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    FRID "RIL 2
Subconscious Mind of Ameii
That He Must Not '
By EMILE CQUK. in New Yoi
if 111 V he,
1 1 ways poi ccpi i-
Every American man s.
he believes himself to be a w
great machinery that is at
nation; at least, that is the no
Their belief in their individim
and often is, unconscious, but u
ble by the stranger.
It is revealed in his thoroi" ;s, in the fever
ish haste with which he eondttc - nis business as
though working to a hard schedule in order to
achieve perfection or success in a iriven time and
keep abreast ef the swift national movement. Without a doubt this is
the result of suggestion driven into the mind from childhood up. School
books teach it and it becomes an to-su girest ion.
i&w':EiiCf lOHIil
aii ucve "uid Momesteaa."
One trouble with tlie American peo
ple, deelar "S an eastern journal, Is
that they have not enough cherished
old homesteads. We have been a mi
prrant people. We t ransplant ourselves
by habit. We are Munchausen con
slantly onaued in pulling the fatally
tree up by the roots. "Home'' is to
i most f us more like a tent than like
) Louse. I'.llt throurh sill nnr nnmml.
tViOVi ,6 STEADILY UPWARD j Ism we yearn for the "old homestead."
' Let all who can hold fast to it, or re
Great Promise Shown for the Future cover it if it is lost. Its sentiment
Development of American Cities
and Tovns.
Neithi ; the accumulation of money
i:or the sense of power that money
its inspiration, are priceless.
Mortar Saved His Life.
A Pallas (Tex.) laborer fell ten
stories down an elevator shaft, landed
brimrs are amour; the real satisfac- i in a wheel harrow of mortar and
tiers of life. Those satisfactions I .stepped out unhurt. Through a mis-
j come from e.t!'.or rendering the serv- j understanding, the elevator on the
ice to oao's fellows or enjoying the J thirteenth floor where the laborer was
I service that the past lias rendered to j workin:; was lowered unknown to him,
as. In thousands of ways rhe poorest j and when lie stepped for it, down hp
us can rei.der service to others. Hut i went. He caught up with the elev;
The subconscious mind of the American man tills hfctt imperiously j the ability to appreciate that service j f!ir at the third Hour, landing in the
-off mortar. He stepped out unhurt
is a ditierent matter.
'hat re
that he must not tarry, lie has no time for leisure; the nation must h'
Luilt, ami U ins own utile wiieei stops it m:i enoe me amamv or tne Ullis! i ;IV), ., nained mind; to appre-
whole machine, and so the American man is the hardest worker in the ! eiate works of an we must have a
world. A pioneer and a slave to a civilization in the making he condnnms "'1'u'1 t-'st.. Ami if I add to that
1 ' requirement also a trained heart I
himself to a premature old age. ' s;,:tii i- well within the truth. Th
And too often he takes thorn to bed with him. Ilis family life is S ;;reat advantage of Creek and Latin is
p i i -i i i u it r i v , ,,, ...11,- ' ''hat those lani-cuaires present to hotli
sacrificed despite bis natnrallv afieclionate disposition, .(eneraln a . , : ,
1 - 1 ... " I nond and heart those uo-as and ideals
devoted husband and fat Iter, the American is only too willing to leave , ,,;lt ;uv .!(, Il(,hiest spring of aciion.
1he evening of his home and children to his wife. He will send bis whob j School and college, the tirst-haml study
-i p il l i ii - t it, . t ' of nature, and the practice of all those
familv awav for a holtdav or a chance regardless of the expense, for i ' '.
c ; virtues v.-hn-h enrich human nature
monev means little to him. He knows subconsciously that he will earn
as much as is necessary. That is one of the set rets of his success in busi
ness auto-suirgestion of success. The idea id success
the nation, for the nation itself is a success tue lu.-.-t gigantic succe.-s
history has ever recorded.
Costly Highways Must Distribute Their Benefits
and Costs Equitably
o enjoy knowledge we : ;:t !,,. boitom llo,,r and continued
worki:i' after he had scraped of
SLinc df lie mortar.
Ty Y. II. FIN LEY, I'n ike:it 0
icai'.o an
-I do not believe that ih'"
hwavs tliTom.
gninc to ruin the radr-'aK On the oittrarv. I thiiik that tla
and .-hiprung the m.-ro tra-liu"; and
are needed to form correct taste.
No one who has paid attentions to
- m the blood of 1 t1"' -w :it two loc;;,'es
. hae hrmisrot about can be oessim;;:c
as to the future development of the
American city alont: the lines e.' cn
vei.ieticc. dignity ami ood order, cm ,.
