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Brevard News:
FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 1923
On Monday, April 23. 1923, the
Oemocrats held a nomination for a
r'.iyor and board of aldermen.
T. M. Mitchell was nominated as
mayor, to succeed himself, without
op position.
H. R. Walker. Ralph II. Zachary,
J. K. Waters, V. S. Price, Jr.. and E.
J . MolTitt were nominated for alder
r:en. The first three named bi'injj,' re
i;o initiated from the old board.
There were three factions in the
Ivrvwratic party and the question
feemed to be Lathrop vs. anti-Lath-
This was the same issue two years
I hie to the immense popularity of
Mr. (;. K. Lathrop, the aldermen who
favored him as clerk and treasurer
i f the town of Brevard were decid
edly nominated and while some of
defeated were either luke-warm
:n their attitude towards the clerk
or else for or airainst him, it is
pretty well understood that this was
the train cause of their defeat. . W. T. Bosse, R. P. KilpaU .
v'.c:.. J. W. Burnett, T. S. Wood. Jr.,
a:ii T. L. Snelson were the opposing
an! dates who were defeated.
"lc. H. R. Walker decidedly led
: iuket, receiving two hundred and
!'? ..",-r.evon votes out of a total of
?iir e hundred and sixty-one cast. i
Ti.e e'ectio! will take place on
1 t
LETTER Ft-.OiV KP.f . '
(Set for vc.-:.
.'.diver Brcvr.r-.i N.. s:
I am sending ihee few itenv.
'iimiiii: thov mav interest sonic oi
your subscribers v.dio have not yet
viited Ih capitol of our Stat.
In the first place, let me say that
Ilnleiirh is famous for its '.-.ospitality
and Ih "jrlad hand shake."
Usua ly the li' si place a visitor
wants to see is the Capitol building,
i he jrroiinds are beautiful. The sta
!:c of (leorjre Washington stands
uuard at one entrance, that of Zebu
Ion Vance another. Throughout the
grounds are several other statues of
our heroes, some the first to die in
our several wars.
The building is a four square
colonial structure. The interior
shows signs of age. In one of the
Legislative Halls Washington's and
Vance's pictures, or paintings, hang
on the wall facing each other. From
the capitol dome one can see for
miles and miles, and not a mountain
in sight.
"The Soldiers' Home" is about
one mile from the capitol square.
If I ever visited a place where peo
ple were glad to see me, this was the
The buildings are on the cottage
order and art very home-like and
They have a well-equipped hospital
but this was a sad place to visit, as
so many were confined to their beds:
The nurse told me twelve had died
this year.
Most of them were cheerful ami
talkative. Numbers asked me where
I lived. When I said "Brevard,"
two asked me if I knew preaehe
Jordan, the great evangelist and sing
i r.
I was more than glad to meet two
of Transylvania's brave sons:
Messrs. Reeve and Kimsy. They
were both happy and pleased with
.heir home. Tu all their kindred and
friends they sent their kindest greet
ings. The different churches visit them
Sundays. This is a day they look
forward to with untold pleasure.
I spent one morning visiting the
Blind Institute. The children are an
inspiration to those of us more for
tunate. They read and write by the
touch system. It is wonderful to
hear how rapidly they can read. They
sew, crochet, weave rugs, make bas
kets-, chains, bro
and manv other
.V- tl
tion ticket
iikelv that
time tlie re is no
announced and it
a citizens ticket
r. I put. out on account of the
' t' a' Mr. (i. E. Lathrop is just
;-pu!ar among the Republicans
Independents as he is with the
::'ocr.:; His friends say that he
decidedly f h e- smartest and most
.; Ki:it man in Transylvania county.
'lee question of our town clerk
: -. u!d not have been the issue and
-v'.:!e j,- stated that this WAS the
--ue at the same time the News wish
t to he fair to all concerned. Some
say that the coat-tail swingers were
i:i" cause of making the clerk's office
: a issue. Three of the defeated can
'eiate- have since informed the News they had no grievience and no
opposition to the clerk at all; but
1 hat they, with the majority of the
: as. - payers did not understand why
'.r itemized statement of the expen
ures of the people's money, had not
i i-i'U published in six years, and no
iehr.quent tax list in several vars.
it. bad been rumored that lundr !s
of dollars had been spent for
i ' ' '. s on the catterpillar tractor ( en
uugk to buy a new machine and ;
vooZ of the hard surfaced road
Bioad Street cost nearly four thei:
j.nd dollars more than was tx:n
t. early nine thousand dollars i. The
rumors could easi y be di.qnifc. 1
pubhslv.Tg a statement. !
!-'.. :n- h'::-; h:r"ivr ' '-
fV .r.a-. , ais, Inde-i(.:i, v:- .
The children in the kindergarden
department were the ones that
'.ouched my heart most deeply. Some
! had iu.t been in
long. They enjoy
milsL' and get about
y a-; children who
I great
r-.- wry young
ho ;-:,( Vi rv
ir names ami
a piil
a i
w ho belun- t!.::
a cierk wi ' tr ;
arc- more :v.4
a inerase ir. i;. ;.
i.r. ru::o;ci-;d
I 'i'- question
cf itself, a:i-:
th-r will 1
; '. :iiu.-; as
i all See. Tin
vorl: h( re.
