeting, which will to which all are invited. Don t for
be held Thursday, April 12, when the get the occasion "Open house all
Club will be divided in groups and all lay and program of songs, recitations
work on dress forms. At this meeting . etc.. in the afternoon,
new officers will be elected and plans The Rosman High School will rend
made to sen, a dclagate to the State j or a play entitled. The Last Day of
Federation of Clubs in Winston-Sal- ! Center Ridge School on Friday Even
em the first week in May. All clubs ing. May 4th. Proceeds to apply on
are very much interested in hat mak- ! piano fund.
ing and remodeling old hats. On Friday evening, May 11. Die
Schedule of work for two weeks pupils of the music department will
hence: give an Evening of Recital, of piano
Friday. April 1-. Rosman Mothers' and songs.
Club. J The Commencement Exorcises of
Saturday. April 14, Brevard office, the Senior Class, which numbers ten,
Monday, April Id. Calvert-Cherry-
field Club
Tuesday, Apri; 17. R-nros, (lirls'
Wednesday. April 1 Cedar Moun
tain Club. Meeting with Mrs. Ceo.
1 hursda.y. Aprn 10. Klantvre ( lub.
,. ,
Aleeim!"- with l.i'th.-i 1 i-.m v
i n:a . .veil jii. I -avn son i';v;i
Club. Meeting at school.
Saturday. Aprii 21. Ibrevard elbfg'.
s'o;g:ay. April 2:1. Ilrevasd, snec
ia!. Tuesb.iy. Aprii 2!, Ib -nd; rsonviiie
to attma clinic fund by Dr. Edward
,- .
W. -go-day. Aprd -'. Ri-er
Woman's eluh.
Th ir
g A;ri! 2b. Quebec Ciib'
rlub. .
1'rinay. April 27. Rosman Mother.-
A tat -.Hob- campaign for coi- .
lecting riot hir-g;. sh-egs ar;j ste-king-;
for.Xear Fast Ib-lief. has been inti
tateg bv'g at Ralcigii.
Dr. E. S. i're-ek-. C'aiirman. I '
Anything- tnag can be u-c ! or ma !e
over, -specially coats and shoes. The
nee ! is v. ry ui-j--::'.. East winter
reggy women and children perished
for lack ef c'.oi hing.
' 1
The Brevard Wednesday Clu!
beer; asked to solicit contribution-- in
Transylvania County. Any one hav
ing discarded clothin-.r or shoes
pk a-e have (hem at Frof. Trowbtbl-
ge s gesnlenctg or notity some mem
her ef the clgn am!
packages will h
gii!" i for.
Headquarter.- delithted
our nn.tncg.i eam;ia;gn ami we nope
a,, ., ll , n ; . a;.. ...
o 1 v t.ot .-. .1 in ill..-, v ,lilliitlLll.
grgvard earn sda-- ( atb.
The Western Xorth Caroiint! I,,)g ,
Rolling Association wall hold their i
Twenty-third mi-Annual Conven-
ion at P.revar:! An.-il :-!nt)i Uf'H i
The Woodmen Circle of Wesetrie April D-21 is set aside as "Co- ;
Xorth Carolina will also hold their Week" in Xorth Carolina.
district meeiine; jointly w ith W. O. ! Thc' '!ivision of markets is cooper-
W. This district includes fifteen ebing with fatngg f assist them In
Western Counties -nd -o;ne of the
best cam ii in the State are to iH.
found in the Western part of the
About two hundred delegates will
visit Bre vard for this convention. E. j
B Lewis. State manager W. O. W..
ano .virs. j'togers, naieign, a. v. ., stale I
manager Woodmen Circle ais,, .Mrs. 1
Virginia Justus, District Manager !
Woodmen Circle will be here and
take part in the convention.
The following entertain ment com
mittee will have charge of entertain
ing delegates and visitors: W. H. Gro
gar., Jr., G. O. Kilpatrick, F. H. Cor
pening, Mrs. W. H. Grogan, Jr., Mrs.