!-;ned with a certain amount of beauty.
da of tiii- u'-'Mtier seems ia;.
The uncertain ciencnt the pre.-uc"
r a'esel.ce ii." IT' od taste. And w !
is the eon,;. in. -d product of t'.,e
lain i : ; r i ( I the e;,,'v:'ons rightly direcj-
So that i;i the last analysis thr
soul of the city is a keenly develoj.i.l
ei ie ciiseioii -on the part of ii?
e'ih:- :is. -llx'-hane.
Tudieious f ader, when the long win
Irr eeuin -s ( ehie round, you have
Hliiifidanee of leisure. Let the poi
stand idio .;, ;he shaUes till the re
turn of '-priuL:, uiilcs jierchance yoi.
would fain r same acquaintance will
"The Seasons." which you have not rein:
since a boy, or would divert yoursell
with l'rior or he grave with Crahbe
Now is the time to feel i.uce more tiu
charm of Lamb's peerless ami unique
(---ays; now is the lime to lislen tl
the i otded voice of Lei:;h Hunt dis
; ! ; i i r : 1 1 1 " of men and books.
A'lhor I! : . , IluKen.
and Funeral ,,..jrs
Wc;arry a Li 'i sipplics at he:-man. Ct.
-:en'av: is A, l;L Vaxton.
. fy
H -'-.'it-
. hi : -.:
d North Western.
;:otit tlie country nr
Dec verSin iard
Transfer Co.
Phcne 118
That is why ?q much of our
products are sold at home
We always have a fresh supply of
Bread, Rolls, Cakes, p ies. Doughnuts
and other good things usually kept in a
first class bakcrv.
ffrj H a
llh V
means 1 here are t ,.r t ra el ; i ;
P f.l,
v a- a hue
T i ill? nil reasos. A i.' M tr.!ie l::;e rwre hr-t l ;
that they wot; Id take ail tie 1 i : -: ; ; 'Vm the r:.i!r.-ad-i. N'olitii: like
that h:i i oet. e,j. T-it v iiti-re! v en ale! ith ! ;: -it'C- e -. body .
T!;o iMa::r.i':ec!it u ::i '' bo.'ba;.- tiiar h.r..- :' :v: beip ;
Vttiit ir. lii;::' . will i !:.;: its!- (:. ; :r: :". -' tran-i nrt; -
tnui o i's j; the 1 Ik'eh.r.v bto;;, i ; . k ; ; ! , a::d i!ia:::Taa:i ',
1 'icy w :! I t to alnu : -;.! e i-i:; - ii .: 1 ' .
'I'iie j i, . . j .ie nil, -t i - . - v. i tb;.I :i i ' ';:.;;! ;i it - ;; re ba-i d c
tiiva'i !!:. V,'( i:.;--: -e. iba; i . : v k . Y. - I. : r.:-:,t.. ;i:e.r ...-,.( '.
and (!;.- eijuiiab' J nu . !; :.: .id f .. - and L
jiei i do M in t:-e . r n ;; I - ' : r . i -A i ' ' 1 t i boa v r j:.. :
bttrd' ix - f t':e i:)ai:;t' : :::'
l'c; aps it is j:p ; as we'! that Ann r
V. as e i s, , ,verei 1 before KlU'op
'..sed i'self up (Ids way.
v) i U L I ; u 'J . ii 3 :
b ;: .a:i de'h it rears a trihie-i
but when reduced to real
it i h - - ;.-ir. no:, heal.
- C v
v, 0.-.
?7 s
)er in Paris a hi;: stadium tr -
W Idle .er liere the aerae
-es be::-in- to i:-.-t (:ie.
oee c
r Phor
one us ;or
;'!: ( v! o are uruinLr a IT'-mor.'h
ear see;,! to have no fear of a Friday
th.'viee! ,.f the thirteenth.
irrnii ni:Ii re ) f
To the v Warehouse biiihlnm , " the Far-
Prices Reasonable
7 U 1 1 ( T 1 1 7 . 'I 1 1 T " 11
jLuiiaiims oi l uoiiL iiiverct miouki lc Liassk'vt
as PuMic .Monudents
Ilv F. d. gali.atj:
i:n inline!;; -.
fed .-ve:-:
rediieiiep IV
their in ke
ktk '
J"' Hi
v. : : e 1 1
.:: la
i v. v
thill of t:e ' i
count r v w o
not Ii 'die-.?, v T... -
I !'..:. .!!!.. ef
of Ana-rii a I hau : : . 'M
the hi 1 f : . : a"- : : '.