(If all the institutions I visited, the
:;a e Hospital is the most attractive,
''he building is a palaeial home.
V !; furnished ami equipped with
verything science and money can
lurchaso for the beneiit of tin- pa
ie:it: . The nurse told us they had
we:v.- hundred patients. Thi- is a
iu' undertaking, but North Carolina
s doing herself good hero.
Our l'.rst impression of the state
ri.-on was the Old North State never
oe anything by halves. This large
liihling is made of brick and iron
"ars and more brick and bars.
The warden told us there were
"uenty in the death cells. The dec
ide chair with its heavy leather
-traps made our blood run cold. Our
jarty soon said good-bye to the ward
"Ti, all feeling for one day we had
-ti' enough.
Raleigh is a city of schools and col
'eges and public libraries. The in
teresting Halls of History and hun
dreds of other interesting places, but
I will cloe these rambling remarks
y saying Brevard is ahead of Raleigh
.. one thing we have far better
'j!ic :;chool buildings. If arty one
oubts this statement, ask our Re-resentative.
1 1 !aa2ES
Do you smoke? Try Fama cigar. an '
Here's to the land of "Mountains
To the land where the sun doth shine.
Where the weak grow strong,
And the strong grow great,
Here's to the land of the Old North
What is Fama? A delightful cigar
SEEDS best that grow both garden
and field. Clovers and grasses,
especially plants cabbage sweet pota
toes, tomato, pepper and egg. You
can get it from the Hender.-onville
Seed Co., Hendersonvi'.le, N. C,
Faith in One's Own Community Has
Besn the Foundation of Many
Immense Fortunes.
.inns, pan
that have
e" the 1 : i n d
stands has
An investment is only as sound as
the permanence of its security. Land,
it is my contention, is the soundest of
all investments.
A case in point :
The land upon whh-h the New York
stork exrhange is constructed is prob
ably one of the most valuable plots
in the world. Almost wilh each ti
of the clock are made am
lost on t ho exchange thor.
let. tlil-ollgli ail d.'pres-
ies and money stringencies
hit the market, tie- alue
upon which the echange
steadily increased.
Stocks m;iy ris anu slocks ma
but tiie perinanei'. in value
exihane site- ;is on foreer.
clones, either nf the financial phys
ical brand, cannot destroy the so iii
ity of land investment because The
land, as the basis,if al! wealih, is iis
own surely.
Anolher line on the soundness of
hind as ;m investment m:iy he had by the basis of many of New
York city's oldest family fortunes.
These families that now stand high
est ( ti the social and financial calen
dar are invariably the ones whose an
cestors invested in hind, and succeed
ing generations followed the sensible
policy of their progenitors. There can
he named many families, the wealth
of which, founded on investment in
New York city real estate, 1ms been
dissipated by its being employed and
invested in other mediums by the
heirs. Hut there are many who stand
pre-eminently wealthy and distin
guished today because their faith in
land never diminished from colonial
times to the present. Joseph I'. Day
in the New York Tribune.
J n
k mm
At the end of the second week our savings deposits
showed a nice increase over last week. If you are not
numbered among those who are trying our Savings plan
come in and get one of our pass books for yourself and
get one of our savings banks and take it home for the
children, there is nothing so useful for a rainy day than
a snug little balance to your credit in a strong bank.
Start your account with us now and we will help you
to be happy.
Brevard Banking Company
LYON, Cashier
Jo . S Sil versteen
Th os. II Ship ni an
R. W. Everett
C. C. Vonyiit
C. E. Orr
W. M. Henry
VV. S. Ash worth
It isa't impossible to forgive a son
who thinks he knows more than his
old dad unless he is right about It.
The man who grieves because the
horse is becoming extinct has never
picked up a horseshoe with a new casing.
viniarv ail over and th. j
t.c ..I-. t -d candidates were decid
edly in the majority. There no
ro-.iso.-i for getting blue, feelin? ore
starting another ticket.
Tne friends of those defeatee will,
UL- u.-ual, take their defeat gracefully,
re .li :i:-g that the majority rules. If
you can't do this, just stay away
fr;:n the polls on the 8th of May.
Try Fama, the bet 5c cigar.
as good as new (guaranteed) to be.
. Reasonable. Apply News Office.
5&2j; rffli
m -tjBvmji.'ai
The best Silver Polish in the
world: Because it will clean
more silver, because it will
clean it better, because it will
clean it quicker, because it will
clean it at a less cost than any
other Silver Polish manufac-
! tured.
The price is only 30c.
The Hallmark Jeweler.
Plain Facts
Fair Minds
- The literal truth is, that the Hupmobile is a fine car at
a low price. You can establish that truth easily, and to
your own satisfaction.
The facts are available to anyone. Any independ
ent garage mechanic will tell you how soundly and wis
ely the Hupmobile is engineered; how finely it is built.
Any Hupmobile owner will tell you how amazingly
little it costs for upkeep, and for operation; and how
thoroughly reliable and consistent it is in service throu
ghout the years.
Its comparative absence from the used - car columns
will give you some idea of its high value when you re
sell it; and its price will convince you that it is one of the
worlds greatest motor car values when you buy it.
Main St. Phone 23 Brevard, N. C.
Henry Motor Company
Main Street
Phone 23
Brevard, N. C.

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