Fred Johnson, Mrs. Fred Shuford,
Mrs. C. K. Osborne and Mrs. J. A.
Monday night, Ai ril 23rd, will be
very important meeting of the camp:
therefore all members nrss urged to
The Fresbyterial Society of the
Presbyterian church met with the
Swanannoah rresbyterian church for
their meeting last Monday, night.
Mrr. Cos Paxlem, Mrs. W. M. Cioud
and Mrs. J. V. Smith w re the dele
gates to go from here.
Parents Invited to the Exhibit To Be
Held on Friday, April 27
Other School News:
The parents and friends of the Ros
man School District are cordially in
vited to inspect the work of school
different, denartments of the school I .
will be given in H. S. Auditorium on
Friday Evening. May IN.
The final examination of the school
will take place the last week, closing !
May lfith.
The Rosman School has been busy
r.ri.i much enthusiasm shown in the
Rat-Mlhng-t ontest for the past two ;
, 1
ww.". - .:
" '
i ne laimes.-. s; tm- section are
very bun- g-tting rea-'y for a croo.
The tb'da" Mo-.m a in !'.. V. I'. I
gave a special program at the Bap-
. -,
;isi i.ijui! uno.-y nigr.i , .- prn
Quite a large g r of peijd,. was
r-sent a-d s: ibogbv a-
' eing hi-
'. wmli t:
Miss .'.ngn Sloan Cseen-
v ', Woman'-- ' o:!cge i-- having her
soa - e a' ( e
v,,-i (0.
,'. Js';. g;
Ai(es,niain. ren-o;b '! a
a s:i g.:n; s rhoo!
r '-a'-
; . a r i . g
C :as M
Frt :g-d, wen 1
tain !a-t Sun-i:
Mr. and M r
returned irmn
i -. ) 1 1 e - e
Ci i'en iiU .
Mr. II. A res.i. wli-.
be, -1
teaching s'iiuo ;g gal-am C'-osc :g,
returned to his !;.! In i.
Quite a. number of the ci'gng' v.o"-
attended the
.Springs !:
i" .g Sp
E. A .F'.-a-h m o fanbi-
! with Uev.S. I) Mc'aU at Hr-e-
. - liVli.".
Tdrs. A uran i;
Ir ,
I vide.
! Mrs. Arthur Smith of Hrevard Is
visning ner moiner. sars. . i. aic-
-d-'-i'ig oi tne surplus ov potatoes
whi ;h have been reported in bei;s in
Everyone who buys food is asked
to l-otatces as a starchy food in-
sU'a'I of macaroni, spaghetti, rice
an'l hominy.
' 1 -. " 1 -".,o
:-.,,. i;,,.. r,, i,, g.wl, r....,
v ""a LW n '
lin;i farmers," and thereby learn ta
live at home.
The following tire some very p.rac-
tical and whob .ome dishis nr.
ed from potatoes: " "
Candied sweet potatoes: -l medium
i- ized sweet potatoes, 1 cup sugar,
1-1 cup butter, 1-4 cup water. Boil
potatoes thoroughly done, peel and
slice. Ib'ace slice in baking dish
vith water. Add sugar an ! butt'er
and bake in slow even.
French fried sweet potatoe: Cut
;otato in fourths or eighths length-
wi.- e. Wdpe dry and fry in deep HIGH SIXTH: Margaret Bowen, indly the revival services at Methodist
fat unt'l a golden brown. Sprinkle Anna Jenkins, Mordecia Saltz, Beu- Church, but it is planned now to rs
with salt. lab May Zachary, Martha A-bovne, sumo the regular meetings a;id an in
Sweet potato custard: One egg, Lillian Jenkins., Madge Whitmire, foresting program is planned for Sun
white and yellow, beaten separately, Edna Mason, Lorene ayne. . day afternoon April 22nd.
1-4 cup butter, 1-2 cup sugar, 1-2 SEVENTH: Pauline Galloway, Laymen of ail denominations are
cup boiled and mashed pot.-. to. F'a-
vor v. i ' h vanilla ant! babe in ni iltts
linv.! with m.strv.