U c,!: e- k
lliunity wih.-e a:.
lovintT care nk the i'ehes ef
i a it;.;.
I :ad;ti'i! a:id :
hii'dih-- sunbo!
.-line. 1 1 i - a
kite ;uic hh i 1.
Issuance of Tax Exeni :; Securities Saves
Nothing to the Taxpayers
By ANDia-'.W V.KI.LOX. I'. S. Ke.-re; a. y of the Treasury.
Tax (v.ln;,,,!u i;, i; -taia-e. . . .u-t h s a sui ddy from the federal
government, the o.t of w.hie,. in t!.- lee.- rn) mUsr f.. on t,oso Ulx
nayers who do not or can not take rci'me :n tax- ci;::,r s. ehrities.
Even from the jadnt of ,..u of th- h :!: m-clve-, T keie- e it is
clear that the
cci.tiiiued :--!;;tne; tl; ta-, . ;..:.t M'-airit
-::ves p
the iaxhavers in the .-tales, and th::t. in the run It l.rir,
i , ; . , r i o
leavier i
The tax-eremj.t jiriviI.-.-e, fact'
leads, in n :i:;y case-, to nn ::ee.--.a "v or a a
v. in;:,
. and
IU -ullcs
:i.e- to
je;i ' ie ep -!a
l : ... i : . . . .
mi, in t-'it ii. i uiiiiu'in.u tiiv.uT a ha hfie::: lU(.rt ;,M. ;n tJ;,. tt'i.
and- (Mtio-. I lit-M' d-dit.i coiisinule a c.-.n-tantlv jrf.wi!; ciiar
taia :, the several states. ;u:d will u!t iiu.-iTe! v h-.-.o to h.. ..;.! :,.
v " ' ' l'"'Vi, Oi 111-
, tlirou.irh tj ! .a - .tj.oa th-.-e ery taxpacrs.
j ! ! rviTnrrTmTirr iiiiiii in i r-mrmr'Tim'rTTriwiii iim i mini air rfT7Tninri
Ik!! ,-&;'hr5,i rt:i
I - K
J Greater j$ "ifi f
g : 1 1 a
r.ckiks Skirroh-' Co. 0:1 C a. hiv
c-1! St., on your
'.va' tiiic Depot rriin;; iron) our oklstancl.
We invite ail our ;'rkn;!s anu customers
to inspect our new liome and would like !
to call
rkney G
ana lik
Ue . ; c 1 i l
rv, Pronnk
d. ;ns Servic
r,-, it i CniLL
i; i-ko t . rc.CT
Urea7, kirst store from North
vara kind last leaving.
F O . B . D ET R O IT
Ycu cee the resu.ts cf
n 1 k x ?'. b k m ? h fi -i
1 1.
8. J
inal a:
"If I Say That I Never Saw the Evil Side of
Gregory Rasputin-
By LILI DEHX, in "The Real Tsaritsa."
on the grounds !
these to th
ie o
If T say that I never saw the evil side of ("ire-orx Kasputin T shall
be called a liar or a fool p. rhaps more chivalrous! the latter. It is
however, the truth when I say that we never saw the e .j.v ,,f ).;,,, vrav
I, therefore, plead for a hcari:
dual natures, and that they a.
find themselves ?
I have heard of men who
in elsewhere existences '
nauirht. Yet they tiever 1
i'.ut even if sometl.
orchard, hi-" inner life, ai
most probably have htn
matel v fov eai.
r;e have
h an i i f '
s !ve- i
i , ssess
is as
i rest.
st l ct
i iuti-
At the Iovc?t price ever made on a
Ford Coupe this attractive model offers
even greater value than before.
The convenient window regulators, the
improved upholstery, and the many
refinements in chassis construction,
have brought new high standards of
Professional and business men demand
ing continuous car service at low cost,
and with, comfort and convenience, are
turning to the Ford Coupe in greater
numbers than ever.
So gre.'d; is the demand that a shortage
is certc,-1. List your order now cover
it v. ; a t a small down payment the
balance on convenient terms.
Ford prices have :cv r been so low
rord quality lias never been so high
Lowe Motor Co.
Brevard, N C.
May mean weeping in smcke cr in sadness viewing the
ruins or your home.
But Insurance shows business ability. Means sat
isfaction in protection. Means Contentment of mind.
Means the saving of a lifetime's earnings. Means the
comfort of old age.
Destruction has visited your neighbor and our
neighboring town It awaits us.
Insure while it waits tomorrow may be too late.
Brevard Enaurance
T. H. GALLO Mr tiager
Brevard, N. C.

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