I am happy and at peace, because
I know lie is here, and watches over
all his own.
These were the words of a soldier
of France, who asked to be allowed
to fight the battles of his fatherland,
although his time to tak0 his place in
the ranks was not due for another
In his letter home, he told his be
lief, that when entering the army one
must immediately take a positive at
titude to show what he is: a Christ-
He was true to his purpose, not
only by spoken word, but by expres
sion and action. Wherever he went,
he was a source of wonder to his
comrades. One of these, a simple
peasant, watched him, heard him
humming a bit of Beethoven, and
learned to whistle what the Christ
ian hummed, and the act gave him
courage. Officers, as well as enlisted
men, were moved by his calmness.
One night, just before a battle, the
major end the soldier prayed to
gether and the peace of the young
mail who knew that our Father, who
is good, certainly can project His
child, because the possession of the
Just before leaving for the front.
,i, . . i i; , . ..-i-u ... : ,.i ,
l-e .-oau i v, ' o i e . l lie: e e- aeo aog
:wavs that neace which as-'eth ai
,,,,.)..,. t., i .r .,..,1 .,.!,:. a. i-. u..
. ., . ,.
'.vi ven me. J lv. s assur.'inc" of ni
.,1 t .. . t... . i...' e- . ... .: I
e.HU: : : o 1 H' 1 1 a ( e I , i ! . s e . , 1 1 . : 'j 1 1 '
ef It Wi!-: P':- tlVC. " r I'.IIO-.V W't '. ". '
utg''jab1- kr.owb.dge
it ie c-( ntid- nee that the
a-g: O! g!V
n . , ,, , ...
-.'ill . - e i ! , ') " - iS ivii- .( i r ' - ;-.-'!,
. " ,
'f the outv to love is inde:l .
, . ;. . , , , " . 'I
t Hlit it ;s ttrmiv foUtlde ! va n. tlie I
1 of; , n ':r;y ; ; '"id!" '
a.. vl for 1 lev--.
A i'KAYK d
lag- 1. ..ur Co 1 l-v-
' I ; Li il ("V M' ': '. n Os v. !
Po !,
rat us ;
. I ,
1- being thai g is ::eacig n the ;.ti:
. s 'mnd. g-ivc -us 'g-art-. a -
to l-Ter irn iy in eg. ;n. ::!
vvg'iii :..! g nit f . ' o r -,' .: ' . ".
(.ur iiri-t. Thv Son - ing i v b
'vi-;i' over tin- d'ath of !!: f : 1.
He gang over Vhv relxdlieu m-anis.
wept over n work w1: a t:g'"g-
I to n( with His earthiv life.
o : u e n - e . v
1 , .
1 1
lv tha.t Me wa
to a v to
!-.ak-- our
Pearls ala.
it e ! I W g
I'c.-Ti nd u pen tnen:. rot a ; t n
iieiiusabs and free'es. bag
warm tii -f ;;u. - winch r-vi- e
an n; t ie vrv '.en- o ' a
Hi': . I);:!-- s.v OeS-ee lie wan n-
ace, ;.e,; noi tn.e " e. ns.-n
r. l c.
I- HIST CbAAd: ibn '. eg. . ; -: sma.o ; .
rdary Sue Jennings. Jack Aiken. Has. ditiena.l furniture, b.tii' , tabl.-.-oid
Duckworth. Roy .Will, Otes Slap- hat rack--, egg.
Hli-.11 U.M: ti -:ivv.
''hristine Saltz. Thelma Johnson,
Richard Lance.
LOW THIRD: b n- Englii'g Ell-
anein .ocv.anee. .-vaie.t iu;mpLon.
HKHl THiRD: Cha:!..;te Rarr
:"uie IIunt- Tt''5'id- Jones, Mary Xi-
evdson. Robert Kcdar, Ashe Macfie.
Jack Miller.
HIGH FOURTH: Reulah Garreii.
Mav Jenkins.
V.iUU M.i" IC-I.o- I T TI-.v
- " " -'
kins. Arthur Orr, Cleo
FIFTH R : Rowei! Bosse, J. C. Bur- '
red. Alberta Jenkins.
FIFTH A: Florida A bison, Rett-
trice Burriss. Raymond Byr-i. WH-
lowree Byrd, Roberta Bryant, Elitta -
beth Duckworth, Walter Gbgtener,
Gladys Hubbard, Harold Kilpatrick,
Mitt-hell King, Jimmy ?!, -r-w, Ed-
gar O -borne, Mary Soagle, Ralph
Waldrap. Eva Wilson.
LOW SIXTH: Josephine Clayton,
Helen Sitton, Xewton Giaz.ener, Fovv-
lor Evan.
Dewey C"av.
'. i )?. a' d
ga. a Mel-
'. grr - Faub i" :d all, : I
. . i . . a .
The Cour; Mouse, .J VI. Cha'n;,i
Cou ;ty Home Fx .nined
cod Report.
The Sti Tor Couit fo. ... iril
term of ll2.'l, has been in session for
about two weeks.
Most of the criminal cases, were
for violation of the Eighteenth
The following report was submit-
ted by the Crand Jury:
Brevard, X. C.
April 13, 1023
To Don. P. A. McElroy, Judge Pre-
We, the Grand Jury chosen at the
present term of Transy.vania County
Superior Couri . navi ng o mb-. ,i ; s
work assigned to us, make the fol
low ing report :
We wish to thank Hi': H,.
Judge McElrev. for his able and ef-
licient conduct of the Court. We
;il-:o wisli to than!; the Solicitor, th"
rierk, and ShcriiV for their as-dstunc.-to
Bv commit;-; we e:ami:ied the
Court. Hou-e. Ja'!. Ceunty Home and
('II AIXC AXC : Rv'.ee w
exarviik'd t haiagang locate 1 one
' mil'" above Que1 -co. The sam
.:.! .oinii J--:;. K rv denartm. nl
eemed to ! in sa:::t:-rv condition.
The prisoners 1-., k to be well-fed.
cora fort ably -hgh.', and well in
'gnvsra'. A'-o til- bve sic k is in
good condition. We no'g'-e our cats.
ty has pur-.-im -. 1 g steam sbo .
wlm n i
i m a v.i'v
( -n-it gain-r. t n- sasne :n
. i ! . b
f i on :
t ;g---et to og- !oa; on
n "rag!. gs and, an i
m . isiiatsiii ohtamen.
: pur
Jun .
t .
id of i'.o'td i 'or iniis'gop!
. a a 1 '( ;s:i .- gov-. 1 ;i
I "t.1. C. -y baw- hoi g abb-
g-s i s : br.: :g :' :
co t g- !-,, reg-fi- e. V-'e b'l i
. i ,
I i ' ;
! ( ..-,!-;.
'i u.. ;
, r . v
hi- !(e
whic! a
g : n - . Hi
I ' g Co U '
g , tit'
a i !
- O " : .
II ..
1 .
a. el th-
ore b. fg- gi h
It has b
alied to t!v
of a of the grand jury tnr.ti., ,.;u,.h fl.(,m .;:;rt f!nish and the
quite a few automobile-, in our eoun- ' .j,.)-,.. u-:i; OMiv t!r, cents f,,;
ty who have not secured license tags, j jjt,;,., ;,n.j ;,u ce-t- for ggiults.
which nuae.s uite a loss xo the state! A -e- i, ,iuleri
m the Ma nter.anc- , u ml. ami w,
would r. -gommend that tb- pro.
-iuier be instructed, to codec t from
ail a ut. mobile and true!; owners who
are diiv
cars without iice
We haw atUndeJ to all bills s.-ni
before u- bv the Solicitor, exami.
lh0 Countv nmignigs an.i tier, a a -,
. ' , ,
an intg-ln a our wor
Respectfully sttbgtiued.
R. V. G!az'-nv. Fere.
Layman's Club will hold its regu-
kir meeting on Simda- afternoon at
3.15 in Sunday School room of Meth-
dist church. The regular meetings
have been given up for the past sev-
(ral weeks in order to co-operate
I tli other religious activith
cordlali;g invittwl, and every member
is urged e bring at least one visitor
I i. I Li
Lindley S,t
Hj5 Leen
Made i. ; V : : g ession of sever.1.! week-;
. . ' h .v ory of grandmother's
told and feeling she
A K"1 ' full ,'ory, we return.. ft
Transylvania (..... .. toward grow- interesting to watch her in the lin
ing potatoes. Neady 200 bushels j eea -ing efforts she makes to render
have been planfc i, which have been j hi r home comfortable and happy, and
fertilize,! libei ;.!;. u :::g around 1000 j although labor itelf, to her, is plea
lbs per acre in most cases. Beauty ! ure, it is hard to resist. ;m inklimr -
I of beauties were 'h- seed used for!
market potato--, fie- year while each
member has plant-- 1 Irish 'obbh-rs
from which sod for next year will !
; -' .rown
spi,ing sctietiuie v. ni re lollowed to
j it Nature in keeping the plants
j u 1 !'l'n un'l b tub- r ;.a e matured,
i no rea ;r;:i i ov many small pota-
toe ; 1-- inn- i-j ; :. i mil i.ngln oi'iverv i';ai
ome Other ;' .. - gi;i.-c- .bo h:- ,;,-. J
plants to die bef.,re the potaioi s have
! yisl; l ir. .r.-a : per ce,.t by pro -
per praying, a : own : --
r:e,l for a p. !.:' ;-eli;- a: '.h Ilu:.-
C'.nbe C:c::i-- ; :-';M... , y-ves b. -
'''" 1 ;1 (UvM th;it growers
are well
; paid for th
: involve,; in s; raving. A .--nr.! I u,;r Vd;a; -h,. wanti-,1 to !;nov.- ab.out sta -.
Will cot a. round .--b00 and thoe who an- charsh p .1: : she ad-.e : i, t b,i
. ('o rot have an e v .g. -i -r-g ! a: -or, i si- ' , , ge i bbb , -g 'g : :i -
to gt i on- at oncv. Ur- .';: r.r;: -
t..r.k will ki-t i-.u ' .-t ,t a:: I- '. '.
v. orth the extsa ecsl. V''.ir i arm
Agent wi:! ,Jt' "''ad to help ym t-
select an eutl'.t that wall give
rerva-e ami sati -i.'ic n,:i. m
p-inte,! by tile A-', aviation v.a-r
t ivt n the Forma i m m. to s
a"V e'e-a-e present. Vhry .-, !
have b; s : arrange '. : '.. '. .
beg:-s sown for th" iog .gescia; ei'i.p
that will be - sown by gg-a.h o , gs
A- -oc;. g a-:;. lergiity ana ni'i-tar-
a'-.- e.-sentlal f'-r tile 1 bed. Th-
g.ol-lUV cog. ti
V- ,ec. In---
1 .
: ' a n ' I". '
burlap unti'
- u:g g'
i . - an it .:
g - s a i g c
, ; a
o! I"
i .i ii'
Tin- play b aii i: c; i la-ge ta 'ef.t
an-' wig be ureatHy a;e.,! iate 1 b;.
ih. (itln-ns of Transvivnnia. F i
igg g- t 'gal. 1 n
i. lit. lea.- ; atro.
;,. j;..!f.
!Ui- to the in dement 'weather, th
bar Mountain Home Demon -ti a
....u,. Atn-'it-d-i n.-im,. n,...,,.e,
! 1 -'-O.-ilia.. 1.J..0 1 0..0.. i . ..
tion Club kohl no m-eting , n April
The m at meting will be at the hoiiu
of Mrs. (leorg- lb-hen en April 1 S.
All th- numbers of the (dub an
U'g'ed. to attend "it's :i-eo,,g. ,g-: s-nm
things of importanc0 an- to be dls--.
ttss a.
'gig . gb-'e ciosely i . : -
MRS. DAVID G. WARD ENTER- woven, until the enc'omre was ,r..a
TAINS AT SERIES OF TEAS. vermin proof. That these erjclosur
- - j should be subserviant to the puvpo-
Mrs. Davig G. -'nrd e tcrfr'ned a- ehrep huniing am! cow hunting
5, series of four afternoon teas for an item of daily pre gram,
the faculty of the Brevard schools, in , 1; a -ft one mem In r of the family t.t -honor
of the a-inivei.-arv of 'be birth the I'.ebl on two h v.r "by rg "
of her father. Rev. Chalmers D. Chap : - b.erd in the slock. He should--
man. , his rifle, called; up the dcg. and, v.: .
The last of the series of these teas Ii -toning car for the wanted Ivla
was given on Wednesday afternoon,
and th" ert're sohool faculty enjoyo
Mrs. Wara's hcspitalliy.
mmmmm of
Mr. Editor:
soften and smooth her endless ta-k
j The grandmother in mind resided
' in this county from i TXrt through the
I administration of Washington John
: Adams, and Jefferson. It is probable
siie did not concern herself abom
who was presient and care ! but lit-!
j w ie;;..-r A!-:n , Martin, "K-ui '"
. o; : o!:..- ,
' no weii p .sted as
''i'!'. i) ' 1 1 oi i r.a's nut
'. tering a ;. ( ' .-!-
i !ai .-t v. i;h h,-r n;
. !-. , vo lcli :;.f.- hi :
br- .-. ..f ha-ha. -d. father, lo-otla .
;l - ; ,v ,),,.,-., , ;
n,r,. -at reely , f. nded ;han aa i-
iias; in her own b;":;-;i- i,,.f:,re !.-.-..
t:"n. e mu-t ret get tile netnc,
t',-..-. i-rar;- ;-...'; r a: : : a ,
for she was not. M.-.nv. then as now
conversed, inteilectually on the cur-
rem topic - -f the ,!;.;-. allying th
i .. i
sei'.'e- pro or con
Wiige ,-1 . -gusne-
giese -lU'iee;
l- ' i ea o t VOt . .':
her.---lf, .-lr: train ' i: s ( :.;
ba.-:-- principles lint erjugipc.! r'rt
f-r ( i.ic a; bid H 1-v gii
t-aiinng. 'lie- song; ); ;: -j
-fg-ii-s she told, tin v.-r - -h- ta .a
and the prayers s.h
element.- of training
i l : U
lad her rudb i
deseed ,-.
nin !: ref r j
-air.! for fait in
I in
o I
g. ,! re'g- to cut
a r v ' 1 - r.
rniid. g. r:
l. leg
ie! or
tep lg
, :
t : . a a a . i . e
, i.
. I - 1 . .' i
1 is w rung
m n;
begr.i.: to ury.
l'i rha;is it would be well : .g.
' ion nanguhs- i a 1 1 : f o : 1 he n e h
young America that ..iussi in: -ha ml
was reear !e i as of incaicu !ablt. n
portance. taking preceilei.. . ,
hor ag iattk. or beg raisin-; n w
placed alongsidi.' the field v'lan's. K
ei'tg V' of f h" ., v and tin . of '
form-." v.'-' e e e.g. on sg' - it
ith rich pastures at th.- a
la -ting tbvou h suntuter ait: v;'i-.
one woui
.;!,! r'lbd.
link wool g-
spontaneous cre.p a. get-rtv a - .
busbies- : but when "lamb- anion
winves" i thought of the m -bm ta -ihes.
Frequently whole tlo. !-;s we--swept
away in one ivght. fo -vent
this r-h.epfolds ami corse
must be lurlt. To-do this bi fori- tr
bav of .-aw mills and woven v ' .
was no littV job.
Heavy logs for tiuse ert.'io.-u a
v.-ei'e laid for the foundation, .--cit -ed.
by posts every M or -1 feet wit'-1. :
outward iitclination ; from post
j an 1 open ever- ior straggling nv -.

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